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tv   Headline News  RT  September 4, 2013 10:00am-10:30am EDT

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of speech is little doubt the financing costs. the russian president warns against bypassing the u.n. to strike in syria putin said ignoring the security council and beginning and that time would be an act of aggression got the full details of putin as a wide ranging interview. french lawmakers gather to debate say king action on syria as the country's president claims he's the only one to give orders and is determined to strike but only washington decides so. and the u.k.'s press freedom washtub can front the government order it says strong arm tactics against the whistleblowers saying it's abused and to terrell's to milds .
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international news and comments live from moscow this is his meet you there should our thanks for joining us president putin has warned against a military attack on syria without the u.n. security council's approval the russian leaders and punitive measures can take place only under international authorities say show and of those solid evidence the syrian regime gassed civilians ati's thomas joins us now live with the details how that sean so what else on russia's position on syria did the president have to say well president vladimir putin was doing an interview with the associated press and russia's first channel in that interview he strongly cautioned the west against unilateral action against syria he also said that if the united states has strong and conclusive evidence that it was the assad regime that used chemical weapons
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then it must be handed over to the u.n. security council so that it can be. lies and discussed in a global in an environment in fact he went on to say that through internal national law it is only the u.n. security council that can sanction the use of force any other means would be a violation of international law now. than in terms of the investigation that is happening with the un and the alleged use of chemical weapons he said that the world community needs to wait until that investigation is finished we know that those inspectors are out of the country and that information is being analyzed right now but he did say that he's not convinced that it wasn't the assad regime that used chemical weapons citing the fact that president assad and his army have made significant gains in advances in the syrian civil war and that he's not a desperate listen to what he had to say about that fact and that is
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a good kind of discussion if you will we think it would be totally absurd for the regular government forces to use banned chemical weapons in a situation where they've encircled the so-called rebels in certain areas and basically erbil to finish them off but they fully aware of the fact that such a step would mean sanctions including even the use of force this is just absurd it doesn't make any sense. now in terms of the famous now famous video that is circulated around you tube we heard secretary of state from the united states john kerry bring that up as one of the reasons why the us shouldn't get involved. the president did address that as well he said that this video is horrific but it raises some questions we don't know who these children are we don't see parents we don't see doctors in there and also there's some alleged ties to al qaeda groups being responsible for the video let's listen to what he had to say about that. but
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certainly those pictures of dead children are just hideous but they don't prove anyone's guilt even in the u.s. some experts think the evidence presented by the administration is not compelling so it's possible that the opposition staged a provocation in order to give their patrons an excuse for military intervention but there is also another question if there is evidence that it's the militants that have been using w m d what will the u.s. do to them what will the sponsors do will they stop supplying weapons will they start hostilities against militants. put in his often come under fire for what is thought to be a strong alliance with a bashar al assad regime he had this to say he said that we do not defend assad or his regime and stead russia defends international law he also went on to say that it is dangerous when you start entertaining questions about the use of force when
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it comes to not going through un convention so a lot said today on the subject of syria from russia's president shaun but syria is certainly not be only point of disagreement between russia and the u.s. so won't get peyton have to say about other pressing issues well a lot of has been made about the relationship between president obama from the united states and bloody. putin saying that the two have sort of a rivalry but the president talked about how the two of them really actually share a lot of common goals and he even praised the president as being a direct and constructive negotiating partner he's optimistic about the upcoming g twenty saying that he's looking forward to communications with him on that subject and he didn't take any personal offense from some comments that obama made about his posture or maybe looking like a boarding school child that the two of them actually have a good relationship now one thing that has gotten in the way about united states
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russian relations is that the topic of edward snowden and the president talked about that in specifics he said that snowden contacted the russian government as early as when he was in hong kong and he identified himself as a champion of human rights and when the president pressed it further edward snowden said that he should join the fight meaning that russia should get involved as a crusader of human rights of the president specifically not wanting to damage relations with the united states opted against that and that was where they left it in fact the president didn't know that edward snowden was on in route to russia until two hours before that plane landed and how did edward snowden get to russia this is what he had to say about that topic. because he spits. and then snowden was on route to latin america via russia and what happened next there was a leak i hope i don't offend u.s.
