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the live our phone lines are now open so if you want to share an opinion make you come ask a question live on the air give us a call to two nine zero four twenty one thirty four so you get the first call or the night nicholas in las vegas a necklace you want to talk about the boston are. great. i really want to talk about the boston bombing. from what i. love to travel i really don't pay attention to them in regards to. all they've been talking about the boston bombing and where things like this is going on. your computer bombings could be essentially a card for plan to increase security and take away our rights no i don't. i've heard that put forward there are a few folks who are suggesting and in fact actually a member of congress quoted one of them yesterday that this is a false flag operation that was done by our government that it was you know this
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kind of thing i don't think so i think the story that we're seeing is the story we're seeing. the older brother was apparently. a very very damaged person who was medicalized in. without getting into a whole long thing and then his younger brother got dragged into this and you know it's it's what it was you're right there is enough discussion of sr there's a lot not a leftist question of a lot of things that's been the case of their news ever since the eighty's when reagan stepped in forcing the. fairness doctrine requiring news to be news and so now we have infotainment it's unfortunate let's go to our first video question of the night this is carrie in clarkston washington. we're talking about gun control laws or gun registry laws. well i just went in to get my driver's license renewed and now. the d.m.v. is requiring face recognition photography and i don't know about registry but i
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certainly would like the people that own guns to maybe consider voluntarily something like that to show that they are you know people that own guns for honorable reasons just a suggestion thanks tom love this new format thanks kerry and thanks for submitting a video question you can do it just by you know recording it on your cell phone and e-mail it to us the. the idea of a gun registry ironically is one that nobody has proposed no nobody in congress has proposed this and yet this is the straw man you know i think frankly it might be a good idea but nonetheless this is the straw man that the n.r.a. has been you know the flag of they've been waving no gun registry so they can come knock on your door and say give me your gone yeah right. i think very simply if you're a gun should be registered based on
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a serial number which you know guns typically have serial numbers for the time it's manufacture until the time is destroyed just like cars. we should insure guns and gun owners just like we do cars at least for liability i think it's ironic that the kids in newtown those twenty children newtown their parents their families are getting nothing to help pay for their grieving or even their funerals and you know if they'd been here you know if adam lanza had chosen to mow them down with a car you know geico would be paying out millions of bucks so number two insurance and number three some proof of proficiency yet to get a driver's license like you carry you just got your driver's license renewed you have to demonstrate that you know how to use a car demonstrate that you know how to use a gun and you know that i think everything is copacetic and by the way the about that standard those three basic things at least two of those three basic things are pretty much the norm in most of the civilized countries of the world brian in washington d.c. hey brian what's on your mind that. you have to miss you show thank you.
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for jews several occasions there's nothing in the constitution they didn't use the right to vote. but the farmers of the constitution knew that they could not cover all the bases of a group. for citizens to clear. excuse me declare rights that aren't covered by the constitution my question is can you use them i have been true to the votes. and if you can't use them i have to declare what the vote in the markers and what is that for. the ninth amount of basically says. you know. the any of the rights which have been defined which cannot be infringed by the government in amendments one through eight six five six seven and eight having to do with criminal trials you know the first being free speech and religion the second being guns third being not
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a quarter in soldiers in your home fourth being privacy any of those rights. if we overlooked anything all rights to the people and the enumeration of certain rights shall not be construed to deny or disparage others retained by the people so basically because the people so i think that that's an argument that you could make . the right to vote is actually quantified in the constitution but it's quantified for specific people in the thirteenth amendment it says that people who . shall not lose their right to vote because of a condition of previous servitude slaves will be allowed to vote. one thousand and twenty at the moment is the one that gives women the right to vote but just a general affirmative right to vote for everybody the framers of the constitution because they did not intend for everybody to vote in the very beginning and i think that we need to have an affirmative right to vote because if we had an affirmative
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right to vote if we were to amend the constitution or even pass a good strong law that simply says there is an affirmative right to vote in the united states and shall not be infringed and if you want to make an exception of people who are mass murderers or something but even then i'd. write a book once you've done that then you blow up all of these anti alexion anti voting strategies the republicans in alec in the billionaires keep throwing at us so i think it's a good thing i think it would would be a good thing i don't think you could do it with the ninth amendment the person michael lost you want to talk about the texas explosion. first of all a compliment you're the only source. on t.v. that that has the boston marathon reported about the texas explosion and. the boston marathon this abby mark. hours ago is
