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fear that one skilled workforce is a laid off it's all too hard to bring them back. but the unemployment rate here is thirty percent by the years and it could be over thirty eight would know fission policy the situation is out of control the. workers across northern greece are desperate desperate to keep their jobs to get back into jobs and to be paid for their work doesn't help ease their concerns when they're in positions like you or courses we've been unemployed for three years and he's off skiing in switzerland. martin. now to some other news making headlines at this hour in pakistan a bomb has gone off as an election rally in central pressure killing at least eight people including one child dozens of others were injured at the meeting of the secular awami national party the condition of a candidate is yet unknown this is the second blast in a day to target candidates of pakistan's may elections a road bomb hit an election convoy killing four but leaving the politician
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unscathed. a magnitude seven point eight earthquake centered in iran has reportedly left thirty four people dead across the border in pakistan as yet iran's authorities say there have been no deaths there tremors were felt across the gulf from dubai where buildings were evacuated all the way to new delhi where people ran into the streets but it was as powerful as the one in pakistan controlled kashmir which left seventy five thousand dead back in two thousand and five and we could go another quake in western iran killed dozens. well that's what brings up today for the moment i'll be back with the team with more news for you in half an hour from now the meantime we explore the russian republic of chechnya that's in our special report after the break.
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oh no lazy bureaucratic trivial censorship strikes again but this time in russia a bill has been signed into law that will put fines on individuals and legal entities for using vulgar in the media one major flaw of many with this is that they really don't know which words are going to be considered vulgar i guess these words are so awful that they cannot even write them down i'm not naïve there has always been and will always be censorship but this where would list is just silly there's a common expression on the russian internet that russian mainstream media conducts the more noise ation of society russian t.v. does have all the bloody violent action movies as well as scandalous talk shows which are kind of more like freak shows and plenty of reality t.v. where young people pretty much act like subhuman animals in a cage they've got all that so the government is basically saying that if some guy on t.v. because there are twenty people blooded limbs flying that that is totally ok for
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television unless they come out for bid swear while doing it you can show brainless materialistic dimwits sleeping and fighting with everything that moves on a reality show but if they say that one magic three letter russian word then it is over the line this is not a logical way to conduct censorship but that's just my opinion. download the official publication so choose a. stream quality and enjoy your favorite. if you're away from your television just doesn't matter with your mobile device you can watch on see any time anyway.
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public. place.
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a public. i'm your host. love the response our top stories the chechen republic has celebrated the birth of the prophet muhammad peace be upon him. visit sacred relics belonging to the prophet had been brought to the republic i.
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was muslim relics have been brought to chechnya from dubai and a met by the republic's leader himself runs on cut off. the escorts the holy objects from the airport to the central mosque with thousands of muslim devotees awaiting for them i. learned how twelve year old safari of the spent the whole year waiting to see the prophet muhammad head along with other sacred remains it was his parents sent him to an islamic school ways studied the koran for all that time who. when he grows up yet wants to become a huffy is a scholar of the koran they are muslims who've memorized the entire holy text. stream has come true students from all over chechnya have gathered to see for themselves what it is they've been studying for.
