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tv   Headline News  RT  September 5, 2013 11:00am-11:30am EDT

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freeboard video for your media projects free media r.t. dot com. leaders of the world's biggest economies gather in st petersburg with syria and u.s. trying plans eclipsing global financial concerns r.t. brings extensive coverage of the major summit. russia publishes a damning report showing syrian rebels were behind a chemical attack last march with evidence that the weapons use near aleppo were not from government stock. and u.k. record labels are said to break the pirate code as they look to revive their ailing industry by crushing free downloading user by user.
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seven pm in moscow you're watching r t with me we're going to joshua welcome to the program and leaders of the world's top twenty economies have gathered in st petersburg for the g. twenty summit to tackle some of today's biggest challenges. large is or is a chaise in our our g. twenty city in st petersburg with all the very latest updates on what's going on at the summit over here ari. and i thank you very much indeed i hope all is well in moscow as we are enjoying a just a gorgeous evening here in the venice of the north russia's noble thing capital that of st petersburg the venue all of the twenty thirteen g. twenty summit as you can see is just an absolutely glorious evening here just off the seven pm i six cathedral just behind my right shoulder that perhaps your left shoulder on your screen left right left right whatever the case i was in petersburg surrounded by multiple unesco world heritage sites it's
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a pleasure to be here for the g. twenty or the g. twenty that is predominantly an economic forum however for this time around a lot of people saying that well with obama's desire to strike into syria because of allegations of chemical weapons by the assad government is the issue of syria going to overshadow the issues of economic reform and stability and stimulation here at the g twenty let's find out more about it and cross over the aussies in a sonali she's just down the street from me here in st petersburg at the venue of the ongoing g. twenty summit day one for today an isa i understand i understand that the brics other brics members who are meeting on the sidelines here of the g. twenty of course a personal russia india china south africa and any developments from the brics nations. they did meet today the brics on this first day of the g. twenty summit in st petersburg and we've just heard in a briefing from our host lead singer who to spokes person to me through his scope just a little more about what they actually talked about behind closed doors of course
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their main focus on how to protect their emerging economies from any fallout from the richer countries then still suffering from the actions taken by the federal reserve in their quantitative easing but also over the brics many other issues are making their way. into the agenda this time. pointing out first off that president obama and vladimir putin of course a lot of speculation about their bilateral relations bilateral meeting which we're getting at this point is almost certainly not going to happen but still hasn't been confirmed completely one hundred percent so we'll see but he did point out that putin and obama do have a very constructive relationship although of course they do have many differences at the brics meeting the brics leaders talk not only about syria and their position which is that the only legitimate body that can approve any kind of action would be the u.n. security council that countries can go ahead unilaterally and do what they like but it will be illegitimate and it will be illegal and breaking international laws
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facts should not be manipulated to justify an attack which sort of the sentiment that was expressed by all of the brics china standing behind russia on its position that military intervention is not the way to go when it comes to this crisis in the brics countries also talked about some of the revelations that we've heard from whistleblower edward snowden of course another sore spot in russian relations the bric leaders basically. calling the electronic snooping the u.s. spying on them basically comparing it to terrorism nations not happy about that certainly that and syria is putting a damper on this summit they do see it as a violation of their sovereignty really these brics countries and brazil of in fact mentioned that they expect some kind of apology from the united states so a lot of the issues pushing finances i think it's fair to say out of the way a little bit at this summit this year. and he said as you were saying you bring up
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the subject of syria. certainly a lot of a lot of talking heads going on about it but as we know as we know the french president francois hollande has said in recent weeks that. that the assad government actually carried out three chemical attacks against its own people of course the u.k. prime minister cameron he had a resoundingly defeat in parliament just several days ago today saying you are not going to war in syria and even last night the secretary of state the u.s. secretary of state john kerry getting a grilling on capitol hill he tried to clear the way for some sort of military strike against syria any movements on done today i know we're supposed to be talking g. twenty economic for anything more on syria and he said. it's really beginning to look like the u.s. might have to go it alone yes they virtually have had support from france so far we'll know more after president obama sits down with french president francois hollande on what exactly the french support could mean whether or not it's just
