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tv   [untitled]    April 9, 2013 10:30pm-11:00pm EDT

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welcome back to the politics panel joining me tonight neil mccabe store a cuff chris allman let's get back to it as we discuss the arcane but let you know forty four i just drilled i was able to say fill the tree not all the way to yeah. ok maggie thatcher margaret thatcher the first female prime minister of the united kingdom died on monday conservatives here in the united states are paying tribute to her side her conservative values as prime minister to this day on my radio program today i had a conservative member of parliament who served with her was a good friend of hers he came on and spoke glowingly over said she transformed england in a way that now the rest of europe needs to figure out how to do right i totally disagree with him but i get it you know the conservatives if you think that you're a particular party with that side of the pond the way conservatives here in the us is few reagan but maggie thatcher supported the national health service socialized medicine aggressively supported that said it was one of the best systems around she
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thought it was better than what was being done in most of the continental countries she believed in climate change she thought that there should be some direct action being done quickly to address climate change and continue to speak about that until her death or until you know a year or so ago. she once in fact said to the united nations the danger of global warming is as yet this was a decade ago is as yet unseen but real enough for us to make changes and sacrifices so that we do not live at the expense of future generations she supported gun laws to reduce gun violence in england they were successful. knowing all this and i mean i could go through a list of things that i don't like about maggie thatcher but going through this list right here could she get elected as a republican member of the house or senate and you know he was president no i'm not sure she'd win the iowa straw poll you know there were obviously some of those things are troubling i do remember at the end of her term she did turn towards the environment but i just saw that as sort of a way of trying to save for save her skin and save her no because the people who
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are coming you know her her own party her own people through as well but i think that i know the only way to hold the knives out and had nobody to do with the environment no but i thought that that was that as you saw but you know we talk about national health and all of these other things the real issues with marriage with margaret thatcher were standing up to the soviet union and trying to understand it so you know she's sort of the coal mine i mean she she set the example for reagan she busted the largest union in england and was proud of it shows her privatized a huge chunk of that economy she privatized the railroads and. you know i was there before during and after it was railroads fell apart so fast you're so bad your question about whether margaret thatcher could get elected here first of all you have to realize that. great britain is very very different than the united states we have a different constitution we are a different size different number of people so the policies that she advocated there do not necessarily translate take the second amendment they don't have
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a second amendment in england we do that something we put into our constitution for a reason i didn't even know what you did you want to go on for so you know let's talk about could j.f.k. get elected as a democrat today i don't think could have privacy so nominee yet by the democratic party today no great someone who i noted for a six billion dollars tax cut in when he was the united states senator could he get elected as a democrat with a date to see. so you know he's a cad to compare the united states and great great when we have some we have totally different systems they have a monarchy we don't they have a primary i should be those nine people the supreme court is about you know different i mean it's very good for you really can't compare a different take and that is that in britain they call conservatives conservatives or tories in this country we call right wingers radical
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right wingers no offense intended conservative nominee conservatives. there is there is no comparison between wrong and today's republican party there's no comparison between barry goldwater and today's republican party or william f. buckley and today if you're republican party furnished a worthy or different times right they were conservative for their time they were they were conservatives which means they believed in moving slowly holding back and. people thoughtful most thoughtful motion and the people who run in the republican party today believe in pell mell you know hell bent for leather to the right to the right and i'm sorry that's just the truth of the matter there is nothing about george bush that is similar to ronald reagan
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well you can say the same thing about barack obama and j.f.k. brok obama so far to the left you talk about deliberate progress am actually proposed single payer national health am jilt some room without people reading i mean this is barack obama's m.o. he's trying to do it on guns trying to do it on immigration and he's trying any did it on health care and if he's talking about it has a j.f.k. set. the table for lyndon johnson to give us medicare medicaid voting rights act civil rights act tax cut and tax actually raise taxes on upper income right right. and so j.f.k. i'm sorry but barack obama is in the line the standard line of progressive democrats ok i'd like to move along so yeah voters in miami are going to the polls on may fourteenth to decide whether or not to spend more tax dollars to renovate
