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tv   Headline News  RT  May 17, 2013 11:00am-11:44am EDT

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why is high scoundrel too many in russia says the cia house calls the line with us on takes after the latest us agent was called in moscow says altie obtained a recording involving another american all pursue intercepted earlier this year. also this hour the cash strapped european union mounds a crusade against the continent's banking hubs declaring open season on account privacy and toxic bait is a lie. and russia's mediation effort in syria get the thumbs up from day one but faces old sickles from their own to all the rebel forces there to find evidence of atrocities committed by them and ongoing civil war.
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and you saw russia under around the world this is with me. hello and welcome to the program. these cia has gone too far with its spying operations that's the message from russia's federal security service commenting on the whistle scandal involving an american agent uncovered in moscow this week and. has now live to explain the implications of all that say hi there so what can you say today i visited the f.s.b. had quarters in moscow where i was given some more fresh information on the latest spy scandal involving a third secretary of the us embassy in moscow first of all the f.s.b. officials told me that they knew from day one since ryan fogle came to moscow that he was working for the cia that's why they had a very close eye on him and the most important from
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a shop here clearly is that this is not the first case over the past three years in fact in fact since two thousand and eleven there have been four cases like that but one story which the f.s.b. officials wanted to join particular attention on is the story of also a third secretary of the u.s. embassy benjamin dillon who just like ryan fogle tried to recruit an employee of the national anti-terrorist committee offering him a money and offering him to meet and in private to discuss the details that's when the f.s.b. officials actually managed to apprehend them i have acquired a recording of the phone conversation between benjamin dillon and that man let's listen. to the group it is renewed promise you know. it's a group you have a. minister ministers and there's a. very. long philistia squad but also. you know yesterday yesterday and
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we were never assume or knew used to be mysterious and so. much for specific. interviewed you. well the f.s.b. officials also pointed out the time. which both fogel and dylan used to have a striking resemblance they both made phone calls they offered money maybe there's one exception that presumably dylan didn't have a wig on him like fogle did but clearly the tactics were the same and the consequences will probably be the same as well because we know that ryan fogle is now in for a dipper taishan from the russian federation and the same thing happened to dylan he was deported in january twenty third scene without making it public and it was done quietly back then. and there were messages of russia trying to send out with all that the bottom line and the main message here is that some lines should not be crossed of course there are some routine intelligence work and some professional
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ethics but the cia according to the f.s.b. officials went too far with the fogel case the reason why the benjamin dillon story was not made public in january was because the f.s.b. tried to keep it under the carpet they made a warning to the cia colleagues that such things could not happen especially given the fact that f.s.b. and the cia have a very strong partnership in fighting terrorism together i talked to one of the high ranking officials in the f.s.b. and here is how he explained the current state of affairs. we were particularly outraged with the actions of the american spy dylan benjamin he tried to convince an employee of the russian national counter-terror committee to hand over classified documents of this department to the cia like mr fogle he was also deported from russia we hope the cia would learn their lesson and something like that would never happen again so we decided not to release the information about dylan to the public but apparently they didn't learn that lesson in fogel's case the cia crossed a red line so we had to react according to official instructions. while they have
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been no common so far not from the u.s. embassy in moscow not from the washington officials but the f.s.b. told me that they will let us know if anything any comments coming from washington come on that matter citing stuff a live from moscow thank you very much. biking privacy could soon be a fitting of the past of europe that is if e.u. regulators have their way you're across have been pushing hard for access to all account data on the continent and even switzerland and all member nation has found itself being squeezed creative people report their prospects for the alpine banking on to looking good so what do we know about switzerland then while the mountainous country sells tasty chocolate is home to some of the finest watches and it's a great place to ski but when it comes its banking sector well that's when it all
