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tv   Headline News  RT  June 16, 2013 2:00am-2:29am EDT

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[000:00:00;00] hey hey . turkish police. in an attempt to block new waves of protesters from breaching taksim square this coming after forcefully activists. the white house says it will put lethal weapons into the hands of syrian rebels. are a no fly zone says the red line has been crossed now this could see some dramatic twists and turns in the course of the two year old civil war. and for the worse this week for washington as more details of its global surveillance web were leaked to the public with america's closest allies and partners alike expressing shock and
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disappointment. and hope for change among western countries as moderate reform. wins the presidential race in iran inheriting a tough legacy from his predecessor. the top stories over the weekend of today this is the weekly he with me will receive live in moscow it's been a night of violence in istanbul with police using tear gas and water cannons on protesters trying to cross the bosphorus bridge which connects the european and the asian parts of the city it follows a violent crackdown on activists in the central taksim square and its adjoining gezi park clearing a protest that's now been there for more than two weeks. has details from istanbul carol thousand people. trying to cross the bridge in. to get section
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is clear they actually have started running immediately after hearing about the departure of people actually it's great and you get the car being showered. by the water cancer. hard to say exactly how wrong standoff between the. president has been down below and police are going to walk because obviously people are very determined to get. around eight o'clock in the evening we're going to hunker peeking around and he said. to leave until. after he left out but we came out watertown. and there were there there was a really heavy on set off. and. there were. workers in the cart who were clearing the area from the pentagon from the
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protesters that were still inside the park. have already declared that they will go on going on strike in office and express their protesting and nation. virtue of protest in. visit another occasion on which prime minister has acted soon after he spoke about the determination to clear out old protest from gezi park he has made several statements in that regard throughout the two weeks again referring to the protesters as looters alcoholic and saying that foreign forces are behind this and this also comes on the same day when thousands of supporters have gathered in an encore suburb and many believe that this is a matter of fact is yet another indication of the prime minister creating a rift in the society this is a report that we have compiled earlier on the matter. clashes turmoil blood to smoke and even death this has been to reality for the past two weeks as protests
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show no sign of subsiding prime minister to one shows clear indication he won't budge neither on the prospects of gezi park demolition nor on other requests coming from talks in a square. made the tension between the two parties. more serious than it was before and. he provoked his supporters telling spreading some of his own formation about people drinking in mosques or people attacking house car for men and the like the people are killing polish men most of those informations were incorrect looters alcoholics extremists foreign agents all bound to wreak havoc in turkey and this is the reality of protests according to our don and though some may believe him others i mean critical of the prime minister. i'm against the protests but i think these protests come from foreign forces from other countries which are not happy with the success and development of turkey i'm really angry with the government i think the one acts like
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a dictator he does whatever he wants he doesn't care what other people think i'm against the protesters in gezi park because things are getting out of control also the foreign press show it like a big event and this made the protest even bigger but the government wants to make peace with people. so far however these efforts appear to have resulted in get more clashes in istanbul than in karate throughout the week with numerous reports of police brutality we spoke directly to officers to try to find out their side of the story. from day one we were for three days without sleep or food when an army you can eat and afterwards we can think about is sleeping we slept on the pavement on the grass or on our shields maximum one hour a day i didn't get face to face with the protesters but i had no access to any
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information my phone battery died so i had no idea why the protests got so big the only things i heard were orders from our commanding officers. the pressure on police has been so great that according to their union six officers have committed suicide while nearly a thousand resigned because of the protests as the protests continue with all participants of the conflicts growing increasingly tired and desperate and the government making no clear effort to ease the tensions some begin to wonder where a prime minister who prides himself on the building boom in turkey has actually destroyed the very bridges within society in the country in istanbul that. tear gas on the heads of the protesters is unlikely to run dry anytime soon the turkish police have got plenty of the stuff supplied by the u.k. imports of the chemicals have increased fifty fold over the past decade. looks at the possible long term effects of the so-called lethal gases. an all too familiar
