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tv   Headline News  RT  April 28, 2013 6:00pm-6:29pm EDT

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this week's story plus today's headlines this is the weekly r t russia's security services reportedly wiretapped one of the suspected of boston bombers talking about jihad we look at how politics may have impeded the f.b.i. from acting on moscow's to. the u.s. and the u.k. claim there is evidence syria used chemical weapons against the rebels and made calls for intervention from lawmakers the u.n. says the allegations have not yet been proved. join the european union no thanks the outcome of this weekend's election in iceland is likely to put an end to the country's pursuit of membership as a recent poll shows trust in the bloc plummeting with all time low. and the official number of guantanamo bay prisoners on hunger strike rises to one hundred
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with at least twenty of the detainees being force fed and some hospitalized. broadcasting from moscow this is our t.v. glad to have you with us let's get to our top story. the f.b.i. says it has received a recording of a boston bombing suspect talking about jihad with his mother russian security services alerted the u.s. back in two thousand and eleven that one of the brothers held extremist views but the bureau dismissed moscow's early warning after making checks here's artie's with commentary on why the f.b.i. might have failed to take proper action. in the wake of the boston bombings it's the f.b.i. now bombarded with questions how could they let the alleged boston bomber tamerlan
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to and i have go off the radar after they've been warned about him multiple times over the last two years russia warrant not only the f.b.i. about tamil in sinai have did they drop the ball the f.b.i. . dropped the ball his note for sure but they dropped the ball here there's no doubt about it she was on the radar and they let him go he's on the russians radar why wasn't he a flare put on him or the russians and did the united states ignore their warnings disrespect repeated warnings from our lawns are now i have someone you tube page full of radical content friends driving a car with a license plate that reads their own easter number one all of this was missed it's possible that they were too down by some preconception of who would be a possible jihadi that they were not able to see something in front of them maybe they work thinking well if these guys are chechen you know they hate the russians they don't hate us politics may have been the reason why u.s. authorities failed to connect the dots on tom along and i have another possibility
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is that poor relations. between moscow and warships devalued the russian record something that the russian president says has to be fixed if we truly undertake a joint efforts we will not suffer these blows and take such losses if one more possible the us authorities politicized the intelligence given the fact that russia's concerns had been ignored before you yes ahmad if the white head of the internationally recognized chechen terrorists science was given asylum and now lives in boston. for russia's accuse of heinous crimes against innocent people is still seen in the us as a chechen freedom fighter the odd part of this if anything we've been i'm not going to say sympathetic with them but we've certainly been critical of putin and how far he's gone in dealing with so if anything they should they shouldn't have this anger at the united states many ask whether tom or lon may have learned about bomb making
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on his trip to russia but the answer could be much closer to home according to a senior government official they got their instrument to make from the internet is newsworthy to know that nobody has to travel anywhere or get any specific in person training from some expert somewhere in order to access instructions for making explosives when joe farts are not i if woke up this week he reportedly told the authorities that he and his brother were motivated by a desire to defend islam because of the wars in iraq and afghanistan many terrorists have tried to politicize their heinous acts but that doesn't change the fact that there are heartless killings when federal authorities look at any intel on a potential extremist from a more political rather than purely law enforcement point of view that could be a recipe for future disasters in washington i'm going to check on. john glaser editor at antiwar dot com says it is no surprise u.s. mideast policies are driving people to violence. the fact that they cite u.s.
