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tv   Headline News  RT  June 28, 2013 3:00pm-3:30pm EDT

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video for your media project free media. a raging divide in egypt supporters and opponents of president morsy clash in street violence reportedly leaving one person dead the muslim brotherhood headquarters is set on foreign. relations cool over snow they could have put the trade pact with the u.s. labeling it as washington's instrument of blackmail political. and. disturbing brutal footage from syria appears on the web claiming to show rebel fighters beheading supporters of the.
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life from a new center here in moscow this is a party with the twenty four hours a day fresh clashes have erupted in egypt between president morsy backers and his opponents with reports saying a protester has been shot dead in the city of alexandria at least seventy people are said to be in injured with police using tear gas against the demonstrators rival groups are staging rallies ahead of a massive opposition protest on sunday marking the egyptian leaders first year in office true reports now from. these are not a street battles that are ranging between the uses to pool surprise and that is against him from egypt's coastal city about eccentric they started this often named after demonstration by our two government protesters and said descended into the scenes when they were confronted by their you supported the president the police had after are trying to contain the violence using tear gas however they are unable
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to control the situation and i have been fatalities because you had reports that protesters have attacked the missing motherhood headquarters in the closest city outtakes on tear gas and tour states this is a worrying trend here in egypt where we're having these very bloody clashes between civilians as the country becomes increasingly to find its time meanwhile here in the capital as you can see behind me hundreds of thousands of people have come out in support of the president in a city and then they're clinging to see as a red line they say they voted for the president's plan and that they want their voice to be heights and if the president is serious china should be used to change it should be true the bonnet books not be forced by the streets it's very different scene just a few kilometers away in the three square when opponents of morsy have gathered already i intend to thousands while i'm largely spearheaded by crosstrees campaign called rebel and they are calling for president morsi to step down i may say this is a make or break moment it's a worrying sign the country's becoming divided increasingly violent in the lead up
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to the first anniversary of president obama knows these rules but you people worry i'm going to see a lot more fatalities in the future. first year in office has been mauled by ongoing unrest political analyst and author william particularly he believes because the islamic leader enjoys support from the u.s. he has no intention of giving in to the opposition. he's trying to ram a sharia constitution down down the throats of the egyptian people and that goes against egyptian cultural tradition ninety or eighty percent of the population are sunni muslim the other thing is the economy morsi has has done nothing to improve the economy and the economy has generated the youth unemployment bulges explosive and that i think is a lot of the tinderbox that you see on the streets right now but the other thing is the military hasn't yet we didn't as to whether they continue to back morsi as they have done under water enormous washington pressure so i think this is to make and
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break situation the obama administration continues to back the muslim brotherhood which is a very unfortunate thing but that's part of a larger geopolitical genet that washington and the state department have built up with morsi has already indicated he's going to take a period of one kind of brute force state power reaction to try to terrorize the opposition and to. disbanding but that's not going to work at this point just ahead another bloody act of violence in syria graphic footage of beheadings the focus on the web with rebel fighters blamed for the executions but we question whether the killers are the ones the west may well be trying to. start a company snowden's become the centerpiece of a boiling diplomatic row between ecuador and washington and whistleblower who expose u.s. intelligence operations is meanwhile still believed to be stuck in the transit zone of moscow's sheremetyevo airport what he's loosely kevin off has the details from
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there. although officials haven't exactly explain tower even if mr snowden would be able to gain asylum from their country they have certainly responded quite brashly in the sense that they've preemptively renounced a trade agreement which is known as the andean trade preference act that is a trade agreement that sort of gave ecuador beneficial preferences in its business relations with the united states preemptively saying that this was in response to quote a blackmail of ecuador over in the former n.s.a. contractor asylum request now. officials us speaking at an early morning press conference also announce that they are offering a twenty three million dollar donation to the united states supposedly to help the united states for human rights training certainly a lot of public public statements public reaction sort of trying to indicate that
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accord or will not bow to u.s. pressure in regard to the asylum request over mr snowden and ecuadorian officials said that they have not yet granted him asylum request in fact in order for him to formally apply he would have to do so an ecuadorian soil what does that mean that would either mean being in a ecuador which he can't do at the moment since he has no passport or any means of getting there or that would mean applying at an embassy since embassy is. embassy grounds are essentially considered to be official soil of whatever country is in question again snowden is presumed to be stuck in that transit area so not quite clear how he could get that there has been some speculation that i could or would grant mr snowden special papers that would allow him to leave and perhaps purchase a ticket and apply for asylum but again no confirmation that that's happened so again more questions than answers in regards to the fate of mr snowden. so he's become the subject of a diplomatic rift between key turn to washington but it could or isn't the only potential escape destination for the whistleblower let's take
