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tv   Headline News  RT  May 4, 2013 3:00pm-3:30pm EDT

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warplanes carry out strikes inside syria israel's defense ministry refuses to confirm or deny widespread reports its jets carried out the attack on alleged game changing heading for. a trace of terror bombing investigators focus on the widow of the killed suspect after discovering radical islamist material on her computer. the changing face of u.k. politics and tea party moves from the margins to claim a stunning result in local elections leaving the governing conservatives to wonder how to win back lost supporters our top stories this hour.
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around the clock around the world international news and comment from our studio center here in moscow warplanes have carried out air strikes inside syria and it is widely reported they were sent by israel the targets was a shipment of alleged advanced missiles heading from lebanon but the israeli defense ministry says it has no knowledge of the anonymous officials who confirmed the attack the second of its kind in less than five months auntie's middle east correspondent paula has the latest from israel. official is speaking on condition of being anonymous because he is not authorized to speak about a secret israeli military operation we had r.t. has been in touch with the israeli foreign ministry but as of yet they are not prepared to publicly confirm at least not to us that such a strike indeed was carried out by the israelis what is interesting is that the
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strike happened late thursday into the early hours of friday morning and at that same time the israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu called for a late night emergency cabinet meeting and we don't have information as to what was exactly the purpose of the goal of that meeting but it certainly does raise our goals the lebanese are complaining that israel has violated lebanese airspace and that israel does do this on numerous occasions and has been doing it recently with quite a bit of consistency is one in the past has said that it will pull out all the stops to make sure that there is no transfer of weapons to his below of course the israeli concern is that hizbollah would use any kind of weapons against the jewish state the second time this year that israel has carried out a strike inside syria you remember the first was back in january when israeli fighter jets targeted a sophisticated convoy of anti aircraft missiles that israel believed were on their way to hizbollah israel and syria share
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a common border you have the disputed golan heights which israel occupied from syria back in one thousand nine hundred sixty seven and in recent weeks we've witnessed a flare up in violence and intensions along that border the evidence suggests israel is expanding its military activity over the country officials say that israeli military aircraft have penetrated the country's airspace and flown over several areas in world nation or a u.n. security council resolution but they insisted the floor its would do nothing to ensure israel's security when we spoke to freelance journalist. uses recent events only to tension in the region. while israeli planes are constantly carrying out flights over lebanon usually they coincide precede or follow a military ground operation or these are surveillance flights to israeli jets violated the airspace above the syria lebanon border and headed north for four consecutive days the israeli air force has been carrying out intensive flights over
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southern regions for the first time several planes carried out simulated attacks on several areas anyway tension is growing this is shown by the intensity of israeli jets flying over lebanon and especially in recent days. called hallam and contributing editor for us think tank foreign policy in focus believes it's unlikely the embattled syrian government would have risked provoking an israeli attack. i think the idea that the syrian government would be shipping arms to has bulla in the midst of a civil war or to be a very dubious kind of project i don't i don't see what the logic of that is i think the israelis are intervening it just quietly u.s. is is thinking of intervening because they don't think things are going. exactly
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the way that the insurgency wants them to go israelis can pretty much a strike as they will in syria what the effect of that is on the wider arab world i think is the key question here and the israelis may find that while they're able to basically strike it will again syria that also means that it places a very different view so to speak of the civil war in syria and i think at this point the syrians are going to not going to do anything physically but i think they are going to say politically that the israelis are attempting to overthrow the assad government and therefore anybody who supports the overthrow of the also the government is in alignment with tel aviv and that may be a pretty hard sell for israel. the law enforcement officials investigating the
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boston marathon bombings have turned their focus to the widow of one of the suspects radical islamic material was discovered on a computer have been owing to the american wife of a lot of who was killed when police tried to capture him what he's there's a couple of times more. katherine russell she's a twenty four year old widow of tamerlan and she's been under investigation basically since the identities of the boston bombers were revealed she initially came under scrutiny when authorities discovered female d.n.a. on a piece of a pressure cooker that was used to construct a homemade explosive material she submitted her fingerprints and d.n.a. and authorities say that they did not match the sample on the explosives that were found however investigators have also been probing her computer materials and what it turns now now is that authorities have discovered al qaeda is inspire magazine and other so-called radical islamic literature on the computer and the key question is whether this material actually belonged to her or whether it was downloaded by her husband or somebody else so that is the key question that investigators are