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los while waiting for a site of the sacred relics elders line up for what's known as was a her home it's a special prayer for muslims in the caucasus it's sung to observe significant occasions and at times of mourning was the loop of the that was the the prophet's personal belongings have rarely been allowed to leave the arab world a special exception has been made for chechnya over there's a who. i. have is dead. creating his life to just one goal learning the koran by heart he spends eight hours every day to achieve just that. he has already memorized the
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most important. but because it hasn't studied the arabic language he doesn't yet fully understand their meaning. who. at the end of each day students have to read five pages of the koran to the teacher after that the entire school takes part in a common prayer. i'd. guess. then the mud we get up an hour before prayer we pray and then go to our classrooms but i'm classic to. bear we all repeat what we have learned after that we pray again then we read the book after breakfast we read yet again and then after lunch we memorize what we learned in class. apart from scripture the students also have lessons in sport. taught from childhood
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that life is a struggle. but even on the wrestling mat they must play by shari'a rules. national charity according to sharia law we can strike the head that's a sin. wrestling is allowed. with boxing you can't hit here you can't hit the face. studies and lives in the have seen school which has one hundred students. he already knows the purpose of every muslims life . paradise is for muslims who pray and go to hash hell as for the others. paradise is beautiful those who don't believe in islam will burn in hell for. their wish i did and it's first steps to conquer the world of high style fashion house
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here douse presented its collection in dubai. fashion designer showed off their lady for dolls collection to the arab audience the collection included over seventy every day and evening dresses as well as traditional muslim wedding dresses. everyone in the islamic fashion world knows the brand fair dos they are a big the word means garden of eden. so does shows off the splendor of. its clientele includes actresses business women and of course t.v. stars. good afternoon good afternoon. i would like something special for tonight's show. it should be modest classical and yet at the same time traditional. t.v. news anchor. is also an admirer of the film. all the clothes
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a handmade and they're in line with the modest islamic t.v. dress code this is the focus here isn't on the black color of the dress but on the precious stones it's just right for new year's eve show us or maybe for international women's day or maybe even our chechen women stay. for the sort of occasions we have special dresses. this is evening wear dresses like this can be worn at social events and weddings alike decorated with beads swarovski crystals and gemstones the pleasure of wearing one will cost around ten thousand dollars. this here we can see details of church and woman's national dress. this is the lower part of the dress. this is the vest specifically in traditional church and woman style the church and peoples. but this is more secular and modern we also use modern cots decorative trimmings
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and accessories it's all contemporary with the dress is designed with a modern version. the first lady of chechnya could deliver also works as the chief fashion designer of. the most exclusive dresses like these are her designs. these details are made of gold or. diamonds city but also over. these are traditional church and chest decorations that have a long history behind them there's also a traditional belt here that's handmade to work. taxi driver. can't afford anything so expensive years of war ruined his livelihood. fell in his apartment building destroying several floors.
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but somehow it remained standing. after returning from war built it along with his neighbors. the first three floors were totally destroyed. the lower part. polis it has been completely destroyed now it's a good building not like the way it was. thought i'd see it like this. an estimate this isn't the cast of a hollywood film but the list of gas at the hotel groceries city. hotel in the caucuses was assessed by an expert commission and given a five star rating. this building was opens to the world by a host of international showbiz celebrities. along with
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russian politicians circus acrobats and fireworks. the. hotel employee never dreamed of seeing so many celebrities let alone and. everyone sort of the republic is a region of conflict. in this presidential suite. but quality is in line with international standards. he turned out to be a very friendly person he wasn't showing you all for acting like you. chanted to the hotel staff. to get there with the sound indeed he was a very talkative person. tourism isn't the only growth industry and there's also show business right now the
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next church and it is being recorded in this studio and this idea how do you translate the first line it's great it's now right i need you to tear it from your heart and let it go so the listener will understand what you're singing even if he doesn't know. the chichen language. do with a smile let's go. a bit crazy grigori i originally planned to come to chechnya for just two weeks but ended up staying much longer after being invited to work with young talent. grigori has worked with moscow popstars and while many songs from the capital are outrageous the chechen voice is renowned for its purity you how did confucius put it if you are in the company of blind people here's your own
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i behave however the people around you behave in a dump yourself to the customs of the places you visit. russia needs laws like the laws here married young women should not touch other men and other men must not touch my woman if it was like maybe all this depravity we have now and the lack of discipline would perhaps not have happened. to speak your language or not be of. use programs and documentaries and spanish matters to you. a little turned into bangles stories.
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so you hear. the spanish find out more visit i to allahabad. a clear image of iraq after. trip through the country. clear from north to south. for peace.
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building. mission to teach. the news about international airport in the very heart of moscow.
