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tv   Breaking the Set  RT  September 7, 2013 11:29am-12:01pm EDT

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hour and current today and he writes quote drone strikes are causing more and more yemenis to hate america and join radical militants they're not driven by ideology but rather by a sense of revenge and despair rather than winning the hearts and minds of yemeni civilians america's alienating them by killing their relatives and friends unfortunately before even even had the chance to be buried the u.s. launched a brand new drone strike on pakistan today that's killed at least six people. rest in peace you know him and know that your words and actions have shed a grand light on a policy of covert global murder tired yet of america's sick game of drones and join me and let's break the set. the butler please please take and leave very hard to take under the tree of life that you ever had sex with the perfect they're looking.
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for that. little. oh. oh oh oh. please. please. please. the war drums are beating loudly in the halls of congress while leading obama officials continue to try to convince the house to vote as the senate foreign relations committee did for military strikes on syria if congress votes no the world will be watching to see if obama has the audacity to take unilateral action how deep in the support of his own government now amidst the sea of propaganda and warmongering. there's one politician in the u.k.
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that has been a vocal opponent to this new war his name is george galloway and he's a founding member of the respect party in parliament or earlier i spoke with him about the repercussions a military strike could have on the region as well as the rest of the world check it out. sadly if my birthday wish doesn't look like it's going to come true let's talk about the latest on syria there's talk of using fighter jets and training rebel forces on the ground instead of just army and then why is it that the u.s. is aligning itself with the same terrorist organization it claims to be fighting in the war on terror george. indeed the relatives of those who were lost on nine eleven who are cruelly muddled and thousands must be asking themselves how their country and it up in bed with al qaeda and not just in bed but arming them to the teeth as the force armor our finances it is one of the most grotesque about faces in all history and the people of the united states
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overwhelmingly oppose it but there are political leaders appear to be ready to endorse it behind me is the british parliament normally a lot dog a poodle of american political leaders but just the other week we revolted and stood up and said this far north for the no war in syria and the two reflected overwhelmingly the popular opinion in the country about the united states has not been stopped even by the failure of the british to shore up in another shooting war yeah i mean the poverty is running really strong and i was surprised to see the criminal conspirators from dr in iraq intelligence in the british parliament vote no it made me really happy a lot of proud proud moments there from the world leaders and as we've seen unfold in iraq post occupation there's now a complete civil war rifle sectarian violence it's
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a complete disaster is it the decision makers don't understand the religion and the region or is it that they just don't care. i don't think religion has anything to do with religion's believe in the prophets peace be upon them our leaders believe in the prophets and how to get a bigger piece of them it's about domination it's about israel it's about the projection of american power and the terrifying of potential rivals and competitors in this case principle russia and china i don't think they are acting very terrified at this moment and so the united states is in for a contested war in syria and that's why the congressional representatives would be wise to heed the lesson of iraq the united states lost thousands of soldiers and tens of thousands of wounded soldiers maimed many of them for ever and many of them
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committing suicide or mothering people when they got home in the decade since many of them of course ending up on the streets homeless and jobless the congressional representatives ought to be aware that what will begin with the flow rate of tomahawk missiles and how obscene is it that the united states calls its killing weapons after of the people that it and i hated in order to occupy the country in the first place it will start with a flurry of tomahawk cruise missiles but it will end in a shooting war on the ground and with an occupation and one in a country with twenty three religious and ethnic groups within it and in the most combustible possible piece of territory on the the syrian people will fight them back serious friends will fight them back and they will fight them back everywhere not just in syria. you know i say it's like we're killing syrians to show the syrian regime that killing syrians is wrong i just can't wrap my head around it
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george and the stakes are very high as you just. put put put this one in your mind be the next time you see president obama be clapping in a christian church the. town called which i know very well. will the people of the last people on still conducting christian services in the language of jesus and. it is one of the most beautiful and peaceful places on the are filled with christian churches and monasteries a nun henri's and the people that were slaughtered over the last four days literally slaughtered with the next. heads sawn off the christian churches are on the hands of al qaida that's. paid for. by the united states of america it makes me physically ill to hear that george that we're actually bombing the cradle of civilization the birthplace of humanity we're
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not respecting the birthplace of christianity and in terms of these leaders who claim that they're christian george we've both been reporting that i'm done never done telling us it was back to you know how christian. they were on the sleeves. well you know we've both been reporting that a british firm allegedly sold nerve gas to syria let's wrap our minds around this one ten months after the civil war broke out also the digital journal is reporting that the. elegance gave the rebels chemical weapons why are these insanely contradictory facts not reported on in such a serious climate of debate. well we can't we can't even get them in the british so-called mainstream media the fact that karl appointed the united nations rapporteur in may of this year just a few months ago at the beginning of the summer this summer reported that the syrian rebels had used the very sarin nerve gas that they are telling us now must have been used by the assad regime the turkish authorities captured
