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tv   Interview  RT  June 2, 2013 4:45pm-5:01pm EDT

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appeal asians following they think it's normal we are in danger but it's not true and that's the problem i don't believe that tomorrow we'll see an attack by malayan terrorists in europe could actually the war in mali is certainly not a fight against terrorism it's not a fight against islamism is to take advantage of natural resources in mali and the proof is energy joined to reva is present in mali and it gets the support from french military forces to protect their installations that's the first time the national army has gone to provide services to a commercial company and i think there's a huge problem today are countries go to war to make money they don't care about international rules you look at the moment you know there's no such thing as a preventative war it's all aggression was when we see france are all on deriving in mali and being celebrated as a liberator this is a publicist he campaigned well so i think we cannot interfere in the policy of a sovereign country. but the french president francois hollande with the same that
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france was nearly answering the call for help of the mali and president. putin in the moment and president has a norm legitimity one because he was not elected and i think that the former french president nicolas sarkozy agrees with me as he said exactly the same thing we should not intervene in a country where there is no government and therefore i think i'm not the only one to think that and i think and i think international rules don't allow this kind of military action within the especially to defend financial interests will differ on that. some analysts have been pointing out how the intervention in libya might have played a role in what took place in mali especially when we're talking about the flow of weapons into the country or the rise in tensions said looking at the terrorist attack that we saw in algeria what do you think of this assessment. who
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provided weapons to libya who helped fight gadhafi it's western countries at some point who have decided to fight libya because colonel gadhafi had ideas to pull africa out of poverty very smart ideas and thinking of his money tree system and it was troubling west and american systems who had to get rid of him and that's what the western is did i believe that france and other european countries are responsible for crimes against humanity during the military intervention in libya which i always opposed at the belgian parliament today we see that the weapons can come from anywhere the rebels in syria also using weapons and they find them somewhere and who provides those weapons western countries those that countries like the usa england the belgians of we provided we gave a lot of money for that opus ition they are not in opposition they are rebels on that but they a coup may. now you've also strongly condemned the nine million euros in aid the belgium plans to give to syria now you were angry you say because it will be you
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think it will be given to the syrian opposition essentially aiding one side of the conflict but the belgian foreign minister he has said that the money will go to refugees he even mentioned those aid comes adare in a jordan there about one hundred thousand syrian refugees there do you not believe that the money will actually reach those who are suffering from the crisis. i'm sure it's always like that we always hide what we're doing we always hide movement by pretending to be humanitarian we say that but what i see is that the rebels are very well equipped and always managed to equal the syrian army so all these weapons all this money must come from somewhere so i'm convinced that a big part of this money that we give for humanitarian purposes if it goes back to the hands of the rebels this i'm absolutely sure and we've already seen other countries you know i think of african countries where we also give a lot of money for humanitarian purposes but that's still strange because all this
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money that we give them to local life quality dozens and prove they still live in misery so i really wonder where that money must be somewhere because now we've also seen a change in the rhetoric of some of the western leaders if we look before at some of the statements they made they've been kind of wary of talking about a direct intervention or aid in syria however now the e.u. is preparing to provide training to rebels in syria that may allow for the transfer of what what they call non-lethal equipment to help in that as assisting the citizens do you believe that it is realistic to make a differentiation between the radicals and the so-called freedom fighters in the process and how can we guarantee that the equipment does not fall into the wrong hands but anyway as long as the equipment falls into the hands of the. rebels the equipment falls into bad hands because for me those people a coup organizes the only thing they want is to set up shari'a law and today syria
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is a moderate country with a leader who's looking at the west is not someone who cares about the past honestly i can only condemn the way of seeing things as far as i'm concerned democracies and not allowed to organize a coup and sovereign countries from a they were aggressive you could make a distinction between islam is radical islamists and the opponents to the regime in every system there are some of the population that is pro as sad as there is well the anything is as we noticed in countries of north africa is a libya egypt all these people who could be opposed to the local power of course very quickly removed and replaced by radicals because they have the financial support they have the means of persuasion and in syria it's going to be the same if tomorrow bashar al assad is kicked out it will not be the moderate opposition that will take power it will be the islamists the power they will be supported by the united states why because the u.s.
