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tv   Headline News  RT  September 5, 2013 9:00am-9:30am EDT

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leaders of the world's biggest economies gather in same bit as burg with syria an us strive plans eclipsing global financial concerns r t brings you extensive coverage of a major summit. in russia publishes a damning report showing syrian rebels were behind a chemical attack last march with evidence that the weapons used near aleppo were not from government stop. and u.k. record labels are set to break the pirate code as they look to revive their ailing industry by crushing free downloading user by user.
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it is five pm in the russian capital you're watching r t with me maureen and josh now leaders of the world's top twenty have gathered in st petersburg for the g. twenty summit to tackle some of today's biggest challenges. well arty's where is the chaise in our g twenty studio in st peter's work was the latest updates on what's going on at the summit over here ari. thank you very much indeed coming to you live this year from the twenty third g. twenty summit here in some petersburg the venice of the north also known as a russia's northern capital not just the hosting this year's annual g. twenty summit but also hosting numerous unesco world heritage sites here in st petersburg we are surrounded by some of the greatest landmarks here in the russian north and capital though the idea of the g.
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twenty ultimately to look at the global state of the economy in the words of the russian president in recent days and weeks he said that the main focus of the g. twenty for two thousand and thirteen should simply be to that of a help to stabilize the world economy but also perhaps more importantly to try and stimulate the emerging and developing economies as well but if you've turned on your news channel or any news network for that matter over the past several days you may have seen news presenters saying that this year's g. twenty summit is going to be overshadowed by that of what is happening in syria now we all know what's going on here a bomb a is trying to get all the ducks in a row so he can do some sort of military intervention in syria over recent allegations in recent weeks of the use of chemical weapons by the assad government now just about fifteen to twenty hours ago on capitol hill in washington d.c. a senate panel hearing debated this issue you know it wasn't the senate but the senate panel had a hearing on this issue and at the end of it all they voted ten to seven to clear the way for obama to engage in
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a military strike on syria now that has to go to the senate next and a few other hurdles as well so it's not clear set now it's not going to happen for certain yet but i tell you what we can get more details on this as to what transpired today regarding the g twenty and regarding the build up against syria without ceasing he said now and he said now is at the convention center here in st petersburg for the g. twenty and he so many people saying that syria is going to overshadow the g. twenty what do you know where you. that's right as we speak host floyd zimmer puts in welcoming the leaders from the twenty largest economies in the world and as much as many of these leaders especially the emerging economies would like the agenda to stay on point the official agenda of being reform of the financial sector the financial systems in the world it looks like these predictions of the so-called syrian cloud over the g twenty are here to say it's a very tense atmosphere here in st petersburg obama is in town he won't be meeting
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as far as we can here although the white house hasn't officially stated that there are one hundred percent won't be a meeting a bilateral meeting between obama and putin it looks like that is going to be the case presumably of course fallout from a russia granting asylum to whistleblower edward snowden and of course what we're seeing in syria now to answer your question what are we heard so far on this first day of the g. twenty summit well it looks like the e.u. is very close perhaps just a coincidence that this summit is being held in russia to the russian position herman van rompuy stating that he doesn't see any kind of military solution as an answer to the syrian crisis e.u. president commissioner chose a manual grosso saying that he believes that a political solution is the only way to solve the syrian crisis we do know that there will be a bilateral meeting in fact one of the few confirmed between obama and french president francois along of course looking like france is the only european country
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openly supporting barack obama and his mission to military intervene in syria so that the mood here looks like a lot of countries are backing this idea that one we need to wait for the investigation the u.n. investigation into what happened on august twenty first in syria for the the. the the results i should say of that investigation to be revealed and secondly that this possibly could be the last chance the last format this t twenty to come to some kind of political solution to push diplomacy this is not going to be something that is going to make obama any happier here like i said an already very tense visit here to russia. looking at live pictures here were naughty of the american president barack obama.
