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tv   Keiser Report  RT  April 26, 2013 12:00am-12:30am EDT

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was. breaking news an aussie a blaze at a psychiatric facility in the moscow region claimed the lives of up to thirty eight people with only three surviving the tragedy it's called balls on the windows trap victims inside. the compound intelligence from to do us points to the use of chemical weapons in syria and fuels war where trick in washington similar to that see the head of the invasion of iraq. on the news on to terror chief says hundreds of european volunteers are now fighting in syria and could pose a serious security threat when they return from the radicalized on.
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news from russia and around the world this is all see with me. breaking news story this hour a devastating a saw as a psychiatric hospital in the moscow region has killed at least thirty eight speed leaving only three survivors the blaze reportedly erupted in a wing revising special treatment to patients and a small it's now cross live to also use to in boston who was at the scene of the tragedy tom hello. so what's the latest that please bring us up to date. yes emergencies ministry spokespeople figure thirty eight that at the moment three managed to escape with their lives a nurse and two patients the fire started about three am in the morning by the time emergency services had a rived the entire psychiatric hospital at the village of raman square outside
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moscow was the place for bodies have so far been found near the doors of the hospital and eight more inside the wards on their beds tommy thompson in the outrages i know and many questions in our hands like who is to blame probably and why were there so many casualties. one of the moment authorities is saying that they think it was a short circuits of the electrical wiring in the building that started the fire however there were also bars on the windows of this hospital sensibly that to stop patients escaping although in this situation the bars ended up trapping people inside it is unclear yet as to whether patients inside. who if any may have been heavily medicated and so may have been unable to escape anyway.
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all right bottom line from the moscow region told many thanks indeed there of course we'll be bringing you back soon thank you and of course this is not defined as the blaze unfortunately in a russian medical facility claim lives and for more on the tragic history of hospital fires. paul scott is here with me paul i know it's so after outrageous this is not the first time it's been before so please bring us some background yeah unfortunately you hear it seems to be a rather disconcerting and warring theme in trend in the last decade or so there's been eighteen registered cases in the past seven years of fires medical facilities throughout russia let me just give you some of the background to some of the cases now one of the most notable ones came in two thousand and nine in the russian republic of komi where a blaze in an old people's home it ripped through the building into the lives of twenty three people on that occasion although three people did manage to escape
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with identical to what we're hearing from this morning's fire two years earlier in two thousand and seven a fire in the city of chula again in an elderly people's home so you sense the pattern it's always medical care facilities that was altered in thirty two deaths but on medication nearly two hundred fifty people were able to escape and i suppose the problem the issue of fires in medical facilities really came to the public's attention it was highlighted in a pretty tragic weekend in december two thousand and six when there were two notorious for is. the one in siberia that claimed the lives of nine people twelve people were injured or not occasionally again in a mental health hospital in siberia but two hundred patients and fifteen staff were in the building at the time nine people killed so you can see again a vast majority were able to escape on that occasion but prior to the twenty four hours before hand of the drug treatment hospital in moscow forty five people were killed and again they were suffocated suffered from smoke inhalation and the
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suggestion was that there were grills on the windows and. preventing people to escape and on that occasion hundred fifty people did escape but gross safety violations were blamed for the vast death toll which is echoing what we're hearing from from the fire this morning. there's definitely a huge problem despite they keep talking about beefing up all the fire safety regulations so definitely this problem has to be addressed ok paula thank you very much indeed for bringing us up to date thank you. about the aftermath of that fire in the moscow region and you can also find all the updates online as arcee dot com. u.s. officials claim to have intelligence pointing to the small scale use of chemical weapons by the regime in syria the data is said to be difficult to verify. a talkin syria could spark a u.s. intervention and some lawmakers now say red line has been crossed but. reports now
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on the drawing up a war retreat is reminiscent of the u.s. defense secretary chuck hagel said at the white house and has informed members of congress that intelligence officials believe with some degree of varying confidence that syrian president bashar al assad's government has used chemical weapons against members of the opposition specifically sarin gas didn't provide any specific facts on when or where the alleged weapons were used and it was not even clear what the phrase with some degree of varying confidence even means does that mean that one intelligence official is confident that this is taking place and one is not confident clearly that that language is either convoluted or are bit confusing now secretary hagel said that assad's use chemical weapons violates every convention of warfare but what's interesting is that on tuesday israel's intelligence officials claim that syria the syrian government had used difficult lethal chemical weapons against rebels at that time secretary hagel expressed his doubts about those findings now the u.s.
