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tv   Headline News  RT  May 28, 2013 6:00am-6:30am EDT

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breaking news here on our t.v. russia pledges to continue its anti-aircraft missile supplies to syria viewing it as a stabilizing factor this as the e.u. and its arms embargo opening the way for direct lethal aid to the rebels. britain considers a clampdown on the extremist preachers and an expanded powers for the security services amid growing criticism of am i five failure to prevent the brutal killing of a soldier. an idjit two years since the uprising street violence spirals with officials encouraging citizens to arrest women also resulting in brutal vigilante justice.
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watching r t coming to you live from the russian capital i'm marina joshie welcome to the program now russia's foreign ministry says shipments of three hundred and two aircraft missiles to the syrian government under existing contracts will serve as a stabilizing factor to prevent foreign involvement in the ongoing conflict this after that year agreed to and this year an arms embargo opening the door for lethal aid to flow into the hands of the rebels let's now get more on this from r.t. xan thomas. so you say what's been russia's reaction to the e.u. syrian bargo so far certainly some very interesting developments in the syrian conflict in fact as you mentioned russia's foreign ministry says that it will deliver the three hundred anti-missile defense system to syria and this comes on the heels of the e.u.
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allowing the arms embargo to syria to expire as of friday now this opens the doors paves the way for different countries to get involved in the syrian conflict and arming the rebels now this is controversial because in the international community to many it seems like this is basically russia picking sides arming the assad regime but this is not what russia believes in fact russia has always maintained that they are not picking sides in the conflict but they believe the way to end the conflict is through diplomacy but these are through existing contracts this is nothing new this is something that was agreed on before the conflict began and that they're simply fulfilling old contracts that they're obliged to do so but they have said that this is a stabilizing factor in the syrian conflict because it prevents her from other countries and other nations from getting involved in the syrian conflict now russia has been involved in diplomatic talks to try and find
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a solution to the syrian crisis this week and john kerry the u.s. secretary of state meeting moscow has said that this they are disappointed in the decision to allow this arms embargo to expire because they see it as a. basically two faced diplomacy and it undermines efforts for diplomacy saying that allowing the arms embargo to expire is a double standard which directly damages the prospect of an international peace conference on the topic of syria so russia's reaction right now seen as controversial. the international community but it looks like they're going to go ahead and to deliver the s. three hundred missile defense system to syria all right sean thanks very much indeed for bringing us the very latest on russia's ria russia's reaction to the e.u. syria arms embargo lifted thomas there you can france have now opened the door for arms to flow into the hands of the syrian rebels however are some states
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opposed to move saying it would only fuel the conflict this as russia's foreign minister sergey lavrov and u.s. secretary of state john kerry met in paris to organize syrian peace talks are designed to go have the details. to hey go over it he said that it's the only way that the u.k. sees the lifting of the arms embargo is the only way to end the crisis which has been ripping syria apart for more than two years that this point having said that we have to remember that even the most of the e.u. countries there's a strong disagreement on whether or not it is actually a good idea to lift the arms embargo of countries like sweden netherlands and the czech republic belief that allowing weapons shipments to syria to the syrian rebels will only intensify the bloodshed in the country of course russia has been opposed to this idea all along is truly concerned about where exactly those arms are going to end up then are they actually going to be in the arms of the so-called moderate opposition or will those weapons end up in the hands of some of the rebel groups
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who are being supported by the terrorists who are known to operate in syria ironically well while the e.u. foreign ministers were meeting in brussels the russian foreign minister as well as the u.s. secretary of state were meeting here in paris and their efforts were directed at a peaceful resolution of the conflict also mosco in washington directing most of their efforts to bring together all sides of the syrian conflict to the table it was the first time that the u.s. secretary of state has repeated a phrase that has been used by russia all along and that is that it's up to the syrians themselves to solve the syrian crisis they have does seem like john kerry and sergey lavrov have agreed that they will exert pressure on different sides of the conflict that is moscow will work with the syrian government whereas the u.s. will try and make sure that the syrian opposition also attends the geneva peace conference which is due to take place sometime next month mosco also wants to see
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so-called third parties participating in the peace talks and by the third parties they're talking about countries like qatar and iran who are not directly involved in any sort of diplomatic resolution of the crossing but are strongly expressing their sides in and. this syrian crisis of course even though the peace conference efforts are continuing we have to understand that. lifting up the ban on arms embargo to syria is opening and inspiring you say isn't the syrian conflict it could be spelling out a potential disaster which will only intensify further bloodshed in syria. and as we just heard there are concerns being voiced across europe over the lifting of the ban well they say the arms could easily reach extremist groups fighting in the ranks of the opposition forces allegations of torture and human rights abuses at the hands of the rebels the situation could now deteriorate even further
