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tv   [untitled]    April 8, 2013 2:00pm-2:30pm EDT

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on our team no apologies from nato for the killing of eighteen civilians most of them children during a coalition air strike in afghanistan also. some think the catastrophe in chernobyl will seem like a kid's fairy tale russia's president who is on a trade trip to germany warns the west against ratcheting up tensions on the korean peninsula saying peaceful talks are the only solution. taking whistleblowing to the next level wiki leaks releases millions of potentially embarrassing u.s. diplomatic files by the organization is the most significant geopolitical publication ever. at britain's first and only female prime minister margaret thatcher has died today after a stroke takes a look at the legacy of the iron lady it was both love and life.
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hello very good evening if you just joined us were you watching around the world this is r.t. international just after ten pm now here in moscow with me kevin first a roadside bomb has killed at least nine people in afghanistan it's the latest in a series of violent attacks to hit the country meantime ater still not claimed responsibility for the death of eighteen civilians including eleven children during a coalition air strike over the weekend i got the latest on the. piskun off. afghan authorities have condemned the death of these women and children and unfortunately this isn't the first time that we're hearing these news president karzai personally ordered all afghan troops not to call for airstrikes he's pleaded with the united states and the lions to stop targeting populated areas to stop killing civilians and throughout the years it's estimated that around twenty
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thousand civilians lost their lives in afghanistan this is a very sensitive matter of for the country and many of these lost lives are connected with airstrikes in fact the u.n. acknowledges that every year the amount of killed children and women rises and here are just a couple of examples just from last year february two thousand and twelve seven children and a young adult killed in an airstrike may two thousand and twelve six children and two women from the same family killed in an airstrike july september and the list really goes on and these are only airstrikes and only cases which have been confirmed by need to while they're also drawn strikes the reeds and while many other cases where there are unfortunately casualties and of course ego coalition forces say they're ready to pull out twenty forty as well if they do it how much they pull out how it's like you're effect the security situation this is a very complicated question for both the united states and for afghan authorities
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since if the americans do want to stay in afghanistan after two thousand and fourteen they'll need some sort of guarantees that they won't be prosecuted under afghan law and be or losing trust from the local population well if it could be called that way since the locals are pretty much outraged at this point. for all these casualties but it's not only that without going to for authorities themselves are losing the strongest and actually talib. are actually gaining this trust and all of this is definitely connected to all of these innocent lost lives actually i think of president karzai clearly understands this that with each innocent lost life the trust that he still may have from the local population decreases he can offer corresponding with me but earlier and in a separate incident over the weekend five americans including a diplomat would killed by
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a suicide bomber while they were delivering books to an afghan school while the story made headlines in the us media the killing of afghan civilians though is often ignored according to peace activist david swanson even the news articles about this strike which killed a greater number of people are dominated by paragraphs talking about another strike that killed americans and in particular one woman who was a state department employee who had met john kerry and the u.s. deaths of course are always smaller numbers split they dominate the coverage of americans are not aware of the extent to which this war is essentially a one sided slaughter of helpless people who meant us no ill and has been for over a decade the debate going on is how many u.s. troops will stay beyond two thousand and fourteen that but the idea that they should be staying until the end of two thousand and fourteen and that we should just accept that is sort of built into all the news coverage in the united states
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and it's actually rather outrageous because there's been no evidence put forward that there's any sort of progress or any sort of good bead on it and they predictably kill far more innocent people then those alleged to be to be guilty of resistance to an illegal occupation and focusing on the koreas now russia's president as well that any further escalation between south and north korea could have catastrophic global consequences but ima put him spoke at the world's biggest industrial fair and hand over all of it was that. president putin then chancellor angela merkel took the stage here at the house of a trade fair in one of the issues that both president putin and chancellor merkel agree on a whole heartedly is that the provocation from north korea must be stopped and. something happens the catastrophe in two novel will seem like a kid's fairy tale i think this threat does exist i'm calling on everyone to calm
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down sit at the negotiating table and solve the problems which has piled up in recent years the hanover trade fair it's one of the biggest it's the biggest i believe in the world beg your pardon it's the biggest trade fair in the world and there's plenty of things on display from all over the globe but while. i'm glad i'm here putin were looking around there they were interrupted by a topless then protester. president putin taking a moment to well a few jokes ago about the protesters saying thanking the ukrainian feminist group for promoting the trade fair here and saying that well as much as he appreciated it it wasn't really the time all the place to be naked well they voiced talked about some of the issues that they perhaps don't see eye to eye on cyprus is a major war and president putin saying that the way in which the recent similar period financial crisis was dealt with was really not acceptable that it shouldn't
