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welcome to the kaiser report i'm max because or adam smith warned the people of the same tray seldom made together even for merriment diversion but for the conversation ending in a conspiracy against the public or in some contrivance to raise prices that's fricken adam smith who said that stacy mac's proof of this we are going to look at an image of men of the same trade getting together for the purposes of merriment and diversion it would look like from the photo in this is barack obama in february twentieth eleven meeting with steve jobs to his left mark zuckerberg of facebook to
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his right then you see the c.e.o. of twitter the c.e.o. of yahoo across the table is the google c.e.o. eric schmidt larry ellison and the president of stanford university the last supper . yeah it's just an undertaker's convention it's the moment when barack obama complicit lay gotten bed with these guys who run prism essential bats the moment i mean look at that dinner look at that image this is when barack obama essentially took the constitution and wiped is but with it and it's the moment of supreme treasonous action by the president eyes states america is dead seventeen seventy six to prison thank you kill the country this is also known as boundless informant and in case you have been asleep for the last week it is of course the program in which the likes of google the likes of facebook twitter yahoo are allowing the government a backdoor now they say they're not voluntarily allowing it in their own personal
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statements to the media but here we have a situation of a conspiracy against the public and of course with in that photo you saw stanford university which is very crucial to the whole n.s.a. operation and in fact arpanet the very first two connections back in the sixty's were between stanford university and you say l.a. yeah well i mean this is a clearly a moment when you've got stanford university who benefits from the shareholdings of these companies when they go public they do the i.p.o. the initial public offering of companies like facebook for example that was brought into the into the public market at a price that was fifty to sixty percent above any reasonable expectation so you have the president of united states barrick used car salesman obama with his arm around mark zuckerberg hyping an i.p.o. . this is very disgraceful i mean what it is what it michel get in this i mean
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where they park their stock where they were if they're insider trading we'll find that out i'm sure well in fact one of the whistleblowers involved in this and i say think not just not edward snowden himself but i think it was somebody else within the organization mentioned in fact. that there is a center at the n.s.a. up in nevada or whatever wherever their huge facility is is that several guys tech guys from there that concocted many of the schemes actually then went on to form their own private companies he didn't say which ones but he has said that several of those companies have gone public and they themselves are now billionaires so there is this you know this level of conspiracy there but you know the other half of the adam smith quo was that but though the law cannot hinder people of the same trade from sometimes assembling together it ought to do nothing to facilitate such assemblies so here you have barack obama assembling these people together here in the u.k. you had a watt for build a bridge being assembled you know men of the same trade assembling whether they're
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bankers or many of these very same tech giants by the way and the government here is facilitating the assembly but i mean that's the important part of the quote is that you're not supposed to encourage these monopolist getting together to fix prices whereas they do it to build a bridge meeting or as they do it barack obama's a meeting of these tech giants to fix prices to manipulate markets to fix and maybe late initial public offerings so it's a totally anti-competitive and this is why america's competitiveness is dropping like a stone and it's not even in the top twenty anymore in terms of those countries that are the most competitive and here you have a guy whistleblower from the prism scandal if you well who is finding shelter in china you know if you look at the league table for openness and prostrate him you have countries like russia are now above the united states you know i mean america is a short sale i mean this guy has ruined the country so let's continue on this theme
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of people of the same trade conspiring against the public and to raise prices so so that you understand better what has happened in the tech space and all this eighty billion dollar surveillance state by the way eighty billion dollars. a year for the u.s. for to operate its surveillance at least in the public budget the stuff that we know about so let's look at an example no real world of this trade happening miami prostitutes mistake new jersey mom for a rival hooker beat her up where she was. the tutu believes a new jersey mother in her traditional jersey attire was another rival prostitute well i see the connection i see where you are going with that there's a guilt by association well what i'm saying is that here you have some hookers and they don't want new competition entering the market for access to the billionaire
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clients at the w. hotel so they see a new entrant to the market and they beat her up now what is prism what is boundless informant what is the trans-pacific partnership what are soaked up people act what are these things but these guys conspiring in the room with barack obama where larry ellison google's eric schmidt yahoo c.e.o. twitter c.e.o. facebook c.e.o. apple c.e.o. they're conspiring they're a group of course getting together and beating the crap out of anybody that tries to enter their market right and this resulting in competition in america is collapsing in terms of its competitiveness versus other countries because of this behavior collusion of these tech giants with the complicity of the commander in chief who we can only imagine is taking a massive kickback like tony blair before him took massive kickbacks in the u.k. he's now out all over the world cutting blood for oil deals as everyone knew he would and this is a pattern that obama will fall into will leave the white house and immediately go
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into the international conference of circuit getting lots of money to lecture people and give talks how to rip people off the people who are on food let me tell you from barack a food stamp is not a job wherever you come from i don't know where that is but if food stamps don't equal a job. well even in this case with the miami prostitutes even worse brigade's he claims that a federal lawsuit against the w. hotel that the prostitutes were given a getaway vehicle by the luxury hotel so this is the role of our the facade of our government anyway is the getaway vehicle they provide the getaway vehicle and by. the way it's not just these tech giants who are providing this scam you know software systems whether it's for the surveillance state or whether it's for the n.h.s. systems also the whole finance sector you know the whole banking sector they're supposed to be you know share in helping to spread risk and reward well in fact what they're doing it's all based on technology and according to the n.s.a.