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a classic example of blowback we did think. somebody to. predictable process decided that they were going to make american take americans pay the cost on the other hand we have this huge explosion many more people killed in texas and i would like to see them prosecuted the same way as this kid in boston. called basically basically willfully welding weapons of mass destruction and why is why is nobody even showing up outside the home of the c.e.o.'s company why aren't we seeing. any should be confiscated and. everybody should be basically dismissed their property should be sold and the proceeds go to a fund for the victims and people will say well this puts a crimp on capitalism farai if capitalism is not if people know that when
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they call cause mass destruction and murder whether the state inspection or not they will be held accountable it won't happen and maybe we'll have to pay a little more for our goods but it's worth it michel i totally agree with the prior to the eighteen ninety's on average about two thousand companies a year across the united states were given the corporate death penalty were literally put out of business by their states their property was sold their stock holders lost everything the property was sold and a new market niche was created for some new entrepreneur who wants to come along and do it because those companies were not operating in the public interest and we need to go back to that we need to revisit our corporate charter laws eight hundred ninety six called the charter green arrow it was when the when largely under the pressure of john rockefeller the corporate charter laws got changed in most of the states and we really need to go back to the idea that if you're going to do business in the united states the first thing that you have to do is meet the
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public needs not not the need for a particular product but behave in a way that operates in the public good michael in seattle washington hey michael what's up you want to talk about punishing corporations to. thank you. so great a pretty discolored touched on some of what i wanted to say and that is the lack of consequences i actually was in both the army and the navy and took an oath to defend my country against all enemies foreign and domestic and i feel like there are more domestic terrorists overseeing us without consequence just like the previous caller stated why isn't that c.e.o. being brought up and treated like the boston bomber if these companies and our government are allowed to do things to it's supposed to be a government of by and for the people the purpose of government just to state guard us not line their pockets and have a career and it's just unconscionable that we as a people haven't spoken up i wanted to get into that that there's
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a that web site we the people where you can request and i'd like to say that it would be nice if we could get together and say look if you any elected official from the city councilman opposing north dakota up to the president of united states any elected u.s. citizen that but trace the public trust is a traitor and he's on his way to get well. thank you for the call. you know blanket statements any all the time off to get money but i'm i'm with you on this you know on this whole idea of this this guy just you know this company betraying the public trust and the fact that we're not dealing with corporate terrorism as terrorism or corporate malfeasance the way that we're dealing with you know waste two guys of this bomb and all this kind of thing and and it really is i mean five thousand people here in the united states die in the workplace and they die in the workplace virtually always because some company wanted to make an extra buck in
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long island new york just just we just have a minute left ed quick want. to say thank you it's it's just so insidious the way everything has been reduced to to politics what's going right to. divide and conquer whether it's climate oil fracking geo it makes it so effective for the other side to be able to just put out propaganda and people believe it and that's the end of the conversation and i think that's so unfortunate because there's so many important things that. i agree with you had and apropos of both your call and the caller before we no longer have a constitutionally limited democratic republic in the united states we have what is tending toward oligarchy and basically a constitutional monarchy where the monarch so the nine people on the supreme court and they've decided that corporations are people in the money is speech and that's something that has to be done as said for your take my take thanks for all your
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calls but you get your calls and i try is back next week and keep the video questions common. it's easy just grab your phone record your question or comment and e-mail it to us at your take my take add g. mail dot com. after the break one man has successfully turned far right conservatism in america into a cult that's growing larger and larger every day who is america's newest cult leader the how's he driving a wedge between conservatives in the republican party i'll tell you when i was daily to. the world to the future good makes to pewters these days so super earth is the memory for that russian research is have got a few ideas that could make cognitive computing a reality what about the process or check out a radical new architecture that promise is unparalleled power design for the stars
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is that got you all hot under the collar closed because cooling systems ensure neither you nor the globe's top super computers break a sweat technology i'm going to cheer on sheesh we've got the future covered. let me let me i want to know wouldn't let me ask you a question from. here on this network is what we're having a debate we have our knives out. the truth is this time it's a bad thing there's a gap here in the situation where be an itinerary to talk about your mailing me.