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is currently pressing for the investigation into allegations of damascus is the use of chemical weapons but the united nations secretary general has previously appointed a team of experts but the syrian government has been accused of blocking the team from doing its work now u.s. president barack obama has previously said that the use of chemical weapons by the syrian government would be a game changer in the u.s. position on intervening in the two year old civil war in a letter sent to two u.s. senators a white house legal official did write that the assessment of likely chemical weapons use in syria will not automatically trigger action including military. intervention but the official also referred to a bad intelligence about weapons of mass destruction in iraq that led to the invasion the us invasion of that country in that case the intelligence was proved wrong everybody can remember just a decade ago when colin powell sat in the chambers of the united nations security council shaking a vial to try to to try to convince the international community to go along with
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this invasion into iraq and clearly his claims of iraq having weapons of mass destruction were proven wrong but nonetheless u.s. senators like john mccain are already calling for action mccain has said that if the u.s. now declines to intervene in syria it would send the wrong message to other adversaries in the region warning to some experts what is proving positive or factual here is that the current accusations against the syrian government is eerily similar to the accusations that were made against the iraq government proceeding america's two thousand and three invasion and so many experts believe here that all this talk can be leading the u.s. and its western allies to take military action against syria possibly without all the correct facts in place the u.s. and its allies have bombed the syrian rebels through obstacles. but by standing strong damascus has fools the west to increase their presence according to
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independent journalists on its. it's a lot of nonsense and everybody in the diplomatic well knows it but it is intended to create an atmosphere where america and its weston's satellite allies can begin to people who are aggressive in their assistance to the rebels or terrorists or whatever you want to call them syria because the reality at the moment is that the syrian army is doing rather well and the rebels are doing rather badly despite the thousands of tons of arms to the west and their gulf allies reported to syria i think john kerry said we must look at ways of putting pressure on russia outside and even speaking for wants nothing but the truth. britain and france tried to persuade the european union to ease the arms embargo so that they could supply more weapons to the rebels that was actually side inside the surprisingly defeated in
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the european union they weren't able to do that so now as they see that their allies in syria are on the ground beginning to do quite badly they're looking for ways to put pressure on i think the west is feeling its way they don't know what to do this is last two years they have totally failed to overthrow bashar assad absolute nonsense they failed to discredit him as well. we've been closely following the chemical weapons controversy in the syrian conflict and you can find the full account of events as the folder on our web site called the rebels themselves have russians to unleash deadly chemicals on damascus last year they seized a toxin factory and released footage demonstrating the use of poisonous gas on rabbits and plenty more is available on our website. meanwhile the. ship is something the alarm over the number young europeans going off to the syrian war hundreds of volunteers are already fighting alongside rebels
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and could pose a serious security threat when they return home according to a child but tests are see their reports now europe is increasingly worried about the terror threat from with it. syria's two year old conflict is already seen to spill over some neighboring countries but now it is extended far beyond that it's estimated that hundreds of europeans from fourteen countries mostly young men have joined the rebels in syria in fighting against bashar al assad london based international center for the study of radicalization put the tall figure at six hundred. people hearing that were built for the media coverage shock runs a show young people has recently focused on one specific story that of a father in search of the son dimitri bonded saw him sort of radical islam his group and had gone to syria to join the fight for all the way they are hoping to bring this somebody will planes flying overhead all the time when we are on the
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streets or inside a building we had a bomb was dropped on us i haven't had a contact with a year and we shoot him he's here in aleppo we spoke with dimitris lawyer who is in constant contact with him and he says the father is hell bent on finding his eighteen year old son. we don't expect that he will send me to syria i think that's that's clear so that's also why didn't he. was eager to go yourself he said i want to do something for myself a son who started changing about three years ago a problem with to us that certain moment he was influenced by some radical list he made contact with some people on the streets and there was also a story about. told love. girlfriend and he didn't he didn't work out and there were some friends who say ok come with us and very slowly started it was
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really influenced and really brainwashed so that that are the words of my client to grow beards and. started wearing other clothes. richard for every five times a day things like that so it was a little bit awkward for some a fifteen sixteen years old so he was really under influence of radical of radical people this groupie who had come into contact with issue real for belgium a radical islam is group whose leader followed belka some have been arrested for hate speech and calls justifying the use of violence or there is a judgement day if you're if you're a muslim you will go to paradise if you're this believer you will go to hell terrorism expert claude many cases the rise of radicalized youth is alarming really of whom are easy prey the first question is why they convert and usually they don't convert because to them to me they convert because of
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a problem at one moment in their life most of them have no clear political ideas and they go to fight because the fact and their goal is to fight if there were they don't meet listen to convince them. they could be in a sect they could have trapped in the net of people who they have just talked writing them and for a convincing them that to be goodness thing they want to go to so you have to sign no to commit another terrorist attack. authorities are paying even closer attention with alert levels heightened while worried family members of some the youth fighting in syria have been calling for a clampdown on radical groups the best they can do short of going to syria themselves although that may not be completely out of the question does or sylvia r.t. antwerp in belgium. the u.k.
