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tv   [untitled]    April 8, 2013 2:30pm-3:00pm EDT

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holder is being taxed but he admitted that the restructuring was the direct result of the negotiations with the european commission. stones of late in two thousand and eleven we loaned cyprus two point five billion euros at the request of the european commission we have decided to restructure this debt this is our real contribution to resolving the cypriot crisis. russia's willingness to restructure its loan to cyprus is actually nothing new in fact moscow is one of the most generous creditors often writing off billions of dollars worth of loans now take a look at this here is the list of countries whose debt russia was willing to write off completely about starting in the year two thousand now when it comes to the weight of written off debt to g.d.p. russia is actually the global leader now does it get the same generosity you return
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no it does not in fact its own foreign debt is growing it's reached a new high of six hundred fourteen billion dollars in two thousand and twelve but that's of course peanuts compared to the world leaders in terms of external debt the european union and the united states which have more than sixteen trillion dollars of debt each monday was a pretty busy day for latina putin he also paid a visit to the netherlands russia's biggest trading partner in europe russian dutch trade reached almost eighty three billion dollars last year he also met with the dutch prime minister to talk about joint energy projects the result is gazprom signing an agreement to extend the nord stream gas pipeline to the country as artie's natalia novick of explains the two countries have a lot of common interest in the oil and gas sector. from nafta russia's natural gas exporters oil arm has signed an agreement with the world that shell is going to
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expand its partnership and shale oil developing in siberia and arctic offshore blogs it's a company separate because they work together on a number of projects including developing deposits of shale in the do was sign during president putin's visit to the now the law and it comes just a few weeks after shell had to delay its high profile exploration company e-mail us going arctic for another year due to a number of setbacks now russia has been trying to encourage international energy giants to come and help its exploits its. boy changing tax regime trying to encourage in ward investment they all joined it was. assigned a number of deals with the likes of exxon morville and annie and said it's looking at projects together with the fee which is its twenty percent shareholder of oil
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companies meanwhile like keen to get their hands on the arctic as it's believed to be storing the world's largest on taps energy reserves and experts say that cooperation between russia and the company in the arctic is keen as russia on its own will not be able to cope with such complicated projects it needs its foreign partners experience and technologies to do that. and time now to take a look at the equity markets on wall street where trade is pretty active this hour it's a very upbeat picture pretty much across the board investors are waiting for the earnings season to swing the sentiment one way or the other analysts are actually expecting a decline in profits for the s. and p. five hundred companies the first year on year decline since two thousand and nine and that's according to bloomberg now let's take a look at europe and as you can see it was also pretty upbeat almost half a percent for the footsie germany's dax was behind but also above the line.
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now what we're seeing is that it's a rebound from last week's biggest three day sell off in fact the biggest since july moving on to the currencies the euro was showing some strength against the u.s. dollar as you can see right here the russian ruble actually strengthened to both currencies the dollar and the euro and do want to comes to the russian equities they finished today with mixed results the r.t.s. actually put on more than half a percent the my sex finished down roughly the same the blue chips were also makes the banking sector stocks did quite well the energy majors including gazprom shed value and that's despite higher oil prices a former british prime minister margaret thatcher has died on monday her economic legacy is very contentious she held do regulate the financial markets which many say launched the instability of the banking system that we're dealing with now but
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there's no doubt that it also turned london into one of the world's financial capitals second only to new york's wall street perhaps earlier on monday spoke with nick parsons the head of research at the national australia bank and i asked him what he thinks of captures economic policies. mrs thatcher's policies were certainly radical but we shouldn't forget that her term in office began with a recession in one nine hundred seventy nine one thousand nine hundred ninety one and eighty one and ended with the recession in one nine hundred ninety nine hundred ninety one so we hear a lot of talk about how the u.k. economy was transformed but it was transformed at a very high cost and a very high price in terms of cyclicality there was a great deal of lost output but a very great deal of tough decisions to be made during that transformation phase we tend to focus when we're looking back at times like this on the achievements and
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perhaps sometimes it's easy to overlook because i mean both human in economic terms of those achievements there were two recessions as well as two economic booms and when it comes to economic legacy what is it that we can all of regardless of our country learned from margaret thatcher anything i think we can learn about the power of the market in the way that it can empower individuals but i think one of the criticisms that i think is is perhaps quite justified is that mrs thatcher once said there is no such thing as society and i think we've learned over the course of the last five years since the global financial crisis that markets are not able to solve everything in isolation that we do need regulation we do need safety nets and we do need supervision so i think freedom can't exist in the total absence of supervision and the events worldwide through this global financial crisis have
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proved that we actually do need to have both and that's the latest from the business desk coming up after a short break r.t. speaks with a french right wing politician royal marine le pen the leader of the third largest political party of france keep it here r.t. .