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arms supply could hamper any peace initiative and there are also fears that more weapons will only fuel the conflict in syria but despite the lifting of the ban anti-war activists richard becker says the arms embargo never stopped western supporters of the opposition. the arms embargo is a bit of fiction anyway they arms are pouring into the opposition in syria they are for coming from qatar and saudi arabia there are undoubtedly be organized by the united states and the other nato powers where they really mean is that they want to send heavier weapons and because the opposition has suffered. serious side effects recently and so we see it as an all out push as dr post peace conference approaches out of both a civil level and a military level to try to strengthen the opposition which is dependent upon the support it is receiving from outside otherwise it does not have any hope for
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victory in turkey desideria day the leading nato powers the us britain and france leading the way and then their allies or client states in the middle east have all joined in this effort and what is really remarkable about it is that we have decided to try and so a concern for some of the for human rights and democracy in syria and try to are united arab emirates saudi arabia jordan these are all family monarchies they are united in their objectives in your objectives to bring down the government in syria to replace it with what it would be amenable to u.s. interests as tired of a strategy of domination of the middle east. and meanwhile one of the strongest u.s. have because of the fear in the opposition senator john mccain has made a surprise visit to syria for talks with rebel leaders through riots have a poor old rich and independent researcher and rider says washington is not entirely sincere when it calls for peace talks. all these agitations against us
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started in two thousand and three at least what's known to us openly and there was if lived an article written in the time magazine in december of two thousand and six which mentioned there had been secret meetings going on and they cited some secret documents in which it was stated that the opposition was being new to it in europe with the american support so this notion we know that at the same time we know that john mccain senator mccain is he went to syria to meet with the free syrian that gratian army whatever they like to call them the opposition so america is involved in all this i don't believe america wants a peaceful resolution to the conflict america's started it i don't think that senator mccain would take it upon him slow to go to syria and meet with the opposition how do you how did not how did nod from the government otherwise he
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would be locked up the minute he returned. and still in syria another journalist loses their live reporting on the conflict a prominent syrian war correspondent is killed by a rebel sniper fire the details online for you at r t dot com. and the conflict in syria threatens to go beyond its borders with three lebanese soldiers killed by syrian rebels as fears grow of an all out sectarian war in the region. in the wake of the brutal slaying of a u.k. soldier and the british government's responding with a battery of measures to track down terrorists a new task force has been set up to focus on radical preachers while the home secretary is demanding extra powers for a law enforcement agencies if the word is focused on islamic extremism has been raising many questions as revelations that m i five had enough information about the suspects to prevent the attack pile up artist polly boyko reports. the first
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time the home secretary to reason may propose the data and communications bill it came under so much criticism from civil liberties groups and even the deputy prime minister that the government had to scrap plans for its implementation but after the killing of an off duty soldier in south london last wednesday it looks like the so-called snooping. is back in the spotlight paying secretary to resign may says it's essential that police have granted the power as access data communications in order to tackle terrorism that means being able to view citizens skype histories web browsing and e-mail histories whether or not such a law would have prevented the killing of lee rigby is up for debate both suspects were already known to intelligence agencies for their extremist views but would both deemed safe enough to continue their activities one of the suspects michael odds of a large reportedly handed out extremist literature on the streets of london and was
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even arrested in kenya back in two thousand and ten for trying to travel to somalia in order to train as a terrorist and at the same time the home secretary to reason may says that police needs to be given the tools they need in order to fight terrorism but considering that british intelligence had all that information about the willage suspects already many here are questioning why the home office didn't just use the tools they were he had. seen london. reports say one of the suspects in the brutal machete killing was considered a low risk by my five spy numerous warning signs dating back as far as two thousand and three of the time the alleged attacker was a member of an extremist islamic group that was being monitored by security services and later bound investigative journalist more power money to monitor the population is not the solution. how did these guys who were right at the very top of the terror watch list their x l maturing people how on earth did they not get
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spotted preparing for some kind of terror act or what was the car bug for example this is one question that hasn't been answered m i five are gone very quiet on all these kinds of topics they've got something like four thousand staff m i five and if they can't keep an eye on the people who are very top of the watch list then there needs to be a real shake up and heads need to roll there the oversight of the security services really needs to be looked at there isn't any proper oversight and what these intelligence services seem to do every time is to hide behind the veil of national security we can't tell you what's going on even the inquiry that's been instituted into the failures of what happened last wednesday is going to be kept entirely secret and i'm afraid it's time for them to come out from under their shells and get a proper looking at so that this kind of thing really can't happen again and they're not going to play this game sure you of saying we need more money we need more power and we need more surveillance of the general population because they all the laws they needed to stop these people doing what they did last wednesday you don't
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need any more power whatsoever. and plenty more still to come here on our team including a familiar state we examine the political infighting lynch mobs taking the law into their own hands on a trip where a little has changed since the uprising two years ago after the short break.