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verbal but basically the european union. has come out and said we don't think military intervention is the way to go herman van rompuy saying that he believes it in fact is is not the way to go very straight forward. the president of the e.u. commission saying that political solution is the only way italy high hopes for this summit saying it's the last platform in which a possible political solution could be found on the syria crisis and germany also say they don't believe military intervention is the way to go but they're ready to put forward support to find a political solutions with looking like president obama hasn't come to the right place that he was hoping the g. twenty would bring them more support. in with them but i don't know so you bring up a very interesting point that when it comes to germany offering some sort of diplomatic support perhaps it was a german intelligence just a few weeks ago that actually made the rather casual announcement that the assad
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government was clearly winning in its war in its civil war against the rebels and why would i as many are saying why would the assad government used chemical weapons at a time not only when they're winning the war but also at the very moment that the u.n. chemical weapons inspectors get that boots on the ground in syria more details on that. thank you we'll talk to you very soon here on the program as we continue to broadcast live from the g. twenty summit on real research on odyssey both russia and china have been urging all the way along a diplomatic solution to the ongoing standoff with syria i know we spoke to a kitten jang from the chinese foreign ministry delegation here at the g. twenty he said no type of intervention at all must be done to syria without a u.n. mandate. tyner is against the use of chemical weapons by and in countries and you know validations or any individuals and if given what he's reported we believe that it is vitally important for the united nations
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to come back to the investigation anding. movement has to be based on the constitution of the united states and china and russia both appealing for countries consarn to be serious about the possible consequences. the use of a military being is resolved to the mandate of the u.n. security council. and here at the g twenty summit in st petersburg china's deputy finance minister has a warn that an attack on syria could potentially devastate the global economy but the strange thing is that china's position on syria it hasn't hasn't changed at all china has been with russia on the same side of the fence urging a diplomatic peaceful solution to what's happening in syria and yet china's position at no point is cause outrage in washington the whole time washington is
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outraged at russia for russia saying you must find a diplomatic solution while here at r.t. we spoke to a professor joseph chang from the city university of hong kong he believes that the u.s. at the end of the day cannot afford to damages ties with china over this conflict in syria. they certainly have a lot of common grounds not only on syria the they do not want to see too much you need to listen on the part of the united states they do not want to see too much domination on the part of the united states traditionally china respects the softening of developing countries china tends to adopt a lower profile in these criticisms of the united states china has substantial trade with the united states and in the recent summit informal summit in june between the two countries both china and the united states
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have indicated that they would like to avoid any serious deterioration in dubai leftover relationship they would like to and arse. trust speech in them. now regardless of regardless of the ongoing syrian conflict and the argument among world leaders about what to do with syria one of the bones of contention with much of the world regarding washington is washington's n.s.a. surveillance program we've been covering this story as have many networks across the world here for weeks and months now about the true extent of the n.s.a. sweeping surveillance programs not just in america but across europe central south america all around the world millions upon millions of people being spied upon and not just your average everyday citizen but also the governments and politicians as well at the summit today the bric leaders they said that this kind of global surveillance is utterly unacceptable brazil even wanted to hear an apology from president obama for breaching its previous see and also here in our conversation
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with the president of mexico the president saying that he at the end the day he actually thinks that america will have to cough up some sort of extravagance to try and many relations that have been so badly damaged by the revelations of the n.s.a. . just recently you had to talk with president obama and i would say the conversation was quite extensive did you discuss syria at all. not know we talked about information and the recent revelations about the u.s. intelligence services spying one of the countries in the mexican government called on the u.s. to conduct a thorough investigation and figure out who's responsible and to what degree for the spying if it really happened so we mostly talked about the actions that his administration would take in order to make this investigation happen and horrify the issues that have surfaced recently. many different opinions have been voiced in regards to the spying scandal and in order to solve all speculations the mexican government asked for this investigation and if the intelligence services did
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something that goes against international agreements or something illegal certain measures have to be taken and must be consequence. of us. well we are coming to you live from the venice of the north it is simply to the hosting venue of the twenty third g. twenty summit i'm rule received here for see katie pilbeam the host of venture capital i will be talking to her shortly she can give us some more insight into developments on anything regarding accomplishments so far on day one of the g. twenty summit. welcome back to our cities in moscow and we continue with the stories that we are running for you today as well while russia has released expert finding showing that a chemical attack in syria was apparently conducted by the rebels and not there is
