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tv   [untitled]    April 12, 2013 11:00am-11:30am EDT

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well as the bailout price tag doubles of bringing fears of an even greater burden on bank depositors and is setting a dangerous precedent of for europe's other struggling nations. and last time prison faces severe pressure from international lenders we look at the example of another european country where the public refused to foot the bill for bankers mistakes. also american protesters avoid their outrage over the mistreatment of prisoners at guantanamo bay and urge their president to follow through on his campaign pledge to close the detention camp. and seven pm here in the russian capital you're watching r t live with me to bond
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with the will be no more extra cash for cyprus beyond a ten billion euro international bailout to eurozone finance ministers have sent the mood has been grim at a meeting in dublin as it emerged that the island nation needs around six billion euros more than originally thought to avoid bankruptcy the simpler government will now have to raise the extra funds without external help and after the recent rage on bank deposits there are now deep concerns over the president that's being said as archie's tesa reports. it dominated headlines for much of two weeks a year is a nation on the brink of bankruptcy the banks were closed cash rationed and capital controls put in place cyprus of those heavy losses which could rise to up to sixty percent on wealthier depositors in order to quench attend a billion euro e.u. i.m.f. bailout last month it had however initially planned to would reduce
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a levy on deposits of less than one hundred thousand euros supposedly protected by state guarantees before backtracking in the face of widespread protests this has been a meeting of minds from protesters for the past few days it's just a few meters from parliament which is stressed over here but the bills and the voices did little to change the inevitable painful outcome for the country the general view being communicated from here in brussels is that the cyprus is unique and the measures imposed on the country as part of that bailout package will not be used as a template for other troubled euro zone nations but not everyone is convinced the president has been set up and unless you've been hard under a rock if you're in a country like savina for example or any of the other one of those countries that might get into a crisis you don't repeat a crisis the going to see what happened to cyprus and are going to pull their money and that cause a vicious circle in fact a new e.u. law is already being drawn up where first shareholders would take a hit if
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a bank fails and then possibly unprotected investments and deposits case in point is cyprus officials insist that the posits below one hundred thousand euros are sacred but a separate example has already assumed scenes of fear i would be trying to single cent i have from europe because the president has been sent here for the good work and i'm afraid that this will happen in greece afraid not for my future but for my children's future of. no. but with you authorities we have absolutely cost and after all that said and done some say what's more problematic is the inevitability of another cyprus debacle if the underlying problem of unsustainable public and trade deficit it's not tackled at the core europe and america are bleeding to death and they're not doing anything about it they must go bust so unless they turn around there's no sign of that going to then the dominoes
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mushroom for cypriots now know all too well how hard it is when it's your dominoes turn to fall just are so your r t brussels. well cyprus is taking drastic measures to meet the demands of international lenders another european nation iceland has shown that there is another path the nordic country faced virtual bankruptcy in two thousand and eight after its banking sector spectacularly collapsed but taxpayers made it clear that they were going to pick up the tab you've got a piece going up looks at how the country has fared in nearly five years on. though not a member of the eurozone or the european union for years iceland was considered the most effective now liberal free market economy in europe that was until its bankruptcy in two thousand and eight foreign debt spiked banks closed down and the national currency plummeted the walled bank european union and the international
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monetary fund also known as the troika demanded that iceland pay up at the time it meant every citizen would have to pay one hundred euros per month for the next fifteen years to cover the debt of private bankers nationwide protests erupted sounds familiar except unlike in cyprus greece portugal and others these protests made iceland's president reject the troika's demands and the trio went while threatening isolation and sanctions even raising comparisons with cuba which rekick stood its ground at a nationwide referendum and around ninety percent voted not to be the debt in fact they went even further starting criminal investigations into why so much money was old even jailed some of the country's top bankers and while they were added ordinary citizens rewrote the constitution which now obliges the government to keep all work in the public eye unless it's a matter of national security of course nothing more earlier i spoke to a professor of political science and one of the people who took part in the revision of iceland. the european union was shouldn't. be icelandic state the
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icelandic taxpayers were responsible for that of private banks in the case to an international court now the after court found iceland was in the right i'm not responsible for this amount and refused the claims of that and at its roots they hard initially forced about the current relations between iceland and the rest of europe are you guys still friends they claim but basically be flushed down the toilet and would not be able to. sort of a merged sun equal in europe but that. falls on us iceland's relationship if you would of been the outside world normalized. international investors are coming back to the country. thanks have stabilized
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quite a lot the only thing to add here is sure there's lots of information on this story in blogs and social networks but you won't find it in mainstream media why perhaps to avoid giving ideas to anyone else under pressure. let's not polaroid forney a political analyst at the c.i. p.-i foundation think tank in brussels mr rouhani going back to the situation in cyprus for a moment to the e.u. insist that the raid on banking deposits of a was a one off do you believe that at all or do you think the same measure could still be applied elsewhere in the e.u. . well the she. is very unclear because as you know the chairman of the euro group the dutch finance minister has been a voice seemed to say to preserve the european area then.