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foreign policy as a motivating factor for their it's. shouldn't really surprising every attack that wasn't an f.b.i. hatched sting operation since nine eleven has had that component all of these terrorists that want to attack the united states and commit heinous violence on us have in their mind some motivation of us foreign policy u.s. aggression in the middle east in a rock and a dentist and pakistan and yemen the israel palestine conflict and on and on and on a lot of what obama has done in terms of trying to be less aggressive towards the muslim world to simply make his mission secret the bush administration was quite open obama has chosen to make all of this covert he's been the drone war which is a secret war that nobody will admit to in pakistan and yemen and somalia a lot of this is still going on and he still generating fierce hatred from
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a lot of people who resent u.s. aggression the mother of the boston marathon bombing suspects was put on a federal terror watch list eighteen months before the attack american officials revealed that detail after she accused police of murdering her elder son. but i. thought he was alive why. you know you. she claimed the authorities version of events regarding the manhunt for her son does not stand up to scrutiny you can take a listen to what she said on archie dot com. britain and of the u.s. claim they have obtained evidence that assad's government used chemical weapons president obama warned of the use of poison gas in the syria conflict would cross a red line that says some american lawmakers are quick to call for intervention in the war torn country the u.n. however says there's no solid proof to back up allegations as experts say witnesses
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accounts do not tally with the effects of the weapons historian gerald horne says we have seen this kind of rhetoric before and it should be on our guard it's deja vu all over again we will remember of the disaster as an adventurous so u.s. and british invasion of iraq in two thousand and three based on gay sions ruling weapons of mass destruction that proved to be faulty of this war we must answer very difficult and searching questions for example what was the chain of custody with regard to the samples taken from the battlefield with syria to laboratories of london and in washington was there or was there the possibility of contamination or foul play or hanky panky with the samples and how can you show that the regime rather than the rebels actually used these alleged chemical weapons and since we already know next six europeans divisions within the military is driving the
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conflict in both syria and iraq how do we know that some renegade soldier in the syrian military was actually collaborating with the rebels want these chemical weapons so as to provide a rationale for intervention by london and washington these are difficult questions that must be answered. native syrians are not the only fighters battling against president assad and ve use anti-riot terror chief has warned of the europeans traveling to syria to join the rebels could pose a threat back home after their return fears are growing throughout europe that its young muslims couldn't get in touch with islamist factions among the opposition as are cilia reports. syria's two year old conflict is already seen to spill over some neighboring countries but now it has extended far beyond that it's estimated that hundreds of europeans from fourteen countries mostly young men have joined the
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rebels in syria in fighting against bashar al assad london based international center for the study verticalization put the tall figure at six hundred. well here and there were village of the media coverage on the radicalization of young people as recently focused on one specific story that of a father in search of the son of dimitri bonded son had joined a radical islamism group and had gone to syria to join the fight father had gone all the way they're hoping to bring this somebody. real planes are flying overhead all the time when we are on the streets or inside a building we have a bomb was dropped on us i haven't had a contact with youyou and we shoot him he's here in aleppo we spoke with dimitris lawyer who is at constant contact with him and he says the father is hell bent on finding his eighteen year old son. we don't expect that he will send me to syria and in that state it's clear so that's what we'll also why didn't he was
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most eager to go himself he said i want to do something for myself a son who started changing about three years ago the problem with to us that at a certain moment he was influenced by some radical list and you had a girlfriend and he didn't he didn't want. krauts and there was some francis a ok come with us and very slowly started it he was really influenced and really braid was we grew a beard. started wearing other clothes. every five times a day this rupee would have come into contact with issue ria for belgium a radical islam is a group whose leader followed belka some have been arrested for hate speech and calls justifying the use of violence over there is judgement day if you're if you're a muslim you will go to paradise if you're this believer you will go to hell terrorism
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expert claude many cases the rise of radicalized is alarming many of whom are easy prey the first. question is why they convert. and usually they don't convert because due to me they convert because of a program that's one moment and don't know if most of the if new political ideas are the go to fight because the fact if they really didn't meet its mission to convince the. b. intersect the could have chopped and didn't the people who live just talk waiting them and for the convincing then that to be a good news team they want to go to so you have to cya no two can be to the doctors to take. authorities are paying even closer attention with alert levels heightened while worried family members of some the youth fighting in syria have been calling for a clampdown on radical groups the best they could do short of going to syria themselves
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although that may not be completely out of the question does or sylvia r.t. antwerp in belgium. and as some are drawing parallels between the official line before the iraq invasion with allegations of chemical weapons use in syria archie looks at how a decade on from the start of the war in iraq baghdad is still struggling to end of the sectarian violence in the country as more than two hundred are killed in clashes that's still to come later in the program. the euro zone has had another troubled week with fresh anti austerity demonstrations taking place on the streets of spain portugal and greece in spain almost thirty people were injured in clashes with police when over a thousand protesters voiced their anger over unemployment the country's jobless rate reached an all time high of over twenty seven percent that's as the government says it will take two years longer than expected to cut the deficit meanwhile the greek parliament has approved an emergency bill that will see over fifteen thousand
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public sector workers laid off by the end of two thousand and fourteen as all comes as official numbers show that trust in the e.u. institutions has reached an all time low the leader of the u.k. independence party told us that anyone with money invested in the single currency zone is now at risk. big investors should be worried although. i've been pondering for years what would happen when spain finally went back how would they possibly deal with the sheer scale of the bailout that would be needed which perhaps would be five or six hundred. how could this happen without huge american. help what cyprus has done is give us the template what they will do in future. i'll do it by stealing investors' money by taxing people on their properties and by forcing central banks into their holdings of gold i mean this is
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a truly. situation so my advice to people is if you. get your money out before they come to you because it's perfectly clear that is. quite extraordinary that. these countries that have been troubled. democracy and. very arrogant troika. is going to break up the economics that break it up it may be civil disobedience very large scale that eventually get some of those mediterranean countries out. the big question what is the. financial crisis still running hot. getting cold feet over joining. when we come back we report on the island nation. vote.
