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tv   Cross Talk  RT  September 6, 2013 3:29pm-4:01pm EDT

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just keeps getting longer and now it looks like it's serious turn a lot of people have written me asking me to predict what is going to happen next which for me is impossible i am not good at predicting the future but i can say is that we are living in a very tense moment in history many argue that the us economy with its unfathomable debt is really propped up by war and the petro dollar so if the us backs down here won't could be the beginning of the end for the world's only hyper power but if they do attack syria there will probably be some sort of reaction from iran russia and china if you haven't noticed nato has been trying to encircled these nations and in russian internet conspiracy land a lot of people are saying that russia is next you see if there is no resistance in syria then one by one all resistance to the un ending hunger of nato will be smashed out one by one the reason syria is so important and so scary is that you have one massive military force that could be very motivated to attack for its own self interest while you have a group of massive military forces how they voted to counterattack for their own
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self interests this is a very tense standoff that could lead to a major moment in history military history but that's just my opinion. dramas that can't be ignored. stories others of the few stupid noakes. faces change the world right. to picture books days. from around the globe. look. don't get me.
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hello and welcome to crossfire all things considered i'm peter lavelle summit showdown as g twenty leaders meet in st petersburg top of the agenda is obama's drive to strike syria because coalition of the willing is weak and divided with a lot of near putin staunchly against any military strike without a u.n. security council resolution while this summit be remembered as the last step before still another disastrous western intervention in the earth world. to cross not the g twenty summit and the syrian crisis i'm joined by my guests in washington brian becker he is the national coordinator of the answer coalition and we also have michael maloof he is a senior reporter for the world net daily and a former analyst for the defense department right gentlemen cross-talk rules and i mean you can jump in anytime you want brian if i can go to you first i usually
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don't put much stock into some it but if there ever was a summit in modern history in modern times this is an ideal time for world leaders to talk about the crisis in syria but it's probably not going to happen. the g. twenty summit the elephant in the room is the looming criminal invasion or not invasion perhaps of a massive bombing campaign against syria yes all the world leaders are there almost all of them oppose it most of the people of the world oppose it of course by a ninety percent margin the people of the united states oppose it but president obama is going through the steps right now to show he's a world leader he's on the world stage but in fact he's acting and carrying out plans just like george w. bush and this will be repudiated by the people of syria the people the region and the people of the united states michael you know way and you were in the defense department in two thousand and three compare two thousand and three two thousand
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and thirteen. well the comparisons are startling. the similarities there are startling the slam dunk information of two thousand and three that the intelligence community had complete with signals intelligence recordings of voices going back and forth and here again where we're hearing from kerry today we know because we have signals intelligence that tells us that it was the syrian regime that use the chemical weapons and i have very serious question because of the because we were wrong back in two thousand and three i think we really need to vet what what was the source of the information and we really haven't learned completely at least the american people haven't been informed what that sourcing was if it came out of the israelis i have very grave doubts about it because they have their own axe to grind they want to see those chemical weapons in
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. syria to be destroyed and they're in who knows that they could've concocted something it's my understanding that information from the israelis was then passed to the u.s. intelligence service well then if that's the case we don't have any separate information we don't have people on the ground to develop a verify it's all signals intelligence that's been used at all technical intelligence and there's no way to verify the asadi of that information as we learned in two thousand and three it was all a set up it was all of the suction by the by saddam hussein at that time to make the iranians feel then that he still had a capability and that's what we picked up on and that's what colin powell then went to the u.n. and to the world and we have the proof of this and as tenet said it was like a slam dunk evidence and it wasn't right one jumping ahead. yeah i don't think saddam hussein was trying to trick the iranians i think the u.s.