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after spending the last twenty four hours in sweden where we understand he was trying to drum up support again for is a hopeful military strike against out of syria you are talking about issues of diplomacy as well we've seen a lot of meat putin the russian president twice twice his american counterpart for proof hard proof to prove that assad used chemical weapons in syria and every time he's austin barack obama has given him the cold shoulder and he so you make a mention that they might well have a quiet meeting just off the sidelines here at the g. twenty in some petersburg we'll have to keep everyone posted on that as soon as we get more details on at least one of the things i understand today of the g. twenty members of the brics nations they had a rather quiet meeting on the side oh we understand that there's a bit of volatility in the markets the brics nations are due to america tapering off its quantitative easing and he said what can you tell us about that. that's why the actions of the federal reserve are are most obviously now touching
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these emerging economies so they are probably the most disappointed that this summit has been taken over by the syrian. the syrian crisis so just say the brics have matt they've agreed to creating a one billion dollar foreign exchange fon as some kind of measure that they think has to be taken in response to this to protect themselves they're also going to be meeting on friday and tomorrow's expected that they're going to discuss some kind of alternative to the i.m.f. let's not forget the official agenda of this summit is to reform and how to reform i should say the financial sector but even at these bricks meetings and we had a one on one between putin and his chinese counterpart as well the first bilateral meeting of the russian president where china also stepped forward and said it supported russia's position that they need to see proof and that military in from an intervention either way is not the answer to this syrian crisis another thing we heard come out of the brics meter. this morning was brazil who is expecting an
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apology from the united states for them spying on them of course and revelation made by the leaks of whistleblower edward snowden another dark cloud hanging on this summit so it's really hard to avoid even in these separate smaller meetings that are taking place on the sidelines. absolutely and the saudis in the tsunami right there at the main a summit convention venue here in st petersburg we'll talk to you very very soon indeed an isa thank you so much for that as a nice he was saying regarding the issue with syria last night i suppose about fifteen twenty hours ago the u.s. secretary of state john kerry a definite got a bit of a grilling on capitol hill from mostly republican congressmen and senators are asking him can you really justify a military strike against syria john kerry using words that are very familiar to all of us frankly that we're used to years ago ten years ago in the buildup to the iraq invasion phrases such as we have a high probability that chemical weapons were used we do believe we are confident
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all of and all the time china and the russian president are asking for direct hard proof is going to come we're just going to have to wait and see so the whole issue with syria it's certainly being been a big between the russian president vladimir putin and his american counterpart rock obama but syria is not the only thing that is clouding the relationship between moscow and washington d.c. also one of the big stories in recent months that of the format whistleblower edward snowden after russia ultimately granted him a short span of short term asylum here in russia washington then decided to cancel a personal meeting between barack obama and vladimir putin so when it comes to syria when it comes to snowden when it comes to the n.s.a. and spying that's handed over now to watch these guys nature can she has this report. after president obama canceled bilateral talks with president clinton over russia's decision to grant edward snowden asylum many thought it couldn't get any worse the two won't even talk to each other but the one house now says there will
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be. an opportunity for the two leaders to meet on the margins of the g. twenty summit so it looks like as much as washington wants to snub moscow president obama and putin will have to talk if the u.s. is about to bypass the u.n. security council break international long and attack syria i think we believe very strongly with high confidence that in fact chemical weapons were used and. mr assad was the source russia says america's we believe is not enough and that if there is credible evidence it has to be presented to the u.n. . the question of authorizing the use of force is being discussed by the congress and the senate but it is an absolute commonsense substitutional in international law the congress and no country can sanction such and things what they're trying to authorize is aggression because everything outside the u.n. security council is aggression and if this is truly an atrocity that the world has
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signed on to oppose how come we're so alone president obama is expected to use the g twenty summit to rally a coalition for a strike against syria the u.n. chief in the meantime said he will use this summit to urge everyone to respect the international law we should all voice for the be a temptation of the country and to revitalize the search for a political settlement the g. twenty initially found it to deal with global economic issues will of course give a platform to world leaders to voice their position on the crisis in syria but will they hear each other in washington i'm going to check out. well it's very good to have you with us here on r.t. today i'm at the g. twenty summit in the venice of the north russia's northern capital of course petersburg syria edward snowden the n.s.a. these are all issues to be discussed here at the summit however they are not front and foremost you must insist that this is an economic summit but of the. twenty all
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to do with focusing on the global economy and that of helping to protect a developing and emerging markets as well so there's a lot of financial stuff to be addressed as well tax evasion financial crime recessions the rule the reasons for concern as well bringing you more on what that has to do with the g. twenty in just a moment here on the program well it's a. way to get a chef's. feel being the host of all business program venture capital more to come here from st petersburg the g. twenty summit live on r.t. . and i welcome back to our moscow studio and to the stories that we're following for you here today as well quote russia has released expert finding showing that a chemical attack in syria was apparently conducted by the rebels and not there is sheen the assault in question killed dozens of people near the city of aleppo back in march the report comes as the u.s.
