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tv   Headline News  RT  April 24, 2013 1:00pm-1:29pm EDT

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digging for answers into the actions and motives of the boston marathon bombing suspects the surviving assailant captured by police says the attack was inspired by the u.s. wars in iraq and afghanistan investigators meanwhile arrived in russia to get more info on his brother's visit last year. nato feeling the pinch with financial troubles of biting the military budgets of its european allies the us is struggling with a disproportionate responsibility of funding the blocks as prevents. following young going hundred strike in iran time to mow prison which is dragging into its third month officials say the number of inmates refusing food has risen to ninety two protesters also taking to the london streets supporting the last u.k. resident being held there.
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nine pm in moscow i match reza good having you with us here on r t our top story the u.s. wars in iraq and afghanistan motivated the worst attack on u.s. soil in more than a decade that's what the surviving suspect in the boston marathon bombings told investigators joe hart's and i have also claimed he and his brother acted alone in carrying out the twin blasts are going to has more from boston. as the nineteen year old boston bombing suspect joe hart's are naiads condition improves from serious to fair he's beginning to reveal information to investigators from what we're hearing on the ground according to officials certain has said that the motive behind the two bombings that took place on monday april fifteenth or the wars you what the u.s. has been fighting in iraq and afghanistan according to officials are now it has
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also said that him and his brother were so for article lies he allegedly says that the two brothers were not involved and were not in contact with any foreign extremist groups and that they learned everything themselves by basically going online and learning how to build build the bombs through the internet he has also said that his older brother to milan started i have who was twenty six years old at the time of the bombings is according to joe hart the mastermind behind the attacks that they carried out now here in boston right now obviously as this investigation continues the barricades of the area that was cordoned off at the finishing line of the boston marathon are being removed we know that the eight year old victim of the bombings has been laid to rest here on tuesday and earlier boston the hospitals also announced that the number of people injured has risen from over one hundred
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seventy five to two hundred and sixty people now as this information comes in in terms of just hard being able to share more of course we have to remind our viewers that he is that he has been charged with the use of weapons of mass destruction as well as militias destruction of property resulting in death and what this means is that your hearts are ny is now faced with a death penalty or any number of years behind bars including being imprisoned for life he's also faced with a fine of two hundred fifty thousand u.s. dollars and obviously he's being treated. is a federal criminal right now although they were talking earlier about the possibility of trying him in the military tribunals but the white house has revoked this option it's also important to mention that of course the f.b.i. now is being grilled about their knowledge of the older brother to marilyn's are naive traveling to russia back in two thousand and twelve because of course
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according to our knowledge russian officials advised the united states to look into his identity to see whether or not he could possibly be involved with any kind of extremist radical groups and the f.b.i. back then two years ago deemed him not dangerous and freedom of and of course has been receiving major criticism here in boston and throughout the united states with people saying that possibly maybe this attack could have been prevented we're continuing reporting from the ground as the story develops and it's going to party boston massachusetts. and u.s. officials have traveled to dagestan where they interviewed the suspects parents are gathering information about how maryland visit there in two thousand and twelve meanwhile local resident was able to capture the dramatic shootout between the two boston bombing suspects and police to marline and your hearts and i have used another pressure cooker bomb similar to devices that detonated during the marathon police said at that time roland was being handcuffed when his younger brother ran him over while fleeing the scene jaar was eventually located hiding in a boat in
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a residential neighborhood now after a wide scale manhunt let's get some perspective on all this from a fellow penn tucci from the international center for the study of radicalization he's joining us from serbia so not apparently said that the u.s. wars in iraq and afghanistan motivated this attack but is there some justification for those wars since it's been ten years since any any major or significant or any real attack of a terror terrorist nature in the united states and the federal investigators saying that since that that they have used the powers and abilities granted to them because of legislation for the war on terror to foil many many terror plots that had been hatched but never brought to fruition. well i mean the first thing to point out is that you know while they use the wars and terrorism of the wars against islamist but as part of the motivation in carrying out this attack with