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be repeated in the future that private. private account holders should never be having their money taken to bail out the wrongs of the government. well back to the koreas again seoul now saying the threat of its communist neighbor undertaking another nuclear test is not imminent that softer the reports of increased activity at a north korean facility were previously three detonations are taken place the latest of which in february the young is also sent letters to foreign embassies asking staff to leave before a possible attack they said this wednesday the north unleashed threats lately reacting to un sanctions military exercises between south korea and the u.s. washington delayed a missile test of its own on sunday fearing it would unnecessarily provoke it has however the overall for the deployment of a missile defense system to guam a u.s. territory the pacific political analysts new boy thinks america's actions make north korea's threats look justified. didn't want to make it seem like it's
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provoking north korea but if it really had that intention it would have flown the b. two bombers nuclear capable bombers it would have sent an f. twenty two stealth fighters to north korea ultimately. they do nothing to improve the situation to escalate hostilities and i think ultimately it creates animosity and it allows the king james version should consolidate power because it has a miser right where you need states is of course a nuclear war on the insulin so i think cooler heads really must prevail in this situation and i think. i think it's high time they put the incentive on more and more pressure on dialogue and bringing the parties concerned to the table as it's really getting to a situation where it's going to be very interested in. a new revelation from wiki leaks now as the website publishes now president a number of u.s. diplomatic records described by the organization headed to julian assange as the
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most significant geo political publication ever taught to kristen how france and a spokesman for the whistleblowers about this major publication. because it is dedicated to bring historical records to the public attention when there is an attempt to keep them hidden although these documents have been declassified excuse stream it difficult to approach them and assess them in their current format on the national archives so what we did was to gather together with help and publish them in a searchable database a very robust database merge them with the two hundred fifty thousand u.s. diplomatic cables that we published under the cable gates and extremely important to have results in front of me chris what kind of response from expect from washington i mean as you said these are not strictly speaking classified anymore but you kind of collated them all together to make them easier to get hold of is washington talk concerned about our neighbors well i haven't heard of any response from. here in washington of course they should be very pleased that we're doing the
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job that they should be doing themselves so maybe we should apply for some funds and continue to work from the us government and they should actually focus so much attention to supporting over a concert of containing that is unprecedented and relentless attempt to prosecute julian assad's and all the members of that we can use team. just ahead for you tonight on r t turkish police crackdown on a mass protest outside of prison. hole where hundreds are on trial of an alleged plot to overthrow the government we're following the latest on that for you also to a deadly car bomb near damascus school hypes is the targeting civilians has now become part and parcel of the syrian conflict so after the break. its technology innovation all the developments around russia. the future
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covered. wealthy british style it's time to time. markets why not scandal. find out what's really happening to the global economy in these kinds of reports on r t. the about international airport in the very heart of moscow.
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margaret thatcher former u.k. prime minister and the only female to ever hold the post that died early today after a stroke at the age of eighty seven to be remembered as the iron lady the nickname that was forged by a soviet journalist earlier spoke to the former person interpreter of many soffit leaders victims who could read from shared his memories of mrs that sharon shed some light on the story behind that nickname that was given to. i do have one vivid memory of. prime minister satcher which dates back to nineteen eighty five when the then leader of the soviet union chernenko died and she came to moscow for his funeral and he was replaced of course by mr mikhail gorbachev and mrs thatcher is famous for
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having said you couldn't do business with mr gorbachev so when she came for the food or of mr turton and co she had a one on one meeting with mr gore would drop and you know i remember this very vividly when she saw him her face lit up and her eyes sparkled you know i had a feeling and i still have that she was in rapture right mr gorbachev and lady was something that came from the from the russian side as well something that she loved to call it let's just listen in to margaret thatcher a second when she was using that. infamous iconic phrase as it is now the russians said that i was an iron lady. thank you and they were nice. if three kids and i am lady but she took it as praise i'm not
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sure initially park in nineteen seventy six the term our lady was actually meant as praise was it no of course not that was a huge blond. which played right into the hands of the aryan lady because by using that phrase they actually wanted somehow to be a little but she took it not only took it you know stride it became her catch word phrase. recollections too from lord from hesketh a former member of the conservative party used to work with mice is that sure in the late eighty's he says some of the signature aspects of her character is sorely missed in the current british leadership i was her chief whip and i was a minister under five years. she was the most dedicated . intellectual focus.
