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tv   Headline News  RT  April 19, 2013 6:00am-6:29am EDT

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indras. a high speed race for rides with the government and leaders it's forces of pro reform demonstrators in bahrain just ahead of the more nicky's of formula one grand prix while activists are trying to make their voices heard i guess all the arts class. worried about kids like it's their friends with those partment those houses we don't know about them as the search for survivors continues after the deadly explosion at a fertilizer plant in texas concerns grow over public safety violations and america's crumbling industrial infrastructure. its two pm year in the russian capital you're watching r t lines with me to about
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a month say it's good to have your company with us now to our developing story a manhunt is underway in the boston area for suspect in the marathon bombings he's believed to be armed and dangerous another suspect was killed during a shootout with police agents and members of the nation national guard involved in the large scale manhunt along with hundreds of police officers going door to door searching for another suspect you're actually watching a live pictures there from that manhunt reports the explosives have also been discovered along with a pressure cooker similar to the ones used in the marathon bombing especially as armed police unit is on side and local residents are to remain indoors and stay away from windows also talk later with artie's gratitude you can will give us some insight on what's happening. and the boston bombing
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was cited as a pretext to when the lower house of the u.s. congress the controversial bill that many say puts the digital freedoms under fire the sort of intelligence sharing and protection act to allow private firms to share the personal data of web users with the u.s. government agencies but the white house has hinted it may block the legislation which it feels doesn't address public concerns about the invasion of privacy r.d. american producer and your blade is following the controversy. top aides for the white house actually said that we will recommend the president veto this legislation seven dollars sharon said for sharing a protection act it's come under a lot of criticism by its opponents because they say that it does more than what the authors say it does now the authors of cispa they say that this bill will lead to businesses private companies google facebook and many internet provider these companies will be encouraged to share information with the federal government that
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will be used to track down and monitor and curb its cyber attacks aimed at the united states computer critics say that it puts too much of americans privacy at risk and that the right safeguards are there people would be separate facing their privacy for a little bit of security when the bill is introduced back in february i believe one of the areas for the second time representative or one of the authors of the bill he said you know we can't have another nine eleven we can't have another terrorist attack it but if we do we will pass any law that needs to happen sure enough to another congressman who actually got up and said well look what happened in boston these were bombs sure they weren't digital bombs but the next ones will be digital bombs so we need to come together for the sake of national security and do something and that's exactly why a lot of people have problems with this bill because the people who are touting it the people who are writing it are people that don't really understand the cyber security concerns and there's a lot of concern over who is coming up with this bill who is supporting it and what they actually know about cyber security. incidents that this morning saying that
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you know boston would be reason enough to pass a cyber security bill is laughable to many people. very united states is going through turbulent times of this week as we reported later this hour the search operation for dozens of people continues in texas after a violent explosion at a fertilizer plant in ripped apart the town of west. violent clashes have erupted across bahrain ahead of sunday's formula one grand prix protesters have blocked roads with burning tires while police fired tear gas and stun grenades as the under us has an intensified throughout the week earlier two teenagers were sentenced to turn a years in prison and were allegedly tortured before they can first to attacking police a jury antigovernment riots human rights watch officers and most police officers detained twenty opposition activists last week in town one circuit with loud laurent the government denies it's discriminating against its own people but the
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region protesters say the state is armed will have to becoming a sunni dictatorship brain is home to the u.s. is up for the fleet and there's a greater by almost daily violence way even doctors are arrested for help the injured protesters. let's all take a closer look at some of the figures put out by amnesty international since two thousand and eleven clashes that between of floridians and demonstrators have seen seventy two people killed now the number of arrests made last year of those participating in rallies topped one thousand and into that at these eighty children under eighteen are being held in adult prisons that are notorious for torture interrogations yet the bahraini government labors hard to improve its image it recently spent over thirty two million dollars on public relations firms.
