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tv   Headline News  RT  April 23, 2013 6:00am-6:29am EDT

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two hundred injured some us media claims nineteen year old. had denied links to any islamic terrorist group although he indicated the attack was driven by religious views and led by is older brother more now from our to use anastasio chicken. official complaints in the presence of a judge and a lawyer have been filed against one thousand year old boston bombing suspect just hearts or nine of this took place at his hospital bed here in boston where he has been kept under strict guard ever since his arrest friday evening we do know of course that he suffered several serious injuries and was unable to speak for this entire time sunday evening he finally awoke and was able to answer several questions and writing and finally today he was conscious and able to react to the charges being brought against him at his hospital bed these charges of course include the use of weapons of mass destruction as well as the malicious destruction of property resulting in death now the penalty that's her knife is now dead facing
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as a death penalty or any term of years behind bars including life he's also facing a fine of up to two hundred fifty thousand dollars we do know of course that his miranda rights were presented to him his right to remain silence as well as his right to an attorney throughout this brief encounter with the judge and we do know that mostly turn iof was. nodding and automation of hearing what he was being told he only spoke once when asked whether or not he's able to afford a lawyer and he said no so legal counsel is going to be presented to him it's important to note that earlier there was a lot of discussion surrounding the possibility of trying as an enemy combatant this is something that certain republican lawmakers in the united states were rooting for this is not been the case of course we're talking about a u.s. citizen who became a u.s. citizen last year on september eleventh and has been living in the united states
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for over a jacket the older brother to milan twenty six year old to milan of course died in a boston hospital after being taken into custody by police and the f.b.i. has been highly criticized for avoiding to take note of his identity. well despite being of chechen descent the alleged bombers spent most of their lives in the us off with their parents applied for asylum both were visitors to russia with this didn't stop moscow from raising the alarm of a possible terrorist intentions of the older brother. can report some of the concerns failed to prevent the boston tragedy. as the dust settles in the wake of boston bombings the question many ask is why and how could u.s. federal authorities fail to act on the valuable intelligence from two years ago stating that the middle of was radicalized dangerous and quote prepared to join unspecified underground groups that's the information the f.b.i.
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says they received from the russian government so two years ago the f.b.i. interviewed the guy and reported back to the russians that they found nothing suspicious since then they've apparently failed to monitor the middleman because if they have they probably discovered his you tube page under his own name by the way full of radical content with a playlist titled terrorists so you have intelligence from a foreign government you have the individual openly sharing radical content and yet somehow he's off the radar the fear is the reason the f.b.i. dropped the ball on the alleged russian intelligence is that they treated it as soley russia's problem they may have taken the marylands chechen background into consideration and they may have ended up looking at this individual from a more political rather than purely law enforcement point of view this is possible given the history of all the requests and pleas that russia has made in the past with regards to a number of individuals from north caucasus accused of heinous crimes particularly those of chechen background one example moderates who was known as the right hand
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of the internationally recognized chechen terrorists. just a quick reminder of who was he was killed in two thousand and six. record as a chechen militant leader included in one thousand nine hundred ninety five he and his gang attacked the city of good yarn of took up to one thousand eight hundred residents of that city hostage in a hospital including one hundred fifty children at least one hundred forty people died as a result of that attack also as he gained power in the region stated his objective to have all muslim regions in russia break away from the country it was basically a call to start a war on all fronts among his other heinous acts that was to. school hostage crisis in beslan in two thousand and four terror that russia will never forget it left swe hundred and thirty four people dead one hundred eighty six of them children so the right hand of this monster who helped stage all this whore. arrives in the us somewhere around the year two thousand settles down in boston by the way and
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receives political asylum despite russia's pleas to treat him as a clue criminal at the beginning us federal authorities appealed the boston course decision on granting him asylum then they withdrew their opposition after a number of political heavyweights in the u.s. tuned in to support the chechen militants including former sec or if they'd albright so when questioning u.s. federal authorities reaction to the alleged russian intel on the middle ansara naive it is important to keep in mind the mindset perpetuated in the u.s. for many years in favor of the militants in russia and against the russian government's actions to stop them new york city's former mayor rudy giuliani spoke to the confusion that many americans had as they learned about the background of these hard i have brothers the chechen revolution against russia is an islamic based revolution they want to islamic state in russia. not inherently anti-american right anti russian. american i mean and in fact here's the odd part of this if anything we've been i'm not going to say sympathetic with them but we've
