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tv   [untitled]    April 7, 2013 5:00pm-5:30pm EDT

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ten children reportedly killed as a nato missile slams into an afghan village and a stark reminder of the price of billions of paying in a war that is down into a high stakes stalemate. israel cyberattack retaliation several palestinian activists are reportedly arrested in response to a massive hacker assault on israeli websites launched in protest against the continuing occupation. that the sectarian violence in egypt continues into a second consecutive day with religious minorities saying the embattled islamic government is unable to protect them. the united states delays an intercontinental nuclear missile test after a week of atomic threats naval provocations and but list the captain has put the korean peninsula on the brink of the top stories this hour.
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in the look back at the past seven days top stories and the latest developments this is the weekly here on r.t. . at least ten children are reported to have been among eighteen people killed in the latest strike by u.s. led forces in afghanistan the raid was allegedly called in by troops on the ground off the bitter fighting nearby all part of mass land an air operations intended to temper a local taliban insurgency. is following the story for us. ten children are said to be among the eighteen killed in the natl strikes in afghanistan's konar prevents according to officials there are reports say it all happened actually when and that two airstrike hits the home of a suspected taliban insurgents in
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a small village at the same time his family was inside taking shelter from the ingoing strikes after the house was hit and local right through hope and the were seen carrying. the bodies of children spend other lives from the rubble the u.s. led coalition has gone beyond that it carried out the airstrikes on that area and in a statement about this fox man for the forces acknowledge that they were aware of the reports that civilians had been killed also but as yet it could not come from the total dead duraid was apparently called in by an international troops in the vicinity a heavy fighting with the taliban insurgents me the pakistani border at the local
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government's officials confront another women and a civilian also died in that airstrike the u.s. led forces say they were carrying out a major operations aimed against the senior taliban commander in that area operations began on friday after a tip of dozens of taliban fighters were concentrated in that area according to eyewitness natural strikes began in the early hours of the morning and continued till late evening a number of fuel is troops. and the civilians are working for them are also said to have been killed in the same operation. and history of such high casualties strikes as strongly polarize the afghan public leading to mass protests and a growth in support for the taliban well he's going to church can report on how it
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is all snowed relations between the west and afghanistan these airstrikes come amid repeated pleas from the afghan government of president karzai to stop killing civilians because in course those words they fuel insecurity and instability they further alienate afghans from their government which many afghans see as a puppet government so president karzai although he does all his power to allied forces to washington specifically but he clearly understands that those civilian casualties there are more violence in afghanistan and undermine his government even further these are the types of attacks that infuriate the local population like the one in september last year nato killed eight women or in may a nato airstrike killed an afghan family including six children and two women earlier this year president karzai banned afghan forces from calling in airstrikes although his order appears to have been ignored by international forces now these attacks also undermine u.s. efforts to negotiate an agreement to stay in afghanistan past twenty four team
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although president karzai appears to be prepared to strike a deal he knows what kind of a backlash it may have been of ghana's then in order for u.s. troops to stay they need immunity from prosecution under the afghan law and that's what they are negotiating now the deadly strikes killing civilians certainly make it hard for the afghans to accept such a deal and allow foreign forces to further operate there with impunity. kind of check on now well for more analysis let's now cross live to lawrence davidson he's professor of middle east history at west chester university the u.s. officials say that they would tell getting taliban insurgents in the area seven with killed so why was this attack legitimate when all i mean i think is the. who's defining legitimate. perhaps the better question is is the attack purposeful. from the american standpoint if we are to be
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on this war with never winnable if winnable means the defeat of the taliban or for our forces. pacify the name of the taliban. and therefore what are essentially we doing here we went in afghanistan originally because they had the afghan government at harvard osama bin ladin. long gone. so it's hard for our part for americans i. think about understand why this thing when we want to lead the years and what essentially we're doing there now. we're not going to defeat the taliban which is mostly. sort of operation we're in a country that really is. the central government is really doesn't have
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a lot of power. when work so i'm i should in my opinion is that it will rapidly disappear. saying that the central government doesn't have a lot of power is that indicative in the fact that this particular attack was organized and sanctioned by nato and not the afghan government itself does that show that it really isn't in control of its own security. right i mean i don't i don't think that the central government. protects. its own territory. and i think that. project force effectively and therefore probably when we. crumble. now i don't know president karzai might have a different opinion on that but i. also know. the question really is one of the americans doing by five continuing the sort of
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operation my feeling is that the american government has to demonstrate for domestic reasons that it's. going to lead to orderly fashion leaving behind what happened or at least american rhetoric a stable government able to project force. that government through without the ability to project force then it's that government's fault not our fault we did all we could. finally. central government collapses once the u.s. forces and its allies have left what we're saying is that vacuum will be filled by the taliban. you know the term taliban really doesn't know we're going to rise for a vacuum will be filled by sectional tribal groups that control
