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tv   Headline News  RT  September 8, 2013 11:00am-11:30am EDT

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latest news in the week's top stories washington fails to get the world on its side for an attack on syria with scant support from the g twenty and the e.u. russia is taking a firm stand against saying the syrian rebels provoking a foreign intervention. and r.t. sees the brutality of the civil war firsthand as the syrian army tries to clear an ancient christian village of al qaeda linked rebel. officials in afghanistan say a nato air strike is killed civilians including women and children something the airlines deny as we take a look at the legacy that coalition troops are set to leave in the war ravaged nation when they withdraw forces next year. in the battle for moscow acting city chiefs are guess again in and opposition figurehead elex in the valley are facing
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off the key contenders in the capital's first merril election in nearly a decade. hello good evening you're watching the weekly here in r.t. with me and. it's been a tough week for u.s. secretary of state john kerry he's been trying to convince the european union to get on board with a military strike on syria over the regime's alleged use of chemical weapons but kerry presented no new evidence against the syrian government and very few countries are willing to rush into action without u.n. approval and he now says obama has made no final decision on whether to strike an apparent turnaround from last week so far turkey and france have been first in.
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into fact the united states against syria but president barack obama wasn't a change the minds of the otherworldly is that the g twenty summit in st petersburg they agreed that tough action should be taken but didn't endorse military intervention and he said now it was that. i was elected to end wars and not start a u.s. military intervention in syria dominated talks that the g twenty but if obama was looking to gather overwhelming support at the summit he didn't get it in st peter's . you know. there is no military service. we will not participate in military action. aside from france turkey and saudi arabia a few countries expressed outright support for obama's proposal of a military strike in a joint statement they condemned the use of chemical weapons blaming the after government and called for some kind of response but they stopped short of backing
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a u.s. attack on syria from a host to president putin accused the rebels of being behind a chemical weapons attack near damascus in august that he says was carried out to discredit syrian authorities in the eyes of the west just the way. i view everything that happened with the so-called use of chemical weapons in syria was a provocation by the rebels to count on help from abroad from those countries that originally supported them that's the reason for this provocation i also want to remind you that the use of force against a sovereign state is acceptable only if it's done for self-defense and we know that syria hasn't attacked the u.s. and only if the un security council approves such action as one of the participants of our discussions on the issue put it yesterday those who do otherwise put themselves above the law. obama continues to insist assad was behind the attack and he won't wait for the u.n. to respond to assad's regime brazen use of. chemical weapons isn't just
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a syrian tragedy it's a threat to global peace and security the u.s. president is due to address the american public on tuesday and try to make his best argument for an attack on syria one that failed to convince global partners at the g. twenty this summit could have been a last chance for a political solution to the syria crisis or at least an attempt to push forward with diplomacy but leaders parted st petersburg splits solidly on those for or against military intervention in the syrian war what has been called the worst humanitarian crisis in modern history reporting from the g. twenty and he's now away r.t. well serious certainly overshadowed the talks and some just this week but the rules so many questions about where the global economy is heading. parties venture capital caught up with the head of the international monetary fund christine legarde to get her take
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a monetary policy and the global economic outlook we will take a closer look later in the program and you can also catch the full edition of venture capital at sixteen thirty g.m.t. . now u.s. congress is still divided over whether to attack syria or not the senate showdown vote is expected on wednesday the twelfth anniversary of the nine eleven attacks but a reuters poll says fifty six percent of americans don't want their country to use its armed forces against syria and somehow be making their voices heard in the capital. those were the chance ringing out in washington d.c. with crowds marching from the white house to capitol hill an n.b.c. poll has found that nearly eighty percent of americans think the president needs congressional approval for any armed response against syria obama however has said
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he does still have the authority to order a military strike even with lawmakers support. so poll showing over half of americans are against any strike on syria that figure is even higher in france than the u.k. where sixty and eighty percent respectively are against military action and similar sentiments are shared in germany and italy the share of those against intervention in syria's neighbor turkey is even higher political analyst chris bambery believes washington's case against syria is part of its broader regional agenda it's not just a question of syria it is a question of iran it's a question of his bar of painting a new axis of evil if you remember way back in two thousand and three after nine eleven the original axis of evil no they're presenting a new axis of evil and they're saying this is why we have to intervene in syria the
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obama is leaving st petersburg with his tail between his legs was silent it was time says he's going to go all the jews do to address what it calls a skeptical nation with an appeal for the public in america to rally behind a military strike but it seems to me that the public in america just as the public in britain is appalled to any strike that is becoming more and more difficult for a viable not just in peter's world not just elsewhere internationally but even the whole know to win support for a case for a military strike on the basis of these allegations of chemical chemical weapons use. meanwhile it's emerged that british firms approved the sale of chemicals to syria that can be used to make the nerve agent sarin was the substance used during last month's attack near damascus and licenses for it were apparently granted ten months after the civil war broke out in the country the chemicals weren't delivered during the conflict but this week the british government admitted that these
