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tv   Headline News  RT  September 9, 2013 2:00pm-2:30pm EDT

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live from moscow a temporary king news this hour an r.t. syria says it's willing to put its entire chemical arsenal on the united nations' control that's a proposal put forward by russia's foreign minister to avoid a u.s. military strike. and while the blame game over last month's salary gas attack in syria continues r.t. sources close to the conflict telling us tonight as well that rebel fighters are now planning a chemical property provocation strike against israel following that up closely no comment on that from our correspondent. also to the battle for moscow is over acting. in selected for a new term in office but opposition rather of alexina valley refuses to concede defeat but his supporters staging a mass rally to demand a recount. fellows
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just after ten pm here in moscow my name is kevin i will face a big where this is a day of potentially big developments in syria syria's agreed to russia's proposal that it put its chemical weapons stockpiles under international control us so critics state john kerry initially suggested such a scheme earlier on as a way to avoid a military strike on syria the u.s. state department then though issued an apparent retraction of that saying it wasn't a genuine offer. thomas picks up the story. it started off as a day of a meeting of the ministers both from the western side and with russia and the syrian foreign minister in fact they met earlier today that is. to sergei lavrov coming out of that meeting they both agreed that syria would work with russia to stop
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a strike from the west and also syria had agreed to come to the negotiating table with no conditions that's big news but the biggest news is that syria has agreed to release their chemical weapons arsenal to the international community let's listen to what. i had to say about that i have listened to the russian foreign minister's statement and i want to say that we welcome his initiative as a government can as about the lives of the syrian people and our national security and also because we trust the russian government's judgment and its efforts to prevent us aggression against the syrian people now let's backtrack and see how we got to this exact point it started off with john kerry meeting with his counterpart in the u.k. william hague in london out of that meeting kerry said that syria if they want to avoid a an attack from the u.s. they could turn over their entire chemical weapons arsenal by the end of the this week out of that sergey lavrov then came out and said he welcomes this idea he's
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willing to work with the united states and the syrian government to make this idea a reality let's listen to what sergei lavrov his words were we saw that statement by john kerry who said there would be no strikes of damascus hands over its chemical weapons arsenal to the international community we don't know whether syria would agree to it but event helps avoid a strike then we're ready to negotiate with damascus the state department kind of issued a backtrack if you will stating that john kerry's remarks were tongue in cheek it was a rhetorical remark in response to the unbelievable idea that bashar al assad would give up. his chemical arsenal an arsenal that he won't even admit to having but after that retraction after the idea came forward and after sergey lavrov said that he's willing to work with the u.s. and with the syrian government lots of international support in fact u.k. prime minister cameron saying that it is a big step forward u.n.
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secretary general ban ki moon says he agrees with this concept was considering a similar proposal from the u.n. as well and then also urging syria to join the chemical weapons ban washington meanwhile is skeptical of that plan put forth by russia and supported by syria the state department spokesperson marie harf only last just hour play down the proposal but opinion polls in the u.s. indicate as well that americans are becoming increasingly reluctant the bigger picture to support any military action in syria new figures from the newspaper usa today say that over sixty percent of those polled do not want their country to be involved in the syria conflict compare that to an older slightly older reuters poll showing you throughout the week were fifty six percent were against strikes now let's get some reaction to the latest developments from our correspondent in new york a little bit later before that we'll get some expert opinion as well technical opinion here from a machine to bretton gordon he's a former commander of the british military chemical defense regiment let's run past
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him what's being proposed today hi there surfing's for your time and i was appreciated this theory sounds great at this late stage to avoid an intervention that syria. hands over its chemical stockpile to the un it's all in safe hands the question is will it be in safe hands can that be guaranteed because i gather these chemical stockpiles are around the country how can be sure that the opposition won't get hold of them. well i think you know there are definite challenges with this but cautious optimism about the statements coming out of russia and syria and elsewhere today it is going to be a good bit of history at the u.n. inspection team under hans blix did a similar job in iraq right two thousand and three and pretty much secured and rendered safe but a lot of that and that same kind of collapse not so there is history however as you point out there are some real challenges i can envisage this being possible with
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iran without a ceasefire between the various sides that would need it iow i agree with what prime minister cameron and with water factory later off and others are saying some sort of u.n. team with g five membership could technically go in there and securely sites and render safe and destroy the chemical weapons but it would need an agreement on all sides to do that to make sure that we realize what's being suggested the key word there which was a ceasefire wasn't it how the heck would that be broken at this stage. well i think it's in the best interests. of the whole world at the moment to get this done in this sort of fall that it must be in the best interest of the regime and the various opposition elements as well but it's as you suggest it's going to be hugely challenging but the options of are too dreadful to think about so if if this