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different parts of the country. will there be a civil war or will the country break and. are. controlled by different people something like that's going to happen but there will be no unified. professor of middle east history just a university in the states thank you very much indeed. if thoughts would go to live on r.t. thank you. and you've been voting on our website all on this development there in afghanistan and we want to know what you think about it as you can see on our home page on our website r.t. dot com we're asking you what will be the impact the result of this nato airstrike well we can see the hoff you think the afghan president will make forceful statements but little else close behind thirty nine percent think this will actually spark attacks from groups looking to back. mission soldiers revenge
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attacks six percent think that how many cars size a force or his hand will be forced and he'll have to band nato airstrikes and just five percent minority believe that the date for nato troops to leave will be brought forward those are the responses this hour so far on a website because to hear from e r t dot com please let us know. now reports. reports are emerging of israeli and jordanian police arresting activists in response to the massive cyber offensive by the hacker group anonymous the computer attackers have said the aim is to disrupt and they raise israel from cyberspace in protest over its policies towards the palestinians aren't easily nicholas carr has more. the information is coming from
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a palestinian twitter account from the palestinian authority presidential advisor on the technology and communication it was said that israel has retaliated to the daylong the attack on israel by arresting several palestinians and several in the west bank town and they have the attack on israel is going on for the entire day. twenty eight major israeli sides have including the knesset. out of the israeli parliament which we are hearing is still down also the activists are saying that tens of thousands of israeli facebook and twitter accounts have been brought down as well as well as they tried to target the banking system as well as other major sites as well all of this of course is being done. by the had to his group anonymous or arabs or groups associated there with of course saying that this is their way of getting back at israel for occupying lands in the west bank and mistreatment of palestinians where there is an attack there's seems to be
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a response now at least their husbands response from the israeli hackers who have issued a statement saying that whoever whoever is participating in the so-called israel is weak and feeble minded and for every attack that they do is really have little retail ever tell you doesn't fold but at the same time you have to understand that israel is a rather powerful country and of course the officials long before the attack has actually taken place and it was well it was well advertised you may say they have said that they're fully prepared for this stock and they have their best specialists working on preventing it and yet we're looking at twenty major sites down we're still looking at thousands of israeli accounts which are being housed which kind of brings the question exactly what exactly is happening with the israeli specialist and just how powerful the the anonymous hackers really are. well two minutes to a middle east career behind this major celebratory. online presence.
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we are the sons of palestinian people and we feel the pressure of the israeli occupation not only in gaza but also in all the arab and muslim world and as the first retaliation we committed a fast and full scale attack on israeli web sites to warn israel and all its supporters about the threat that hangs over them they have weapons and we have our own needs as a result of this attack we receive the names of those who cooperate with israel the aim of the attack was to show the world the true face of israel and its armed forces and we coped with our task we failed to fulfill our by using force to resist but we succeeded through the cooperation of palestinians in the whole arab and muslim world so now we make a clear warning to israel in the future be ready for new larger surprises. and from want to online stories including sometimes white you just can't have enough with statistics shedding light on the rising number of america's richest people
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claiming millions in unemployment benefits learn how that's possible but ulti dot com. plus a miracle baby in india a ten month old girl survives after thirty six hours trapped under the rubble of a collapsed eight story building in mumbai head to our web site that story in full and plenty of other. egypt has once again been gripped by protests and fighting one person has been killed and around sixty injured as violence erupted outside qarase main cathedral that's following the funeral of four coptic christians killed in a sectarian standoff outside the capital on saturday following the unrest in cairo for us is journalist tom dale. i spoke to one witness who said that events began when bottles were thrown from a nearby building down on to the funeral march and marches responded by attacking cars but what is clear is that fighting quickly escalated between the funeral marches and locals the marchers retreated within the i would say
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a cathedral compound and after that security forces were involved in standing by whilst the locals fired weapons into the cathedral there were five people killed in the soules which is a town outside of cairo and sectarian writing four of those were christians and it was their feudal which was being held at the st mark's cathedral sectarian violence in egypt is nothing new it goes back decades so we have a combination of hardline religious activism and security forces by the standing by we're actually getting involved themselves many mourners and many others feel that the muslim brotherhood and freedom and justice party government is encouraging an exclusive religious identity the basis of what it means to be an egyptian so this is the second consecutive night and we've seen violence in cairo on saturday the clashes resulted from a protest by the april sixth youth movement which was calling for
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a new more inclusive government and an opportunity to rewrite the constitution again on a more inclusive basis on saturday countries broke out when police attacked that demonstration sporting take us and rocks once again in downtown cairo. calls for justice from prisoners at america's war on terror camp a big no one has the hunger strike on top of a bay and says it's months later in the program why the authorities are still talking down the scale of the protest. also still to come toxic dozens of residents are forced to flee their homes as a major player a small u.s. town with five miles an hour. that and other stories after the break. with. science technology innovation all the least of elements from around russia
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we've. covered. wealthy british style sun it's sometimes. hard. to hide. markets why not scandals. find out what's really happening to the global economy in the kinds of reports on r.g.p. .
