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tv   Headline News  RT  May 31, 2013 11:00am-11:44am EDT

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you know. i'm not going to continue the. protesters besieged the euro zone's financial capital while ranks of riot police stand with attack dogs and water cannon at the ready in case and host area passions get out of hand. russia calls for an end to political games over chemical weapons in syria raising concerns over the report of the arrests of all coddling tyrian militants with highly poisonous sarin gas. of emergency in kurdistan as hundreds of furious goldmine of workers threaten a blackout of the facility to force its canadian owners to share the wealth.
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this is r.t. coming to live from the russian capital and marina joshing how the financial heart of the eurozone is under siege today with thousands of and host charity protestors descending on vital banking institutions in the city of frankfurt riot squads are out of force to bracing themselves for clashes with water cannon and police dog units of the ready people all over reports from germany's financial hub. thousands of demonstrators have come out into the streets the front of the friday to take a look twenty thirty they've essentially show itself to the european central bank which has its headquarters in the german city front but is a ghost from too many large banks one of the world's largest banking sectors not thousands have come out to voice their anger against the banking sector the way that europe's financial institutions are in their eyes being mismanaged also. drawing people's anger has been the latest big is coming out so we're gonna see
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unemployment in the euro so now we're hearing all of a staggering nearly twenty million people out soup work inside the countries that make up the monetary union just twelve just over twelve percent of the population now to find out just why people are here in front good to demonstrate i'm joined by contadina put in space from the left in germany the student wing of the left thank you very much for talking to me. why are people coming out in such numbers to to make their own i think what is happening here in frankfurt today is that twenty million people have influence in the eurozone especially young people we understand that there are no solution no national solutions to this crisis we understand that there has to be international solidarity and international struggle if we active over the banking crisis and our city politics that have been completely destroying the social states around and around europe do you think it's
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a concern amongst the young that those levels of unemployment that we seeing in the southern european countries like your own could eventually migrate to the north could be a problem yes so it's already happening it's i mean germany is not apparent i think you have any more that that. the wages in time an extremely low compared to that for the t.v. level and at the young people i met two thirds of students had. working hard to find answers that these people have very very bad working conditions they were down very very few and although the social state in time is still exist it will not last forever if we don't do anything cut it in a fence before the students waiting over the left body in germany thank you very much for talking to me to put some of those figures into a little bit more context twenty million we're talking about the population of a a large european nation the whole out of work and that's being coupled with just recent news of a rise in inflation around the eurozone most most notably when it comes to food
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just last month alone the price of the food rising by three point three percent so both of these problems seem to be increasing and that's why we're seeing more and more people coming out to show just how unhappy they are with the current situation . and while the eurozone has hit a new low today with its employment data record twelve point two percent are now jobless with almost a quarter of young people out of work but that's not stopping some states including serbia from seeking to join up in an exclusive interview with r.t. the country's president told us that serbia's problems toward those faced by the e.u. . is not in the same situation as the you say that some e.u. countries haven't been honest enough to overspend and send fake budget to the pool so that part this money. but the e.u. exploited the whole world to provide a better life and huge welfare benefits for its citizens but now the reckoning is overdue there's a time to cast stones and a time to gather them you may enjoy
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a free ride for a while but one day you'll have to pay and now an employee you citizens are at a loss how come they no longer have an extra seven or eight hundred euros at hand how come there are no more social benefits free of charge accommodation electricity or natural gas or the situation in serbia is different it would take a long time before the e.u. degenerated into the poverty that we are in at the moment. howard line a jihad is a group that's fighting a man of the syrian rebels has been put on the united nations blacklist by the security council that decision comes a day after a turkish media said that members of. this route were caught trying to smuggle a chemical weapon into syria a man were reportedly capa for breaching the border carrying a cylinder of internationally nerve agent earlier this month un investigators
