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tv   [untitled]    April 14, 2013 9:00pm-9:30pm EDT

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between more shows socialism from chavez and take era for free market capitalism from the opposition candidate party why keep you up to date with the latest. guards at one time obey fire rubber bullets at prisoners we can buy a two month long hunger strike as they resist attempts to move them into isolated cell. moscow banning eighteen americans from entering russia for alleged links to torture and human rights abuses the move seen as a direct response to washington's earlier unilateral sanctioning of the russian officials on the magnitsky list. north korea continues a verbal barrage against the u.s. and its allies by threatening a nuclear strike on tokyo with russia urges all sides against saber rattling that could rise to deadly consequences.
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five am in moscow i am at present bring you today's top stories and a look back at the week's news here on r.t. polling stations have closed in venezuela after a snap presidential election was triggered by the death of former leader chavez last month two widely differing candidates to choose from on the left nicolas maduro hoping to continue chavez era socialism on the right opposition candidate and. free market divo tape urging closer links with washington. has more from caracas. leading the polls throughout this campaign has been. the chosen successor of and many people that i've spoken to who support both want to see continuity in all the social programs that are already in place in the country however venezuela is plagued with a lot of problems and the big question there is is does win this election will he be able to solve problems of crime for example shortages inflation of the economy which people have already been bringing up and these are large shoes to fill for him and he is being watched and scrutinized very closely now second to him is. the
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opposition he's a guy who's coming in the polls in new ideas basically many of his supporters. for the past fourteen years and they want to something new this is also. someone who was a bit more u.s. friendly will be interesting to see if the change relations with the united states if he is voted into power. let's not forget the venezuela sitting on the world's largest oil reserves of the world is watching closely how this vast wealth is going to be moving forward but also people tell me that they want answers to all the problems that they see on the ground the biggest concern being prime food shortages again. want to see answers fast. stop imperialism dot com says the free market ideas of opposition. don't resonate
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among people on the streets. there certainly are some divisions within those who support some who believe that the goal of aryan revolution is to have a slightly more direct leadership approach versus the the bottom up approach that chavez was more in favor of but these are minor differences the splits within the opposition i think are much more significant and what we've seen is that despite the international pressure the international effort to prop up the opposition it has been what i would considered and many other analysts consider an abject failure is not liked by the venezuelan people because they understand they come in the opposition means a return to colonialism and to subjugation under the thumb of the united states. just a reminder for all the latest up to the minute details on what's going on in venezuela artie's tests are syria following developments at polling stations and you can log on to our twitter feed to find out which candidate will take the country's top job . campaign and again venezuela chooses
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a new president chavez choice runs against a free market poster boy for possible venezuela choose after coming down to self-styled socialism or free market model venezuela votes people fourteenth. and time to break up the sixty eight day long hunger strike at guantanamo bay has ended in clashes between inmates and guards rubber bullets fired at detainees who are resisting attempts by administrators to isolate them in single unit cells authorities claim it's a way for the prison staff to control the spread of the strike against conditions at the center. has more from washington. this was apparently a pre-dawn operation that took place hours after the delegates of the international committee of the red cross left the island left guantanamo a statement released by the u.s. military says the guards at guantanamo have fired four rounds at prisoners from non-lethal weapons they say the detainees covered surveillance cameras windows and
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partitions to prevent the guards from observing them during the ongoing hunger strike the guards allegedly clashed with the detainees which military officials say led them to move the captives from communal to single cells the military says the detainees used improvised weapons to resist the transfer they say that's when the guards started shooting at the captives one ton of the prisoners have been starving for more than two months now trying to bring public attention to their plight because they sense did mr would rather forget about them the state department closed the office that was working to transfer the remaining captives half of them have been cleared for release their attorneys are saying that the president has been doing all possible to stop the hunger strike they've been force feeding the strikers they were claims that they brought down the temperature in the cells to make it harder to endure the strike and now we hear that they put them in solitary confinement and shots of being fired. the new go representing one of the hunger
