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today on larry king now denzel washington and mark wahlberg the stars of two guns on working together for the first time let's swing for the fences for to the end and i thought this was the perfect opportunity with the perfect actor opening up about faith family and forge and guru i was a garbage man i worked in the back of a truck twenty two square blocks that's hard nothing that we do in the movies and i was on the end of the two guns director dishes on making the film the mark was very clever in the way he approached these first of all he was very humble towards themselves and then he started getting out and it's all ahead on larry king now. i've said many things about this film two guns and i will say it again this is one
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of the most fun times you will ever have in a movie theater in the movies hysterically funny and action packed and it stars are denzel washington and mark wahlberg and how they get to to you to give. share look i've been attacked for a while and i know the movie really lived and died on the other guy in the chemistry between the two so you were in here and you know there was variations of the script and and we just said you know let's swing for the fences us offer to save you know thank you for a miracle happens and we got in the movie responded to the material. obey it what do we describe read it i laughed. i gave it to my barber cherry. let's hear you laugh and i was like ok i have a barber well he ate you know my hair i still call it a barber he's not my barber but you know we worked together over the years but. you know i was coming off of the army. i've been shooting flight where it was
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a thank you which was obviously a heavier kind of thing and i wanted to do something on my i wanted to have some fun you know to do something different and. and i thought this was the perfect opportunity with the perfect actor to take that take that ride with so it worked right away yeah it will really have we we've known each other before that you know shooting obviously in and. you know it was easy wasn't any you know it's one of those things were either works or it doesn't and i think if you've known each other for thirty years they've kind of come across awkward and weird on film but you know just completely professional you know i've been able to asked and sell for a lot of advice both person personally and professionally he's got four kids and a marriage church going guy and you know he's had a wonderful career that i've admired for a long time and and just kind of clicked you know and once he realized you know that we were in good hands we could try whatever we wanted and look you know risk
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looking ridiculous and we'd still be safe and then he was just like he just completely opened up to the idea that you'd work with the director before yes you had not you know and i interviewed him easily was lulu terminated first a little i.e. he would keep coming up to me justin's well to do this and let you go ask you really all the time i said dude i'm not going to go between i said he was late to do you sense that by the way because you so you use such a major movie but i don't think that way you know i'm not going to walk i'm a major movie star he's a regular guy that's going to read to doesn't know that tell. i purposely didn't tell him because he likes to try because we were very familiar with one another we work together so he tries to like give me crap all the time so that's why i wouldn't tell him that he's a regular guy making figure it out for himself and he walked on eggshells for a little while but you know he's so easy even if it was something that he didn't think would work he'd say done so he might try and if you like i don't think
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they'll work it was a carol he tries and. tried it's always bill it doesn't work you know get it out i think this will be a big hit. really is that these two this what were you what about this movie is just you know i always go with my gut i responded to the material it reminded me of butch cassidy and the sundance kid who didn't matter what they were doing well. what was happening around them was really about the two guys you know remember broadcasting son is clearly being chased by something that never really appear so i was. like it's always up to us you know to earn one another's respect and that was the relationship that was it was that was the movie you know or whatever the backdrop was in the setting was and also happen to have a great story and some kind of really interesting plot points and twists that you know made it a nice combination of drama action comedy about the care that's right james almost
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all and bill paxon all those guys paul they all came to the table because they all had great parts to play if they did this is a new career you should he says are shocked you know. almost that i always think back to you know with obviously the signature rule in miami vice but. not that i was intimidated but you know once you think of it you know he's serious guy so it was great to have fun in like snap a towel hit him in the head to what's been placed on his hands you know. ok he's a good guy you know he i think he had fun. very early agreed to be hung upside down for two days that directly told him what was that like i'm never been fun and you know was he was is eighty because we need the first scene we did with eddie we had him tied up right so we're giving him all kinds of crap was slapping him in the face i'm throwing all these insults at him and then a month later we're tired up upside down and he's getting to give it back to us he
