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find out what's really happening to the global economy there's reports. on the run n.s.a. whistleblower edward snowden off the radar with no sign of him aboard a flight bound for cuba he was reportedly booked done after spending a night at a moscow airport. this footage from our correspondent over the airplane see where snowden was meant to be sitting in a few hours the flight will enter u.s. airspace where the u.s. might have a chance to intercept the air flow jet. washington desperate to porn or snowden criticizing countries that he passes through demanding his immediate deportation.
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five pm in moscow i'm at a good to have you with us here on our t.v. as we continue our coverage of the search for edward snowden no one seems to know where he is right now he was supposed to board an era float jet from moscow bound for have any cuba but according to our correspondent he never showed up for the flight and he is not on the plane but let's take a look at where he could be headed work he on that flight and a likely route for him to take starting in moscow and then going across over the top of europe over the atlantic ocean and then going toward the east coast of the united states where it is possible he could be intercepted in the airspace along the northwest or the northeast united states in the new england area new york city or heading down into the miami area of course it is possible we did get expert opinion from a pilot who said that under the the judgment of the pilot himself the pilot of the plane could redirect around the airspace. of the united states and that way ovoid
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having any kind of interception in order to get custody of snowden on u.s. soil but right now it's anyone's guess where he could be and where he is heading off to next artie's paul scott was stationed at moscow's sheremetyevo airport and here is his view from the ground. literally. edward snowden's exact location at the moment one thing is for sure is that he is one step ahead of the game is he keeping the u.s. government guessing. the world's media. reports are meant to be booked. just under two hours ago. they were booked and his name. is on board here's what he had to say during takeoff there's so much media on this plane up to the last three minutes i'm sure that. expecting. show up there will be increased security.
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for the police moved the passengers sort of away from the. point even. though we're not sure. and bring the plane or not the. networks and blogging websites to question whether indeed edward snowden was indeed even. the game of. the plane from hong kong reportedly carrying snowden landed here. at around five pm on sunday despite the presence of the world's media covering almost every corner of the airport there was not one single sighting of the reports came in that he was staying in the hotel in the terminal building but again still not one single sighting. for the. reported problems that he was having with his.
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visa. or we're told that he was kept. away from. what about today. spotted on the runway just as the plane the aeroflot flight was. preparing to take. could have helped him away from prying eyes and apparently reports coming in that this type of plane. the crew of the dead which could be one hiding place for edward snowden we simply. is one step ahead of the game he's keeping everyone guessing from his point of view. the best because he faces charges by the u.s. government two of which come under the espionage act and carry hefty prison sentences so if he does go to the u.s. if he does return to the united states if he is tried and he is found guilty a hefty prison sentence doesn't. point of view it probably for the best but he
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keeps everyone second guessing. things washington could be left powerless regardless. well once an airplane takes off of course it's entirely down to the pilots to choose the best route so if the pilots would choose to fly routes for example just outside us as space close to it that he be entitled to do that of his own volition provided that it didn't have any impacts upon the safety of the flights and the safety of her body else on board it will fly so prating throughout the world. required to carry enough fuel in case of a diversion whatever about diversion might be. the bottom line here is that yes the airplane will be carrying enough fuel if it were required to die but for whatever
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reason that might be. you know it would seem that. the moment the us government seems to be waving a big date and saying this way or any flights carrying this to snowden shouldn't be allowed to pause. but on the other hand they're pretty powerless to do anything provided that the airplane does and to us a space in which case they could get to. ecuador considering an asylum request from whistleblower edward snowden we just heard from ecuador's foreign minister speaking in hanoi vietnam taking questions and laying out his case for the whistleblower's asylum bid while for more on this r.t. lizzie francis standing by at moscow's ecuadorian embassy lindsay tell us more. well what foreign minister ricardo patino had to say in this situation it was definitely chose his words carefully today and now he did not confirm where edward
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snowden is at this point he did confirm though that the asylum petition is being very seriously considered by the government he also had some relatively harsh rhetoric aimed apparently at the united states government he said the word treason treason has been used but it is unclear in this situation who has betrayed who he also alluded to u.n. resolutions allowing citizens to legally fight against being spied on and he also mentioned ecuador's stance on human rights essentially saying that human rights in the protection of those rights are right at the top of that government's priority list. and lindsay why does it appear to have selected ecuador as his country of refuge in the first place. well if you look at how the story has played out wiki leaks has sent an advisor sara
