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tv   Headline News  RT  April 25, 2013 12:00pm-12:29pm EDT

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international in the very heart of moscow. grilled by the nation russian president vladimir putin holds his first countrywide q. and a session since reelection saying he's always been dismayed by the west defying tourists in russia as quote insurgents. unemployment in spain are rockets to more than twenty seven per cent with protesters who are suffering at the hands of austerity taking to the streets of lisbon and madrid venting anger at the trio of international lenders. under a strike at the guantanamo bay detention center dragging on u.s. officials admitting the scale of the protest is rising ninety four detainees now said to be involved.
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eight pm in moscow i met très a good to have you with us here on r t we begin with some breaking news this hour u.s. defense secretary chuck hagel has said his intelligence services have quote some confidence that the syrian government used chemical weapons on a small scale he said it's thought that the nerve agent sarin was used against civilians and rebel fighters these comments the first confirmation by the u.s. of alleged use of such weapons but only on tuesday hagel had said that he doubted similar concerns that were raised by israel president obama has long said that the use of chemical weapons would be quote a red line we'll bring you more details on this as they come in. russian president vladimir putin says he was always appalled when western nations supported insurgency and russia never considered them as terrorists that was just one of the messages from his nationwide q. and a session the event went on for a record four hours forty seven minutes beating the previous longest by a quarter of an hour. has more. the recent tragedy in boston and the events which
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did right after that were watched by the whole world in russia is no exception especially after it was established that the two suspected terrorists war of chechen origin and the president did comment on that reminding how critical the west was of moscow's anti terror efforts in the caucasus and how international media often presented. as freedom fighters and the president said he hopes this would change now and actually russian and american security services would be able to increase their joint efforts in combat in terror but you know we're going to show that ordinary american citizens are not to blame they don't understand what's happening i would like to address russian and u.s. citizens by saying that russia has been among the first victims of international terrorism i was always appalled when our western partners and the western media labeled terrorists who committed bloody crimes in our country insurgents and almost
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never terrorists these groups received intelligence financial and political support directly and indirectly we said to declarations merely proclaiming terrorism a common threat not a now we must get the job done but i've got to put in did confirm that he received two letters from bodies because of steal one when he was still alive and he said that the former take on the acts. admitted making mistakes which harmed russia he asked for forgiveness basically and to ask the president to allow them return to russia where he was up to the latest point and to the end of the sickly of his life on of the most wanted list since he was found guilty. of various crimes and while the president said that despite all the commotion in international media about visa letters he still personally decided not to publish them since he says even though they were not closely acquainted it was still a private. letter with
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a private request the story. line is definitely in the headlines in russia and abroad so one of the questions was asked about one of the leaders of the opposition who is now being accused of organizing a criminal scheme to steal state property and while the president commented saying that if you are openly fighting against corruption like a legacy you know what i mean who is basically made his popularity through his online anti corruption project then you have to be absolutely clear and clean in front of the law and if there are any allegations emerged then it's strictly to go up to the court to decide. because i'm bored it's got up to people who fight corruption have to be completely clean themselves otherwise their actions become nothing more than self promotion and political advertising just because someone is trying to catch a thief doesn't mean they should be allowed to steal themselves that doesn't mean
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however that a person should be tried and locked up for any reason whatsoever just because his views may differ from those of the government i'm positive that novell nice case will be heard in the new objective manner. for the first time since two thousand and one of this securing a session was held the would follow up question so basically it's went from the ordinary question answer question answer scheme to a discussion which lasted nearly five hours and the last of the different issues were talked about including the recent law on foreign agents which basically obliges n.g.o.s with foreign sponsors to register themselves as foreign agents and be under state control and this the law is widely criticized by the opposition and the president also commented on that saying that the law does not bear n.g.o.s from operating in russia it just obliges them to report to the authorities where they're getting their money from and how they want to spend it and. which purpose and he
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added that a similar wall exists in the united states since the mid nineteenth thirty's and actually talking about the relations between moscow and washington the issue of the monkey act also came up and everything that followed doubts about moscow's reaction basically that act itself is strongly one of the biggest stumbling block in the relations between the two countries and the president has named it once again and imperialistic and to russian law which only harm deletions while right now both russia and the united states really have to do more about how to develop ties rather than worsening them. with putin urging more cooperation between the u.s. and russia to fight the terror threat in the wake of the boston attacks r.t. goes on the bombing trail with the investigation into the marathon attack in full swing we hear from the parents of the two main suspects a little later in the program. but first frustration with austerity deepening among europeans with spain's unemployment jumping to
