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tv   [untitled]    April 8, 2013 5:00am-5:29am EDT

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eleven children and a woman are killed by nato airstrikes in afghanistan that was supposed to target taliban militants but military officials are yet to admit the civilian deaths. where weaponry is thought israel and jordan have arrested suspects over the massive cyber attack which took down israeli government websites r.t. his from the middle east he was allegedly involved and atomic uncertainty south korea scales back claims that the north planning a fourth nuclear test this week hours after saying it supported increased activity at its neighbors nuclear sites. i. feel i welcome you watching r.t. coming to you live from moscow. eleven children and a woman are now added to the list of civilian deaths at the hands of nato forces in
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afghanistan coalition officials admit carrying out an airstrike in the konar province on the border with pakistan but haven't confirmed the deaths the major u.s. and afghan operation was supposed to target senior taliban commanders but the civilian deaths are likely to stoke the main source of tension between afghan leaders and foreign forces in february president karzai told his troops not to call for strikes and demanded that nato avoided hitting populated areas the attacks are also deeply resented by the afghan public and have even seen taliban support grow and now looks at how relations have soured between the u.s. and afghanistan. is airstrike moment repeated pleas from the afghan government of president karzai to stop killing civilians because in course those words they fuel insecurity and instability they further alienate afghans from their government which many afghans see as a puppet government so present course they although. he does owe his power to
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allied forces to washington specifically but he clearly understands that those civilian casualties there are more violence in afghanistan and undermine his government even further these are the types of attacks that infuriate the local population like the one in september last year nato killed eight women or in may a nato airstrike killed an afghan family including six children and two women earlier this year president karzai banned afghan forces from calling in airstrikes although his order appears to have been ignored by international forces now these attacks also undermines u.s. efforts to negotiate an agreement to stay in afghanistan past twenty four team although president karzai is appears to be prepared to strike a deal he knows what kind of a backlash it may have been of again is that in order for u.s. troops to stay they need immunity from prosecution under the afghan law and that's what they were negotiating now the deadly strikes killing civilians certainly make it hard for the afghans to accept such
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a deal and allow foreign forces to further operate there with impunity well the civilian deaths came on the same day that a car bomb killed five americans including three soldiers a diplomat and a defense department contract in the southern province of the bull david swanson peace activist and the author of war is alive says the u.s. media unfortunately doesn't draw enough attention to attacks where innocent afghans die. even the news articles about this strike which killed a greater number of people are dominated by paragraphs talking about another strike that killed americans and in particular one woman who was a state department employee who had met john kerry and the u.s. deaths of course are always smaller numbers but they dominate the coverage and americans are not aware of the extent to which this war is essentially a one sided slaughter of helpless people who meant us no ill and has been for over
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a decade the debate going on is how many u.s. troops will stay beyond two thousand and fourteen that but the idea that they should be staying until the end of two thousand and fourteen and that we should just accept that is sort of built into all the news coverage in the united states and it's actually rather outrageous because there's been no evidence put forward that there is any sort of progress or any sort of good being done it and they predictably kill far more innocent people then those alleged to be to be guilty of resistance to an illegal occupation now dawtie dot com you can tell us what you think the consequences will be of this latest deadly airstrike in afghanistan and this is how the voting is going so far forty six percent say it will spark revenge attacks against coalition forces then forty two percent believe to be a lot of rhetoric from ahmed karzai but not much else that's followed by seven percent of you who believe that it will force the president karzai to ban nato airstrikes
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altogether and then just five percent of you believe it will bring forward the twenty forty nato would through day. well later this hour piece of developing crosstalk asked whether the world leaders should face trial for global crimes on iraq when nato forces launched a military campaign he asked whether the foreign leaders behind it were operating above international rule. the way the world is set up is we prosecute developing leaders or rebels for war crimes but we don't we can't do it for major powers because they have too much power in the system and i guess that's what people think they're just simply too powerful the prosecute here is what happened the britain in the us invaded iraq and even killing rebels what we would call some terrorists. that was unnecessary so anyone who died in that war. died unnecessarily because it was aggression right so bush and