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thoroughly enjoyed it it was well this was the one day but he kept acting like he was forgetting his lines are about as low as possible what is it like to hang upside down it's good for the spine really but not rushes the head the blood rushes to hit it and is a huge bull i think we know who's going to be funny it was it wasn't funny but it was going to be funny was it hard believe it make. if so which action so which movement. you know and physical is difficult to time when you're in louisiana in the middle of the summer you know in some kind of uncomfortable situations in new mexico but not that bad i mean the minute it's over only thing i remember it was all the great times we had and that we had a real shot to do something interesting and entertaining. and making transformers right now as hard movie to make that's harder because ours we think well the schedule the action you know i'm being wearing a harness every day being off the side of a building. and i turn around and he's not there. you're doing a movie
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a lawsuit is wasn't what it's doing i was twenty i were foot as a group i'm out on a new york i work for decided taishan apartment i was a garbage man you regardless i was a garbage man i worked the back of the truck twenty two square blocks that's hard. to do in movies and there's nothing that we do in the movies and i was just the deliver the united parcel service trucks there and i was hard yeah yeah this is a job. that if they say why do you spend so much time preparing everything because it's the bunch of other guys out there that would want my job and i'm not going to do anything to mess it up and so right now you say something if you say that i'm here because you say what are you saying let me say i think you play you are you want to be play i've been a chip for ten months but after this i think maybe you're playing me. and i'm not i got you know you go i did the calling i was twitching because one yeah i wanted to a yeah i was away that's my move. after. well you do the boss
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working with and one for again who. directed training day and we have a good time up there in this way the bad guy again not like that. and i'm not this is a regular guy works it like k.-mart would have you want to call home depot and it's a take off of the old t.v. series the equalizer but it's really not like it other than that inane selection of roles which is interesting you know i just didn't turn down the thing you're a grad. you know it no i don't have the one role where and i don't really have the one role i've actually i have dodged more bullets i passed on more you things that were tempting especially for the money but does mobiles and you know things that i was glad you didn't take yes. michael clayton that was a george of the woods yeah i didn't i didn't trust him to be honest with i didn't
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trust working with the director had directed before i was wrong and seven the movie seven the part that brad pitt play they asked me first and i just thought this is so dark and i sort of movie. oh tried. but you know would just say god bless them you know it was good for him and it was successful studio movie for one of my friends that it was to be a question it ted said yes. he just are these i just saw it like the other night i was watching in the buzz that feisty was great ted was bad there was no he was you do you were you were fighting nothing and that was him back and moon in a fight he said. he was talking about the fight scene and for me the fight scene i didn't want to shoot and the scene where i'm singing i didn't want to do but little by his ego you know i don't like to say i'll sing in the shower but the fight scene
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was one of those things where there's you know fifty people standing around a crew members and i've got a like fake to get and i can't tell the guy stand in poland has now smacked him in the ass with an antenna and i was like there's no way this is going to be in the movie we shot of for like two days and it's one of the most talked about scenes so i could you mention arise all those names yes oh you know great you know revenue loss because i was not real close i see. what his head was moving around and i said the names are girls how do you do that you know what i usually start out by reading the script out loud twice a day for say like eight to ten weeks out from the start of production but that was the hardest thing to ever memorize because there's no nothing to connect it to and i was thinking do i take a picture and put it with each name and then i can visualize that or so it was just this thing where i just had to keep reading it and reading it reading it and it's actually kind of drilled in my head i can't get all of it now but samantha ruby tell a toddler ancient forty years to try to rebuild itself is a lot and i just had this rhythm about it and it was one of remember what i did