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starts getting a little bit secretive avenue the one hundred years this secrecy attracted some of the world's mega rich to the country now to qualify for the flat rate tax deal on offer of the rich are not actually allowed to work in the country but must have a net wealth of at least two million dollars now this ystem has attracted more than five thousand affluent x. patches to this nation of only eight million people including tina turner. it's way now well the foreigners collectively give seven hundred million dollars in federal local taxes maybe it is that could be going into their home treasuries bar this cozy arrangement may soon be a thing of the passes the e.u. can't stand no such juicy tax incentives the e.u. is also piling pressure on members luxembourg and austria as well as san marino and dora monaco which are actually not members of the union now luxembourg recently
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changed just last month that actually agreeing to lift the secrecy rules for european union citizens who have savings that. so what all these tax haven countries actually expected to do that well quite simply expose the e.u. want to be able to check out bank he tells of any individual whenever they want without requesting permission first and considering in cyprus the banks were worth seven times as much as the country's g.d.p. a lot about for example they're worth twenty two times more the situation could be catastrophic than if you put it in that way so in a wall where banking secrets are no longer kept these havens may have to find another way to seduce the great. the european union can survive without britain according to the french president has just given him our phone three hour news conference france are lined went as far as accusing the british of being
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a threat to the very existence of the e.u. let's now get more on this with our sierra tessa lovely to see so you listened to through a hole and i have to say what stood out for you that. well i think a not just for me but for everybody watching the european union considering the kind of unstable future it's facing right now what really stood out is the dynamics between the countries and longsword the u.k. to we know that there's been a lot of your skepticism growing in the u.k. and david cameron had said that he wants to put the membership of the e.u. to a vote in twenty seventeen and went along was asked this question all along simply said that well europe had existed before britain even joined it you also said that britain does stay in the union but he said he can't decide for the british people it was very noticeable though how long has really been trying to go on the offensive he was actually showing himself to be a strong leader at this point because he himself is they see her very large
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a growing skepticism in his own country if you just look at the latest figures there's a pew research showing that even if most french people made as part of the eurozone seventy seven percent of french people think that this closer economic ties with the entire union has been detrimental to their own economy so a lot of very sincere he has been talking to the french people that is his audience for this speech trying to show how france can still go on even if the u.k. does the view that if that is the final decision now also seven criticized the u.k. for being such a euro skeptic essentially saying that this kind of walking the attitude of the u.k. is threatening to its winter use what you can see here is pointing out the fact that the u.k. really has been one of the most critical voices in the union so far and also on long criticize your silly policy of david cameron and interesting lee enough a lot himself is facing no growth in his own countries and he said that david cameron is policies is hindering growth in the u.k.
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while france what is officially in recession now again it's interesting to point out that when a lot of this trying to bottom answers these questions he's speaking to the french people hoping that the massive dissatisfaction that he's facing for the french people would have been. he turned his leadership here is on the quest for the spacing massive unemployment is a very unpopular man at this moment so in trying to prove that he is still a french leader years going on the offensive it's unlikely that we're going to hear him say that france is not going to survive without the u.k. . correspondent live that tessa think you very much. coin i don't line currencies setup to get iran the banks comes on the stage by the us government sending ripples through the internet community that eases the fledgling monetary system and raises fears at all this not solved before it really gets going all the doctor shop break.