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a football stadium so that a private corporation can make more money on football and you know as much as i like the n.f.l. because it's probably one of the most socialist organizations in the united states it was wherever say it was what he had the same pose as the guy you know really. but you know whoever's the top player ends up with the you know the the all these there's all this stuff you know this at a salary caps and unions and every you know the n.f.l. cool socialist organization but still stephen ross is worth four point four billion bucks in miami and he wants the miami taxpayers to pick up the cost of the stadium i mean you know it's like george bush putting six hundred thousand borrowed dollars into the texas rangers stadium to get the taxpayers to cough up a bunch of million dollars in cash is that in for all of forty million dollars he walked away with only giving student loans to kids who go to some college with this is only in dollars now and this is the reason you know it's doing this is you know and you remember this we had the atlanta the olympics in atlanta all that money to
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stage the games was raise privately you know i lived there at the time that's right i know that's why i say you remember this all the money that stage the games was raised privately the infrastructure was done by the public because of the calls benefits right because of the economic activity and when the games were over i was on the governing board of the games when the games were over we gave the stadium to the braves to ted turner and to the braves that is a whole lot different. then a city or political jurisdiction using tax dollars to build a stadium to turn it over to the side of it is a curious do a quick poll there is anybody here in favor of of people being taxed to pay for a stadium that's for i feel your profit i would tell me so badly in no way no way no absolutely not that is. i think a lot of people love these politicians they get luxury boxes they get free tickets i mean a sports team does have some means there are serious and in the smith you know for
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years and years it's been pushed into the study of the sports garbage you know it's and it's been proven garbage and these three balls that appear in cities bankruptcy's and ask us montreal how they did after their olympics yeah sure you know it's like i just i don't get how the survivals hopefully the people of miami will vote it down but often that that doesn't happen often the people bars the billionaire can buy enough t.v.'s because the citizens united is going to be needed so you're going to like that that stupid that that there's a look at you know your taxes are going up oh yeah you know and advertising there's a reason why every times it's a multi right to our industry but if the average person who watches the n.f.l. game oh we're going to get a new stadium i'm going to get taxed more he's going to think about his own pocketbook with a bebo i don't think that they put two and two together are really doing well i mean a cash book this will raise your taxes how much will it actually hurt it doesn't hurt us all in the way it is sold as this will generate more economic activity for
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the community which is going to raise it which is going to raise tax dollars from the businesses so maybe your taxes will even go down there even better than that yeah it's not where the whip is you're going to lose your team yeah yeah yeah and they store should if you're going to get out and this is where again these billionaires are without be allowed to play these games i would love for somebody to stand up you know providence rhode island stood up to the new england patriots i would i would love to see the whole thing that i asked the back to the packers. and i guess you know the packers are the only the only honest team in the country anyhow chris stewart. neal thank you so much for being with us at the top you have a great great to be with you oh it's. just.
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it's the good the bad of the very very interior. ugly the good wiki leaks and a monday of out of the national press club the news or leaking organization announced the release of over one point seven million u.s. state department cables and memos from the period of one thousand and seventy three through one nine hundred seventy six party to wiki leaks founder julian assange spoke to the press club crowd via skype from london this newest trove of documents is actually been in the public domain for over a decade but has never been presented in a format usable for researchers wiki leaks decided to publicize the so-called kissinger cables named after the former secretary of state henry kissinger because that organization believes new classification policies could remove them from the public domain before they get out like this in a way that people can search the journals hope to use the documents to shed light on some of the more controversial moments in american diplomatic history like the
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cia's support for agosto pinochet's nine hundred seventy three overthrow the chilean government happy hunting and good work wiki leaks the bad image because on monday the senate minority leader delayed an important vote to confirm patti schwartz as a judge on the third u.s. circuit court of appeals because he wanted to attend a basketball game although his presence was not technically necessary for confirmation mcconnell used his influence as the head republican in the senate to postpone the vote until tuesday so he could watch the louisville ky. cardinals win the n.c. devil a title senator mcconnell his fellow republicans have made a habit of blocking president obama's judicial appointees so this latest to lay back in is and should be all that surprising but when you consider the number of times the senate minority leader has attacked obama for playing golf or taking schedule because his trip to b. and c. championship just reeks of that. and the very very ugly whitson school nutrition students lined up for lunch or quote middle school in attleboro massachusetts last
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tuesday expected to dig into one of the meal providers woodson's delicious meals they got instead was a lesson in corporate alice notes after onsite representatives learned that a few of the kids had received lunches but didn't have enough money on their meal cards to pay for them they ordered the students to throw their meals in the trash that's right with since employees forced middle schoolers to throw away uneaten lunches just because they couldn't come up with two dollars and forty cents to buy . that's just. after the break president obama's coming dangerously close to shooting santa claus fortunately there's time for him to change his mind all explain in tonight's deleted.
