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tv   [untitled]    April 9, 2013 2:30pm-3:00pm EDT

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missing obama signing into law with that wacky lobster like way he has of writing the bill marked the month santo protection act well it does not put a smile on my face that's for sure not only does this bill effectively bar federal courts from being able to halt the sale or planting of g.m.o. seeds and crops no matter what the health concerns are according to ib times but the bill was also written by senator roy blunt who's gotten sixty four thousand dollars for his political campaign pain from the monsanto itself so that's what it costs to allow companies to possibly poison millions if not all americans with risky and proven g.m.o. technology sixty four thousand dollars that's not even enough to buy a decent house sixty four thousand dollars is chump change well citizens of america now you know how much your lives are worth in washington but that's just my opinion . i.
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play. live. player. play. play play live. i play.
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more news today violence has once again flared up. these are the images the world has been seeing from the streets of canada. showing up for a shelter all today. look. it's thirty two minutes past ten pm here in moscow welcome to the business program on r.t.e. the ratings agency standard and poor's says it no longer believes in the developing nations as a group united by joint interests its latest report says china is the only country
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among the so-called brics that also includes brazil russia india and south africa to show a robust growth rates their ratings agency says the raster showing disappointing results but considering that the developing nations just last month agreed to create their own credit ratings agency sidelining the big names in the business including standard and poor's could this simply be an act of retaliation that's the question i asked pepe escobar a brazilian journalist reporting on the global economy. president rule of jesus very thought gee very shadowy greg the rating agencies the reign of new decent standard and poor's and fitch and nobody dressed them anymore and it's a cartel it's dominated by by the west basically and the brics there is finally starting to get their act together in terms of actual as obama says so yes the
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western elites are going to fight. and nail against any sort of you know. emerging and strong and to change rules of taking yes. the newly elected head of russia's central bank says the number one priority is to beat inflation if you do the billion a former minister of economic development says the inflation rate has to be volo four percent currently it's running at about seven percent she believes lauren frayer will allow banks to start a lending at reasonable rates last week prime minister dmitry medvedev said the government was working hard on the lowering mortgage rates which he said should be down to ten percent by the end of the year the average rate now is twelve and a half percent. and let's now take a look at the markets and we'll start with wall street where trade is pretty active
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the sour and we're seeing a very upbeat picture there pretty much across the board investors are waiting for the earnings season to swing the sentiment one way or the other and it's obviously pretty good as we speak now moving on to europe and what we're seeing there is actually a mixed picture and london the footsie end of the day higher thanks mainly to mining stocks rallying on alcoa as of beat earnings in germany the dax finished the day more than a quarter percent down and that's on some disappointing european results of the of the european currency we move over to the currency market was actually doing quite well climbed against the dollar to a three week high and that's on some upbeat news on the european rescue funds bond sales meanwhile here in moscow as you can see right there the ruble finished mixed to the major currencies it was showing strength to the dollar was
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a lower to the single currency i want to comes to the russian equities they were rallying on tuesday along with other emerging markets led mainly by brazil have to gains for both the r.t.s. and the my six almost want to half percent there. airlines olver the world are getting ready to bring back their dream liners boeing has been successfully retesting its latest seven eight seven aircraft to complete these sort of occasion and as boeing itself tells business r.t. it's waiting to receive the permission over the next few months we're working through the certification process right now in terms of lab testing we have approval from f.a.a. on the tests that we're going to do we're going to do those tests we're going to turn the results over to the f.a.a. and they ultimately will make the decision when we can return to flight. car sales in russia have drop for the first time in about three years and that's after
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posting double digit growth in two thousand and twelve and that's a real setback for the global automakers that have looked to russia as the last hope for escaping the major slowdown in europe that's on a bicycle explains. europe's second largest kamaal cut russia is shifting into law gay or after climbing by more than ten percent last year so there's a new cause and russia have dropped by four percent this march south of lot of us from the market leader off the loss of down seven percent but that's not as bad as foreign car sales in russia nissan dropped one fifth volkswagen decreased fifty amp sound for the chevrolet fell by a tenth the biggest losers citron and mazda who sales slumped by a third car dealers say it's because the market is now saturated as those who wanted to buy a car have done a juror in the post-crisis years but market players say the drop mirrors
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a slowdown in economic growth and security. because in my mind europeans are a little bit unsecured what we see at the time in vista is there are problems in different areas and this makes people a little piece which i still think that russia is a great but. i still absolutely sure that russia will overrun the in the next four five years germany is the biggest. copper and use one for russians owns a car that's three times less than in the u.s. and in many european countries so russia has to have tracked if market for global auto makers compared to europe where a new car registrations dropped to the lowest level in almost two decades russia's console's for costs for this year differ with some experts expecting