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is it turning into an overblown scandal or a reflection of a foreign policy poorly thought out and executed the terrorist attack on the american diplomatic outpost in benghazi last september has become a political football to attack the obama administration and the recurrence of mistakes were made but is it proper focus on the most egregious ones. download the official publication if you so choose your language stream quality and enjoy your favorite. if you're away from your television well it just doesn't matter how would your mobile device if you could watch your t.v. anytime anywhere. you know sometimes you see a story and it seems so for lengthly you think you understand it and then you
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glimpse something else you hear or see some other part of it and realize everything you thought you knew you don't know i'm trying hard bargain is a big picture. headline for most a welcome bug the independent online currency bitcoin has had a serious snog to us his blogs that count of divola a business that allows users to convert. us dollars into bitcoin and back again the department of homeland security says the peer to peer currency runs roughshod over new laws that require a light transfer systems to identify its uses. in a partner reports now the move is a warning shot for the fledgling currency the u.s. government has made no secret of the fact that it is keeping
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a close eye on the point but now it appears that the close eye includes a crackdown on the decentralized digital currency the department of homeland security sees the company known as to wallop which allows customers to transfer their u.s. dollars into the points on tuesday washington shut down while his ability to process point payments now the u.s. warrant alleges that my o.b.'s company was operating as an on the license money transmitting business because to wallow wasn't registered with the with the department of treasury is financial crimes enforcement network now some economists believe the timing of this case is no pleasing to see the popularity and press surrounding that point is skyrocketing and the use of electronic currency is growing more appealing to investors and customers around the world this of course threatens the long held grip that governments and banks have had on currency
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regulation and interest rate manipulation that this new york city bars last restaurant behind to be known as ever began accepting the point last month so far the midtown business has reportedly processed more than twenty thousand dollars worth of transactions in the morning now while wall street remains less than eight kilometers away from here the financial industry to its disappointment is far removed from the way in which the business of point is operating of working for new york very important are today. the bitcoin system was developed by own programmer back in two thousand and nine to take part users download an online wallet on a computer or mobile device they then get an address for this wallet from which they transfer bitcoins to the wallet of another user actually for free usually for free and without the supervision of any banks the whole transfer process is encrypted to prevent the money from being stolen the currency can then be exchanged
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into hard cash or used in a growing number of stores that accept them to buy goods and services the total number of koreans that can ever be created is limited by the original program designed to twenty one million and now. bitcoin software developer is with us right now live from london thank you very much indeed for its time for being with us here you actually at the heart of the coin system and can you explain to us how it works the whole system and why anyone would want to take part in it. yeah i can explain in my under a minute but the basic gist of it is that there is this network of people worldwide and any person that joins to the bitcoin network is responsible for upholding it the big coin is a form of money like the dollar or euro as of pounds but it's virtual currency in the internet this type of cards which should not overseen by central banks or governments or states and there's no restrictions on how you can use you can send
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it to anyone anywhere in the world make a person download the software get set up with it in five minutes and start accepting payments from iran or north korea it's proper free trade not the not the fake kind where you need to register corporations or special companies and then your shot at the market because of regulations annoyed it's kind of money where anybody in water can participate it might be all right in the west where anybody can set up an account and get a visa or master card but it's not the same like paper loan is blocking access from over sixty different countries worldwide because it doesn't have any of these restrictions on limitations and the payment system is used as a political tool to shut down speech on the internet and that's why the big point of sign point yeah probably sees but still too many people like me for example the whole system the whole bitcoin idea seems to be very complex how do we know that it's saved how can we trust it. the because system i think
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is really simple system because it's based on this concept of open source so i can download the source code for bitcoin a new can read for it and you know like how someone can speak french or spanish or english i can read source code and i can read the source code and see that it does exactly what it says it does it some it really powerful where i have because it's not on my computer and i send it over the internet direct to someone without any middleman whatsoever using software that i wrote myself completely when i have a bank account i don't know what happens in that bank account i don't know who i was dealing with or all the middlemen and institutions there with bitcoin is none of it's total control over your money and as we heard the u.s. government has raided the business involved in big coin transactions could it stop bit quite altogether if it was determined to do so now and this is actually great news because so far they've been moving overtly in the shadows you know pushing bitcoin here and this is the first time they've actually played their hand and she
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made to a pub a move against bitcoin it's actually out there in the public and so you because it is is some is a tool which frightens the powers of of all of these institutions. have the economy rigged against and yes they are in canary wharf and there's this east police and they have they're not even real police that they look like police they dress like police but they're not they're security guards and they were going around to rusting ass when we were going to the f.c.a. to ask about questions and it's like the whole thing is. is that they will make music. because it does for. this power that they have this monopoly they have over the economy because it is a tool which if done right it can't be censored you can't stop people like doing trade of each other it's proper tool for free trade. i've been saying for a long time that we need to build big corn in the underground market and things
