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with inmates as guards try to isolate detainees in cells. diplomatic spat moscow blacklisting eighteen american officials for alleged human rights violations the move in response to washington banning a number of russians under the so-called making its. chevy's mo or capital these venezuelans prepare to vote for a new president with polls opening later sunday we take a look at whether people will go for more socialist revolution or favor the free market. israel accused of mistreating palestinian youngsters held in jails after a teenager with u.s. citizenship who was detained makes allegations of abuse. by a van in moscow i met très a good to have you with us here on r.t.
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our top story inmates at the guantanamo bay detention center clash with guards during an attempt to end a two month long hunger strike their officers tried to forcibly remove detainees from communal living quarters and put them in individual cells non-lethal rounds were fired at prisoners when they were resisted with improvised weapons guy and he has more from washington. this was apparently a pre-dawn operation that took place hours after the delegates of the international committee of the red cross left the island left guantanamo a statement released by the u.s. military says the guards at guantanamo have fired four rounds at prisoners from non-lethal weapons they say the detainees covered surveillance cameras windows and partitions to prevent the guards from observing them during the ongoing hunger strike the guards allegedly clashed with the detainees which military officials say led them to move the captives from communal to single cells the military says the detainees used improvised weapons to resist the transfer they say that's when the guards started shooting at the captives as if now we have one side of the story
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that of the u.s. military very soon we'll hear from the lawyers of the detainees and what they have to say that is of course if they have by now managed to get in touch with their clients it's not clear if having moved them to single cells prison officials have also not imposed other restrictions on the prisoners too we don't know that guantanamo prisoners have been starving for more than two months now trying to bring public attention to their plight because they sense the administration would rather forget about them the state department closed the office that was working to transfer the remaining captives half of them have been cleared for release their attorneys are saying that the president has been doing all possible to stop the hunger strike they've been force feeding the strikers they were claims that they brought down the temperature in the cells to make it harder to endure the strike and now we hear that they put them in solitary confinement and shots of being fired more on this i'm joined by cindy knew go a lawyer representing one of the guantanamo detainees joining us from los angeles
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thanks for being with so was your client involved in this alleged scuffle. well you know man i represent obeidallah and given the restrictions on our communications with him as if he be a sitter needs we have not been able to be in touch with him to find out whether i he was involved and whether or not he's doing ok but our understanding is the same as yours it's what's gone out and what's been provided to the media that he has been placed into isolation as long a long with everyone else now we're hearing that the inmates responded with makeshift weapons how desperate are they to fight back despite the conditions that they must be under at this point but it's interesting to find out that they have me chief weapons whenever we have gone down to visit our clients the only things they are allowed are small ballpoint inserts of a pen there plastic little almost like straws with in get there and of them that's pretty much all they're allowed so i don't see especially given the invasive
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searches that were conducted in february what kind of makeshift weapons the government is referred to and that's still to be determined especially since there's no way they could have any sort of weapons now why do you think the authorities are trying to isolate the detainees at this point. all they are claiming that it's to be able to monitor their health but probably if you asked our client states see this is just another measure that they're taking to make it more difficult to endure continuing to starve themselves and continuing to protest if they're together if they're in communal living space they can communicate and at least support each other and now that they're being isolated it's another form of torment to be taken away from your other friends and comrades who are there with you it makes it much more it's difficult to endure what is already a very difficult situation now for weeks the u.s.