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the assault in question killed dozens of people near the city of aleppo back in march the report comes as the u.s. strives to convince the world that syria's opposition has no access to chemical weapons artie's a group is going off reports. this is a detailed one hundred page long report which provides thorough analysis of the weapons which were used in that attack in aleppo in mid march and first of all it concludes that it wasn't fact a chemical attack the weapons which were used were custom made and were similar to the ones usually used by. one of the most radical rebel groups with links to al-qaeda fighting against president assad regime investigators also found traces of hexagon which was used to release the chemicals that is not the way it's done in the military and also found traces of the xyron nerve gas which was produced not industrially but it was homemade and found traces of another chemical which was used by western western nations in the times of the second world war so these are
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the main arguments presented this report which is to suggest that that attack in aleppo that the chemical attack was in fact conducted by syrian rebels this is actually the second time that we're hearing about the board russia already passed it over to the secretary general of the united nations back in july but neither then or now we are actually hearing about it international media basically de facto this report is being ignored by world powers and international media unlike the order to publish just recently on the recent attack near damascus they were presented by the intelligence services of the u.s. britain and the u.k. and all three suggest that that was a chemical attack which was conducted by syrian authorities a lot of media attention is currently being we'd to these reports basically the are
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in international spotlight even though one of the key arguments in all three is that while they are based on interceptions of communications satellite photos and open source poor switch are actually youtube videos. and information from other social networks the how correct it is is raising lots of questions and another argument shared by all three intelligence services pointing about it was the regime which held that attack is that the rebels the syrian rebels are simply incapable of dealing with chemical weapons something which is not approved it's not confirmed in the report presented by russia meanwhile the u.s. is rallying support for military intervention in syria at home and abroad secretary of state john kerry has said some arab nations have offered to bear the cost of a u.s. led campaign and he made the comments when briefing american lawmakers on plans to
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strike the war torn country let's now go live to new york and. their summary to tell us what else did john kerry say on the topic of arab states offering to pay for a u.s. attack. well u.s. secretary of state john kerry says that arab countries have presented quite a significant financial offer to the obama administration to help fund the u.s. military intervention in syria during his testimony before the house foreign relations committee kerry told lawmakers that if washington is prepared to carry out a military attack against damascus on its own which was a which washington washington has done previously and many other parts of the world that some arab countries have proposed to pay for the entire operation america's top diplomat says the offer is currently on the table now in theory if a u.s. missile strike and being funded by arab countries and offer that kerry says
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proposed publicly to lawmakers that this is essentially means that the u.s. military would be working as a contractor or a mercenary force or block water if you will for its arab partners now america's top diplomat told u.s. representatives that. being militarily bankrolled by arab countries is not in the cards and it's not an option the obama administration is currently considering but why would kerry speak publicly about the reported proposal if it wasn't being considered a valuable offer in any way now on wednesday meanwhile the u.s. senate foreign relations committee approved a resolution for the use of force against syria the draft reportedly sets a sixty day deadline for the use of military force in syria with one thirty day extension it does prohibit troops on the ground now the bill also includes an amendment by senator john mccain indicating that the policy of the u.s.
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is to change the momentum on the battlefield in syria the other two goals aim to degrade damascus is. chemical weapons capability and strengthen it. the opposition secretary kerry reportedly said that he would prefer for the final bill to have something of a clause in it that would allow the white house to take military action for another sixty days if the obama administration finds that the syrian government uses chemical weapons again now the bill that was approved by the senate foreign relations committee now goes to the full set it for debate and there might be a bill voted on by congress as early as next week or if your. own memory is a very much indeed for that and for following the situation for us there in new york there. now let's take a look at some of the stories after the break don't go away including an offense of
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launched by record labels against pirates. as a series supplier role deepens division. and recession the ranks of the global economy . the power elite gather in st petersburg. the russia the g. twenty summit on our. favorite. economic ups and downs in the final months day belong to the old saying i and the rest because it's going to be casey it will be everything we own all the.