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aand this is how the birth of the prophet muhammad is celebrated in chechnya. that. runs on cut it off chechnya a secular leader is also present no religious event takes place without him. i am mrs i make leaders and theologians from india kuwait saudi arabia the united arab emirates and bus train them to visit cut it off time a few years ago chechnya was known willed white as a war torn and mutinous republic i today chechnya is
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a russian region striving to become a focal point for the muslim world. i am i a chance that is going to get the republic of chechnya as a super modern islamic republic with everything on off this is russia this is just not. grozny is simply a beautiful city. one should give credit to the republic the. nation which was united around its president its king. i think there is nothing unusual in this. competition has. tried to explain to the participants it. is full and
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deep meaning that everything is important from the movements to the dancers expressions. following tradition has become a national project. to showcase the chechen nation's image. at first sight it looks like a regular performance but even here the dancers must observe strict islamic and. the men must not under any circumstances touch the women not even their clothes. recently. criticized the dancers for not following tradition the women looked into the eyes of young men as well as highlighting their figures by raising their arms to.
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dances with the man she must not raise her arms above her shoulders. she does not have this rate. always dominate over the woman this is an important detail. following the wall. found religion he sold his apartment to put the money towards building a house overlooking a mosque on the outskirts of grozny when he comes home from work his wife makes a traditional delicacy. at the family table tradition dominates everything. i didn't eat with my father he had eight children but none of us joined him. this is what tradition states.
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is a type of dumpling served with meat. is sour allows his sons and younger daughter to join him at the table but his wife and older daughter dine separately. lose. when his son is older brother month joins them for dinner it's office him the head of the table. it's forbidden even to smoke in the presence of elders regardless of their age twenty years or sixty. you have to respect your elders if one does not respect their elders there will be neither order nor peace at home thank you. from an early age children learn the islamic way of life they pray before eating and pray before going to sleep. by the age of four they know how
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a real chechen man and woman should look. at it. each kindergarten has its own teacher responsible for religious education. often also visit to reprint as with the children. load a little over. a little over. a load of clothes. we live according to the law and according to islamic schools the islam spit on the nation of islam is first of course we have muslims or impose a religious law first. secular law second if you then i think we have by the lore the russian federation may have proud of his. in the
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world of fashion the dress code is even more strict at this church in modeling schools where women are taught about the catwalk passout go into modeling is not a highly regarded profession in chechnya as it is in european russia a young woman is not supposed to display her beauty in public especially if she is married. many young women are not allowed to enter the modeling school. i don't see that your legs are tired your backs are tired and you are very hungry but you have to work it is difficult to be a model it is not about putting on a beautiful dress and go into the store to buy sausages. world fashion centers like paris and milan have shown interest in church and models but unmarried women cannot even leave the country by themselves and there are strict limits when it comes to wearing european clothes. we cannot wear
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a swimsuit model cannot go on the catwalk in a swimsuit we have our own rooms. all clothes have to be below the knee and the head has to be covered with a headscarf. used to practice judaism when she lived in kazakhstan then she married a chechen man converted to islam and came to work in chechnya. now she wears a similar to a job she manages the modeling school which is based in one of the most prestigious beauty salons. it's well equipped including a spa and fitness center everything a model needs when asking this club is for women only men are. always dreamed of becoming a model when she was a child now she's twenty one. when she gets married she'll have to forget all about the catwalk there's nothing more important to
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a chechen woman than family. if a husband doesn't like something if he put his wife from working she will of course be a tell men to keep it in the. next month she'll appear on the front cover of a fashion magazine. but the fashion shoot is a modest event with no extravagance. a head scarf is a must dress is a loose fit and down to the heel and. restrained. we don't try to be like you like the west we have all cultures and besides we know it's the twenty first century this is not something new for us nothing surprising so much the girls need to be to the biggest project in the history of chechnya an
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ice rink sports center cinemas offices and more in other words a city within a city. prefers not to bring his family to this shopping and entertainment center there are too many temptations. when the city was in ruins they have to shop elsewhere but now the situation has reversed every one of the caucuses flocks to chechnya fashion boutiques cinemas. and many other attractions a role here. and now we should hear. their shooting range was different before. it was natural. now it's a game. returning
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to the city and. people.


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