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it's technology innovation all the developments from around russia. that's huge you're covered. let me let me i want to know wouldn't let me ask you a question. here on this network is what we're having the debate we have our knives out. to the truth is the site's bad staying there to get here in the situation would be an ideal way to talk about surveillance we.
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made. the movie about international and world in the very heart of moscow. and screw news both president obama and democrats in the senate i propose deficit reduction plans that rely on both spending cuts and increased tax revenues course
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republicans are continuing to argue that the us all has a problem with spending and the new revenues raised through increasing taxes are not paid. probably can see americans already face an incredible tax burden and shouldn't be facing more taxes the facts seem to say otherwise or to do a study by citizens for tax justice in two thousand and ten when compared to levels of taxation in other industrialized countries the united states ranked way down the list both in tax revenues collected and in tax revenues collected as a share of overall g.d.p. in fact the united states was only ahead of chile and mexico when it came to tax revenues collected as a percentage of g.d.p. so no matter what john boehner and company will try to tell you facts pretty much speak for themselves so isn't it time for modest tax reforms in increases that would make all americans pay their fair share to support the economy you know kind of like that thing that reagan did when he raised taxes eighteen times and has
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managed to guest joining me now is david ceiling conservative commentator and pro-business advocate david welcome back. thanks for of the mood back on your show it's a real pleasure so. why do you hate working class americans david you know what's wrong with raising taxes on rich people to provide a decent social safety net and standard of living for everybody else you know i don't hate the working man but the reality is the economy is in shambles the administration's understanding of economic policy is nonexistent and you have so many free riders people who don't pay into the system and they're crowing the loudest tom if they would only pay their fair share and if we could just make ease up some of the regulation you know in this is ministration you've got some of the most onerous regulations on businesses so businesses aren't hiring quite the opposite they're in many cases being shut down people who can't make their payroll
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they haven't withheld their payroll taxes the internal revenue service puts pressure on them to cut the employees and throw them out the e.p.a. is there licensing. now with obamacare you have companies not wanting to hire that fifty of person because they'll have to cover them no full time so we've got to stop blaming the republicans of the democrats and look at this as american citizens a lot of this stuff we just can't afford for instead absolutes get us one thing in it is opening the floodgates with this immigration reform we can't afford it it's just going to push us under if we don't talk about that a deal is going to stay with taxes for the moment. i'm going to agree with you a warder fully a quarter of all profitable corporation we're not talking corporations that are making money to a very you know the largest and most profitable corporations in america a quarter of them pay no income taxes and they do it because i mean you go like citibank has over one hundred offshore subsidiaries just to avoid paying taxes in
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the united states and yet you and i are giving them billions tens of billions hundreds of billions of dollars in bailouts and things i mean this is insane we have over doesn't want you or. tens of billions off we only gave them a little bit while but they printed up a bunch of money and gave it a good but enough of a came out of our pockets that we should have a certain level of outrage and that you've got i believe the numbers twenty one trillion dollars that we now are discovering has been stashed offshore just to avoid tax this isn't just americans it's rich people all over the world but you've got the very very very wealthy basically like leona helmsley said only little people take pay taxes it's like they don't that's the that's the problem tom you've got so many people who take out so much more than they pay and that's not right is that what we want is there it is that we're there to bring their baggage dana born with a birth defect if they're if they're ten years old and their parents died then it's perfectly appropriate those of those of those the reasons why we have social
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security. i know but you know in a little bit you're misleading your viewing audience because we're talking about people who are claiming the earned income credit all sorts. you know i claim the right income credit if you work you know that they have you're talking about they were going out of their check every week and at the end of the year they get back more than they paid in those aren't taxpayers oh and by the way i read that article by that citizens for tax justice i don't mean to be rude but it seemed like a steaming pile of manure it was so one sided yeah well there was the one sided pointing out the americans are the wrong side they are right right as you know it's going to come out i mean even maggie thatcher when she came into office thirty five percent of g.d.p. was the tax rate she got up to thirty eight percent of g.d.p. we're at twenty one percent nineteen percent one thousand a half percent of g.d.p. it's in any case david we've got to wrap it up i'm sorry we're out of time it's always nice talking with thank you draw thanks for having me tom. if it is.
