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you live on one hundred thirty three bucks a month for food i should try it because you know how fabulous bad luck. i mean. i know that i'm. really messed up. in the old story so. it's a little worse you're going to go right out to the. radio for a minute. i want. to give you never seen anything like this. so listen you go you know sawyer again martin i mean it's a break in the set i think thousands of people mobilize for a massive rally on capitol hill and a lobbying day designed to urge congress to act now on comprehensive immigration reform all signs right now point to an agreement in the senate that could overhaul
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our immigration system provide a pathway to citizenship for the eleven million undocumented immigrants currently living in this country an agreement in congress today would mean the world to millions of people who call this country home and a renewed commitment to the values of a nation i was born on the shoulders of immigrants now is the time to break the set. so if you've been watching the corporate media this week you might have caught the latest international scandal developing breaking news story with grey's implications that could be in violation of international law check out. say jay z. under fire right now so many pictures of the superstar couple marking their fifth wedding anniversary and how law now an investigation is being launched into.
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whether they broke the law it was their fifth wedding anniversary they did not speak to reporters so we do not know why they chose to go to cuba and chances are they will never tell us that power couple took a trip to havana last week to celebrate their fifth wedding anniversary but legally you can't just take a vacation to cuba at least you and i can't. yet cheezy and beyonce traveling to the beautiful caribbean island of cuba apparently the most important news story happening in the country right now and i have to hand it to our friends at fox news because absurdly blown out proportion as this story already is folks always manages to take it one step further take a look. why. go to cuba who are notoriously racist towards blacks also want to know whose idea was this initially did they did it did anyone in the administration think that this would be a good idea remember in south africa i mean there was a there was a cultural blackout and nobody would go to south africa because until they change
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their policy but if you but that is not the case there is no man to cyprus should somebody tell jay z. what how che feels about black people should somebody contact him and tell him what the word chase has used about black people somebody look great gutfeld clearly you're the one trying to say something about black people here so why do you just come out and say instead of projecting your veiled racism on che guevara because certainly you can be talking about che guevara who first of all isn't even cuban secondly was the farthest thing from a racist he was actually an internationalist who not only left his native country of argentina to fight for the cuban revolution but also later left cuba to fight in the congo alongside almost all black army against imperialist forces in fact his fight for revolution in africa inspired thousands of cubans to go to angola to fight against apartheid the same che. who pushed for
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a radical racial integration of cuban schools years before it happened here in the u.s. so it's especially shocking that dana perino actually had the gall to compare cuba to self africa under apartheid then became a lastly to imply that jay z. went to cuba on behalf of the administration is out right absurd it's a bit of a stretch to assume that beyond say some dangerous liaison for the obama administration because she's trying to get some sun even if they were there on behalf of the white house who cares want to be a good thing to open relations with a country that's been under a strict us in bargo for the last fifty one years simply because it's socialist. you know i haven't would love for you to believe that cuba is some desolate racist tyrannically run hell hole but it's a country that both the ninety nine percent literacy rate and a health care system that's lauded as one of the best in the world but back to jay z's trip scandal for just
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a second to put your minds at ease over legality concerns as it turns out the trip was completely lawful and pre-approved by the treasury department. i guess we can all get some sleep soundly now oh wait never mind we can't c.n.n. has a new development. breaking news actually outside of it have on a cuba where our patrick ottman is standing by patrick has been chasing down these leads that these these two children who allegedly were abducted by their parents. ended up on a sailboat and in cuba but up until now we have not had confirmation that they were completely confirmed to be in cuba breaking news guys two kids were abducted by their own parents and taken to cuba wait this doesn't help kidnapping it all sounds like a family trip but seriously the parents have lost custody over drug charges and was actually cuban authorities who turned them in but the point remains it's no coincidence that amidst the sensationalized controversy there is yet another
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negative story painting cuba as some sort of safe haven for criminals you and i both know that that's what the media wants us to believe because you see it's easier for the corporate press to feed into our preconceived notions rather to challenge them to report speculation instead of reporting facts we're controversy about a country people know little about takes precedent or the truth is further buried under mountains of propaganda and misinformation and it's all really a giant distraction from the issues americans should be tuning into because this country's got ninety nine problems but jay z. and beyonce going to cuba ain't one. looking for a membership or anything like that. we're living in a time where deep philosophical thought is virtually absent from the media