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small sort of disconnected cells like this one increasingly appears to be it's very difficult to conclude that there is one reason for them deciding to do this act it tends to be a sort of compilation of reasons and sometimes the sort of foreign policy idea of this sort of being part of a bigger fight to protect islam or being part of a sort of an anti crusade if you will is something that is part of a sort of globalist message that they attach on top of their own personal motivations for doing this the f.b.i. apparently questioned the older brother tamerlan in twenty eleven and his mother though had claimed that the f.b.i. was investigating him for several years why do you think there were any there weren't any red flags that would have said investigators on him. more what's the word i'm looking for more seriously. well i think it's because obviously they did do some in sort of investigation came to the conclusion that what maybe
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appeared to be an individual who is looking at some radical sites who appeared to be displaying some evidence of radicalization and was he may be traveling to parts of the world where you know maybe there could be some cause for concern this didn't paint a convincing enough picture of an individual who is actually moving toward some sort of terrorist incident a lot of these things i've described looking at websites generally being a sort of young man who's increasingly interested in political ideas i mean there's an awful lot of people out there who would fit this sort of profile and from a sort of investigative perspective the question becomes how do you sort of identify the individuals who are just going through a phase and the individuals who are clearly going down a path what do you think this could do to change u.s. foreign policy moving forward. i don't think this will have any particular impact at all on u.s. foreign policy i think that it will continue to highlight to american officials this important to have strong connections with counterterrorism officials in other countries for example here russia a relationship that traditionally people look at the u.s.
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russia relationship is a troubled one clearly they still have quite strong and effective counterterrorism cooperation their agencies were talking to each other a couple years ago when mosco flagged concerns about the older of these two brothers so i think that you know the lesson they will draw from this is that these connections are important but i do think we're going to see some grander shift in u.s. foreign policy as a result of this accident and finally briefly if possible no worries briefly if possible the united states or do you think that this will bring the focus on the war on terror back to mess stickley from the foreign perspective that it's having since well i think that frankly we've seen increased focus on domestic counterterrorism the united states the policy is yes they still conduct during strikes or counterterrorism operations in places like yemen somalia or pakistan but you know there's been a very robust approach to countering terrorism for quite a while which is destructive quite a few cells that could have turned out like this one did all right rafael a plan to cheat from the center for a study of radicalization thanks very much for
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your time thank you well in the wake of the boston bombings the chechen militant commander one of russia's route most wanted men ahmed psychiatry's been interviewed by c.n.n. he denied that brothers who are ethnic chechens had ties to militant groups earlier my colleague spoke with our go though about why it's acquired was given a platform on the international media. he's living in london he's actually really well known person out there his cause is being supported by none other than vanessa redgrave a prominent. he actually happens to be an actor himself and you can tell that he's made quite quite a switch from the old days when you say fifteen years ago when he was a field commander you know you see him with a bearded man dressed in fatigues in calif. military wear and now he's wearing you know nice dress suits with the vice you know him as a terrorist because he's known for his connection to heart of who was the
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mastermind behind several of the terror attacks which happened in in russia particularly the theater siege and the north. two thousand and two russia has actually presented documents that have supported evidence against in this particular instance and get his extradition was refused to russia first by denmark and then by the united kingdom in part of the interview the presenter translates a bit. and actually refers to some of the militants. does that she refers to the terror suspects of in the boston bombing as these boys take for example the new york times headline which made waves in the news world the headline read far from war torn homeland trying to fit in i mean is sympathetic to the to the to. freedom fighter salute and also to raise the image of chechnya absolutely ravaged country that's pretty much what you would see happening in iraq or afghanistan whereas if you look at the capital of grozny and today you would you