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military has assessed the scale of the strike as being a less than that which you and some of the other and some of the other attorneys representing his clients have assessed it as do you think that very sure will be more scrutiny now after this oh definitely i hope so at last count by the u.s. government's numbers there were about forty three men on strike my co-counsel who represents obeidallah derek poteat visited him just two days ago at guantanamo and obeidallah described camp six as looking like a village which had been decimated by some sort of attack with men just walking around very feebly very weak barely unable to have any energy to even communicate with each other it's a very very sad difficult situation and the reaction of the u.s. is the opposite of what it should be this strike the protests as could have been resolved with not violence but by simply agree to allow the men to return the
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qur'an says the u.s. government to surrender them so that they did not have to watch them continue to be desecrated and searched do you think there is an end in sight to this hunger strike at any point. well sixty days ago sixty eight days now there are client has gone without taking any food from the u.s. authorities and it appears that rather then. do something as simple as allow the men to surrender their grand there instead isolating them resorting to firing rubber bullets at them and resorting to tying them down and force feeding them with to dip their noses it appears that unless there's some sort of more international pressure that the protests will continue and the us will continue in actions that. will be retaliatory or i was cindy to new go a lawyer representing a guantanamo detainee thank you. moscow drawn up
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a list of americans who woods banned from entering the country eighteen people suspected of having links to torture illegal arrests and the abduction of even russian citizens the moves in a direct response to washington so-called magnitsky list preventing some russians from entering the states my colleague already associates but without his media coach know about the standoff. russia has fired back but ultimately who's on the list and why did russia feel the need to publish it the first place right without it well it is really an exchange of a list of people that both countries suspected of violating human rights now fast the us came up with this so-called some of these key list of that was to publish late on friday and that it was russia's turn really and it responded with a similar measure here but if we take a closer look at russia's list and it consists of two parts here the fast one is devoted to those people responsible for human rights violations at one time
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a detention facility and then there is a second part and there it is devoted to those people responsible for numerous human rights violations of those russian citizens abroad well you talk about these two lists let's address a slightly smaller one is now being known as the guantanamo bay lift it's got four officials on it here we are here's one of them here david addington know formerly of the george w. bush administration he was supposed to oversee various methods of torture going on in guantanamo bay join you also the george w. bush administration he actually wrote some memos on methods of torture including sleep deprivation and of course the in from of waterboarding and using the word in for most let's go to geoffrey miller here this man over sold one taught him obeying cuba but also the infamous abu ghraib prison in iraq of course that had amounts of scandals coming from that prison geoffrey robinson as well here's a man who was supposed to monitor human rights abuses one taught them obey but all that was really triggered by the u.s.
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move and my colleague and as they see it in the new york now tells us what was really behind this whole situation and what lat to these contra measures the obama administration has released a list of russians to be blacklisted under the so-called magnitsky act despite moscow's calls not to put such a list together in the first place let alone publish it the list includes eighty nine. including sixteen judges and investigators in the united states accused of human rights abuses going to direct lead to the money it's key case these individuals will be forbidden from getting a u.s. visa as well as have their assets frozen so they might need to keep was a russian lawyer who was arrested for tax evasion in two thousand and eight he died a year later while still in pretrial detention at the age of thirty seven since then the u.s. has eagerly been exploiting the circumstances of his death which president putin said was a tragedy moscow warned washington that its handling of the case was a domestic issue for russia and russia alone and that the americans must not
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interfere in responding to the so-called magnitsky list russia's prime minister's meeting with the fears of so the u.s. has the right to bar anyone from entering its territory by simply denying them a visa so the purpose of this additional ban is unclear except for its symbolism russia's concerns that the release of the document comes at a bad time apart from putting out a strain on u.s. russian relations it comes ahead of the visit of the u.s. national security advisor to moscow on monday well moscow is really mostly for a straight about is that all these russians on the list had never been under any investigation and it was never prove that they had links with human rights abuses but not on the last washington still without proving any of their guilt labels human rights violators. under pressure from the members of the united states there's been a serious blow to relations and mutual trust between russia and the united states had to respond and react as
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a proportion of. our internal affairs but you know one of the points i find very curious is the fact that all these lists there are no high ranking officials but from what i understand that could all change you're absolutely right here and now these lists are the shirt for a longer extended list the both countries presides now there are reports that. the u.s. secret list that has not been published yet even includes the name of the chechen leader runs on could there of and russia in response says that it has its own extended version of the list so as you can see well a lot of a symmetrical moves here a lot of a tit for tat some might say but apart from just the the law being that these so-called black lists between moscow and washington and washington and moscow the two biggest boys on the block have also been trying to create laws but ultimately about each other exactly well fast the u.s. introduced the need skill law and than it was followed by russia introducing