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blair killed probably hundreds of thousands of people the problem that we have in international affairs is that sometimes autocracies are not aggressive and sometimes democracies are very aggressive. israeli and you would they need to thirty's have reportedly arrested seven activists suspected of taking part in a large scale cyber attack on israel government sites were disrupted in the attack with the knesset website still down disputing government claims that there were no we last thing effects. is in tel aviv. well what it does not seem like that israel has sustained any palpable damage to its infrastructure there were obvious facts into the private accounts twitter facebook private accounts of israelis and that was actually probable when i saw a lot of a lot of spam you can see coming from most of these really counts some of which i
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had no idea even existed and they were all just showering me with information which led to various up palestinian sites israel would know about this it's accusations have claimed that they are prepared for they have according to their data they actually have employed at least five thousand i.t. specialists in order to prevent the d.d. o. s. attacks of having an effect but it does seem like those preventative measure measures have actually somewhat failed now we do know of course that the palestinian hackers they have thought they'd be gawkers the anonymous groups that they have promised not to stop just here and by all indications this seems to be just the beginning of their cyber warfare. we are the sons of palestinian people and we feel the pressure of the israeli occupation not only in gaza but also in all the arab and muslim world and as the first retaliation we committed a fast and full scale attack on israeli web sites to warn israel and all its
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supporters about the threat that hangs over them they have weapons and we have our own means as a result of this attack we receive the names of those who cooperate with israel the aim of the attack was to show the world the true face of israel and its armed forces and we coped with our task we failed to by using force to resist but we succeeded through the cooperation of palestinians in the whole arab and muslim world so now we make a clear warning to israel in the future be ready for a new larger surprise it's the curious thing about this however is that it seems that these really hackers have been maybe perhaps even more effective than these. government when it came to stopping the us attacks they have also helped some of the palestinian sides and put up a pro israeli messages on there as well as they have delivered the following address so i think that for every one have conducted against israel there there will be retribution of dozens similar hawks on the person who conducts those
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hacking attacks so it does seem like we're looking at sort of a beginning of a new stage this time it's going to be an internet stage in the standoff between palestine and israel and i've got to be a patron is in germany promoting russia as a solid opportunity at a time apart along with global economic visiting the world's biggest industrial fair in hanover which he kicked off together with chancellor angela merkel. and i are wrapping up that meeting in hannover with a joint news conference so let's just listen in for a minute as smaller economic potential but our trade with the netherlands is eighty two billion dollars and. we definitely. can reach the benchmark of one hundred billion with our german partners as far as international affairs are concerned i have nothing to do with madam chancellor said if you have any questions on those issues i'll be happy to take them once again i
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would like to say thank you to you he organized. your thirty's of lower saxony and traditions of hand for for your warm welcome that of course such events are always a burden for local infrastructure within a certain limitations and we apologize because of that but we still do. such of the different benefit. so thank you thank you very much. want to continue watching the russian president and the german chancellor media briefing you will find it streaming live right now i say. four stories ahead including a report from protests played in egypt deadly sectarian violence rocks the country and religious groups turn qarase main cultic christian cathedral into the latest
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battleground. it's technology innovation hall believes developments from around russia we've got the future covered. ten years ago by josh was overtaking. ten years of political infighting terrorism and economic decay. in iraq arise. by. our april ninth. live
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live . live. live . live. live live live.
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live. live. live. live live live live .