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ten years ago by god was overtaken. ten years of political infighting terrorism and economic decay. china iraq arise. the fall of. april ninth on our take. a meteorite. ten thousand tons could told through space towards russia. with the power. of a nuclear bomb. should have been sky full on aussie.
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the international airport in the very heart of moscow. today we're joined by murray independent she is the leader of the french political party the national front and she came in third in the two thousand and twelve presidential elections in france getting about eighteen percent of the vote which
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is slightly higher than what was expected thank you very much mr bennett for joining us today and my first question is we're looking at seeing in europe a rise in nationalism in the rise in a pro independence movements those sentiments of wanting more sovereignty for their countries but do you think that this is a temporary trend because analysts are saying this is just a reaction to political parties that are currently in power and the reaction to a bad economy across europe so do you think that as a pendulum it could well move away from the groups like the front and back to the other side of the political spectrum. to. now i don't think so and i think that first and foremost if there is an objection of the u.s. union and its policies the us means people are realizing that the european union is an empire. that is in fact really strong in that region and doesn't protect them from economic social or migratory difficulty and i think that the increase in patrick to managing a country's own affairs to control of the border is whether it's a human capital
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a product is a revised i think what we're seeing is the brothel is very falling down it's crumbling that is to say that the european union and its model has reached an end it's a destruction that it's not right now but will probably accelerate well do we need to look at what's been happening in bulgaria where there has been a revolution and where the government out as well as the parliament within ten days also need to see the results in italy where within two years the us skeptics have become a majority and i believe that many other people are in the place of projecting the policies behind these policies is ideology ryssdal to free trade immigration globalization that is making us open our doors and windows to all the products in the world. to a knock at the immigration lawyer speaking about the e.u. the institutions it was doherty's have been a criticised for lacking democratic legitimacy but now we see that the next to e.u.
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commission president after she's a model barroso he's going to be elected do you think this is a real move towards democracy the e.u. is certain no obviously not this is all fake this is to make the people believe that there is more democracy that in fact we see what's happening at the european parliament it's supposed to be democratic but it's not at all representative of what the people of the european union think about the socialist party as well as the european right hand in hand once they vote in favor of ninety seven percent of e.u. directives and today there is a very strong position of people who reject the model and these people are not represented by the european parliament so i think that electing the successor of them on a wild are although it is not as discreet to make people believe that there will be an increase in democracy but in fact the mortal the economic model the truth is killing democracy. let's talk about hugo chavez the president
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of venezuela now he was also against new liberalism and he was nationalistic he wanted more sovereignty for his own country but he was a socialist he was a leftist does any of his political stunts resonate with you. one this in a child that was a paradox it was a solution if and even a communist but this is maybe the communism in you in france who two years ago he was a communist but he was a patchy out of communist many of chavez's policies were open to criticisms of it but there are many things that you can't criticize critic out such as the fact that he shared her daughters with us people which is very rare it was a seat in africa from many countries that has resulted in a people don't get a share of so he took advantage of it to bring down quality of rain. we tried to create a state able to nationalize big companies should so that they don't fall into the hands of multinationals. that have been opposing the usa which i believe is
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something positive in order to gain autonomy and so that venezuela would get back its freedom so i think in the end his results are average but it would be wrong to reject all the things that he has done. a let's talk about the french president francois a lot it's almost a year since he was elected on a scale of one to ten how would you rate him now the positive as reported in a concert because in order for me to never teams you have to be a political leader has not a political leader is just a technical leader like mr monti of italy but it means that in fact he is not managing the country and is not making decisions this is just following the instructions from the european union has just putting in place austerity which is complete stupidity because the study destroys the economy and increases unemployment forces factories to move elsewhere and move to the destruction of industries the one thing that is happening now is the free trade agreement that is being negotiated with the united states to put an end to french agriculture this is not his mistake because he is not deciding anything it is just something those
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allies asian and applying decisions taken in brussels. so your opinion on france leaving the european union and the eurozone in the shagun agreement you're you haven't changed your mind on those matters oh it sure took a person the cool factor. each day that goes by i believe more in this idea i even asked the french president to organize a big referendum in january twenty four teams to ask this question to the french people do they want to stay in the europeans many of them do we want to stay with open would do they want to take the risk of having romania and bulgaria in the same hand with the arrival of millions of roma who are attracted by social system that is very advantageous which is the french system yes or do they want to go on. with trade we want to feel great economic stature as usual do we want to european laws to be stronger than national laws and i want to loot hungary decided to change the constitution so that it prioritizes national rights over european rights it's going