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a small decline and ah there is projecting slower the growth of up to seven percent bought all rule out an earlier return to the boom years. well that brings you up to date on the latest in business kevin will be back with more news after a very short break keep it here. well. it's technology innovation all the least of elements
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around russia we've got the future are covered. the news that secret laboratory tim curry was able to build on those most sophisticated robots which all unfortunately doesn't give a dollar amount anything tunes mission to teach music creation why it should care about humans and world events this is why you should care only on the dot com wealthy british style. sometimes five times. markets why now found. find out what's really happening to the global economy with max cause or for a no holds barred look at the global financial headlines tune into kaiser report on
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our. time. for about international and world in the very heart of moscow. moscow time zero twenty two forty one the head of the united nations ban ki moon says any wrong moves could make the situation on the korean peninsula spiral out of control and this comes as north korea tells all foreign workers and tourists in the
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neighboring south that they should evacuate just in case nuclear war breaks out don't believe a communist state will actually attack but the u.s. says it is on standby in the pacific ready to intercept pyongyang's ballistic missiles japan's placed a battery of missile interceptors in central tokyo to guard against possible rocket attacks as well meantime north korea has pulled out its workers from the joint industrial zone run together with seoul it's a breadwinner for thousands of the north citizens the south korean government has tried to defuse the situation saying that it is open for dialogue that door is still there if they want to take part but watching it minute by minute a powerful earthquake has hit arounds bushehr province which is home to the country's only nuclear power station the six point three magnitude shocks left at least thirty people dead and injured hundreds more officials say the nuclear plant itself isn't damaged but dozens of villages near the epicenter of the quake have been left in ruins tremors were felt across the gulf in qatar bahrain and dubai
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there. after a virus of legal appeals over the hunger strike and when talum obey the u.s. government's begun the sheds more light now on the detail used plight of protest lawyers for the captives are now being notified whether or not their clients are being force fed at that notorious u.s. military facility inmates began to starve themselves over two months ago because of conditions and their indefinite detention without charge u.s. officials say forty two people refusing all food but lawyers are claiming that figure is much higher. in the world news the funeral of. margaret thatcher will be held on wednesday the seventeenth of april the country's first and only female prime minister who held office from one thousand nine hundred ninety nine to ninety died at the age of eighty seven after suffering a stroke a much admired but also highly divisive figure her death being met with mixed reactions of the u.k. should be best remembered by a nickname the i am lady a term coined by a soviet union this tough and compromising style.
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a new banking crisis may be festering in the eurozone despite the slovenian prime minister denying that the country would seek a bailout mccullagh to buy more say discuss this very issue with pilbeam from r.t. business and artie's news editor of across. they've been told to come up with one point three billion dollars in order to sort out their banking crisis that i did with my man that actually creates a three percent of their g.d.p. their economy already a contract to buy two percent last year so it just gives you an idea of what the economy the situation is at the moment is the banking sector the problem is that being told you need to recapitalize your banks that's exactly what cyprus was told the thing is they don't have the money to do that they can't afford to do that let me just jump on what yes it is i will what do you make of this woman sees about a billion is measured looks familiar to. me thinks the lady doth protest too much i think might apply here i think you know what i'm seeing is the same old same old
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from the troika from brussels the same old kind of mismanagement i tell you if i had a hundred thousand sitting in this living in baghdad right now i'd be pretty happy man but i'd be heading down to the cash machine with a big bag making was this report see well we only see these basically said to be slovenian banking system has misread the cost of recapitalizing so there was no where they came to gave us is one point three billion dollars i think it is you know the o.e.c.d. has come out has basically said. this could be a whole hell of a lot more and it's this fits the bill it fits the bill of the of all of the bailouts of scene with argentina with cyprus either with with spain seen with portugal that the powers that be don't want to. get in their face now so everything's fine everything's fine everything's fine until of course it's too late and then we enter a situation like cyprus where suddenly there's a lockdown on privately held accounts there is an on president a very going on while at the same time brussels mandarins are saying no no this was
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a one off who's to blame is it the banking sector is it is that this day i mean what a lot of people are saying is about the country never privatized the advice of the three top banks the biggest one third queta all of this money these toxic loans and then also to all of this is to actually just put it in. which they're calling state run debt consolidation agency so you take it all out of the big banks so that they can then start lending to businesses and be completely clean and transparent and just put in the bank these are the same guys the o.e.c.d. these are the same guys that are in april two thousand and eight so that the irish banking system quote unquote was well capitalized and profitable so we can never be too sure about how we are actually how efficient these guys card so i can tell you that the bombs are basically saying no thank you very much and they're actually performing the same as a licensed by a slow the peripheral countries in there about five percent which is dangerous and the i.m.f. has said that if the lawmakers continue to push measures on the economic deal for