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international airport in the very heart of moscow. and welcome back south korea is backtracking on allegations that the north is preparing a fourth nuclear test later this week a government minister in seoul now says he was being inaccurate when talking about indications of activity at a north korean test site meanwhile pyongyang's announced its suspending all work at two countries industrial zone and he survived and is evacuating its personnel from the area earlier washington delayed its long planned missile test amid tensions piling up at the korean peninsula young yang has been toughening its rhetoric recently threatening a preemptive nuclear strike on the u.s. and declaring a state of war with u.s. and south korea responded by sending warships and aircraft to the area asia expert
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jim bell says the north's harsh words are the only response it can give to america's threatening actions. these particular war exercises is the largest ever we see the americans rolling out one frightening weapon system after another b. fifty two to be tilled the f. twenty two with exception cetera so there's a real fear right now that one of these days when americans will actually actually do it i mean these are exercises goes for the purpose of recognizing attacking north korea attacking in dating north korea landing on the coast commando raids and eccentrics actions that there is stuff what north korea in fact blunt is peace for the united states he's treating nesting a chance since the lifting the military threat in something we're talking about a threat of retaliation not a not or a threat as such but if you look at any of the north korean statements there they
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are conditional they say if we are attacked we will counterattack this preemptive nuclear strike story came about because the north koreans said if you attack us you know the conventional weapons then since we are we the only thing we can do is to attack with nuclear weapons it is conditional it is a response to american american actions. the e.u. has few friends right now among its citizens as it imposes tougher stereotype on them to dig struggling countries out of their financial hole the latest to pick up the protest battle the spanish younger generations on sunday youth without a future rallies were held in all of spain's major cities as well as thirty others abroad including burley in the capital of the use a stereotype fifty five percent of spain junk paper out of work forcing them to seek jobs abroad across europe unemployment hit an unprecedented twelve percent
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last week or later on today on r.t. french right wing politician rena pen explains why more and more people consider they would be better off going it without brussels. which i think that first and foremost if there is a rejection of the us union and its policies the us means people are realizing that the european union is an empire. that is in fact destroying their region and doesn't protect them from economic social or migratory difficulties and i think that the increase in patrick has me to managing a country's own affairs to control of the border is whether it's human capital of products is their advice to girls i think what we're seeing is the brussels really falling down it's crumbling that is to say that the european union and its model has reached an end it's a destruction that is slow right now but will probably accelerate to see what's happening at the european parliament it's supposed to be democratic but it's not at
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all representative of what the people of the european union think there is a very strong persuasion of people who are generally model and these people are not represented by the european parliament so i think that electing the successor alters them on a wild or although it is not as discreet to make people believe that there will be an increase in democracy but in fact the mortal the economic model the truth is killing democracy. and you can catch our full interview with marine le pen at six forty five pm g.m.t. . knowledge is power but in france it can land you in hot water i've always say if it were kapadia is threatened with arrest unless he did an article on the online encyclopedia details or not to call me. double trouble. is this so you headed i'll be nice and i gives visits is the shivas get closeups of the slithering sensation.
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that's a meteorite. from. ten thousand tons total through space towards russia looted. with the power. of a nuclear bomb. should have been sky full on r.t. . british style. market. has come to. find out what's really happening to the global economy
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with max kaiser there are no holds barred look at the global financial headlines kaiser report. by conflict. has changed. a model islamic nation. and a peaceful one the stone islam is first of secular law a second. session. in place of. traditions still and mando cannot go on the catwalk in a swimsuit. republican country see.