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government then knew just as they know now that saddam hussein did not have chemical weapons there had been no country that had been inspected as much as his iraq had been every war needs a pretext they're never going to say yeah we're going to go in and bomb your country and occupy your territory or dominate this region because it has all the oil and we want to exploit it they're going to give it a noble cause it's going to be protecting civilians in libya it's going to be stopping weapons of mass destruction in iraq it's going to be for democracy some noble cause that wars of aggression always need in order to justify to give a public rationale why would assad used chemical weapons knowing that it would be the one thing that would trigger western intervention in a war that he was winning he was winning because he had the advantage in the battlefield and he has popular support and he has international allies the only way he can lose is if the west comes in why would assad used chemical weapons against sleeping civilians and babies from a military point of view this whole thing is
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a staged provocation in order to do what the washington government has finally decided to do use direct intervention to overthrow a government that they have targeted just like they target saddam and khadafi because they don't want independent nationalist governments in this oil rich resource rich geo strategically important part of the world michael do you agree with the timing there because they don't even want to wait for inspectors they don't even want to wait for the u.n. report they have enough evidence quote unquote their own. there's teary motives to all of this. because. your motive is outside outside of syria and that's saudi arabia and the fact that we that the obama administration is totally ignored any evidence and information presented to the u.n. about the opposition's capability of launching chemical weapons to me is a major omission it's stark and all of this is being guided by the saudis who who
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carry admitted in testimony the other day that the saudis actually. offered to pay if the united states if we went in and basically undertook regime change and that's what this is all about supply and it's the saudis and iran because of its influence in the and in the united states has to play the role of a mercenary brian because i i read those reports little mercenaries once again brian go ahead jump in when we were saying that where were the red and i saw your face up on the mike like. michael michael is right in one sense because the saudis are driving it the israelis of course want this to there is a regional interest but the united states government doesn't have its policies its a great power it's the leading imperial power in the world in this region in particular it's not being dragged into something there was also the neo conservative wing of the foreign policy establishment it wasn't just bush and
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cheney and rumsfeld it also included john kerry it also includes hillary clinton they were demanding earlier that the obama administration escalate its intervention because the the agency of civil war which was the preferred option was not succeeding in overthrowing assad so here we have obama coming into their camp the camp of the interventionist the camp of the neo conservatives like kerry said yesterday we are the indispensable nation talking like the great empire that they want to be in order to create in americans fear of influence and in the thing that they couldn't do before they're going to do now they're going to carry out not a limited option a limited strike those are going to be big attacks because they want to take down assad they're only telling the american people no boots on the ground and it's going to be limited for one reason the american people are so opposed to this war that obama has to promise them don't worry all the bleeding will be done by syrians you keep going shopping don't don't don't come out into the streets i mean here we have the government saying it's so urgent we must bomb syria but telling the
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american people don't worry no sacrifice on our part we'll just drop the bombs yeah but michael i mean the american people are against it but it's not going to happen it's still going to happen ok i mean there is democracy in action part of the hypocrisy of august. part of the hypocrisy of all this is that we those liberals and those neo conservatives did nothing when saddam hussein gassed. whole object killed and killed five thousand iraqi kurds did nothing when. saddam was bombing using chemical weapons against iran where were they then i mean if this whole thing is to enforce the chemical weapons convention a little too late. michael you know it also let's not forget what the u.s. did with chemical weapons when you drop billions of gallons of agent orange in vietnam they fully ate the complete country create birth defects for generations to
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come in addition to the impact on american soldiers i mean that's a chemical when you use white phosphorus when you use cluster bombs which are not chemical weapons but anti personal weapons the u.s. paid as israeli drug israel dropped hundreds of thousands of them on lebanon in two thousand and six there was no outrage the idea that u.s. foreign policy or new military strike is driven by the moral outrage of these millionaires in the senate or in the white house because of their tenure concern for people is ludicrous this is a war for empire and it's even worse michael it because at the end of the day you need to remove he is going to say it's russia's faults that's what they're going to say they're already saying you know of course so. the american government is telling the american people they can't go to the united nations because russia will automatically veto any resolution but the putin government said show us the evidence and if you show is the evidence then the u.n. will consider it we would consider it but of course he knows that the united states
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well can't show evidence and won't show evidence and so of course the united states is using russia as a punching bag to say russia is the reason we can't go to be united nations and why we must act unilaterally in a new war but you know what i think it's very interesting you mention that because putin said he would consider a resolution but maybe when it's determined that the rebels use chemical weapons they go after them that's when a resolution would work he presented what putin presented documentation to the effect that chemical weapons that were fired in aleppo actually came from iraq from dury who was one of saddam hussein's henchmen one of his top inner circle guys and they actually were producing chemical weapons. in north northwestern iraq those the a defector came out from al duri staff and actually claimed that he had documentation to show that that the chemical weapons then were transferred from iraq into turkey
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and given to the opposition to be used and aleppo and that's when the ponty from the u.n. the u.n. investigator back in early may said that she was fairly convinced. upon investigation that in fact was from the rebels not from the good brian brian you know what it means that you have received any media brian you never see that mainstream media do you know you have to look for. that when we talk about the mainstream media in the united states all the talking heads on t.v. the pundits who actually know nothing about anything but talk endlessly it's just the propaganda war is for the pentagon as we get ready for the next generation i have to jump in here we're going to go to a short break and after that short break we'll continue our discussion on syria and the g. twenty stay part. they
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are hunted down as terrorists they hide in the woods and prepared to become suicide bombers only their mothers still believe these young men can be saved. oh you've gotten so fen. the mothers won't sleep at night they'll follow their sons into the woods find them and return them to a peaceful life they killed almost everybody. had been able to take him away from maybe that was by chance. how does it feel to be a terrorist mother. did you have even the slightest chance come home.