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and it's impossible to talk of the phrase a protest movement without mentioning and the news the nation's leading human rights defend his work as an activist calls to a lengthy prison sentence last year food but dissipating in illegal gatherings the term was laid to reduce but the verdict drew intense criticism berdahl from bus trains a western allies as well as many human rights groups labial ridge of spin and outspoken supporter of the demonstrations calling on the country's ruling one a key to stop widespread abuse and start reforms to bring the bahraini protest movement to the media forefront of the activist matter of the world's top whistleblower julian assange which of you rejected just before he was arrested while a boy who reports on the encounter was just not long before his imprisonment bahrain's
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most famous human rights campaigner was in london talking to another prominent activist and whistleblower julian a son so we came here to london's ecuadorian embassy which the wiki leaks founder has been calling home for some ten months now in order to have a chat about the man at the forefront of bahrain's pro-democracy struggle i began by asking your son why he was so keen to invite me to be over job for an interview on his exclusive r.t. show brain has nine hundred thousand people. has one hundred fifty thousand twitter followers are predominantly all. but. sincere the rest of a number of other activists in the brain screen. read. watch the most prominent voice for the. speaking to julian assange to be over job was unequivocal about his determination to fight for democracy in bahrain
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. if you believed. just you'll recall. you want to. do. difficulties and you know that the changes that you were fighting for it's been good four hundred sixty years is not an easy thing to change. those changes you have to be willing to pay a price and my that price might be your life for to be over a job that price has become is freedom three months after that interview was that he was sentenced to three years behind bars but according to a staunch keeping him in prison on the current charges is going to be increasingly difficult for the bahraini government. cartoonish form of despotism where he has been sentenced to three years imprisonment for a number of tweets relation to me your personal stories the prime minister and so
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on as well as organizing protests he even when he was imprisoned previously released to developers on the same stand criticizing us or it's hard for the people with that much courage who can. become to be cowards so i think it's long term prospects a court could amnesty international have labeled him a prisoner of conscience but unless the international community wakes up to abuses in bahrain there's little hope that maybe over jobs going to be tasting freedom any time soon ali boy can see london's ecuadorian embassy. and the use of the alamo have worked closely with my bill ridge up when he headed the bahrain center for human rights he says that even though being activists and bahrain is obviously dangerous and swallow was ready to take up his band.
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people are proud of him and him and they cannot dish out silence to be able to buy it is to get it i mean if you're going to give even if they were dismayed if you but i think it's kind of them you know what i think give us we'll cover it when you speak out i know we have six to. six activists behind but one of them so i think what i mean by becoming a good one i could give this to anybody mistook it easy don't take your you need to get to the ship if you like they're going to. go for example to get he had actually been your you wrote an article about the human rights situation in bahrain and then he was it was the doctor i had to could. take you to a dead body. and all being closely following the under a say in the turban go for kingdom in the coming days meantime you can always check out our website r.t.
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dot com to find out more about that we'll read job and the history of the behind the protest movement. on the way in the struggle for independence and profit there were reports on khalid territorial dispute between the koreans and iran central government is paying for the fields by last oil reserves in the country's north all the details the solti. a clear image of iraq after inflation. twenty day taxi trip through the country. the road full of dangerous. clear evidence from north to south. the root of iraqi tragedy. after the
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war waiting for peace. talks e l r t wealthy british style it's time to. find. markets why not scandal. find out what's really happening to the global economy cars a report on our. thank you for staying with us you're watching our n.t.