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a group of syrian rebels making their way across the turkish border during loads of this very sudden gust they were trying to pretend you have to be a state to have your hands on sarin gas but less than twenty years ago a group of shinto obscurantist living on the lip of mount fuji in tokyo used this gas in the tokyo underground killing and maiming a very large number of people in the name of shinto so any group any gang any moment of gangsters can get our hands on southern gas and i am absolutely convinced that the russian president putin is correct i don't believe he'd be continuing to insist upon it if he had any doubt about that this weaponry either was an accidental discharge from the rebels stockpile or was a deliberate provocation to bring in the western powers into this war which of
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course as soon as president obama drew a red line on this issue he was openly inviting so that's one point but the other point is this behind me and the british parliament in the one nine hundred twenty s. winston churchill said this upon dropping chemical weapons on iraqi kurds he said and i quote i don't understand why all the fuss is about dropping gas on rebel tribesmen in the north of iraq we have been dropping chemical weapons on p. . of the so-called third world for the best part of a century united states dropped an ocean of chemical weapons on the people of vietnam and their children are still being born today deformed as a result of it the united states used chemical weapons against the rocket assistance in fallujah just a decade ago and this really used chemical weapons against the palestinian people in gaza just three years ago the hypocrisy is monumental it's of
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proportion it's a stone media george will not report this it's astounding and yeah i mean the toxic legacy and flew shows even astronomically more than her roshan shockingly enough and as you said on the four parliament you said it would assad be insane and math to launch a chemical weapons attack on the exact same day that u.n. weapons inspectors are right in the basket and if he is that insane what's going to happen when we do launch tomahawk cruise missiles over the region george i want to move on to israel you mention israel before right now they are lobbying super hard on the hill right now a pac is going out on a full on lobbying campaign for syria strikes how much of this war is about israel . well it's a full court press by the israel lobby in britain and in the united states they failed in britain they appear to be succeeding in the united states and at least on mosques a pretty monumental conspiracy john kerry told the world that the out of the regimes
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in the persian gulf are going to pay for this war israel is lobbying hard for the wall war and getting ready for it so we have the most grotesque coalition ever assembled in history out qaida the united states israel saudi arabia and other persian gulf states who could have made such a scenario but be careful what you wish for because i'm certain israel will be in this war big time and very quickly because i'm certain that syria and its friends will immediately turn the war take the war to israel in the first hours after the united states bombardment of syria begins israel presumably will retaliate and enter the war will then have an arab israeli war fought on top of the oil fields and in the midst of one of the washed depressions the developed world
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has ever seen so look for the oil price rocketing perhaps quadrupling as it did in one thousand nine hundred seventy three seventy four look out for the straits of hormuz being blocked unoiled moving out of the gulf to the world look out for the suez canal being blocked and attacked look out for war throughout the world there is going to be modern and mayhem throughout the world not happy clappy mr christian barack obama who just the other day was hailing the memory of martin luther king is about to visit on the world was a disgrace and i didn't think clarence that you know in fascism comes to america to be wrapped in the american flag and. on a bible george i wanted to talk about your documentary you just are to kickstarter for the killing of tony blair what is this movie and you're kind of a big deal i'm sure you have got a lot of corporate sponsors to make this film why go the grassroots route well we
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wanted democratic funding of the film i could have gone to a few rich people and raised a lot of money but i decided to go to thousands of not rich people under is a little money from each of them and we reached our kickstarter fifty thousand pound that's about seventy thousand dollars kickstarter fund limit we reached in less than one week so we have just under thirty days to go to raise the money that we need to make the equivalent of nine eleven we intend our goal is a vicious we intend to put tony blair the middle east peace envoy that's going well isn't it tony in prison for crimes against humanity for war crimes he muttered of the labor party he helped moderate a million people in iraq he has caused uncountable deaths in afghanistan and in lebanon and in palestine and in syria where he's going. on for
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a new war he's sold his soul to the devil and sold his services to some of the most devilish corporations and dictatorships in the world it's quite a lot of meat for a documentary michael moore watch out i'm coming to take you along so tony blair has made it kelly kelly now massive amount of people and he like many of his criminal parts here in the us it's free while people who stand up to the system rot in prison seems like this isn't simply upside down we have about a minute left george but you are an anomaly you've been working within the system for years you founded the respect party in parliament how is it that you've not been pushed out of office yet. well i've been elected six times to parliament. older than i look. very young man when i had to of parliament it was a problem of being a member of not sure if it is today but i have stood firm with my principle and i share with mr georgiou the distinction of being the only two man in
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british history to be elected six times in two countries in four different constituencies and that's where the similarity between me and winston churchill will clear that people want to hear what you have to hear they want you to stand up for the voiceless thank you so much you're here to meet george galloway party leader thank you so much. how about the. still ahead activists gathered in front of the white house to call attention the force feeding having to get no detainee. was there and help bring us the latest. wealthy british style. expert on. the market why not. come to. find out what's really happening to the
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global economy with mike's concert for a no holds barred look at the global financial headlines tune into kinds a report on our books right from the scene. first trip to a not a gripping picture. on our reporters twitter. and instagram. could be in the. unlocked. the media leave us so we leave the media. by the scene push a security play your party there's a bill. for shoes that no one is asking with the guests that you deserve answers from it's all on politics only on our t.v. .