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the international airport in the very heart of moscow. is thursday solecki a geeky and a very smart animal kingdom we start off tonight with everyone's favorite insect the ant rich or is that the diversity of switzerland individually barcode tag every worker ant in an entire colony and then track them with a computer or to learn how they were working together over forty one days the team of researchers tagged and studied six different colonies each with more than one hundred carpenter ants to better observe them the answer placed in flat easily
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filmable enclosures answer costly memories which allow the researchers together two point four billion readings with a total of nine point four billion different interactions between the ants after forty one days of studies the researchers were able to make some pretty amazing conclusions it turns out that of the ants studied nearly forty percent were nurse ants these ants tended to stay with the queen ant and her brood and cared for the younger ends thirty percent of the ants were foragers they were responsible for gathering most of the colonies food there remain thirty percent of the and studied where the colonies janitors they cleaned the colony and visited the rubbish piles the other and said created and it turns out much like humans the ants moved between jobs as they got older nurse ants tended to be younger and the janitor ants which were tied to typically younger than the forgery ends but it's not the only surprisingly spart species in the animal kingdom according to new research the
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roving choral group a species of predator fish usually found near tropical reefs uses sign language to help other predator fish species detect hiding. this is the first time that a fish has been known to make specific signs that alert other fish to an object of mutual interest according to the study group biologists in switzerland in england studied how the coral grouper worked with two other species of one hundred fish the giant moray eliminate and napoleon wrasse a grouper had burst speed to capture prey in open water while the iau can slide into places where small fish and the ras has powerful jaws that can suck out prey for various places or even smash the reef around it when these fish work together to find prey the coral grouper has to sign language signals that it uses the first as a kind of body shape that performs in front of the more
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a heel as an imitation to join in the chase for prey the second is a headstand in which the group or performs is to indicate to the eagle or to the ras the prey is either hiding nearby or there was last seen in that location the researchers carried out one hundred eighty seven hours of observations of groupers in the wild and reefs off australia and egypt so while humans may be the smartest members of the animal kingdom these we think we are sure about dolphins there are many other species out there that are a whole lot smarter than we may think. it's the good the bad of the very very part of a shit really ugly the good the rolling jubilee fund the new york based debt striking group has raised more than a million dollars to help buy up medical debt for over one thousand residents of
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louisville kentucky but for me the wake of the two thousand and eleven occupy wall street movement rolling jubilee uses personal donations to bail out everyday americans it's the thanks to despite the two thousand and ten health care law medical debt remains the leading cause of bankruptcy in the united states a little help from rolling jubilee thousands of louisville residents and i'll sleep a little easier knowing that they have one less financial stress over their good work well in the jubilee by the way if you'd like to make a donation of it should be a lot of fun to go to rolling jubilee or. the bad kate open chick watch out america the far left islamic extremists united front is joining together to destroy our freedoms don't believe me let republican strategist hate overture it's. the muslim radicals are targeting the united states because they hate
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everything we believe in freedom individual is some free markets the right to these i'm every you want to be there is something about that and i know that this is going to raise some alarm bells that there's something about that that liberals find appealing to so you feel you feel it's all right i want to. watch. from a day in the wild and crazy world of fox so-called. and the very very ugly the george w. bush presidential so-called library that is. world dignitaries gathered at the campus of southern methodist university in dallas texas to celebrate the opening of former president george w. bush's museum and library one of the so-called museum's largest exhibits the decision points hall provides the public with primary source documents and encourages adults and children alike to try to reenact some major bush era policy the limits you know like whether or not he lied to america to invade a country based on faulty intelligence while the library's iraq section admits that
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saddam hussein didn't have any w m d's you can be sure there is no special exhibit devoted to the hundreds of thousands perhaps millions dead in iraq afghanistan and beyond for the thousands of american soldiers named for fighting for their entire lives actually fighting bush's wasteful and unnecessary wars according to its website the museum has four themes freedom responsibility opportunity compassion pulling double duty showing compassion for the millions of lives lost as a result of his policies make no mistake about it pretensions to objectivity in principal themes aside the george w. bush or library is just a glorified p.r. campaign for a war criminal and that is feeling very. far
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right conservatism has become a cult and rush limbaugh its leader by definition a cult is a group or sect bound together by adoration of the same thing person ideal whatever a cult promises you redemption it tells you that if you do it it says and as it believes you will be protected from the evil people who are out there to get you and the rest of society. occult purges the nonbelievers and actively tries to vilify all those who are not part of the cult saying that they're doomed to dust and go to hell or some variation there so how did limbaugh at least according to frank luntz become the leader of such a large and influential cult like with any cult power limbaugh has or is flock has grown over time right wing radio started out in conflict with mainstream society
