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i'm crew decided to sue a.b.c. news and force them not to divulge their company's secrets as well as punish them for defamation against their profit which led to profit losses and guess what they won the lawsuit well the faming products that on mass could destroy the health of millions of americans is no blasphemy in my book but that's just my opinion. download the official publication yourself choose your language stream quality and enjoy your favorite. if you're away from your television just doesn't matter with your mobile device you can watch on see anytime anywhere.
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for example. and i'm going to bring my dozens of them myself with. as i don't want to go to. as i say if we. don't come to agreement to. see a lie. every cause i want to commit another go then i've got an agreement and it's only to government. now because i want to kill me. and. there's trouble and i don't i'm strong. i feel i'm giving them probably.
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just because i said if you give us the right. way. back in the truck or the villagers go about their lives in close proximity to the militants. one fisherman contemplates the choices young men must make when faced with the challenge of being poor in the niger delta. my dad is a fish and my grandad is a fish and so i learn a fund. that's been polluted the water is no
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longer not sure i believe is to be is not the least it can become so the fish asked can. you. across and. they call themselves. people from. across the river to members of the local my punky wander through a nearby village that is under the protection. of all these people all of the way it is becoming what i was drinking. i when i went to see for this video
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is so needy i see stuff from a man. named initiative at our federal government have a lot of what's a national companies and why in our community i'm going to community l.n.g. more mobility. i don't give it to myself i doubt if i don't because i don't really know what i was on that's why does what i doubt that what. i say will fight for our own rights a call last minute article last night of policy but it all kind of neat to see what . they are all fighting for self-interest is they don't all want to be suffering like is when god i've already blessed us on and gave us all this oil and gas on all this is how we are supposed to be surviving from x. and you think there's something and if it would not we wouldn't want it we marry what would. you marry how would you monies to feed so that is why we decided no to
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going to the booze fight for our rights you see today. i would die for the notion of a long time to fight for the last three years you not done it without a doubt as we start from the asphalt and i believe i would know what. we've done when i marched out. into a role here. well i can. buy them for that was too much of a mercy by saying something if you say anything against them in newcastle and nothing would save you there are so many dead birds understood that dick keen that we have made it out on his side on this is the sole. if you had any bad news from you from you that day it's. one of those that do keep.
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a lot of them with no don't worry whoever shot the gun because skull. muster chairman. who fired the gun. that it was ten ten the fire the gun. punishment was also meted out among the zero call in my pocket after one militant loses control of his weapon and i certainly fires two bullets across the can. not. be done. i think ten ten fired off two shots down. over there he could have killed somebody my . good. friend opened the chamber and gave somebody the good lawyer hide your face or i'll slap your wife was she shot. among us we.
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give that man twenty give the other ten each suffering some lessons you must learn led. rumors reached the village of the execution of two one armed fisherman at the government base in nearby bani. there accused of being militant inform us. a video of the incident later emerges. in neighboring delta state civilians flee as helicopter gunships attack rebel camps and villages where militants were entrapped . video surfaces of their flight. the aftermath.
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the military occasion and the villagers displaced from their homes. with militants in their own midst and happen to be talking recruit fearful they too may come under attack father. nothing is too afraid to do this problem that is coming fatah we are if you are in homs. should be no fine bullet out for us also in jesus' name this well that is going that they're going by hey i don't i want to fight we need to protect the part i just miss in jesus' name god all we ask from you so into the out of this report that does admit peace in the house fatah led job peace in jesus and him in result. in mind i saw him. i told my people that it's
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a problem. i saw people in this village can delegates. into jobs. today i know you'll see everybody in this village has packed the things about. them in maine and sent us a message that everybody should meet this place they sent it through one of our elders. military people on maybe doing nothing all of these people. that this was. very much afraid of. lendl always gone but you don't know what will happen. however now you see i'm on the way i like. to you that he sees the sadness. as the villagers depart from me john kerry they are calling my pongee going recognizance mission contemplating a possible attack on shells liquid natural gas plant and the security forces on
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body island he's going. to. get the one with the beheaded what i was. the end . inside a community so to. this want to is just. form one and walk down there and like. you have to see shirley.
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with their families. who will keep on fighting and if they don't stop it's well going to do is do production audit of all these colonies that he asked minima. i you know her know. i just wonder why i'm. up i do wonder well i wonder not at dunbar that the arrow met her womb or there's not or there's no regard for our girl who. was all over. there not on. the take is not some sun for the night waiting
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for the situation to change equally ready to rise again and fight or quietly return to ordinary life but i've begun to wonder whether most of the guys were really here to fight for a noble cause the villagers had lost faith in them it seemed the choices that led them to join were borne out of socio economic conditions that offered them no good education broken families and virtually no opportunities to earn an honest living and many after a long exile in the wilderness dream of returning home. anytime somebody who calls his yemeni if you like let me be a. funnel cloud is your morning. yeah he always went for the free don't hold that's not the time and least that is.