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one animal or many it's out of sight out of mind what the dozens of innocent men being held indefinitely who have already been cleared for release years ago or lately the corporate media has been enjoying a total blackout on any news about. but one group of activists have been consistently calling attention to the issue by holding rallies here in washington d.c. every week demanding that the president be closed they're going to separate us from animal rob lowe got a chance to attend one of these you meet demonstrations outside of the white house
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check out. the right. demonstrators outside the white house are once again calling on the obama administration to close guantanamo bay prison and the practice of force feeding detainees that are currently on a hunger strike the hunger strike once on a mall has now far surpassed two hundred days demonstrators are here again trying to raise awareness about the plight of these prisoners human rights groups as well as the un have declared the practice of force feeding a form of torture a point being made by activists on the discounted eighty's who has undergone a sixty one day fast in solidarity with get more prisoners i've been fasting for sixty one days on water only some calories through coconut water but mostly water and vitamins and minerals and salt. and i've lost fifty two pounds as part of the demonstration contraries underwent a nasal gastric feeding right in front of the white house are as i have
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a gun culture play are where it turned out rage this procedure is similar to what hunger strikers at guantanamo are forced to undergo every day and serves to highlight what life is really like for residents of the world's most controversial detention facility when i went through today i can't tell you i thought it was going to be so much simpler it was excruciating it was absolute agony and every step of the way i didn't know it was going to hurt so much that when he pulled it out it was horrible and when he put it in it was everything that was brutal and for him for that to happen twice a day to be prisoners is unimaginable to me closing guantanamo was a main pillar of obama's two thousand and eight campaign at the facility remains open and it nearly half a billion dollars a year to operate get most is the most expensive prison on the planet it's a fact not overlooked by colonel morris davis former chief prosecutor at the
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detention camp saying different figures but something in excess of two million dollars per person per year which federal prison here cost in the thirty to thirty five thousand dollars per year range so it's just a huge huge waste of millions and millions of dollars that is unnecessary president obama blames congress for standing in the way of closing guantanamo others would argue that it's the administration that lacks the political will to do so while finger pointing continues to supersede action dozens of men who wait for freedom wait for a day that frankly may never come and all rob lowe r.t. the white house. joining me now to talk more about quantum obey and the force feeding of these prisoners b.t.s. producer and all rob lowe a man so i guess all this finger pointing is going. is it true that obama can use national security waiver to release the prisoners now today absolutely and there's
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already been prisoners that have been released two algerian prisoners were recently recently released over the last couple of weeks president obama can absolutely use the national security waiver the only problem would be that he would have to do that one hundred sixty something times for each one of the prisoners at the very least you'd have to do it ninety something times for the prisoners that we know are innocent that have already been cleared for release now that's great so why isn't he doing it one hundred sixty six times absolute least for the fifty five prisoners have been really not only no not only not only that president obama has an ability to do so so does congress congress can act and come up with a resolution to find a way to get rid of to get these prisoners back to their home countries there is a lack of political will there is a lack of public support for that sort of initiative and there is an absolute lack of media attention on the matter which means that it might as well be you know relevant issue for the american people because it's not on their radar and that's the biggest problem that we have and it's a really unfortunate let's talk about this horrific force that in procedure is really the heart of that guy and you know many we've covered this before on the
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show and most def the actor and rapper went through the practice on camera and people were like oh he's an actor he's not really being hurt i mean this is your friend act this here this is absolutely hard to watch especially knowing this i've worked with him in activist circles in the past he is he's lost first of all he lost fifty pounds off of this hunger strike what he's undergoing what you're seeing right now they're using a six millimeter to what they use on guantanamo prisoners is a ten millimeter tube so it's far more harsh and that doctor that you see next to my had a chance to speak to him for a while and what he was explaining is that this doesn't have to be torture that using using a nasal gastric tube for feeding is standard practice for people you know when when you need to be fed if this is not if you were not complying to this if you're not doing this why. willingly that is torture that is a horrible thing to do to a person if the tube goes into far it can it can pierce the brain if it goes in too deep it can pierce a lung you can drown you can get an infection from this there are