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yesterday in this scene but the scene wasn't set up that way it was set up where it was like i'd say one name he said then i say another i said this can be ten minutes long and it's never going to work so i suggested to seth i said why don't we just do it like we have this game that we're playing with center on smoke and that i'll like to do something else rattle off as fast as i can like a game show and when i hit the name you hit the buzzer as i said i think that's the only way it can work so he said sure let's do it and we did it we did a couple to ease a genius so i've never done a sequel even though i'm due. the next transformers movies i wasn't in the other ones before but with him you know me because i had to yeah and he comes from episodic television and the idea that he has for the second movie is fantastic and i think the first one was his first feature was a real learning so to send him to do a we're going on the road now and you were made sure with all the curse that is that was a big lot of we what about a little what about the scene where he goes for the job. what you see out is i haven't seen a movie all beginning and all you guys see i came in twice now two nights in
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a row i came in on the fight you got us in we lost a piece of gear you stated that you better go no you got to see the beginning when i make him go get a job he says this stuff to this guy oh in the grocery store it is the sickest thing as sick as ever seen and then he says the most horrible thing you can say to a person and the guy gives him the check was nobody ever talked about your heart then he gets caught having sex with a girl in the fresh produce and it gives him the function makes them better i mean instead we'll be right back with denzel and mark right after the. wealthy british style. is no time to write for the. market. can the. find out what's really happening to the global economy
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with max comes here for a no holds barred look at the global financial headlines tune into cars a report on our. rock. climbing. climbing. which. was. coming up.
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until the about flight was that hard to wait it was such a interesting. week you know it was great to stop the madness and john. graydon's and i writer we sat out for weeks leading up to the production and just worked on the material then and. just did a lot of research and. you know it wasn't hard to make it was it was it was great material to begin with and no one would obviously one of the great directors of the
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right time to like the character. you have to like the character you can't you can't you know you taught i was taught in school that you have to love who you are you planning you know you can't judge who you are not the person if you're playing a character that doesn't like himself maybe that's because you're pretty good but but now you've got to like the character but this movie we got a few minutes left is good is good it's got to do very well and when you do you guys but good on your movies he said i know this is going to do well i think you need to feel good about something when you make it to the takes a lot to make a good movie a lot goes into it you know you got to have great material great cast great people both in front of them but i know you don't really have to be and then everything else has to you know you have to get a little love from the movie gods as well but i certainly think we've been we made a great movie people are responding to it in a way that you know you can tell the difference between people trying to be polite and people being genuinely you know and there's you asked about the movie so we
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hope it's as well to do everything in my power to get it out there people and it makes a lot easier for me because my job is to make a little more old a movie than what i feel good about it and i feel you know it's a lot easier to do you know. good that that they know movie now i don't go there and you know i've been i've been around too long you know but but now that you know with the tracking and all that you get a sense of where where you're going to be box office wise anyway but what i haven't done and i remember when i was doing the looping work you know i had seen the movie five or six times but i sat and watched about myself you know like on you've got to see it with an audience so i still haven't seen it with an audience you know i've seen it we're already in this and they rule and they yeah that's what i've been here and so that's what i got to do it is what you believe is it's the trailer doesn't tell you much it's a comedy. right it's a comedy action good talent it is a comedy that some kind of work as good as they turn good. good luck and thank you
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are trying to say mike thank you brother seeing you again thank you for a meeting in a final yeah i know it's funny that a person that's not very well done so well walking the streets denzel washington and mark wahlberg the film is to guns if you like to guns take it pulls you passed away. watch this scene from two guns you kidnap a drug kingpin that's correct poppy crack ho and you tied him up in my garage sorry for your. lot of us what you know yeah sure please help yourself to anything take whatever you want it's just to go over it is already over you suppose but it plays. what do you two like exploiting a girl for you watching larry king now on our special guest is paul the star cormack or the director of two guns what led you to this film well when i was doing the post on contraband mark and sat in our own to wendy's with the script you know