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to take it was not true what he said we tried to confuse the issue but as a matter of states it's quite clear that the european union is not prepared to handle. the this is this is the situation of cyprus it's. a situation is much bigger than cyprus already cyprus itself and conceivably get just one part which is less than what is needed so it is possible you may be to that's where some press is the fifth a euro zone a country to receive a bailout and there are fears that slovenia and italy could be next in line at the rescue loans come with very tough a strings attached what the budget cuts that a highly unpopular inspire you k. is a you're risking its very existence by angering populations in this way. i believe so the entire set of measures that has been good forward by the u.
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commission after the. crisis in two thousand and eight and then the financial crisis followed the fiscal defeated season the various member states. this created the situation of more of the population is really upset with europe europe was unprepared to handle its amount is discharging their responsibility of about mismanagement on the population asking the people who are normal people the normal people i mean the those who are employed not the rich people who don't have people to pay for their. handling of father you to be finances and most interesting and this is something that is generating enough to europe say for sure in france as well as the need to be as well as a spade in portugal and greece and everywhere else let's look at the example with iceland the people there refused to give in to pressure by international lenders that now the economy has been back on track could this also be
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a way out for cyprus. the iceland case is. different from the others because as them has basically refused to enter into a deal of giving up their civic duty to the e.u. there are certain certain rules in exchange of some kind of support but was not a bailout in the terms like the cyprus one has taken place on the board of the ones that completes so. iceland which is a very small country has refunded itself as good to the new iceland changed to the constitution as you know. they have restarted their economy. on the on the basis of dealing with their debt on the sort of way the rest of the euro zone countries are not doing this and so the situation is worse than do you think the e.u. should be putting more pressure on britain over its overseas takes haven's we heard
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last year as finance minister saying today bad if they're going to put there that is going to put pressure on them and that's the work we've already said yes then they should put pressure on britain to what do you make of that. first of all luxembourg said yes but because the jumper was. said to be considering a possibility of more transparency by two thousand and fifteen we will have to see what happens by then so it's unclear whether it will do anything to go more than that the reaction is from the u.k. the u.k. is. more transparent the. system is so i mean i think this is old is corals are generated by a very high degree of. narrows bridge down by the by those ministers will not know anymore how to justify to the provision of course that it might be the european european economic area it's already divided into two may.
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spaces one over the west led by the u.k. system and one east led by germany and how this will compose within the e.u. house this is all to be seen if they continue with these quarrels it is very possible the brics a part of it will be a group that everybody polar a funny i've run out of time but thank you very much for your thoughts on the cypriot crisis strategic and political analyst at the sea i.p.i. foundation a brussels a base a think tank. anger over the hunger strike at guantanamo bay detention center has driven activists on to the streets across the u.s. and protesting against the mistreatment of detainees and the continued operation up at camp area an open letter by twenty five human rights organizations was delivered to president obama urging him to keep his campaign promise and close the prison guard is worried about my own was at the demonstration in new york for us. times
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square is considered one of the best places in the us to advertise a product or message or our brands and not is why civil rights attorneys human rights groups and many activists and protesters are out in the streets of times square right now to raise awareness about the hunger strike taking place at the guantanamo bay detention center and it is clearly garnering a lot of attention to what those are saying that have been turning out on the streets they're calling on. administration to immediately address the ongoing hunger strike that began in early february at the island's prison according to attorneys representing the detainees there they say more than a hundred men are participating in this hunger strike they say it began when when they detainees there say that the u.s. officials mishandled that their korans during a cell search and that's what sparked this ongoing hunger strike according to a u.s.