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a look at what else he could and up. when he left for russia from hong kong and many expected moscow to be only a brief stopover it was believed that the thirty year old would head to cuba and then on to quito ecuador he was alone never turned up on that have on a bound flight now let's just go through all of the snowden's potential options now one by one q. but now appears to be certainly out of the picture and u.s. government report claims that the caribbean nation won't accept american fugitives snowden and previously said that iceland is a country which shares his values on wiki leaks affiliates now await word from the interior minister there and of course is venezuela and its been willing to open its doors to the whistleblower nicolas maduro the president praising snowden for what he did and another south american destination ecuador of course it looks likely but can't yet grant him asylum in the way they have done so for julian assange is that's because snowden is not actually on it could or in territory or indeed at
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their embassy or for more than a story make sure you logon to r.t. dot com because we've got the latest on edward snowden and we're tracking the reaction his situation is causing on social media it's all just a click away for you on r.t. dot com. the man who was once america's second highest ranking military official is being investigated for allegedly leaking secret information about a u.s. cyber attack its claim retired general james cartwright revealed these stocks in that virus disrupted iran's nuclear facilities three years ago he's going to check
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on has the details. in two thousand and ten when the u.s. carried out this cyber attack against iran general cartwright was vice chairman of the joint chiefs of staff and he was reported to be one of the crucial players in this cyber attack he resigned in two thousand and eleven and he is now apparently being investigated as the niekerk of that story as you remember it the neat about the obama administration having carried out this cyber attack against iran came before the election last year and the timing raised a lot of questions back then because president obama all but bragged about that operation as he ran for reelection as you remember everybody kind of assumed that it was one of those authorized the leak speakers the administration information all the time to further its own goals but the timing of this particular about the general being investigated is also very interesting he hasn't been charged with any crimes and yet again from an unnamed source that he's being investigated and this is happening at a time when the hunt for edward snowden is in full swing is the administration
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trying to make a point here trying to sort of say that they're targeting even the sources of those leaks that they liked it really is not clear at this point not clear whether it's their way of trying to fight the perception that the administration deeks all it wants and targets only those whose leaks embarrass the government. let's talk more about these two former pentagon official michael maloof joins us live now from washington d.c. cold right was very close recently to a book going to get charged or is the u.s. just investigating him to show how tough. whistle blows. well i think the general did was very very close to. the president he was part of the inner circle there well when he was vice chairman he almost was a point to the chairman but that did not happen and then he retired i think that you can look at this a number of ways number one the. revelation of cartwright might show
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a strong. view from the administration that they're going to go after. the general was it was involved in leaking this to be a target doesn't necessarily mean that you were actually leaking we don't know what the charges were even and indeed how the administration might have picked up on it now my supposition is that was probably picked up from another n.s.a. intercept and and that. through there and through their. data mining capabilities they probably do so that possibility general talking to other sources might have uncovered this potential. him being the leak i take it of stuxnet i just would also because pick up on the point that you said he was almost appointed chairman wasn't the joint chiefs of staff at the time of this leak you think there was just some sort of political shenanigans going on behind the scenes but the very fact that he didn't get appointed well i i don't know all
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the ins and outs but the fact that he was passed over i think indicated that there was something going on so that this might be an indication that he had been under investigation for quite some time that's what i suspect and then he and then he quietly retired and what about the repercussions that the security services suffered as a result of this leak. well i think i don't buy into the argument that it was a planned leak by the administration to let us let the world know that we had stocks in it. the i think it was a i think from the u.s. perspective it probably was a very serious it was very serious damage although it was almost an open secret that stuxnet came from the israelis in the united states but having someone actually in a high position. confirm that i think just reinforces the fact that the united states itself is engaged in cyber worker. and it really has very little room to
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complain about other countries that are engaged in cyber warfare and it really depends upon who who is actually gorging and and gauri and i think that in this case the united states was caught involved in cyber warfare at a time when it was the gate when it's when it's complained about others hacking into into u.s. systems snowden and manning they've been branded as traitors could the same be applied to call it right. it depends upon what charges of many are leveled against the journal because in target he's under investigation doesn't necessarily mean he's going to be indicted it may be that they're looking into how pervasive this was i just don't know all the facts the justice department has not released any facts i understand that the general has retained a lawyer and the lawyer is not talking in the journals not talking so the i think
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we just have to wait to see what the results are. but being a target doesn't necessarily mean that you did anything wrong per se it just means you're under your subject of interest and it could go it could easily go into other directions but i certainly certainly do not buy into the idea that stuxnet it was a planned leak as others might think very interesting former pentagon official michael believe thanks very much for sharing your thoughts with us live here on l.t. thanks. well there's been a response from the u.s. army to the current leak scandal with the british daily newspaper appearing to be the target access to its website the two minute trip will have a live report from the analysis on that development this break this is altie in moscow stay with us.