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back to our developing story now a manhunt is underway in the boston area for suspect in the marathon bombings he's believed to be armed and dangerous another suspect was killed during a shoot with the police let's not talk live. to teach you can't. we will we've just been watching this footage i'm sold what do you know what can you tell us what's the latest. coming out one of the two suspects in the boston bombings was shot dead it is believed to be the one in the black hat the photos of these men have been all over the news this thursday as you know very well he's suspected parking or is thought to be at large the police strongly advised people in the area where they shot the first suspect and that is the watertown area near boston to be very cautious they're now sweeping the neighborhoods trying to find him police call the man
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a terrorist who is armed and dangerous and yet they did not release the names of those suspects so right now we have all kinds of unconfirmed reports floating as to who these men are all kinds of names in his social media and actually we're not we're not going to speculate on those names on purpose. as as long as we know that those are those are the most likely suspects because. it is it is just too early to do that what if knees are not not the men. you're absolutely we're not going to we're not going to speculate on who those you know who those people are will wait for the authorities to say just quickly get me how has been airholes everybody's reaction to this case i mean we had the bombings and then we've just had the texas explosion what's been the reactions throughout the week on all these misfortunes that have been appointed in
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the u.s. in the last two weeks well it's been overwhelming in a sense or this is a week of bad news you had boston bombings and there was poison packages in the text explosion that was massive there was huge it killed more than thirty people reportedly and yes this has been an overwhelming week and there is there is or there is a sense of heightened. security in the country i mean here in washington we've seen just over the a few of the last few days the area in front of the white house was blocked. so yes there is there is there is a sense of alarm of an alarm of course there's just too much too much for for one week for for just. too much. too much you
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said it. will of course be getting those updates on the boston marathon man hand the that's carriage again live for us from washington. the fate of the dozens of people is still unknown in texas where a search and rescue mission continues for victims of a violent explosion that ripped apart the town of west up to fifteen people are believed to have died and more than one hundred sixty were injured when a fertilizer plant exploded on wednesday night which is romanelli into reports of from the scene. several police departments from around texas cordoned off a large area around the fertilizer plant which exploded last night at about seven thirty local time now i just came back from one of the local hospitals which admittedly nearly one hundred people who were injured in the explosion last night overall we know that more than one hundred sixty people were hurt in the blast
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right now there have been come for unpaid teles however we haven't gotten a new casualty count recently given the fact that this is still a search and rescue mission we do speak to one woman earlier who was slightly wounded during the explosion she lived in the vicinity of the blast her family was ok but so many of her friends she did not know the whereabouts swayed about the kids my kids their friends live in those apartments those houses we don't know about them we don't know about some of the fathers or friends if so what happened during school hours i mean it's still bad but if the kids were in school it was real close by so many first responders digging through the rubble this morning still hoping to find survivors in a neighborhood which has been described as a war zone i can tell you i was there i walked through the blast area i searched some houses earlier tonight massive just like iraq just like the murray building
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in oklahoma city same kind of exploded so you can imagine what kind of damage we're looking out there. i know there was at least seventy five to fifty fifty to seventy five houses damaged present apartment complex that has about fifty units in it that was completely. just skeleton standing investigation is still underway for the root cause meanwhile the police and firefighters are still searching the rubble near the fertilizer plant. the blast has caused many to question whether basic industrial safety regulations are being ignored in the states or the pond reported that it only held around twenty four kilograms of and hydrous ammonia out far less than the twenty tons that's believed to have ignited and of the report also stated that there were no fly at all explosives risks the worst possible
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scenario even visited was a ten minute release of ammonia gas but without any casualties but the blast shook causes are on eighty kilometers away resulting in a rising number of injuries and deaths professor dr jeffrey patterson from the school of medicine at wisconsin university believes that lacks of federal regulation may be to blame for the tragedy there's been this montreaux that we have to deregulate we have to take away regulations so business trips right and obviously we see examples like this or. for example where when we do that we suffer the consequences in the end and so i think we're seeing it with the environmental protection agency today where they are probably getting new regulations if there is another a lurch of. all of the cleanup to be much more lax than it currently is and. force people to be moved out of the area because of radiation
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damage so. just move. to deregulate things to take away the powers of the e.p.a. and other regulatory agencies and i think it's a we're seeing now that that's a very dangerous precedent the blast which devastated a local nursing home and a school has highlighted there is syria of the country's multi-billion dollar investment priorities as our genes were in a part and i reports. it's no secret that crumbling infrastructure in the u.s. is considered one of the largest dangers to national security over the past four years if not more of the american society for civil engineers has given the greed d. plus to america's infrastructure that is an indication underscores how how most of the bridges the tunnels the airports the levees that list goes on and on are so decrepit and the problem is is that washington is not investing its resources into