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sight to many europeans and here stereotype protests in greece spain. and germany. gay marriage demonstrations in france and now an achievement tests in turkey whatever the occasion for these european governments tear gas is the answer tear gas was invented in part to shut people up in thinking about you know this is where where communication meets politics we're talking about a technology a weapon that actually inhibits people from being able to speak that enters into the throat that enters into the lungs that forces people to kind of disperse so it is actually a technology that is the complete opposite of what freedom of assembly and freedom of speech look like vision of a convention perhaps it's the use of tear gas in international war and yet it's
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perfectly legal to use against civilian populations the problem with all of these agents is that talks history and the long term affects are worked out primarily on sort of if you like prime age i don't mal's and we know very well that the d.c.s. and there's other gases affects differentially people all people who are pregnant people who are sick and children the past eighty years have seen reports of lost eyes cranial damage and even deaths as a result of tear gas canisters it's still somehow legal somehow ok for companies manufacturing tear gas to call themselves non-lethal meanwhile the canisters come with labels on them that say this is deadly this could be deadly and the how is that even ok you see the tear gas being used increasingly being extensively particularly because of the intense civil unrest which is developing across europe as a result of the economic crises you see if you greece you see it in spades to me it's
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not. just what's been happening in turkey and the. weapons which are inevitably the weapons of. the regime which is attempting to suppress the. protests of people behind these gates is where it all began at the porton down military research base in england's rural will show c.s. gas was developed and tested has secretly in the one nine hundred fifty s. since then it's become a profitable industry sold to police forces the world over in the form of tear gas and pepper spray in the past four years britain has sold almost as much tear gas to europe as it has to the middle east so it's a weapon system is manufactured by the number of companies and for those companies it's obviously extremely profitable to be to be selling the more civil unrest the more shoes the more the selling and the more money that make what we would size
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arms to use that profit must never ever ever come before human rights and what we really need is governments to ensure that when the last thing the stuff they all stopped going to see any takers supplies of any tickets where there is a clear risk as in the case currently in turkey that goes back to be used in the suppression of a few minutes westminster is currently reviewing the export licenses to turkey in light of the istanbul disturbances but for those worried about it seen creasing use c.s. gas is merely a symptom of more fundamental issues surrounding democracy and party boy see london. so tempest head on sunday morning here in moscow this is r.t. hong kong is witnessing a marathon of
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a. and surveillance rallies in support of edward snowden he's holed up there after exposing washington's un paralleled spy web the outrage over the mass snooping being mirrored all across the planet. marina portnoy reports that the surveillance is costing america its images of beacon of democracy. last weekend the u.s. president and his chinese counterpart met for a private bilateral summit focused on cyber attacks and virtual espionage washington blaming beijing for being an online outlaw today the tables have turned courtesy of n.s.a. whistleblower edward snowden as the n.s.a. leaker told the south china morning post of the u.s. has been hacking chinese and hong kong computers since since zero nine snowden alleges that the u.s. national security agency's targets included the chinese university of hong kong public officials and students allegations that given to claims by officials in
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beijing that the country has been the victim of u.s. hacking efforts america has turned into the world cop they think that they can basically set the standards for everybody else to follow their own paranoia global paranoia and outrage has been rising ever since one of america's best kept secrets known as prism was revealed the n.s.a. is clandestine electronic surveillance program records digital communications and allows for real time online surveillance of citizens both foreign and domestic prism gives u.s. intelligence agencies direct access to files stored on the servers of nine major internet companies including google and facebook to identify and target potential terrorist suspects officials in italy britain and germany the most spied upon country said the program was both alarming and encroached on privacy politically to some extent i think it's the united states government but rather because despite
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all the claims from the white house from a congress the reality of vastly excessive valence has been documented by the material of the authentic material from the n.s.a. there were snowden has released revelations about prism has prompted the a mare. can civil liberties union to file for lawsuits against the obama administration more than one hundred and fifty thousand american citizens have signed an online petition calling for an end to washington's massive spying apparatus a clandestine program which the president who promised an unprecedented amount of transparency ironically defends you can't have one hundred percent security. and also then have one hundred percent privacy and zero inconvenience. we're going to have to make some choices as