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is a go hopefully united nations and a key five begin to put their weight behind it something could interact rather than just another false hope in this dreadful conflict and the other big worry here of course we're talking weapons of mass destruction even a small amount of of chemical weaponry because so much of a problem we still don't know a lot of people are assuming thinking that some of the syrian rebels the opposition what have some of this arsenal they may have got hold of it over the last couple of months how could be sure they're going to hand it over surely they should be made to as well but are you going to do that well i think certainly other lines of the discussion of seem clear to me that all you know chemical weapons in syria should be handed to the international community and rendered safe and destroyed if there are any small amounts that have got out of the regime's arsenal then or i would have thought it would have applied to them and it's in the very much interests of
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the global community. five g. eight and g. twenty and others the whole world that all these chemical weapons are destroyed so they don't we don't have a repeat of the twenty first of august and some of the other horrific uses of kind of weapons in the past an issue going to very short amount of time left the other thing here when kerry first mentioned this ok it was retracted after we first put this on the table he said assad had a week to do it with all those big question marks you flagged up i mean is that all realistic. well i think it would be hugely challenging to get this done and we certainly however you know it strikes me that if we start work today. and it is a genuine offer from all sides you know a lot can be done in a week but actually the physical task to do this intent really must ok you have mr burton gordon former client of the burr british military chemical defense regiment thank you very much for your time. we're turning now then and staying with that story u.s. officials have been giving their reaction to russia's offer to help bring syria's
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chemical weapons under international supervision let's get more from our correspondent in new york reporter mary to tell us more what is the reaction from the u.s. it's been an odd day some peculiar movements have been happening and now a muted reaction at this late stage. that's right will based on all statements made our signs indicate that the us is not a girl very eager to explore entertain the nonmilitary solution to syria that's been proposed by russia deputy state. spokes person. she's the deputy for that said that the white house is skeptical russia's offer to have assad's chemical weapons stockpiles handed over to the international community by the white house would take a hard look at that plan now u.s. officials have gone so far as well is accusing moscow of using their proposal somewhat of a stalling tactic instead of being very genuine in their or their proposal that has
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been made during media appearance in europe we should remind our viewers that it was u.s. secretary of state john kerry who initially said that military action against syria could be avoided if president bashar al assad handed over his entire staff stockpile of chemical weapons within one week now after his words manifested into a possible reality u.s. officials released a statement clarifying that mr kerry was making a rhetorical argument rather than a serious offer in the meantime the national security security adviser susan rice who used to serve as the u.s. ambassador to the united nations said that every time chemical weapons are used or moved around in syria it raises the likelihood that they will land in the hands of terrorists during a speech that she gave just a few hours ago she said that there is a likelihood that if left unchecked the president of syria will use these weapons again and again which will take the syrian conflict to an entirely new level and
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mrs rice also said that the reason u.s. president barack obama decided to pursue a limited strike is that the u.s. and other allies have exhausted a host of other measures but here's i think with the important question to ask if the obama administration is. rejecting the russian in syrian compromise proposal that's been tabled in the in the past twelve hours what is their plan for avoiding the use of force do they have a plan or are they just now insisting that this military strike that's been that the u.s. is ministration has been campaigning for will be carried out one way or another because so far they have not offered any alternative to avoid any military action which many countries many scholars and many experts believe can expand into something much bigger than what the obama administration calls a limited two day strike against certain targets in syria ok i'm going to put the
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input from new york city. also said that the use of chemical weapons directly threatens america's closest ally in the region israel the main danger though may not be coming from the assad regime anonymous sources close to the syrian conflict told me that rebel forces of planning to launch a quote provocation attack using chemical weapons against israel. from tel aviv. nothing as of yet in the israeli press or any kind of official comments what we know is that r.t. sources are telling us that they have information that in the nearest future they will be an attack originating in the areas of syria where the rebels are present using certain chemical weapons against the territory of israel now there are two important points i want to make the first is that we are being told that these tax will originate in territory that has been controlled by the assad government so what this clearly means is that the blame will go towards the syrian regime but on
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the other hand it will be attacks that will be carried out by the syrian rebels as i say no reaction as of yet here in israel but in the last twenty four hours there have been a number of emergency drills particularly in the north of the country in israel's golan heights we also are hearing now from the israeli institute for policy against terrorism on monday they would least a report in which they say that they have information that there are chemical weapons in syria being housed in some fifty cities five of those are cities with big factories now the reporters saying that the situation in the cities is constantly changing so what this means it says sometimes the rebels are in charge sometimes assad's forces and the conclusion is that there is the possibility that the rebel fighters will be in control of these weapons if and when these cities afford to their hands were pulled also outlines concerns that his or palestinian organizations or all kind of mental illness ations will get their hands on these