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strives to convince the world that syria's opposition has no access to chemical weapons are going off reports. this is a detailed one hundred page long report which provides thorough analysis of the weapons which were used in that attack in aleppo in mid march and first of all it concludes that it wasn't fact a chemical attack the weapons which were used were custom made and were similar to the ones usually used by. one of the most radical rebel groups with links to al-qaeda fighting against president assad regime investigators also found traces of hexagon which was used to release the chemicals that is not the way it's done in the military and also found traces of the xyron nerve gas which was produced not industrially but it was all made and found traces of another chemical which was used by western western nations in the times of the second world war so these are the main arguments presented this report which is to suggest that that attack is
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that the camel attack was in fact going to buy syrian rebels this is actually the second time that we're hearing about the border russia already passed it over to the secretary general of the united nations back in july but neither then or now we are actually hearing about it international media basically de facto this report is being ignored by towers and international media unlike the we or it's published just recently on the recent attack near damascus they were presented by the intelligence services of the u.s. britain and the u.k. and all three suggest that that was a chemical attack which was conducted by syrian authorities a lot of media attention is currently being we'd to these reports basically the bar in international spotlight even though one of the key arguments in all three is that while they are based on interceptions of communications satellite photos and
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open source reports which are actually youtube videos. and information from other social networks the how correct it is is raising lots of questions and another argument shared by all three intelligence services pointing about it was the regime which held that attack is that the rebels the syrian rebels are simply incapable of dealing with chemical weapons something which is not proved it's not confirmed in the report presented by russia well china has warned against trying to solve the syrian crisis militarily the statement made on the sidelines of the g twenty russia's stance on the issue china's deputy finance minister also said that a potential u.s. strike on damascus would have dire consequences for the global economy well let's now bring in dr tang director for the center of arms control from the chinese use of international studies joins us live from beijing thank you so much dr tang for
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joining us to discuss this issue so as we see china just like russia has block all western resolutions on syria in the un security council moscow links with damascus are clear but why exactly is china against the u.s. and its allies on the issue. i don't think china this time in a position against of the. united states it's our word lunch a dish you know for china to hold the integration in domestic affairs actually you know from the very beginning office syria across east asia should be a. civil war between the government and the arts and you comments are read both so i think the western countries have already realized the recognize to be the edge of the mercy of the government of foresees and say. they did the car into
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a government issued be an auto for the office and so i think the chinese position is a very clear that would be for the. international community especially the u.n. security council or the. international organizations in the course of the solid or strong evidence that the governments the current government of syria use the you know the chemical weapons against of the rebels all the of the c.b.d. and when you know the side decided the becoming actions all strike ok well when russia and china you know act as a united front why does it in european i mean if you could share your thoughts with us on this one why is it that russia always gets the lion's share of criticism in the media. yeah i think this is a different approach to to understand or to interpret serious crises as i just
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discussed i think from a russian perspective and from chinese perspective we shoot first and puts the issue on the agenda of international organization like the un security council or other in the international community this is a very important before any in a military intervention against syria. taken place in some ways it is time running you see we're not sure we should have the same we share the same you know. we're not talking about that guy here i'm the media why is it that raj is it so much criticism which doesn't so it seems no i don't think i actually china or is criticizing in the in the pasta two and a half years since they very beginning of the syria crises by their western countries i don't think you know about my summation words where a happy. position or the you know the attitude taken by the chinese government
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in un security council you know we several resolutions proposed by the u.s. side and so i think this is our principle you know our foreign affairs foreign policy diplomacy so we have a two week for the final results of the international inspection team the use of chemical weapons in syria ok dr tang in director for the center of arms control from china instead of international studies thank you so much for talking to us here in r.t. . and stay with us after this break to find out about the record labels preparing for an all out attack on internet pirates. wealthy british scientists. are trying to explain the to go around.