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whistleblower they can see your ideas for they you know even before for the high frequency traders they can see you typing your buy order so that gives them even more of a nanoseconds advantage to other competitors like i've been saying the technology in the in the banking space is about front running and high frequency trading according to lloyd blankfein or jamie dimon absolute quiddity to the markets and enhances their ability to make markets but no it's as you know from the prison scandal this information is used to front run trades to suck money out of the exchange to siphon cash out exchange here is the image of the leader of the free world in a massive pimp suit strutting around the tech guys stick in gas you know hose in a gas tank siphoning cash out selling drugs on the side to h.s.b.c. money laundering and then spying on you know what a disgusting degenerate whore bag this guy has become but these guys are nothing it's a confederacy of horrors and look at george osborne the biggest whore in the u.k. right now this is new skin is going to give people the opportunity to buy r.b.s.
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royal bank of scotland stock sixteen hundred dollars or six hundred pounds worth meanwhile they rip them off by tens of thousands of pounds per family on savers over the past five years so here you ripped off one hundred forty billion pounds according to bank of england by the problem people the savings in their savings account is getting given back to you know a nickel sized here's george osborne of the adversary for cash this pound between your teeth and let you keep it you little street scum he's the biggest toward the u.k. but it leaves you skewed like but obama never color they're not cute like george osborne i mean i can see george osborne. an address in lipstick and you could almost go that way well so to look again back at this conspiracy against the public by men of the same trade i want to look at this map of prism and this is actually from the boundless informant data provided by i guess booz allen now that we know the guy edward snowden worked for booz allen at the time of the these documents
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this is a map of where their high intensity so green is they're not actually looking at that much data crossing the internet they're yellow and orange or more and red is the most as you see red is the most is over around the oil rich areas but curiously if you see china india and germany are high surveillance as well as united states so what is this about what why do they only care not about the places where traditionally you see a lot of. terrorism this is what they say it's all about they're looking at places where their competition is where innovation happens in germany where their manufacturing competition happens in china where they're possible silicon valley competitors operate in the united states so it looks to me like they're looking at areas to avoid like the miami prostitutes from any competition entering their high net worth tollbooth its corporate espionage. that's what it boils down to and even
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with the inside information and the market reg their competitiveness is still dropping like a stone which is what economists call moral hazard if you don't prosecute bankers for let's say laundering money for terrorists or stealing money they'll just continue to do it oh more and more and they're not incentivized to compete at any even with inside information with prism as you point out as corporate espionage has nothing to do is terrorism you have more chance of getting hit in the head with a coconut and dying than dying in a terrorist attack anyone anywhere in the world is a joke and it you know quite frankly the fact that there aren't more attacks like nine eleven is not actually a good thing in america because that's what drives people to innovate is this fear of competition from abroad if you take that away people just want food stamps all that and they don't it's. just. all right stacy ever thanks for being on the kaiser report thank you and i stay tuned for the second half obvious make it to the at artist taxi driver.