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intolerant. of me as. anyone i've ever worked for. all of which are outstanding qualities she said what she believed and she did for she believed here in what we have now i mean i remember and i wouldn't mention names but i remember one prime minister. who was about various figures came to see we have. seen we've heard it's fantastic simple has it occurred to you that he told you exactly what you wanted to hear which is absolutely useless you have to have someone who says i'm going to do what i'm going to do the death of margaret thatcher prompted david cameron to cut short his european trip the british prime minister was expected to promote his ideas for a more flexible e.u. and the growing euro skeptic sentiment among voters back at home but while good old the director of the bruges group think tank told his commons proposals would be welcomed by the rest of the e.u.
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anyway. former prime minister margaret thatcher was of course the president of the group and she had an enormous effect on britain she changed britain arguably greatly for the better you broke the former consensus in british politics restore prosperity and also criticised the european union in its drive to more centralization which has damaged many us states and of course undermine to our democracy throughout the year prime minister david cameron course wants to emulate margaret thatcher's effect with guarding the paean union they will not back him up on the return of powers from the e.u. to nation states they don't want a more flexible european union where people can pick and choose what powers belong with nation states and what powers belong at the e.u. level they support a blanket e.u. where things are standardized from one one area to the to the next from ireland to portugal or costa finland and greece that's how they want things done from eastern
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europe to to the atlantic there is not a chance of getting significant powers back from the european union or to the nation states that is quite simply not feasible when it's already been rejected by other e.u. leaders. well times are tough austerity in the euro zone making the entire project look increasingly unpopular later this hour on r.t. french right wing politician rail upin explains why more and more people think they would now be better off going it alone with brussels. so i think that first and foremost if there is a rejection of the european union and its policies the us means people are realizing that the european union is an empire a soviet union that is in fact destroying their freedom and it doesn't protect them from economic social or migratory difficulties and i think that the increase in patch it is to managing a country's own affairs to control of the border is whether it's human capital of products is the revised i think what we're seeing is the brussels bill falling down it's crumbling that is to say that the european union and its model has reached an
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end it's a destruction that is slow right now but will probably accelerate it was it was happening at the european parliament it's supposed to be democratic but it's not at all representative of what the people of the european union think there is a very strong persuasion of people who are generally model and these people are not represented by the european parliament so i think that electing the success of it is them on a wild or although it is not as discreet it's to make people believe that there will be an increase in democracy but in fact the mortal the economic model the truth is killing democracy. i only watch a full interview with the painter eighteen forty five g.m.t. receiving a car bomb has exploded in the syrian capital killing at least fifteen people wounding over one hundred forty more that attack happened near the headquarters of the central bank on a busy road in damascus the last cause extensive damage to nearby buildings and
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burned dozens of cars it's the latest in a series of car bomb attacks in the capital with one of the recent large explosions killing fifty three people in february it comes pro-government forces continue their major push to force rebel militias out of their strongholds across the country and that money will oxon rights for a german reporter who specializes on serious quotas but this is said that targeting the civilians in the capital seems to become a common tactic now for rebel fighters. they are not in the military they are not aiding the security forces they are aiding civilians in our case today a special case they very mean children a car bomb exploded right in front of a school where a lot of children were and among the dead people are also children of tactics is to show to show that there is no one spot anymore safe and to show the civilians who are to let them feel the fear and the panic that the rebel forces that the
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so-called free syrian army is in charge of from where they can do what they want we are in the west all base from the media the regime the so-called rich aiming the population this is what we hear nonstop the reality is what chills the bomb explosion of to date right the other way the rebel forces are pushing on the civilians and they are of panic thinking then terrorists are infiltrating the cities and of course they are not just a taking central bank like to date but also very important to see billion sports like electricity stations schools. the stations and so on so you see it's hard for the government to secure every square meter of the city from terrorist attacks online the weather love it or loathe it with a lengthy winter along with an overwhelming snowfalls but a godsend for a growing number of russian thrill seekers got some great pictures online but as you can see now if you go over this side of the laws of gravity don't apply to them
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. they get through it safely for the selections of the best snow dive videos getting by our popularity on our website out there called that in the main but in some russian region is the winter's fun to give way the warm for spring you guessed it the record snowfall is taken its toll again but causing severe flood a heck of a lot of water swishing around. more details and pictures. released between the language. programs and documentaries in arabic it's all here on the. reporting from the world talks about seventy or eighty interviews intriguing story for you to. visit arabic. police in egypt are on high alert after the latest in a series of interreligious clashes outside cairo's main coptic christian cathedral two people were killed and over eighty injured in hours of fierce fighting between