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to break the deadlock in this conflict comes to pass one of the possible outcomes.
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about international and in the very heart of moscow. for moscow this is r.t. glad to have you back in iraq more than two hundred people have been killed in the sectarian bloodshed over the last week on tuesday the military raided a sunni anti-government protest camp that resulted in around fifty civilian deaths in a gun battle there later the iraqi government blocked news channels from operating in the country including a guitar based al-jazeera the broadcasters were accused of misleading and unethical coverage of the religious violence was no sign of peace between the sunni and the ruling shia community iraq's prime minister warns the state is dragging itself into a civil war it transcends iraq believes it's
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a terrible situation in the country as well as the government's actions that are driving people to violence. people are randomly arrested they are locked up without charges they are door to women children and men are being raped that's why the protest started by the way and so this talk about sick darian is this is is totally wrong that these are not sick darian protests these are protests against a situation that is untenable for a forty iraqi people. there is unemployment there is no health care that it is. dedicated system has collapsed the media has been very weak until now in covering these protests have we seen images on television about the millions who were in the streets and in ramadi fallujah. mosul no we haven't because this iraqi forces didn't want them to go to these places. euro
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skepticism takes over in iceland on saturday opposition parties known for their anti e.u. stance and won the majority of votes in the country's parliamentary election the victory of the center right is likely to result in iceland calling off its plans to join the troubled bloc the country has been steadily recovering from the two thousand and eight financial crisis and many say it's because reykjavik is not a part of the euro zone that it is done so well robert oulds director of the bruges group think tank believes other debt ridden nations would only benefit from the from exiting the single currency there was a bit of a wobble in terms of icelandic public opinion of the two thousand and eight financial crisis where of course icelandic banks one after the other fell like dominoes but of course since then because it's outside of the e.u. it has its own currency it's not in the euro of course it then what it then by needs to run its own economy as it saw fit and he's recovered it's still got
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problems but of course the economy's growing and unemployment is falling we thought of a move from the situation in some. in the eurozone where unemployment he's continuing to rise and the economies are continually continually contracting so we need honest and wonderful example to those countries such as soy greece or spain or italy eastleigh else so i think that makes it seem the single common see can actually help the euro and he's coming structure is not working and there needs to be a change of course the little otoh us and do it other countries can do it as well. we have a more international news on our website r t dot com including a possible major breakthrough in the fight against aids hiv. danish scientists say they are on the brink of developing a vaccine that could kill the virus once and for all by boosting the body's immune system all the details are online plus. losing their heads police and the
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staff of a blind mental health clinic engage in fierce clashes during protests against the demolition of the hospital building find out what is behind it the stand off on our website or to dot com. one tom obey prison officials have acknowledged that one hundred inmates are now on hunger strike the figure has doubled since and the military conducted a violent raid in the facility inmates who are refusing food are being put in solitary confinement and the guards imposed a lockdown two weeks ago but the number is stall far lower than some of the chinese attorneys claim they believe as many as one hundred thirty people are taking part in the protest against mistreatment and indefinite detention either way it's more than half of one hundred sixty six prisoners currently held at the detention center what's more twenty people are being force fed and strapped to a chair with tubes down their nose and throat and five inmates have been
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hospitalized at this point in time although prison authorities say their conditions are not life threatening but carlos warner a federal public defender who's representing a guantanamo prisoner says his client tells a different story. he's in terrible condition and i talked to him on friday by telephone he indicated that they are using a large tube in his nose a size ten instead of a size eight anyone who has been tube fed is and who's lost it at this point to him or more of his body weight is in a very dire position you have the military advisor in the press saying that there are going to be multiple deaths because of this and that's just that's the fact that's what happens when you have hopelessness and that's when what happens when you have this terrible situation that's being aggravated by the military now the military is not has fault here they need to negotiate and end it not just try to exert their will on these hopeless men but ultimately the moves have to happen in washington issue here is with the president again president obama mocks pick up the