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chemical weapons israel of course is very very concerned about any kind of attacks on israeli territory that will eliminate from syria in the past it has struck syria at the time it said to prevent weapon delivery to his but of course it's common knowledge in israel and elsewhere that this country benefits from assad being in power otherwise israel would have to face a whole host of characters who are all to me. they are going to be worse than assad himself although officially the israeli point of view is that it is not involved inside syria bed speaking to people here inside israel the israeli point of view by and large is that the list evil is for israel to co-exist with the assad regime and of course this is something that israel has been doing for a few years the alleged use of chemical weapons by the rebels is not something new we've seen these allegations coming forward in the past of course this is a conflict that has been laden with all kinds of provocations at all levels we've
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seen horrifying pictures of dead children that were used by the obama administration to justify a possible attack on syria later turned out that those children had in fact been kidnapped and salted by the rebels with chemical weapons israel of course will take very seriously these latest claims that rebels are planning a major publication to strike israel from the territory currently being controlled by the syrian government all of the more thoughts on this potentially big story of course defense consultant moeen rufe told me that the reports of israel being targeted by syrian rebels are not surprising well remember the rebels have stated previously from the beginning of this year that they're going to attack israel this been a stated goal from the beginning anyway and once they had to achieve their objectives in syria they would have gone on to israel any way. they could and some are un observers in the golan heights earlier this year but israel underestimated
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the threat do you think so far oh yeah oh yeah because israel thought that once assad leaves is going to be peace in the region they had underestimated the rebels goal which was to start with syria and then go on to israel and other countries in the region. so that it appears notwithstanding all the potential developments today president obama continues to sharpen his case for military intervention before that crucial congress vote he'll be making a string of media appearances later today before meeting democratic lawmakers and addressing the nation on tuesday the senate vote could happen as early as wednesday and the house of representatives may take another week then to make a decision many in congress are convince those so far has pitched they want to see more evidence of assad's involvement in last month's alleged chemical strike according to washington post estimate majority in both chambers of congress so far still undecided here's how the senate vote would play out too if it took place
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right now the house of representatives could prove to be obama's biggest challenge it's dominated by republicans who are overwhelmingly against the military plan that's how it could play out we think so far as you can gauge the mood on capitol hill report does contain images which may find upsetting. the upcoming vote in congress might not be as slam dunk as many thought it would be considering the support for military action in syria that congressional leaders have previously expressed members of congress admit that they are being bombarded by calls from their constituents ninety nine percent of whom demand that they vote no to the administration's plan to bomb syria this administrating has failed to show only the direct threat to the united states of america we have absolutely no guarantee it will expand no guarantee of peace in the region the cia has prepared a video presentation that shows the aftermath of the program this attacks in syria it's a collection of gruesome videos that were previously posted on you tube it's designed to sway members of congress to vote yes on bombing syria but the videos as gruesome
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as they are do not offer proof that the assad government has carried out the attacks nor does the four page on classified report released by the administration earlier members of congress are supposed to get the proving classified hearings but as congressman alan grayson said they're being given intelligence briefings without any hard evidence to support administration's claims that the syrian leader has ordered the use of chemical weapons here's another members of congress are not allowed to discuss the classified hearings so we have no way of knowing what the administration has actually provided as evidence lawmakers are unable to discuss the evidence the classified evidence even among themselves unless they are inside an approved reading room and as congressman grayson says questioning the official account of events is quote actively discouraged is that the obama administration is doing what it calls flooding the field in other words trying to monopolize the conversation dominate the discourse and provide only information in favor of an
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attack to members of congress and to the public i think that's unfortunate there's always two sides to the story when you talk about war and peace the public and congress definitely here deserve to hear about both sides the president's aides are saying that he will listen to congress the president himself is hinting that he might not listen to congress which of course begs the question why this charade in congress them. and from the international political wrangling to the war raging in syria itself next one ancient christian village in the mountainous north of damascus has been stormed by al qaeda linked rebels we've been covering this situation over the past few days as you know if you've been watching us government troops did manage to force them out but then the rebels have managed to turn the tide again and they're back in control over the village of financial witnessed or this this is the latest of a series of reports. we so what more lulu looks like right now
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this is a very sad picture which used to be picturesque a village surrounded by mountains in the central part of syria where you feel like time has almost stalled where people train in numerous churches all across the village inn and i make the language over jesus christ in greek in arabic and in french what also is home to dozens over. most of this now looks like battlefield and i want to know how to take a look at what we saw. in their own military and my little now and our. hotel this is the mountaintop hotel which was the. rubble.