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substances did reach syria at an earlier date well we initially asked the government department of business innovation and skills about this situation and they told us on monday that the company which ordered these chemicals proved to them they were only going to be used to make window frames and aluminum showers but the government later said that sodium fluoride was indeed delivered to syria between july two thousand and four and may twenty ten r.t. sarah ferguson has the details business secretary vince cable certainly going to be facing some tough questions over these revelations that the british government has granted export licenses as yet as yet unnamed british company now the first for a substance has to be sent to syria and it was due to so-called sure you substances and that was potassium fluoride and sodium fluoride and both these agents can be easily precursor chemicals in the manufacture of nerve gas or those export license
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is granted by the department for business innovation of girls it's reported in january the seventeenth and eighteenth there are going to be questions table that parliament willie runs through and scrutinize exactly how these licenses for chemical agents that could be used in the types of weapons that the syrian government is being accused of using on their own people who granted. and we have been following the latest developments in syria itself there's an ongoing army operation in the ancient christian village of my ruler which was stormed by al qaeda linked rebels a few days ago artie's maria for nor should i was able to enter the village with the help of the syrian army brings us this report we entered my lawyer through its ancient gauge burnt and damaged in recent attacks shortly after the syrian army announces that most of the militants were pushed back signs of the recent battle
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and destruction a reverie where we were told to move fast and to follow the military is the cause without stopping or even slowing down there are some parts of the road where we have to speed up offices still fear they could be snipers around we hear them shouting go go fast on one turn we suddenly stop. to understand. it's hard to understand exactly what happened we only hear a loud boom and feel the earth shake. we get out of the car to take a look around when i was inside our little. christian community all over the world now it is a battlefield look at this. and then we realized we have landed in the heart of this battle as some live bullets started flying around us we've ended model of
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village with the army but just just a few minutes later they told us to get back the militants launch an attack fire in and throw in explosives from the safety of high ground so this is what we're doing right now we're coming back to you to the entrance this is where. a car bomb exploded on wednesday morning and this is how it all started after a suicide attack militants mostly from just the looser group stormed in and since that question is have been continuing for three days and you can see they are consider now soldiers firing shots back but they can't even see enemy fighters who are cooped up in the hiding places. that the real militants and my little now and in the us i fear hotel this is the mountain top hotel which was my. rubble.
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but. also from behind the mountains surrounding the mall lula village and that's is where the danger lies because the wrong many snipers and the wrong rocket grenades and the raw warms mortar boards well as you can see the situation on the ground is very hard you can see that the army is rick rubin right now but this. is that so morrow sunday is it jay shouldn't change dramatically because this is the day when the american congress starts debates on syria whether to try this country or not the decision made thousands of kilometers away from these battlefield will affect the set up at this military theater but exactly how it is not easy to predict ration ocean asti from
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in syria. america is tweeting the latest on that standoff and is reporting at the moment ongoing clashes in that historic christian landmarks that do follow her to keep up to date. on. officials in afghanistan say that nine to fifteen people killed in nato is latest strike were civilians including women and children the lines however insists is not aware of any collateral casualties saying only that ten militants were killed in a precision attack mother taliban has killed at least four afghan troops in the salt and then intelligence office in the capital and you're seeing pictures of the aftermath right here all this is ahead of the show jewel foreign troop withdrawal in twenty fourteen investigative journalists are said baker says nato presence is
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actually the main course of the insurgency. the civilian death toll shows us over the over ten years that look nato is not winning in afghanistan that fighting militants is very very difficult and civilian casualties have been on the increase even though nato called these position precision attacks not very precise with the afghanistan want of border regions of pakistan civilians are paying the cost of this war since the occupation started the taliban have seen an increase in support there it's almost that the movement has been revived civilians normal people are looking for someone to resist against the occupation and i think that as you see the increase of civilian casualties if people's brothers sisters fathers homes are destroyed people are murdered family members killed they will turn to those people and say look we can free you of this oppression. coming up after the
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break a man with a megaphone gives london is a headache with his double decibel coleman tree on public affairs but shutting him up could prove to be costly we find out hierocles are reacting in a couple of minutes. sigrid laboratory to mccurry was able to build the most sophisticated robot which all unfortunately doesn't give a darn about anything tunes mission to teach me the creation and why it should care
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about humans in the world this is why you should care watch only on the dog. speak your language. programs and documentaries in arabic it's all here on. reporting from the world talks about six of the r.p. interviews intriguing story for you. troy t. arabic to find out more visit our big. dog called. again a regional elections are underway around russia and the key vote is taking place in moscow where kind of backing for the post of city mayor the incumbent sick a sybian and is facing a strong challenge though from opposition hopeful exene of only. the details.