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strikers at the prison says the measures taken by authorities don't resolve the crisis there. michael counsel who represents a bio i dared poteat visited just two days ago at guantanamo and obeidallah described camp six as looking like a village which had been decimated by some sort of attack with men just walking around very feebly very weak barely unable to have any energy to even communicate with each other it's a very very sad difficult situation and the reaction of the u.s. is the opposite of what it should be this strike approach this could have been resolved with not violence but by simply agree to allow the men to turn the qur'an says the u.s. government to surrender them so that they did not have to watch them continue to be desecrated and searched r t keeping a close eye on the strike could get more we've been gathering comments were officials lawyers and international organizations see what they have to say on
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a special section on our website at r.t. dot com. some of the u.s. officials involved in shaping the controversial guantanamo policy is now fighting themselves blacklisted by russia moscow releasing the names of eighteen americans that sanction for alleged links to torture and human rights abuses close drawn up as a direct response to washington so-called magnitsky list that bans eighteen russians from entering the u.s. the move greeted in moscow by a chorus of condemnation and accusations of russophobia from officials europe is kind of has more. what we're witnessing now is really
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a game of political pingpong first washington published a part of its so-called magnitsky a list eighteen russian official suspected of being connected to human rights violations they have been subjected to various economic and travel sanctions including the ban for them to enter the united states and shortly after this list was published a symmetric reaction came from moscow which published a part of its blacklist of eighteen american officials linked to human rights violations at the guantanamo bay detention center and the violations of the rights of russian citizens outside the center but since both lists have been published only partially we may expect more names to be put on them the american his character was by american lawmakers at the end of last year and was named after city my good ski and employee of the hermitage capital investment fund he was suspected of fraud he got himself a claim that he had uncovered a massive corruption scheme but he died in prison in two thousand and nine before
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a court could make a decision on his case moscow has been accusing washington of using his unfortunate death as a political tool to apply pressure on russia or the foreign ministry's called the mike needs to act in unfriendly use of four week a law we've heard from prime minister dmitry medvedev saying that u.s. authorities have the full right to deny entry visas to anyone without even having to explain why not to mention passing any controversial laws or black lists and many or most russian lawmakers believe that the magnitsky act harms america's own interests is like shooting oneself in the leg so i don't really see the rational for this from the point of your bum administration which claims to be an administration that is paying attention to multilateralism to international partnerships it was definitely a blow to the relations between moscow and washington and now this is happening ahead of a visit by a senior u.s. foreign advisor to moscow on monday for talks and these lists are definitely not
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going to make his job any easier. stephen cohen a professor of russian studies at n.y.u. things president obama made a fall in hostage to the russian sentiment among some u.s. lawmakers obama did not want magnitsky act it was imposed on him by the american congress and by congress that included is own political party the democratic party it's changed and poison the atmosphere it's going to make it harder for example. president obama to make concession to let's say missile defense to president bush because there is this added to russia doesn't deserve any concessions and i'm guessing that your president putin would like to modify his position on european missile defense and i mention that because it's on the table at the moment it's an important issue that there will be forces in the russian political class that will pose those compromises to. so it's not
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a sideshow. as always we're interested in what you have to say about the stories we cover and as usual are running our poll on our web site r t dot com today on our online poll for us and where you think all this tit for tat will go between moscow and washington now so far the majority who voted online think this spot will lead to nothing more than some minor back and forth measures from both sides and around a fifth think it won't affect the country's ties at all the rest is split between the two less optimistic options some saying relations will be severely hit while the others think this spat will bring an end to the so-called reset and u.s. russia relations will go online and cast your vote and also let us know your comments about this and the other stories we're covering.
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still ahead a destructive legacy later in the program marty looks at how iraq is still in turmoil a decade after the u.s. led war toppled saddam hussein from power boss facing the music and campaign in the u.k. to get the song ding dong the witch is dead at the top of the charts in what's been called a celebration of margaret margaret thatcher's death sparking huge controversy all that and more still in the show. both. by conflict and war. has changed. islamic nation. and a peaceful one stone islam the first to school was sick a little sick and. fashion. in places. and. traditions still.
