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tv   [untitled]    April 4, 2013 11:00am-11:30am EDT

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american warships jet. stream into the pacific as the war of words with north korea . proved showdown with the united states. in the west bank. triggering a wave of confrontation. of bird flu. reported fears of spreading. the disease. while the ministry of defense. tried to blow the whistle.
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a pleasure to have you with us here. in moscow with your news from all around the world. a nuclear attack on the u.s. has now moved a step closer with north korea's military saying it's been authorized to wage atomic warfare what it calls washington's aggression says conflict could break out today or tomorrow american missile cruisers are reported to be streaming into the pacific the war of words between the sides did take a turn for the worse last week when nuclear capable u.s. bombers skirted north korea space. picks up the story for us. to north.
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responds with even more threats even though defense secretary chuck hagel called north korea real and clear danger the white house says they had a large scale movements from north korean military forces suggesting that it may be just rhetoric but while north korea talks washington acts apart from f. twenty two fighter jets and other bombers that it sent to the region for the ongoing military exercises with south korea the pentagon is now deploying an advanced missile defense system to guam one post a major u.s. military base in asia north korea the north korean army has announced that it has the final approval for a nuclear attack on the u.s. as they tell us north korean rockets can't really reach the u.s. mainland but they can potentially attack u.s. bases in the region there are twenty thousand u.s. troops just across the border in south korea so could we see the worst nuclear standoff since the cuban missile crisis between the soviet union and the u.s. even though the rhetoric is probably as hostile as it's ever been no one really believes that north korea is actually going to carry out an attack north korea itself knows that if it did it for that attack the united states it would be
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committing national suicide the united states would retaliate in a tremendous fashion north korea does not want to commit suicide i believe north korea is doing all this so it can get to a point to actually negotiate some kind of peace agreement with the united states in the u.s. media to you have all pundits basically saying the same thing that north korea is not going to strike because they know it's a suicide that they want to reach some kind of a deal with washington but they're not going to get it you have former officials experts all saying that but with all this war talk from north korea and with u.s. military buildup in the region some say all it may take is for one of the sides to snap or some kind of a mistake before everything spirals out of control in washington i'm going to check on. the korean peninsula with reports of activity among the north's misawa forces intelligence sources claim at least one mid range ballistic missile have
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been repossessed on the east coast seoul based journalist joseph king says that a showdown may well be on the cards. we see that they used words like the attack has been cleared or the attack has been authorized as well as the beginning of the warning they say we formally inform washington so we see that this rhetoric has actually been repeated by north korea and north korea has used this in a way to actually say we want to start dialogue it's and lag period which can use this into getting washington to come and perhaps get on the dialogue table we keep hearing from other people such as secretary general honeymoon or secretary u.s. secretary of state john kerry that dialogue is the next step while both north korea and the united states seem to be interested in dialogue it doesn't seem that either side are wanting to back down now with april fifteenth in april fifteenth it is
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going to be north korea's founding father cutie's hong kong is earth day and we've seen last year that they did their first satellite launch attempt so i can i predict and i think as well as many experts they say that something might happen in mid april whether that will be an attack or whether that will be a celebration an easing of the tensions we aren't quite sure yet but you can be seen that historically they've done celebrations to mark to mark certain things to happen whether it was the anniversary of john or its death that was the third nuclear test so we can see that something will probably happen in the next week or so and a specialist on security and nuclear weapons at the massachusetts institute of technology dr jim walsh he offered us his take on the risks on payoffs of america's engagement in korea. so what is the u.s. doing the u.s. is for sending a signal to the south koreans it's treaty ally saying we've got you back you don't
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have to worry it's also intended to send a message to the north koreans have a we can reach out and touch you you know be careful what you wish for and then it's also a message to the united states the american public saying look we're doing something about this we're taking it seriously i do worry though that you know all these moving pieces and plus all this new leadership a new leader in south korea a new leader in north korea all this stuff going on someone could make a mistake and that could light a match that would lead to a conflict that no one actually wants to have the north the north koreans are crazy . they're not going to deliberately start a war but they are they try to stay just below that level of provocation will they react the way we want them to react i just don't know we don't know what's inside the minds of north koreans it's the most closed country in the world but when we brandish arms and do that we are taking a risk that they will misunderstand that and respond in the wrong way. with the north korean crisis now headlining across the worldwide media networks and you have
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your chance to break the narrative and. still ongoing on our website right now we've got the poll going up what about the rising. number of reasons the majority though. for the past couple of hours nearly half of all voters from the website saying it's all about a u.s. strategy to try to destabilize. china. very dangerous game of brinksmanship. could become world wide very very quickly. just north korea's attempt to build up. between. washington for years. that could be the end game of. whatever the. right now we are still taking your votes.
