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however greek victory claimed bronze at the euro league finals after losing to olympiacos will go on to be relegated and to fill a continental crown. plus a top battle maria sharapova misses the chance to reclaim the world number one spot from serena williams as the american wins her fifteenth career title. but let's get the ball rolling with football and with two games to go to school have gone five points clear at the top of the russian premier league and on course for their first championship crown in seven years after thrashing lucky for one in the moscow darby which of on poor feet has all the weekend action. thanks i be. cisco when five points clear at the top of the table with just two games to go to triumph in for one of the committee the moscow darby book the love putting me on women one up after only six minutes when our. soon made it to
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a member go over to the second just before the break to me to toss or paula go by and follow her early in the second half but say to me are made for one and give serious count course for the first league title in seven years. i've seen its hopes of keeping that title for a third straight year took a huge ten's of champions or held one one at struggling rust of record signing x.i.v. sell strong after six minutes of the tally the arc of equalized from penalties for so many minutes under spight losing to a fake i chose to stop a time bookings the home side home though i'm a move a point clear a brit occasion poil spots. i've. heard only the time brace for europa league places despite losing one military force window period is still the kitchen signs we're now twenty seven minutes to put them within three points of european sports. thief
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temperatures caused enormous stay fall from the now unbeaten fourteen games despite being held to a one one draw at home to cross the. money see a part of the deadline for the visitors off to fifty two minutes on the court an equaliser within a quarter of an hour with his tenth of the campaign cross of the slip joint of the slimmest of hopes of a european sports thank you the five one row being boosted their europa league ambitions going fifth with a late two one win at home to second bottom up dog. denise kind of denise opened the scoring for the kids and signed up to seven minutes but her son mohammed should level just before half time with his tenth of the season yet with fifty minutes to go over the mid to dawn net of home signs when told at renegade more of those via the six points from safety thank you the chief bomb moved to six posts one level on points for the european contenders offer for no freshening of struggling
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on car and cross from ibrahim above they missing a first home praise opening minutes and then adding a second dr who was too with evil in purpose of making it free no by half time. because presumably and of late penalty to put a gloss on the scolari and leave them come first from both. the chief hit to seven from two points have some of the european places of coming back to draw one more out of home to struggling comenius of yet of the name of gave the visitors a surprise eighth minute lead. level of all for half an hour but one one is how it stained remain in the relegation playoffs. thank you i finally wrote bottom of my mia were relegated off to bed time and some i've lost one nil and a feisty basement back to that bowl go hungry gordie of source for a read for the citizen for eighteen minutes. on the home side ahead from a sponsor i'm a stroke of half time. one red card. with three points clear of the relegation play
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offs which are birds we don't see. so with just two games left the top of the russian primary table looks like this let's go now five points clear at the top with six available after the naked only door of our staff and could wrap up the title against next saturday and they're still third but every team down to ninth place closet out could theoretically snatch the three europa league places and at the bottom of a lan your return to the second. they get a stay of execution for another week on concrete currently on course the relegation play. well despite spawn tax stuttering league position and i made the global financial crisis and you wife is new fair play rules the must go science academy remains russia's beacon in producing homegrown talent for its senior side because of them but apple has more. over the past decade or so on those who are mahseer you
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could get to me has evolved into world was a breeding ground for their senior team and an example clubs worldwide a came to follow especially during the global economic crisis and what we have for implementing financial fair play regulations to stop clubs spending more than they earn so it makes a lot of sense to recruit grassroot talent rather than expensive for employers. to football. brings so many money so many money but have so many many many many rosy small malls and every time that means we have to do is way we well working out of. was it matters to. you both to be clean and to be clear. financial fair play will go by in clubs to balance their books to help avoid future financial difficulties qatari backed malia was one of the first because. despite reaching this year's champions league quarter finals up to now compete in europe
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for the next four seasons encounter a spark that is an almost unique position having a well fed chairman but also a broad homegrown legacy. clear most successful club in the country a school district could always plenty of develop through their own system and now with the development of. more top class players for all the glory to the red and whites the spartak school is almost seventy years old and has produced more than one hundred players for its senior team as well as many more for other russian sides and also the national one in twenty townley to change its name to the field of cheating cough academy after one of the biggest stars of the eighty's and most popular local talent while his team mate and second all time kwok to score a severe your honor is now in charge of bringing through the next generation i. knew which local which i'm a happy man i've been at spartak since i was ten it's