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u.s. military officials they say only forty one men have been on a hunger strike and at least that are being force that they say nobody's lives are in danger but that is not what lawyers are telling our take a listen i saw men who have dramatically lost weight the people that i met with had lost over thirty and forty pounds what they told me is about men who are too weak to come out of the prison they told me of men who are skeletal that's the word they used who are near death who are so weak they can't move they told me about pressure tactics right now within the camp by the authorities to try to break the strike things like withholding the delivery of clean drinking water these are people who have been refusing food for over sixty days they need water to survive or they will die and they talked about tactics like the withholding of bottled water to drink
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and being. forced to drink from the sinks in their cells which are attached to trial it's now this new york rally is part of a nationwide day of action to close guantanamo and end indefinite detention protests are also taking place in over twenty six cities including chicago l.a. and washington d.c. i think that anything to show mamma or the government that this is wrong and that people don't support it is a good thing i don't think is a legitimate. vehicle for for for trying these people i mean because they're not being tried is a problem last week organizations including the center for constitutional rights amnesty international and the united nations called on washington to immediately shut down the guantanamo detention center at the u.n. secure minorites chief released a statement saying that america's failure to close the controversial prison and
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release detainees is a violation of international law currently there are one hundred sixty six prisoners being held at the island prison and at least eighty six have been cleared for release reporting from new york marina r.t. . from washington we're now joined live by international red cross a spokesman simon shauna massaging of the white house says that it's still committed to shutting down the facility a red cross official met with president barack obama earlier this week what makes one tunnel slow and difficult to close. well essentially you have the issue of the congress that has blocked the transfer out of guantanamo and the possibility to bring the attorneys on the mainland to be tried on the mainland and that's the main blockage at this point which is a political blog and when our president to present an international committee of the red cross was here this week two days ago he met with president obama we met at
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the highest levels of government to try to press for for change at this point it is a political decision that that congress in particular but also the administration to make why have overnight zation is like yours not to react in syria not to the hunger strike as in conditions at the detention center well we are you know we are currently at the detention center and we're the only organization inside the detention facility we've been visiting went on with since two thousand and two and so in fact we follow very closely the younger strike its affects on the detainees themselves we try to understand what's going on we try to intervene on a confidential basis we don't or it is but we certainly are in there trying to do to do what we can again the causes of the anger so i don't describe was be seen as a symptom of the causes of the strike or the uncertainty that weighs very heavily on each and every day that it went on and when that's the cause of younger strikes we're trying to really elicit a response and
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a change of position to tackle the causes beyond younger strike was a doctor currently in guantanamo trying to assess the medical situation trying to assess the medical response the authorities are given to the strike and so you know i think it's fair to say that we are right in there is it because the reason i'm asking the question is because there's been very little in terms of the media coverage of what's been happening there the pos three months and it's only now this week that n.g.o.s have rallied and human rights organizations have rallied to say this is what's happening i'm asking you that because it almost seemed like there was nobody else facing anything. well you know i mean i don't want to speak for n.g.o.s and their own motivations their own agendas the way the i.c.r.c. works is that we were primarily through bilateral confidential dialogue and intervening directly in the detention facilities themselves and then confidentially with the authorities including. president obama like we did this week so you know
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the lack of publicity or the lack of action by the i.c.r.c. should not be confused with the lack of action proper it's not because we don't voice our concerns publicly that we don't try to. you know tackle the problem from a human humanitarian standpoint so so the letter that you delivered to the president backed by many of the other respected n.g.o.s have it would it have any impact on the government do you think well they go is or is not part of that effort the i.c.r.c. is not part of that effort by n.g.o.s who send that letter we're not cause signatories of that letter we work independently of other organizations and geos so we were not part of that effort what we have done is on a bilateral basis based on our own contacts with the administration based on all contact with the detaining authorities with the department of defense we are raising those issues for us the issue is not that of closure of guantanamo issue is to provide a clear legal framework that regiments the detention of people are going to animal
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and that's what we are pressing on pros the closure is not the issue what's at stake is the legality of the detention and billeted to provide clarity for did it in any sort of do know about their fate. simon schama spokesman for red cross telling us whether his organization is doing to shed some light on what's happening at guantanamo bay right over back after a short break. campaign game venezuela chooses president chavez choice runs against a free market poster boy for possible venezuela choose after coming down face down self-styled socialism or free market model venezuela votes april fourteenth on or take.