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is thought to be one of europe's main supplies of volunteer fighters to syria the homegrown terror threat is well known in britain where three islamic extremists were jailed on thursday for plotting a series about time and my colleague matras a discuss the issue with altie contributor afshin rattansi. it is if the british government only just realised what's going on that there are these jihadi homegrown as it were that are leaving after previous called previous battles in libya and moving in to work with the syrian opposition indeed which is name of a name i haven't come across that much in the news even counterterrorism coordinator his comments about homegrown jihad he's from britain and a host of e.u. countries although britain makes the most of them according to a recent king's college london survey it's as if the british government only just suddenly realised it would william hague writing a letter to british m.p.'s warning about this and we had of the commons foreign select committee here saying that this presumably signalled intervention of
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a kind because now the british government can make a case for oh we have to intervene in syria because we have to stop these militants coming back to being trained by elements of the free syrian army or whatever opposition movement there is in syria and returning to know the suspects in the boston marathon bombings all logically products of self radicalization and a survivor claim that they planned the attack alone without any outside help but were inspired by wars instigated by the west in muslim communities in countries does this mean do you think that the u.s. and european allies should review international policies that we should understand the impact of nato and u.s. foreign policy and the disastrous consequences unleashed in afghanistan iraq libya mali who knows where next just just say that one understands that as a catalyzing effect on people that we must remember are in these environments where
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islamophobia is rife in their media where they are being stopped and searched by police forces and so forth just to say one understand foreign policy may have an impact seemingly has to be accused you get accused in britain and in the united states of being some patriot. and some our threat just by expressing that viewpoint governments within europe they have to start making a much better effort at making their muslim populations realize they are part of their societies and are not some kind of enemy a member of a notorious punk band pussy riot has a parole hearing in central russia shortly last august in the distance of a clinical i was sentenced along with two other women to two years in prison they were found guilty of hooliganism following a stunt in the country's main orthodox people let's now get more from you get a chef ski who is in central russia right now and it's a good morning so the three jailed priests are right members have been free since
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october i'm talking about he could seen as someone said which of course are the chances teller county court will get parole. well this is been speculated right now by acts that may actually be released on parole following today's hearings the main points given by her defending lawyers is that first of all she has been behaving very good during her prison term after she was convicted to two years in prison here in central russia now also another one of the for the points made by the defending lawyers that she has a small child and also that she has already been offered several jobs despite being behind a bar switch from a legal point of view may make her alledge will for parole the point made by those protesting against her parole is that she has been she has had several misconduct during the time she was awaiting trial in moscow in detention and that could also prove in
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a possible negative decision. in terms of her being released on parole this will be decided today usually takes only several hours for the court to deliver such kind of decision but should they come to a positive decision then may walk free in about fifteen to twenty days that's usually how long it takes to get everything sorted and let a person out i'd like to remind to our viewers that one of them as you mentioned some would say she has already been released on parole last year because the judge just ruled that she didn't approach the during the. christ the savior cathedral in moscow the other the third member of the pussy riot she also asked for a parole and her case will be reviewed at the end of may as far as we understand yes and say can you remind us as well who are they convicted for. well definitely it is one of the most controversial and scandalous issues of the past several years in russia the pussy riot members the rem members of the group wore arrested after
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they conducted a so-called punk in the christ the savior cathedral in moscow and ferry twenty first twenty twelve later they were convicted two years of prison one of them as i said earlier was released on parole definitely this issue has been making huge waves in russia and internationally with those with some saying that they actually violated the law and they offended the religious beliefs of many in the country that's why they have to serve such sentence others saying that such a long prison sentence of two years was unjustified for a crime which they committed also there has been some support which the band received from the music stars across the planet including the pop idols madonna rock band a red hot chili peppers and many others so it's interesting to see where that what decision will come today whether this will somehow temper all this speculation and all this definitely this story has been receiving some huge media attention you can
