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tv   Headline News  RT  April 24, 2013 9:00am-9:29am EDT

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the u.s. war. with. the u.s. . which is. more.
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with me thank you for joining us for the program today. america's wars in iraq and afghanistan the worst attack on u.s. soil in more than a decade that's what the surviving suspect in the boston marathon bombings has told investigators. he and his brother acted alone in carrying out the blasts and reporting from boston. as the nineteen year old boston bombing suspect dzhokhar turn naiads condition improves from serious to fair he's beginning to reveal information to investigators from what we're hearing on the ground according to officials certain has said that the motive behind the two bombings that took place on monday april fifteenth for the wars you what the u.s. has been fighting in iraq and afghanistan according to officials are now it has
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also said that him and his brother were self radhika lies he allegedly says that the two brothers were not involved and were not in contact with any foreign extremist groups and that they learned everything themselves by basically going online and learning how to build build the bombs through the internet he has also said that his older brother to milan started i have who was twenty six years old at the time of the bombings is according to joe hart the mastermind behind the attacks that they carried out now here in boston right now obviously as this investigation continues the barricades of the area that was cordoned off at the finishing line of the boston marathon are being removed we know that the eight year old victim of the bombings has been laid to rest here on tuesday and earlier boston the hospitals also announced that the number of people injured has risen from over one hundred seventy five to two hundred and sixty people now as this information comes in in
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terms of just hard being able to share more of course we have to remind our viewers that he is that he has been charged with the use of weapons of mass destruction as well as militias destruction of property resulting in death and what this means is that your hearts are ny is now faced with a death penalty or any number of years behind bars including being imprisoned for life he's also faced with a fine of two hundred fifty thousand u.s. dollars and obviously he's being treated. is a federal criminal right now although they were talking earlier about the possibility of trying him in the military tribunals but the white house has revoked this option it's also important to mention that of course the f.b.i. now is being grilled about their knowledge of the older brother to marilyn's for now have traveling to russia back in two thousand and twelve because of course according to our knowledge russian officials advised the united states to look into
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his identity to see whether or not he could possibly be involved with any kind of extremist radical groups and the f.b.i. back then two years ago deemed him not dangerous and freedom up and of course has been receiving major criticism here in boston and throughout the united states with people saying that possibly maybe this attack could have been prevented we're continuing reporting from the ground as the story develops and r.t. boston massachusetts. and u.s. officials meantime have traveled to dagestan where they interviewed the suspects parents sunday gathering information about tom allowed to visit there and twenty twelve meanwhile a local resident was able to capture the dramatic shootout between the two boston bombing suspects and police that. they used to another pressure cooker bomb similar to the devices that detonated during the marathon and police at the time a line was being handcuffed when his younger brother ran him over while trying to
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flee the scene as a heart was eventually found hiding in a boat in a residential neighborhood after a wide scale manhunt for the founder of independent media outlet a wide awake news charlie mcgrath the things that are washington's creating enemies because of the way it conducts its war on. radicalizing the world seems to be what we're really good at right now getting people angry at this nation certainly seems to be a valid argument that is going to be brought before a single future we've been waging a war on terror for over a decade now we've destabilized how many countries and we're killing how many nationals that have nothing to do with terrorism whatsoever and we're doing it for reasons that the american people been lied to overrate weapons of mass destruction and so on so ken this lead to people becoming hostile towards the west how can it not in fact the columbia law school's human right institute six months ago came out the report showing a that obama is exponentially increased the number of drone strikes since he's been president ninety eight percent of the casualties and drone strikes are civilian so
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it's fifty civilians killed for every one so-called high value target that's being killed the notion we want peace with the rest of the world well that's all we're that's all talk when the cameras are on and the cameras are on the drones why and people die. so what exactly separates an act of terror from any other type of violent attack that's the question people develop poses to his guests on cross talk of course in the wake of the boston bombings is a preview. why is passing called terrorism but aurora sandy hook to sign in columbine not the muslim community in america today in fact is asking the same very question that why are some things labeled terrorism worse is another which is not but more importantly the discussion that is going on in the dinner tables on the dinner tables these days among muslim families is that why is it that always a non muslim when somebody goes to war or. that they're all is insane but when a muslim commits an act of terrorism that they're always perfectly fine
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psychologically i completely disagree the definition of terrorism that we get here to certainly in north america is three forward first it should involve a non-state actor that is an individual or a group secondly that targeting the violence should be directed against civilians some kind of a civilian target and third third should be some kind of a political aim and it's the very last point that last part of the definition which separates the boston attack from the other ones which you just mentioned. you can watch for the full edition of crosstalk here on r.t. fifteen thirty g.m.t. . now why so european countries wrestle with their budget deficits and slash their military spending it's becoming harder for nato to stay afloat the alliance's top
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officer has slammed the e.u. allies for quote getting a free ride with the u.s. ultimately washington left to bear the burden of the defense finances well crisis hit nato states have already chopped more than forty five billion dollars for. treasury. germany's military budget the number of european troops in the u.s. led block is also plummeted from a two point five million in two thousand and one point eight six million. while the united states is also trimming its military costs that share of the budget has risen to seventy five percent of the total. of reports from brussels concerns over nato as viability continue to grow. the nato secretary general anders fogh rasmussen had actually come out and warned its partners against the danger of defense spending cuts as we've already seen especially from its european partners this opinion was also echoed by the former u.s.