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today. these are the. thanks for joining us here on our. show the west bank city of hebron has been flooded with thousands of those coming to attend the funeral of a former palestinian security officer who died in israeli custody his death has triggered a wave of riots and clashes between palestinians and israeli forces which resulted in at least two teenagers being killed by the soldiers. at the funeral procession which was like a followed by streets. we are in downtown and there are clashes going on between
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the idea forces and the protesters and i have to say most of these protesters there's about a hundred hundred fifty of them so not everybody who was of the funeral actually went to the protest but let me just take a step away for now you can see what's happening behind me now a majority of the protesters see they're lining up along along the wall there the idea forces are on top of the building on the right and also are also in another building at the end of the street behind the tree and now it's looks like for most of these people who are actually rather young i would say a majority of them are teenagers and they're very early teens there has been exchange of rocks which they were throwing at the idea of forces which you may be able to see you kind of in the background there they were rude they were met with some rubber bullets as well as flash grenades and tear gas canisters from the idea forces there has been running scenes between gaza and israel there have been numerous protests like i said to the scene you have been killed in northern in
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northern west bank so this looks like it's going to continue for some time this is what this is what's happening in hebron and this is the hometown of the mentally just died in israeli prisons and she was to look for love for a life essentially ninety nine years for his ties with terrorist organizations drug blood to when his health started to get out the palestinian officials have asked israeli officials to release him early and according to israeli officials the people requesting process fast enough and he died before that release could come and of course his death just heard this anger among palestinians who have long been protesting the the fact that there are literally thousands there's almost five thousand palestinian prisoners in israeli jails right now and one hundred of them have been there for more than two decades and a lot of them actually have not have not received the proper handling of their cases they've never even been charged with anything just basically put in the jail and slam their behind bars. are going to join me live now from ramallah reserve
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well known palestinian human rights advocate out of a dr magazine thank you very much for joining us on our team today good to see you let's talk about this this tension among the palestinians are certainly a lot of the heightened emotions getting very upset over mr hamdi years death in israeli custody can you explain to us one thing mr hamdi a died of cancer a terminal illness he was not murdered by the israeli prison officials here in this level of tension justified do you think among the palestinians yes because there's a lot of palestinians who are in jails who suffer from medical neglect and this is just one case of medical neglect which lead to murder which is simply international law and human rights was recognized the people in custody must be afforded proper medical care and in this case this gentleman was not afforded proper medical care
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and not even released to proper medical hospital to take care of him until his last days basically were cancer. and so many others are essentially i mean i'm sorry doctor going to see i mean actually or yours ok so you're saying regarding the israeli prison officials this is murder by neglect but what about what about after the funeral procession we had a correspondent correspondent in downtown hebron and it got violent down there among the scuffles but those who are engaging the scuffles basically teenagers are very very young are they scuffling for a reason that is based upon this mr hamdi as death is ready custody or is it more than that. it's more than that because it's not just mr huhne the there are many many other palestinians who suffer in israeli jails and the last person was actually killed in jail in their interrogation and we believe in medical records records show that he was beaten to death basically and so there
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is a lot of evidence for israeli. palestinian political and other prisoners and so we palestinians in general on the streets in the palestinian street is very very angry about what goes on the thousands of palestinian prisoners of smelly of them held without trial even for months and sometimes for years so the palestinian political prisoners is a very big issue on the palestinians three and it could indeed lead to another uprising so as you say as you say the aggression the tension on the street is affecting all ages of palestinians whether it's the teenagers as we were mentioning obama to go all the elder ones as well the one thing i think it's important to note is that hamas has already been firing rockets into israel israel has retaliated of course as he always does but it was just a few months ago in november when we had that historic israeli strike i.d.f. strike on gaza then we had a more or less a bit of a cease fire over the past four months why it started all over again with
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a few rockets. well actually. the palestinian authority and. are interested in maintaining quiet and have tried to keep quiet in their respective areas the problem is that there's very acute patients escalating the violence against the palestinian people and the palestinians three. continue to tolerate the situation of injustice perpetually were quiet is maintained the either by hamas or the north or it in gaza or the. palestinian authority in the west bank the palestinians three people in the street once a movement then we do not see any movement toward liberation what we see is continued occupation intensification of certain elements intensification of abduction and