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harrison to with edward snowden on his flight from hong kong here to russia and she has provided guidance for him and has helped to broker his legal exit from hong kong entrance into russia and wiki leaks itself is helping to broker his his entrance into his final destination wherever that may be at this point it's again obviously unconfirmed so wiki leaks is also its founder is being sheltered within the four walls of the. ecuadorian embassy in london and therefore it's no surprise that any advisors to wiki leaks would recommend that edward snowden seek refuge with that government it already has a track record of successfully keeping us out of the clutches. various foreign governments that have tried to begin trying to get their hands on him for quite some time now and it's been successful so it's no surprise there now the united states and ecuador do share a joint
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a joint extradition treaty but it doesn't cover crimes or offenses of a political nature and that may be what ends up barring the united states government accessing snowden if indeed ecuador is his final destination right are his lindsay friends live for us outside ecuador's moscow embassy thanks very much for that update well moscow has been actually the united states rather has been criticizing other countries being critical of them for letting snowden pass through their borders during his bid for refuge for more requests for china and russia to arrest the whistleblower have been accompanied by some criticism or he's got a cheeky on joins us live from washington with more on that so what are you hearing about reaction from the u.s. . well matt snowden is slipping away and u.s. officials express their frustration by virtually attacking the countries that do not hurry to put him in handcuffs and send him to the u.s. russia says it has no legal authority to arrest him secretary of state john kerry
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said it's deeply troubling the u.s. department has also sent out warnings to the states that may accept snowden such as cuba venezuela ecuador asking them not to do that and to turn him over to the u.s. now u.s. politicians and pundits on television use would seems like a cold war rhetoric when they comment on the story presenting russia and china as the enemies that snowden is helping one former official said russia and china are going to use this to embarrass the u.s. and one should argue it's snowden's revelations that embarrass the u.s. not russia or china but that's exactly what's happening now u.s. policymakers are doing everything possible to divert attention away from snowden's revelations and certainly one way of doing that is to present it as a cold war style cat and mouse chase that way you have the media on board almost cheering cheering for snowden's capture although just a little while ago and some of the same media. they were grateful to snowden for greater. government is spying on millions of people who've done nothing wrong kind
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of give it all right or to his gun it should thanks very much for that there we also spoke with attorney in a story in general horne who told us why he thinks the u.s. likely to fail in its attempts to retrieve the whistle for. well if you listen to the congress persons appearing on sunday check shows the united states mourned with thinks so they're breathing fire threatening measures just short of nuclear war mr snowden is not speedily dispatched back to new york or washington united states for example routinely excepts on its territories citizens fleeing cuba without passports i would also say the united states routinely receives on its soil those it deems to be political dissidents who do not have passports if you look at the extradition treaty between united states ecuador there is
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a provision that says that extradition does not have to be adhered to if a so-called political crime is at play and certainly what mr snowden is accused of is in essence a political crime stone the departure from hong kong to moscow despite the u.s. by devon extradited has increased diplomatic tensions between washington and beijing more live analysis on how the standoff might develop after a short break stay with us here on r.t. .
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download the official publication so choose your language stream quality and enjoy your favorite. if you're away from your television just doesn't matter now with your mobile device you can watch on t.v. anytime anywhere. a plane packed with scoop hunting journalists headed for cuba but without the star of the show it seems like edward snowden's latest invasive move to avoid extradition to the u.s. he is want to there on charges of espionage what exactly has he done to outrage and
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i did state so much let's take a look through the timeline of the story here now on may twentieth he arrived in hong kong and then he made his revelations to the guardian newspaper about the prism leak prism being a espionage program used by the national security agency in order to spy on the data of millions of people around the world then he goes public and give. his interview exposing himself and his name not going anonymously with his revelations but saying this is me and i'm the one who's making these revelations now on june sixteenth the g twenty topping scandal he exposed talking about how the g twenty meeting in london heads of state were being spied upon and then on june twenty first u.s. files espionage orders against snowden and also it was revealed that britain's at g.c. h.q. was accessing world phone calls a new leak about that like a trail of bread crumbs that he's been leaving a leaks throughout his time on june twenty third the u.s.