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defense secretary robert gates he said that if this trend does continue to be alliance it could be in danger of moving into what he called a collective military irrelevant so there's the question of whether the actually still be relevant given the decrease in its capabilities and there are signals coming from the u.s. that they are not keen on continuing the kind of partnership with this sort of inequality and also looking at the u.s. his own budget cost as well as its shift in priority especially after we've heard that pivot to asia so they have their own concerns so they're questioning the kind of the new line of the kind of partnership that they have especially with european countries moving forward they're also facing some lack of enthusiasm from european members of just germany for instance was very eager to contribute to any military operation so again under the nato secretary general has come out saying that the capability of nato will be impacted and there is
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a question of critics on the actual relevance of the alliance. there's not much enthusiasm from its members to contribute or to to give more. into the alliance moving forward. r.t.s. rosalee are there now defense budgets have been steadily declining across the nato alliance overall average shrank to one point six percent last year few allies meeting their own goal of spending two percent of g.d.p. on defense artie's guy nature can take a look at nato as initial ambitions are now it's fading perspectives. the organization was created to counter the soviet union with soviet union long gone it has to keep busy over the years nato has gone from being a defense organization to becoming an offensive force with a missions that go far beyond north america and europe they refer to those ambitions as out of area operations which have included of ghana's stand in libya now part of nato the very powerful part which includes the u.s. the u.k. and france pretty much see those out of area operations as the future of the
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organization but. susie has to go global it doesn't sync well with all twenty eight members of the alliance who know they will have to foot the bill the lack of consensus showed when germany by far europe's strongest nation refused to provide resources for nato bombings two years ago back then nato has gone beyond its un mandate which was to protect civilians it has effectively created a power vacuum in which all kinds of extremists have flourished since then not to mention the destruction of the country's infrastructure but it was not just the un mandate with nato has gone beyond its own core principle of the organisation which is to stick to protecting its members the long war in of staying has made europe question the alliances mission their time and time again even now as nato forces prepared to withdraw many feared that what they are leaving behind is a security vacuum with promises it of aid that may never be fulfilled as the us is
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pivoting to asia there's talk among nato members about a wider partnership like to get japan and australia more involved both have already made significant contributions to nato and not just those countries so with the organization growing there is another concern that nato may eventually be tempted to present itself as the whole of the international community when it's not and it may be said grounds for lateral actions in the future ignoring the broader international community the president is there nato bombings of yugoslavia in the one nine hundred ninety s. some believe the campaign contributed to the mindset that led to the war in iraq the kind of mindset that the international community the you when can be bypass at the will of one or two a powerful countries in washington i'm going to. looking back at all the wars nato has been waging over the past fifteen years r.t. contributor afshin rattansi believes the impact of the alliances policies around the globe has been all but positive journalists from all over the world seem to be
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covering the straight line that nato is this complex system of fine military generals and military armor when of course every time nato goes into a country it ends up in either disaster or blowback disaster as it has been in libya which is given power to however many militias and of course one only has to look at afghanistan to see what it's done there not many people actually covering the aftermath of the war in yugoslavia to see where the costs of always better off now than it was before the yugoslavia still if he started so perhaps the worst fears would be that the nato drone attacks on that killed so many children in the outback border regions and so forth will result in profound blowback different groups within nato countries seek to identify themselves with the dispossessed those murdered maimed or bereaved by nature's armies over the past ten to fifteen
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years. all right still ahead for you here on r t that of hunger for freedom and the confines of a hunger strike began in february and now involves top of all the detainees being held there. also ahead after this than in the u.k. declare a war on killer robots which could independent to decide who to kill and therefore breaching a moral and ethical boundary which critics say should never be crossed. around the corner.