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landscape which is what makes dr cornel west stand above the rest his activist professor and literary scholar who constantly engages people in deeper dialogue about issues like class race war and corporate greed earlier i spoke with dr west. a professor of african-american studies at princeton university and co-author of the book the rich and the rest of us i first asked him about president obama's budget plan when it got social services and why austerity is being forced on the poorest corporations are reporting record profits and here's what he had to say this is not just for the obama but the democratic party for the most part as a whole is revealing its centrist and neo liberal core but by that what i mean is it is still very much tied to big been this big money steal not putting poor people working people at the center and they've been holding back in regard to the details and we see now when it comes to the details or the low priority for poor and
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working people when it comes to democratic party budget and i can't help but ask you as someone who has some ideological roots in marxism what is the response of people who constantly try to label obama as a marxist socialist. it's a joke that you know when you talk about sosa's like norman thomas kean jr the democratic so is that the end of his life you're really talking about people who are putting poor people working people that the center you get for right who called obama so sure this has nothing to do with his neo liberal and centrist practices and he's so tied to all the darks and plutocrats on wall street and other high places so that it's a joke it's pathetic what damages it is a roni is labels do to the national discourse and why are they perpetuated. when they do shows a low quality of public of a sage and that's one of things i like about r.t.d. that you all involved in serious reflection you take time to give us time to say
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something clearly we're not engaged in that kind of office cation up skewering of what is going on we're talking about just as we're talking about social misery talking about power at the top we're talking about humanity across the board. i mean when you're watching the corporate media you just. these very tight packages over sensationalism driven garbage i like to call it when really there's storable context the social context of these issues are of the up most importance which is why i respect your work so much dr west you haven't called brock obama a quote rockefeller republican and blackface who's unworthy of swearing in on dr king's bible i mean in your experience alone is obama being an african-american a factor that deters people from criticizing him because inherently they're looking at him as a symbol of progress just for the sake of him being african-american well absolutely i mean one has been a shameful silence in the black community in terms of keeping alive the legacies of martin king of comics of fannie lou hamer which is telling the truth and bearing
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witness to justice beginning with black people but concerned about what goes on in the middle east palestine is just as valuable as israelis what's going on in one tunnel big hundred sixty six persons eighty six and now ready to go but they refuse to be released and there's no serious public conversation you all had the courage to release report that what's going on in so many different arenas where the corporate media remains hidden and concealed how many innocent children have really been killed by u.s. drones with bombs dropped on those precious persons let's just tell the truth tell the truth everywhere russia united states ethiopia was amal. let's let's engage in serious highbrow journalism let's tell the truth and let the facts you know go where they lay and let people decide what they want to decide based on the facts available thousands dead with drones i mean obama's escalated wrong warfare exponentially it's really astounding when you look at the visualization of this
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data dr west and i wanted to actually expand the conversation to racial inequality so staggering when you look at the prison industry alone in this country i mean it's alleged and i don't know if this is actually true i've heard both facts that there are more african-americans in prison today than were in slave torsionally in one thousand eight hundred. in fact according to a pew research study an african-american male without a high school diploma is more likely to end up behind bars and get a job i mean why is it that the prison industry seems to be acting like a modern day slave trade. well we turn to michelle alexander's great book the new jim crow she wanted a great prophetic voices of our time the talks quite explicitly about the war on drugs been a war of poor people especially black and brown poor people just like here in new york city stop and frisk five thousand stop and frisk cases since two thousand and two under mayor bloomberg this is a low this is the mayor to the president says of the terrific mayor but five million stop and frisk eighty seven percent black and brown only two percent of the
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criminal activity that's the kind of autocratic authoritarian sensibility we see expanding in the united states and we have to be honest about it we have to fight about fight against it we have to protect rights and liberties of everyone. now if you like where you see so far go to our facebook page at facebook dot com slash break and set and be sure to do what thousands of done already going to like will be updating our saddest daily there with links to past segments as well as reaching out to the audience for ideas on what you want to see covered in the show which i got behind the scenes photos we take in our studios all in breaking the subtle move also check out photos from our facebook fans like this one from a chicago show some way so do our facebook page and check out all that and more in relative break from my preaching but say twenty or more of my interview with dr cornel west next. he.