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rebuilding america's infrastructure while over the past ten plus years america has invested hundreds of billions of dollars into surveillance systems into the department of homeland security into c.c.t.v. cameras and systems of facial recognition they do that under the auspices of keeping american safe they have neglected to invest the money that is necessary to build up america's infrastructure and that infrastructure extends to the amount of inspectors that are available to go into facilities such as the fertilizer facility that exploded in texas in west texas and examine it and to make sure the proper repairs are taking place there's not enough funding that seeing allocated to to have the proper means for the infrastructure of the u.s. be it rebuild it or be it you know making sure that it's up to par look it could be
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texas that we're talking about at this moment or last month we were talking about the oil spill in arkansas or last year we're talking about new york and new jersey in the tri state area and going dark because of hurricane sandy or the year before that when we're talking about other failures of infrastructure being bridges collapsing or pipes exploding this is a situation that's considered the biggest danger to national security and it's a danger it's a situation that most environmentalist and say that officials in washington are ignoring. right just. updated on the latest in the boston marathon man had reports say that the second suspect has actually been detained by the police we will of course bring you more on that information there was a manhunt that broke out a couple of hours ago police have been said the suspect was armed and dangerous we'll have more of that in the next couple of minutes. right it will go into other
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stories now shocking average of video footage and witness accounts of the blogs have flooded the internet. doesn't look right i think. here we stand here right head to our web site r.t. dot com to get the latest updates and comprehensive analysis of a vis story for the new videos log on to our you tube channel and find out more about that texas explosion. to other news around the world at least twenty seven people have been killed in a suicide bombing in baghdad in the latest spate of violence ahead of provencher will elections on saturday and i think terry and tension rises across iraq leaders are pushing for independence despite strong objections from the central government a conference being for the fuels by the massive oil deposits in the country's north
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which both sides will wish to claim and exploit he has to seek out. they call them those who face death gone once guerrilla rebels fighting saddam for an independent kurdistan now an officially sanctioned force in iraq's semi autonomous kurdish region the peshmerga and the iraqi troops are supposed to be on the same side after all they're citizens of one country but for more than a year now here in northern iraq the two armies have been pitted against each other their weapons locked and loaded these peshmerga soldiers are on alert twenty four hours a day they're guarding the kurdish front line of the so-called disputed territory now no iraq is soldiers are allowed beyond this point if either army advances if there's even a single misfire it could spark a new war. it's a war the peshmerga is ready for. we have enough forces in place
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and enough firepower for the peshmerga go to defend against any surprises for attacks of course we will retaliate at the heart of the disputed territory is cure kuku which both baghdad and the kurds say belongs to them. it's like a small version of iraq with sunni shia christians arabs and kurds it's disputed because. but of course the other reason is kooks oil. the oil fires illustrate the main reason that this land is so hotly contested here kuka sitting on an estimated ten billion barrels of oil and is responsible for a large chunk of iraq's current output that's enough to sustain an independent state should the kurds get their way and annex this disputed territory it's also enough to bankrupt iraq if the oil revenue is lost. that revenue makes up ninety five percent of iraq's annual budget of more than one hundred billion dollars and
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there's a lot more money at stake the international energy agency says iraq could export a staggering. five trillion dollars worth of oil over the next two decades the kurds and the central government are supposed to share these profits but they haven't been able to sort out how. the oil line guys it's all people. having to buy coals to sion but no no there is no we'll solve acceptable and standing between all iraqis on the revenue sharing this is the key problem. or oil has transformed kurdistan into a boom town and the capital of our bill construction projects dot the landscape there are luxury malls and foreign investors are flocking here in the region looks and feels like a different country and for the kurds that may be the ultimate goal but for now
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this is one iraq divided into two. to have patience between. iraqi military and. could use the military and when you have a situation like this it causes tension and if something goes wrong it can lead to . actual fight between the two sides. blood for oil it's a scenario that no one in iraq wants to see but the army's remain in place each side carefully watching the other kurd versus arab iraqi versus iraqi lucy catherine of r t reporting from the disputed territories in iraq. watching our aunties stay with us for one of documentaries and of is i'll be back in about thirty minutes with mornings.
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i reckon cardiologist dr omar. claims that the war in iraq destroyed iraq's environment even worse than dropping the bomb on hiroshima did he see puts to data that the number of breast cancer cases has grown in the country from fifteen to thirty times cases of congenital heart disease have become fifteen times more frequent a case of leukemia have increased thirty fold the doctor puts the blame on the weapons used in the one thousand nine hundred one and two thousand and three invasion of iraq it which nato forces used white phosphorus depleted uranium rounds and other toxic gases and poisonous substances human rights watch and the world health organization have measured radiation levels in iraq and consider many places in iraq even some very far from the fighting to be contaminated naturally radiation is not racist and foreign soldiers in iraq are not immune usa today even published research results that found that depleted uranium was indeed in the lungs and other organs of.


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