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security agencies and diplomats because they could have handled this issue in a move professional way instead of allowing him to enter a country where would be easy for them to get him they intimidated everybody latin america european countries everybody and as a result naturally he stayed. and became stranded in russia. if it should be pointed out the putin did it granted asylum to edward snowden on the condition that he not release any more documents that would harm us russian relations or do any damage to russia's position so optimism from the president about us russian relations and some warnings again about the syria situation in our eyes our she's a sham thomas live from central moscow chance thank you very much indeed for that extended report thank you. meanwhile the man who made snowden's leaks possible is offered police protection in brazil as the u.k.
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government's attempts to wipe information gathered by the n.s.a. leaker's sparks outrage among press freedom watchdogs that's coming your way next the sound. support for a strike on syria it seems to be growing among top u.s. lawmakers the foreign relations committee agreed on a resolution which gives president obama a ninety day window for military action but because american boots on the ground they pano will vote on the travel document later on wednesday the government's push for an attack was advocated by the u.s. secretary of state and the defense chief they retraces washington's conviction conviction assad's regime behind a recent chemical attack near damascus despite the fact u.n. inspectors have so not presented that inclusions. account looks now a big case that's been made before the panel. the blocks upon which john kerry built the administration's case for an attack on syria included we fear mongering
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and it was this part which reminded many of the mushroom cloud fears that the bush administration stoked in the run up to the iraq invasion take a listen if the congress decides not to do. it is a guarantee. whether it is with us. in syria or. nuclear weapons in iran or nuclear weapons in north korea we will have invited. a for certain confrontation at some point in time that will require you to make a choice that will be even worse for mitigating the consequences of a military action against syria was also part of secretary kerry's presentation to question on whether u.s. strikes will end up emboldening extremists in syria as john kerry and swords know they will not according to secretary kerry experiments in syria will not benefit from u.s. strikes although reports on the ground and a great many experts suggest the opposite the other premise that the administration
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put forward is that there is no other option but to bomb syria here's how secretary kerry explained he was readiness to bypass the u.n. security council break international law and attack syria at the u.n. we saw a condemnation of a chemical attack without bloom without citing us without seeing who was responsible simply a condemnation of a chemical attack and the russians blocked it and this was one of many discrepancies in secretary kerry's remarks in fact russia has blocked only those resolutions that attributed blame to the assad government alone without a credible u.n. investigation what john kerry did not mention is that the u.s. has done everything possible so that the u.n. investigative team would not have the mandate to determine who is to blame for the attacks in syria so now we're left with the intelligence assessment of the u.s. government and that of some of its allies u.s. officials say the public will not see the classified evidence upon which they build their case many members of congress even those who have not seen the classified
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evidence have indicated that they are ready to authorize the attack on syria. french makers have gathered to debate whether the country should take part in action against assad there's going to be no vote on the march of this time as french president francois london says he alone has the power to order an attack despite polls suggesting people want parliament to have a say only she. has been looking at the french perspectives. the french president a lot is constitutionally able to order over the top without a parliamentary approval but first of all along has been under a lot of pressure from opposition to to put this issue to a vote with the opposition and also pointed out that a lot is in a court of what humiliates position of having to wait for what the u.s. says before acting i was spokesman from along the office said that the president hasn't yet decided whether or not to ask for a vote alone said though that france will not go it alone and we'll wait for the
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outcome of the u.s. special vote all of this comes on the back the report receptive to parliament by the prime minister regarding the chemical attack near damascus last march which they say is responsible for two hundred eighty one deaths of the report says though that quote it could not have been ordered or carried out by anyone other than the syrian government now the president of syria bashar al assad in the meantime had given an interview to the french newspaper le figaro when he warned that should there be an attack chaos and extremism would ensue and he also said there's a risk of a regional group and reward that ransom would become an enemy of the syrian state should they go ahead with this attack and we spoke earlier with a french senator to discuss francis' towns on a military intervention in syria the french intelligence has said that they presented proof and they found that assad is guilty of this chemical attack i think we must be very cautious and we must wait for. the decision of united nations experts because remember in two thousand and three
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the prudes were forced. and it was a disaster. for you and for the world economy as far as public opinion polls that one of the recent poll say that a fifty nine percent of the french are against a military intervention in syria by the government reporting from paris and test ourselves. and their pm president of the e.u. security and defense subcommittee on north deja believes all alone and should let the parliament decide if he lost legitimacy. in the current situation there are too many parameters too many conditions. that are not met yet so i think it would be wise for for so long to try to have foolishly to see if he goes for a military option. i think most of all on should go for a vote. opposition is almost united on that and even within the socialist party the
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ruling party you have more and more voices calling for a vote because of the necessary legitimacy to take such action we are not there yet there will be for us to debate. the president does not rule of the option you have not closed the door on this. option we have some time still to debate and then you see after reviewing what we do in front. and all the more news here in just a couple of minutes. wealthy british soil it's time to write.