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my son terrorised on o.t. . ok. i do have a crock you welcome you to ted you're all over jane it's a little while in the middle of the chesapeake bay on the virginia. county. rampage here all in the chesapeake bay probably one of the best areas in the phone call for us. this is an old picture of ten year island before the channel was good for zero zero zero here. way up there. as go all. right here are some of the headstones from the graves it for here this is a fruit that's what we don't want happen to taint your all and we want to get some protection to make sure that we don't go into the chesapeake bay like uppers did in other communities.
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welcome back across the uk we're all things are considered i'm peter lavelle two minds who were discussing the g twenty in the crisis in syria. ok if i go back to brian in washington one of the saddest things with anything about all of this is that we all know that there's going to be a strike even though it's against international law there's nothing about self-defense when it comes the united states that's ludicrous we know it's going to happen but you know what gentlemen we probably know the outcome is well a disaster. well we know for the syrian people certainly it will be
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a disaster they've had a foreign fueled civil war that's taken so many thousands of lives tens of thousands of lives you know one thing peter i i haven't given up on the possibility that this war actually could be stopped the american people by a by a margin of ninety percent oppose it there's a lot of pressure on congress on september seventh there are going to be people in the streets of all over the united states yes the military industrial complex has had the bit in its mouth and the obama administration's lining up the republican war makers but the american people need to come into the streets too and say no to a government that's going to do this terrible act caring so much tragedy for the people of syria and the region they have to say you're not going to do this in our name not with our consent we're going to be in the streets and we are trying we're doing everything to mobilize public opinion against a really wish you were right but i'm a pessimist here michael you want to jump in there go ahead. you know. even if the
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congress says no even like the polls show that the american people are opposed the president obama under his authority as commander in chief can launch any time he wants on of the war resolutions up to nine hundred seventy eight all the us to do some form of the congress you don't have to go get approval when this is this is and he's already put a marker down on that one wants to do this that seems to me this is the trick it's trickery it's legal trickery i don't care what the u.s. congress thinks about anything i don't care what a senator from texas thinks about syria an attack on syria by the united states is of legal under international law see this is how they're selling an old congress gave them permission brien this is how they're selling it right congress now let's go to brian congress does not congress the congress does not have the right to pass illegal resolutions and then pretend that they conform with international law article fifty one of the u.n. charter to which the united states is
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a signatory and that means it's the highest law of the land in the united states says a member state can only attack another member state in the case of imminent self-defense imminent self defense in other words to stop an attack in fact syria has according to international law the right to retaliate against the united states because unlike the united states syria is not threatening the united states it would be the victim and so the assumption of the attack by the obama administration is that syria is too weak or small or vulnerable to actually use its legal right to carry out an attack against u.s. targets and he's telling the american people they won't strike there won't be represented but in fact obama or hey girl or john kerry or mccain they don't know what the rep recover they're going to be this is dangerous games when you carry out another war of aggression with the latest most developed high tech weapons against a country that's at peace with the united states so they don't really know where it ends they know how to start a war they don't know as we learn from iraq how to end a war michael they know how to start it but they don't know how to end it but you
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know there. well that's true because i think that's what we have here what what they're operating under as as far as i can see is in force meant for once of the of the chemical weapons convention there is no there is a compliance provision of that of that convention but there is no one force and it's really up to the member states and even though the united states never reacted to saddam hussein's massive gassing and killing of people on a massive scale for some reason now they all feel pious and almighty that they have to now respond to this this allegation and within which it's not clear who really did it brian i mean i mean right and i might add one other thing i want to add one other thing michael go ahead there was a meeting there was a secret meeting recently between prince bandar and president putin in moscow in which bandar himself said he was prepared to turn off and turn on and off the to be
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able to switch on a switch off the foreign fighters if putin would change his position on syria and iran and the meeting was considered to be an outrage by putin i'll tell you the real target of all this if if syria is attacked then i think there ought to be serious consideration given to looking at riyadh as a as an alternative target and as a result of that they are the crux of this entire problem they are the crux of these foreign fighters well in two thousand and three i thought that was the right target but i was wrong maybe in the future brian but let's talk about because we'll talk to you later is there trying to talk here brian the real target here is a run isn't it because you take out syria right then you have hezbollah i mean this is what it's all about this is what for thirty years the neo cons have been of waiting for this moment their moment to march through damascus.
