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tv   [untitled]    April 10, 2013 5:00pm-5:30pm EDT

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t.v. u.s. seems to be facing the growing domestic drone industry but now numerous state lawmakers are pushing legislation to protect the privacy of their citizens we'll tell you which states are saying no to dros occupy strike debt has done plenty of work at cancelling out the debt of the common man now they released a report on how our current health care system helps those who are sick but also leaves them with amount of bills will tell you how medical debt has become a weapon against the masses. here's a bus that won't be rolling to your neighborhood this bus that has six thousand bullet holes in it and it's part of a demonstration here in the d.c. area so is it art or political speech. well it's wednesday april tenth five human washington d.c. i'm margaret hell in are watching our t.v. starting this hour the eye in the sky is not welcome in illinois illinois is saying
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not so fast when it comes to drones flying over their state state legislators are putting on the table legislation that aims at limiting drones surveilling their citizens as a new as new light is shot on the privacy that's compromise with drone activity as it turns out they're not the only state considering curtailing the use of drones over their skies illinois is among thirty other states saying no thank you to drone flyovers montana california oregon are among the other some who submitted legislation designed to set up guidelines for drone use earlier i was joined by matthew feeney assistant editor reason twenty four seven who filled us in on illinois new legislation. so i think some of the illinois state legislatures rightly want to make sure that when drones are used by law enforcement that you know that privacy is secure certainly so do you think that this expectation of privacy that people have made in fact be a thing of the past here i certainly hope not i think you know american citizens really should feel that they have
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a right to privacy and that it should be protected by the legislation as unfortunately it looks like you know a lot of people in government and law enforcement seem a little too keen to disregard citizens' privacy in light of new technology certainly so this is going to simply require state agencies to obtain a search warrant before drugs can collect any information do you have any thoughts on that well i think that is reasonable you know americans have the right to be secure and the property and. and their homes until they also suspect of a crime in which case i think it's perfectly reasonable that a warrant should be set certainly so we're seeing a surgeon enjoin activity certainly in states or attempting to regulate domestic drone activity many of them are aimed at requiring that warrant in order to justify their use how does this benefit americans like why should we care we should care because we don't want a lot of drones buzzing around being used by the law enforcement with feeble and sometimes weak excuses i think it's totally reasonable that as american citizens we
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expect that there are good reasons for privacy to be violated and you know i think it is right that a lot of states have put forward the sort of legislation proposals that were put forward in rhode island required that drones not be weaponized and bad wind speeds and that any new sort of model used by the law enforcement was approved by an elected body like the town or city council to govern and i think that's a good stuff in the right direction so what are some of the excuses that we're seeing come out for drone use well i think it's important to keep in mind out there on instances where drugs could potentially be used in the case all of. catching criminals who are on the run or off the natural disasters. but the important thing to remember is that all these things can be made small excusable if they are all bulls i require that they do attend that state and not be retained and i think you know a lot of states are rightly arguing for that sort of metric certainly so we're seeing a certainly a lot of campaigns come out against an activity in states of we just saw this in
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virginia you know with with one town in particular if you if illinois is successful and getting this legislation passed and saying we don't want drones or we're going to limit in a sense to restrict their activity how successful i mean are we going to see this across the border or is this just going to you know what what type of trickling a fact do you think this is going to have i mean i'm not a fortune teller i can tell you for certain but i think that we shouldn't be surprised if these sort of proposals become more and more common it's not just florida for when we have to keep in mind the drones are probably going to become increasingly useful people as hobbies and poke a lot of professional things so people might start using them for hunting for example and you know farmers and other people working our culture might want to use them so we'll have to probably talk all those with a face use as well i see so going back to privacy issues which are a main concern in the drone debate certainly the fourth amendment guarantees the right of freedom from unreasonable search and seizure you know talking about how these drones and in fact are violating that fourth amendment rights that we have
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that expectation number one that the expectation of privacy number two that we have the right to be protected from this unreasonable searching which many of us aren't aware of well i think that there's sort of quite clear and i think if you are you know not doing anything wrong that you should have the expectation that you are not going to be spied upon by law enforcement one thing so do you think that domestic drones in their present state are a violation of the fourth amendment. it depends where and when that being used i call him to speak of every jurisdiction in the country and i'm not into you know even though the set of cases that you can possibly bring to life around. well where the where they have so where they have certainly been used in violating it unreasonable search and seizure or and privacy cases i can't name a specific instance because i'm not. an expert in every single jurisdiction in the country but there are also many cases out there where the legality is being seriously question certainly so you know we've seen the federal government use
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these drones and patrolling borders in mexico and canada we're placing essentially border agents on the ground we've seen now so use drones you know tracking storms and such do you can you offer us any alternative that the state could possibly be using other than these drones which have serious privacy concerns attached to them or you know kind of keeping the safety issue that we expect from the federal government in play without violating privacy are there are i guess my question is are there other alternatives where you could i suppose one way to do it would be put more boots on the ground on the borders to keep them secure but i don't think that's actually absolutely necessary you could use drones to patrol borders if there's very strong legal framework that makes sure that there isn't any data being retained all that weapons on being used so i think the way to address this is that we perhaps will have an effort we have to be using this technology but only with the right legal framework in place certainly so can you give me an example of any