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ball and this strike the military has come around and it's amazing that they can't get a full scale strike duration and scope of which we've never seen the president has to intervene yesterday's at the correspondents' dinner you jokes while men are dying in ones on the most we asked that he has some attention. now let's take a look at some other news making headlines around the world this hour in bangladesh a fire has broken out amid the debris of the building that collapsed in dhaka three rescue workers were injured and they trapped woman who emergency crews were optimistic of saving then died the fire was ignited by sparks from the cutting equipment used to search for survivors at least three hundred seventy seven people were killed when the building first came down and has already led to the rest of one of the owners of the complex. two policemen have been shot outside the italian
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prime minister's office in rome one is in a serious condition in the hospital the suspected attacker was arrested at the scene the incident occurred as the new prime minister enrico letta and his cabinet were being sworn in at the presidential. interior minister called the shooting a tragic a criminal gesture by an unemployed man. an apartment block has collapsed in northern france leaving at least three people dead and over a dozen injured in the blast that brought most of the four story building down was most likely caused by a gas leak about one hundred of the rescue workers have been deployed to search for survivors built in the one nine hundred sixty the local authorities maintain the building was kept in good condition. china has a bitten back over america's global audit of inequality high crime and human rights violations the annual report highlights shortcomings in the country so beijing has issued a report of its own. takes
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a look. after years of swallowing accusations of violating human rights beijing is fighting back after last year the u.s. published its scolding human rights practices report now china held a mirror back to washington and its role of international human rights judge let's take a look at where the two clash the u.s. again accuse china of limiting internet freedoms the so-called great firewall of china where beijing has long being under scrutiny for blocking many western websites such as facebook google and you tube but those criticizing china are no saints the sounding people and cispa bills to control internet data have made waves across the atlantic lately and the u.s. government approved interception of private text messages and e-mails for security needs are hardly contributing to online freedom china's single party political system and lack of democratic elections also came under fire the chinese report made its wife back at america's multi-party system saying that in what seems to be a democratic process it's really not the people but the amount of money spent on
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complaints which really decide the winner is the largest part of the us report was dedicated to human rights as they are today from harsh labor conditions to poor salaries indeed china's status of being the world's factory is nothing new and the cheap labor force concept has long been debated beijing hit back with a scathing claim that in the country where racism and discrimination officially do not exist after american and hispanic employees earn forty percent less than the white population in the united states and that's through the glass ceiling for women who earn a twenty percent smaller salary than men the u.s. report also lashed out at the treatment of prisoners and members of opposition in china contrast that with a country which runs notorious guantanamo prison and the allegations of multiple human rights abuses within its walls with china highlighting full statistics on all deaths in u.s. prisons and the use of brutal force against peaceful demonstrators in twenty twelve it is no secret that china has a checkered human rights record but by countering the claims of those who it
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believes should go. it's own house in order it is quite clear that beijing no longer wants to see a monopoly in the market of examining human rights that does it for this hour but i'll be back with more news in less than thirty minutes after the break a discover why people in america's lone star state are choosing to live by their own rules. ok going. broke no way things are going to republican. better off than the state of texas texas just got its own like. got all the hauling gas and everything it needs it's got all that and. everything it needs you can survive but sell the rest. would
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you say diverse. enough to survive without finding a good. strong bridge and an independent future. the republic of texas see. steve i'm a this is going to be a big money if you see it to see which is both a cultural contemporary i don't take your logic to the auditorium so join me to almost say on the road see i made the second as we bring you the glitz the glamour and the best of the best in the performing arts drawing here at marine.
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i can. see. regarding what the republic of texas was in eight hundred thirty six a number of people who had moved here from north america. at the invitation of the mexican government to settle here they were being chased out by a new president of mexico was also a general of the army's there. and they had to defend themselves against south and i was armies that lasted for about a year but finally general sam houston leading these volunteers defeated santa ana at a place called sandhya so and the feeding the president general of mexico they were able to force him to sign a treaty. the treaty formed
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a new nation so that he would never again come across the rio grande river to bother of the people in texas any more treaty also said. that the land of texas. belonged to the people who lived on the land of texas for ever and that's a treaty that is perpetual it doesn't go away. so what is the republic of texas now it is the land of texas one of texas does not belong to the u.s. doesn't belong to the federal government it belongs to the people. who live here. and there is no federal land if they want land in texas they have to lease it from a spring there.


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