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outside of mainstream politics and what was once a little cult guided by limbaugh has transformed into a massive call that today has envelop much of the so-called conservative movement so how did this transformation occur well like cult leaders do limbaugh offered up a theatrical flair and a company that was marketing genius he offered his followers redemption he offered them protection from what he told them they should fear liberals feminists he demanded ideological purity and absolute devotion to the ideology of far right conservative corporatism a vilified all those who didn't see things his way limbaugh then managed to convince his followers that faith in his word was more important than facts like global warming matter what everyone else said of rush said it must be true only
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information that supports limbaugh's positions can be believed everything else is just is' since his first successes has been followed by a succession of other right wing cult leaders glenn beck's to ann coulter to alex jones which brings us to today rush limbaugh and the rest of the right wing talk radio called have conjured up such a large following that they're helping the koch brothers and other right wing billionaires drive the polarization within the republican party and thus within america's political discourse ironically. it's frank luntz who says this the top republican consultant and campaign group it's not me it's him earlier this week once told a group of college students at the university of pennsylvania the limbaugh and his fellow right wing talk radio cult leaders are problematic for the republican party because they're responsible for the stark polarization within the party once those comments were secretly recorded it was. a free. drop.
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from. the first old. guy the others. if. you think. he's getting stronger and more. and more slowly. he's trying on a. long term benefits to immigration is the traditional approach we can still in. its history. to see or. basically once was saying that the right wing media and its cult following are not serving in the national political debate certainly not helping the republican party widen its appeal beyond its declining base of aging boomer
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cultists but no matter what does limbaugh and the rest of his right wing media pals will continue to rally their followers and continue to vilify those who dare to think otherwise continue to paint president obama as america's anti-hero so they can become the heroes right using terms like socialist and muslim to further scare their cult followers in the scene things their way and following them. the good news is that there are still some semblance is of a normal and non cult media in america may not be the best but unlike the right wing media real media and even progressive media generally is not cult like we talk about ideas that are widely accepted things like the social safety net clean environment discrimination solid middle class good trade policies and that are not in conflict with the rest of society. good media is not based on fear or on faith in weird theories it's based on facts and respects other beliefs and ideas
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instead of vilifying them and perhaps most importantly real media doesn't fear or hate our government and certainly doesn't suggest that we should be armed and ready to attack our own government. sadly that cult is coming dangerously close to having complete control over the republican party and much of the political discourse in our country thankfully people are waking up and recognizing that the far ring me that the far right wing media is just about a cult and that's the way it is tonight thursday april twenty fifth two thousand and thirteen virgo i just want to let our viewers in the pacific northwest know that i'll be heading your way this weekend about keeping money out of politics tomorrow i'll be at the first unitarian church in portland oregon from seven to nine pm on saturday and speaking of the great theater in salem oregon from one to three pm and from five to six pm on saturday i'll be at the portland area global
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aids coalition spring celebration portland oregon look forward to seeing you all there and don't forget democracy begins with you get out there get active tag your it see them. wealthy british style. that's not on the top right of. markets why not come to. find out what's really happening to the global economy with mike stronger for a no holds barred look at the global financial headlines tune into kaiser report on
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a potentially deadly blizzard taking aim for the northeast it's expected to hit stunning in a few hours from new york to maine we have team coverage of the storm. but we're watching is the very heavy snow moving into boston proper earlier today it was very sticky you can see it start to become much more powdery down here the bottom line there's still a lot of snow out here a good place for snowball fight. jason it is going to be pretty incredible day there and even record snowfall throughout much of in life nobody's allowed to be driving lessons to them urgency of fear or exceptions. download the official publication so choose your language stream quality and enjoy your favorite. if you're away from your television just doesn't matter now with
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your mobile device you can watch your t.v. anytime anywhere.
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max keiser welcome to the kaiser report crash is the new black you got your hack crashes your gold crashes your crash crashes crashes the new thing it's the in thing stacy mac's crash so this season you should try some the first tweet from hacked a.p. twitter account called dow to drop one hundred fifty points now we all know this was the a.p. tweeted out that the white house there were two explosions at the white house and obama was injured in fact it was a hacked a.p. twitter account that sent this out and then the headline from that reads from a twitter hack to the complete evaporation.


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