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to. the international airport in the very heart of moscow. welcome back you're watching our team qatar is basting its financial presence
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abroad on messing billions of dollars in foreign acids and its economic expansion is not limited to arab countries with cash from doha flowing in the two you wrote and the u.s. as well welcome to it says a diversifying its economy is the main reason for foreign investment there's a growing feeling that politics is playing a major role in the strategy has been looking at a wake up cause money is going. as egypt's president mohamed morsi is struggling to mend the egyptian economy it's on i can't tell one of the richest countries in the world has said that it will buy three billion dollars worth of gyptian government bonds much needed help at a critical time egypt is also suffering from a natural gas shortage at the moment causing blackouts across the capital the qatari foreign minister said last week they would also consider becoming one of the major suppliers to egypt that sickly as they have the third largest natural gas resin reserves in the world at the bottom range of syria the guitar a government is also saying they will support the rebels they have given one
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hundred million dollars to the notch then the syrian national coalition is saying they want the rebels to be armed however they extend that and their interests outside of egypt and the arab world building a global empire they have reportedly been invested in many countries including the u.k. the us france singapore malaysia iraq just to name a few in dition qatar has been diversifying its areas of interest investing in many sectors including the media fashion petrochemicals and india and indeed financial institutions however the real push off for the super wealthy but tiny emirates appears to be front surprisingly they have a favored real estate in the french riviera as well as paris buying up several casinos so it is not just luxury property that they are investing in they have apparently a gifted three hundred million euro fund to underdeveloped areas all fronts including in the tourist suburbs which house key french muslim communities this
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guitar officials say is all part of a global strategy to ensure that investment revenues exceed that of oil and gas by twenty thirty particularly as their reserves are looking to run out in the next hundred years however many fear this aggressive expansion of its economic presence abroad is in fact constanza deliberate move. increase political influence abroad in addition to possibly exporting its own particular conservative brand of islam as its investment increase year on year it is yet to be seen what power this tiny yet super wealthy emirates will wield in the future. as always when you get to know what do you think on the issue you had to r.t. dot com to take pont in an online poll right today we're asking you what do you think why do you think the time is investing so much abroad let's take a look at what you've been saying so far on line oribe it goes now it's moved
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a little risen in the last hour forty three percent of you now says it's just buying political clout abroad while twenty seven percent of you says it's a reading for when it's oil and gas are run out and only that twenty six percent believe that it's a distraction from. democracy shot falls and only four percent of you say the hedge against international financial risk is what it is about so if you want to close your vote and you want those numbers to change go to our tea dot com and cost your vote. my. north korea has long told q. that it will be
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a prime target in case of war if japan maintains its all star stuns tries to intercept any of coming against test missiles the thread came in response to japan's warning that it would shoot down any north korean missile heading towards its territory meanwhile the u.s. has originated to do would never accept north korea as a nuclear power comments came from secretary of state john kerry who is visiting seoul early i mistakingly publishing pentagon intelligence reports suggested pyongyang may be able to deliver a nuclear weapon with a ballistic missile from washington has been trying to dump lay the assessment but many experts believe the u.s. the might be benefiting from keeping the situation on the knife edge. there is another game being played because the united states is ramping up its military facilities in southeast asia obviously for seeing that china will become a superpower and all the time kim jong un has repeatedly said i mean he said one month ago we don't want war we want to talk and what must be done now is rather
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than governments like the british one of course and the united states saying north korea represents a clear danger therefore we have to all of them or the united states left the nonproliferation treaty britain isn't a bang by the spirit of the nonproliferation treaty of which it's a signatory and what we need urgently is president obama to make this call but as in so many other foreign policy issues president obama is wavering looks weak about it and what they want to do is force their presence in that region and president obama beat heavily by the arms companies and i got to say companies even in britain will be benefiting greatly by all this news talk of a perceived north korean threat because everyone can upgrade their all memories let alone as i said upgrading nuclear weapons of mass destruction in violation of any type of interpretation of the nonproliferation treaty. up next as u.s.
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secretary of state john kerry awaits to see if his the israel palestine peace initiative bestfoods debates whether it will yield any. with oil pipes bursting in arkansas people across the u.s. they start to realize that they are moving towards what the atlantic calls the infrastructure cliff in short america's infrastructure start to get a bit old and according to infrastructure port org the u.s. needs about three point six trillion dollars of infrastructure spending by twenty twenty to turn things around the site sponsored by the american society of civil engineers gave all aspects of american infrastructure like bridges and drinking
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water and schools cetera some pretty bad great except for solid waste removal for some reason in their opinion everything in the us is going to crap except for america's ability to throw solid crap away i'm not trying to sit here and scare you there is nothing to fear this is a big challenge but it is a very possible one to accomplish according to cost of war dot org the last ten years of war of cost about three point one trillion dollars just cutting wars in half by fifty percent could put a huge dent in the infrastructure spending and what about all those billions in bail us that were spent you see the money is there it just gets wasted if the money stops getting thrown away and start getting spent a well planned infrastructure then the infrastructure will start paying for itself rock'n infrastructure creates wealth so don't fear the infrastructure cliff just stop wasting money or allowed politicians to waste money and everything will turn out to be just fine but that's just my opinion.


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