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cannot go on the catwalk in a swimsuit. republican country. see. news today. these are the images. from the streets of candy that. operations are. spiraling tensions on the korean peninsula taking a turn for the worse after pyongyang threatens to launch
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a nuclear strike at tokyo the north says it would launch a warhead at the japanese capital if any of its missiles were shot down during test flights the u.s. secretary of state now on the last stop of an asian tour to rally support against pyongyang's nuclear program this is washington tokyo and seoul indicated talks with the north can only happen if it's ready for denuclearization the apparent deadlock not only the countries involved but also moscow was artie's alexei are there. the city with a population of around seven hundred thousand people is the closest russian big city to the border with north korea literally two hundred kilometers away is the place where the russian the chinese and the north koreans meet at the same place of course the escalation of tensions on the korean peninsula has led to some serious concern only in the far east of course but in moscow as well because should anything happen between the two koreas especially if nuclear weapons would be involved russia would be one of the first countries affected by the possible
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meltdown and by the possible consequences of a nuclear war if we remember the fukushima years ago traces of radiation were felt . which is also just a stone's throw away from here so all the latest developments in the north korean conflict in the escalating tensions has led to serious. concern from the russian president. we are against nuclear proliferation and for the denuclearization of the who korean peninsula. because we are neighbors and if something happens there it will make the. children. but of course not only russia is concerned with the current situation on the korean peninsula the u.s. state secretary john kerry. and if it decides to hold. this would signify that it no longer wants to listen to the international community the most interesting day here clearly will be monday when.
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the birthday of the late korean leader they found north korea. some reports are suggesting that it's. actually conduct. ten years since the statue of saddam hussein was toppled in baghdad symbolizing to many the fall of the regime but for many iraqis the promise of a new and better life hasn't been delivered a decade of instability sectarian violence and terror attacks so far claimed thousands of lives started in this new capital of reports from kirkuk fear of the late dictator has been replaced by fear of the know. the iraq war is supposed to be over but these pictures tell a different story chaos and confusion the aftermath of yet another deadly blast here into your kook. this oil rich city has been described as
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a line a symbol for the country's most intractable woes escalating violence the conflict among ethnic and religious groups and the fight over iraq's resources roadblocks and concrete barriers to find the new iraq checkpoints like this one are a dominant feature of life and they are everywhere aside from the house they're also frequent target of attacks for us it was a blatant visual reminder of a country still very much at war. but kirkuk has been a flashpoint for years now and in the city center it's clear that life doesn't stop just because of the threats we were expecting empty streets but people continued to go about their business as normal vendors seemed busy families did their shopping and beneath the surface there are scars today kirkuk continues to be an incredibly dangerous place. for the city without the help of a military escort residents here say that a toxic happen at any time in any place in fact it's not really safe to stay here
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for too long so let's get inside. we meet car want to his family there kurds who say they're happy that saddam is gone but their fear of political repression has been replaced by fear of the unknown. we don't know who the enemy is or when the next bomb will go off but it's a daily for years we've gotten used to it i do small things to feel safer like driving with all the car windows down that way if there's a blast at least the glass won't hurt us such precautions didn't help sixty year old fellow mahmoud who says that a decade of war has ruined iraq he happened to be in the wrong place at the wrong time when a bomb blast went off injuring his leg for him daily life has become a painful struggle. is what benefit did the war bring what democracy only explosions shootings and kidnappings people should feel free to go out and come back safely where is that i can leave but there's no guarantee i'll come back
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alive so you. know it's not a boat the sectarian differences unfortunately it's a book the black the oil and behind this oil is the hidden interests of politicians pawns in a political game playing with their livelihoods and lives for conflicts not of their own making the iraqis we met didn't hate their neighbors or care about who controls the oil just like fall they simply want the peace of mind of knowing they can go out and return to their loved ones alive lucy caffein of r.t. kirkuk iraq u.s. led mission has left scars on iraq and some of the worst effect of the young use of unconventional weapons has reportedly caused unprecedented levels of birth defects and cancer cases even among children dr o'meara i see things the u.s. won't be able to fully compensate for the damage. it's clear that though the u.s. spoke of their help provided to iraq after the invasion notably reconstruction
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education and investments their so-called help resulted in the use of weapons banned by article fifty three of the geneva convention it prohibits any kind of weapon which if used where there is war can affect the area's environment climate and water resources things that occurred in one thousand nine hundred one and then in two thousand and three are true catastrophe and all types of munitions were used including dispenser weapons boss prison munitions depleted uranium and chemical weapons all these types of weapons were used intentionally and on a mass scale in iraq this testing out of weapons had disastrous effects in terms of environmental contamination not to be compared even with hiroshima this is by no means an exaggeration this is not my opinion you can look up human rights watch and world health organization reports on the internet radiological monitoring held on the international level data points of radioactive contamination of southern