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please speak your language. programs in documentaries in arabic in school here on. reporting from the world talks about six of p.r.p. interviews intriguing story to tell you. troy arabic to find out more visit arabic. called. welcome back you're watching r.t. going to live from the russian capital of the security situation has been deteriorating in egypt with few positive changes and some of the worst cases a vigilante justice says the twenty one uprising officials have been encouraging citizens to arrest lawbreakers and hand them over to authorities but angry mobs have increasingly become the judge and jury on the street art is built for examines
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the brutal tramp. angry crowds viciously drags a young man through a street sets his corpse on fire and strings it up video clips like these have become boringly frequent in brule egypt since the revolution two years ago as citizens increasingly take justice into their own hands. son moustapha a thirty one year old civil servant from the nile delta is one such victim he was brutally murdered and hung from a tree in broad daylight. the crowd thought that he was a thief because he's mentally ill the first blow came from behind on the back of his head and then part of his skull was hacked off the second here it was to his chest they caught him open arms sabri story is not unique since the two thousand and eleven revolution have been at least seventeen similar lynchings in this region alone the most high profile victim who was killed last week was the son of
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a leading member of the missing brotherhood's political party security forces for their part say they are able to control the situation particularly when entire villages are involved in these bitter lanty mobs rights advocates like karim and nora say they lynchings which are on the rise are symptomatic of the state's continued failure to provide security and justice. in three zero cases of lynching in and little by little people picking just a little. but always a very visible sign of just increasing lack of face into. his level face into the criminal justice system and obviously people in egypt have always had a negative inviting relationship with the police and a not very good relationship with as they should be but that has even become worse after the revolution officials from the ruling freedom and justice party and the police admit that the authorities are reluctant to confront suspected more killings fear of backlash however local party leader ahmed shah hearts who personally knew
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one of the victims maintain. security is improving post revolution in egypt has experienced one of the best revolutions in history the country's being healed very quickly we're almost in a stable situation there will be security we have a plan for the economy and security of egypt this is little consolation for the families of victims like three who have seen no justice. the local security chief said just give me one the rest in twenty four hours now i was tough on has been dead for fifty days and security director has done. against the backdrop of escalating civil unrest off the revolution many fear this violence is hate to stay and that the worst could be yet to come true for our show came. now with financial troubles dragging on in europe its industries are struggling to prop up their production which is still over temper sam below the two thousand and
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eight pre-crisis level and finding enough skilled engineers in the e.u. is appearing one of the main problems for companies despite soaring unemployment or he says looks at what's happening here a peon manufacturers'. e.u. manufacturers and industrialists have been voicing their concerns sounding the alarm over what they say is a locker shortage of skilled talent here in europe now this does add another layer to the story of employment or lack thereof here in the bois as the economic crisis continues and then we're in an interview with the a financial times the c.e.o. of siemens europe's largest engineering group and said of this problem is particularly acute in contra like in germany and in turn and this affects their competitiveness which forces them to move substantial parts of their research and development to countries like china and india and all of this is being set as the block is facing record unemployment or we spoke with a research fellow from the eggman institute to give us a bit more insight into what is happening here in europe. where i think it's it has
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soul to do with the current crisis is the fact that. the industry in europe is receding but it is a long term trend in terms of losing market shares in many countries so just to confirm that the almost twenty seven million i thought if i'm not mistaken unemployed in europe it's still hard to find at least five hundred thousand engineers that they're saying now and i think the skill mismatch as we can call it is a concern but it's only a very part of the problems in southern europe you also have the the cost and price competitiveness of countries you have the question of the mix of what you produce what you can export but certainly yes. skilled mismatches and so rightly pointed out thank you very much for that well if you just look at the industrial production numbers are right now in the e.u. with still more than that via ten percent below its pre-crisis high in two thousand and eight but again europe's competitiveness comes to the forefront even more as
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leaders are still struggling to find a sustainable growth a process out of this economic crisis that are in reporting from brussels and tess are still you. now back to our top story on the that the e.u. has agreed to and the syrian arms embargo let's get more reaction from the german m a p elmar brok thank you so much mr brock for joining us here on our t.v. to discuss this so as we know many in the e.u. support of the arms embargo so why they fail to prolong it them. in the name of doing the decision to continue that sanctions and two countries france and britain didn't want to continue the sanctions on the question over open exports and for that they have a chance to do that. but they have said to the next two months they do not. send weapons to syria. well the u.k. says it has no immediate plans to arm the rebels so why has it been pushing for an