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but as i say. the militants first of all. exploded the car at the checkpoint to enter the village and after that they took the mountain tops i feel. they are firing from this position and this is the highest point in the village and also the run milton's behind. their position is very strong in a very good and no one can say for sure now for how long it will last my lul is a very symbolic place it reflects how the entire syrian society used to be a very secular society and eventually very tolerant society and right now we can see that this society is shaken and this is exactly what is happening within ties syrian community so it is a very symbolic a tux. and recently we saw video posted on you tube or where people who call
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themselves jihad this mujahideen who invaded modeler they are in mali on this video they're saying that they came to my lula to protect people from brutal regime of bashar al assad how cynic is this we were in mali last year in spring and i have to say that i haven't seen any place even here in syria where life is so calm and is so peaceful. reformation are across from the ground in damascus one of the few international correspondents incidentally on the ground there you can follow on twitter to get her updates on what's happening in syria she's also got the latest pictures from her she's been traveling with the syrian army you can see the gains and losses on both sides and how that some folded over the past few days.
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coming up we'll bring you the latest on the fallout from oscar's mo election of the last couple of days the latest on but right after this break. people are scratching their head thinking why would any chemical weapons attack in the interest. given the fact that in recent months they've been making advances rather than retreating and why words. by workout such extremes are present in syria's regime but it's not the russian. we speak your language. news programs documentaries and spanish what matters to you. a little turn to angle stories. here. the spanish find out more visit.
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wealthy british style. market. scandal. find out what's really happening to the global economy is a record. for a second term in office after winning sunday's election with just over fifty percent of the vote has made rival election the only put up a tough challenge though securing twenty seven percent at the end of the day he's now demanding a runoff he called them to supporters to gather for a mass rally in central moscow earlier on this even to contest the results he says let's cross to. the kremlin across this story the last couple of days that rally convened and now it's over. the rally was authorized for twenty five hundred people
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police say it was attended by around nine thousand while the opposition says it was more like tens of thousands so i guess we're still to find out the real final figures but no matter what will be the fact is this rally was peaceful and ended with the appearance of mr nobody himself accompanied by his wife he was meeting with his supporters and while to say he's critical of the results of this to say nothing he is demanding a second round to be held in a partial recount of the ballots claims that the people sense that were necessary before acting. q a victory in the first round were among awfully bad it earlier he said that if he lands were not the match then it was going to start asking his supporters to take part in civil disobedience but earlier in the day we've actually heard from a representative of the other tall committee who said that they are ready to look at these claims if he files an official complaint now just to remind you on sunday
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acting mayor said this about in one of the moscow mayor's election the first round gathering in just over fifty one percent of the votes while his main rival the candidate from the opposition i did see in the end they got around twenty seven percent he is quite a controversial figure in russia of course would be due to his links with the russian nationalists but it was real last year that he became one of the leaders of the opposition and surely a public politician is also no no because of his online anti corruption projects but in july he himself was found guilty of investment and sentenced to five years behind bars he was released on bail and still has to appeal that sentence but it seems for now his and his supporters focus is really aimed at these elections and many analysts agree that really it seems that dialogue is really possible we them and the authorities can often center most of the thank you. you bring up that
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a couple of news stories in chile first of all places broken up lanty pinochet much using tear gas the massive rally in santiago was to mark the fortieth anniversary of the coup that brought the dictator to power crowds commemorated the tens of thousands of people killed and tortured by the military job which ruled until one nine hundred ninety sports moved in after groups demonstrators built barricades and lit fires. turkish police have broken up a rally in istanbul firing on demonstrators with tear gas the crowd gathered in solidarity with a teenager who's been left in a covert you're going to early a protest crackdown on casey park berkin elvan ages fourteen was hit by a police gas canister as he went to buy bread to rest last month honest international demanded that turkey carry out a full and fair investigation into the incident. thanks for being with us in a few moments the british foreign secretary who is in office with a decision was made to strike iraq speaks to us and explains why there is a need for caution before making the same mistake again syria.
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fans of the shocked your football club and color gondar kazakhstan believe that a certain special rich will help them achieve victory against the world famous scottish team celtic this ritual was sacrificing a sheep at the stadium as someone who lived in kazakhstan for two years i know there's a real meat eating culture with deeply rooted traditions in livestock racing so this news is unusual but maybe it's not completely bizarre for the culture of course defenders of animal rights who don't seem to realize that the sheep would be turned into people of the next few days anyways demanded that you wait for officials punish the shocked or club for the actions of individual fans this is the
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same logic as if someone were in the. sexy tim kirby t.-shirt around robbing liquor stores i am not responsible for the actions of people like this program and it's not like i'd ever advocate robbing liquor stores and i doubt the shocked your management secretly arranged for fans to slaughter the sheep at the stadium when the slaughter of animals is acceptable to you or not well that's one thing but we don't need to regulate the morality of individuals of other countries via soccer especially if that regulation means punishing the football clubs who aren't responsible for the actions of individuals but that's just my opinion. i'm just.


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