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a law that among other things banned u.s. citizens from adopting russian children and that adoption ban came after a string of child abuse this cases by u.s. foster parents however non the less russia was still highly criticized for the adoption ban the. russia does not give a chance for a better live to so many children but what's so interesting here is that rory do you know which are the countries that never ratified the most important document pro-tax children rice across the globe the u.n. convention on the rights of the child or what i understand why do you know the almost the entire united nations signed off and ratified this document but there were two left of tonight two countries somalia and the united states somalia the united states and in a culture of thank you stephen cohen
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a professor of russian studies and history at n.y.u. says the diplomatic fallout is due to the incompetency of some members of the u.s. congress. obama did not want the magnitsky act it was imposed on him by the american congress and by a congress that included his own political party the democratic party the act by congress was of course provoked by aggressive voting forces in the united states congress is itself is not russophobia it's just uninformed it knows almost nothing about russia most members of congress have no understanding of the international affairs or national security and when loftiest bring pressure on the majority members of congress you end up with a bill like this if it's changed and poison the atmosphere it's going to make it harder for example. president obama to make concessions on let's say missile defense to president clinton because there is this attitude that russia doesn't
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deserve any concessions and i'm guessing that if president putin would like to modify his position on european missile defense and i mention that because it's on the table at the moment it's an important issue that there will be forces in the russian political class that the world owes those problem isis to the united states even though the tip and tap that it began in the united states with the magnitsky bill both sides are now going to use this law for own political purposes will be groups in the united states very any russian any putin groups that all want many names on this list will lobby congress for that even putin's name itself and there are any american forces in the russian political class that will match them person for person so for anyone who cares about american national relations thanks to the cooperative relationship that is necessary for him her and national security and russia's national security this is a very bad development. on our website we're asking where the spat between moscow
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and washington may lead click on our t.v. dot com and cast your vote in our online poll let's see how the vote stacks up so far almost half think this will lead to even more tit for tat measures between the u.s. and russia twenty one percent think this won't affect key political issues though between the two countries the end has come for a new dialogue between moscow and washington that's according to seventeen percent of the vote eighteen percent fear an escalation that could blow the situation out of proportion click on r t dot com and have your say. israel under scrutiny from human rights groups over the alleged mistreatment of palestinian youngsters in its custody issue came to the come to the fore after
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a palestinian american teenager claimed he was abused during interrogation fourteen year old mohammad khalid has already spent more than a week in a military jail accused of throwing stones at idea forces the boy's lawyer rondo tells r.t. that the case is representative of the country's abusive treatment of young prisoners. but how many is being held in all thought of military prison which is just outside of ramallah we have had limited access to mohammad since his arrest his father has not seen him except in the few minutes during his court proceedings but we do know from what he has told us in the court that he has been. potentially abused in the prison he has told us that he has been slapped in the prison his braces are broken off and we are very concerned that he is being mistreated while under interrogation and in the prison we have heard several cases from other children as well forced confession. very harsh interrogation where they are denied
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access to their families and lawyers and they are coerced into confessing under harsh conditions for example we've had children who have told us that they've been threatened with sexual abuse with not being allowed to go back to school and so forth in the case of mohammad specifically. his father was at the police station and he heard his father's voice and the interrogators told him just confess now and we will let you go home with their father and so this poor child who has no idea what's going on ended up confessing to something just because he was told he would be able to go home after this his terra geisha was actually extended for a further two days because he is a dual citizen he has much more attention for this case but the fact of the matter is that seven hundred palestinian children are arrested every year and they face the same conditions that mohamed faces as well. new ones that israel was in violation of the rights of palestinian minors in detention or to really delusion go
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explains the issue of prisoners is long been a major sticking point in palestinian relations with israel. the issue of palestinian prisoners is a burning one in the relations between israel and palestine there's almost five thousand palestinian prisoners some of them have been in israeli jails for decades a lot of them have been there in the so-called preliminary detention which means that they're arrested with no charges pressed against them they're not told exactly what they're being arrested for and they're held in confinement with absolutely no legal substance to their confinement but the. time period for which they're being extended almost indefinitely and there is hundreds if not thousands of them and of course the problem stimulants are trying to battle it with the palestinian prisoners have been trying to battle it with by their own means and that is a lot of them have actually gone on hunger strikes and in fact all of the forty five roughly forty five hundred palestinian prisoners forty two hundred of them have been on a hunger strike just recently but another probably died while in jail from from