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a number of risks associated when it's done correctly let alone when somebody is fighting to not have this done you know that they are and they're doing it twice a day to these people and twice a day every day to half of these prisoners at guantanamo bay and at the u.n. i said nothing about that that the u.n. has already declared as torture and i was in the prison as a man i can't help but notice that you're wearing this little orange ribbon right here what does not represent sure one of the points that colonel davis was making this afternoon at the at the rally was. first of all there was absolutely zero corporate media presence at the ranch shock oh wow surprise surprise no. as journalists as activists it is not our job to tell people that they have to care from a humanitarian standpoint they don't have to care about the illegality and unconstitutionality of them but when we are as taxpayers paying two point seven million
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dollars per prisoner. per year that's almost five billion dollars a year that we're paying for this facility that is the most expensive prison facility on the planet then we have to care then we have to care as taxpayers as american citizens that's your sponsor and that's what these returns are for there are two point seven million weapons that are being handed out to remind you that is two point seven million dollars per prisoner that's outrageous that's outrageous from this fiscal standpoint americans should be outraged alone it is really outrageous and i thank you for breaking that down as i don't think a lot of people really realize that they are sponsoring this kind of torture and you know i'm just as really and you know i just don't understand and i have to make this point that the u.s. government's trusting them yemeni government to carry out drone strikes weekly it seems but they cannot trust the government to take prisoners from getting out because they say oh there they're going to be terrorists we can't trust to release them however many people have been released from guantanamo bay in the past and they are just living out normal lives they just want the chance to have
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a free life and not be detained indefinitely absolutely and that's one of the really sad aspects of this is because i feel like the the vast majority of americans are under the impression still even after ten years that this facility has been open that these are the worst of the worst these guys are all terrorists they deserve to be there they deserve to be tortured or whatever first of all yes these people are being tortured secondly you half of these men are innocent there are no charges against them they they have been for the most part been cleared for release in the vast majority of them are yemen and the problem is that there are no countries that are currently wanting to host these these prisoners because there's so much red tape associated with that here in the united states the united states promised the yemeni people that there would be facilities infrastructure there to help former guantanamo inmates re assimilate into into society that infrastructure is yet to exist it's not there we have covered this on the show in the past we've
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had activists we've had journalists that have traveled to yemen that have explained to us what it's like for people that are around these drone bombings and all these horrible things that are happening in yemen and on top of that. there's there's all there's the guantanamo aspect that these men will never return and will never see their families and that's it's heartbreaking and the p.t.s.d. of just these communities been terrorizing the daily bases and also the people who are let out of prison being assimilated back into society after being indefinitely detained for so long. and so it's a travesty and also it's not so black and white where it's either you're guilty or not there's layers of you know association with al qaeda there it's almost like a gang force it's not like they're in al qaeda and they're terrorist so it's just such a convoluted issue thank you for breaking it down and shutting some light on this really important military crisis that we need to hold our politicians accountable for and all rob lowe appreciate it thanks have a happy birthday thank you so if you guys are wondering what i'm doing when i'm not on air check me out on twitter at abby martin if you like what you see you can follow me there you'll find all of my tweets linking segments from the show as well
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as i had throughout the day and also please help us get the show trending on the twitter sphere because i'll throw out some hashtags we can get but only with their help so i did twitter checking out at abby martin that's all for this week you guys thank you so much for all of your support for our first week back and for all the birthday love that i could have one wish for this day it's that my country's people stand up to the government and its corporate oligarchs to demand the restoration of justice freedom and no new boards. ok. david crockett well then we have to take virginia which a little while in the middle of the chesapeake bay and to virginia. around a pager all of the chips speak they probably one of the best there is in the top
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right. there's an old picture of ted your island before the channel was good for oh here. we go way up there. right here are some of the headstones from graves that for you this is a fruits that's what we don't want happen to taint your all and we want to get some protection and make sure that we don't go into the chesapeake bay like i did in other communities. on the face.
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of pleasure to have you with us here on t.v. today. with. science technology innovation all the least i'm elements from around rush hour we've. covered. live.
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washington's efforts to drum up support for an attack on syria are met with staunch international resistance with russia saying the syrian rebels used chemical weapons to provoke a foreign intervention. studies opposition coalition sweeps to victory in a general election with most of the results no way out among those hoping for a seat in the senate is wiki leaks founder julian assange which. made fresh revelations about n.s.a. snooping on europe we report from a protest in berlin. just a short time to go before the general election here in germany i'll be looking at why angle of merkel shouldn't necessarily rely on the youth vote.


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