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voiced this fissions that the dadley gas had been used by opposition fighters in the civil war are just going off now takes a closer look at who exactly is battling the government in syria. since britain and france blocked attempts to extend the e.u. embargo on supplying arms to the syrian rebels there have been growing fears that the weapons could end up in the wrong hands and this is why the syrian opposition is made up of many divided and often competing factions and truly there is no force that can represent it as a whole there is the syrian national council the national coalition for syrian revolutionary and opposition forces the supreme military council the free syrian army the international coordination committee the job of the brigade and many more and i'd like to point out that only the n c c's says it's open to dialogue with the authorities while all the others have officially proclaimed their goal is to topple
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the regime the only difference being how extreme their approaches are and here is where these two rebel groups stand out. is officially recognized as a terror organization by the u.s. it's also known for its links to al qaeda and for being among the most highly trained rebel forces currently on the ground in syria and the farrukh brigade perhaps just as notorious after one of its leading commanders was shown eating the body parts of a dead syrian soldier on video but despite the warnings raised by international human rights groups including the international and human rights. watch the rebels have been receiving weapons for some time now according to western media reports the rebels have received one hundred sixty planeloads of arms shipments from jordan saudi arabia quarter via turkey and then with a cargo smuggled across the border here with syria but no matter which rebel group for the arms may be destined for its also why we recognize that they usually end up
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in the hands of the best trained and most radical brigades of the turkish reports of illness or front militants trying to sneak a sarin gas into syria prompted strong reactions from russia foreign minister sergei lavrov has said it's time to stop playing games on the issue of syria's chemical weapons the mahathir investigation into every case of their use. in your book that. we've warned repeatedly of provocations connected with chemical weapons we've also insisted on investigations into any case related to their possible use including the incident reportedly took place near aleppo we're very disappointed that because of political games the u.n. has failed to act on this we expect our turkish colleagues to quickly provide a full report on this latest case this issue ation is too serious for those who constantly talk about the chemical weapons problem to keep playing games around it each and every incident needs to be investigated. in march this year the syrian
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government appealed to the u.n. calling for an investigation into the alleged use of chemical weapons in a rebel attack near aleppo according to officials and military experts around two dozen people were killed by a nerve agent most likely serry and sarin gas has been classified as a weapon of mass destruction since the early one nine hundred ninety s. and one of the most notorious cases at least five thousand people were killed when an ethnic kurds city in northern iraq was bombarded by cluster bombs containing sarin the highly toxic compound was also used in a terrorist attack in tokyo in one nine hundred ninety five and members of a japanese sect released souring on several lines of the city subway killing thirteen people they were based political analysts through a tug believes a mixture of chemical weapons and the increasing influence of al qaida linked terrorists and syria could spell a region wide disaster. the consequences are going to be
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dramatic in the region. for all parties engage in the conflict it is also going to be. very decisive for the opposition's future. i think. the opposition. is no longer in the hands of those. attending meetings for syria. the real reality on the ground in whether it's syria or in some parts of lebanon is about the not. actively a president. of the region and the future of the school revolutionary. kyrgyzstan has declared a state of emergency in the north after days of gold mine workers protests saw at least fifty five people injured and angry mob has also captured a government building in the southern city demanding the prisoners release artist
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on board is across the story. according to the latest information we have from a variety of news sources including local journalists on the ground that we've managed to get in touch with around two thousand protesters attempted to storm the mine in eastern stan was altering in violent clashes with riot police at the at the site dozens were wounded including protesters and police exchanges of rubber bullets stun grenades and of stones one police bus was set on fire another was completely destroyed a state of emergency has been declared by the government in kurdistan the latest we're hearing from some of those news sources reports that most of those protesters have possibly now dispersed only the leaders remain and they say they'll stay there until their demands are met these follow earlier protests where protesters came to try and blockade the mine and cut the power to it earlier the canadian company
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centerra gold which owns the mine say's these actions are illegal but the protesters have a variety of demands of their own ranging from the redistribution of some of the wealth from the mine to the state's budget increase social benefits nationalisation and concerns about the local ecology and lack of infrastructure the mine itself which brings about twelve percent into one me has been the subject of heated debate in may two thousand and twelve a similar protest your creations of a mind that was just one of a number of similar kinds of protests and the governor. situations because of political unrest in the country in recent years ethnic uzbeks and code is plast in the south of the country in two thousand and ten a most crashes followed the overthrow of the president also in two thousand and ten in a short but violent revolution. obama promised to speed up closing guantanamo bay more