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last time us who chose the mayor of the city was back in two thousand and three so obviously there's lots of media attention focused on this vote in russia and abroad five candidates are taking part but it's widely recognized that it's actually in their cities that banyan and the candidate of the opposition are the scene of wildly who are the real arrivals in this bolton is another one is hoping for a second round however according to the several opinion polls conducted earlier it's more likely that cities i've been in will be the winner of this election in the first round whatever the outcome would be though it looks you know one has already received the green light from the authorities to stage a rally to meet with his supporters on monday in moscow. is quite a controversial figure partially due to his links with the russian nationalists then he became one of the leaders of the opposition during last year's wave of mass protests he's also known because of his online and to corruption projects but in
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july you found himself in the center of a criminal case was found guilty of embezzlement and received five years behind bars but was of the least on bail and many analysts say didn't only allow him to continue campaigning and take part in the election but also provided him with additional blissett he and mr nominee is expected to appeal the sentence after the vote to ensure the transparency of the vote web cameras have been installed at over thirty six hundred polling stations across the city feeding the live footage into the web which you our viewers could also check out online and eleven thousand observers are also present there at polling stations watching that everything is done in everything is in order and so far no major violations have been reported. now don't forget we've got plenty more stories for you at our website to it r.t. dot com at the moment if you're a smartphone be it an i phone android or black berry your security settings are no
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match for the n.s.a. which is pretty capable of accessing your data go online for those details. and cheers have been echoing across tokyo is the city was awarded the twenty twenty summer olympics leaving rival behind the full footage of the celebrations and the reaction of other countries can be found on the website of artesia new video agency . t.v. . the g twenty summit overshadowed as it was by the syrian crisis managed however to get around to its core business such as the push for job creation and tackling tax evasion artie's katie pill being was in some. we did have a big financial decisions that were made and we know the only official agenda it was to do with joe poor asian how to tackle the vast amounts of unemployment
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another big theme here was the volatility that the emerging markets and now currently faced with and that in light of ben bernanke the federal reserve chairman saying that he's going to be pulling the plug on his stimulus measures because of that investors have been pulling that cast out of what is perceived to be risky assets i managed to catch up with the international monetary fund chief christine lagarde and i asked her for her opinion on the current state of the global economy what about monetary stimulus do you think that these measures have run their course and they simply doesn't work that we need pain in the short term in order for healthier what would you say that the monetary policy doesn't work because we believe that it does hard to free positive effects and certainly seeing the u.s. economy and the japanese economy pick up us as they are at the moment despite the. you know fiscal. door in place and that we would like to see improved a bit i managed to catch up with the former finance minister of russia alexei couldn't and he referred to these cash injections as almost like
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a jog at work america or the world's economy its current state can be characterized as being on life support for its vital functions are being kept running by the federal reserve the european central bank and other banks by constant cash and directions this should only be temporary if a sick man goes through treatment and it doesn't help there's no point continuing it something else i want to talk about is the brick development bank because this was a breakthrough as well and we have the countries of course i'm talking about brazil russia india china south africa and they have set up this bank which just to put it into context for you would rival the likes of the i.m.f. and the world bank it was that as a safety net to support the struggling emerging economies so there was a danger that the political. tensions would completely override the proceedings but there was certainly plenty business deals and agreements made here the g. twenty in st petersburg some other news now making headlines this hour independence
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day celebrations oregon decay or sin brazil protesters gathered in cities across the country against rampant corruption as well as overpriced and ineffectual public services in rio de janeiro police dispersed the crowd with tear gas and stun guns to stop them from interrupting the military parade demonstrations started back in june over the mass mismanagement of public funds. protesters and police clashing greece's second largest city after another round of anti rallies fighting broke out after the prime minister delivered a speech promising that economic recovery was on its way is government has backed. measures in a relentless push to get a third bailout from international lenders those steps include tax hikes along with labor market pension reforms. one man with a megaphone has an opinion on well just about everything from snooping and spying