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the. market why not. find out what's really happening to the global economy is a report on our to choose your language. make it without any financial system still some. choose the consensus. choose the opinions that immigrate to. choose the stories that impact your life choose the access to. this is also welcomed by brazilian lawmakers have offered police protection to the
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british gaga newspaper journalist glenn greenwald who helped lead the n.s.a. secrets the call came after a recent revelation is that washington has been spying even on brazil president that's as key press freedom group has confronted the u.k. government over its attempts to cub stomp those who are trying to raise their voice oh he's tapped out has looked at the fight to report victory news in britain. an act of intimidation that could have a chilling effect on press freedom in the u.k. and beyond not quite what you'd normally expect from a letter to the prime minister about press freedom in the way but those strong words coming from the world association of newspapers you organization felt compelled to write after the guardian newspaper was forced by british security services to destroy information received from n.s.a. whistleblower edward snowden and then the partner of one of its journalists suspected of carrying information the government deemed sensitive to national
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security was placed in detention upon a rifle at heathrow airport david miranda partner of guardian journalist glenn greenwald was held for nine hours is the maximum time a person can be held using laws designed to catch a terrorist you know one of the reasons why we're so concerned and when i look at the work press freedom department does which is which has a global reach. one of the issues that we have is united kingdom is saying best of freedom with a very strong record on ensuring that it. can write the new and so so for around. here the press freedom situation in the united kingdom is this sliding and this is of great concern it is twenty thirteen freedom of speech seen here reporters without borders gives the satisfactory situation rating
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but for freedom of the press britain slipped from nineteenth in two thousand and ten to its current ranking of twenty ninth many are concerned that shuttle seven of the terrorism act the law used to detain miranda is actually being used to stop journalists doing their job of holding people in power to account rather than being used to prevent terrorism charges seven allows for. to stop examine and search passengers that travel terminals there's no need for any suspicion that they are linked to terrorism it's a very difficult. security services have a difficult job of difficult job. the state clearly has a duty to protect its citizens and. those people live living. in the u.k. at the same time i think they must recognize the role of the media. recognized by the church. and you have to have to be in line with the appropriate
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use the appropriate. responsibility of regional government said it had to a scheme that copies of the information held by mr snowden could now be held by foreign countries to see mr snowden's travel since leaving the u.s. and that the disclosure of some of that material could put lives at risk well critics of the government's actions that despite these alarmist planes aimed at justifying the blurring of the lines between terrorism and journalism is thought a full hearing into the legality of david miranda detention and the seizure of that data will take place in october but in the meantime expect to see that war of words continue with the u.k. seemingly struggling to strike a balance between national security and press freedom sarah. london.
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chelsea manning formerly known as bradley uses her legal last resort be prodded sentenced to thirty five years to the biggest legal date in u.s. history files a plea for a presidential pardon from obama there's more on this story online for. under mosco welcomes military bands from around the world for an annual music festival with breathtaking performances right. in the hostile the russian capital had taught in vision section for most stunning images of the. right to see. first street. and i think the church. on our reporters twitter. and instagram. to be in the middle of.