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than a week ago but the hunger strike situation at the prison is only deteriorating not a single inmate believes the pledge is enough to break their month long protest against mistreatment and indefinite detention the number of protesters being force fed a procedure considered as torture by the un has increased to thirty six more inmates have had to be taken to hospital as well r.t. spoke to the father of a guantanamo prisoner who also has the kuwaiti detainees in guantanamo committee how did tell us what happened to his son after he resorted to starvation my son being there for eleven years without having justice and he is there without committing any crime no charges again it's against him it is very difficult for him to tell me what's going on there because there is a sort of violence on the there is the district shoes for all the detainees not to
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talk about the conditions inside the camp but i can tell by the way he looks he was so skinny. if this is the first time for him to put some glasses on his eyes. looks he looks horrible he could not concentrate while he's talking to me. i have sometimes to repeat simple sentences to him. to all to three times just to bring his attention so he could understand what i am saying he has. affected his body his. thinking his brain it which is really really we are very concerned very concerned about is the life
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and britain's embroiled in a row about it's only going after it was revealed that up to ninety afghan nationals are being detained in secret and without charge you case can bask in base some have been held there for more than a year british m.p. jeremy corbin similarities between the syllabus are striking people are collected rested as enemy combatants held for very long periods and not allowed normal judicial process. and i think that the legacy of two thousand and one of guantanamo. and the extraordinary rendition process is something that's going to live for a very long time internationally more has been seriously undermined by britain and the usa and their behavior over afghanistan for the past twelve years the afghan government is supposed to be in charge of the country and those british american and many other soldiers allegedly fighting to protect this government they claim
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they can hold prisons over to this government be tortured but instead they're held illegally in these two bases. so i have a sour here in our team on the streets of england this gets a frantic man who claims to have killed hundreds back in his native khania why he's allowed to stay in the u.k. because of european agreements out of its control despite concerns over public safety. and qatar joins the gulf wide trend to control its internet with new laws to punish social and news websites for publishing anything the state sees as a threat that story coming up shortly here on r t. v this is a source with. close. to .
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welcome back this is are to you know the government of qatar has approved tough new measures to monitor its citizens' online activity and clip posted on news websites and social media the steps follow similar regulations in other gulf arab states and law and a material deemed to threaten national security middle east analyst jamie ingram says that while the bill may not be the death toll for freedom of speech just yet it could be a stepping stone to further crackdown. they've looked at their neighbors and if you wait these are examples of the country leaders do not want to go down yes this nor is it going to restrict freedom of speech levels to it to actually be implemented it remains unclear they could just be hedging their bets for now in case they really do require. to calm down its freedom of speech online in the
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future because those kind of reputation for a relatively free media are going to start to form in recent years and good little was reported to the message as well so that journalism as a whole doesn't have too much to worry about it was always very very it's really up to the government since the security forces as to how they want to implement it and the internet isn't just a tool for stirring up revolutions it's also a ballfield in itself the us that to plough billions of dollars into boosting its cyber warfare capacity creating a dozen specialist teams to launch offensives against overseas targets tell of able on our website our teen dot com. also online the father of a chechen man killed by the f.b.i. suspect foul play and bring him to dash it was hit by seven bullets including one to they had curing an interview held over his possible links to one of the boston bombers. dot com for the whole story.
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he said i'll teach you to channel rocketing to a billion viewers from the world's period of funny disasters to events that continue to change oh boy join me kevin owen for more on how you've helped make the first global news channel to reach you chub. we are to expel immigrants who pose a potential risk to society has again been thrown into sharp relief as he's probably boyko reports a mantling unstable man from kenya the says he's killed hundreds is now free to walk the streets of england. he says he's murdered up to four hundred people with a machete in his native kenya killed police and taken part in female genital mutilation but a court ruled that twenty seven year old john is free to stay in the u.k.