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a society the obama administration finds itself losing not only the war on leaks but enormous credibility at home and abroad with the oversell a school of watching everyone in the name of national security one may wonder if the u.s. government has become its own worst enemy reporting from new york marina porter r.t. one of the people reportedly in touch with edward snowden is one of the founders of wiki leaks julian assad's speaking to us here at odds he said that america's witch hunt against whistleblowers has certainly scared some of sources away. many sources are quite scared of mean we've seen colleagues of mine have even stated publicly that their sources are reluctant to talk because it's their crackdown against bradley manning and that's what that whole trial is trying to achieve it's trying to set the precedent and the communicating with the media is the same as communicating with your enemy and that's
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a death penalty offense. an outrageous president to crack down on whistle blowers has been very public and i think that to scare people would be it i mean there's ways to do it without ending up like the way bradley manning is going to go or snowden i mean most sources reveal information perfectly fine. that we're told with thousands and yet we only know. of two of the had problems and it's alleged this is because they talked to informants. now especially unnerved by these surveillance revelations is europe where privacy and data protection laws are no laughing matter you're a crowd so demanding answers from the u.s. saying the scope of the spying operation goes far beyond old boundaries particularly vocal it was germany which should submerged was singled out for extra
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wiretapping and communication interception in fact the country's economic success has led some to believe the spying goes beyond countering terror rather into the realm of industrial espionage other e.u. states also reacted with shock but not the united kingdom that's a fact that british political activist jim killick says it's very worrying i think what is a bit disturbing about the the attitude of our government to the moment is that they are. really there resting on the rules the americans i think well this is great we've got a close relationship with the americans with benefiting from the intelligence we get from them so let's not rattle the cage too much i think that doesn't apply for instance to the german government in the same way or many of the european governments who have a more respectful relationship with their own laws and expect to respect the privacy rights of their citizens and have been really quite shocked by what the americans are doing in germany in particular they've had such experience of what
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surveillance really means for them society that they do their absolute best to stop it from happening within germany so when they find that the americans are spying on them pretty much more than any of the european country then of course they're going to be very shocked and angry and so joining us here in our to today back with more news in a moment including why the u.s.
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is accused of neglecting people safety over profits. please speak your language. programs and documentaries in arabic it's all here on. reporting from the world talks about six of the r.p. interviews intriguing stories for you here. visit. just in time for the weekly the never ending civil confrontation in syria now at risk of reaching a new phase as the u.s. claims the red line that it set for president assad has been crossed washington
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said this week it was now preparing to controversial rebel groups after finding evidence the syrian government resorted to chemical weapons use of the claim however met with a wall of doubt my colleague try to find out why with. this week washington confirmed it has ample proof of assad's troops using chemical weapons against the opposition but the timing seems to be rather strange for that the incident in question allegedly happened in december last year but it's been brought up only now when the government troops are winning battle after battle according to the russian foreign minister this makes no sense at all from the military point of view and the follow up statement by president obama that he wanted to see the balance of power is restored in the country and possibly even the syrian rebels is creating even more grounds for concerns in russia and europe as well so we have russia being skeptical about it maybe only voice or other others were skeptical about the u.s. evidence not everyone is buying it the e.u.
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the main allies of the united states they are asking additional checks from the u.n. investigators russia says that the proof gathering process itself was done with violations of international regulations just. there are certain rules of the organization for the prohibition of chemical weapons which suggest that samples of blood urine or clothes and soon can be classed as evidence only if these samples were collected by the organizations experts and these experts controlled the samples and route to the border tories are u.s. colleagues failed to surance that these procedures were here to do you think there's been a lot of resistance to accepting this evidence that the u.s. says it has well just let's look at the history let's go back ten years ago to two thousand and three when the u.s. state secretary colin powell was shaking a vial with allegedly anthrax in it suggesting that iraq has weapons of mass destruction chemical weapons we all know where this when so the u.s.
