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tv   Headline News  RT  May 7, 2013 3:00pm-3:30pm EDT

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syrian rebels abducted u.n. peacekeepers in the golan heights and say it is for their own safety. but comes as america's top diplomat visits russia or in an attempt to bridge the divide over syria with accusing the u.s. of inciting bloodshed but it rebels are expecting a press conference by john kerry. very shortly here in. the u.k. it's radioactive materials have gone missing in dozens of locations across the country something that could pose a terrorist threat in the wrong hands. china hosts both the leaders of israel and palestine as growing economic and political clout spreads to the middle east our top stories this is.
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online on screen international news and comment live from a studio center here in moscow this is. syrian rebels have abducted four un peacekeepers patrolling the separation zone between syria and israel members of the brigade posted this picture online claiming they're holding the peace keepers for their own safety after clashes in the area where the u.s. is still considering arming opposition fighters regardless of their tactics and despite russian opposition that's just one of the differences the u.s. secretary of state is trying to bridge during talks here in moscow which. is following. it is understood that kerry came here to moscow to see russia supported resulting the syrian conflict in detail already set up to meeting the russian president that russia and the united states have a similar
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a viewpoint on the syrian conflict but experts are at a dismay as to how exactly he may get that support because there are fundamental differences in how both washington and moscow see the resolution of the syrian conflict at the moment in particular russia has been strongly coming up against the militarization of the syrian rebels something which is now being discussed across the atlantic and russia has been saying that this is never contributing to a peaceful resolution of the war in the region another a sticking point here another bone of contention is the use of chemical weapon ok michael weapons in syria which is allegedly used by the government troops russia says that this has never been proved and the fact which never been proved in the sort of as an excuse for a possible military intervention or anything of the sort it is really hard to say whether kerry has been trying to relay official washington's position here in moscow or try to a little before the the initiative which is now being discussed the united states
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to provide military support for the syrian rebels but we are expecting more comments from the u.s. state secretary after he meets the russian foreign minister sergei lavrov the talks between u.s. secretary of state john kerry and the russian leadership has been going on for hours now we're expecting a media conference by john kerry in the foreign minister sergei lavrov any moment now. contributor afshin rattansi gave me his opinion on why the two sides are finding it so hard to find common ground. kerry is saying the united states every state is saying. that they have common interests they both promote regional stability prevent the spread of extremism is difficult and what russian president vladimir putin can possibly say to the u.s. secretary of state because we all know most of the world knows that the major powers have been doing exactly the opposite not promoting regional stability and helping the spread of extremism how have they managed to talk through these hours and less presumably mr putin is explaining to john kerry that the only way to
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prevent seasons to stop late to backing the rebels in syria what would john kerry be saying about the latest news concerning those u.n. peacekeepers being abducted by rebels doesn't that undermine the u.s. is support of the syrian opposition if only the united states people realize that presumably john kerry will have to be telling mr putin you see the martyrs of yarmuk order they call themselves even as they kidnap twenty one u.n. observers in march and they have given up for more it's very difficult john kerry will be able to explain what to do presumably trying to put pressure on islam is friends israel is facing the prospect of syria based militants attacking across its northern border with the backing of assad's regime a palestinian armed group reportedly says it's been given the green light by damascus to carry out raids from the golan heights which is over here it's
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apparently part of syria's response to a series of israeli air strikes on its territory over the weekend syrian missile batteries are also being pointed at israel ready to retaliate immediately in case of a new attack in neighboring lebanon combined syrian lebanese units are reportedly on standby and as r.t. for an hour even the opposition free syria army could turn their arms on israel to . of course we won't stay with the regime but we won't start with israel either which is a traditional any more of our country but i want to stress that if israeli strikes are aimed at destroying syria's infrastructure we will stand with the regime if israel stargate is the syrian people will stand with the regime. britain is under pressure to put tighter controls on its radioactive materials and after it's merged that hazardous substances have gone missing in numerous locations over the last decade when a fetching industries nuclear reactors and even schools are implicated in the list
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obtained by auntie from the health and safety authority some of the materials are volatile enough to be sought by terrorists of the sort of first reports. businesses universities. have been using radioactive and often very dangerous materials how did in some cases mislaid or even lost these materials now we've been going through the documentation did a good copy of it here with me now and what's incredible about it is that this isn't just one or two incidents this is happened more than thirty times over the last decade and you see things like depleted uranium you've got cesium one three seven one of the incidents we saw at the royal free hospital names and that incident incident it was a cesium one three seven that had gone missing and they're being used for treatment of a cancer patient and if you look at what it actually said the squire being that material is said to have the potential to cause significant radiation into research anyone
