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tv   Headline News  RT  May 5, 2013 2:00am-2:30am EDT

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anyway. breaking news. thanks very much for joining us here on this morning. live from the russian capital let's go straight to our breaking news story here on this sunday morning syrian state t.v. has said that israel syria overnight and this has been confirmed by at least one u.s. military official. supposedly targeted a military research site in damascus that's. the latest on this right now.
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details. well i wouldn't have described the attack in the early hours of sunday morning as an earthquake and unprecedented unconfirmed reports suggest that as many as four hundred people might have been killed now some are insisting that weaponry that was used was nuclear like people saying that they could smell chemicals in the air syrian state television is firmly putting the blame on the shoulders of israel it says that israel launched twelve missiles from a space targeting an ammunition depot on the outskirts of the syrian capital city damascus according to syrian state television and i'm quoting now the new israeli attack is an attempt to raise the role of terrorist groups of course that is a reference to rebel fighters against the syrian regime some also saying that the attack was coordinated by israel with the help of the syrian rebel forces now hizbullah's i'm not t.v.
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is reporting that there were explosions and that those explosions may have been caused by the downing of an israeli jet we are hearing other reports that suggest as many as two israeli jets in fact were downed but let's move on to say that we have no confirmation of this or any kind of independent verification pull your and tell everybody about just after nine in the morning sunday morning where you are now or any of the comments coming out of tel aviv at the moment. you know we've been trying to get hold of the israeli foreign ministry since the early hours of this morning when the story broke and since then there on some has been simply a no comment so no comment from israeli officials and israeli military spokesperson the only person going on record and her comment is that we don't feel spawned to this kind of a report not israel has repeatedly warned in the past that it is prepared to resort to force to prevent syrian weapons including chemical weapons from reaching his villa and other groups and that is why the speculation is rife that these raids are
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meek is behind this morning's attack with regard to recent days taken widely to reporting steps that it is trying to neutralize threats that are emanating from within war torn syria the u.s. state department is also. and being available for any kind of immediate comment the israeli embassy in washington as i said declined to comment now alongside this they are rumors that all circulating particularly on line that following this latest volley of attacks on the syrian regime the syrian president bashar assad will soon officially declare war on israel but of course the point needs to be made that many are dismissing these reports as strictly rumors but it gives you an idea of the kind of tension on the ground at the moment. you were saying about ago it was an american official who can for the ball being attacked by israeli i.d.f. warplanes so it's a thought to talk in the past five months so what so the syrian reaction being in the east. well the attack that happened in the early hours of this morning
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one of the targets was in fact a warehouse of long range iranian missiles headed for hizbullah another target was an ammunition depot that is a strategic military position for the forces of the syrian president bashar assad and this research center was the target of an israeli strike back in january that's why according to the syrian government killed two workers and if these five other people badly injured they lost a strike overnight tuesday in syria we are still waiting for official public israeli confirmation of that attack but we have had israeli officials speaking anonymously saying that it was in fact in the tech carried out by the israeli air force now that attack is believed to have been on a convoy of weapons that were believed to be distant from hizbullah in lebanon and it is interesting to make the point that late on thursday the israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu called
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a late night emergency cabinet meeting the understanding here is that that meeting would have been needed to authorize any kind of israeli strikes but we do not have any confirmation that this was in fact the case that is is just speculation at this stage the only thing that is raising. over that is that in the coming hour with netanyahu living leaving for a five day trip in china so there's a lot of discussion around that i'm watching is going now if indeed israel has launched these airstrikes over the weekend the point also needs to be made that the conflict is becoming not just a regional conflict but it certainly has international ramifications you have an organization hizbullah a militant organization that is well considers terrorist it's allied with the damascus regime and more and more we see these two forces come into play in israel stepping up to the international stage and if indeed it's making through on its threats to make sure that hizbollah doesn't receive any kind of weaponry then we could potentially be facing a very real showdown adulteries
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a policy that. can use an israel's second strike in syria inside forty eight hours thank you. well a bit earlier in the program here and we spoke over the phone with damascus space journalist. who described the chaos in the syrian capital after the latest reported attack. we care about the.