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legal framework that's currently in play well the legal frameworks difficult at the moment because it's a new technology and there are universal. frameworks in place at the moment is something that's going to have to evolve over time certainly so do you anticipate a surge you mentioned earlier that people would start using drones for hunting do you anticipate a surge in drone activity yeah the f.a.a. predicts that there will be thousands of you know civilian and drones in the skies in the coming years and you know they'll be used for many many different things and yet it is something that we should come to expect in matthew thank you so much for the information that was matthew feeney assistant editor reason twenty four seven. still ahead here in our c. well so many americans are straddled with debt one group has worked hard to help cancel it out now occupy strike debt has released a new report on the medical data that hurt so many about insurance and pharmaceutical companies prosper a look at this report when we return. the same story
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doesn't make it news to some. pieces tom clancy thank you. say. let me let me i want to know we're going to let me ask you a point. here on this network is what we're having a debate we have our night. maybe if you disagree with us tonight staying there began hearing the story would be i don't want to talk about the arraignment for me.
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here is mitt romney trying to figure out the name of that thing that the americans call a dog. i'm sorry i'm just a guy who cares about. you sir are a fool you know what kind of my other terrorist cells in your neighborhood all want the usa to defeat terrorism be on limbaugh and the chris puplick comes. out of the. you know the support you to distract us from what you and i should care about because their profit driven industry that sells of sensationalistic garbage
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you call that breaking news i'm having martin and we're going to break that. you know sometimes you see a story and it seems so for lengthly you think you understand it and then you glimpse something else you hear or see some other part of it and realize that everything you thought you knew you don't know i'm sorry welcome to the big picture . of potentially deadly blizzard taking aim for the north face to expected to hit stunning in a few hours from new york to maine we have team coverage of the storm. but we're watching is the very heavy snow moving into boston proper earlier today it
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was very sticky you can see it start to become much more powdery down the line there's still a lot of snow out here a good place for snowball fight. jason it is been a pretty incredible day there and even record snowfall throughout much of it might still be flooded three driverless of emergency vehicles are exceptional. so is it life or death it will figure things now private health care seems to benefit few and leave many those without the ability to pay their debts may find themselves at the end of catastrophic consequences at the heart of a medical debt is up for sale and new strike debt report shares some info as to who is making bank office. now in the report private health care and riches a few insurance companies private equity firms pharmaceutical companies debt
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collectors and global investors at the expense of everyone else medical debt is a weapon of class war because when patients cannot afford medical care they are forced into debt often far ranging with often far ranging and catastrophic consequences the self-proclaimed organization that is the bailout by the people for the people and is rolling jubilee which raises money to wipe out people's medical debt who can't pay well earlier today i was joined in the artes n.y.c. i spoke to the debt liberator and larson from strike debt campaign and i started by asking her to explain what this campaign is doing. rolling jubilee is a project of strike debt and what we do is we purchase debt for pennies on the dollar just like a debt collector would on the secondary market but instead of collecting on that debt we just erase it and say so you know we've covered this issue here on our team before and it's estimated that seventy million americans you know they find themselves in a situation of some form of medical debt here or there or whatever their rights
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concerning this debt well all first the thing to understand is that medical debt is a huge and growing problem it affects tens of millions of americans sixty two percent of personal bankruptcies are linked to medical debt so people going into bankruptcy people losing their homes people's lives are being destroyed by medical debt and this is a problem that is virtually unheard of in other countries around the world you know when the republicans in congress a few years ago were talking about death panels they were talking about are for profit health care industry but they actually should have been this is a this is a corrupt market based system that is really ruining people's lives and we don't we don't need to live like this we can pay for medical care for every one of them is a great point that you brought up the other country is you know this is unique to the united states can you tell me why that is. we have a profit based health care system it's as simple as that you know about
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a third of all the costs that we spend on health care are for marketing and for public relations things like advertising i mean we just spend way we spend much much more than other countries do and we get less there are there's a lot of research out there that shows americans are sicker and they die younger than people in other wealthy countries around the world so really we're paying more and we're getting less it makes no sense and i see so how many people exactly has this campaign help so far well our recent medical debt purchased we bought a million dollar portfolio of medical debt all medical debt from the midwest kentucky and indiana and so that million dollars of debt cost us about twenty one thousand dollars so you can see that medical debt is sold very cheaply on the secondary market and so instead of collecting on that debt we just abolished it and it was the debt the medical debt for a little over a thousand people so those people will no longer have to pay that debt so what we're doing is really helping people number one but the second thing is