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a forty seven point two percent which almost one in five in the workplace doesn't have a job people into heavily indebted nations launching fresh protests against their governments and international lenders let's get the latest from artie's peter all for joining us live from lisbon. so peter give us the background about what's going on here people taking to the streets there what do you see. people that come out. at the usual twenty fifth of april celebrations to commemorate the on the anniversary of the revolution it took place in the one nine hundred seventy four this year however there's also the large protests against the financial mistreatment as they see it by both their own government and by the three main lead in this in europe it's not so much the full of the apocalypse but the three money lenders of europe that political people appearing will bring about ruin still to me a little bit more about just why. the most. people have pulled together they could
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be said to say i'm joined by tell come out of all you say and to try to based show you they did eastwood a political trick i mean saw seventy. we have been experiencing for more than a year and i have certain measures which have in fact destroyed every. prospect of social status welfare state where people have decent jobs and some living and now we have over one million unemployed. even the debts and deficits which were talked about still to call for the troika there are worse still it's policies are you know when we are wrong and the people at the recognize it and they want the troika to young to know when you talk about troika we're talking about the international monetary fund the european union and the european central bank which you'd like to see in which you look like they should like to see the portuguese government do more to stand up to these three well the forty seven unfortunately
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goes beyond the troika they are very enthusiastic we would say fanatical neoliberal economics defenders and so they tend to go even further but of course we would want to wants a government which will stand up to the troika and say well we may have a problem with the debts but it will not cost us our lives and the life of this entire people to pay its debts which basically is something you know at this demonstration which seems thousands of people marching with bonnie's to some of those bodies depicting the german chancellor angela merkel alongside models hitler a goose is also coming on to talk the slogans why is that comparison being made that's something that a lot of people can't get over these comparisons being made that well it's it's it's unfortunate people teaching tool establish historical parallels. to the current effects of troikas policies which are very much. put forward by germany by
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the berkeley particular are recognized as the problem which is being. to strike the country in not only this country told all other countries in southern europe even highland. so angela merkel is being portrayed as maybe the standard bearer for the situation and course we know that you can cite germany there's a lot of people being very poorly very badly and so this we cannot see this is charming but actually the policies smirk and political parties putting forward are destroying europe. over the drones thank you very much for speaking to us on just demonstrations taking place here in portugal over the border in scheme is also a large demonstration happening in the capital trades spain of course rocked by those who sell high. unemployment in the country over six million in
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spain right now the most since nine hundred seventy six the death those francisco franco in the end of the dictatorship in spain so we're talking about serious all people in spain that's why this funny people are out on the streets and we're also hearing in the last few moments that in france they've announced new unemployment think is a record high two point five million unemployed in france as well so this unemployment epidemic certainly spreading around europe and with its comes demonstrations like only seeing a real lisbon like what we're seeing imagery as the people take the deceased a voice they discount said all right artist peter are alive for us in lisbon thank you and your guest both for that report. skepticism soaring across the fuel by banking crises congress will bail outs and harsh austerity later surveys showing trust in the block has plummeted to historically low levels let's take a look at the figures collected by
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a year. the use polling organization now in debt stricken spain the number who said they don't trust the european union has risen from twenty three percent in two thousand and seven to seventy two percent last year in the u.k. previously half the population had no confidence in the e.u. well that's almost seven percent now in germany europe powerhouse in its biggest economy thirty six percent had lost their trust in europe back in zero seven and two thousand and twelve almost sixty percent in italy it was twenty eight percent you skeptic five years later it's more than half paul hampel from the alternative for germany party says the figures aren't a surprise given all the mistakes europe's movers and shakers have lately been making. the petition them to give them in the european union especially in the euro states has done such a lot of things wrong and. misuse of treaties we made and doing it will be kept all the time that there is no faith and evil in in our experts to stabilize already even to defeat the crisis some hundred years ago the german williams
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a second said the german spirit will use the problems of the world and. my impression is that we try again you know to do europeans as you must do with the german way but the other countries especially in southern europe vote you go to play in greece italy and france not to forget the count do it that way because they have a different economy and they have to find their owed their own to which one of the most important tool is to get back to the old currency when they can reach to reduce the value of their money and can compete internationally once again i think these countries are more or less on their own they have to manage their problems for us in their own country and the troika. the two it's especially not into naturally the two it's to help countries like portugal spain and greece. u.s. officials now admitting that an almost daily basis to guantanamo bay hunger strike is rising lawyers for the prisoners claim the real figures though are higher with