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handling it or even in directly coming in to contact with it for a short period of time just going down the list and you've got a veritable who's to big names in british industry rules were darby that had been creating the reactors that britain's nucleus of was some of these incidents have been prosecuted well some of the firms have been prosecuted many all the instance on here have actually seen these involved in the culprits get away with little more than a written warning so for thirty nuclear consultant explains how easy it would be for terrorists to use some of the leaked materials. well if you take one one substance for example was cesium and yet those two materials what you need to do there if you was a terrorist you had evil intent then all you need to do is to ignite burn or detonate a conventional explosive packed near that material to disperse it as
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a fine but you park in the air and that makes it responsible it makes it comes a contaminant so for example a scenario a scenario in a city would be to actually explode or burn this material at a high level say in a tower block or say in a city like moscow to actually burn it on the metro system on the tube system and let the trains pump realm the radioactive atmosphere around the metro system and that would be very very difficult to decontaminate and control because the gas would be pumped around by the trains going through the tunnels into each. r.t. live here in moscow still ahead this hour a novel way to use cutlery young christmas shows that a spoon is given just an eating utensil just a few moments you can find out how he wrote his way out of jail. also peddling influence a new form of tourism lifts the veil on how industry get its way with the german
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government and out how the business lobby pushes its agenda that's coming up later in the program. and also dozens of patrol the streets of moscow we'll tell you why later in the program. but first charter is hosting the leaders of both palestine and israel as the asian joint looks to boost its influence in the middle east for israel beijing is its largest trading partner in asia prime minister benjamin netanyahu wants to do more business but diplomatically beijing leans very much towards israel's arch rival palestine the day before netanyahu is a rival palestinian leader mahmoud abbas was given full state honors meeting in beijing present regime pain went on to offer a four point peace plan calling for an end to the gaza blockade and the restoration of palestinian rights. reports on the rush to the east. peace where the prime minister benjamin netanyahu and the palestinian president
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mahmoud abbas are currently in china they are there on a week long business trip but obviously they won't just be talking business they'll be talking politics and they'll be trying to further cooperate and entrenched relations in the fields of economy trade and science and also develop political trust for some time we have witnessed how china is trying to influence the middle east and play a bigger role in this part of the world if you look at israeli chinese when nations in one thousand nine hundred two the two countries began and established diplomatic relations and since then they have developed increasingly close commercial military and strategic links trade between the two countries currently stands at around ten billion dollars a year their investments in israel are at the beginning i believe they have a number of reasons why the investor why they don't invest in this room. i think this think also in large political terms they think is really simple country they
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want to have a foothold here. but we also noticed that china us china has always supported the arab side in the conflict at least burbling. but you notice that in the last in the recent past they have become a maybe a little bit more hesitant. maybe they will get something back from the arab side what is particularly interesting when we look at the relationship between israel and china is that it seems to be coming on the back of a cooling of the relationship between israel and the united states there's no secret that the israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu and the american president barack obama do not like each other and obviously netanyahu is going to look around and search for new partners one of whom could easily become china if you take note of how china is getting more and more powerful of how the world is becoming more multi-polar when it is clear that there is no room for ignoring
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a world power such as china if you look at the euro crisis where did countries go in terms of asking for help china if you look at the north korea crisis where did countries go they ask china for help and now netanyahu is in china at a particularly sensitive time in terms of israeli syrian relations many people are asking why he did not cancel his trip to go there and in fact what role the recent syrian israeli flare up will have in terms of the agenda that is being addressed there china has always had a firm position toward syria and it has always been on the side of negotiations never did it support the bloodshed from either side of the conflict so it will be interesting to see what comes out of if anything israeli chinese discussions over the situation in syria. jordan is historically well placed to build bridges in the middle east that's the view of a lot more from the israel you're chamber of commerce. china ease regaining their
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position as a major international player in that goal for the middle east china has a unique position in the fact that on the one hand it has very good and long relations with the palestinians and all the arab world including iran for example in the same time they have in the past twenty years developed very good relations with israel as well so that puts them in an interesting position to talk to everyone moreover china is very well known to be against conflict against violence against the use of weapon bringing somebody into the middle east who is supporting finding solution without using violence even if they actually take action not only by statements what also by pushing the palestinians the. live in lebanon the hamas in the south and so on to lower the flames to use less and less violence that can be very useful for everyone. with more international news shortly after the break.