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he's continues here on our team we are getting some news just in this hour that a u.s. citizen has been killed in clashes in the egyptian city of alexandria it's unclear at this moment whether he's a second victim of the protests or the deaths that had been reported earlier dozens were injured in the clashes between pro and anti-government protests we'll bring you more details on that as soon as we get them. u.s. army has restricted access to the guardian website over its revelations of the n.s.a. snooping activities the british daily has been breaking news from edward snowden shedding light on the number of secret documents on the sarah furphy is following the story in london. this information is regarding reports in the us media that the u.s. military is in for the message to them that they have been filtering content regarding
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government surveillance programs and this came on the back of reports about complaints from a u.s. base in san francisco that a start there won't be able to access any of the u.k. guardian websites and only partial access to the us guardian website they said it seems that this is to do with something called network hygiene now this is preserving their system from any threat externally or internally and i spoke to the end of the press office here in the u.k. and i asked them if anything similar was of course being done with the british military and they told me that this wasn't happening what was being done in the u.s. right now oh it wasn't happening here although they did say that in relation to their computer systems in the military there is some information that is sometimes restricted for security purposes it is raising questions about that suppression of information and to talk more about that i'm joined by phyllis flowerless for they
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take this thanks very much for joining us and i think the first question to our skids these classified documents that have been released by whistleblower and of course in a very similar way to what we saw with wiki leaks although there's been this public release the still classified documents say i mean the u.s. military justified in you know preserving the system in this way it's nothing to do with network hygiene it is straight attempts to suppress and to control what is being read and understood by in this case the soldiers the other side of the coin is the american government and the british government are looking at all the internet or the mobile appliances or the landline phones of you me american citizens british citizens and every single person watching this program so it's a little side ridiculous. side because those soldiers can actually get hold of that information or they have little things computer access health problem of but it's
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part of an overall increasing encroachment on free speech and access to information the department of defense actually said in their response that they're not going to block websites from the american public in general and that would violate they said the hired help principle of upholding and defending the constitution so they made it clear this is just not in the u.s. this lying when they talk about democracy they are. in the head choppers when they talk about free speech they are shutting down as many things as they do you have no reason to believe one single thing that the american government says the bottom line of all of this to control the information and they normally do it by omission in the american channels not so much they lie they just don't tell the truth. don't forget our website for pretty stories including.
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the international day against drug abuse by burning around one hundred tons of narcotics officials and guests watched but apparently didn't inhale at the ceremony in tehran the video is available to watch on our you tube channel right now. and another click away online for you want your future child to be a whiz kid despite your own lack of skills and talent well the u.k. is considering whether to allow the creation of babies using d.n.a. from three people on dot com you can learn more on why some fear the consequences of the design market. the growing threat of terrorism is appearing at the top of the agenda of the u.k. government as the intelligence agencies and forces come out as winners in the spending review comes to several months since the brutal machete murder of a british soldier in london which the killers said was revenge for the u.k.'s military campaigns. has been finding out there are mounting doubts over whether the war on terror is actually making britain's safer. they're accused of hacking
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a soldier to death on the streets of london and now preparing to stand trial in total gridlock so we can see the problems that he describes like the chilling message an indication of what drove the attack but the politicians say it's nonsense these people believe this to be legions of these police say equally to tell you to eat meat between this media you could use for you to see all the actions you would be sure for the cities who are risking their lives in a good for the sake of freedom but there are those who took part in those military campaigns fast hand who disagree jerry says he was disillusioned by the reality of what fighting for freedom in the name of britain safety involved compared to some of the excesses in afghanistan and iraq. which is a very serious called quote of george the lie but it's absolutely true and we're
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very lucky to have already been so few attacks why they said one of the banners we went to afghanistan on there was peace peacekeeping and in our peacekeeping operation we ran out of explosive artillery ammunition that gulf between how the war is presented to him the bleak reality is all too evident for many in britain is fast muslim community in contact with our friends friends and family or back home in reno what exactly is going on over there while we see. some of the media reports from the u.k. or do people additions there are speeches in parliament is not reflecting the realities for afghanistan the war and yet there's been almost no public and political discussion about the western wars betraying the attacking while it which is because they obviously want to prosecute the war the wars in afghanistan iraq and the project and have a look there's a project in the middle east is very longstanding it pre-dates not eleven to me there are public policy documents which tie that plea because they want to keep.