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he arrived illegally back in two thousand and three but when the home office tried to deport him he appealed and an immigration tribunals ruled that hugo suffers from schizophrenia and had made up the atrocities he was granted leave to remain in the u.k. because he's at risk of committing suicide if he returns to kenya you would think this is not appropriate to bring him. if you look at the european convention of human rights it is possible for him to stay here because criminal of the sort we've seen in. the us he's one of those he. he's going to be. and that's the problem john here as potentially dangerous individual that the home office of tried and failed to deport jordanian terror suspect abu qatada has avoided extradition for over
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a decade patatas lawyers argue it's against his human rights to return to jordan where he could face torture not all the countries signed up to the european convention on human rights choose to follow it the french and italian governments deport dangerous individuals first and then hear their appeals i think one of the problems we have this country. is drastically wrong we don't seem to want to find the adequate solution or effective solution for the problem we tend to leave things as they are all this problem is big and off something really does go wrong in the sense that some streets. people but it did happen. to death in broad daylight by two men. wielding meat cleavers as the murders shook the country the suspects have been known to emergencies and questions have been asked about whether or not the police could have done more to prevent the murder and yes a week later we learned that a mentally unstable man who claims to have killed hundreds of people gets to stay
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in the u.k. the ruling once again raises questions about who safety the british immigration judges are protecting. some of the stories from around the world a small passenger plane ran out of fuel while friday before plummeting into the living room of a house outside washington d.c. two people were injured in the accident want to board the cessna and the other in the apartment emergency crews are now helping several adults and children forced to evacuate the building. crowds of environmentalists and a stamboul have squared up to the bulldozers to save a city park and trees from being flattened and turned into a shopping mall many of the campaigners have camped out for three nights in a row to try and head off the demolition at least drive moving them on with water cannon and tear gas but there were injuries as some ago activists tried to flee by spring when the wall. general strike of the northern spanish city of about
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has mobilized thousands of people voicing their anger against austerity cuts demonstration was organized by the country's two main trade unions more than forty percent of the region's population is jobless with over half of people aged between eighteen and twenty five now out of work. a video clip of russian policemen marching a group of people across the street in the moscow region has really captured you tube viewers imagination a lot of comments on the web have some saying it chilling really reminds them of prisoners of war are medina caution about explains what happened. this possible to see. some of the people right at the beginning of the column have their hands on their hands and the others on the shoulders of those in front of them now that video was instantly followed by a string of differing comments some sod said those people looked like prisoner so if war and the others were just shocked by the scene but what happened in reality
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was that one hundred three people were detained by police in one of the markets in the moscow region and reportedly they were involved in a massive fight and they were migrants among them now this is not an isolated case just this week police detained more than nine hundred illegal migrants in the north and part of the capital and incidents such as this hop and on a daily basis the problem of illegal immigration is a very sensitive issue now the authorities say that it's a piece harmful for migrants working in moscow are present here illegally and the police are the number of crimes committed by migrants increased by forty percent last year alone in particular one out of three robberies is committed by migrants so one of the reasons behind those quite drastic statistics really well first of all the visa free regime between russia and the c.i.s. countries where the ball the legal migrants are coming from and of course high
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level off on employment so while the reasons behind this are somewhat clear it is still unknown was the bass way to solve this issue and crime doesn't pay so the phrase goes but russian police have found out oh wise after hitting the jackpot during an investigation into an allegedly corrupt official bags of boxes stuffed with millions of rowboats and fact around four point four five million dollars worth were found hidden throughout a house which was searched the official in question of xandra trip to go over so road construction projects in the southwestern russian region of veronica. is accused of blackmail and coercing construction companies to pay him bribes to secure a local government contracts fortunately you'll be able to appreciate the very roads he helped build as he is driven to court to face charges of abuse of office bribery and fraud. in just a couple of minutes the leader of one of europe's smallest countries explains his
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nation's fide for fairness against the mighty e.u. on his doorstep stay with us here in our. talking about language as well but i will only react to situations i have read the reports. to know i will leave them to the state department to comment on your latter point. secure you have a car is on the job here no car. thank you no more weasel words. when you made a direct question be prepared for a change when you when you should be ready for a. pretty upscale age and a little down the freedom to watch. mr
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president welcome to arts and thinking for talking to us it's been eight years since you took office looking back what have you managed to achieve during those first twelve months and how do you assess your work in general. in the world it was a productive year for me and the serbian government for example we've successfully reduced crime we've also been trying to find
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a solution to the issue of serbs in kosovo a solution that would rest on two principles first so should be able to live there in peace and second serbia will never recognize the independence of kosovo furthermore we want albanians to stop expropriating land and for serbs to stay where they are i think we've made great progress unfortunately our economy is extremely weak and it will be a long time before we'll see any real improvement a budget relies on consumption not production and this is one area where the government hasn't been able to make any significant headway i hope that the date to start membership negotiations with the european union will be announced soon that will be a sign of best ability and send a positive signal to foreign investors that would help us repair service economy. so that's a lot of money at the visits of delegations from serbia to russia have become more frequent lately but the talks have been held behind closed doors what is russia's