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killing of people i mean just today there were two young people killed in car and more so seventeen and nineteen year old we're not out there until every three and you know they were given a journey of our day ultimately having thrown rocks at the i.d.f. responded with gunfire palestinian human rights activist dr mussina i wish we had more time for this we diet but a great pleasure indeed having you live on r.t. today thank you for. quality here on r.t. we did speak to the eldest son of the prisoner whose death has certainly exacerbated the turbulence in the middle east he said the case of his father is yet more proof that israel is not seeking any long term peace with the palestinians. it was left and delays death without any treatment or anything you started to complain last august from a swell in his neck and their savior and horse and his force and their neck and nothing is being done to him actually us sent to one of the clinics and he was
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surprised at us and up to me tourists in a state of someone a specialist you to see is. my father's case give us a message to the sub conscious of all the other stimulants bigos it show to us demi jelly t. o. jews who has to be very human that their doctor was in as well if the doctor was in israel. the palestinian b. shunts like this then with whom are we making peace live from moscow this is on a t.v. activists have kicked off a month of protests against the use of drones both in war zones killing hundreds of civilians and in the us where the nervous about the rapid rise of intrusive overhead surveillance of what's coming up just a bit later in the. world
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with. its technology innovation all the developments from around russia we've got the future covered.
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international airport in the very heart of moscow. for joining us here on r.t. u.s. troops may be out of iraq but allegations of military misconduct and abuse so follow them home now although the latest report has put the british army in the spotlight after a serviceman shared some rather uncomfortable revelations boyd could now investigate the allegations and the response from the author already. it was reportedly one of the most brutal u.s. run military facilities in iraq during the war but a new report by the guardian newspaper reveals the extent of british involvement at the secret facility speaking anonymously personnel from two r.a.f. squadrons and one on the air corps squadron admitted to having to camp nama one british servicemen recalls seeing a man having his prosthetic leg being pulled off and being beaten about the head
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with it before being thrown onto a truck others described prisoners held in cells the size of dog kennels reportedly called hotel california by u.s. army personnel allegations include detainees being routinely hooded and subjected to electric shocks the story of the secret camp nama prison is a watershed moment for britain's involvement in the alleged abuses in iraq this time it's not just alleged victims talking about their war deals it's former soldiers talking about what they saw there the problem is the people sitting in here ministry of defense don't want to hear it and those form a serviceman that have openly tried to blow the whistle on what took place at camp nama have been gagged i do have an intimate knowledge of the activities of the charge force that i mentioned in the recent report but unfortunately high court injunction which by the ministry of defense in two thousand and i. got in touch
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with the ministry of defense and despite ben's public allegations about what took place at camp nama this is the statement we got. we have carried out searches of our records and this is find no record so far of any complaints made by u.k. service personnel about the treatment of detainees by u.s. personnel in com nama to the chain of command any further evidence of human rights abuse should be passed to the appropriate authorities for investigation can't mamma isn't the first time the ministry of defense has had to ward off like you say shins of abuse i think the u.k. government is embarrassed by fighting all if it's to get to the bottom of things all the u.k. government is doing is holding up the country to see signs pasted around the campaign arm of the president said to me in the morning no blood no foul as long as an interrogator to make his complete faith in the. revelations
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about the u.k.'s involvement in the destroying a shall issue unlikely to raise french. i think it's right that the british public who've got this idealised view about the british army and british soldiers know the reality of what is being done in iraq these people are criminals they're liars and criminals and you know they should be hounded should be charged until the true nature of fame is brought into the light. and we're coming to you live from the russian capital of china and neighboring countries are mobilizing resources to fight off a new strain of bird flu four people have now died from the disease out of the ten infected so far and this has sparked concern it could become endemic it's not the first time there is such panic has swept the country let's have a quick look and see how the flu is spreading not just across the population but the media as well and here are some of the headlines from previous cases a variant flu and mix in the fear they caused