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like this of just happened in the us prove this is that this is true we need a foundation for big coin and an underground economy does not mean only drugs or guns or what but it means normal things like people doing trade with. local businesses. sending goods to each other and trading and there is a lot more to the underground economy than just the common pictures painted out there it's it's something which allows people to progress and allows people to actually. create the kind of wealth and business should be possible in a truly free market i mean thank you very much and it's really interesting indeed thanks for sharing your excitement with that thank you and you can find more on that story at a call also waiting for you online right now the world's best known whistleblower g.n.r. songs has warned that america's communications technology our troops wrestles this sovereignty of other nations all that on our website. don't stop
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the music it could soon get much harder to find your favorite chains online as opponents of internet piracy plan an unprecedented comp right protection campaign morty's house on aisle seat up. moscow's efforts to launch direct negotiations between the conflicting sides in syria is now receiving support from the united nations secretary-general ban ki moon has become the latest in a string of high profile think is visiting russia to disguise the syrian civil war and has given the green light to russia's talks initiative group this can office
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following the diplomacy in the blanks the result of such u.n. secretary general and russia's foreign minister announced that they completely agree that the conflict in syria has to be resolved without any foreign military intervention and it would be full respect of syrian sovereignty and territorial integrity at the same time mr bond even supported the idea of this joint conference which would involve both of the syrian opposition and to be authorities however lead to diplomats also listed some of the key stumbling blocks at the moment first of all the opposition is still very divided and it's unclear who can represent it as a whole at this conference or secondly according to a foreign minister. it will be nice to see all the regional players there taking port including iran and saudi arabia which make all the problems with washington prior to meeting with the moon in his interview said that if the syrian authorities are ready to take part in this event then the rebels are still making
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preconditions. in contrast to the syrian government which has responded quite positively to the russian american initiative the opposition's on that was quite vague they said that they welcome any initiatives that will help stop the violence but before that assad must go reiterating their stance which has been the cause of the deadlock for many months. when you visit the source he continues this diplomatic marathon that's been happening recently russia was earlier visited by u.s. secretary of state to the prime ministers of great britain israel and other officials with syria of course dominating the talks however some problems are still remain for instance with the united states one john kerry visited russia it seemed that they were completely on the scene page with moscow but as soon as he left he started again calling for president assad to resign and promised to increase the support of the rebels in smiles and handshakes saving their agreement to come
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despite a new resolution recently passed. the document which was opposed by only twelve nations including russia clearly favors the rebel forces this despite the armed opposition facing accusations of atrocities on a daily bases. here with the details. there's been an avalanche of international calls from those who support the syrian opposition suggesting they should receive more weapons and that the non-lethal aid they're already getting is not enough and what's been largely ignored by the rebel backers is a search and videos posted online allegedly showing the cold blooded revenge killings that these people are resorting to in this civil war this is the latest video which purports to show three syrian soldiers being cute it by opposition fighters on the town square in other footage the rebels the shooting eleven that's right eleven government troops in there had reports of this atrocity came from the
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city of daylight hours or in the northeast of the country and this is the video that's caused poor enough anger in recent days a rebel commander assumingly cut out the heart and lungs of a uniformed soldier and bites into them an act which left even the syrian opposition shocked and appalled of course it's very difficult to verify avon's coming from the war torn state but let's look at the statistics provided by activist groups they argue that the death toll in the syrian conflict peaked when the gulf states and the united states reportedly sent more weapons to the region it then found one arms were restricted before increasing once again when the supplies allegedly resumed that may be a simple acquaints event of course but non the less it suggests that arming the syrian opposition may be causing even more bloodshed. let's check some other
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international headlines this hour in iraq at least forty seven people have been killed in an explosion targeting a sunni mosque to the northeast of baghdad and this comes a day after a string of bombings across the country the death toll in the space of just two days has reached almost one hundred percent surging violence and instability have dealt a major blow to rebuilding efforts in iraq ten years on from the u.s. led invasion. a train has derailed in hong kong killing more than sixty people in the north of the city three people were taken to hospital with serious injuries officials have not said what caused the accident a passenger say the light rail train was speeding around a corner when it veered off the tracks. also a gay pride parade in the georgian capital tbilisi descended into chaos a crowd of orthodox christians stormed the burned attacking the activists police were forced to a school they paraded on to buses fearing for their lives led by
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a priest the raged crowd chanted against iran and in moratti georgia where homosexuality remains a controversial issue. up next an interview with pulitzer prize winner mark mazetti on how america finds its walls a few minutes away. they're ready to come here to work and not get paid for it. people from all over the world are eager to help. what does it take to become a volunteer at russia's premium museum while the son of louvers director come here . from one of the camps do. behind the scenes of the hermitage r.t. .