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certainly been critical of putin and how far he's gone in dealing with. so if anything they should they shouldn't have this anger at the united states so given all this maybe maybe this political mindset has prompted authorities in the u.s. to drop the ball on valuable law enforcement intelligence on top of. well the u.s. is not the only one being criticized for controversial choices about who to back the e.u. has agreed to buy crude from rebels in syria selectively easing sanctions in the process that critics say the union is simply supporting. and trying to hold up a city center in the west and russia leaves six people dead including two teenage girls. sixty thousand people have signed an
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online petition for the u.k. to offer asylum to hundreds of afghan interpreters who worked with the british forces during the military operation that are being left behind as the army withdrawals to face the wrath of the taliban who see them as enemy collaborators. and reports. it was a dangerous job that required courage but while british forces withdraw the afghan interpreters who made their what possible are being left to fend for themselves rafi worked at camp prince in the helmand province he says he gets regular calls from the taliban he is your group or for. and. where you are all center delta you have to be careful if i catch you then i read you some six hundred fifty interpreters just like rafi remain in afghanistan with no right to settle in the u.k. many of these translators are washing on the frontline so they're working with
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soldiers risking their lives in exactly the same way soldiers do wearing the uniform or in their combat fatigues following their rules at least twenty to been killed many more horrifically injured that's a danger they knew about when they signed up the danger they didn't know when they signed up was the end of the ten year when both times when you've when you finish the job and you've done it right well that's a thank you at the end of that job in this case it's a death threats against your life because what's happening now is that as british troops withdraw afghanistan is not a safe place for these people they're seen by the taliban as having collaborated with the enemy and dave in the past year targeted killings of so-called international collaborators by the taliban have doubled according to the un mission in afghanistan last year six hundred ninety eight civilians were killed and three hundred seventy nine were injured in assassination attempts if they do not take the responsibility of saving their lives and providing them
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a peaceful environment that will mean that they have only used those interpreters and left them in a position where today their life and their family's life or in danger because of working for the british forces r.t. got in touch with the foreign and commonwealth office who are responsible for the interpreters asylum claims this is the response we got. people who have put their life on the line for the united kingdom will not be abandoned the government has put processes in place to ensure the service given by former interpreters with him forces is taken fully into account if individuals apply for asylum in the u.k. . the keyword here is individual for the moment it's a case by case basis according to the foreign office to make sure the personal circumstances are recognised case by case the sign of claims can take months even years there's no accountability every other nato country that directly employed
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interpreters has offered them some kind of special program visa program asylum britain's the only country that hasn't still dragging its feet on this the us a new zealand down norway are among the countries to publicly pledged to resettle any formally employed afghans who feel the lives are at risk in the u.k. there's also been a precedent interpreters that worked with british forces in iraq were offered asylum automatically i think we are a match of all of these people who are willing to risk their lives to support us and the second one is a programmatic basis which is we will be involved in events overseas in the future and all military clearly will lead to people helping them and who is going to help our military if they realise that they're not going to help themselves senior military and political figures urging the people who work here in the u.k. foreign office to rethink the policy and campaigns gaining momentum over sixty thousand people have signed an online petition urging the british foreign secretary
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to offer a bulk resettlement program while the politicians think it over and here the men that risked their lives to help british forces say that the waiting game is getting deadlier by the day we will be helping the people but all they see is that we war with the aggression forces in afghanistan which are so-called the no two forces or eyes of forces but to every other of the national. aggression forces and once they leave. the people who. will pay for the wrongdoings of the americans who are going to. london. he is coming from moscow i was thousands die in iraq as a fierce firefight between security forces and sunni muslims after a raid on a government protest camp those details coming for you in just
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a few minutes. also north korea responds to u.s. disarmament asking the world to officially recognize it as the latest member of the global nuclear club to stay with us for that and more on it after the break. its technology innovation all the developments around russia. emission free accreditation free transport chargers free. range and free. three stooges free. old free broadcast quality video for your media projects for free medio donned