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the british. market. find out what's really happening to the global economy. headlines. a report. good laboratory. to build
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a. mission to teach you. to care about. this is why you should care only. continues here and. assess and his escape from a detention center. reportedly with the help of a spoon is going to details now exactly what happened from. according to prison sources thirty three year old pile of somehow managed to dig out of the top of the ceiling of his cell get out onto the roof of this notoriously high security prison over the fence and away he is not a petty criminal he is charged with a double murder and with illegal arms trafficking the guards at the prison service
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say that it's most likely he really could only have used a spoon to dig out of that cell because this is the cells of regularly checked for other implements for that very purpose at the moment there is a manhunt underway to try and find mr pile of and also an investigation to look into possible negligence by guards just last year a very high profile almost hollywood escape from a prison a remote prison in russia where accomplices hijacked a helicopter and managed to use that to lift the said inmate out of the prison he was later caught there are other examples as well across the world just last month a very notorious french armed robber took the guards hostage inside a french prison and then used explosives to blow the doors off and then escape himself and of course we can't end without mentioning nine hundred sixty two alcatraz and what were the the tools of choice there to escape of course the humble
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spoon. at the moment at r.t. dot com justice scientists claim they're close to creating a vaccine for hiv and if it is it could be another disaster on its way and we've got the story of a superbug running across the world which it say is drug resistant and to come from more details on the infections some even worse than the eight. so that the moment hakka turned. dot com threatens to suit you zealand's foreign intelligence agency for spying on it but the government is on the target and is pushing for even greater powers to snoop on its residents. it's day ninety one of the guantanamo bay hunger strike one hundred inmates are refusing food in protest against in humane treatment at the hands of the u.s. military twenty four are being force fed a procedure that lawyers have condemned as brutal david remes who represents seventeen guantanamo inmates told us what is motivating them. to.
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as you would imagine the others who are. are we. can manage but it's. all of. if twenty forty five pounds and sixty pounds and it's really a horrifying situation then shouldn't have to do this to get it and one of the american public in the shouldn't have to do this in order to cry out for their release the commander of the joint detention group who's exactly what warden of the . prison for the detainees as refused to talk to them until they stop their strike i abstained that it sort of a macho pose on his part is just not going to first he could have solved his hunger strike within three or four days if he had sat down with them and talk with them about their concerns and found
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a pragmatic solution that's what is. returning now to one of our top stories the u.s. secretary of state's visit to moscow john kerry has held talks with the russian leadership with the two sides polarized over the conflict in syria kerry and foreign minister lavrov on talking to the media that's now and this is still in time for us or you can hear the interpreter one. ladies and gentlemen you will see we have just had a substantive this discussion day we have held. in length for a doctor if and constructive meeting in the kremlin with the president of russia vladimir putin. the president today that here carefully looked through the recent address by as of president obama and is currently preparing the response which will be
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submitted to washington shortly which and also emphasized that his looking forward to today meeting with obama. as part of the g eight meeting in those an island which will be followed by a bomber's visit. was kind of dream was to be on the basis of arrangements made on the summit level. given our previous meetings with john kerry this year we're discussed in detail all issues on our bilateral agenda global and regional agenda was to prepare for the forthcoming presidential meeting to be held in july because we had three votes that russia and the us need to build their relations given has a role which such relations play in the global affairs they should act on the basis of equality mutual trust and respect interests. count two concerns on
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both parts such concerns remain it is natural we're just kind of specific going and we appreciate the willingness of our american colleagues to remove such issues from what the u.s. russian dialogue with paid special attention to they need to move forward on implementing presidential agreements. to build an economic and investment corporation also discussed let's work a concrete measures which can be taken in this regard you'll see with the involvement of the presidential commission in which we are together with john had originated and reported directly to the presidents and we also touched upon a strategic stability agenda west trying sending our understanding when to spend they need to consider such an issue with to account all aspects influencing