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mark. so we have. to. barter let's get more now on the u.s. stance on all of this across live twenty is more important than a buy a new yorker good to see you marina my understanding it's roughly two in the morning where you are so far we know an unnamed u.s. official was first to confirm this israeli attack in syria any comment in the wee hours from the white house. well u.s. president barack obama wouldn't specifically comment on the reported israeli
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airstrikes into damascus instead saying that israel is justified in protecting itself from danced weapon shipments to the lebanon based group hezbollah this these comments coming from the u.s. president were made during an interview with telemundo television obama said that washington consistently coordinates closely with tell of even recognizing that the country is very close in proximity to syria and lebanon president obama said that he believes that to the israelis to confirm or deny what is taking place what actions they are taking part in executing now according to reuters a spokesman for the israeli military has declined to comment or confirm israel's role in the attacks into syria as we've also reported a senior u.s. official confirm to n b s b c news that the israeli air force bombed the military
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research center in syria and now israeli leaders previously said that the country would not allow weapons to flow from syria to lebanon earlier this week it is reported that the leader of hezbollah said that his group would assist syrian president bashar al assad if needed in the president serious efforts to defeat the opposition clearly the civil war that began an uprising that began more than two years ago the israeli strike also reported sure it also follows days and weeks of renewed concern voiced by washington and its western allies over syria's potential use of chemical weapons against opposition forces obama has previously characterized evidence of the use of chemical weapons as a game changer that would have enormous consequences but as we see the actions that are now potentially being taken against syria are not being. taken by the u.s.
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and its western allies here these newest reports are are showing that the actions are being taken by israel. as you say marino the u.s. is of course have been strongly opposing the syrian government calling on assad to step down is there any indication as far as you can tell those of us to how far washington is prepared to get involved in the cold well of most recently we did hear comments coming from the u.s. secretary of defense chuck hagel saying that now the white house is considering to arm the opposition in syria with weapons this is a stance and a position that washington was reluctant to take instead saying that it would give financial support that would go to other logistics but not weapons other communication equipment other ways in which the opposition and the rebels could fight against the syrian government but now we see that the position at least coming from some members of the white house the position of the u.s.
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administration is changing but you know you're hearing a variety of different comments one comment one position coming from the secretary of defense and then with when the u.s. president speaks he's a little bit more cautious with his words but over the past few weeks we are hearing this is drumming up rhetoric coming from u.s. officials that are is beating what some would call a drum of potential military intervention one of the latest on the breaking news from new york now auntie's more important thank you. well bit earlier in the program here and i did speak to a senior correspondent for israel's ha'aretz newspaper he believes that they reported as strong by israel is justified. this is part of the israeli policy which you can describe as pownce but do not announce or don't plan but don't tell don't let the syrian regime transfer surface to surface missiles and surface to air missiles stupors vala but don't brag about it so while the reason no official
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confirmation you can take you almost as face value when you hear the u.s. side confirm it officially what about the legality of israel bombing syria like this without even a un mandate i mean how do you expect the international community to react to this well the israeli and syrian governments have been paying a fragile ceasefire for the last forty years however next door in lebanon the lebanese government does not control because of allah and because well i want to take these arms from syria and position them within lebanon which is you legal and has all eyes in a state of war wheezy israel and while you may say that flying over a lebanese space is not exactly according to international law this is nick beaking and while there are many reasons on other aspects to be critical of israeli policy
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it does seem that this time around it is quite balanced it is only trying to prevent and preempt further conflict so i'm sure you talk about the israeli airstrike being balanced you call the israeli airstrike balance we've got unconfirmed reports now of at least four hundred people killed during this overnight jetfighter weapon strike massive explosions of video footage there has been absolutely incredible you call this a balanced reaction to unconfirmed reports that the syrian officials are moving surface to air missiles to hezbollah which they are denying at the time you call it balanced ok let me clarify first of all the reason of. and regrettably so a massacre going on in syria has gone on for the last two years with many thousands of people being killed others perhaps in the hundreds of thousands being uprooted and now being refused use across the border and what israelis trying to
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prevent been on war this is perhaps a minor price to pay. in order not to pay the bigger price of security and be have a which will be read by another lebanon war well let's get the latest update now on our breaking news story on this sunday morning here on artsy a u.s. military official has confirmed a second israeli air strike on syria in less than forty eight hours that back to early reports on syrian state television so far though no official confirmation from officials in tel aviv footage right here though unverified from damascus shows a massive explosion at the site of the strike which is said to have targeted a military research facility a syrian t.v. claim twelve missiles were fired by israel reports are coming in of many killed and injured although there's been no official announcement western intelligence sources reportedly say the target was a stockpile of syrian missiles intended for hezbollah in lebanon now this latest
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strike comes less than two days after the previous israeli bombing of syria anonymous israeli official said that a time for talking to the shipment of syrian missiles on its way to fall in lebanon a similar attack is said to have been carried out by israel earlier this year in january of damascus has denied it's been trying to hand advanced weapons over to hezbollah do stay with us here on our t.v. this is a developing breaking news story we got the updates for you from all around the world just a moment oh. i am from. the work that i. am every day she says their body. syria or syria in arabic.