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looking into at the moment if we actually begin with katherine russell i mean she grew up in rhode island the christian daughter of an emergency room doctor and a nurse sort of the epitome of the all-american girl before she met in fact she graduated high school in two thousand and seven and according to one magazine report her yearbook quote had mentioned that she wanted to grow up and join the peace corps people who knew her said the girl with a passion for learning and travel that really radically transformed since meetings are not she ended up becoming a college dropout she married him converted to islam and stayed at home and took care of the children the same could be said of himself actually there was an interesting interview with an ex-girlfriend of his who said that the man she met and dated in two thousand and six had transformed from a pot smoking party boy to an anti american the islamist jihadi essentially that is how she described him it's unclear what prompted the transformation in case but we do know that much of his radicalization officials believe was inspired by al qaeda
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in the arabian peninsula there's reports that he has watched sermons by the american born cleric anwar all blocky and according to news reports sources of actually refer to inspire magazine as one of the materials found under the possession of. it's known to have published a bomb making guide and investigators have also uncovered other evidence of sort of radical material. they've been labeled clones and loonies but now they've picked up a quarter of the votes in british local elections the euro skeptic u.k. independence party a former outsider has grabbed one hundred forty seven seats in local councils a surprising increase from just eight they even came second in one byelection pushing the conservatives into the third place as a result probably said david cameron reached out to you which he once called a bunch of fruit cakes now saying it's no good insulting them is parties trying to figure out how to tempt voters back and cameron's upcoming speech outlining the government's legislative plans will focus on the main issues of you kids program
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e.u. membership and immigration let's get reaction now from the deputy leader of the u.k. independence party paul nuttall joining us there live from the u.k. paul well david cameron's already said that he's going to win back supporters of your party you surely must be worried that he's going to do just that now. you. know quite simply because the horse has bolted to david cameron has committed to the european union we know that because he said if there is a doubt friends and he will campaign to stay in and if you're members of the european union you can't control your own borders so we have a problem in this country where we have twenty two percent youth unemployment a million kids in britain who are going to work every day and what about to open our borders or to twenty nine million. bulgarians when restrictions for on january first and come in as admitted that it can do about that so quite frankly we're not worried that he's going to park his tank on our because he simply can't
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but there again he is addressing those two main points in the europe with that referendum and of course immigration restricting welfare for immigrants in the u.k. what are your other policies then that are going to be strong enough to attract voters in the long term. well let's just deal quickly with the referendum think it's jump tomorrow isn't it because what he said is that he will give us a referendum if he wins the next general election after negotiation and then said that he will campaign to stay in so quite frankly it's not worth the paper it's written on and secondly he says that he's going to restrict welfare but you actually can't do that in fact the vice president of the european commission has made it clear that that cannot be done because that will break e.u. law so we can do besides your little point in terms of u.k. policy well look we want to see grammar schools roads and every single town and city in this country we want to see zero tolerance on crime we also want to see an end to the renewable lunacy is wind turbines and we're also opposed to something
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called hate chess two which is high speed rail which is costly and ineffective ok one thing you haven't mentioned is the economy and surely people are really concerned about economic matters yet you keep solution that. well what we believe is that they do have to be cuts in the economy and that the public sector is bloaters we also want to see a fairer and simpler tax system a flat tax if you like whereby everybody on minimum wage could be lifted out of tax altogether what we think is that that would kick start the economy but equally we want to reduce the cost of foreign aid we want to come out to you which will say fifty three million pounds a day beyond around two hundred billion a year it's estimated and that will allow us to trade and signed our own free trade deals once again and we want to reignite our commonwealth ling's we can choose like india which alone is projected to be the largest economy in the world by two thousand and fifty raise plenty of points there but how are you going to gain
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momentum now because surely most governments at the time of these midterm elections always lose popularity you've got to keep the momentum up now but really to aim for part of parliament now is that that's is that really realistic for you keep it it's early stages. well i think we will take a seat in the house of commons if not not two seats before the general election in two thousand and fifteen if we continue on our trajectory in byelection zameen we are finishing seconds and a lot of buy elections now particularly in the north of england and i think that we can eventually take a seat in a byelection but let's not forget that a big elections next year the european elections take place in june two thousand and fifteen these at elections that we will win i genuinely believe we will send more any peace back to brussels than any other party and then in two thousand and fifteen ukip will be standing in every single constituency and we will be putting up a good fight if we enter the election on double digits ahead of the liberal democrats
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we have leadership debates in this country and nigel farage will be on those leadership debates and he would wipe the floor with clegg cameron. mania will start just finally back to the immigration policy people do perceive you as racist how are you going to overcome that challenge just briefly well quickly we have a blanket ban on anybody who's been a member of a far right political party ever joining you that has nothing racist about discussing immigration and wanting british jobs for british workers paula thank you very much indeed for joining us live there from liverpool in the u.k. deputy leader of the u.k. and his party great to talk to you thank you. well still to come here at all t. despite control to see over the use of drones for the sake of security in the u.s. drone studies become a popular choice for american students with the. rocketing we researched the. short break.