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what i'm doing and so i took it out and i kind of locked the tone of it and always been a fan of movies like bus cars in the sundance kid in movies that don't take them to the insulter seriously i thought you know this is a good opportunity to do something like that in a show a little you know different brains and different tone that i've been doing this you see it more comically so i saw i saw the opportunity of playing comedy with actors on lost in not necessarily our comics so after reading and i almost was just talking as mark and produces a non-expert trying to get danson to do this with us because people haven't seen him be in line in a movie that much. i love like i was on that monday night midnight run when the neighbor did his first kind of comic thing and i just i love it when a when a serious actor shows and some don't do it well know it all for the love of the trick of us the risk you know so i was i was excited to get you know not
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a straight a comedian that a series acted through this and find a lot of tone in it and warburg of course is adaptable to and yet it has become you know the norm for his incoming talent no did you think he would become this big. well i remember when i saw him first i saw him in boogie nights as. i kind of blown away by his performance there's something very real about him and and i liked him since then of course you know in almost all the movies more i could see it than but i've maybe as time went by i didn't see him necessarily and then working with him i'd really understand it he's a very straight not street smart guy in the you you are is enormously famous in iceland you called the steven spielberg of ice and you're one of the awards that i saw them gives with what do they call it or what they're there for us here yet or it was was contraband your first american film it was the first studio movie i've done smaller english language films but only a bit outside the system you know very small films and but this was my first studio
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with the finest film and what it was it different for you not really you know bigger budgets bigger budget in home bigger egos a little bit but in the back of the as i say the head is the same size in the frame as and i think after so it's pretty much the same job you know as a little bit more politics but i have been very lucky with it with the with my experience say oh here i haven't you know i don't really have anything to complain about regarding you know i get to do what i want to do and the movies you know i'm not compromised do you have a lot to do with the full cast cast your tax them in almost. the i mean now that's something i really like i like to go to those guys that i like from films i've seen in the past and and people who maybe have done indeed films and not necessarily well will be the most obvious choice for coming in a studio film and passed and haven't done anything like this is nothing i've never facts for the first ten minutes you don't recognize you know it's is fantastic and
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i mean he actually showed up when when when that in a costume. in that he really means i'm very close to what ended up being actually you know he was so ready to do this and i was like. yeah that's i'm ready to take a chance you were an actor i guess i am an actor i mean i still do sometimes but i had the directors kind of taken over when you direct stars and i don't know man you direct bigger star than benzo washington already knows that all the good i've met you know many of the directors in charge get the film was the directors media is it's hard. to boss around someone who's so internationally famous it is yes of course i mean it's a he is saying that and damn it this is that's a wash and i'm going to tell him not you know his socks or. ours there and. i i but i've given myself the promise that if i think something is not right or
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something i can do better i will go up to the actor even if it's that said i'll tell him you know you know i think you know they have a keiko you know there's something that you know and understand i will do that it's not always easy but you know most actors. you know as it goes because the time goes by they like it you know they respected you know they they feel that you're doing it because you you are you know you're doing it up and on and might be a little difficult in the moment but you know later on you know that you get the respect of some of the things you would how did you direct the scene. with the bowls. well if anything that wasn't in the script oh no it wasn't in the script so ice came up with this idea because the bull in the beginning was in the square but the look at it will use this ball like at so so i came up there let's hang them up on the feed and release the ball instead of having that ability i think that was like supposed to waterboard them or something you know i've never seen a thousand times in so many movies let's do something different and the producer
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mark potter was a great guy and you know i was like buy if you if you're going to last as it were hanging on his feet for two days you can do it but i won't do it you know as i'm not anything i'm upside down downey and you see this new learner's that is a terrific film and first of all i want to not because i know him on his back all right i'll tell it you know and then i went to dan sullivan and i would say well he took it really well in the i you know he's like he was he also tests you you know why do you want to do this you know i you know and then you go through the process and in the end the out the way you know you may have a hangover dollar how to hang upside down for two days you know and the great thing about that is that of course some of the bull it has to be you know we can you can reasonable arms over that and then some of it you never kill. and you've got to make them feel safe but but it in creates also an atmosphere you know having someone hang upside down like that you know he's acting you know is affected by