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clinician. cretaceous three. four chargers free. three. three. free lift the old free blog video for your media project free to. play a clip of. science technology innovation the list of. russia. the future. with me today the price winning new york times reporter mark mazetti the author of the way of the knife we're going to talk about the cia and how it turned from a spy agency into a killing agency and the drones the ultimate weapon of its secret wars thank you so
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much for coming thank you for having me on in your book you're writing about how covert operations sometimes blow up in serious face how often instead of weakening islamicists they tipped the balance in the other direction i'm sure there are lots of smart people in the cia who also understand that but why is that still happening well there's a lot there's probably several reasons if you look at sort of as they describe in the book sometimes the cia just gets relied on because presidents like secrecy presidents like using the cia to do things so for instance in somalia in two thousand and six no one really knew what to do there is there is no strategy so the cia comes forward with this plan to arm of a bunch of warlords and take on islam us and the reverse happens to these a lot of us end up being strengthened of why the other problem is that the cia is set up to do operations and analysis so in some ways the operate the analysts are grading the work of the operations people that's very difficult for
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the cia when if the analysts are really doing their job they're examining the drone strikes and they're saying are they radicalizing more people than they are killing . is there a real downside so they're basically giving a review to their on the road to their own work and that i think that for a good period of time there was not enough really serious scrutiny among not only cia analysts but other american intelligence analysts about the impact that the drones were having we knew that they were killing certain people they were killing al qaeda figures some low level figures but in terms of radicalization so immediately harder thing to figure out but there was not. enough of that serious work being done let's zoom into pakistan in what way did the cia's covert operations benefit forces there which are very much anti-american well you know you've seen the the growth of a number of groups in in pakistan for instance the pakistani taliban is really for
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the most part a creation of post nine eleven it was reacting to pakistan's support for the united states and they've been in a lot of attacks inside pakistan against pakistani government forces you have seen strengthening of various groups whether it's a direct result of the drone strikes are a direct result of american operations for instance across the border in afghanistan it's sometimes hard to tell but the there's no question that various groups have both come about and been strengthened in the years since nine eleven as a reaction to american and pakistani government operations in the region i think that what we're what we're just beginning to see is. perhaps you know the radicalization of the self radicalization of people it's a term to basically mean that people sort of see what is happening in pakistan and elsewhere and then carry out operations on their own for instance may two thousand and ten the person who tried to blow up a truck in times square an american citizens of pakistani descent was not
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successful he was brought into an american courtroom and he sort of famously said that the reason he carried out these attacks was because of the drone strikes in pakistan and elsewhere it's a question about whether you know we're going to start seeing more of these types of things in the future and there is quite a bit of coverage on civilians dying in those strikes and i remember reading and i believe it was in the new york times they cited a source an unnamed u.s. official who said that those were ports are helping terrorists do you see it the same way to you do you feel like when you were poured on innocent people die. in those strikes you were helping terrorists do i feel like that no i think that we cover war we write about war you have to write about war in all of its aspects and you know it's a i think it's a very thin argument to make the case that us reporting on strikes that may have gone bad or may have killed civilians is it's the reporters who are strengthening
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the other side i mean i think that these things have these calculations have to be built in built into any kind of decision when you decide to prosecute a war and a specific example of a dual hide a shining you know i'm sure you've heard about him the journalist who's in prison in yemen he reported extensively on the drone strikes there and he shot the footage of children killed in one of those strikes he was jailed he was about to be pardoned by the yemeni president and then there was a phone call from president obama who reportedly insisted that they keep him in jail what do you make of that you know i don't i know this story and i don't know. in depth sort of i know others have reported extensively on this story i mean i think that there is a there's no question that there's been a crackdown by the administration this administration on information as