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a bird and swine flu of both immersion in recent years seemingly causing more concern in the press than in the hospitals. spoke to me about it a bit earlier. in almost a decade the bird flu has claimed three hundred seventy one lives the swine flu of course killed far more people but if we look at the statistics of common flu which happens every year it kills almost half a million people every year and this is not a one off it happens every year and it's not a single epidemic and moreover the common flu has vaccines has no medication against it but still people are dying in huge numbers and nobody is ringing any bells about it not to mention of course scores of other diseases which are not causing concerns by the media and by the societies worldwide certainly the numbers the huge difference in numbers between deaths from a common flu and the swine flu and bird flu has caused many to believe that this is being orchestrated by the pharmaceutical companies in two thousand and ten german
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m.p. was going to describe the epidemic as the biggest scandal in the history of medicine in two thousand and ten also the british medical journal and the daily mail published a list of people there were twenty people there who worked as advisors to the world health organization at the same time they had financial ties with pharmaceutical companies even last year an independent research suggested that the the death toll from the swine flu was exaggerated by as many as fifteen times so definitely we'll have to wait and see whether this situation in china will become another case of huge worldwide caused by the epidemic of the of the flu. now the ripples from japan's fukushima nuclear meltdown still reaching far and wide but also this hour we have an alarming report of the fallout felt up and down the west coast of america where almost thirty percent of all newborns are suffering from a radiation caused condition that slows the development. of
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a look at this right here at. a multimillion dollar hotel in the russian republic of chechnya has been turned into little more than a shell we have dramatic video and a lot of comments you'd like to read. from the scene of the blast and i should say . for you. and for the meantime drone strikes have killed more than five hundred civilians around the world since u.s. president barack obama came to office that's according to research by the london based bureau of investigative journalism and american citizens are sharing their outrage with a month of protests against centers that research building fly the unmanned bombers . reports from manhattan on the first of the so-called april days of action. a month long nationwide anti drone campaign has kicked off in the u.s. and here in midtown manhattan dozens have gathered to protest washington's use of
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drones for targeted assassinations overseas and domestic surveillance here at home organizers say the aim the goal of this month long campaign is to bring the widest possible public attention to the ways in which drones they say are being used to buy only sovereignty due process privacy and freedom of assembly how dared they even talk about drones on a domestic gas we're being reassured constantly that oh it's surgical precision bombing it's not that's an outright lie it's supposed to target terrorists but sadly too many civilians have been killed by these drones as well and that includes children and women we need to come to peace and you can bomb the world to peace the u.s. has a reported one hundred drone basing sites and critics say the biggest problem is a lack of transparency campaign received an unexpected boost last month when washington's drone campaign came into question with john brennan's nomination for
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cia director reporting from new york marine up for r.t. . and in just a moment here on c b martin and breaking the set thank you. what if one third of the population of a capital city of a small arab country took to the streets in protest while the mainstream media would scream the people of nation x. are crying out for democracy we have to intervene and take their oil. i mean help them but the earth shaking a large protest isn't an arab country it's in paris france and for traditional
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marriage yes protesters in paris claim that they had eight hundred thousand people on the streets of france's capital and even though the police said that half those numbers for a city of less than two point five million people this was a huge protest for a cardless the european union loves to educate the world about democracy and show that liberal values around and yet that doesn't really seem to listen to the citizens very much who want to stop the madness of waves of illegal immigrants bailing out members on the times of other nations and for focusing the unions national attention on social issues like gay marriage instead of creating jobs to the e.u. officials out there who claim to believe in democracy maybe it's about time you actually try you know listening to a few voices who disagree with you before you keep promoting policies against possibly the will of the majority but that's just my opinion.
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internationally in the very heart of moscow. to live on one hundred thirty three bucks a month for food i should try it because you know how badly. i mean. i guess i just really messed up. very subtle. little words you're going to go live now to the. radio guy.
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i want. to give you never seen anything like this i'm telling. you. what's up guys and i mean martin and this is breaking this set so you may remember back in december when it was revealed that the part of homeland security had been extensively spying on the occupy movement in fact they were treating it as a potential criminal and terrorist threat despite the fact occupy organizers explicitly call for peaceful protests while another release from the partnership for civil justice fund or p.c. it j.s. has revealed a much broader and much more disturbing picture that transcends occupy the recent documents released the d.j. has been operating what they call a threat to management division which includes daily intelligence briefings of a largely peaceful demonstration.


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