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of the international world in the very heart of moscow. moscow this is r t with me will receive the u.s. is sending more medics to tend to the rising number of hunger striking detainees at
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guantanamo bay. say officials say more than half of the one hundred sixty six captives there have now joined the protest sixteen detainees are being force fed to prevent death from starvation six are in a military hospital in a critical condition and lawyers have said the total number of hunger strikers has been much higher all along protests though sparked by alleged mistreatment by prison guards with some detainees increasingly desperate because they are being held indefinitely without charge and law professor jonathan hafetz says the crisis won't end until the demands of the captives and that the hunger strikes is military officials themselves have acknowledge are triggered at the bottom by the system of indefinite detention and the prolonged about you know course aeration without trial of individuals and it's not surprising that the u.s. is stepping up its operations because it's you know it doesn't want you know it doesn't want individuals to die at one time or because it's going to again i think
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you know throw into it to light the real player or to start relief the real problems that want to animal and the way forward though is to you know is to end the system of indefinite detention to repatriate individuals who. are not going to be charged with crimes and of the few that are going to be charged should be put for a court and given a trial i mean that's the that's the only way forward that's the only long term solution to the problem otherwise we're going to continue to see hunger strikes. will continue app and things will continue to happen unless the u.s. puts. these measures into place at this point it's just it's just politics that are politics and a lack of political courage a lack of commitment to principles. and the lawyer for the last remaining british detainee at guantanamo claims the rights of his client schuchat a regularly violated by prison guards clive stafford smith says the u.s.
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legal system simply pretends what's going on at the facility just isn't happening. when a prisoner doesn't do exactly what they're told these six being dressed up you notice if they're in their outfits come in basically beat him up to make him do it to the floor and check it describes how this one guy who's three hundred pounds he sits on and sometimes these in the stomach and i've seen the bruises on him from this process this is happening to him all the time right now because they have a process where anything he asks for they won't just give it to him they say they have seen so if he wants a bottle of water they send the games and if he wants his medicine they send against him and what he told me last i took from this is just not asking for his medication at all because he doesn't want to get you know to get it every time i'm there and this comes up to the admiral in charge of the general in charge i've never yet got
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a reply from them and the best one can do is complain loudly and tell the world when you get out what you see in the hopes that this shames them because unfortunately the federal judge who for all charge of the cases rule just last week that he has no jurisdiction to order the military to behave better under the circumstances. just on in twenty minutes past the hour here in moscow our online team working twenty four seven to line up the best stories and pictures for you on our website you can head there right now if you missed something or you can find even more besides for the crowd at a concert in argentina gets a surprising extra for the price of admission the sky lit up by what looks like a meteor you'll have a brilliant footage on the web site out to you dot com right now. and another click away australian police have called the twenty four year old. who turned out to be the alleged leader of an infamous group which the cia's web site offline and also
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claimed credit for attacks on the u.s. senate more details on our website. the trial is under way of the russian opposition leader. on embezzlement charges he faces up to ten years behind bars for allegedly stealing half a million dollars worth of timber from a state owned company he insists though it's a stitch up job in the case against him is purely political let's get details now or go to prison offers been following the proceedings now joins us live here on your go to good to see us how is the trial unfolding so far. well i would say not only has once again pleaded not guilty adding that he is sure his innocence will be proven true to court meanwhile his lawyers have large an objection to the judge accusing them of taking the side of the prosecution the objection was denied along with their appeals to reschedule the hearing and to send the case back to the prosecutor's office and they've been saying they're not being given enough time to properly go through all the documents and that the case itself was put together
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with the various irregularities but exactly a week ago the defense did manage to reschedule the hearing and they've openly said that tactic to deal with a stall and attract as much media attention as possible and in that sense they have been quite successful similar as exactly we could go courtrooms spanked with journalists in but certainly you go to the is no stranger to making headlines why has there been so much media attention while no one is one of the most controversial opposition bloggers in the country became widely known due to his online anti corruption projects he's a few years critic of the kremlin and became one of the leaders of the opposition during last year's mass protest he's also known for his a linked for his link to russian nationalists and the authorities are accusing him of organizing a criminal scheme to stuart and a half a million dollars worth of timber from a state company allegedly back in two thousand and nine when he was the aide to the