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response to service closer ties to the e.u. and those complicated compromises that serbia has to make. serbia will never have as close and as strong relations with the west as russia does cooperation with russia doesn't mean we have turned away from the u. cooperation with the e.u. doesn't mean we've turned away from russia moscow has never told serbia directly or indirectly that it shouldn't cooperate with the e.u. russia wants the serbian government to do whatever it takes to improve the living standards of our people we leaning towards europe simply because of our geographic location we're in the heart of europe surrounded by e.u. countries that's why european standards are the benchmark for us but becoming an e.u. member is not important in itself a primary goal is to catch up with the developed european countries and if we succeed the lives of our people will definitely improve earlier our relations with the west boiled down to serbia doing what the west says but i refused to go along
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with such an approach and then drafted a platform which served as the basis for a major very solution in the status of kosovo serbia had to face new conditions regularly being placed on it now we've set out own conditions you must have seen how the talks in brussels went it's no longer easy to twist serbia around their fingers we ready for discussion provided that everything is in compliance with international law. with the e.u. now and it crisis what does serb expect from joining doesn't the situation in spain greece and portugal scare you. to post orders. well there's no obvious difference serbia is not in the same situation as the u. i'd say that some you can trees haven't been honest enough they'd overspend and send fake budget reports to their partners many europeans were spoilt by their governments the e.u. exploited the whole world to provide a better life and huge welfare benefits for its citizens but now the reckoning is
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overdue there's a time to customs and a time to gather them you may enjoy a free ride for a while but. one day you'll have to pay and now an employee you citizens are at a loss how come they no longer have an extra normal eight hundred euros at hand how come there are no more social benefits free of charge accommodation electricity or natural gas the situation in serbia is different it would take a long time before the e.u. degenerated into the poverty that we're in at the moment. we don't really care about relations inside the e.u. what we're looking for is new joint projects partners that could help percent in new markets and those who are eager to invest our economy. there are seven million people in serbia and it's pretty easy for us to overcome the crisis because we've always been a hard working nation there's been little growth over the last fourteen years but it's not the e.u. that is to blame it's us we chose a government that couldn't care less about serbians in the future all it did was
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please the strongest in the land a small nation can be just as strong as a big one as long as it's united serbians a great people and i'm sure that serbia will benefit from its cooperation with the e.u. for years i was euro skeptic there are even more reasons to be one now and say why do we need europe now that it's in crisis but in fact they are our neighbors they have the best science and technology and that's where we obviously belong. and that the serbian government always puts a strong focus on service exception to the e.u. what if it doesn't happen is there a plan b. . we saw a little problem right now we're not part of the over the last year i've been able to restore a lot of friendships with those who do serbia as a successor to yugoslavia i mean the arab world asia africa latin america and others they were very keen to revive our relations we do have a plan b.
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we enjoy excellent cooperation with russia which heavily invests into serbia we're also partners with china latin america the united arab emirates other countries of the arab world in israel joining the e.u. isn't a question of life and death rather it's a question of a better life because without it i basically saying that moscow is an alternative plan for so bad because it provides investment and loans and i don't see this is an alternative. these two blessings are not mutually exclusive. do you mean that said he has no need to choose between east and west unity the unique or the serbia will never choose between east and west it wants to be part of both this idea is nothing new it was suggested by the serbian socialists two centuries ago yes we were slavic off the docks country but we have bordered by western europe and while that might not feel like our natural environment we have to deal with it of course we have
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longstanding friends with whom we share a common past a common language and religion but it won't do any good for serbia to look in one direction only sadly enough serbia russian relations have never been truly sincere because there were always people who thought they might be harmful to serbia i think that those who want us to look in only one direction don't have the interests of serbia at heart. so. let's go back to the course of the talks in brussels why didn't i put in is said to have talked to you during this talks what did he tell you did he back the agreement. that. we spent a lot of time discussing the current situation possible scenarios and steps that serbia might take president putin has never interfered in our internal affairs both he and the russian government are ready to help serbia but serbia is alone in this battle unfortunately when the talks started serbia decided to talk with pristina within the e.u. framework and never asked for someone to stand up for its interests that's why
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quite often these days serbia has to face several opponents alone the representatives from the e.u. and prishtina often share the same stance sometimes they will bring documents to the table which they clearly drafted together so we're left in the minority but if anyone thought that to join the e.u. we'd be willing to make concessions or that it was just a question of time before we changed our minds sorely mistaken will not do was the previous government did as for russia. it will support any stance that serbia takes russia has made it very clear that it will never recognize an independent kosovo and that means a lot to us it's one thing to be the only country that refuses to recognize kosovo and metohija it's a totally different thing when you are supported by other powerful countries that haven't recognized either of those involved include first and foremost russia and of course we also sought to resolve the issue of kosovo at the un security council