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clearly don't want to step on the same break again at the same time another rather concerning statements coming from the u.s. that they are considering implementing a no fly zone over syria which in many cases is the first step for a military and and has certainly a striking resemblance to the. scenario almost a decade ago and so as we've seen the rebels themselves are kind of a very diverse group a lot of interest in a lot of different groups as part of the so-called opposition that they have in the syria are there allegations against them as well i've heard words of regret coming from the russian foreign minister sergei lavrov that all claims and allegations coming from the syrian government that the opposition used chemical weapons against them have never been investigated they have been seen that footage is of the opposition testing chemical weapons on rabbits more recently twelve people from al nusra front the syrian militarized opposition brigade were detained in turkey by the turkish police allegedly carrying vials of zareen gas on them so definitely there are no saints here but these claims are not being investigated for some
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reason. meanwhile efforts to push both sides to peace talks continue to stall them in the opposition's failure to join the upcoming geneva conference a former british intelligence officer frank which believes that ignoring the diplomatic push will ultimately lead to just dreadful results. both sides are insisting on preconditions particularly i think in this case the opposition they won't talk to to the syrian government unless assad agrees to go you can't show up at a negotiation of any kind with with the with preconditions like that simply it's a recipe for disaster and negotiations wouldn't go if they even if they take place at all they wouldn't go past the first the first half hour the weight of conduct negotiations is to go without preconditions but understanding on all sides that there is pressure particularly from the big powers from the opposition's case from the u.s. particularly along with. fellow travelers the france and the u.k. any to a lesser extent e.u.
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pressure on both sides you know want you've got to negotiate this because this cannot go on or let's turn our attention to iran now where pro-reform her son who army has been officially named successor with a dinner job this after winning the presidential election with more than fifty percent of the votes are some western politicians already expressing hope that the country will become more flexible under the new leader r.t. is more if an option a report on what the world could expect. people have taken to the streets of tehran to celebrate their victory all. that's hot his victory has provoked mixed feelings among iranians. is known as a reformist so carries the many specially in terms of greater freedoms. to iran's diplomatic isolation the country has been on the job sanctions for years now over
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a spencer version of the nuclear program during his campaign rouhani has promised to prepare the civil rights re strong economy and relations with the west he's criticized many times for making remarks that cost the country and predictability but at the same time. they're on realize that the iranian system works with major power held by the supreme leader and the president can do little to change things dramatically the supreme leader has the final say on big issues like the difference disputed. syria for example. the next president can at least take the time out of iran's dealings with the outside world the moment chief nuclear negotiator rouhani. has been suffering
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approach. canadian scientists are counting against with really they think sophisticated models were told that they hope to create special. or perhaps even all the whole many theories over the death of your good darwin the first man in space but now the truth can finally. find out why the cosmos plane slipped into a fatal tailspin. now this week's in a string of industrial blasts in the u.s. there's two chemical plants in louisiana were hit by deadly explosions forcing environmentalists to sound the alarm and the latest blast occurred on friday evening it killed one person just a day before another explosion had rocked a different facility claiming two lives and injuring more than one hundred. from
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the international action center he says the practice of putting profits ahead of safety is really the norm. louisiana is what's called a right to work state in the united states right to work being you know euphemism for being that workers are not allowed to form a closed shop contracts and so there's hostile anti-union legislation that makes it very difficult for workers to organize and to form unions so as a result of that it's much more likely that that the working conditions and such factories that are non-unionized in states where there is a culture of anti-union politics it's much more likely that they would they would have these kinds of accidents that really you know industries organize to make profits for a small group of people and the needs of the workers are last in the lives of the workers and their safety is last in the financial calculation the infrastructure of the united states is largely it's largely lacking and it's falling apart in many
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places or it wold appall it coming your way in just about. your news sigrid laboratory to mccurry was able to build the world's most sophisticated robot which on fortunately doesn't give a darn about anything tunes mission to teach creation why it should care about humans and we're going this is why you should care only on the dog. i would rather ask questions for people in positions of power instead of speaking
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on their behalf and that's why you can find my show larry king now right here on r.t. question more. hello and welcome to all the part of the protest in turkey have and to is that there is
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where you can show no sign of abating turning your country from a model muslim democracy just a month ago into a case study of growing up the retiring isn't there both of these descriptions while to stop that i'm now joined by you also like indict a columnist for the mana one of turkey's leading newspapers thank you very much for your time sir. we've seen a lot of protests in recent years both in the region and beyond and i think it's fairly easy to cost turkey as just another country to getting into to the rally mood but i would argue that what we're seeing in turkey had these days is very different fundamentally different from what we saw in the arab spring countries and in the west of it they occupy movement would you agree with that yes i would have to be greedy we're not making a comparison with the arab spring. comparison that has been made at the start of


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