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let me let me i want to know we're going to let me ask you a question. here on this network which we're having the debate we have our night show. you this saturday which spans daycares again here it is history it will be and i didn't mean to talk about the me me let
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. the to. have you ever seen anything like. welcome back to breaking the set without further ado here's the rest of my interview with dr cornel west. dr west i mean from oakland to d.c. hearing so much racist comments about how oakland has a lot of crime because it's predominately african-american i mean you're looking at things like stop and frisk obviously these institutionalized policies of racism of over policing african-american. areas of the cities i mean of course that's
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what's going to happen is you're going to have a disproportionate representation of these minorities in prisons and it can't help but think reckon back again to martin luther king i mean last week was the forty fifth anniversary of his assassination in this. i'm sure you're aware forty five years dr west and. people are i don't know whether it's something died in in all of this but think thirteen percent of black youth addicted to drugs thirty percent away due to dictate a drug sixty five percent of convictions in america are black if you want to deal with criminality you start on wall street look at insider trading market manipulation fraudulent accounting why is it not one executive of wall street firm has been investigator prosecuted many of them a dining in the white house but actually involved in an activity that is quite criminal and is not a matter of trashing wall street human beings are human beings let's have a fair rule of law and not capricious an arbitrary for the poor targeting the poor
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and allowing the well to do somehow get off as truthful wiretap years that's true for torture that of the bush administration while they walk around sipping tea when they violated the law analysts be up very honest but as you noted i've accused the president himself of being a war criminal in terms of the killer lists every tuesday and engaged in activities that result in the death of innocent civilians especially children those a war crimes are war crimes if they're committed by americans and russians ethiopians argentina and guatemalans africans these are these are forms of activity that people ought to be accountable but dr west we live in a two tiered justice system where. the war criminals are not prosecuted or even investigated and instead of war crimes whistleblowers the people who expose these war crimes are imprisoned it's a completely agree just system and it's amazing that more people don't point this out as poor people are the ones suffering on the other end of it i mean i'm sure you're aware of even the civil case launched by the martin luther king family
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martin luther king jr family that implicated the u.s. government in part for conspiracy for his assassination i mean why is it that ten years on this notion is so foreign to people still scoffed at as nothing more than a conspiracy theory when at the time subject to years of cointelpro surveillance death threats i mean this is coming this is this are all declassified documents though is true of many of course if they had brought them on a civilian of the genuine nine hundred fifty six to the day before the one nine hundred sixty eight that was a u.s. government it was j.f.k. that was our if it was johnson all the way through but i think for example of the idea system of just markets that you know here's someone who called nelson mandela a terrorist called a n c a terrorist group here's somebody who said trade union is in england are the enemy with him they must be crushed yet what do we hear from the white house margaret that there was a great champion of freedom us a tale that allow i pray for a family i'm a christian but she was
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a tyrant when it came to black people in south africa she was a tyrant when it came to working people in britain let's just tell the truth about ideas as to whether she's alive whether she did because these people are deified like reagan i mean he's hailed as this economic here her i really was just amazing and i mean in their death we should be telling the truth that's not sugarcoat what the legacy of these people are filthy is. when reagan talks about the repression of jews in russia for example we all now say he was right that's fine but when he engages in the marginalizing of black to. and poor people in america somehow that's irrelevant we don't want to talk about it we only want to talk about the i'm a defender of freedom communism or the soviet union would say no wait a minute let's be truthful across the board every person pressures whether they're russia united states in a way all dr westen you're asking people to be truthful across the board it forces
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them to face their own biases their own prejudice very difficult to do that and let's talk about occupy wall street you were actually arrested at one instance you were a fervent supporter of it i mean occupy wall so when you're looking at what happened brutally suppressed by militarized police federalized crackdowns across the border what do you tell people who are scared to protest because they're worried that they'll get arrested or just simply surveilled in the massive surveillance that exists today. well one i was blessed to go to jail because i was willing to bear witness and deal with the consequences i would do it again but there's no doubt that the increasing repression is an attempt to create a culture not just of sides but a culture of fear especially for the younger generation to intimidate them to make sure they're so afraid that not willing to step out. in public and have to deal with the consequences of of civil disobedience we just simply have to have more courage that would we're dealing now with a much more autocratic and authoritarian state and you have to be more courageous
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he has been more courageous to tell the truth you have to be more willing to deal with the cause and in some of the simply have to divide it so. yeah i mean the chilling effect is what they're counting on darker than we can't let that when we cannot figure out when that's exactly right and of course occupy wall street to rooted and anti corporatism a lot of people who look at the form of capitalism are living under today and they say it's not true capitalism it's crony capitalism and capitalism is the only answer what's your response. i say one we have to acknowledge that the variety of different kinds of capitalism the there. our vampire vulture capitalism that adjusts survival of the slick is indeed got sweden where you have a much more. softer capitalism where the poverty rate is two or three percent and the children see high quality education but i think generally speaking capitalism as a system. the quest for profits what it isa magic relation of power between bosses