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when the last russian troops were pulling out of kosovo i was in the opposition and i realize that we have only nato troops to rely on in terms of security i still regret that a lot because i believe that things would have been totally different if russian forces it's they unfortunately this is only wishful thinking so serbia has to work with nato the only military power that can ensure the security of serbs and other non albanian ethnicities in kosovo we introduced a provision into our agreement under which nato was to prevent any military intervention from pristina in the area populated by serbs at least over the next ten years. seven goes on happy with the brussels deal but this had been delegation insists that was the most bad grade could get at this time why is it so important to solve this matter now do you think serbia could wait and get a better deal. time is not on the side of serbs in kosovo it's on the
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side of the albanians they enjoy overwhelming support the serbian population in kosovo is declining they've been living in these terrible conditions for thirteen years we have to convince them that this is the only possible solution at the moment my idea is to form a serbian autonomy that would be totally independent from prishtina they have an independent budget take care of their own security they have serbia nor enforcement serbian courts education and health care if we recognise. kosovo's unique status and find a way to include it in our constitution they would then we would ask pristina to recognize a unique status of the serbian community to recognize its right to function independently it's a defacto situation in northern kosovo right now but it's not legalized everyone to texas and we fear that it any moment albanian supported by nato another forces may gain control over northern kosovo the countries that have recognized kosovo so the
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prishtina has the right to control the northern territories the agreement signed in brussels will help us to legalize serbian autonomy and the course of zero will no longer be able to exercise its control over northern kosovo and over four serbian communities in the south i believe we can achieve this and the serbs in kosovo realise that they don't want the credit that this doesn't mean that survey has lost the corsa that existed before the born in one thousand nine hundred ninety nine for good. so this is a very complicated question serbia will never lose kosovo but on the other hand i'm not the president in prishtina this is painful but unfortunately there's nothing i can do about it it would certainly be willing to recognize course of us independence if you get autonomy in the north no no no. we can't be that selfish actually only a third of serbs who live in kosovo or in the north the other two thirds live in
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the south and nobody has ever cared about them the international community even russia is unaware of the serbs who live in the south of kosovo i always think of all the kosovo serbs and i try to ensure they get equal rights the issue of serbs in the north of the republic is just brazenly cut off from that of the serbs living in the south and the question remains open we can either leave them to the mercy of the or thirty's in pristina or make the move to the north this is a very complicated issue you can't simply swap the north from recognition of kosovo independence. in my view serbia should never recognize kosovo we should discuss this situation with our friends all over the world i had to write letters to the presidents of all countries which had not recognized kosovo's independence when the agreement was signed in brussels i had to explain to them that this didn't maint that we recognized kosovo's independence and at that time albanians along with their western allies began pressuring those states saying look serbia has
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recognized kosovo and so should you. that we have numerous difficulties and a lot of work to do in regard of this matter several days ago i visited turkey and spoke openly to our turkish friends i said you've recognized kosovo's independence you even hard to be the first to do so but now you should stop insisting that other muslim countries do the saying this isn't a nice thing to do this will impact of relations of serbia cooperates with both of those who have and who haven't recognized kosovo's independence but we don't want our friends who have taken this step to try and expand the list we don't want kosovo to use it in this state who bid with the u.n. general assembly. when we spoke a year ago told me you would respect the will of the people when deciding on close in a status i am considering holding address random on this issue thus the most loyal to him but we first have to pick the right time for
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a referendum and decide what exactly we should us the people thank you very much thank you. distraction is one thing the media does very well we all tend to focus on one spicy issue of the moment and ignore the rest jill those are definitely worth the media attention but let's not ignore the fact that the food people eat around the world is an attack from multiple fronts antibiotics are often overused in cattle which can and eventually sadly will lead to anti biotics resistant bacteria evolving animals are also injected with various hormones which can make their way into our stomachs and speaking of mysterious things getting into our body pretty much any
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crops that you we are doused with all sorts of pesticides and sit on top of powerful fertilizers which can affect bodies of water far beyond the fence of the farm obviously technology has been and should be used in farming so we all don't starve i get why pesticides exist and why they start giving diseased animals antibiotics but there comes a point where outputting a lot of poisonous food will kill you just as dead as slowly starving will there is a healthy middle ground out there somewhere but if we only worry about just the g m o's and only win that battle then we'll still be eating food loaded with bad stuff just other bad stuff but that's just my opinion. do we speak your language anybody will not advance. for music programs and documentaries and spanish what matters to you breaking news a little turn to tip angles kidan stories. you hear.
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detroit altie spanish find out more visit i to our. tito it's calm. when i'm done you're bushell mondays bradley manning troll the tipping point for the obama administration worldwide coming up. a duty to disobey orders. this alice in wonderland presidency and zero rested for terrorism by association.


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