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exactly what they're trying to do is overcome the effect of the iranian revolution which took away from the united states its principal second axis of power in this oil rich region the u.s. relied in the nixon doctrine on israel on the west the shah of iran on the east that was a major loss for the united states for the empire they have decided then and continue to decide every day that iran must go that the iranian government must be overthrown in their using a combination of economic sanctions and threats but now they're a limb in aiding the most important arab ally for iran syria which has been a longtime ally of iran and they're also hoping by the elimination of the syrian government that they will be able to change the equation again in lebanon take out hezbollah as a resistance force so this is trying to create an entire sort of colonization of this region take out syria after having taken out iraq and libya and then reduce
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hezbollah's influence and ultimately have iran standing isolated facing all of the western powers who are determined to overthrow the iranian government not because they care about human rights because they had the shah of iran you can't be less democratic than the shah and he was their puppet but because they want a puppet they only want puppets in this region yes ok brian very good analysis michael does it ever really work out last ten years as it worked out once so it does in a good way i don't know it has not and this is syria in effect syria in effect has become the proxy war between iran and saudi arabia and we have become the saudi arabia's instrument in all of this unfortunately and we just don't know any better our u.s. influence is so low now this is going to be even worse but this also represents is it is an extension of the security reason that between israel and saudi arabia that has existed for years now. and so that this is all part of the larger picture
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and syria has just become. the. person to the country to beat up on to extend this it would it would certainly have a major impact throughout the throughout the entire arab world and if somehow. assad can survive i can i can tell you that the arab countries are really going to be in desperate ways because they're going to be very very fearful of their own retribution as a consequence and i think that that's something that they're very fearful of and they see that they see that the possibility that they're over looking and not even considering the fact that al qaeda exactly the muslim brotherhood can move into these areas exactly and and they're just living day by day and we haven't even consider the ramifications and here we were already appeared on the science side as i did ok but according to john kerry that the the rebels have been hype been
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hijacked by jihad is he said that yesterday to congress brian i mean that's just totally you know this is what kind of world to see living in i mean this is i mean here we even talked about this. yes i mean carrying camouflaging the fact that the united states has worked with the same kind of political forces who are in the opposition in syria for a long time they blocked with them in one thousand nine hundred ninety nine when there was a socialist government in afghanistan that drew when the soviet union into afghanistan but the operation supporting like osama bin laden in the mujahideen in the same political forces that was used by the united states in seventy nine but use them at some points they oppose them and other points they don't really care what they really are trying to do in syria is to destroy it's like a wrecking ball they're trying to wreck and destroy and hobble any country that has an independent nationalist government in the region so even if the islamic extremists like al qaida or the nusra front come to power in syria afterwards syria
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is a damaged hobbled country it will be damaged in hobbled as libya is today for years and years to come that means the u.s. and israel and their proxies can become the the secure dominant force in this important region so the u.s. doesn't really care that much what comes after assad because their main goal is to show all the independent governments again iran especially but all the independent governments in the world we have the united states will decide whether you live or die we have the power we are the empire so it's a message that the u.s. is sending to all who dare resist the empire ok michael but what about the issue of blowback ok because syria does have some significant military iran as well. the upshot of all this is that you know if there is resistance i think that there's going to be. it's going to be it's going to spread throughout the region not to
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mention the fact that you're going to have one. huge humanitarian disaster on your hands if all assad should fall because he's actually protected all the minorities in the in that country for years and and now i just got a report this morning from damascus that. types just took over a. thousand year old christian church and looted it burned it and killed a bunch of people this is what this is the alternative to to what's going on in the united states is complicit in allowing this to happen michael and not a positive note can we still have geneva two point two got twenty seconds yes i think we can have geneva two i think and foreign minister lavrov has been pushing that i think i would hope that out of this g. twenty eight a geneva two can emerge and people can settle down and calm down and we can start
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getting this this whole thing and this is what the opposition's been trying to prevent is another is a genie able to simply because gentlemen thank you very much mr chairman a negotiator across many thanks today to my guest in washington and thanks to our viewers for watching us here i can see you next time and remember. this. is a. if you leave with these economic ups and downs in the finite months they belong to the
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a real discussion of critical issues facing america have on the front ready to join the movement then walk a little bit hard. to please speak your language such. as programs and documentaries in arabic it's all here on all t.v. reporting from the world talks about six of p.r.p. interviews intriguing stories to tell you. it's been trying. to find out more visit our big. good leverage sure. was. most sophisticated which doesn't give a darn about anything mission to teach why you should care about you and.
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this is why you should care only. coming up on r t on capitol hill the debate over u.s. military intervention in syria continues and even though obama gained approval from the senate foreign relations committee there are major hurdles ahead we'll tell you more next and in war torn syria the violence has reached a small town near the nation's capital it's a village that holds one of the oldest christian minorities in the world growing concerns of this community coming up and don't forget to put your best face forward the department of homeland security is putting together a huge database for facial recognition but does this really help law enforcement more on that in today's show.


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