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central any of the northern areas of iraq and despite repeated calls and all the reports published by iraqi scientists the us turned a blind eye on the issue. the death of former prime minister margaret thatcher who passed away monday at age eighty seven to reopen old divisions among the british people while some people grieved her passing socialist student said he capitalist were joined by former miners in london's trafalgar square saturday to bed i'm not so fond farewell demonstrators said they stood against the legacy of fatter who during her time on top of british politics took a stand on her own privatized some state services for detractors are finding provocative ways to show anger at the mark they say she left and online campaign has rocketed the wizard of oz song ding dong the witch is dead to the top of music charts b.b.c. radio show that plays out the weekly hit list though aired only five seconds of the
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song as part of a new story for fear of offending people author and journalist toby young though thinks the full song should have been played out of principle. i think it is very cool but i don't think that's a reason not to play it i think is that we should hold people's rights to free speech and that includes the right to offend people as a conservative and as someone who greet lee at much more protection i absolutely stand falls to the principle that something shouldn't be banned so shouldn't be not played because some people find it offensive if conservatives want this song banned on grounds of taste and decency on the grounds that they're offended it will be a hostage to fortune because there are plenty of things which conservatives will to say in future which the b.b.c. made bad decisions that she actually always took some satisfaction when her
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opponents attacked her personally and stooped to low tactics like this because it meant that they had no other or convinced left they were reduced to this because she had effectively beaten them in open debate but i have to say that those of us who are and love to moderate that have made a counterattack and we're borrowing a song called i'm in love with margaret thatcher by the not sensible and we're hoping that will pip ding dong the witch is dead to the number one spot. take a look now at some other stories making headlines across the globe in belgium people were killed when the they were traveling on crashed through a guardrail and into a ravine five others hospitalized in critical condition unclear what caused the accident police say the driver may have been asleep at the wheel the group was heading to paris with mostly young russians aboard. at least nineteen people killed in a series of attacks in the somali capital mogadishu unclear how many civilians among
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the dead violence started when a group of armed men opened fire inside the city's main courthouse also reports of at least two car bombings islam as a group al shabaab has already claimed responsibility. thousands of spaniards rallied in the capital madrid in an anti monarchy protests marking the anniversary of the second republic marchers called for the king to be replaced with a democratically elected leader and may the ongoing debt crisis in the country the royal family's come under harsh criticism the latest scandal seeing the young and youngest daughter of cain one carlos linked to a corruption case. in israel military prosecutors say the deaths of a dozen palestinian civilians in an air strike in gaza during last year's eight day war don't warrant a criminal investigation it was determine the killings were really unfortunate it was found the attack that left a family of ten and two neighbors dead was the result of a targeting error because hello schmidt martin from the palestinian center for human rights this is part of a wider issue of how the country acts with impunity. there were two cases which
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were closed in this way the one case is the case of the family which is one of the most enduring images of the offensive in november where there were twelve civilians killed and a further six were wounded there were five children of the family that the second cases of the show a family home which was targeted and it's located on baghdad streets and you're in that target saying for civilians were killed and another six were wounded very spend very little explanation as to why these cases have been closed israel has made merely stated that they no prosecutions it's part of a wider problem and in fact already this year since january or thirteen civil cases which piece the hay charts that they said on behalf of victims of operation cast lead have also been dismissed and of course operation cast that happened four years ago so we're facing ongoing impunity for both about offensive and the offensive in
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november there's been a number of changes to the israeli legal system which have made it practically impossible for palestinian victims to achieve any form of justice in a few minutes a report on the death of self exiled russian tycoon boris berezovsky still with us . do we speak your language of the will or not at the. school music programs and documentaries in spanish what matters to you breaking news a little tonnage of angles in the stories. you hear.
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detroit altie spanish find out more visit eye to eye on t.v. dot com. download the official application to yourself and choose your language stream quality and enjoy your favorites from alzheimer's if you're away from your television call it just doesn't matter how would your mobile device if you could watch r.t. any time anywhere. in the us i would live. in eternal silence. on the. invisible. every day is a struggle. for our children sleep soundly at night.
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we are palestinian women working in israel. we've done more for our kids than our husbands. we are phantoms in this life. they called him the face of business and government. he was in gambler. heading the russian mafia in the kremlin it was enough just raises eyebrows to make gangsters appear. he was a great cardinal of russian politics he was a big time political adventurer some even called him today arrest putin the embodiment of evil in boris yeltsin's presidential court. to put on a grieving face and talk about people across the country mourning his demise on the
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contrary that his death has attracted so much attention. he was the subject of several books and the basis for many crime movie villains and . people. always come up with the car. and. it was part of that. detail and. personality traits. to be a living legend in his lifetime he succeeded.


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