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a hearty dot com in. the book about international and world in the very heart of moscow. it's a quarter past two truth afternoon here in moscow this is artsy empty streets on increased police patrols and the scene in belgrade a city in western russia the day after a gunman killed six people including two teenage girls while he was trying to rob
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a store at either end of the last guy's details. looks like the authorities are doing everything in their power to apprehend the suspect as soon as possible at this point at least twelve hundred police force have been on their feet throughout the night searching calming the area looking for the thirty two year old the suspected killer they haven't recovered him yet they have recovered his week at this point they know for certain that he has stolen the least one semiautomatic rifle from the hunting store where the carnage began yesterday afternoon so they are warning everybody that he's he's armed and extremely dangerous now we have at the thirty's from belgrade have also asked for assistance from the neighboring regions as well as ukraine which is really close to the region as well as basically next door so they are also called in calling on people in those regions to be on high alert to give any information of the ballots which could lead to the arrest of the thirty two year old suspects and whoever does prove
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a twitter does provide that information is offered three million rubel reward for that that's roughly one hundred thousand dollars and of course people are being told to stay inside in belgrade itself there is an extremely heightened police presence on the streets and yet people are staying at the witnesses from the city are saying that they are they have seen people going outside going to the place where they where six people were killed yesterday outside of the hunting story leaving flowers toys and candles to pay respects to the victims as well as we have to remember that tuesday is a day of mourning in belgrade so we're watching the situation as it develops obviously there is still a lot more questions that need to be answered and of course the suspect has to be caught so as soon as we get the latest information of course we'll bring it to you . he's going to reporting right there and you can. call him for the eyewitness account also a timeline of the tragedy and russians sad history of deadly shootings all of that and plenty more online for you just a click away right now. well that's not just our tension to that of iraq
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where at least twenty six people have been killed during a raid by security forces on a sunni muslim protest camp in the northern town of. twenty protestors and six troops are among the dead according to local military sources list of cross live to lucy craft off in iraq joining us now on the telephone lucy hello if. you can hear me oh can you bring us up to date now what can you tell us about these clashes. there or are you what the numbers are. very close to. people were killed because they entered the camp. the protesters say that.
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this is. the situation. in football of being. sidelined. by and. been part of. today we heard two bombs that went off. in southern. part of. basically.
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getting better. with all the people. about. the situation. all right i'll tell you casanova live in not just iraq thank you. mired in a struggle for economic supremacy and military domination of asia the u.s. and china are now contesting the moral high ground as well beijing's released its latest a brief on the human rights situation in america in response to a similar report from washington reckless foreign policy indiscriminate wiretapping and race based rights were just some of the issues being brought up as election of
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a shift here. after years of swallowing accusations of violating human rights beijing is fighting back last year the u.s. state department issued its scolding human rights practices report now china held a mirror to washington the u.s. again accused china of limiting internet freedoms the so-called great firewall of china where beijing has long been under scrutiny for blocking many western websites such as facebook google and you tube but those criticizing china are no saints the sounding people and cispa bills to control the internet data have made waves across the atlantic lately and the u.s. government approved interception of private text messages and e-mails for security needs are hardly contributing to online freedom china single party political system and lack of democratic elections also came under fire the chinese report made its wife back at america's multi-party system saying that in what seems to be a democratic process it's really not the people but the amount of money spent on
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complaints which really decide the winner is the largest part of the us report was dedicated to human rights as they are today from harsh labor conditions to poor salaries indeed china's status of being the world's factory is nothing new and the cheap labor force concept has long been debated beijing hit back with a scathing claim that in the country where racism and discrimination officially do not exist after american and hispanic employees earn forty percent less than the white population in the united states and that's through the glass ceiling for women who earn a twenty percent smaller salary than men the u.s. report also lashed out at the treatment of prisoners and members of opposition in china contrast that with a country which runs a notorious guantanamo prison and the allegations of multiple human rights abuses within its walls with china highlighting full statistics on all debts in u.s. prisons and the use of brutal force against peaceful demonstrators in twenty two well it is no secret that china has a checkered human rights record but by countering the claims of those who it