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has an interest in the fact that this part of the world knows chaos the usa wants to allow the americans to justify a wide scale military operation that will have as its a model to kick out of power so-called terrorist governments this is the problem today this is obvious i don't understand why we don't realize it more than it is the case today them and therefore we have to fight this situation because we risk to go towards a world war and this scares me a lot because with as much manipulation this is very dangerous and peace is in danger. now you said that he believed that one of the purposes of western intervention aside from establishing a presence in africa and the middle east is to fight against china what kind of a threat is china being viewed as or at least what kind of a competition is the west in with china. as far as i'm concerned china is not a threat china is
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a threat the big power is on current big powers they see it is something bad to see china coming into their own playgrounds china is more and more present in africa and it's normal on the they need natural resources obviously it's an economic threat it's and we see that china is seizing economic resources it's legitimate there's no problem about that and recently i was in the democratic republic of congo and i noticed that indeed there were chinese workers it would be building highways in congo i admit that these countries can be generous but i don't think that china does that for free and over see china in congo can do whatever it wants with the natural resources and exchange for services given to the population what is positive is that at least there are services given to the population on this is a change from the western logic that we saw during colonialization with them taking advantage of africa without benefiting the locals on if this explains why former colonial powers such as france or other countries intervened today in north africa
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to take back some natural resources this is the case in france in mali where france is only in the hands of the us in that story this is also the case in all the northern african countries that in the so-called arab spring the poor i say so-called because those are not real and revolutionary movements when it was directed from abroad and it's always to put their hands on natural resources such as gas and your radio this is a race this is an economic war that we're seeing now honestly i prefer the africa could be free from all these foreign powers that want to take advantage of their natural resources but i mean what we cannot dream africa today is the attic of the world it's very difficult to imagine that africa will one day be owned by africans we think it's sad but it's true you could say at least that they are in partnerships where everybody. you know when when relationship that a unilateral exploitation i can't stand anymore to see african starving you know
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when the underground is full of natural wealth which is crazy over all that wealth doesn't bring anything to the local population it just benefits industrial companies international companies and their managers. of course we have to touch on that the euro zone crisis sets talk about that what is your stand on the way the european union has been dealing with the crisis so far the first and foremost i would like to say that this crisis doesn't really exist or that this crisis was invented by our leaders it doesn't exist really it's a crisis invented by our leaders in order to impose on the population restrictions today in the name of the crisis we can do anything we were juice social benefits we ask workers to work more and to unless we reduce public services while at the end of the day the citizens are not responsible for the crisis this crisis was created by our leaders and financial markets you all this was made on purpose i'm sure and
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who takes advantage of this it's companies they always end up with more dividends that's what we notice it is the european union which got greece spain and portugal into trouble we see that there's impoverishment of european populations and this is shocking to see to which extent it is possible to reduce benefits and put a whole population into poverty and all that because of a crisis that was created by financial interest and also been quite vocal about your position on what belgium should to do you think that belgium should go it alone now why would this be the best solution for the country. i'm for an exit of the european union of the united nations and nato because today all those institutions don't bring cases but they are war mongering institution and we must accept it because. we say all these institutions don't work in the interests of the population they protect interests they protect financial interests they are in the
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hands of big international companies and today citizens are forgotten we have to go back to the basics we have to go back to what's essential doing politics is to defend citizen and it is to fight for the lifestyle and the population in your country and to day europe is doing otherwise and to friends big companies gives them a lot of money and the citizens will leave them on the side of the road to twenty so i don't think it's normal and i've always been in favor of a social europe and today you can save money you're in the hole and that's i cannot see. the star of thank you very much for being on the program for giving us your time. wealthy british style. right for. the right.
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the shots seem to gasify out of istanbul as clashes there are up for a third day in a string of anti-government protests marked by what demonstrators claim is wanton brutality on the part of police. bob was and the army have brought police around the european central bank in frankfurt charging into crowds of protesters report from the scene with several thousands were demanding an end to a stare is he. also a prominent sunni cleric calls for a pan islamic jihad against president assad branding him an infidel worse than jews and christians just days off the syrian rebels were reportedly called smuggling sarin gas and chemical weapons banned by the u.n. . and an f.b.i. suspects.


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