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answer the arms embargo so hard. to believe that. it would be the best of the wrong people get the weapons i think it would be better if needs are subject veterans nor. close to our. being open system people get better and i think we get more perhaps with competition between russia. and the brits for us and i think it would be better every one of us in the european union a lot of member states but also russia would stop weapon exports to syria well russia has been a strong supporter of a diplomatic solution of this problem and in fact as we know the decision comes at a time a mosque in washington are planning a peace conference now how will today's news a fact that will that in any way hinder the efforts to stop the violence in
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a peaceful way. the things that sets of peace from friends would be there are those polled sort of thing the international community has to meet its appreciations by united nations in the hope that the russians and americans can agree on that view altogether from dissolution. of the historic return to stop of the disability agent if they were going to be stopped i think everyone has to stay to the appreciations and to hope also russia will be able to move northward toward positional due to the community. all right that was germany p.-l. morocco thanks so much sir for your views here on our team. i think you all the best. and now let's take a look at some other stories from around the world more than sixty six people were killed and a hundred and sixty injured in a wave of car bombs in baghdad on monday the attack started a shia district of the iraqi capital while and another blast struck in the heart of the city close to
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a sunni mosque incidents were also reported in other towns iraq's deadly spiral continues with more than three hundred people killed and maimed. fishel in the u.s. state of texas have identified sunday's concha county killer as marine corps officer esteban smith police say the twenty three year old opened fire and passers by during a two hour shooting spree in three towns in the state before being killed in a shootout with state troopers one woman was killed and five others wounded in what has been described as a random pattern of gun violence. thousands of ethnic albanians have rallied in the cause of an capital pristina to demand the release of five former rebels accused of war crimes they are suspected of running a detention center and orchestrating the abuse and murder of serb roma and obedience of millions held their joined of war fifteen years ago the foreign militants include a local mayor as well as possible ambassador. and
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now the by going to stand we're. following a file preparations of the next mission as we get ready for blast off. we're not that far off from the russian soyuz of blasting a traditional three man crew up to the i assess it to be led by the russian commander in chief backed up by the american ash. second time to the i assess but new come. from the european space agency is first time to the orbiting space but he's got at least two spacewalks to do one to try and repair a camera on japan's keep but also to try and repair the i assess for the hopeful soon arrival of. the multipurpose laboratory module as well now our karen nyberg the american astronaut her second time to the i assess to spend six months or so away from her husband and a little three year old boy as well but not to worry they'll be having what they call daily internet protocol phone calls as you can chat with the family and once we do a live video conference call so the blast off is twenty thirty g.m.t.
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on tuesday that will actually be a two thirty am launch on the wednesday from baikonur with a dark sky the late night launch it should be a backdrop for such a launch indeed and only full orbits after launch for orbits around planet earth than a six hour flight to the i assess to meet the remaining three members of expedition thirty six that have been on the i assess for quite some time at a height of three hundred twenty kilometers above our heads a speed of nearly twenty eight thousand kilometers per hour it's going to be a wild ride an incredible view as well do join us here on out see the live broadcast with the rule re sushi at twenty thirty g.m.t. on tuesday reporting here. hope to see you. an hour to mexico either who talks debt theory and financial hostages that's next in our.
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secret leverage sure to mccurry was able to build a new most sophisticated robot which all unfortunately doesn't give a darn about anything tunes mission to teach music creation why it should care about humans and world events this is why you should care only on the dot com. world the. science technology innovation all the lees developments from around russia we've got the future covered. but all told him a language of zero but i will only react to situations i have read the reports to let you know what is the know i will leave them to the state department to comment on your latter point of the month to say to secure
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a call is on the docket to know god. they do no more weasel words when you have a direct question be prepared for a change when you throw a punch be ready for a bad. freedom of speech and little down the freedom to cross. imax guys are welcome to the kaiser report you know if wishes were commissioners would all be set is it any wonder then that america is the fattest nation on earth or hope is sold like a pharmaceutical final solution to the despair of all those old wishes granted now gone flabby and bad like a day old commish from the crack babies to lead not to community that takes care of
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each other but to a president duster a complex bigger and more brutal than the gulag archipelago to the deregulation of wall street which led not to a thriving economy lifting all boats but to a hollow about debt addicted fraudulent conveyed high frequency trading flash crash back of wealth distribution a system where almost all are losers stacey. that was very good thank you so well you know a memorial day in america they honor those who have died in the wars for america and of course many have died or have their lives ruined in the war on drugs but whatever happened to crack babies. well that's an interesting question you know you heard that phrase all the time crack babies crack babies crack abuse whatever happened to the crack babies well the one nine hundred eighty s. many government officials scientists and journalists warned that the country would be plagued by a generation of crack babies they were wrong according to this.


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