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strategic stability and as for the global agenda issues of we have a lot of common goals were supposed to be related to prevention of the terrorist threat deliberation counter terrorism. organized crime bed sing. but weapons of mass destruction proliferation also discussed the situation around iran nuclear program korean abuse of an insular ghana stand and the broader region and what paid special attention to the situation in syria where greed to as follows russians the us going to encourage both syrian authorities and their physician groups with the find a political solution which also agreed on the need was so. so try
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and establish and hold the international conference shortly thesis which will develop which will bit a follow up to the geneva conference we are going to invite with your current russians the us agreed on the need to trade in order to convince representatives of the authorities and a position to gather decide how they can implement geneva communiqué. adopted last year both part is referring to their commitment to restore real integrity and sovereignty of syria with the account of the geneva communiqué we admit that this would require mutual. willingness on the part of syrian pas has and we will watch and undertake to use all the opportunities in order
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so in the car age their position and this horror to sit down at the negotiation table and for this purpose we're going to cooperate with other interested states which need so demonstrates their commitment. and encourage the syrians themselves so find a political solution of resumes a framework of the geneva communique which also the. terms of our commitment. so. geneva communiqué we believe it's a vital tool to overcome you hit him in a terran crisis in a we need agree approach just as chemical weapons and to prevent further destabilisation we believe that the fullest implementation of the geneva communiqué chris opposes establishment of a transitional ruling by the governing body which is stipulated by the geneva communiqué adopted on june thirtieth last year and we act on the sumption that this
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body and. on the basis of the geneva communique will have the full executive power and we are convinced that it will be the best ideal way to settle the syrian crisis . that's what i want to turn ons to give the floor to draw on. thank you very much there good thank you very very much thank you for a very generous welcome it's been great to be here with you today and we've had very thorough very cooperative and extensive conversations and i'm deeply appreciative for the hospitality. that the foreign minister and the president have
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both afforded to me today. i might comment that it was a beautiful day here in moscow. with. a good feeling as i sense people's anticipation for the celebration of victory day that's a great honor for me to be here to celebrate the victory of the great patriotic war and russians russia's enormous contribution. in that war many people have never focused on the extraordinary losses almost thirty million people. lost to russia and its then accompanying states and it's particularly poignant for us to be here at this point in time where we are considering how to resolve yet another conflict. but
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a victory date is a reminder to everybody or at least it should be that despite different points of view. committed partners can find a way to accomplish great things together when the world needs it and this is one of those moments where the foreign minister and i our presidents president obama and president putin agree that it's important for leadership. to be demonstrated as an alternative to perpetual conflict. i know that the future of the united states and russia relations holds great potential because despite our difference comus common very common strategic interests unite us let me be very specific as as chairman of the foreign relations committee i led the efforts of the united states senate to ratify the start treaty which russia entered
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into with the united states with the leadership a your government and of president obama and we were able to ratify that and now further discussions can take place about making the world even safer with respect to nuclear weapons in addition russia was enormously cooperative has been and is today with respect to afghanistan w t o iran and north korea those are the big items those are the big issues. on which issues like war and peace hang and fall and so i want to thank sergey for his cooperative efforts with respect to those issues and i know president obama is grateful to president putin and to the russian people. in addition. i want to say a few words we did discuss
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a broad array of issues but i would like to focus if i can for a moment. on the issue that circuit just talked about with respect to syria. it was clearly one of the important that reasons for my coming to moscow today apart from the need to discuss the other issues and i thank all of you for your patience i know it's been a long day. but foreign minister lavrov and i have conducted a broad discussion with president putin and together. about our increasing cooperation particularly with respect to the issues surrounding syria. i want to express my thanks to president putin for the significant amount of time that he gave to a very productive a very warm and friendly discussion that we had today.


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