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the market. find out what's really happening to the global economy with mike's cancer the no holds barred look at the global financial headlines tune in to kaiser report on. the media leave us so we leave the media. the sea ocean sea your. plate your party there's an. issue is that no one is asking with the guests that you deserve answers from it's all politics. mark t. . welcome
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back here with r.t. a file sharers are facing a crackdown in britain a new anti-piracy code could see hundreds of thousands of internet users block by their providers and even prosecuted for downloading unlicensed movies and music representatives of struggling media companies will be sharing their grievances with the prime minister during a private discussion next week are his or smith has more. well basically this is a move to make internet service providers essentially police the internet so it's a voluntary thing so far but if the likes of these big sort of internet providers here in the u.k. virgin media bt b. sky b. talk talk that kind of people if they sign up is understood what they'll do is create a database of repeat offenders if you like repeat illegal downloads that first sent a letter if that letter was then ignored they would see these sites being blocks
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they could potentially see the slowing down of their internet connection and i think right up to and including prosecution now jim collect of the open rights group is here to talk to me about this he's our go to guy for all things concerning internet and rights on the internet now these i s p's policing the internet basically though they'd be doing it at the behest of an on behalf of these rich huge industry titans music business film business will they be willing to do that you think is it legal is should they be the ones to do it you kind of things you don't mind i think would be very very illegal i think would be extremely dog doing those kinds of things you can't just simply start blocking the site restricting somebodies internet just because they've. been entered on a database people do have legal rights copyright is a legal right and the b.p.i. could take people to court that would be reasonable at least then you would know what the evidence was somebody could say well look i'm innocent i didn't do this it
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was not me and you could see some kind of logical conclusion that you know is transparent i think the internet is suddenly become interesting to everybody secret services governments big industries they all want to copy the information you want to have operated in their interests rather than the interests of individuals and all this sort of you know letters sending threats this is a way that you know you consumers and it's not a way to actually make money and collect thanks very much of course there's another important question who will pay to keep in this database analysts say it'll probably be you in the shape of increased broadband charges. if you want an r.v. coming to live from a moscow one there is plenty more to come to you this today including creators of spy ware are reaping huge profits from government snooping schemes that's according to the latest investigation by wiki leaks which reveals cozy ties between private i.t. firms and intelligence agencies you can find out reported on our website r t dot
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com. right to see. her story. and i would think that you're. on our reporters would. be. our days continue extensive coverage of the g. twenty summit was where he says she who is in our studio in russia saying it is berg. all right rory over to you now what's happening in st petersburg. marina thank you very much indeed well we winding down here i think the white nights have tapered
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off here in the venice of the north russia's northern capital of course in petersburg the host of the g. twenty summit. on r.t. and he said no way katie pilbeam we're all here for this big two day summit here in st petersburg now many people are saying that syria the crisis in syria could be poised to well loom over what should be the economic issues that are discussed at the g. twenty finale that i'm going to interrupt what i'm telling you to cross live to the russian president vladimir putin who is now who is now in introducing the members of the g. twenty summit let's listen in to the russian president right now. you don't actually mean you should know preventive measures at the national and global level . let me repeat that the most important is to assure basic conditions for the global economic recovery through quantitative development that's why the problems of promoting economic growth and job creation have become the central
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theme of the precious present and to today we will put a spoke action plan for growth. i believe we have called so i guess my reasons to consider this document as. trusts and going to be it will help strengthen the trust of my financial markets towards our plans and intensions at the same time it will encourage the investors to draw their attention to the. owner of the premise based on fiscal stretches and commitments of the countries to carry out structural reforms and they have to discussions we've come to an understanding to a common understanding to strike an ideal balance between fiscal consolidation and boosting growth. when you go on the move it was a very complicated work but we would like to thank all our experts secure the
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results achieved it's hope that in the mid-term and long term which is the moment where you must go to the majority of the developed economies will have to reduce the level of public toilets and budget deficit is nevertheless. the only coverage of the stability of public finances will not be enough to get back on the track of high growth rates tricks and the developments under the caldwell financial konami crisis have shown clearly that structural reforms are needed and they're going to it's important to focus on fundamental guarantees for sustainable long term growth and about it and that's the logic behind the simple as book action plan which you're obviously. you're going to call it refers to the undertaking of overdue steps on the labor market for go taxation on the development of human proposes modernizing infrastructure and regulating trade goods markets and commodity markets
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that's very much fortunately get the pick the results to be achieved because the process of structural reforms is very complex and it has to be developed in the longer term because you know to me that. we will jail suppositional the situation risks mitigation related to financial markets and have adults will be helped by increase of the risk. of the i'm over by more than four hundred and sixty two and tollers and just went to the states kobe to cure all in the in this undertaking to t. we can see that we have food. one of the commitments taken by us in the last cup was a year ago the next step will be the reform designed to limit the increasing the weights quotas and votes of the developing states and immersion. in the i.m.f. unfortunately we have to take the lack of progress in implementing the decision
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to complete the fifteen and quarterly approaches by generate twenty five thirty or so she will know this work is in the focus of the attention on the global community we held it back by the way don't you think the decision on the rectification of arrangements made in time to time i called for everybody to work with poland so. as to come to balance that compromise in the area of one or two a distributor show you because if you don't put the term in the efficiency illegitimacy or the i.m.f. and g. twenty years but yes i mean you can that you can thank you my results have been achieved in the field to find that should regulate translate for you know what well you know just like we did today is issue has been on the top of our agenda from the very beginning of the korbel crisis has let me out from governments trust that into .


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