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to overpriced clothing and sharing it with passes by westminster artie's party boyko met the man who's been making a bit of a stir. johnny shines got an unusual addiction the father of three likes to take his mega fame to central london and talk to passes by about things like why wait here on the perils of consumerism actually i'm. sure by. friday i'm. sure i got my. call a stream of consciousness. definitely call it verbal violence yeah it's a spoken word form of earlier this year westminster council confiscated danny's megaphone and summoned him to court. what are you looking for an icon of your right also to carry off talking or think if you really didn't think about. the you know
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this was go up they go up they know it is illegal. to push everyone but. danny's being prosecuted for breaking a by law banning anyone from making any noise which is so loud or so continuous over peterhead as to give reasonable cause for annoyance to other persons. and that's what i mean just the way his message was. presenting this is more than just about public speaking it's about his human rights but freedom of expression to me who should really shut up now does not threaten freedom of speech in a country that is the current that is the problem i think it's good for the passive consumers as you and i who are free our minds from the perpetual consumption of consumerism but i saw you complaining about the decibels a little earlier the most concern is my subconscious self coming out of my mind
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it's like you're in a demon i mean i'm here to make a pretty penny muddy and is like raining on my parade raining i'm afraid for some fans there danny's a ray of sunshine. i mean i mean if i were like you know but you know you know if you were then i heard that you have a crush on him you know like i have a crush on him and just like he's beautiful he's. lied about what he has about danny's doing cool way he set to argue that the westminster council of prosecuting him and he fringes his human rights. for the first curve are very different i actually took her product or used to take church. i didn't. write the bishop of a private conversation. i think i think it's completely wrong because if they do manage to point in that way it's not going to stop i mean we're all just going to be suppressed into not talking not speaking you know i just think that's going to be a bad thing so faith quote don't teach that danny to keep the black boy from freedom
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and while westminster city councils have told us that that conflict with danny is merely a question of decibels down the shine is planning to get even louder so i had the resources one day i'd be quite be quite nice to go with it like a really good p.a. system and in a really nice like you know a bit of a reaver maybe ten people in commission asking. yeah that's right thanks for being with r.t. this evening up next our special report on the tragic suicide among us which is now soft quick right. many gay bars are starting to refuse to sell russian vodka as a means of protesting be homosexual propaganda laws in russia as i've said before boycotts are
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a great way to put pressure on people but are they putting pressure on the right people not only is it racist to assume that hurting the vodka flow will deal a massive blow to the russian economy but it is also racist to think that. any vodka with a russian sounding name is itself russian and many videos angry gay bartenders were pouring stolichnaya vodka which should be pronounced by the way onto the ground in a fury but if those bartenders would take a closer look at the labels they would see that exported stoli is produced in bold in latvia by the s.p.i. group not in russia also according to the n.p.t. deep group beverage alcohol report the most popular vodka in america with a russian sounding name is smirnoff which is british owned and produced and bottled in various countries around the globe including the usa itself we do support the american worker people love to panic over the hip and trendy scandal of the month but everyone seems to be ignoring the fact that homosexuality itself is legal in russia and is punishable in many other countries including
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a death sentence in some of them and yet russia gets all the attention if people really wanted to effectively boycott any country with any laws even hinting against homosexuality they would have to hit them where it hurts and stop getting natural resources imported from countries like russia saudi arabia venezuela and iran and so on and so on that is a vastly more difficult proposition than pouring american made vodka onto the sidewalk a pass just my opinion. this is for headaches this is for sleep this is a tranquilizer too if i have any episodes xanax because he's black out substances
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and i just. try to clean up which is prison nightmare because. again you know this . and bill it is kind of. funny because sometimes i have this is where i won't be able to. i think something will trigger me and which i'll just keep on working and working and working. for like seventy two hours just so exhausted. and i can take. a show out or. something i very much. like the fridge that you gave me i could have made a lot more money out of it if i wanted to i just it depends on what we're doing. they kept saying on the news that there were rebuilding iraq you're working to rebuild iraq. i was kind of sick of hearing c.n.n. and fox news like barky each other about one say. things are going good.


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