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spied on chinese telephones and that was another leak from snowden that china was also being there's allegations of china in the u.s. computers well now apparently edward snowden saying it works the other way as well and then snowden starts his journey to a quote unnamed democratic state with the help of wiki leaks activists in order to avoid extradition to the united states while british activist peter tatchell though believes that it is the u.s. who should be concerned about the revelations and not edward snowden. but she will deny the states will be doubling its efforts to try and intercept him and to get an extradition from whatever country they can i think the context of this is that the united states spies on its own citizens it also spies almost a distance of millions of other countries millions of people in other countries and this is done without the permission of those countries it is technically illegal
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and what is extraordinary is that it would snowden was employed by the united states as a spy yet now they are seeking to arrest him for spying it seems complete enough to see when the united states is spying on its own citizens and citizens around the world on a massive scale without governmental into strict oversight that within the united states over other countries around the world china one of the countries being drawn into this international intrigue here and likely participant or a victim of the u.s. spying program but still felt that it could demand snowden's arrest in hong kong the united states for more on this i'm joined by martin jakes author of the book when china rules the world for more information and perspective on how this could affect us beijing relations stoughton's departure sparing though some likely upheaval for hong kong but washington still uneasy about this relationship over
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and word snowden what do you think are the likely political consequences here. well i think in terms of relations between china and the united states there is unlikely to be much negative consequence i think i mean the americans are really on the back foot in the whole of this they went to the week's summit there was a. bad publicity propaganda against the chinese on the grounds that they were you know the the big rogue player when it came to cyber espionage and then no sooner did that summit get going and oldest news broke and what was revealed what's the most extraordinary exercise in global espionage by the united states which made all the accusations against china look totally hypocritical and you know the question that he's getting out of that america i think going to be
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very difficult for them and i think the whole mood music around the issue of cyber espionage has now been trans full. at the expense of the united states and while there is some worry that a middle man from beijing advised snowden to leave hong kong do you why do you think the chinese government might make such a move. well i don't know exactly what happened i think if if the you know if if if someone in. respect to the chinese government did die it would be because they didn't want it to i burst we effect the relationship with the united states but they did if they get their velvety done it in a way we also get not stop snowden leaving hong kong and so you know they they were you could say they were playing a relatively even hand on the matter now u.s.
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senators who are largely independent individuals not connected really with the winds to say of the administration they were quick many of them to come out and condemn and word snowden do you think their words will have a major impact on u.s. russia u.s. chinese relations. well i would expect the american to say this i mean the thing is what's interesting about all this isn't it is that the united states presumes that it can be the global spying. and. use you know any name any any any major company in silicon valley to this end. and couldn't do it. without any kind of accountability to the world i mean it seems huge we in breach of any notion of a global polity global democracy individual just as individual rights big job privacy. this is one of the most extraordinary events of recent time revelations of
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these time and i think that. america looks quite frankly very very. poor in this situation. so now pretty much the cat's out of the bag we understand that there is cyber spying going on in both regards china and the u.s. but where do you think that leaves the two players in this regard where is the balance of power that. well look when it comes to. espionage cyber espionage and i argued this actually just an in a to b.b.c. program then the night before the revelations came out in the guardian i said look whatever the accusations against china you can be absolutely sure that the united states is doing it on a far greater scale why well first of all because there's a long tradition of it by the united states then there that's forget that but secondly because the united states is. ability
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and technological level in these areas east much greater than that of china so i think that you know it would be very very difficult for a future for the americans to go on at the expense of china about huawei hold that kind of thing because quite frankly whatever the chinese would be doing the united states have been doing it all my fault far far greater scale so i think i am i expect ation in this is that the united states will go quiet in relationship to china on these questions now because otherwise it the you know it looks like not the great satan but the great hypocrite. and so where do you think this leaves the us status on the world stage after all this has come out. well i think it. i think it suffered under norma's the enormous reputational damage. i mean because you know there is it being going it's been going on about china and