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enjoy your favorite. if you're away from your television just doesn't matter now with your mobile device you can watch ati anytime anywhere. continues here on. russia's main christ the savior cathedral with this year's solemn easter service about to start thousands of believers a gathered for the vigil it's one of orthodox christianity is most important services and marks the resurrection of jesus christ without his body in a question of is there and joins us live now from central moscow but there i will start the holy far from jerusalem has arrived in moscow on its way now to the cathedral is is there a sense that there is something quite miraculous occurring tonight really something quite special there in central moscow the cathedral.
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well built for many russian i do dogs believe us tonight is really holy night as people around the globe celebrate eid to dogs easter and the resurrection of jesus christ and this year russians see that it is a levy i said was in me and here in the russian. capital in moscow the main easter service that is halt in the christ the savior cathedral which is really of the more guarded ochs cathedral in the country and the service will begin just really shortly before midnight and princetown believers holding candles and carrying on i can. get you going around the cathedral the more you find the you resurrection now the service will last for several hours so well into the early hours of sunday and despite quite a bad weather this day as it's been pouring with the rain throughout saturday still
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hundreds of people who came here to attend this treaty special evening service and in two thousand and twelve for instance hotham million of mosque advise attendant different services in a churches and cathedrals throughout the capital and the main service which was also held here in this cathedral drew at that time almost six thousand people candles now eliminate entrenches and cathedrals to around the country however in some like this cathedral the flames are particularly special as you just mentioned they arrived from jerusalem where the holy father a.p.'s out every year on the eve of the easter celebration and really this night is than why the easter sunday when did even give each other color tags and a special russian easter brad called cool each now it is really a very special moment in a special night as of canals to around two hundred million our two dogs believers
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worldwide as they turn to celebrate the most important day in the in the are to doc's calendar to do that for you very much indeed for that live update there process a because peter answered within the question over the. team at the moment on or to dot com is covering the used to service and you can watch it lloyd from moscow's main cathedral at all to dot com right now. and also would be bring you some coverage a little later this hour here on r.t. . and there will bring you more scenes from cross to save a cathedral in central moscow a little later here on r.t. criticism over the domestic use of drones in the u.s. is melting world the mold for the mist skyrocketing the federal aviation
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administration predicts some one hundred thousand commercial unmanned aircraft will be over american skies within the next five years and the saudis are started chicken has been falling out building and operating the drones is becoming a coveted profession for many. unmanned aerial vehicles better known as drones are not only in the skies but might be taught at a college near you at least three u.s. schools offer bachelor degrees in engineering and flying u a v's dozens more offer drone one zero one courses and classes. for the university of north dakota kicked off its four year program in two thousand and nine with just five students that number is now at one hundred twenty they've elected to major in unmanned aircraft systems and i believe the reason is that they see that as an opportunity for growth is an emerging technology embry riddle aeronautical university in florida began training u.a.b. pilots and operators in two thousand and eleven and expects the number of graduates
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to reach the hundreds in the next several years and becoming and they use are becoming more prevalent in pretty much any time you can imagine the increased interest in the drone industry is largely fueled by post-grad starting salaries that are much higher than those for pilots flying planes or helicopters or an economy that's hasn't recovered ok so people see opportunities for jobs wherever there's money to be had of course but the problem is that universities are supposed to do something more than serve the military industrial complex to widespread debate drones are notoriously used as weapons and u.s. wars abroad the one that's under heavy scrutiny right now is that i mean aircraft are in the past been used by the military therefore the logical lead is that america will use militaristically in the united states the federal aviation administration says that ten thousand commercial drones could be used over u.s. skies within five years for surveillance and other purposes while controversy surrounding them is that a piece dare day even talk of bad drones on
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a domestic case there are many many cities in the country that have already got rights to use these drones and they will be using them so without the laws that protect our privacy we don't. not how they're going to be used most people teaching and studying the oriented programs insist their use is much more varied than for military purposes abroad and surveillance at home i think. where that would need an issue at all border security meteorological and environmental surveillance such as sending a drone into a hurricane without having to worry about the pilots are among the applications most commonly praised and you even still the most common association with drones at home is law enforcement and it's this aspect that's making americans very uncomfortable obviously there's going to be some regulations that are going to have to be put in place so that people don't run around or at least you know police or whoever doesn't just have the ability to run around and you know go unchecked