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the war beginning far from. the syrian woman you are. trying. to find a girl. i'm planning to stay here russia. to build a new life. thank
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you for joining us here on our. show you live in the russian capital let's turn to some of the news now that's been shaping the past week around the world of the u.k. independence party has made a major breakthrough in local elections claiming one in every four votes cast for the conservatives which are of course part of the ruling coalition now admitting that all mainstream parties have quote major lessons to learn from the group seeking the country's withdrawal from the e.u. let's take a closer look at the party's gains and losses here on our t.v. come the figures for you right now. the conservatives are down three hundred thirty five seats while their coalition partners the liberal democrats well they've lost one hundred and twenty four opposition labor party up by two hundred and ninety one and ukip it has gained one hundred and thirty nine new local councillors as an achievement the head of the party nigel farage praises the grander rival for party politics and the deputy leader of the u.k.
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independence party paul not all he spoke to are c. about the party's long term plans and the issues with its rivals. david cameron is committed to the european union we know that because he said if that is it our friends and he will campaign to stay in and if you're members of the european union you can't control your own borders so we have a problem in this country where we have twenty two percent youth unemployment a million kids in britain who are going to weigh every day and what about to open our borders all to twenty nine million remaining in a bulgarians when restrictions for all on january first income earners are permitted that is not a good can do about that so quite frankly we're not worried that he's going to pass his time con artist because he simply can't we will take a seat in the house of commons if not two seats before the general election in two thousand and fifty if we continue on our trajectory in byelection zameen we are finishing seconds and a lot of buy elections now particularly in the north of england and i think that we
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can eventually take a seat in a byelection but let's not forget that a big elections next year the european elections take place in june two thousand and fifteen these at elections that we will win i genuinely believe we will send more any peace back to brochures than any other party and then in two thousand and fifteen ukip will be standing in every single constituency and we will be putting up a good fight and if we enter the election on double digits ahead of the liberal democrats we have leadership debates in this country and nigel farage will be on those leadership debates and he would wipe the floor with clegg cameron. the unemployment levels in the european union hit record highs this week the rate of going up across most of the member states here the ever rising figures are alarming and rising year by year have a look at the stats right here if you can greece and spain most affected portugal not to be neglected though in greece twenty seven percent of the workforce out of a job while in spain it's about one in four unemployed the increasing joblessness
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of many and the poor working in conditions for some triggering mass demonstrations around the world may day and the most turbulent protests took place in turkey where police had to disperse demonstrators with tear gas and water cannons after the demonstration turned violent at least twenty eight people were injured in clashes dozens and up being arrested and in greece the country worst hit by the crisis the day of action was marked by a twenty four hour strike spain has seen demonstrations in more than eighty cities testor australia has a look at how people are straining across parts of the euro zone. the unemployment rate in the years old has recently reached a record twelve percent and for those aged twenty five and below in countries like spain and greece that number is this high is more than fifty percent with very little signs of any economic improvement now for those who are looking for a job that search is no longer just about trying to find work many are now trying
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to leave their home countries. like niccolo wriggles a biology graduate from italy now working in a shop in brussels and the situation in italy was extremely awful because the only thing i was able to get is a really short contract like free mouth for six months with absolutely no possibility of ruling out any. industry or in the laboratory anything most most of them were totally hate and you can't really think of your future. he says it wasn't a walk in the park in beijing either as many companies require a working knowledge of both french and dutch a barrier that may be hard to overcome but perhaps still more attractive for some the going back home i read. in two thousand and twelve. in the person present age of young people who emigrated from italy and grew up by
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thirty forty percent in two thousand and twelve i really don't know what will be into towns in africa and it's not just e.u. citizens feeling the pinch foreigners would come to europe to seek new opportunities starting their will businesses and building their lives have now will also change their minds freds iana this meant leaving greece and going all the way back to her native ecuador and while homesickness was the initial reason for the move she has no regrets about making that decision is expected also many foreign is decided to leave greece and move to countries like germany and switzerland but the greeks who stayed behind are saying that the situation is really difficult there when for instance service men he used to get one and a half thousand euros are now paid just one hundred m. out place has been open for two years and even though still new i believe we have very good prospects for the future and this is not something she says just isn't