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i would rather as questions for people in positions of power instead of speak on their behalf and that's why you can run my show larry king now right here on our t.v. question more. i'm
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. nobody chooses to be homeless nobody chooses to me and my sorrow. is a royal sort of show to. get in the six pm get out six p. six. they were. school. to pass me the class people. were. it's tough to think about. and to know that
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many may not have believed in the last. never. but there were also do different closures that never should have. welcome back to the kaiser report i'm max kaiser time now to turn to mark mcgowan also known as the artist taxi driver mark it is a pleasure to have you on the show thanks for having me you have a huge following of people watching your videos now i want to talk to get right into this. you know william hague he has said that there's nothing to fear in the u.k. from these advanced spying technologies like prism if you're normal and what's not all about. so if you're normal like i mean i
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mean ok so my primary purpose is i'm an artist so like a lot of people like i make. i make videos you know but is is to me you know let me stop you right there because one of the stars they are involved at right now has got a lot of attention you're pushing a pig all the way across london with your nose this is of course to protest or draw attention to what's happening with the n.h.s. the national health service so tell us about this ok so i pushed my nose from the hospital where miss even treatment for cancer and i push it all the way to number ten downing street apart from the time when i got on the bus for a little bit because to go and meet the guy in number ten and then i go up there and i had the pig why didn't they would let me take the pick up there but like it's it's the primary purpose my primary purpose is are the government's primary purpose is to move public money into private pockets and that's what they're doing about the n.h.s. that's why pitt that's that's that's what this this government stinks i mean they
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are rotten to the core william hague is a pig you know i mean he ain't the only one david cameron george osborne the whole lot of them they are rotten to the core and what they're doing with the n.h.s. is despicable it's absolutely despicable and it's like it's like who says anything the media goes on about things every now and again about the nurses look at the state of these nurses what they do and they lost a patient they lost a patient go to go on a safari to look for a patient i love if they aren't talking about the times when a nurse was sitting holding the hand of someone dying they would know our blood they watch out i mean they were conscious of propaganda thing what they're doing ok so the first questions are not what are am i mad so people said to me when max out your question keep calm don't swear like normally i'll swear i'm trying my hardest i would not swear but these people are in charge of the government they're in
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charge of prison can you can you even get your nuts around prism that they that they that they can go to your e-mails they they can go to the e-mails of a judge. now you can go to the e-mails of a journalist that dies at a hard to market sick and that's only one little snippet of what these pigs that one will say focus on something you said there that the n.h.s. and the privatizations game's best are they're moving money from the public to the private the government says that the government has no money they're forcing austerity on the population that they need to do something like privatized the n.h.s. because they the government have no money to run it themselves and yet they the government have billions of pounds to bell out corrupt bankers so that they can get their bonuses and that the bonds in these banks remain in the bond holders remain whole what about this incredible split personality that the government seems to have their rich but you're gonna bankers where does it hurt when i talk to everyone
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i know you know as well as. i do you know it's coppola cookman it was on newsnight two years ago and he said what you're doing right now under the cloak of stary by moving public services into private pockets is obscene. what you're in you're in so fine on something you tell you are so one question what everyone says to me when is a now for nothing these pigs they have to have bankers by m.p.'s expenses the queen a multi multi billionaire gets a five million pound pay rise she rubber stamps the welfare reform bill their own people right today change you know but they're late to the p.r.p. where they're going to send mist of the not sauce and pip down to investigate whether a. doctor has said someone is disabled and they cannot work they are going to send someone round to check on that while they get their queen money and peace expenses
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went up last year by twenty five percent to eighty nine billion pounds so no bank is buying up taxpayer support in the region of two trillion pounds even to. right i said r.p.s. r.p.s. it would give him forty five billion ten billion they came to the republic of ireland to a but said it to buy all of them out that's that's money for our children's education which they privatized and that's money that's money for our hospitals for that's money for our welfare they said when people talk about welfare and the other thing what the government do is i stop pointing a finger because they do this transference of evil they say look at them over there because while this is going on you've got britain's got bloody talent on a saturday night being one with the boy said david cameron can you imagine people sitting in their rooms while while their mother or brother or father loses their job might only employed by leaks coming round hospitals privatized and divulge what
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are when william hague when william hague says you have nothing to fear i'll tell you right now the people who go off air in stop public because the public are absolutely off their nuts my if there are now is out there if anyone's another it's a general public how can i vote for david cameron how can i vote for a pig like boris johnson terry when when i said i was doing our terence mckenna he said we are led by the least amongst us the least noble the least visionary the least intelligent and when when they knew the day says things knox's and when the ones that want to start wars you've got this program mayor boris johnson's office for the. boris johnson but you've got this if program right where they're trying to say let's all get together let's raise some money and less feed the world who's feeding the world's glencore the world food bank extra who's minding the world real
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chain of who's causing death and destruction and when i have built a pub means where are we going next we're going to iran and we're going to go to venezuela where we going to get our money next like a bow and when they said when they said when when the audience say it's like walking we do terence mckenna you know he said. make car let me jump in as an artist you are a taxi driver how do you deal with facts a situation where william a would say that the prison scandal and the corporations that are in bed with barack obama to are not spying on british citizens and then within two or three hours it comes out he was lying through his teeth that they are spying and praise is a good idea as an artist how do you deal with that because it's the parody of their making of their of themselves is happening so quickly it's difficult to comment on it because they themselves are parroting them sounds completely denying he said he said let me take that question this is it inside that question one we are not