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probably see behind me a crowd of journalists trying to get into the court building there three hundred journalists have received accreditation to cover this this this process in court with the building or be asli fitting less than a hundred and we're also expecting maybe some rallies in front of the court building either for. or against it but we're in for a very interesting day here and the meeting starts in two hours from now we'll certainly update our viewers with all the latest information as we get it. from central russia many thanks indeed. and i remember you can always check out all of our news online by hayden to r.t. dot com and here's what's there for you right now. my support violent and spade what unemployment level reaches a record of more than twenty seven percent boys the footage on. the ledge the boston marathon bombers were reportedly planning to carry out
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a terrorist attack in new york's times square get all the updates on our website. in iraq nearly fifty people have been killed in the northern city of mosul after fierce clashes between gunmen and security forces that's on top of over one hundred deaths since tuesday when troops storming a sunni protest camp caused unrest is spread quickly and is the worst spate of violence since u.s. forces pulled out in december twenty seventh and there are fears this is rationed could get worse deepening political turmoil has left the government deadlocked in its efforts to rule the country made up of radically different groups loosely conflict has just returned from a rug gave my colleague my treasure her take her take on the escalating violence. iraq is a country that is divided into three major areas you have for example over here this is the largely sunni provinces over here is the semi autonomous kurdish region
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below which are certain disputed areas and this is the largely shia area of iraq now the incidents the latest wave of violence really began new york your kook this is close to the town of who we are where demonstrators have been camped out for several months now on tuesday things came to a bloody boiling point when government forces had raided the area the government says that the protesters had opened fire the demonstrators meanwhile say that these security officials are the ones who opened fire first the result of which was at least fifty people killed and hundreds wounded now why the protesters were in here in all these areas to sunni areas and sit back down now they've basically been protesting against the government they say that the policies of prime minister nuri al maliki this is the shiite led government has resulted in their oppression this is what they say and news of the attacks there in the region had spread very quickly and that's what's behind this latest spate of violence was attacks and
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those will in other areas north of baghdad in the anbar province and people feel that this was perhaps retribution perhaps basically just the straw that broke the camel's back with essentially largely peaceful demonstrations turning into now violent escalations and expressions of outrage in order for things to essentially deescalate there has to be changes in policy as we were in fallujah talking to the protesters they feel that the way the very structure of the government this is a sectarian government this is part of the constitution that has been written in large part with the help of the u.s. that divides iraq i mean it divides iraq constitutionally and these protesters say that unless there's a change in policies they're not going to stop coming out they're not going to go back to their homes and stop these demonstrations and the impetus for this violence right now has been the physical clashes that took place and i don't really see a situation where the protesters will just say ok we're done we're going to go home now they want massive change. some more news and review this hour five people have
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been killed in pakistan after a bomb exploded outside the election office one of the country's main political parties the bomb in the city of karachi which was planted on a motorcycle left at least nine more people injured the taliban has claimed responsibility for the time they have previously announced their plans to target three political parties attacks on politicians are on the rise as the nation has towards the general election. thousands of people in ukraine turned out to mark the twenty seventh anniversary of the noble nuclear disaster they gathered for a midnight vigil to pay tribute to those killed by the initial blast and the fallout which followed the reactor explosion in one thousand eight hundred six released a radioactive cloud across ukraine new europe more than four thousand people who took part in their haste to clean up efforts lost their lives but the actual death toll is believed to be much higher. and top story right now breaking
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news i should say a fire at a psychiatric hospital in the moscow region has killed at least thirty eight people leaving only three survivors and when i join joined live by ortiz tom barton who's at the scene of the tragedy right now tom what's the latest there. by the usually at the moment the figure thirty eight given by the emergencies ministry that could rise up to full if you will and those with the numbers of people given thought to be in the building at the time for which is the moment pointing to an electrical short circuit in the building's wiring as the probable cause of this fire started at three am in the psychiatric hospital in the village of around an sco a outside moscow by the time emergency services a rive the anti-woman storey building was ablaze one of the managed to escape saving two patients with they are the only survivors bars on the windows of a psychiatric hospital usually that to prevent patients from escaping
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may have meant the people inside the building couldn't escape it's also well known how many if any patients were medicated at the time which also could have prevented them from escaping four bodies have been discovered near the doors of the hospital and eight of those in the wards inside. these towns often tome thank you very much indeed of course we'll bring in the next hour with them for more on the tanks and come boston that thank you and i want to come back in just a moment as breaking the set with hundreds.
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