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about international airport in the very heart of moscow. you're watching a weekly here on. this last week so dramatic escalation on the korean peninsula with pyongyang threatening a preemptive nuclear strike on the u.s. response was not left wanting with u.s. and south korean war ships and aircraft swarming to the north coasts japan is now reporting that its warships have also been dispatched ahead of a potential missile test by pyongyang washington though has canceled the planned intercontinental nuclear missile test to avoid further inflaming the situation independent journalist james corbett says despite the fact neither side wants all out war there are those who benefit from keeping the situation on a knife fetch it. i think that really the all of the players here have a vested interest in keeping the tension up but not allowing it to spill you anywhere and i think that obviously works for north korea which could be easily wiped out in
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a military confrontation but it also works for south korea and america and all of the allies here in this region that are that also serve to benefit from this and we've seen this directly for example with the announcement of more missile defense on the western coast of the united states that there are now going to be fourteen new ground based interceptors deployed at fort greely alaska and the cost u.s. taxpayers a one billion dollars by two thousand and seventeen so this is this is doing a fantastic business for the defense contractors who serve to to to feed into this tension and play off of it so i don't i think that honestly there isn't a lot of plans for preemptive strikes at this moment i think it's more a question of if this will accidentally spill over into something more. specialised on security and you can the weapons talk to jim walsh offered us his view on the risks and payoffs of america's engagement in korea the u.s. is for sending a signal to the south koreans it's treaty ally saying we've got you back it's also
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intended to send a message to the north koreans hey we can reach out and touch you you know be careful what you wish for i do worry though that you know all these moving pieces and plus all this new leadership a new leader in south korea and new leader in north korea all this stuff going on someone could make a mistake and that could light a match that would lead to a conflict that no one actually wants to have the north koreans are crazy. they're not going to deliberately start a war but they are they try to stay just below that level of provocation will they react the way we want them to react i just don't know we don't know what's inside the minds of north korea and it's the most closed country in the world but when we brandish arms and do that we we are taking a risk that they will misunderstand that and respond in the wrong way. president vladimir putin addressed the largest industrial fair in germany's hanover is the arrived in the country on sunday for an official visit the russian leader will also be meeting with the german chancellor angela merkel with the role of the country's funds and debt hit cyprus as well as europe's economic troubles for debate has been
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keeping across developments for us of a lot of mia putin used the opening ceremony here at the hanover messy trade fair to really highlight why people should be doing business in russia one of the main point see he made was well rush's three point four percent growth rate in g.d.p. in twenty twelve also the low levels of unemployment the secure amounts of currency and gold reserves that they have he did however point out some of the problems he was aware that russia had particularly when it comes to inflation inflation at six percent last year and russia worth pointing out that that is the lowest it's been in twenty years a lot of near putin saying that he was committed to getting inflation down as that was key in order to get businesses to invest in russia now. angela merkel the german chancellor also taking to the stage here she praised the cooperation that
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had gone on in the past between germany and russia or in terms of not just trade but also political cooperation on monday what we're going to see is to me a putin angle a merkel visit a memorial here in hanover to those who lost their lives in the fight against naziism during world war two they'll be laying a wreath there and then the two will be taking to the floor of the trade show the message from putin was from mr putin was very clear he said russia is open for business and open for investment. president putin is also expected to try and calm the international hypes by office searches of non governmental organizations here in russia talked about salty head of the cologne base institute for asset development i spoke to a little earlier he says the country's concerned about the activities of foreign funded groups on its territory is that just a minute because in germany it created an outcry because on the organizations were