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a great honor for me we never stop learning and we try to apply some of the foreign systems but only some we're not copying everything football is a simple game but it's important to have a philosophy a philosophy is to ring coughs motto for football enjoy playing and win it with style for the sparkplug develop their own system winning with attacking flair and lots of short passes and it begins at the academy four years ago old current owner lenny if you don't boosted its development and completely renewed the infrastructure now more than three hundred boys aged down and above from all across russia study here for free as only a handful will turn professional education is taken as seriously as clubs are edition with plenty of former players coaching at their getting me some even unrolling their own kids. my son trains at spartak as they also played here and i understand their style of play and of course because of the great infrastructure there's been developed here and emissions
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a lot of their words and the academies progressing quickly and it keeps in touch with the senior team so i think it's on the right path and we've got lots of youngsters will soon start blooming they just need to be to fail. gresham the home nation to produce its own talent is also increasing with russia said to host the world cup in just over five years and spark toxic anime with its long term experience of encouraging talent could be one towards al gore own for growing young stars who shine sooner rather than later. i was led by the arty. now from the russian stars of the future to the worldwide headline makers of today here's the pick of the week. on monday they usually cheer on others but a bunch of mascots themselves run a race at kempton park in england the boy and field included britain's former olympic sprinter human thomas however the former european champion proved no match
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for believe barrett as the safety mascot for a major building for denied one mr bomberger a trick of titles so tears of regret for the bonnet f.c. mascot and celebrations for the win out if it in kid of sprint you're saying vote. on tuesday a baseball player was stretchered off the field and later admitted to hospital after toronto blue jays pitcher j.a. happ was hit on the head by a line drive during a game at the tampa bay rays in florida the left hander set the bruising and come to his left ear but the thirty year old says he was lucky to escape worse injuries . thank. you on wednesday it was the end of an era for english football after britain's most successful manager surroundings ferguson announced he'd retire as the boss of manchester united at the end of the season the seventy one year old has been in charge of the red devils for
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over twenty six years and has won a staggering thirty eight trophies with a mancunian side including thirteen leave titles and two champions league crowns everton manager david moyes is set to take over. on thursday rory mcilroy finally broke you saw grass jinx as the world number two candidate six under par sixty six in the opening round of the players' championships in florida the northern irishman had never made the cut nor broken part of the unofficial fifth major before however a strong start wasn't enough for the two time major winner is he. six shots behind eventually champion tiger woods but world number one capturing his fourth title this season. now friday was a day to forget for a tour de france champion so bradley wiggins and some of his fellow cyclist of the year i think ali are a slippery roads course some spectacular crashes during stage seven local rather
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and one willie seller fell twice just like he's better known combated in jones and the billy bunch despite sliding off the road to be a stoner team frontman again some time overall as pre-race favorite wiggins fell behind. on saturday german driver nicole rosberg claimed his second straight pole as mercedes dominated qualifying for the spanish grand prix and the twenty seven year old had history on his side as those on pole had won every barcelona race except one since one thousand nine hundred ninety seven however rosberg could only manage six places as crowd hero fernando along as i'm quality is way up from fifth on the grid to claim his thirty second victory head of can be right in philippe nasser. on sunday world number two maria sharapova once again fell victim to the imperious arena williams as the american claimed her fiftieth career title at the madrid open
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while also retaining her well the one status the thirty one year old needed just over an hour and a quarter to prevail six one six four the last time she rapped of the beat serena was back in two thousand and four thirteen matches ago while rafael adult claimed the men's title after the spaniard acknowledged stannis last of switzerland six two six four. and also on sunday league a top scorer linnell messi was all smiles after his barcelona side regained the spanish title with four games to go barr said he. at leaving for that match at atletico madrid knew their job was already done after rival israel madrid drew one one at espanyol the champions still won two one elsewhere by in munich don't traditional vary in costumes as the champions league finally celebrated their bonus league a crown ahead of the arrival of former boss the coach guardiola well that brings us
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quickly to the end of part one but don't go away there's still plenty to come. manufacturing consent or determining a foreign policy consensus who in washington in the halls of power in western capitals drive foreign policy decisions particularly when it comes to iran and israel and syria is american foreign policy in the country's own interest hold it. hold it both. her mother. would speak. to. her. and. wish.
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you luck good. luck. and. come out front of me a little. you know how sometimes you see a story and it seems so for life you think you understand it and then you glimpse something else you hear or see some other part of it and realize everything you thought you knew you don't know i'm tom hartman welcome to the big picture.