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a whole and reporting on various secret programs and you see it overseas you see it in the united states there's been more leak prosecutions of the obama administration than there was under the bush administration and makes it incredibly hard for reporters whether they be american reporters or foreign reporters to get at the basics of these shadow wars that are going on because although it is all classified in the past it has been easier to sort of find the basics of things is now i know it's quite hard have you felt that crackdown in your own work on your own skin yeah certainly the it materializes in different ways in the very basic way is that. people who you once spoke to and we're we're we're free to meet with you don't call you back or tell you i can't meet you anymore because there's this fear of of implications for that now these are people who in the past it felt you know it was important to talk to journalists to sort of try to get as much of of the basics of the truth out as possible now they basically feel
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well it's not it's not worth me going to jail to talk to you the question that you can't get an answer to but would very much like to from the cia what is it i'd like to know much more about these so-called signature strikes that are carried out in pakistan where the cia does not know the identities of the people that they are firing at it there but they're based on who patterns of activity so if they see people doing midsts suspicious things that they suspect is a militant activity they're authorized to carry out a drone strike it used to be they only had to know they could only carry out a strike specifically when they knew who's down there that's how they end up targeting weddings. and so when they don't have specific intelligence you're sort of basing it on to some degree assumptions and there have been strikes that have gone bad there's a concern that the cia could be targeting not just suspected terrorists but also the the competition of the governments that the u.s.
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supports in other words political opponents that the targets could be politically motivated is that a concern that he would share well i think what tends to happen i mean is that when you are reliant on foreign governments and their intelligence services to carry out some these operations as the u.s. has sometimes they are in yemen and pakistan is the u.s. getting fed intelligence by the government to take out people who are not. or affiliates or the like their opponents or or rivals of the government i think it's very difficult to know and i think there have been cases if you just look at yemen . where the united states has had very poor intelligence they've been very reliant on the government of yemen for these strikes and in one case there was a deputy governor of a province and yet he was killed i believe in may of two thousand and ten and is now believe that the united states was fed intelligence by this person's rivals in order to kill this person so it's this murkiness of how these wars are carried out
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i think that can lead to these types of situations you mentioned the u.s. is setting up new drone bases they need targets to keep them operating right could this business of killing suspected terrorists turning into a self generating them to price sort of the cia would have to come up with targets to keep them running well i think that you know i think the cia is these days a conservative organization in the sense that they have seen their past and they've seen all of the controversies of the past they would at least want the white house to sign off on whatever they did now they can of course present cases like west africa new threats and it's not just the cia it's the pentagon it's it's parts of the national security apparatus that do may legitimately see threats but there is an interest too to perpetuate some of these operations a concern about scaling them back and certainly look at places in the world that
11:37 am
look very dangerous and see opportunities for carrying out more of these shadow wars that doesn't necessarily mean it will happen but you can certainly for instance look at mali other places west africa as quote unquote the next front without really seriously examining well are there costs and consequences of the u.s. getting involved in these places as opposed to handling it in different ways will there only be more problems for the u.s. to get involved then if they just step back and let it handle be handled in different ways what do you make of the administration's attempts to come up with legal opinions on why it is justified and legal to execute people without due process without a trial. you know they they have basically examined the. did what the bush administration did in terms of of say of defining the world as a worldwide battlefield and say if we find people on that battlefield they are
11:38 am