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local governor in cuba of found guilty he may be looking at up to ten years behind bars but then his supporters. are denying all the accusations and are saying that this case is purely political and i'll teach you go to school up there live in central moscow thank you. well let's get to some other global news for you here at our time for the arts the world update and without becoming you know just a moment you beg your pardon within the next twenty to thirty years the way fully autonomous weapon deployed in the battlefield could confuse a young girl with an ice cream for a soldier with a gun that's what campaigners in britain claim declaring war on so-called killer robots activists say the lethally are machine should be banned before they're ever used in warfare. reports. so perhaps not the most usual sight on the streets of london but this guy here is actually carrying quite an important message for the launch of the stop killer robots campaigns think leading activists
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impression converged in london to launch the campaign calling for a preemptive ban on fully autonomous weapons let's tell us more about this i'm joined by steve for human rights watch the thank you very much for joining us what is a killer able this guy's a killer obviously but what's it all about this friendly robot that is not armed killer robots are fully autonomous weapons are future systems that will operate without human control this is the scary part you're taking the human out of the loop allow the robots the machines to make decisions about what to target on the battlefield and when to pull the trigger no human involvement and of this is gaining a lot of interest this is obviously what you want people taking out the message what information do you want to get out there what do we not know about because a lot of people say this is advancing technology and it's all good we're not against technology we're not against robotics we're not against the movement towards greater autonomy in robots what we want to stop our arms systems killing
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systems that have full autonomy where you take the human out of the loop always in every case what has to be the fundamental principle is that a human must always be meaningfully involved in the control over decisions to launch weapons and to fire it might all sound a bit hollywood but it's not as far off as you might think many campaign is fearless science fiction like arms race is already quietly getting underway with developers standing to make huge amounts for really creative deals it is like this big dog throwing blocks of concrete to cause concern little public debates yet being had about the implications of the development of this type of technology people think of fully autonomous weapons they think of the terminator they think. something like this guy just saying that you know what it looks like you know the wall is more likely to be a small tiny core of tying. the developments or the the darpa thus the
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research wing of the pentagon the crusher for instance us a research platform for this and a seven and a half ton six we can reduce quite extraordinary piece of technology they also have a project which is called developed an autonomous submarine that can hummed over submarines that's b.s. to this thing and then the planes in there as well it's not robots kind of would fall over in a bottle and this is being launched in london how big a road c.-k. have to play in comparison say the u.s. instead leading the way with this well we've got be a systems is on their second one we've got the something cold which is going to be tested. this year distributes but a year and a half behind development but that's fully a thomas intercontinental combat aircraft but when it comes to fully autonomous weapons we're not there yet but they. say that the more time this allows the possum the more money this planet into developing this type of technology the place we
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must find. the world's reality. say. i now have some more news making headlines around the world this hour five people have been killed and one person injured when a man who went on a shooting rampage in manchester illinois more on that later on are straight to other stories for you now in dhaka bangladesh around one hundred people killed when an eight story building collapsed police and volunteers are still working to find victims under the rubble of the seven hundred were injured their reports say two thousand were in the building at the time they came down only the ground floor which housed the mall and factories remains intact. clashes between security forces and protesters in iraq of left fifteen dead on wednesday the attacks. in revenge for tuesday's deadly raid on a protest camp nicola cook twelve people were killed and iraqi officials met to discuss the mountain crisis called in to the iraqi parliament speaker the
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military's actions in court a cook will quote a flagrant violation of the cost of change. or it up next we bring you the untold stories of the militants of the night delta this is odd see. you know sometimes you see a story and it seems so. you think you understand it and then you glimpse something else and you hear or see some other part of it and realized everything you thought you knew you don't know i'm tom harpur welcome to the big picture.
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