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crazy alert we all know that checking the weather isn't always the most exciting part of your day more rain overcast skies and again that's why nick weatherman for twin falls idaho is the daily forecast proper emacs that's right he's a rapid weather man check it out. and get that beat. good. yeah you better be telling this guy pull the straps better grab an umbrella i make your brain i make it rain somehow rain i make it rain. rain i make the highs. i make the
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claim. by telling you what storms come in i'm not. so well. mine. well at least he's trying i mean you really can't get any worse than the us. president obama if i may speak to you you were a child when it was happening so it's probably not surprising that you don't know about it but i want to make sure that you do because what i'm hearing about your budget proposal tomorrow if that's true you are stepping into a trap that was laid for you before you even spoke you first cigarette back in the
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one nine hundred seventy s. after richard nixon went down in flames and within the entire republican party a republican strategist named jude wouldn't speak at an inspiration. the democrats he said had always been the party of santa clause they gave the american people what they wanted social security unemployment compensation medical help the minimum wage free public education inexpensive public hospitals unions environmental protections child labor laws workplace protections paid vacations sick days meanwhile the republicans had always been the priority of scrooge had said loudly oh to every one of those things over and over and over again. and the american people knew it which is why the republicans didn't control the congress for over forty years and a democrat who was a really good at playing santa claus f.d.r.
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got elected four count them four times as president so. republicans have to figure out two things first they have to somehow become semi-colons and second and perhaps most important at the figure out a way to force the democrats to shoot santa clause becoming santa clause would be easy to use it just cut taxes and then borrow and spend money everybody loves tax cuts the average person wouldn't realize that the tax cuts were tiny compared to those for the rich but still a tax cuts right santa clause republicans on the spending side come up with things to spend a lot of money on really fast it will stimulate stimulate the economy more santa star wars medicare part d. can to go she a drug prices wars in afghanistan and iraq oh wait since some republicans if we do that will end up with huge budget deficits jude said that's the genius.
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if republicans can run up huge budget deficits they can then when a democrat becomes president forced him to shoot the democratic santa by cutting programs and of course the biggest of the santa programs would be social security republicans laughed to jude no democratic president would ever cut social security they said first off in separate from the rest of the budgets of cutting it wouldn't even help the budget and secondly it's the democrats alternate santa clause badge of honor. said jud if you make the deficits big enough and you yell loud enough and long enough some sucker of a democratic president will come along and shoot the democratic santa clause of social security when he published this back in the one nine hundred seventy s. everybody thought it was crazy except ronald reagan and george w. bush who actually put the policy into practice and sure enough they borrowed trillions spent like crazy created the appearance of good times just like you could if you put a million bucks on your credit card and they created
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a huge deficit the biggest in the history of the united states of america so when clinton came in they started demanding he shoot santa clause take out social security they demanded the clintons too smart for instead he just cut funds to poor people who pretty much nobody ever notices and ended welfare as we know it no way was clinton going to fall into jude's trap bush w. came along next and he went back to jude's playbook borrow and spend trillions drugs for medicare and the government can't even negotiate discounts with the drug companies or is fought by cheap soldiers but million dollar a year contractors who conveniently all work for bush family buddies or companies that poppy had invested in. huge deficits not a single word about it instead what a bush tell us go shopping and then came obama again the republicans who had held judes flame rolled out their demands democrats want to shoot senate particularly
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the biggest democratic senate of all social security those democrats laughed at that it was stupid social security isn't even adding to the budget deficit in fact it has a two trillion dollars surplus but cut it anyway demanded the republicans knowing that if they could get the democrats to shoot their biggest santa over eighty years of people's faith in that party would be lost this was a high stakes day so now president obama we hear that you may be thinking of shooting santa claus if you do you'll be the first democratic president to ever do it and you may destroy the democratic party i know you love doris kearns goodwin in the movie lincoln but all that compromise was of a very different kind and a very different time and with very different and personally i think doris put a bit too much emphasis on this it was a nice story but lincoln also knew how to be santa claus did so with the land grant colleges and so many of the things and he was a great fighter not the great compromiser please stop thinking you're lincoln
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you're not in your political opponents are not andrew johnson earth that is stevens your salmon chase those men at least had integrity they played politics out of conviction. president obama please don't shoot so. when it comes to cutting social security with a republican chained c.p.i. please as nancy reagan so famously. say no. and that's the way it is tonight tuesday april nineteenth two thousand and thirteen don't forget democracy begins with you get out there get active tag your. wealthy british style it's done it's time to write the final.
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more news today violence is once again flared up. saying these are the images the world has been seeing from the streets of canada. giant corporations to rule the day. the.


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