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searched and so on and so forth but really i mean that question is the area of state sovereignty as as food and pointed out there's some of that going on in the us. it's an open debate i mean if foreign. institutions are a foreign country i mean that's a legitimate but it's also legitimate to kind of put that on the list and say ok the state sovereignty reaches until here and that's the place for civil because we know that of course those institutions are political a dual political objectives are enormous call of one of those in the administration but i was was from the students of course of political objectives and of course there's some justification in controlling it in the us a toxic swamp of all is who's down streets in a small arkansas town this week forcing dozens of residents to flee off to an aging pipe they currently staying in hotels and may not be able to return to their homes for some time. and locals have started to feel like victims as they say the company
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responsible for maintaining the pipe did little to address their concerns one hundred forty residents in the town have filed lawsuits against exxon mobil worried the value of their homes is plunged local resident chris harrell says the spill came as a complete surprise. i got off work early and was headed back to my home and a police officer at the entrance to the neighborhood not allowing anybody and i asked why he said the issue was there was no will still in the area and i told him our family and my wife and children at the home so he allowed me in and were to get a little time to pack them up and get them on the road in and the kind of survey the damage and there was oil just flowing down the street behind our house we're taking a wait and see approach what happens next how are we going to be compensated and along with four hours some of our neighbors can get back in their homes so far as the cleanup process they've done a good job there but they've not done a really good job of communicating to some of the residents that would be mad. authorities at the guantanamo bay prison and the knowledge this week the hunger
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strike among the camp's inmates is growing efficient number of those refusing food now stands at forty one in one thousand dollars however say the figures several times higher with three of the prisoners hospitalized around a dozen currently being force fed the strike began more than two months ago in a protest over treatment and conditions so often have it's who's represented a number of the kuantan the inmates believes it will be some time before the extreme action achieves anything. i think the more pressure may force the us to respond it may not come right away but i think that the pressure that's triggered from the hunger strikes and the international attention of the statement by the u.n. i think me you know may have a fact over time i think that it's going to force the united states to realize that it just can't simply ignore what's act want on a moa and that at some point it's going to have to come to grips with the fact that you know these these men are being imprisoned year after year without charges and you know more and more and more are in fact eyeing him in jail and i think it's
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very difficult to. you know be able to to justify this and you have to really kind of tie yourself in knots to do so. if you're watching the weekly morphine just overhaul for now from now in the meantime after the break we take a look at the natural wonderland of russia's sochi region as it passed to host the twenty fourteen winter olympics that is after the break. ten years ago by god was overtaken. ten years of political infighting terrorism and economic decay. challenge in russia a rise. the fall of spike jonze and holler april ninth on our take.
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i mean so can only a city in europe on the host of the twenty fourteen which are the pick a. song says. thank you. so much. thank you. dog days of. fridays it. makes common. sense it's so true. more news today violence is once again flared up. these are the images the world
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has been seeing from the streets of canada on child corporations a road a. coup. down in the black sea coast of russia the city of sochi is busy preparing for the twenty fourteen winter olympic games construction is booming transport infrastructure is being completely revamped and disabled onsets points are being installed across town. but aside from being russia's second lympics city sochi is also one of the country's most popular tourist destinations people flock here for the long hot summer as the spacious beaches and the warm seas busk if you're looking for more than just a time it's also an area filled with some amazing natural highlights.
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so i've been spending a lot of so i'm in the city but off in the mountains there's the caucuses reserve which is literally the size of finland so i've met up with very experienced. and we are all on a bench. it's fair to say that if you're driving up here then you're in for a bumpy ride so you might be lucky and find some tama but mostly it's just a trifle brooks fortunately alexei's wonderfully named wozzeck is up to the top. last month not look like much of this is spin spin on this the seconds and. we're going up and down to crash the blasts. still going. to the full. use of it sir.


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