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christians and muslims our correspondent bell true reports now from the egyptian capital. security forces have secured the area and remain on guard while street cleaners clear the rubble the tear gas canisters bullet casings and rocks here i eat chips made coptic christian to the truth after sunday's bloody battle following a funeral for both christians killed in factor in violence in the north of cairo on saturday it is yet to be known exactly how the clashes began yesterday but what happens was that after a funeral according to the ministry of interior the moon is then initiated the attack by witnesses say an unidentified group attacked those gathered at the cathedral and security forces then joined in what is certainly true and what has shocked the nation was pretty just today of egypt's security forces firing tear gas and bullets directly into the cathedral compound as the one standing by as to billions standing on the buildings just behind me continue to troops and those
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trapped inside this sacred building president mohamed morsi promises to investigate and his alleged comments saying an attack on this could be a joke was an attack on himself has done little to satisfy the coptic christian community with divisions deepening between the two religions many fear the worst has yet to come. the u.s. military's admitted the number of detainees on hunger strike again talum obeys risen now and officially stands at forty one but lawyers for the captives claim under thirty of them have been actually starving themselves to death for more than two months now the protests of sparwood military guards allegedly mishandled the postal caruthers of the captives and the detainees more than half the cleared for release years ago fear is being held indefinitely without charge lawyers say some of their clients are close to death but the military maintains it will not let anyone die in this force feeding some of the inmates. police are fired tear gas and water cannon to disrupt a mass protest outside
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a prison court there istanbul in turkey several hundred people are held there on trial over an alleged plot to overthrow the government details now than from ruptly producer there's a feeling. there's been thousands of people which have come since midnight last night in buses from across the country and extremely angry so they managed to break through the barricades and that was immediately met with water cannons they were drenched in water and it's not a warm day today and also several rounds of take gas were fired upon them about that succeeded in pushing them back behind the barricades and then they were confined to a smaller space and what that essentially calling for is for the government the turkish government to resign that's saying that these trials are going to hire a sign that the government has slipped in fascism and it is an extremely controversial process because we're talking about people that have been painful for about five years without charge and these are high ranking military officials that
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have been arrested very prominent journalists many prominent members of parliament and heads of opposition parties and they many of them don't even know what they are actually being accused of i mean they know that being accused of being a member of an organization called a koran which the government says has been responsible for decades of violence as well as plotting to overthrow the government but many of the many of the opponents of this controls say that there's no even there's not even any evidence evidence that this organization called again a con actually exists and that some people say that this is almost like turkey's version of of the war on terror whereby. hundreds of people are detained without charge essentially just to get rid of any opponents of the ruling party the a.k.p. party it's extremely controversial process it's very unclear what the outcome of
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this process is going to be the trial today has been again postponed they say until tomorrow so we can expect probably more protests to be taking place here again tomorrow or. this is. reporting from new service roughly the ok let's talk business no touches with this sort of lot of talk today of course because it's a big moment the passing of margaret thatcher of course in her day loved and loath as we were saying tonight a lot of our economic policies of the day were heavily criticised one of economists these days going to say about it well absolutely one thing sure she was idle or here. do you regularly read you know natasha actually show if you put your microphone on i don't think our viewers can hear you. this is a technical stuff we have to get it done you know i don't know can we hear no it'll take a second what about mr direct. lovely we're hearing all of this these days is another show because it was that. these well i was going to tell you that actually it's
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very true that she was either loved or hated for her free market approach to the economy but one thing's for sure it was under thatcher that london turned into a huge financial center and now some experts say that this is under threat i'll tell you all about why in the best. you know i always try to stay clear of falling into the trap of fake outrage on this program people love to come on t.v. and be angry over this and angry over that just to fill air time but trust me sing obama signing into law with that wacky lobster like way he has of writing the bill marked the month santo protection act well it does not put a smile on my face that's for sure not only does this bill effectively bar federal courts from being able to halt the sale or planting of g.m.o.
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seeds and crops no matter what the health concerns are according to ib times but the bill was also written by senator roy blunt who's gotten sixty four thousand dollars for his political campaign pain from the g o giant monsanto itself so that's what it costs to allow companies to possibly poison millions if not all americans with risky and unproven g.m.o. technology sixty four thousand fricken dollars that's not even enough to buy a decent house sixty four thousand dollars is chump change well citizens of america now you know how much your lives are worth in washington but that's just my opinion .
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more news today. these are the images. from the streets of canada. showing up for a chatroom. it's twenty nine minutes past ten pm here in moscow welcome to the business program on arche russia on monday agreed to restructure a three billion dollar loan to cyprus the terms of the restructuring have not been revealed but early reports said moscow was ready for a five year extension and an interest rate cut meeting germany's chancellor angela merkel on monday president vladimir putin said the way in which the cyprus crisis was dealt with was unacceptable referring to back.


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