not they are they are they are they are soldiers their enemy soldiers and they need to be needin need enemy combatants they need they need to be killed i mean there's very in that sense there's very little difference between what president bush authorized and what president obama authorized i'm sure you know that the majority of americans support drone strikes. as long as there is no threat to u.s. troops they seem to be fine with the strikes. does this surprise you this culture of acceptance i think it's surprising the extent that the public see it seems to embrace it without without too much controversy or too much sort of discussion i think that the sort of the ministration is gauge the mood of the american public which is partly this wariness about these long costly wars of occupation like iraq and afghanistan and people see drones and drone operations as
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a cleaner you know more secret something that's out of the public view. as something that's acceptable whether that's going to change or not i don't know i mean i am surprised that that neither in the public or even in congress there is a whole lot of of intense scrutiny and for instance in the john brennan confirmation hearings it was amazing that they did find out that they didn't even have the the legal opinions that were justifying the drone strikes and they tried to hold up brennan's here nomination in order to get them and they didn't get them and they still approved brennan i'm sure you read the report about the cia bribing cars that his office was cashing backpacks plastic bags and whatnot unnamed u.s. officials told the new york times that much of the more money goes to paying off world lords and politicians many of whom have ties to the drug trade and in some cases the taliban the result of this appears to be that the agency empowers the same networks that american diplomats and law enforcement agents say they're trying
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to dismantle they're trying to fight how do you explain what seems like conflicting priorities of different parts of the u.s. government you know this one is hard to explain exactly what the cia money goes for how it's distributed what the purposes other than to sort of gain influence in cars in the circle i mean i helped on that story and it was very difficult to. i mean we still don't know and karzai has come out this weekend and said come through they confirmed it right so how much of this x. it cross purposes with. you know what the work of as you said law enforcement officials or diplomats i mean there is a lot of angry people in the united states government that this goes on but it's still goes on and is it is approved i mean the cia has been giving large amounts of money to karzai and other warlords since nine eleven it's their argument that this is how i view afghanistan operates this is how afghanistan works with large bags of
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cash and also the stated objective is to help afghanistan get rid of corruption when at the same tired you are feeling it. thank you thanks very much. a fairly dickinson university study has been revealed to twenty nine percent of americans think that a revolution won't just happen in america but needs to be done in order to protect individual liberty if respondents consider themselves conservative than that number is bumped up to forty four percent that's nearly half also fox news found out that since nine eleven the percent of americans willing to sacrifice their personal freedom to reduce the threat of terrorism is at an all time low this number might sound trivial but it only takes a tiny percent of the population actually start
11:42 am
a revolution i mean how many communists were in russia at the start of nine hundred seventeen and how many were there at the end revolution may sound like a nice thing to a growing number of people but the media wrongly portrays revolution is some fun video game battle where freedom fighters topple the statue of the dictator and then democracy just instantly comes about and life is good and happy i don't ask you to ignore movies like v. for vendetta and look at history revolutions cause horrible destruction that could take decades to repair i guess. when your economy collapses because a revolt infrastructure breaks down and the shelves go bare also professional revolutionaries get their supplies from somebody and a foreign powers were to say fund american revolutionaries they would want something in return aloha and goodbye alaska if you look at history then you'll see that revolution is brutal and ugly and it's truly the last resort but still is a resort but that's just my opinion.
11:43 am
they're ready to come here to work and not get paid for it. people from all over the world are eager to help them what does it take to become a volunteer at russia's premium museum why did the son of the louvers director come here. from one of the camps do. behind the scenes of the hermitage see. dangerous experiments on prisoners they want to make money and they have to use healthy guinea pigs in the regular society they're not able to use prisoners i mean more they wish they could. drug tests on human guinea pigs. paid to deadly pills he didn't pass away he was killed.
11:44 am
he didn't pass away they let him die. is pharmacy really about helping people. you know sometimes you see a story and it seems so you think you understand it and then you glimpse something else and you hear or see some other part of it and realize everything you thought. i'm tom harkin welcome to the big picture.


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