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doing these things there are plans for syria iran is on the is on the horizon as well they need to keep growing up this kind of audiological barrier and continue to attempt dealing with the killing killings from the real world our mission in afghanistan does remain vital to our national security was to prevent that country from being a safe haven to al qaeda from where they might plan attacks only u.k. so i think you have to be particularly stupid as a prime minister not to see if you invade other people's countries and you're like do you care about but the list of terror plots for oiled by m i five on you case soil makes for frightening reading since the willage attack a number of people who believe that a clash of the civilizations between white britons and muslims is inevitable has gone out to almost two thirds of the population far right movements such as the english defense league have been using the incident to fan the flames and islamophobia in the u.k. creating tensions that make it harder for ordinary british muslims to speak out
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about u.k. foreign policy many muslims are afraid for on the. extremist terrorist but so what if you speak to most of them they're sympathetic to the message of the attacker but not to. his actions because they are against any kind of terrorism any kind of terrorist. here or in any other country including afghanistan iraq or anywhere else the war on terror has always been sold as keeping britain safe but to those who object to the ukase involvement overseas savage attack and merely serves as an example that it may be doing the exact opposite. london. you cane televisions agencies will be getting one hundred million pounds annually from twenty fifteen the treasury had george osborne said it's because they're on the front line and need
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a boost to their resources well george galloway he's a british m.p. for the respect party aspect of it a bit earlier he believes it's not enough but only because it has itself to blame britain is in very real clear and present danger from terrorism both from within and from without but only a fool or a knave would seek to separate british foreign policy from the danger of terrorism only an idiot could imagine that if you go around the world invading and occupying other people's countries you're not going to generate a real danger to yourself but we've gone one step father in syria before in libya we're actually giving guns and money to the very terrorist extremists who are attacking us on the streets of our own capital city it must be a policy which virtually qualifies as insanity and an insane policy.
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is not going to keep people safe another right to brutal violence reportedly by syrian rebels has appeared on the web i'm very fine video shows the beheading of three supposed government supporters the title of the footage suggests an author talks christian bishop was among the victims although other claims say he'd been shot dead in an assault on the ministry report contains graphic images. most disturbing and brutal footage has appeared online and what you see is a group of men with what looks to be a kitchen knife in their hands decapitated one by one three min on the ground it's all happening on a small hill and in the distance there is a group of women and children looking on all of this is happening to the cries of akbar god is great and the three men purported to be supporters of the syrian president bashar assad now at the same time the video appears under the heading of free syrian army cannibals decapitate an orthodox christian bishop it's not clear whether or not the bishop is one of the three men but what we do know is that
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a syrian bishop was killed while trying to protect religious sisters in a franciscan monastery in the north of syria this video appears some six weeks off some of the brutal footage was also captured online and at that time there was the leader of a syrian rebel group known as the four look brigade showed biting into the heart of a did a syrian soldier all of this highlights the brutality of the syrian opposition and the extremist elements inside it it comes off to meetings of the friends of syria in which the united states pledged support to say and weapons to this opposition the u.k. and france indicating that they will model over this although indicating they support for such measures all of this is a very warring sonari and that is why countries like russia have indicated their outrage of weapons being sent to syria saying that it only perpetuates the conflict and benefits at the hands of extremist elements there. coming up shortly here on
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t.v. a latest debate would be to lavelle stay with me but with a team in about thirty minutes from that. i love life but there is a lot of sick stuff going on on this planet for example according to bloomberg a hospital in chicago has been accused by the f.b.i. of cutting the throats of patients for big bags of cash a tracheotomy is a procedure to get air directly into the windpipe of someone who can't breathe by cutting a hole into it an f.b.i. affidavit based on tape recording says that the hospital knowingly and purposely sedated patients to the point that they couldn't breathe properly and would need
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tracheotomy and as you know in the u.s. health care system nothing comes cheap trick out of his own days cost about one hundred sixty thousand dollars a pop this alleged conspiracy between doctors and management is not the first of its kind at this hospital and administrator and five doctors have already been charged for medicare fraud for giving and receiving kickbacks not only is having a hole punched in your neck for money disgusting but it may also be lethal because patients at that hospital in chicago are three times more likely to die than patients at other hospitals from tracheotomies throughout the state now how did the f.b.i. find out about this with three employees ratted out the hospital and worked with the f.b.i. to make a lot of incriminating voice recordings these people risk their jobs and possibly much more to do what was right and i salute them reading out evil is no wrong deed but that's just my opinion.


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