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up to the sides. to. go an. above. the below. the bad.
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publicity . above. yeah. you. when you're about international airport in the heart of
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moscow. my father. was and was in need of a tech i called together leaders and representatives of other militant groups and reversed it a delegation just returned from a buddha or a port to attack and the negotiations with the federal government regarding the terms of a first amnesty it is obvious signs go i get it. going and he's a salad and sang part is that when he met with for instance we told him that was first lady on this oil belongs to us so we must be empowered it is our own oil but the houses the are robust and the ibos used to empower themselves meanwhile we are the ones giving the bad names and you kill us every day in the name of our own oil but. if we did that it fast fast the minister of the finance minister of this
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conference and this is your own decision if i view an interview on this and bill clinton was made into the athlete can it afford. that last resort and. suggestions that with a cause for one that would eventually pay off i want to organise a week on wall street i want to see a new way of way any time because we can all speak one thrusts so more women bio again that. i don't now. yeah so what you came for is good i've heard the whole report from you have elaborated on the issue come on let's compose ourselves properly so now is this thing that started and let's handle it well and see what the outcome will be that's my advice as the meeting adjourns it is clear that in nigeria's capital discussions are underway that may determine the fate of all the niger delta militants.
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i am new member you know. but as this is. a model the loans will move. on the us you know for so many of them for end up reason. you and i pray to him it is but i don't want to hear and there's another problem was when i. know what answer was like dough into the prison. i am trying to continue the business he's doing a lot of good will bless him was you. know
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i'm a person that's always in the hands of god when i pray to god very well i go up and she goes if they take no delay nothing exists. but she has permission i show his mother some video clips of him in the camp without revealing details of the life in which he is engaged. i'm going to she's the one that's the difference in their look that's what's an about. a lot more there's so much. where does this song that are used to seeing clearly and. there's a song dancing and. not get it. off life. is no good too and it's no good at all.
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and as monday it's used to take an awful slow and nice woman that used to take care of us very well i love her so much. from. it's so easy. for you. i think i have not seen him. she doesn't know i'm here she thinks you know that time i answered this police station she heard about it and she heard the police station burned down and i was still inside when it happened the only time. since that so since that time for a few years now i haven't seen her on a month and she must think i'm dead if you don't have to tell him to come back let me see him you know here please. you know. the president of nigeria mara muesli are doing makes a statement i want to write the impact his face i know my friend.
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and. i think. i think the commission. is there now yet. the militants are given a period of two months to accept the deal. yes cheema. where are you never know. when are you coming back. when are you coming up. and. why did you say. shima. ok
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scott. what is doing the work you lend. you son i'm not. there if you don't what do you say you know me again you hear what i'm saying there . but i'm in amman. a little too has come back how can i live in that he says he's been praying see me that god should bless me. i don't know how ya know he says he will come back. in one of the really want to see my brother. i went to see gene langan. the militants remain in camp what are leaders negotiate the terms of their surrender. move with you no doubt. you are just like those that.
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i called my savior most school. friend but the homeless man. we are broadcasting on in the business i get this you know small flows from good friend saying. this is the it's and this infant who was the color same seattle buzzin who's in the middle this is schools than any business. is the friend. that's our minds. they. are brought up in the business. of the same thing that was done as i have to look it is to cut the top of the. us.
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was such . that. the last prominence medicines in nigeria has given up his weapons to an amnesty deal with the government comes off to years of rebel led attacks on nigeria's oil industry damaging his economy and costing the country billions in lost revenue now the government has offered cash and jobs for thousands of fighters in return. but will it last. a rarity welcome in paltalk court for one of nigeria's most notorious rebel commanders. a man in charge of two thousand fighters about to lay down his arms in exchange for cash and education. i suppose for the
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cameras and then the serious business of hunting over his few just begun. well as for me john kerry returned to their homes damaged to brought a period of relative calm to the niger delta they wouldn't last. tom paulo boileau father go go attack a tom and a host of other militant bosses took the president's deal and laid down their weapons but the root causes of the conflict were never addressed there are still no good roads no good schools and no good hospitals the oil still flows the oil companies get richer the west and she boil while the environment is further polluted. today the villagers need giacomo continue to cast their hooks in the oily water of the niger delta.
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the mountain and i want to run a mile a mile run and a little run and run. fast. it's. plays in his allegations the u.s. defense secretary says the syrian government is likely to have used chemical weapons on a small scale reportedly targeting civilians and rebel fighters. grilled by
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the nation president putin holding his first nationwide q. and a session since reelection saying he's always been dismayed by the west defying terrorists in russia as insurgents. unemployment peaking at a record of three point two million in france a soaring above twenty seven per cent in spain with protesters suffering at the hands of austerity taking to the streets in lisbon and madrid venting their anger at a trio of international lenders.


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