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possible in year right now to trend if you look at the figures in countries like ardent some people argue that a whole generation has left and perhaps for good things are not related to i don't think so i believe rather stay here for one time just so sylvia our team brussels. and altie is coming to you live from moscow with results released on saturday showing the iraqi prime minister nouri al maliki one provincial elections two weeks ago was despite the fact his government is mired in corruption and crime. about how to share power among the nation's very different groups on the ground though iraq is seeing some of its worst bloodshed since the pullout of u.s. troops in two thousand and eleven united nations this week said that more than seven hundred people were killed in april over sixteen hundred injured across the land and that of sectarian violence many fearing the unrest could send the nation back into
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a full scale conflict as it comes out ten years now after george bush declared america's victory over saddam hussein and norman solomon director for the institute for public accuracy believes the u.s. that campaign has brought little democracy to the country. there's a very corrupt interest truck sure and a lot of political repression torture and shelling both in public and behind prison walls which was also the case under saddam hussein but i think that by most measures the magnitude has been the u.s. in a worse in the last ten years and going forward the prospects look very grim i think that the united states government should be apologizing to the american people for the lies and especially to the iraqi people because of so much. death and injury that continues to take place because of and in the aftermath of the invasion occupation. millions of orthodox believe.
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in church ceremonies all around the world it's one of orthodox christianity is most important. the resurrection of jesus christ immense crowds of gathered at russia's main vigil at the cathedral of christ the savior in downtown moscow for celebrations there for us medina cancian of. price does freeze and that's the phrase our two dogs believers greet each other with the celebration continues early on saturday you believe. in the church of the holy sample in jerusalem and the fly is described by our two dogs believers as a miracle that happens alfre year on the eve of the easter celebration later that fire is distributed to the r. to dogs countries including ballo russia serbia georgia and many others and it was also brought to russia. in moscow's of neugebauer airport and was
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a later delivery to the christ as savior of the feeder which is really a bit landmark are to dogs cathedral in the country and that's where the a main easter service was taking place now and this service to began shortly before midnight on saturday chris and believers holding candles and carrying icons went around the cathedral the ride out through midnight glory flying the resurrection of jesus christ and that service lasted for several hours and did so well into the early hours of sunday it was also a time to buy the russian president vladimir putin and prime minister meet the need to be safe and really despite what about a lot of this day as it was pouring with rain throughout saturday still hundreds of people came here to this special night service easter is a presidio it's a by quite a long period of fasting b.g. verse abstain from meat ax fish and day we products for forty eight days which they
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tend to sponge in praying and this night so this is then followed by the easter sunday that's one believe there is give each other colored folks that they've prepared and special russian easter brad which is called beach it is really a very special moment and a special day for millions of our dogs to believe around the globe as they celebrate the most important day and they are the docs calender. all right when we come back here on just a moment we'll be exploring the lives of syrian refugees seeking asylum in russia this is obscene. most people in the western world would agree that having laws that officially
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create second class citizens is totally unacceptable we can look at the way jews were treated in nazi germany or blackstar in apartheid in south africa and the slavery jim crow areas in the usa as examples of legally dividing society by i think most people with their modern sensibilities would find these practices me bob baer american backwards but my question is that why is there to this day officially sanctioned second class citizens in certain countries or to be more accurate i should say non-citizen residents of the two million people in latvia around three hundred thousand of them are considered non-citizen residents who can neither vote nor hold public office these non-citizens are russian speakers of various ethnic backgrounds whose children also by birth bearer of the non-citizen status not happy being on the bad side of apartheid the non-citizens have logically decided to vote for their own parliament because they can't elect to participate in the left field what even if the parliament has no power whatsoever it will be their chance to
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shine a light on the issue which the mainstream media has been keeping quiet for years you know you'd think that people would be outraged over segregation but what happens to russians and russian speakers is just not cool or hip or trendy or convenient enough for the mainstream media to take notice but that's just my opinion. my name is a. i am from syria and i had the war in syria i like to move towards the ends just i can go to see my for.


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