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to crush leave to democracy because again the sovereign people are now the ones deciding not the brussels technocrats well there are those that ask that if you are so against the e.u. why are you a member of the european parliament and in the interest of full disclosure of the e.u. parliament has released the amount of aid that went to various political parties about three hundred sixty thousand euros went to the european alliance for freedom of which you are a member. so notaro yes this is our money it's our money i want to say that this is the least move things madame flies dissipates and then repeat again because someone needs to tell the people of the branch people what is happening someone has to find a wealth tax in the system by being as fast as it is it and but when if i was trying to wanted from outside i would have less power when it comes to money that is granted from the european union i want to remind them that result of that money
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they don't create that money they don't come up with anything this is our money we give twenty women in numerous to do the european union every year and they implement measures this is destroying our economy and i would social system should so it is perfectly legitimate that there is a part of this money that comes back to the pending on the fukushima of the electorate that we represent to this european party the european alliance for trade in but which is made up of parties of patronage across europe and now when you recently went to the u.k. to join a debate at the university of cambridge there was a demonstration against your visit this was organized by the unite against fascism association to describe you and the national front as being quote unquote deeply racist based organizations such as the f. and are attempting to take advantage of the economic crisis of the. the sturdy how would you react to these accusations that your military jargon which i imagine there are seventeen thousand students in cambridge the were one hundred protest if
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i let you calculate the percentage if the opposition is restricted to this it's rather positive i mean i'm not going to bring in the truth because a few leftists are trying to stop me from doing that in fact they pretend to be euro skeptic those leftists but they participate in the system to implement the system they themselves are in favor of immigration when they know that immigration is viewed by was salary's as their themselves defenders of europe how they always explain that they want a different europe but it is still the european union with those and do what is so one cannot is a fairly be the defender of a nation the same time before term to be free trade and tension is we are a gracious what. are you talking about immigration being used as an economic tool to drive a waitress down but doesn't france heap more cheap work force to drive a wage inflation down and also these immigrants who are coming are they really directly competing with skilled workers from france. have a sick and small object they are. a labor market as the name implies is
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a market such so it works with demanded some sorry when they're officially five million unemployed people and wrong and you legal is that twenty two hundred thousand people in france and it creates more competition when you have ten people going to prison for one job then you have no wages when you have to have a job in one thousand and it includes it grosses for filling gratian if you want to mow with salary and there is a problem it is people when they write how will they listen then if the answer to all of funny darity live thanks to a system of social protection that is we need and we cannot take care of all those people who cannot educate their children freely so we cannot bring them healthcare free cannot provide them with housing freely their lives and that. and psychological lives he already went to the city so when you talk of your concerns on immigration you're talking about economic reasons here economic concerns now
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obviously not it's not only an economic problem as this is a problem of national unity again as well that people in the huge number of people i'm talking here of legal immigrants with but there are also the illegal immigrants like so when you have three hundred thousand or four hundred thousand people with a different culture a different religion and different customs this shakes the french sheeple who feels compelled to adapt themselves their lifestyles to a culture that is different from that deal let me give you one example for a few years now in our knowledge in school county in public administration and food aid the reason any message that's it why to answer the demands of extremists muslim extremism kaleido massive immigration to support that claim it off and we'll even stronger here but we need to move to the rules of qatar and saudi arabia to come to me that's a huge problem. let's talk about france's intervention you call to france going
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into libya a whole week and you said that in syria the west is quote unquote blindly supporting the opposition and is doing the exact same thing they did at libya at this time in secret but when france intervened in mali you were not against it why do you deem this intervention digital meant as a sure good result of a woman so this is my stance is go here and if you want either you fight against islamic fundamentalism in which case it makes sense to fight in mali but it's not normal to support the same terrorists in libya and in syria when now in a situation where our leaders are completely in my opinion insane the fight on the side of terrorists in libya and syria and again is the same target and mali this is not here and me i am pro here and that is to say i think we should not have supported and given weapons in the system the decay. august and libya who like the way imposed challis on low off do they came to power you should not do that in ethiopia we should stop this question about relationship with to talk to provide funding to terrorism and fundamentalism throughout the world and indeed it does
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lead to the med to fight this extrude mazen and molly. you know sometimes you see a story and it seems so you think you understand it and then you glimpse something else you hear or see some other part of it and realize everything you thought you knew you don't know i'm target market is a big picture. live
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. live. live. live. live. live
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. live. ten years ago baghdad was overtaken please ten years of political infighting terrorism and economic to chafe to chum iraq a rise. so full of. hope and our april ninth on our take. wealthy british style. markets why not. find out what's really happening to the global economy
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with mike's cause or for a no holds barred look at the global financial headlines tune into cars a report on our hold it. hold it. there are two cars. good speed. which i. took. a lot of slow good. luck. just so. or and come out right
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away that at least. you know in the ceo's i would like. internal silence. her invisible. every day is a struggle. for our children sleep soundly at night. we are palestinian women working in israel. we've done more for our kids than alan and students. and times in this life.
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more news today. these are the images the world has been seeing from the streets of canada. operation today.
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