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more news today violence is once again flared up. these are the images cold world has been seeing from the streets of canada. showing up for a shelter today. welcome back to part two of the sports show and we resume with basketball where russian champion's desk failed to avenge last year's last gasp yearling final defeat to olympiacos after the greek side again triumphed before going on to defend that crown in the final against relegated michael graf trying to reports. q. after being agonizingly denied the yearly crown last year with the final shot of the game to sky were out for revenge on defending champions olympiakos in the last
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four of this year's tournament and the run over to arena and with inspiring coach dora messina back in charge who would lead says god to the last year pin ground in two thousand and eight the omen seemed good but after a tight first quarter olympiakos pulled away and led forty two twenty eight at half time this guy could only muster eight points in the third and despite dispirited late fightback the greek side again triumphed sixty nine fifty two and went into the final looking for their third continental title. in that decider olympiacos was set to face real madrid who reached their first tour league final in eighteen years after coming back to be arch rivals barcelona in an all spanish cecil contest. the cattle inside edge that had early on taking the first quarter eight hundred eleven however reale braley did a second to take a six point halftime lead passer regained their advantage fifty one forty eight up
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after three quarters before philip it is scored eleven points in the fourth quarter blitz as madrid took control and ran out seventy four to sixty seven when is. the match to decide third place was a thriller between says khan barcelona with the russian side holding on at the death to win seventy four seventy three in the third quarter will. again tied at thirty five apiece his car put together a thirteen to zero run but rallied in the fourth draw level and with thirty six seconds left one cattles novato sank a three pointer to put them a point ahead but in a frenzied finale aaron jackson snatched the lead back for tears and massa missed the chance to win with the last attempt of the game to ensure messina's men took the european bronze. thank you. and in the
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final defending champions olympiakos proved to be the comeback kings once again for the second year in a row they fall back from a double digit deficit and beat a time champions real madrid one hundred eighty eight the spanish side made an explosive start going twenty seven ten up after ten minutes but in india of course cut that back to four points by the break and the league's m.v.p. . then led the charge with twenty one points all in the second half as the greek side went on to clinch their third year early crown and become only the third team to win back to back finals michael genco party. now on to cycling where maxine waters on more from the katyusha team has won the five rings of moscow road race the event is held annually on may the ninth which is celebrated in russia as the anniversary of victory over the nazis in world war two the race is a stepping stone towards the pro to a richer from portland has more. but only brings of moscow is one of the oldest
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racism the world from what its beginnings back in one thousand twenty is now developed into a popular event on the continent a tour one level down from approach or which the premier league of world cycling it takes in some of the capital's most picturesque sights of the final stage is held right at its very hearts it's quite a rarity to see one of moscow's busiest for affairs almost completely devoid of traffic however for a few hours on return day it's a cyclists. to take over the final leg of a five the rings of moscow road race cycling one hundred thirteen kilometers around moscow in a ring road. move the ninth is one of russia's biggest holidays and there was a decent crowd to watch the race unfold over that may not have the glamour of the tour de france it still plays an important role in developing competitive cycling in the country. the progress i think is that it's really important to show results here i have given it my all i hope i have made a good impression on the managers of the big russian teams and they will give me
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a contract that could use a team or acknowledged as russia's top cycling team of the big guns of u.t. to the theme of i'm glad you made a goose of a currently battling it out on the road to tire year before everything's of moscow is a race for the next generation yeah that is what i think i'm waiting if i've been with the team for three years and the main aim is to try and develop cycling within russia we have a main team to show on the pro tour these sorts of races are all about trying to prepare us to compete on the biggest stage at forty one resume of his unlikely to make it into the big time as sages against him but the russian was still a loss for words after winning the overall title yeah the by that much and not been measured to me this is a really big victory for me the biggest of my career i'm just so happy it's difficult to explain just how i'm feeling at the moment. the standard of cycling in russia is improving and it's helped spark the ability of teams like you to show to compete at the top level giving young scientists something to aim for respect noble
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formed a couple of years ago or they can compete with the two she ends then most are playing a key role as the bridge professional recognition i was very riders to complete internationally. as well as numbers there last year roosevelt held russian cyclists prepare for the twenty twelve olympics to give a track cyclists the opportunity to compete in top level competition with a continental license gives you the chance to take part in so many events and you even have the opportunity to get a wildcard into some of cycling's biggest races over five rings of moscow race maybe a world away from the top of france still plays a nostalgic role in preserving russia's heritage and a significant sporting one and promoting the country's future cycling stars richard rumble please r.t. moscow. now from local champions to global heroes as former manchester united striker michael owen joined the chorus of admirers of ceramics ferguson after the