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these countries on the economic depression they're not going nowhere just putting so much pressure on the economy instead of the actual problem they drastically overestimated the impact of a star exactly exactly. as an economic measure as an economic drastically underestimated the impact of a sturdy. dangerously explosive social device a lot else spoke french right wing politician marine le pen the leader of the third largest political party in france about why more and more people think they'd be better off without brussels. today we're joined by murray independent she is the leader of the french political party the national front and she came in third in the two thousand and twelve presidential elections in france getting about eighteen percent of the vote which is slightly higher than what was expected thank you very much mr bennett for joining us today and my first question is we're looking at seeing in europe
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a rise in that nationalism in the rise in a pro independence movements those sentiments of wanting more sovereignty for their countries but do you think that this is a temporary trend because analysts are saying this is just a reaction to put political parties that are currently in power and a reaction to a bad economy across europe. now i don't think so a tourist i think that first and foremost if there is a rejection of the u.s. union and its policies you have been people are realizing that the european union is an empire. that is in fact destroying their freedom and it doesn't protect them from economic social or migratory difficulties and i think that the increase in patch it is to managing a country's own affairs to control of the border is whether it's a human capital a product is irreversible i think what we're seeing is the brussels very falling down it's crumbling that is to say that the european union and its model has reached an end it's
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a destruction that it's not right now but will probably accelerate will we need to look at what's been happening in bulgaria where there has been a revolution and where the government crowd as well as the parliament within ten days also need to see the results in italy where within two years the us skeptics have become a majority and i believe that many other people are in the present rejecting the policies behind these policies is ideology do to free trade immigration globalization that is making us open our doors and windows to all the products in the world to social dumping to a knock at the immigration a let's talk about the french president francois a lot it's almost a year since he was elected on a scale of one to ten. how would you rate him now because it was reported at a concert no ten because in order for me to never teams you have to be a political leader has not a political leader is just a technical leader like mr monti of italy but it means that in fact he is not managing the country and is not making decisions it is just following the
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instructions from the european union has just putting in place austerity which is complete stupidity because a diety destroys the economy and increases unemployment so your opinion on france leaving the european union of the euro zone and the shang going to agreement you're you haven't changed your mind on those matters oh oh sure jack person the cool factor is that you know each day that goes by i believe more in this idea i even asked the french president to organize a big rubber and them in january twenty four teams to ask this question to the french people do they want to stay in the europeans or any of it do they want to stay with open border do they want to take the risk of having romania and bulgaria in the same hand with the arrival of millions of roma who are attracted by social system that's a very advantageous which is the french system yesterday do they want to go on with trade do they want to do for bad economics such as usual so when you talk of your concerns on immigration you're talking about economic reasons here economic
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concerns now obviously not it's not only an economic problem as this is a problem of national unity again as well that people in huge number of people i'm talking here of legal immigrants but there are also the illegal immigrants that's so when you have three hundred thousand or four hundred thousand people with a different culture a different religion and different customs this shakes the french people who feel compelled to adapt themselves their lifestyles to a culture that is different from that let's talk about france's intervention you called a france going into libya a full week and you said that in syria the west is quote unquote blindly supporting the opposition and is doing the exact. we didn't libya this time in secret but when france intervened in mali you were not against it why do you deem this intervention the gentleman because she couldn't hold out a moment she was this is my stance is coherent if you will and either you fight against islamic fundamentalism in which case it makes sense to fight in mali but
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it's not normal to support the same terrorists in libya and in syria right now in a situation where our leaders are completely in my opinion insane the fight on the side of terrorists in libya and syria and against the same terrorists and mali this is not good here and me i am pro here and that is to say i think we should not have supported and given weapons in the system the hardest in libya who right away impose sharia law after they came to power or that she should not do that and in syria we should start this question about relationship with qatar who provides funding to terrorism and fundamentalism throughout the world and indeed it is legitimate to fight this extrude mazen and molly my. mornings when we come back shortly after the break.
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