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would be amazed you would think it's or sydney or any other extremely civilized inhabited very i would say peaceful town or city even what exactly separates an act of terror from any other violent attack that's a question peter of well put to his goes on cross talk in the wake of the boston bombings here's a preview. why is boston cold terrorism but aurora sandy hook tucson and columbine not the muslim community in america today in fact is asking that same very question that why are some things able to terrorism worse is another which is not but more importantly the discussion that is going on in the dinner tables on the dinner tables these days among muslim families is that law is it that always a non muslim when somebody goes to. the hold that they're all of is insane but when a muslim commits an act of terrorism that they're all is perfectly fine
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psychologically i completely disagree the definition of terrorism that we get here to certainly in north america is threefold first it should involve a non-state actor that is an individual or a group secondly targeting the violence should be directed against civilians some kind of a civilian target and third third should be some kind of a political aim and it's the that last point that last part of the definition which separates the boston attack from the other ones which you just mentioned. a full edition of crossfire coming your way in little more than fifteen minutes so stay with us after the news broadcast was european countries wrestle with their budget deficits and slash military spending it's becoming tougher for nato to stay afloat the alliance is top officer slammed the e.u. allies for a quote getting a free ride with us left to bear the burden of the defense finances crisis hit nato
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states have already chopped more than forty five billion dollars from the alliance treasury the prevalence of germany's whole military budget the number of european troops in the u.s. led bloc is also plummeted from two and a half million in two thousand to one point eight six million now and while the u.s. is also trimming its cos its share of the budget has still risen to seventy five percent of the total. reports from brussels concerns over nato as future though could be growing. the nato secretary general anders fogh rasmussen had actually come out and warned its partners against the danger of more defense spending cuts as we've already seen especially from its european partners this opinion was also echoed by the former u.s. defense secretary robert gates he said that if this trend does continue to be alliance it could be in danger of moving into what he called a collective military relevance so there's the question of whether. still be
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relevant given the decrease in its capabilities and there are signals coming from the u.s. that they are not keen on continuing that kind of partnership with this sort of inequality and also looking at the u.s. his own budget costs as well as its shift in priority especially after we've heard that pivot to asia so they have their own concerns so they're questioning the kind of the new line of kind of partnership that they have especially with european countries moving forward they're also facing some lack of enthusiasm from european members of just germany france are very eager to contribute to any military operation so again. the nato secretary general has come out saying that the capability of nato will be impacted and there is a question of critics on the actual relevance of the alliance. there's not much enthusiasm from its members to contribute or to to give more. into the alliance moving forward defense budgets have been steadily declining across the nato
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alliance with few allies meeting their own goal of spending two percent of g.d.p. on defense. takes a look at me those initial ambitions and its current perspective. the organization was created to counter the soviet union with soviet union long gone it has to keep easy over the years nato has gone from being a defense organization to becoming an offensive force with a missions that go far beyond north america and europe they refer to those ambitions as out of area operations which have included of ghana's stand in libya now part of nato the very powerful part which includes the u.s. the u.k. and france pretty much see those out of area operations as the future of the organization but the zip has to go global doesn't sync well with all twenty eight members of the alliance who know they will have to foot the bill the lack of consensus showed when germany by far europe's strongest nation refused to provide resources for nato bombings two years ago back then nato has gone beyond its un
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mandate which was to protect civilians it has effectively created a power vacuum in which all kinds of extremists have flourished since then not to mention the destruction of the country's infrastructure but it was not just the un mandate with nato has gone beyond its own core principle of the organisation which is to stick to protecting its members the long war in afghanistan has made europe question the alliances mission their time and time again even now as nato forces prepared to withdraw many feared that what they are leaving behind is a security vacuum with promises it of aid that may never be fulfilled as the us is pivoting to asia there's talk among nato members about a wide of partnership like to get japan and australia more involved both have already made significant contributions to nato not just those countries so with the organization growing there is another concern that nato may eventually be tempted to present itself as the whole of the international community when it's not and it may set grounds for lateral actions in the future ignoring the broader