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looking at you know having a ever watchful eye over the public but i don't think that will it will be a deterrent or so it'll be a challenge to make sure that you know people are happy with the implementation of their craft into the national airspace system officials are yet to convince americans that there are more pros than cons to drones flying over u.s. soil it's time to say wait a minute hold up let's not move forward in this area without understanding where we're going and that's the problem here that's the danger the association for unmanned vehicle systems international estimates the number of american jobs in the industry will grow to over twenty three thousand over the next fifteen years. and. new york. now to some other news making headlines around the world starting with blasts in pakistan which killed at least three and injured twenty seven the taliban attack targeted an election office of a pakistani liberal political party in karachi with two blasts going off within
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minutes of each other militants earlier promise to target three secular political parties ahead of the general elections in a week's time more than seventy people have been killed in the ongoing insurgent attacks in the run up to that made the eleventh poll the vote is expected to mark the first ever democratic transition of power in pakistan. in hungary hundreds of far right protesters rallied on budapest martyr square one day before the world jewish congress opens in the country judges came under fire for authorizing what is widely seen as an anti semitic protest for the victims of zionism in a country with the largest jewish community in europe was organized by the job it party which gained notoriety in two thousand and nine with their slogan hungry for hunger ariens. reports say two people have been killed and fourteen injured following a series of explosions in a massive chemical fire in northern belgium authorities were forced to evacuate nearly three hundred residents from the town again after a train carrying chemicals derailed and burst into flames firefighters have decided
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to let the flames burn out naturally as dousing them with water could lead to the release of toxic chemicals real services faced forty eight hours of disruption. in tripoli government supporters have clashed with demonstrating militia members who were demanding get daffy officials the else did from the government last week armed men laid siege to the country's foreign and justice ministries calling for a purge of the old regime members violence and instability once again threatening the country two years after a nato led intervention and the overthrow of colonel gadhafi. the e.u. is facing another year of recession and job losses the unemployment rate across the eurozone is expected to rise over twelve percent this year peaking at twenty seven percent and heavily indebted greece and in their search for work many of forced from big cities into the countryside ortiz talked went to hear their stories the young man and the sea theodorus is in his forty's but while he used to make his
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living at a newspaper in greece's second city thessaloniki he's now returned to his roots on the northern greek coast this is theodorus his fresh fish shop it took it over when his uncle retired two years ago and now theodorus is making a go of it himself far away from the big city his decision is part of the trend greeks unable to make ends meet in the cities looking to areas with smaller economies and costs but. the company i work for cut our salaries so i decided to come here to find a better life for my children and me. costers also gave up a life in athens to open a guest house in the hills of northern greece the life of a city advertising manager was good he says but people should think before writing off the world outside. and that there you go there are many opportunities for you to make your life better in a small town rather than in athens. and
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a potential reverse brain drain from cities back to the regions could hold hidden benefits being educated and hip in the experience of living in the areas and all the experience of the money gives living in in the city lives i mean these are these people be. my killed by means to do the countryside to develop not that everyone relishes the prospect demetrius moved away when he was eighteen and is now a freshly out of work t.v. director he finds adjusting to life back here difficult he wanted to stay in the capital. i was forced to come back here because of the high rates of unemployment in athens it was a matter of survival for me for these three greeks as for increasing multitudes of others this move choice or not is a path away from unsustainable living in cities hit by economic crisis here at least if they have little else new arrivals or old home comers have the scenery and
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the sea tom bottom r.t. . to bring us up to date for the moment when the news team in just over half an hour from now in the meantime mexico is it discusses gold hungry charities and central bank revolutions stay with us that's coming up after the break. most people in the western world would agree that having laws that officially create second class citizens is totally unacceptable we can look at the way jews were treated in nazi germany or blackstar in apartheid in south africa and the slavery jim crow errors in the usa as examples of legally dividing society by
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necessity i think most people he you with their modern sensibilities would find these practices to be bob baer american backwards but my question is that why is there to this day officially sanctioned second class citizens in certain e.u. countries or to be more accurate i should say non-citizen residents of the two million people in latvia around three hundred thousand of them are considered non-citizen residents who can neither vote nor hold public office these non-citizens are russian speakers of various ethnic backgrounds whose children also by birth bearer of the non-citizen status not happy being on the bad side of apartheid the non-citizens have logically decided to vote for their own parliament because they can't elect or participate in the left field what even if the parliament has no power whatsoever it will be their chance to shine a light on the issue which the mainstream media has been keeping quiet for years you know you'd think that people would be outraged over segregation but what
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happens to russians and russian speakers is just not cool or hip or trendy or convenient enough for the mainstream media to take no. but that's just my opinion. i am max keiser welcome to the kaiser report round has gone crazy according to mrs wang americans are dumping paper gold and diving into the dow europeans are lining up for separate haircuts the e.c.b. is ready for a negative deposit rates.


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