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believes should get its own house in order it is quite clear that beijing no longer wants to see a monopoly in the market of examining human rights. the reporting in fair and in the meantime eric draitser analyst stop and parry alyssum dot com he says there was a link between those nations labeled rights defenders and those who are opposed to u.s. interests for the united states to talk about human rights it's incredible hypocrisy when you have a massive hunger strike going on in the concentration camp known as one time the moment when the united states is engaged in violating the human rights of the people of libya the people of syria. countless other nations around the world the chinese certainly have a lot to answer for for in terms of their own human rights record but we should also remember too that the it is the and it states which monopolizes control of international institutions such as amnesty international human rights watch doctors
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without borders and so forth which act as the arbiters of human rights sitting in judgment of countries whether they are or not violators i'm not suggesting that there aren't good people who work within some of these organizations or that the organizations themselves don't sometimes do good work but often are the united states determines to be human rights violation is whatever the united states does is not a human rights violation. well a fall from a branding it's atomic program north korea is now reportedly seeking international recognition as a nuclear armed state of the u.s. had laid out disarmament as a condition for talks but jonghyun as official newspaper says if negotiations do happen it will be between equal nuclear armed nations author and asia specialist him bell says that may well end up happening. i think the americans are going to have to come to terms with this. it's been on the cards for a long time we knew it was coming. and you know anthony is america's fault i mean
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if they did start two of the agreements in the past it would never come to that if their start to the the green train work that clinton signed back in ninety four neil young the own nuclear reactor would have been dismantled and taken out of the country there would be no nuclear program no nuclear bombs centric set or basically every time the americans are sort of shied away from from coming to a deal and the problem is that over time they do that the trolls north koreans into the developing then huge it turns and then it becomes more and more difficult for the koreans to turn around and give it up. this is r t and anti-government fighters in syria will now be able to fill their coffers with money from oil exports to the e.u. and the union has decided to ease its oil embargo for the rebels now more crude transactions
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will have to be approved by the opposition's national council as investigative journalist or willie van dam says in this case the e.u. was giving a helping hand directly to terrorists. and you can find out more details on that on our website or r t dot com or you can just go there any time a very just a click away for you. well still to come here on our we have a look at an obstinate part of the u.s. that's living by its own rules i wanted to go alone we're talking about texas in just a moment. the movie world war z z being for zombie which stars brad pitt as one hundred seventy
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five million dollar budget has been of re cut by paramount executives not because this is probably yet another stupid violent zombie movie but because the chinese might get offended according to the wrap dot com china was supposed to take the blame for starting the evil zombie apocalypse this time but china becoming the largest foreign market for american movies made artistic integrity fly out the window to protect the bottom dollar as is tradition and hollywood this is not the first time that there has been pro-choice censorship in hollywood the remake of red dawn which was originally a cold war era a minstrel show against russians was supposed to show a chinese invasion of america this time however they have changed it to north koreans who can't even defeat the us military in south korea let alone at an away game in the usa the thing that is interesting is not the censorship is the fact that they will censor movies for whoever's got a lot of cash countries the big markets won't be offended but countries with small markets will this is
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a complete prostitute mentality show that love to any guy who's got bills in his palm you know i was always pretty sure there were a lot of prostitutes working in hollywood i didn't know they actually started making the movies but that's just my opinion.
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look. more news today violence is once again flared up. these are the images the world has been seeing from the streets of canada. showing up for a shelter all day. carried by them. regarding what the republic of texas was in eight hundred thirty six a number of people who had moved here from north america. at the invitation of the mexican government to settle here they were being chased out by the new president
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of mexico was also a general of the army is there. and they had to defend themselves against south and as armies that lasted for about a year but finally general sam houston leading these volunteers defeated santa ana at a place called sandhya sento and in defeating the president general of mexico they were able to force him to sign a treaty. the treaty formed a new nation so that he would never again come across the rio grande river to bother of the people in texas any more tree also said. that the land of texas. belonged to the people who lived on the land of texas for ever and that's a treaty that is perpetual it doesn't go away. so what is the republic of texas now.


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