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international community the president is there and nato bombings of yugoslavia in the one nine hundred ninety s. some believe that campaign contributed to the mindset that led to the war in iraq the kind of mindset that the international community the you when can be bypassed at the will of one or two a powerful countries in washington i'm going to check on. nato has been trying to review its military spending amid biting austerity by introducing its smart defense strategy last year it's based on pooling and sharing when partners are supposed to decide what they want to specialize in along with targeted spending on areas of common interest or his various who shape spoke with james goldgeier dean of the school of international service at american university in washington also a former member of the national security council to get his take on the problem is with the notion of smart defense first of all it gives rise to the notion that has been doing up to now is dumb defense which i don't think is the case the effort to
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be smarter is really a reaction to the reality of the financial crisis and the continued cuts that a burden sharing issue is not new the united states is always complaining that the europeans aren't doing enough and i do think that if the united states wants the europeans to do more united states needs to unable to do europeans to have a greater voice in what nato does and doesn't do well is it possible with no clear enemy to fight and not enough money does the modern world still need to nato. well we've seen over the last twenty years that there have been situations that have arisen and nato has responded the balkans in the one nine hundred ninety s. . the war in afghanistan libya where the international community turn to nato to respond to the situation in libya because there's no other institution in the world that can respond in that way so for all the problems nato has there's no other institution in the world that can do what nader does but is nato truly inspiring
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peace around the world that we have been covering a story here at r.t. today so many international professional analysts saying that for example the western led war on terror actually inspired jihad is to group together against the west rather than sowing the seeds of peace around the world how would you read into that these individuals who are responsible for the boston bombings live here in the united states and so it requires a multifaceted response and occasionally that response is going to need to be military in nature to stop attacks from occurring. still to come the hunger for freedom london calling for the release of the wives do you case it is sitting guantanamo has don't always also joined the hunger strike their official saying ninety two detainees involved in the defiant protest lawyers claim the actual number is higher all the details after a short break. will
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do the future good makes two pewters these days so super is the memory for that russian research as have got a few ideas that could make cognitive computing a reality what about the process or check out a radical new architecture that promise is unparalleled power design for the stars is that got you all hot under the collar don't worry because the lead is cooling systems ensure neither you nor the globe's top super computers break a sweat going to update you on a long ways down the future of. the
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international in the very heart of moscow. twenty one minutes past the hour now the u.s. sending more medics to tend to the rising number of hunger strikers at guantanamo bay officials say more than half of the hundred sixty six captives now refusing food with a lot of u.k. resident of the jail among them a small group in london staged a protest against shakhtar are being held at the. detention center demonstrators called for his release and the closure of the camp shakar armor has been twice cleared by u.s. authorities but hasn't been freed that was before washington introduced a new obstacle where the secretary of defense now is to certify that britain is a safe place to which he should return and that he won't commit future crimes shadow lord chancellor saadi khan says even m.p.'s are being kept in the dark though about why aamer is being held without charge the minister today was also the
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question one of the reasons why the american authorities have kept him into tension and he tellis basically that he couldn't tell us why the americans would keep in him in detention so even m.p.'s all being told the reason why the intention is look if you saw something wrong he should face the music he should be charged he should be tried they should be open justice reasons why some of the it is called be heard in public fair enough but they should still be a troll economist's issue if somebody is held in detention indefinitely well the prospect of a trial in two thousand and thirteen but it's a new photo but it's beginning for the last eleven years. is a disgrace it should be closed down. parties focus shocker armors lawyer you can see that interview with clive stafford smith in the next hour meanwhile sixteen detainees on hunger strike at good mode being forced fed to prevent them from starving six in a military hospital in critical condition the protests sparked by alleged