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the majority there are seven hundred sixty six detainees now refusing food official numbers started to grow after prison guards are trying to break up the protest get more official saying ninety four detainees now starving themselves with seventeen being force fed and three in the hospital there have been several recent suicide attempts and the military is muslim advisor says he had four of the protests may lead to deaths many are held at the prison without charge and the majority think they'll never walk free artie's guide reports the military has been updating the numbers since the middle of march saying at the beginning that there were fourteen people on strike it is hanis defense lawyers have been saying all along they were made. war around one hundred thirty they would say earlier this month the president tried to put an end to the strike by putting the inmates in solitary confinement authorities said they raided the communal living area and forced the detainees into individual cells to prevent them from covering cameras didn't help the number has doubled since then the quartering to the officials again the numbers that we've
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been getting from defense lawyers were different all along out of one hundred sixty six one tunnel prisoners eighty six have been cleared for release so the sole reason they're still held captive is their nationality i had a chance to ask the. assistant secretary on human rights about this collective punishment based on nationality here's what she said the president has made clear his commitment to closing guantanamo but this has to be done in accordance with u.s. law in consultation with the congress so it has to reassure you back to their statements by the white house and the spokesman that it's not just about those who have been cleared for release but many other inmates have never been formally accused of being defense lawyers say it's been a dead end for them trying to get their clients out whenever asked about these issues the administration gives the same response they were first to congress what the lawyers say even with the transfer restrictions in place the current law still
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allows for the administration to use waivers to some of these men but they for some reason don't use those it's really not clear what can change the status quo at this point an advisor for the pentagon who visited guantanamo last week came back and said that he predicted the ongoing strike would lead to death so a long time muslim advisor at guantanamo who goes by the name zack who goes only by his first name for security reasons he said quote there will be more than one death and then he added that the detainee called wanted to die out of hunger and thirst behind covered camors end of quote and the question many now ask is what if someone really dies in this hunger strike will it change something in washington i'm going to. still to come rising violence in iraq the country's suffering of its bloodiest chapters since u.s. troops pulled out with ethnic clashes in bombings leaving more than one hundred dead more on that after this short break stay with us.
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the international in the very heart of moscow. nineteen minutes past the hour now the mother of the two boston marathon bombing suspects claims she's seen video proving her son tamar line was still alive after being detained police had earlier said that the oldest brother was run over by his younger sibling who was making his getaway or he's tom barton has more about what was said by both brothers parents at a press conference in dagestan. in this press conference the mother and father said that they spoke about what their next plans would be and how their feelings were at this moment or the mothers of bedat said that she was probably going to
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give up her u.s. citizenship she was very emotional in this short press conference she restated that she thought her sons were innocent that they've been framed. you know to do it. like this. why. why. why. the father and the source says now that he wants to fly to the u.s. perhaps today perhaps tomorrow as soon as possible really to pick up the body of his son tom alon also lands widow and his grandson tom once son fly with them back to russia to help look after them the mother also adds that she is not quite sure whether she's going to go to the u.s. as well there is a shoplifting charge there she says she doesn't think she did it but she's still nervous she may face arrest if she goes said he was very late on co-opted by his
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brother into this plot converted into this more extremist or planned to plan the punter's bombs the boston marathon. tunnel and himself has also been put from anonymous sources say on a cia database of people to luminosity which is added also to previous investigations by the f.b.i. so it raises further questions as to why these two were not picked up. revelations about timelines are and i have having been in the cia database for more than a year just some of the details emerging with the investigation still in its infancy but some of the global media already leaping to conclusions their portrayal of the suspects according to our t's and. a terror act that shocked the u.s. the suspects in one thousand nine hundred twenty six year old that's our naive brothers joe hart was a u.s. citizen to milan on his way to becoming one but both of chechen origin the older
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brother to milan is said to have traveled to dagestan in russia for several months . to be. just on the show to make detonators put these things together with. nutrition despite the media ridge these locations remain unknown to some lot of people are confusing it with check with the back again and. yeah whatever it's called i know i did i can't assume that the majority of americans today even speak english young at the time of the bombings that star nine have spent the last decade living in the u.s. in the country. and while the origin and yet again religion are already largely gleaned as the root of all evil the investigation is only in its first stages so the family maybe their cameras just south of her mother and there are those who knew the two brothers cd media is taking it over the top they can't always be trying to rush to be the first ones to break