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yet you know it's being caught with its hands in the tail on a hugely grated style where does not leave the united states where does it leave his integrity where does it leave the word of the united states in not a very nice place i would suggest so i think you know the europeans are very unhappy about it because european countries because they the american americans have been sparring with any kind of commission on. major european institutions and of course many many individuals let alone the situation in east asia of so on so i i think that i think the united states has suffered huge damage in this situation and no one will believe that they've stopped doing it i mean how do they know you know how where do they go from here in any case they're justified i mean they've been saying well it's legitimate for us to do this and so on so you know it used to be if you remember the united states was the global policeman now it's the global
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spotlight but that's the situation slowing everyone all right author martin jakes thanks very much for your time. well edward snowden one of the major whistleblowers now adding his name to a list that's at least seven or eight strong let's take a look at some of the whistleblowers who have been in a high profile recently starting with u.s. army private bradley manning he was in the military intelligence analyst and he leaked a remake of top secret data to the whistle blowing organization a wiki leaks he's currently on trial a court martial trial because of that next thomas drake former senior executive of the n.s.a. he managed to escape jail time after his case collapsed in court after leaking some national security data unlike john kiriakou who is serving jail time former cia agent he revealed information about the u.s. and handsome interrogation method methods that were later classified as torture stephen gin will kim he was a nuclear proliferation specialist and he talked with
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a journalist about what he thought were plans by north korea to test a nuclear weapon and he was slapped for that with a with a currently awaiting a jail set a trial rather. shammai liebowitz who's a former f.b.i. hebrew translator he talked about conversations between the u.s. and israel that ended up on a blog and then there is a jeffrey sterling a former cia officer he also gave some information out of a classified nature and he was also given a slot for that so there are plenty of other whistleblowers there whose names are worth mentioning so what are people doing in this instance in order to protect themselves while giving over what they feel is classified but important data that's worth leaking well there are several ways to do it artie's marine important reports on how. in
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a post prism world some are losing and others are gaining google over arisan facebook apple and other u.s. technology companies have lost credibility and the trust of their customers encrypted communications services on the other hand are seeing their businesses boom oh it's going crazy. you know a lot of people suspected these. the government u.s. government was spying on americans but now we have this confirmation and so everybody is contacting us now when we've had a huge surge in orders phil zimmerman is the co-founder and c.e.o. of silent circle a global encrypted mobile service that protects users' privacy from the u.s. national security agency and big data companies we have created an architecture that doesn't share the key cryptographic keys with the servers and servers that we control we don't keep logs of the of the connections between people so
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a court order can make us give them something we don't have however privacy doesn't come free and annual membership to silent circle cost one hundred twenty dollars the newest kid on the block is secret the mobile app encrypts voice calls and text messages the south african company has clients in two hundred countries with skyrocketing demands recently coming from the u.s. and u.k. the application as sensually allows you to create a new identity with a secure phone number. need to be every day and try to. go in forward not just. of the. other countries. i mean as you call it easy and you are the day meanwhile daily traffic at the search engine start page has doubled in less than a month jumping to nearly four million queries the netherlands based company
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doesn't store ip addresses and it's not subject to u.s. jurisdiction we strip out anything that would identify you and then we submit the search for you to google on your behalf and then we get the results back from google we strip out any kind of tracking cookies or anything that might be included with that we serve the results to you privately and then we delete all. all records of your visit so we delete your ip address we delete your search terms and at the end of the day we have no record of anyone even having bet on our website while the global push for privacy is accelerating experts say encryption alone won't be enough the n.s.a. surveillance has is worse than any worse than i thought i think we also have to try to push back with public policy debates in the us and get the laws to change the exposure of america's global electronic surveillance program has also revealed alternatives to all those who want to secure their privacy however in most cases people will have to pay to protect their communication from
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a government that's been accessing and story data for years reporting from new york marina heartache more information and live updates on edward snowden in around thirty minutes time but up next sports with kate partridge stay with us here on r.t. . wealthy british scientists some time to write in the front. of their. markets why not. find out what's really happening to the global economy in these kinds of reports on our. polling welcome across all things considered on people about what is the state of the global economy and where is it going and why are economists using the term the new normal
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