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mistreatment by guards with some detainees increasingly desperate because they're being held indefinitely without charge law professor jonathan hafetz so the crisis though won't end until the demands of the captives are met. the hunger strike says military officials themselves have acknowledged are triggered at the bottom by the system of indefinite detention and the prolonged think about you know course aeration without trial of individuals and it's not surprising that the u.s. is stepping up its its operations because it's no it doesn't want you know it doesn't want individuals to die at one time or because it's going to again i think you know throw into into light the real for want to start relief the real problems that want to animal and the way forward though is to you know is two and a system of indefinite detention to repatriate individuals who. are not can be charged with crimes and the the the few that are going to be charged should be put before a court and given
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a trial that's the that's the only way forward that's the only long term solution to the problem otherwise we're going to continue to see hunger strikes you know look again at and things will continue to happen unless the u.s. puts these puts these measures into place at this point it's just it's just politics that are politics and a lack of political courage a lack of commitment to principles. our online team working round the clock client the best stories and video on our website click over there if you missed something on air and there is even more including this a crowd argentina a concert getting a surprising extra for the price of admission as the sky is lit up by this. gearing to be a meteor all the footage and more on our t.v. plus australian police much the twenty four year old worker id worker who turned out to be the alleged leader of an infamous hacker group have knocked the cia's web site offline and claimed for a cyber attack on the u.s.
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came credit for a cyber attack on the u.s. senate more details on our website. russian opposition leader alexei no vollies gone on trial over embezzlement charges facing up to a decade behind bars for allegedly stealing a half million dollars' worth of timber from a state owned company he insists he's being framed in the case against him is purely political or he's eager to skin off as more. but it's enough when he has once again pleaded not guilty adding that he is sure his innocence will be proven to court meanwhile his lawyers have lodged an objection to the judge accusing it of taking the side of the prosecution the objection was denied along with their appeals to reschedule the hearing and to send the case back to the prosecutor's office and they've been saying they're not being given enough time to properly go through all the documents and that the case itself was put together with the various irregularities but exactly a week ago the defense did manage to reschedule the hearing and they've hopefully said that the tactic to delay stall and attract as much media attention
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a sponsible and in that sense they have been quite successful similar as exactly a week ago courtroom spanked with journalists in no one is one of the most controversial opposition bloggers in the country e.b.m. why leave no one due to his online anti corruption projects he's a few was critical of the kremlin and became one of the leaders of the opposition during last year's mass protest he's also known for his a linked for his linked to russian nationalists and the authorities are accusing him of organizing a criminal scheme to steal a round a half a million dollars worth of timber from a state company allegedly back in two thousand and nine when he was the aide to the local governor in quito of found guilty he may be looking at up to ten years behind bars but. these orders. are denying all the accusations and are saying that this is purely political. turning now to some other stories making global headlines this hour and a man shot and killed five people in the small u.s.
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town of manchester illinois victims all members of the same family including the grandmother a young couple and two children ages one and five another child in serious condition in the hospital police shot the suspect as he fled the scene he died of his injuries later in the hospital locals claim the man was stressed by custody battle with another member of the same family. in dhaka bangladesh about one hundred people killed when an eight story building collapsed army police and volunteers still working to find victims trapped under rubble at least eight hundred people injured reports say two thousand people in the building when it came down only the ground floor which housed a mall and several factories stayed intact locals say they saw cracks forming in the building tuesday. and the death toll in iraq hit one hundred after two days of deadly violence thirty five died wednesday including twenty two in the inner and the under arrest afterward benj crusade following a deadly raid by security forces on
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a protest camp near kirkuk where fifty three were killed iraqi officials met to discuss the mounting crisis according to the parliament speaker the military's actions in kirkuk were quote a flagrant violation of the constitution. next opinions clashing heated debate crosstalk stay with us here on r.t. . you know sometimes you see a story and it seems so you think you understand it and then you glimpse something else you hear or see some other part of it and realized everything you thought you knew you don't know i'm tom are welcome to the big picture.


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