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bombings and shootings in iraq have left more than twenty people dead many of them women and children who were executed by gunmen just south of the capital this brings the death toll to more than one hundred fifty since the beginning of the month and dr steinberg of the executive intelligence review magazine believes terrorists us riding on a neighboring crisis. the spillover is enormous and the whole region is facing a grave crisis your rock is in a very fragile situation it borders are in syria so you've got. a new iraq forces moving back and forth across that border and of course the back to the saudis funding the sunni insurgency that's driving iraq into a state of internal crisis many of the. sunni insurgents who are
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operating inside iraq have now rushed over into syria so in a certain way. the violence now tremendously inside iraq is a kind of reverberation back there of the crisis centered in syria. and office i mean time for news in brief this hour south africa's largest union the national union of mineworkers has staged a mass try calling for high wages some eighty thousand members have laid down tools the action will cost the industry more than thirteen million dollars daily president zuma pledged to both the union and the mining companies to find a peaceful solution outrage was caused last year one police. plaza in the mine is chairing a strike. ariel castro the man who kidnapped three women and held them captive in his host the most in a decade has died after being found hanging in his prison cell officials are struggling to explain how the incident occurred as the man's been in protective
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custody with regular checks castro was only called when one of his friends in spanish to escape in may this year and alerted police and he's been sentenced to life imprisonment without parole plus one thousand. tornado ripped through the north of tokyo injuring two man and ripping the roofs of houses local train services were suspended and passengers lots pondered after a lightning strike causing a power blackout another tornado on monday swept through two regions further south injuring more than sixty people. terrorist attacks and gunfire and constant protests have become a part of everyday life in lebanon a country bordering war torn syria but modern technologies are making it easier for locals to navigate themselves around dangers by pushing the violence on more mobs fall asleep as in beirut has been testing the truck. there is
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a civil war which is easy for me to spill over it's boarded into neighboring countries which is why here in cities like beirut there are developers and even the detainees on me that are constantly coming up with new and innovative ways of trying to deal with this great this in the sense that bonds warning small cases one of us had to get them off that if one lives on real time information being uploaded by uses now they'll say information as to where there's a local where possibly a missile has landed where they were supposed to this is immediately uploaded to a map and shared by those extra things to say in the case it. didn't this is an excellent especially when our country is being bombed as is happening now unless we know where the bombs and fall in the city or wherever and that's very important i think more people should the mood. of the projects in the pipeline include an app
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that will be able to tell the difference between fireworks which often used here in celebrations and gunfire not to be outdone the liberty's on me has also recently announced its own app they live in these armed forces seal this provides direct communication between the public and maybe soldiers now they will be able to inform the army when ever there was a suspicious vehicle a suspicious object holds up to some kind of potential gunfight but if it comes to committing political considerations like when they leave a kidnapping one of this is just examples of how countries like me have been on top in these standards in an attempt to try and deal with the if a glowing syrian crisis or this yahtzee favorites. coming up when else he will continue with our report on the terrible toll military service takes on young troops knew they were on the battle you know what.
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you know how sometimes you see a story and it seems so you think you understand it and then you glimpse something else and you hear or see some other part of it and realize everything you thought you knew you don't know i'm tom harpur welcome to the big picture. syria and barack obama's computing power toward the american administration is
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determined to punish the assad regime's alleged use of chemical weapons other than members of mainstream media many are skeptical of the president's claims and the necessity to attack syria so what is obama's plan and does it make any sense. of. what it's going to hold your home are going to watch as the polish face i think. it was. a pleasure to have you with us here on t.v. today i'm sure. this is for headaches this is for sleep this is a tranquilizer too if i have any episodes xanax because she is black. and it's not
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just. because of him which is pretty nightmare because. you can't get off of it. and build it is kind of future you can try go out there for america sometimes i have episodes for i won't be able to. i think something will trigger me and which i'll just keep on working and working and working more or less. like seventy two hours just so exhausted. and i can take and build. a show out or. something i very much. like the fridge that you gave me i could have made a lot more money out of it if i wanted to i just it depends on what we're going to . be kept saying on the news that there were rebuilding iraq you're working to rebuild iraq. i was kind of sick of hearing c.n.n. and fox news like bark each other about one say oh it's. you know the
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horrible things they are i kind of way to see it for myself you know. joining the military when i was a teenager nineteen in basic training. like halfway through my tour i told my unit that i was willing to kill any any human beings. i certainly interested. asking this one question are you willing to do your job if i was a say no it would have been like oh this guy's be insubordinate throw in jail you know to be so like i came to conclusion like they're basically in slavery we hear i have to say yes you know i'm actually walking the town with a rifle but instead of using the camera.


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