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a really it's really a public education campaign we're trying to let people know that this debt is for sale that these these banks these lenders are profiting in human misery and sickness so it's about helping people but it's also about public education just building off can you tell me about any particular cases of people that this movement may have helped specifically. we send out letters to all the debtors whose debt we abolish we send a certified letter letting them know what's happened and we invite them to contact us voluntarily we give them our information the letters for the thousand debtors whose debt we just abolish are going out this week so we haven't heard from any of those folks yet but we hope to are keeping our fingers crossed fingers crossed and when we hear from them you'll be the first to know and say so you know seventy million americans are dealing with this issue how do you pick and choose which people to help which people do not to help. medical debt all debt is sold in anonymous bundles. so we don't know whose debt we're buying before we buy it which is another part of the industry and that's the secondary debt market is trafficking
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in people so security numbers their addresses all your personal information is being bought and sold on the secondary market after we purchased the debt then we know who the debtors are and we can contact them and see so i want to talk to you briefly about the legal aspects of medical debt and if there are any laws in place to protect patients from that unavoidable mess that could happen to them you know if they're not able to pay these medical bills i.e. other than bankruptcy are we seeing any any type of laws on the books that protect these people. you know we're really not optimistic there have been a few attempts to limit for example the impact that medical debt can have on your credit score and things like that but what what what they're focusing on is paid medical debt so if you pay your debt then maybe there'll be a law that's passed to protect your credit score but many many millions of people can't afford to pay their medical debt so they really nobody is looking out for them there are there is no law currently in discussion in congress that would help
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most medical debtors so do you feel like this is mostly a states issue you know are we seeing this tackled at all do you find that to be the case that states are dealing with this individually well i've certainly you see states like massachusetts you know massachusetts kind of pioneered the model of the mandated health insurance purchase that now the obamacare program is trying to nationalize but you know what's actually true if you look at the data is that in massachusetts the implementation of this program did not reduce the rates of medical debt or bankruptcies linked to medical debt so we really feel like expanding a market based system like is being attempted in places like massachusetts really isn't the solution some of the doctors and health care practitioners that we've been working with on this project from physicians for a national health program there really believe that a single payer system like they have in europe and other countries around the world where health care is nationalized is really the best at least the short term solution really to get everybody the coverage that they need so that people do not
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go into debt because they get sick and seen you know a lot certainly that strike debt is dealing with do you have specific distract and have specific goals you know maybe. legislatively or even specific goals moving forward this year and how you can accomplish them if you have any. well i mean i think we're going to support our allies for example i mentioned ph d.'s working on and health care for the ninety nine percent occupied group that's working on passing legislation to get single payer but i think what straight out is also interested in is like. mothering the conversation and trying to ask what are the options is a state run health system or a private run system are those the only two options are there other better ideas that we can come up with really we feel like this is a failure of imagination we need to be thinking collectively as a nation how do we want to fund health care how do we want to make sure that everybody can go to the doctor when they get sick what are the best options and we really want to help people who want to have a public education want to start
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a public education campaign but you also want to be able to spark imagination a bill to think differently about this problem you see will certainly and a lot of valuable information there that was sent from strike campaign thanks and thanks thank you also in new york the city is opening up its wallet after losing a legal battle with activist group occupy wall street now the charge was that the city violated activist civil rights when they cleared out groups encampment in zuccotti park back in two thousand and eleven now the settlement orders new york to pay the group over two hundred thirty thousand dollars in damages a legal fees that includes forty seven thousand and physical damages including an area known as the people's library this is a fifty five hundred book collection that was taken down in largely destroyed with law enforcement right at the park so the city initially denied to storing those books charging that it was brookfield properties who in fact owns the park over the court did not agree stating defendants acknowledge and believe that it's unfortunate that during the course of the clearing of zuccotti park november
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fifteenth two thousand and eleven books were damaged and rendered them unusable and additional books are unaccounted for. but for their part members of the occupy movement are pleased with the outcome expressing more interest in the legal precedent set by the ruling than the money awarded occupy wall street still has several other lawsuits pending against the city. and now out of the may have to mayflower arkansas where the community is still trying to recover from the oil spill on march twenty ninth up to twenty one households were forced to evacuate their homes as exxon mobile mobile's pegasus pipeline burst spilling countless of gallons of oil extracted from canada and when we last reported on the story here at r.t. exxon mobil said that the spill amounted to only if you thousand barrels however exxon mobil spokesperson ken jordan said that they actually had to clean up one hundred thousand barrels of oil from a little rock suburb now that's up from last week's estimate of twelve thousand barrels exxon mobil and local authorities claim the spill has not affected the
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town's drinking water and i've stated that wildlife effective have in fact been cleaned up with plans of returning the various animals to the neighborhood state wild wildlife park however these claims have been hard to verify since access to the site has been limited now several journalists have reported being blocked and even threatened with arrest while attempting to enter the spill site also the f.a.a. has turned the sky above the affected site into a restricted air space we'll keep you posted on the story as it continues to develop. but still ahead here on our team a picture is worth a thousand words but how about six thousand bullets well here in the d.c. area a bus riddled with bullets is on display but is it part or form a political speech that story is next. a lot of potentially deadly blizzard taking aim for the northeast it's expected to hit stunning in a few hours from new york to maine we have team coverage of the storm.