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cancer and his relatives as well as lawyers are saying that he was not treated properly by the israeli jail officials and unfortunately again this is not an isolated case they're saying that a lot of palestinian prisoners who are in israeli jails are not being given the proper treatment by the authorities and this is an issue that has been on the surface for a very long time and even the is rest of the israeli knesset members are saying that this is perhaps the easiest issue to solve you know to kind of settle the dispute between israel and palestine or at least take a first step but unfortunately these early physicians do not seem to be taking that very important first step. but he's still to come on artie dot com as the retrial of egypt's ex-president takes a surprising twist the current leader mohamed morsi finding himself under mounting pressure over a sharp rise in sectarian violence that and more still to come. wealthy
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british style it's time to. market why not. find out what's really happening to the global economy with my next concert the no holds barred look at the global financial headlines kaiser report. into silence. invisible. every day is a struggle. for our children. we
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are palestinian women in the israel we've done more for our kids than allah has. known we spent time in this life. in venezuela voting in the country's presidential election is set to start later sunday the snap election triggered by the death of who go chavez last month what determine the course of one of the world's most oil rich nations a short bitter presidential campaigns already been marred by allegations of conspiracies assassination plots even grammar omens let's take a look at both candidates and their odds with our team in caracas. important elections for the venezuelan people certainly snap elections after the death of this about a month ago it has been a short campaign for everyone who has been unfolding there are two top contenders
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in these elections on the one hand you have a nicolas maduro he's the acting interim president of the country he was the vice president during that chavez's time and on the other hand you have you come to this as i have run i guess and options in october two thousand and twelve and he's a rival was talking about bringing change to the country now there's been a lot of name calling during this campaign period you have a model accusing us of being at the prince of the bourgeoisie not representing the poor calling him capricious some of the other hand he's accusing me of being a liar or using this as a body to run a political campaign now however they did touch both of them tough on the issue of tackling crime in the country this is a top concern of the citizens here they want to see the crime level addressed and brought down a small as a government bureaucracy and inefficiencies very staunch supporters very loyal to everything that this is stood for the so-called socialist revolution big to
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continue this and some of them out of this loyalty to vote for nicolas maduro on the other hand you have those people who have been blaming the government for a lot of the problems of the country not least of which is why bureaucracy and what they say is a bit of stagnation in terms of the way business is going in the country and they say they will vote for the best so many are watching these elections closely not least of which is the united states and has had strained relations so with the country during the time of google chavez but for everyone else who is observing and want to know what happens next the question they want to answer really is what stuff is that is really going to take in the hands of somebody other than this. close you fall in the elections of venezuela bring you the latest developments in the battle between madeira and cup or less as along with analysis and opinion on what the future may hold for venezuela. the retrial of former egyptian leader hosni mubarak has taken a surprising turn the presiding judge recusing himself from the case which will now
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be referred to a different court the walkout though was met by angry shouts and demands for mubarak to be executed mubarak earlier said insta life for conspiring to kill protesters during the twenty eleven revolution that ousted him a retrial ordered after he appealed the verdict since then egypt's transition to democracy has proven difficult with a new president morsi facing public anger over a lack of promised reforms and a worsening economic situation. in london hundreds of opponents of the late margaret thatcher have been celebrating her death chanting ding dong the witch is dead the wizard of oz song set to even enter the national music charts it has become an anthem for the former prime minister strongest critics this raising the question of whether b.b.c. radio should be allowed to play the song as many say it's offensive and inappropriate refer to as more from london. well a large police presence in the center of london today to try and discover age any
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violence at the protest of a taking place in trafalgar square and teeth that said demonstrators have been gathering there to try and remove reenact the poll tax riots of one thousand nine hundred ninety two there were some scuffles breaking out along the police lines in the protest is a few of the attention certainly getting a little bit whipped up some of the chanting the ding dong the witch is dead which has become sort of the unofficial among detractors so much so that it's pushed it up into the charts and it's expected that it will make it into the top five if not even possibly number one is a lot of these people have been buying that and it's been pushed up into the charts i think a lot of criticism as well that because obviously we saw the huge response from the politicians this week we had the m.p.'s we cool to parliament a lot of control to see around that at the expense of that pay tribute to lady thatcher and that controversial polarizing figure lady thoughts is in death exactly
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as we saw in life creating these pensions that we've seen certainly it's going to look like this will play out now into next week ahead of that. turning now to some other stories making global headlines this hour thousands gathered in lisbon to protest against the government's austerity measures demonstrators going to thirty's from his handling portugal's economic problems on employment and low wages the country's been pursuing a harsh austerity regime as part of the seventy eight billion euro bellowed agreement with the. stinney and president mahmoud abbas accepted the resignation of prime minister fayyad the two politicians reportedly were at loggerheads over the exact limits of the prime minister's powers according to local media abbas asked the former premier to remain in his post until a successor can be named fide was appointed after hamas won the two thousand and
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seven elections in gaza. and staying with the palestinian territories after the break artie's white knight report looks at the lives of palestinian women stay with us. well. it's technology innovations all the developments around russia we. covered. told that she knows i would live. in eternal silence.
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