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that are open to giving what's the difference rather directing standpoint in making lewd big scene the big action the blow up of the bank to intimate scenes. i mean i went into this i started directing theater i went into this to direct actors and create characters and scenes you know situations that's why i like the humor to come out of the situation not just be funny stake a war you know so. i mean but on the other hand i enjoy doing too little bit of x. and you know i had a million have got to do that in theaters or this or do things go wrong. up and down a freezing plant in iceland you know it was a mistake you know we lost the fire into it but it was a damned one anyway so did they let you on that base yeah they let me on the base i was the new orleans navy base the shah giving is that maybe doesn't come out very well in this movie. now. and it would be surprise they gave approval yet it
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is you know when he's when you say it i mean i didn't really handle the part of it but it is it is and we i mean it's there are lots of cases like this anyway all over i mean i don't necessarily tend to you know diminish their work but at the same time you know we know stories about things that i got to do more films in america absolutely yeah i'm now getting ready to shoot a film called and rust for working title which is about the ninety six. accident that happened on everest so the case that really i will very close to where it's all already out of the talks we just brought in and taken in holland and jason clarke and john hawkes they are issued on mount everest we see in there in the italian the elements which i came from yesterday so it's got in there for you have some life yeah it's leaving that is that sense to regret so as you see the when you see the final thing of two guns i totally happy yeah i am i'm really happy because i you know that would of course you work with that the producer and the studio but
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there were never any any any and they love the movie from for this or that basically so i was actually me asking them to get a little more to change things that wasn't them asking me to change things was a per hour i will tell you i don't know if i'm like to see films before a curious is the audience but i saw this and it is a one you are feel so proud of this grosses it combines both action and humor and the play off each other. did that chemistry work right away it was yeah i have to say mark was very clever in the way he approached these first of all he was very humble towards themselves you know he gave them a little bit they start us you know but and then he started getting out and you know throwing things because because mike is incredibly improviser and he's very good at it and a lot of we improvise a lot we did yeah i loved doing that and i also got my theatre background you know a lot of first i'll make sure i have everything from the script but then let's try
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something different i love it basically from ingmar bergman he said the more you prepare. before you go to set the more freedom you'll feel on the set to do whatever you come to mind because not only not trying to just figure out how how can i get through this day is what i got to get how it so so now we can play and and then downsize thought it you know coming back at it when it started getting really interesting and they liked each other you could see that and that's partly also luck you know i can't take all credit for the spotty luck the can have two guys who hate each other and you can just you can't do anything with it but then it's all about you know finding the right tone the balance you know off off keeping its you know grounded but funny you know let me handle weapons well oh yeah and they know that nothing we don't do that and i was on my pleasurable to sex my pleasure thanks to my guess about desire for mocker and of course denzel washington and mark wahlberg go see two guns it's out in theaters friday august second see you will not be disappointed and remember you can find me on twitter at kings things c.
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and i just. want to know your comment a lot of these policies i think are likely to. pleasure to have you with us here on t.v. today i roll researcher.
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weld. county and technology innovation all the latest developments from around russia we've got this huge you're covered. plus i was a new alert and scripts scared me a little. there is breaking news tonight and we are continuing to follow the breaking news. alexander's family cry tears of joy at your grave thinking. that. at the core of wall around. there is
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a story many sort of movies playing out in real life. good afternoon and welcome to prime interest i'm harry i'm boring. let's get to today's have a. bit cool waynes are now a national security issue that's according to the new york department of financial services a very thinly veiled threat slash press release compared virtual currencies to the wild west as the domain of narco traffickers and criminals as seen in new york said it is in the common interest to bring virtual currencies quote out of the darkness and into the day into the light of day a compelling use of dramatic metaphor is new york this is mr spitzer yes we do in prime interest last week we called it the mainstream media when they floated the idea.


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