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violent protests have once again erupted in cairo this time outside the city's main cathedral a mob threw rocks and fired birdshot at several hundred christians who were marching against egypt's islamic government which they accused of failing to protect them one person is being killed and around sixty injured to protests followed the funeral of four coptic christians killed in sectarian clashes over the weekend which ended in scuffles with riot police journalist tom dale saw the young rest. i spoke to one witness who said that events began when bottles were thrown from a nearby building down on to the funeral march and march has responded by attacking cars but what is clear is that fighting quickly escalated between the funeral marches and locals the marchers retreated within the cathedral compound and after that security forces were involved in standing by while first locals fired
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weapons into the cathedral there were five people killed in full force which is a town outside of cairo in sectarian writing all of those were christians and it was their funeral which was being held at the st mark's cathedral sectarian violence in egypt is nothing new it goes back decades so we have a combination of hardline religious activism and security forces by the standing by or actually getting involved themselves many mourners and many others feel that the muslim brotherhood and freedom and justice party government is encouraging an exclusive religious identity the basis of what it means to be an egyptian so this is the second consecutive night when we've seen violence in cairo on saturday the clashes resulted from a protest by the april sixth you for movement which was calling for a new more inclusive government and an opportunity to rewrite the constitution again on a more and. braces on saturday crashes broke out when police attacked
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a demonstration supporting tear gas and rocks once again in downtown cairo a quick look at other international news now a bomb has exploded underneath a bus in afghanistan one people are reported dead and at least twenty two others injured it is thought that taliban insurgents may have been behind me attack which targeted a government bus traveling between kabul and dancing girls in the violence is on the rise as the u.s. gradually hands over security to local officials. portugal's prime minister has revealed a round of spending cuts which will hit social security health and education this comes just days after the constitutional court overruled several planned tax hikes the second time the budget being knocked back since the bailout in twenty eleven your position is demanding that the government resigns as economic strains continue to rattle the country while the european commission has warned leaders to stick to the bailout terms. gathered in ukraine's capital on sunday to demand early
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presidential and parliamentary elections the protest was led by vitaly klitschko the world heavyweight boxing champion turned political leader with demonstrations coincided with the presidential pardons given to the two former ministers imprisoned alongside former premier. made increasing local and european pressure over political arrests. up next piece lavelle and his cross talk gets asked whether or not former british prime minister tony blair should be brought to book for the u.k. campaign in iraq. you know i always try to stay clear of falling into the trap of fake outrage on this
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program people love to come on t.v. and be angry over this and angry over that just to fill air time but trust me seeing obama signing into law with that wacky lobster like way he has of writing the bill marked the month santo protection act well it does not put a smile on my face that's for sure not only does this bill effectively bar federal courts from being able to halt the sale or planting of g.m.o. seeds and crops no matter what the health concerns are according to ib times but the bill was also written by senator roy blunt who's gotten sixty four thousand dollars for his political campaign pain from the g o giant monsanto itself so that's what it costs to allow companies to possibly poison millions if not all americans with risky and unproven g.m.o. technology sixty four thousand fricken dollars that's not even enough to buy a decent house sixty four thousand dollars is chump change well citizens of america now you know how much your lives are worth in washington but that's just my opinion .
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please see. below and welcome to cross talk we're all things considered i'm peter the elusive search for justice is the citizen's arrest campaign to have tony blair held accountable for possible war crimes and other serious offenses a public relations stunt or is it important precedent for those leaders who start wars of aggression if you had a chance would you arrest player. to
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cross that whether tony blair should be put on trial i'm joined by stephen slice and you're in new york he is a senior fellow at the century foundation an author of the book act of creation and in washington we cross to ivan eland he is a senior fellow and director of the center on peace and liberty at the independent institute all right gentlemen cross talk rules in fact that means you can jump in anytime you want and i very much encourage it stephen did tony blair commit a crime in one in two thousand and three with the invasion of iraq. well it's a decision i disagree with but he committed a policy or he didn't he didn't commit a crime now i think it's important to make a distinction between what happens in a democracy and what happens in a dictatorship in a democracy when you make a policy mistake you pay for it in different ways whether it's public opinion or ostracism or in the history books that is not true in a dictatorship and i think that's the distinction that should be ruling and in this
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case ok ivan eland what do you think about. so no crime was committed with the invasion of the us well i think they violated the u.n. charter on the sovereignty of nations and so and blair was certainly. you know a coconspirator with beer with bush on that it was a severe policy error and i think we ought to start holding people accountable when they invade countries for no reason i mean what how is that different than the soviet union invading czechoslovakia in one thousand nine hundred sixty eight or hungary in one nine hundred fifty six you know we have a double standard in the us and of course you know there's other aspects what what did he have to do with the torture that. you know the bush administration had with the where the british involved and that there are other questions that could be asked so i'm not sure that.


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