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listening chill phone calls to we do not look at the internet in the us me looking for that guy's come out edward snowden. for a benny and in a furry type period he said we look at more stuff on the internet in the us than we do in russia and you said it the day if it is about surveillance but it's also about corporations making money diaries fast and it's money and that's why they turn it they got lucky tomorrow in an american arms dealers arms to run the census in this country and they said it's going to be all right just fill in the form if you don't you're going to be nicked kind of society the stuff we live in a society we live in a society where when you know about banking on a financial institution when i'm in a society that allows the rich every single day at a week to gamble on went on whether the poor all star of if that if campaign if they want to do something go to the city or london go to see a corruption and you you start talking to mr rio tinto you start talking to africa
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mining companies you go and start you talk to that queen that harry goat leg because she's a goat she's a sense or she has. what happens when those bets go bad you don't even get me you don't last a queen right you are so queen about about our investments in mining way way now i'm doing this film this is no recession it's a reality i want to talk about that let me set this up so people understand the context for this you went out what the on the web but the campaign and the crowd fund it and the film is called not a recession it's a robbery so you're here message as an artist is now resonating out there in the community and you're actually you know leverage that with the crowdfunding platform you've got raise a significant amount of money out making a film so what's this film going to be about tell us about the film now they are the old erector they have got the glasses is to be sat next to this is not a recession it's a robbery and we no doubt for ideological stary and the main principle would
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a film is to expose this government as pigs at the trough of public money and watching them move public services in surprise pockets of interviewed people who have been affected by what is and isn't isis was outsources like some sort of like french mo international company that comes around investigating people to find out whether they're disabled or not asking them like shame and then making them lift things making them roll over make an enemy of it have a biscuit they say can and they said can you send out can you send out the guys in the pretty well chad and he said what about if someone was holding you can you stand up then well i look if to play will hold me up like that could i stand out said yeah you know fit to work people a woman double double transplant heart and lungs she was found fit so work in when she was in the hospital nine days before she died it's atrocious the white they say
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that we haven't got enough money for the pool we can't call enough money for the elderly we don't call enough money for for disabled people but we go enough money for then the parasitic grows the m.p.'s and the bankers the thing about it is is they are punishing and the other thing about the big brothers got talent or whatever it's called the finger but the thing about that is this. people are of people who have prejudice close to their heart and this government's tall this government's tactic. it light lots of governments around the world but when the election comes and when the build up to election comes rather than thinking about what they're doing the wars they're star in the mining the the way that they're stealing public money they focus on prejudice and the agenda of prejudice not like this i mean look at the people over there look at their religion look at big color look at them people overdid it to obey to pull how we expected to look after them and that is atrocious behavior and that is tired out daily by papers like the daily
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express the daily mao sky b.b.c. and it's absolutely atrocious and you know what the public know not only stand for it i buy into it got about a minute left and we have recently to build a bridge group was here at wot for and they had drew five thousand protesters led pretty much by alex jones who is a shock jock in america well known in america he then went on did some media here in the u.k. he went on the b.b.c. on sunday and of course there was like a grenade going off and a lot of controversy and what do you mean we have about thirty forty seconds left but the way that the troika of private interest pushed out the public interest as you've described it it ends up with a lot of people become enraged and i think i'll just a good example of a guy who expresses that rage but then when he goes on b.b. sing there's a he is mocked to some degree but what is the role of the media here in the b.b.c.
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in perpetuating this this kind of everyone we know that they're going to do things to their own agenda and the thing about. it was acting on things like everyone acts to not mean everyone acts the whole time we can't live in real nature said that the real is of no significance to mind whatsoever that we live in a state of continue on perpetual fantasy we cannot afford not to read the major just plays it is just narrative stories running off old it's. time that's how they control people through fear fruit fruit fruit of media fruit propaganda that's because the people we've been told about not says even if i was to bring people down to reality they say where are planning they spinning around in the rounds can you imagine that i'm going to be how just a plan the how many here how is this plan it just kind of like a living i send my kids witness some we're going to lick her off us to somehow even
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then we're going to cut it off there the artist taxi driver thanks so much for being on the kaiser report. all right that's going to if this is this another kaiser report with me max kaiser and stacy herbert with my guest mark my gallant otherwise known as the artist taxi driver if you'd like to send us an e-mail please do so at kaiser reported r t t v dot ru until next time i got a saying bio. old
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. mother please. don't speak. the word.
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the a. little. bit slow. little turtle. a little. little. run over a little. he believes. he has.
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supporters of edward snowden the man who exposed the true extent of america's foster violence network played for washington not to prosecute as he disappears from his hotel in hong kong the ultimate whistleblower wiki leaks julian assange exclusive say that he faced snowden will be persecuted for years. president putin says however essential government surveillance russia must remain legal sure. a question and answer session here at the r.t. news center. hundreds of riot police again storm east taxing square as a crew from artie's arabic channel caught up in the heavy crackdown.


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