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that we're watching is the very heavy snow moving into boston properly or today it was very sticky you can see it start to become much more time to read enough. this is the bottom line there's still a lot of snow out here a place for snowball fight. the senate is going to pretty incredible day there and even record snowfall throughout what's been like nobody's long three drivers license and emergency. the same story doesn't make it news. tom thank you.
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say let me let me i want to wouldn't let me ask you a point. here on this network is what we're having a debate we have our knives out. before you decided it was a bad thing never again hearing this story we're being i don't want you to talk about theory let me. here is mitt romney trying to figure out the name of that thing that we americans call a dog. i'm sorry i'm just a guy who cares enough about. you sir are you know what that is my theory sounds
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good i want to see the future isn't the only poll expressed it. seems at least some sort of. snow to fall for you to distract us from what you and i should care about because there are profit driven industry that sells a sensationalistic garbage he calls it breaking news i'm happy martin and we're going to break this that. says. you know how sometimes you see a story and it seems so for like you think you understand it and then you glimpse something else and you hear or see some other part of it and realize that everything you thought you knew you don't know i'm charged welcome to the big picture.
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look pretty much in the field that you won't find it here if you're looking for relevant stories unique perspectives on top class scans. well as lawmakers take on gun control the issue has fired off a debate in this country over guns on one college campus not too far from the nation's capital a school bus riddled with bullets brought the gun control debate to campus r.t. correspondent less wall has more. in theory just what.
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both can do thousands of bullets were sprayed out this school bus decimating it inside and out i saw this bus it looked like it was built from the middle east like it was a pakistan school bus that got shot up in some sort of attack or something but this school bus did not come from a war zone it's a work of art most artists use pencils are paint brushes but to make this piece the artist's tools were guns and six thousand rounds of ammunition canadian artist victor made it created this piece entitled incident he finished it months before the mass school shooting in newtown connecticut jump started a new debate on gun control students at george mason university where the bus is being displayed took notice of the timing i thought it was a great timing but after hearing everything that's on the news i was just like this is perfect i mean we think about maybe like yeah gun violence and war and how. people really aren't safe because. all that for some it's personal my mom is
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also a bus driver so when i was staring into the driver's seat i could see my mom but for others it's offensive reading upon it's being art and maybe like a creative expression i then thought it was insensitive i think it's a little insensitive a little rude. why should people who have to go and have to change the way they do live michael campbell is on george mason shooting team and takes pride in being national champs he believes the exhibit sends the wrong message stuff like this you know it's not good for us you know we're just trying to do a hobby and we have people that are trying to shut us down he's among those on campus that don't see the piece as art but an eyesore do you see it as a work of art it symbolize something so i guess in that sense it's a work of art in terms of artistic skill being made needed to make it you know whether or not you consider this art as the gun control debate rages in the country
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the piece is stirring plenty of curiosity and controversy on this college campus in fairfax virginia liz wall party. all dressed up with nowhere to go you may want to consider a get my party yes they get my party one of the most notoriously glamorous events in hollywood they could challenge festival was actually planning a party with guantanamo bay as the theme gassed the place where the u.s. and enemy combatants deemed and tribal an american courtrooms yes that same facility were major hunger strike is currently underway by prisoners which is largely being ignored by the mainstream media so here's an actual invite this most worrying as you can save a mockery of the detention facility is in plain view of the party planned offer pleasurable torture and mostly naked models clay and clad in machine guns and ammo and the scandalous invite to the stand for too long a sponsor is from the event backed out in the organizer of the event flight magazine decided to change the theme of the party so it could tell us still cool or
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just plain out of touch or is this an attempt it failed irony you be the judge let's going to do it for now for more on these stories we covered go to youtube dot com slash r t america for the latest and greatest information coming out from around the world check out our website at our com slash u.s.a. our digital producers are always working hard to connect you with the world around you in those news stories so check it out don't forget to leave us your feedback and also follow me on twitter at m underscore j underscore hal thanks for watching and we'll be back at eight.


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