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manager who shaped english football for almost three decades and wants his retirement. anyone that sold. aloud you would have known nothing else other than laden manchester united out so a man gets. a cinema label based on user sites inevitable and money wise that is going to happen in the next couple of years but i didn't say i happening this year and. what was suppose i was going to do you say about a maze just a phenomenal margin that's why i had this morning in may and so proud i can site up light on the info for us. let's turn to one of very extreme sport as the record for the sky marathon has been smashed after two hundred of the world's iron men led to the sky run a well serious charge up here highest mountain held bruce michael crouch and the reports. i view the insurance board of sky running isn't about going into space on foot but it's still a daunting task of racing up to the top of
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a mountain especially when it's elbrus europe's highest peak at just over five point six kilometers while strong winds and temperatures of up to minus twenty degrees celsius made their way up even more demanding for those taking part in the opening russian stage of the sky run a world series. i've been working here for twenty years now and i can safely say the past winter was one of the coldest and harshest i've ever seen so of elbrus was already a challenge the past winter has certainly made the task harder. but inclement weather couldn't stop one italian in this tracks as marco fucking nearly ran the three kilometers of course up to the west summit in a record time the thirty two year old needed just three and a half hours shaving eleven minutes off last year's result by spain's louis have numbers. in the morning i was worried because there was fog everywhere but then i checked my laptop and saw on the webcam that the sun was shining at the top it's
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a great completion and i'm very happy to participated with such a beautiful landscape the record breaking run came on may the ninth victory day in russia where the country marks the defeat of nazi germany and for fucking nearly it was victory number two after also prevailing in the vertical kilometer event the day before while the competition was an exclusive to men as russia's women dominated both events while also enjoying the scenery. has been climbing since i was twenty years old it all began with walks through the woods. stuff like that but then i became aware of the caucasus mountains and that whole region it's simply brest take him which is why i ended up try and competitive events such as this one . conquering the continent's highest mountain only serves to which the runners at the sides as they now move on to spain for more breathtaking action mike of genco r.t. . well let's stay up in the mountains are some of russia's snowboarders closed out
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the winter season by throwing unusual contest where a large pair of dice decided which trick they perform consenting to top off explains all. spring is finally here but this russian snowboard said it's haven't seen it and don't want the snow tomorrow to give her the above the arctic circle in the northern city of heroes for their annual training camp and then close the winter season out in style with an unusual contest is it ok to sit in the line is it's an open competition so everyone can take part riders throw two big dice to decide which triggers they'll perform and how professionals trained to produce some really jaw dropping tricks forget how to do some basic jumps while youngsters hold their skills performing these types of jumps and have a chance to rub the pros noses in it at that and you but there was the you know it was no contest between the amateurs and professionals has the amateurs just hammered the pros they rarely produced such basic tricks it was fun to watch the
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pros being knocked down with their heads down it's hard to get on board success as the days dictate the trick the russians invented this competition last year and this time around the suspense remained until the very last jump as a local snowboarder powered to the finals and took full advantage of a familiar slope to balk at the one and a half thousand dollar price. and what's the process that bit of bone i'm really happy to win as i didn't expect to get as far as the finals i really enjoyed the competitions format it's probably the best one the organizers here have arranged for years the training camp has been going for seven years with all the day's events running for the last two of them this year the first female competitors took part as no words from all across russia traveled to compete. i came all the way from stockholm in islands to compete here. it was an honor to ride with some of the best domestic boarders i didn't expect to get to the finals and i'm
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happy i did. although they did start with bright spring sunshine this snow did return as they drew in junkies head form closing out the winter season and unlike the outcome of the days can bet that this now and this tournament will be back next year constantin by the party. and finally with nine months to go before the winter olympics such as ice hockey rinks passed another test as more than one hundred how much the teams from across the globe played at the bolshoi stone and arena over the past week the russian n.h.l. or the night hockey league was the brainchild of president vladimir putin and the head of state was on holmes to present the trophy to the winning because on dragon side before dropping the park for the exhibition finale well that's all from the sports team by phone or.
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do we speak your language or not advance. news programs and documentaries in spanish matters to you breaking news a little tonnage of angles stories. you hear. that all teach spanish find out more visit. real damage and complexity of this oil spill was not something you can grasp just by looking at dirty birds we have between four to five million people in this directly affected area of the coast and it's pretty clear why it's not being reported because b.p. can't afford to have a reported all along the gulf coast are clean they are safe and they're open for business if b.p.
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is the single largest oil contributor to the pentagon the us war machine is heavily reliant upon b.p. and their oil this is a huge step backwards for the mocker see it's a step forward for oligarchy carex it is toxic is a look a lot like spraying and. it was it was not a picture that either the government or b.p. really wanted to have out but i don't want dispersants to be the agent on. this bill's.
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the touch.
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police in the u.s. are hunting for a group of gunmen who went on a shooting rampage during a mother's day parade in new orleans injuring nineteen people. saccade drums up a fresh baseball foreign intervention in syria off to blaming damascus for a deadly cross border bolding. on the while cash strapped glories awaits your approval for another bailout loan conscious stars because i'm pacing the nation's health where sex and sending medication calls a story there were.


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