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welcome back you're with r.t. file sharers are facing a crackdown in britain a new anti-piracy code could see hundreds of thousands of internet users blog by their providers and even prosecuted for downloading unlicensed movies and music representatives of struggling media companies will be sharing their grievances with a prime minister joining a private discussion next week artie's laura smith has more. well basically this is
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a move to make internet service providers essentially police the internet so it's a voluntary thing so far but if the likes of these big sort of internet providers here in the u.k. virgin media bt b. sky b. talk talk that kind of people if they sign up is understood what they'll do is create a database of repeat offenders if you like repeat illegal downloads that first be sent a letter if that letter was then ignored they would seize sites being blocks they could potentially see the slowing down of their internet connection and i think right up to and including prosecution now jim collector of the open rights group is here to talk to me about this he's our go to guy for all things concerning internet and rights on the internet now these i s p's policing the internet basically though they'd be doing it at the behest of an on behalf of these rich huge industry titans music business film business will they be willing to do that you think is it legal is should they be the ones to do it you kind of things you don't mind i think would
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be very very illegal i think would be extremely dodgy doing those kinds of things you can't just simply start blocking sites restricting somebody as internet just because they've. been entered on a database people do have legal rights copyright is a legal right and the people i could take you to court might well be reasonable at least then you would know what the evidence was somebody could say well look i'm innocent i didn't do this it was not me and you could see some kind of logical conclusion that you know is transparent i think the internet is suddenly become interesting to everybody the secret services governments big industries they all want to copy the information you want to have operated in their interests rather than the interests of individuals and all this sort of you know letters sending threats this is where you are you know you customers and it's not a way to actually make money and collect thanks very much of course there's another important question who will pay the keep in this data. out of the safe will
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probably be you in the shape of increased broadband charges now meanwhile creators of spy ware are reaping huge profits from government snooping schemes that's according to the latest investigation by wiki leaks which reveals cozy ties between private i.t. firms and intelligence agencies can't find that report on our website our to dot com. and back to our top story now and standing by for us and st petersburg with all the very latest from the g. twenty summit. well there is a lot of a politicking going on him arena here at the g. twenty summit twenty thirteen innocent petersburg i'm rory sushi for razzi we're getting very low on time because we're trying to speak to world leaders and getting all sorts of interviews as well so before you before i waste any more of your time
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here just to say that some of the main issues at the g. twenty tax evasion a possible plans to create a new i.m.f. also forging fresh economic alliances let's get some more details now on the host of oxys venture capital is katie pilbeam she has this report. paul there is not cooperation in terms of politics perhaps there certainly is with the economics because we've heard the president vladimir putin he has addressed his fellow leaders here the g. twenty leaders which can comprise the likes of german chancellor angela merkel we've got all the heads hit which make up ninety percent of the world economy very important people and they have agreed that tax evasion needs to be tackled in the almost phrase the fact that they have a problem for the other they are going to be clamping down we're talking about higher taxes in places that are often referred to as tax havens as well as that strict laws and regulations and he as i say he did praise the fact that they've
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managed to agree upon the lease and it's all about growth as well in terms of long term quality great to stay and high unemployment needs to be tackled we know that two hundred million people are still unemployed in the world seventy three million of those are used which is the biggest concern perhaps now let's talk about the emerging economies because they are in the center at the moment in terms of economics because they have been taking a battering recently and that's because of ben bernanke you the federal reserve chairman announcing that he would be imposing tapering and other words taking out the money that he's been pumping into the system near september not interesting enough we spoke to the former finance minister of russia let's say could today and he was talking about the fact that the global economy is almost like a sick man and that this stimulus is almost like the the medicine that subjective into the six miles let's have a listen to what he had to say. she just got to work america.
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its current state can be characterized as being on life support for its avoid confrontations are being kept running by the federal reserve the european central bank and other banks. directions. this should only be temporary if a sick man goes through treatment and it doesn't help there's no point continuing it is an ongoing effort now to buy time for reforms and changes but this will end in the world's economies will be left to stand on their own feet which countries economies will be able to stand and which ones won't remains to be seen. and indeed we will find out who are the healthy economies when the medicine when the steroids are taken away and that's why at the likes of india which is suffering the most at the moment having lost a fifth of the review that kind see because it's the current is that already suffering in the emerging world as well another topic that is being approached.
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or it's well we've got a much more live coverage to continue here from the twenty third g. twenty in st petersburg you can see us in about half an hour's time. and abby martin is next with breaking i said they were there in. iraq afghanistan the balkans somalia haiti libya yemen and so on and so on the list of engagements and airstrikes by post cold war nato just keeps getting longer and now it looks like it's serious turn a lot of people have written me asking me to predict what is going to happen next which for me is a possible i'm not good at predicting the future but i can see is that we are living in a very tense moment in history many argue that the u.s. economy with its unfathomable debt is really propped up by war in the petro dollars
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so if the us backs down here what could be the beginning of the end for the world's only hyper power but if they do attack syria there will probably be some sort of reaction from iran russia and china is. you haven't noticed nato has been trying to encircled these nations and in russian internet conspiracy land a lot of people are saying that russia is next you see if there is no resistance in syria then one by one all resistance to the un ending hunger of nato will be smashed out one by one the reason syria is so important and so scary is that you have one massive military force that could be very motivated to attack for its old self interest while you have a group of massive military forces how they voted to counterattack for their own self interests this is a very tense standoff that could lead to a major moment in history military history but that's just my opinion.
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welcome to breaking the sets i'm happy for the other ones waiting on pins and needles to wait to see if the u.s. attacks syria or not the death toll resulting from america's previous middle east in this adventure continues to rise because yesterday we think seven iraqi citizens were killed after multiple car bombings tore through central baghdad and you know what most of you probably didn't even bat an eye at that number because in the aftermath of america's imperialist experiment that's just a regular.


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