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a new piece of information local blogger luis vasquez knew both brothers while he was here since he was one and if you didn't know to harras name you would just assume that he was an american around here we have a very diverse community and it's normal to hear for someone to go back to their country he says over some sation allies in the background doesn't get any answers to the question why being answered temple and even from coaching with his brother they would never go around town. asked about their religion the most. extensive conversation i've had about about their background is them telling me where they're from that's that's and then after that all this talk about boxing and let's talk about lunch that's some you'll went to high school with joe hart who has now been charged with the use of weapons of mass destruction so the media has a way of spinning things of course and with regards to his nationality to me it doesn't matter. it shouldn't matter what his religion is either when i graduated
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there were forty five languages spoken just in my graduating class alone it is not unusual in fact it is very common to hear a foreign language he reminds us that the only suspect alive after the bombings has lived in america since the age of eight i didn't come here at a younger age you know from everyone that they will tell you and they have told me on certain occasions you know this person was part of the community the attack feels even more personal and devastating for samuel because he knew the brother is responsible but pointing fingers he says at places of birth or religion is far from crucial what is solving this case and bringing justice that takes time and time and effort that would hopefully lead to innocent people feeling safe again security in this country seems like it's more for show than for anything a lot of times unfortunately. that needs to change while the media pick apart every single detail they can lay their hands and ears on it seems that what should matter after the tragedy is tackling terrorism and global threats that has no upbringing
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or religion but has become the curse of the twenty first century not just here but all over the world and especially church in our party boston massachusetts. there's a lot more online as well including this getting into israel about to become a harder as a new and controversial security check is given a state stamp of approval that israel's been growing in airports doubt e-mail inbox according to a recent decision by the attorney general more on this on our web site. and according to the head of the anti terrorist services five hundred young europeans have already up to the left the comforts of home for syria fighting on the front line alongside the country's rebels the full story online at our teeth dot com. and news just in iraq a police saying forty one people have been killed now in clashes between gunmen and security forces in the northern city of mosul earlier iraqi authorities said gunmen have taken over a sunni town north of baghdad rising violence in the country spurring fears of more
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bloodshed and wider sectarian conflict some locals say the country could be on the same road as war torn neighboring syria clashes between the shiite dominated government and sunni gunmen along with separate terror attacks both left more than one hundred dead in the past several days alone it's the worst spate of violence since u.s. forces left at the end of two thousand and eleven and it comes amid deepening political turmoil with the government struggling to get key power brokers to work together middle east expert lawrence davidson blames the u.s. though for sparking the crisis by toppling the iraqi regime with no stable alternative. two thousand you're really where we remove saddam city as the darling what is really bad guy. nobody was go they do all. their area and szell by words or very very you know and you remove. the you know it's really wasted and no real incentive and
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there are no hard. to try to. switch sides together and which is this are. very violent it should have never got to that we opened pandora's box and we couldn't close even when we were there earlier and the question is what can close. max and stacey coming up with their take on world finances keyser report next.
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morning news today violence is once again flared up. these are the images the world has been seeing from the streets of canada. giant corporations rule the day. max keiser welcome to the kaiser report crash is the new black. crashes your gold crashes your crash crashes crashes the new thing it's the in
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thing stacy x. crash so this season you should try some the first tweet from hacked a.p. twitter account causes dow to drop one hundred fifty points now we all know this was the a.p. tweeted out that the white house there were two explosions at the white house and obama was injured in fact it was a hacked a.p. twitter account that sent this out and then they have life from that reads from a twitter hack to the complete evaporation of all market liquidity and one chart the chart here is from an x. and it shows the plunge the hundred fifty point plunge but you see no liquidity right well that's exactly right stacy herbert because these markets are essentially a hologram they're hologram that is concocted with algorithms that are injected into the protoplasm that is pseudo liquidity called new york stock exchange and all related contingencies markets tend general markets derivative
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markets and it's riding on the edge of an event horizon called probability of one hundred percent that this going to blow. there is no underlying liquidity people say derivatives and a quitter and that's a false a people say market making as iterated by as defined by lloyd blankfein or jamie diamond that's a lie these markets are nothing but a shadow of a shadow of a kind mera a whole gram and they're going to blow and the other thing that c m b c noted here was that it's not so much that the computers and if she did trades what happened is that they can't.


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