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and workers it's very logic tied to profits with how our arc is that the workplace is very logic tends to leave the fort for the most part. wealth inequality that in the in is usually unjustified and so i tend to be a critic of capitalism across the board just like i'm a critic of imperialism white supremacy male supremacy in the. muslim sensibility and i'm very suspicious actually of various forms of nationalism that tend to be chauvinist pig that think that somehow only human being within borders has value and those outside have no value with much less value but because we live in a moment in which capitalism is so ubiquitous it is so had to monic it isn't leading twar its own internal collapse there's no doubt about that given the ecological catastrophe but we've still got a way to go and we still have to fight day in and day out even when the reforms are
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not enough the reforms do make a difference because every individual ought to be viewed as being precious but i think in the end without a need for the middle transformation of a capitalist and imperialist world yes i definitely think thinking of states as just nation states and not extending empathy across nation states is one of the biggest it turns toward world peace and i was also just global empathy and global consciousness but aside from that i mean capitalism and peerless and seem to go hand in hand where you have the global had your man now encroaching on the last remaining independent states that are bucking the world system and crushing and and trying to destabilize them and. it worries me because and what i want to get your opinion on is it is a system of conscious capitalism where the free markets harmonize with the planet instead of concentrating wealth in very narrowly is this attainable. well i mean we've got to believe that either it is over it's a regular to have ideals as worth fighting and dying for oil might be of course
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that the species as a whole just doesn't possess the moral and intellectual capacities to sustain itself on the globe given the levels of greed and envy and resentment but especially the power at the top that could be a possibility that takes us to our takes this is your back it takes us to checkoff it takes us to john coltrane and tony morrison and others but in the end we have to believe that we can make a difference and therefore capitalism ought to be not just criticised but we still ought to fight to fundamentally transform it but this is true for patriarchy this is true for homophobia is true for white supremacy is true for all of these various systems that lose sight of the humanity of other people and will die of struggling for these causes dr west and. passed it on to the younger generation. oh. no you're right i mean we you know i wouldn't be doing what i'm doing you wouldn't be doing what you're going to we didn't have faith that humanity could
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turn this around that we could really come up on top and win over this global struggle and i wanted to actually mention a podcast that you just had with dr ron paul congressman ron paul which really does showcase how there's a lot that libertarians and leftists can agree on we can unite on a lot of things against the establishment instead of having such a fragmented opposition how can we focus more on this unification. what are going to be a number of different coalitions and coming together that will surprise people that brother ron paul and brother rand paul i come together with in terms of their defense of rights and liberties. the drones have been the focus of the thirteen hour filibuster about brother rand paul thought it was wonderful i wish that he had talked about non americans as well as americans but at least the issue of receive a certain publicized invisibility when it comes to ron paul and we have come together with him and his powerful rejection of the patriotic act his powerful
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rejects in the nasa defense authorization act where the president has the right to detain american citizens without due process without a trial without any judicial process whatsoever that's the signs of an authoritarian state of course the problem is my libertarian by the so this is they are very sensitive to highly concentrated forms of power when it comes to the government but they don't talk about the how the concentrated form the power when it comes to corporations the big banks oligarchs and plutocrats seems to me we have to have with a great dane also to call constancy we have to have more consistency we ought to be critical of highly concentrated forms of power wherever we find it because that that kind of power is usually subject to chronic abuse and it affects each and every human being no matter where they are and and dr west knowing this i mean taking all of this into account i mean the corporate takeover of government is clearly more apparent than ever before any quality is greater than ever before what is the solution i guess is that it's to keep fighting within the system that we
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have and outside of the system that we have and kind of can join in the radical faction and the establishment faction and really try to make a difference i mean do you recommend a complete overhaul ideally. what i think we have to be jazz like then the jazz. no you have to be flexible and fluid you have to fight on the outside bring pressure to bear do you have to fight with some progressive insiders have been sold as sold and been so thoroughly co-opted by position and wealth and put and power that they no longer want to tell the truth there's some bernie sanders and others on the inside who want to tell the truth about corporate power we need organizations movements. on the outside bring in pressure to bear in the end we do need a fundamental transformation there's no there's no doubt about that but we've got a long way to go in that regard the first moment is one of those social. motions and then you've got social momentum going to generate social movements then we've got something absolutely i can't see lobbyists stopping driving on the hill any
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time soon i definitely agree that we do need a fundamental transition and overhaul of the current system that we have dr cornel west activist author professor amazing to have you on thank you so much strong my businesses continue to been a force for good thank you so much. i agree with dr west to be working through all avenues that are available to us right now inside and outside of the system so there's an impetus for a revolution of values and only when that happens can we seize the opportunity to implant the fundamental changes needed to move this country and the world for a more equal sustainable and peaceful future.
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