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tv   Headline News  RT  September 12, 2013 3:00pm-3:30pm EDT

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as russia and america's top diplomats meet to discuss how. president assad says he's ready to hand over his chemical weapons but only after the u.s. gives up its policy of threats. to. the syrian army ends the extremist reign of terror in the christian village of our correspondent witnesses government troops regaining control of the historic settlement. the white house is accused of gagging big corporations with the c.e.o. of yahoo suggesting that even talking about the n.s.a. spying program could amount to treason.
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live from studio center here in moscow where it's just turned eleven pm this is r.t. with international news and comment syria agreeing to give up its chemical weapons did not come as a result of the u.s. threatening a military strike president assad has told a russian t.v. channel the interview took place as russia and the u.s. try to reach consensus on the u.n. security council resolution which will see moscow's plan to rid syria of chemical weapons implemented foreign minister sergey lavrov is meeting the u.s. state john kerry in geneva right now and the two spoke to the media about an hour ago and reports from their. join kerry speak for quite a long time he reiterated the u.s.a.'s possession he said that he believes that the u.s. believes that it on the minds of all guest syrian syrian government interest the chemical and. really. that was planted all of this crisis
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now but he also said very about the fact that they would like to try and find a diplomatic solution because the price of oil to intrude. on the other hand it was much more thought he said that he didn't have a pair of little stories that everybody knows the russians were his rich friends both said differences remain between the true sides and they're going to try very hard to try and hammer out a deal but the point you already see is to disarm syria all those chemical weapons arsenal so we know that sticking points remain is a question of whether or not they can reconcile them over the next day or so when they're going to be discussing it one particular major sticking point is the rest of course we know that the u.s. the u.k. and france are have said that any resolution that goes to the united nations must be backed up by the threat of force against syria if they don't comply with any plan or any deal that's how much out now russia says that that's unacceptable we
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also know that bashar assad has said that that would be a game changer he wouldn't agree to either he spoke about the russian proposal to disarm syria over its chemical weapons stockpile and he said that damascus will start providing information about where their chemical weapons are stored and where they're produced a month after they sign the chemical weapons convention and he said crucially only if the u.s. stop threatening to use force against syria let's take a listen to what he said right now. this won't be about syria softening afraid to go and delivering it with no positive feedback it has to be a mutual process and above all you. it is states has to give up its policy of threatening syria once we see the united states truly want stability in the middle east once we see it refrain from threatening us and pursuing intervention once we see them stop supplying weapons to terrorists then we'll consider this process is
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truly acceptable for syria and we'll look to finalize it russia should play a major role in the disarmament process we don't trust washington and don't talk to them moscow is the only party that can fulfill this role now. pressure our side also spoke about turkey saudi arabia and qatar and accuse them of supplying the syrian rebels whom he accuses of using chemical weapons he also said that it could be the usa behind the chemical weapons attacks and that countries that have similar also if there is someone with a dollar. to take responsibility for their actions the final president said is that what you really battles to try to stay what i can recall at all is that you had was railroaded as a father accepting of the case and offering. their well meanwhile the russian president has expressed concern over the growing number of islam this within the syrian opposition warning that foreign mercenaries could eventually take the fight
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back to their own countries that emit putin addressed the situation in syria in an article for the new york times where he explained why he believes the use of force will only make matters worse bloody sean thomas has the details. a strong and hopeful article in the new york times called a plea for caution from russia in this putin directly address the u.s. people in what he calls a time of insufficient communication between the societies he talked about the need for the u.n. and providing international stability and talked about a u.s. strike saying that it would put innocent lives at stake spread the conflict derail peace efforts between. also hamper discussions on iran's nuclear problem and promote terrorism destabilizing the region as a whole he also talked about unilateral action from the united states under the u.n. charter would be seen as an act of aggression here's what he had to say about working
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within the limits of international law if you cannot count on international law then you must find other ways to ensure security versus a growing number of countries seek to acquire weapons of mass destruction this is logical if you have the bomb no one will touch you we're left with talk of the need to strengthen nonproliferation when in reality this is being eroded. president vladimir putin also wrote about this idea of military intervention culture in the united states saying that is alarming and ask the question why would the west want to repeat the mistakes of the past invoking the memory of iraq and afghanistan a conflict which is still on going now he also talked about the need to consider the u.n. investigation which we have not heard the results from yet saying there are indications that it was the rebels who could have used the chemical weapons here's what he had
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to say. no one doubts the poison gas was used in syria but there is every reason to believe it was used not by the syrian army but by opposition forces to provoke intervention by that powerful foreign patrons who would be siding with the fundamentalists reports that militants are preparing another attack this time against israel cannot be ignored we've been reporting on it here on our t.v. that an attack on israel from the rebels could happen something that they feel would be a stronger provocation to israel now the one thing that is very interesting president putin quoted obama on this idea of american exceptionalism it is extremely dangerous to encourage people to see themselves as exceptional whatever the motivation we are all different but when we ask for the lord's blessings we must not forget the court created us equal overall putin said that he was hopeful with his relation with obama saying that it is marked with
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a growing trust and he is now pushing for diplomatic ties. and in syria itself the army is battling small groups of rebels who remain in the ancient christian village of mullewa opposition fighters linked to al qaeda have been in control of the area for almost a week reportedly looting religious sites and forcing residents to convert to islam at gunpoint what is more of a notion a made it to the village following reports that government troops have recaptured it but found pockets of resistance remain. oh. oh. but. the mood is cheerful soldiers a smiling and relieved the jihadists have been booted out you know what some of them were killed some of them escaped but the. locals joined the army to defend the
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native town the soldiers in light colored uniforms of the so-called national defense but the terrain here is very difficult with mountains and caves but we know the area better so we are carrying on with the operation of that but we come across one grocery shop owner who we filmed back in two thousand and twelve then he told us that the armed rebels hasn't come to their village and why would they this time he's armed with a gun and a monster in soldiers and he has some question is again the story of thirty of syria is a land of history and of love they sent terrorists here from all corners of the world to kill syrians and each other why i asked the world why if the european citizen is so much a slapped across the face they'd be a scam going on in syria how many victims how many hundreds of thousands have been slaughtered why will it stop with quickly find out that it won't be today held by
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the militants for a week it seems that mountain tops of fear hotel still poses a threat that sufi hotel our goal was the liberated them push on to mark tough one one a street that we couldn't do it last night there's a reverie where. is home to many christian churches and monasteries as well as mosques everywhere we go here we see either crosses on the rents now added to these we see blagged how does flags. it's time to head back right. to trial in the car something goes wrong the whole. world. we take cover in a place where we find dozens of army soldiers hiding from enemy's bullets. the main road is being targeted and it's he's our only way out we think over our chances when our engineer gets hit. is that it was no longer good period of much.
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pressure. but. thankfully it's not serious over water but it becomes clear we can't wait to minutes more. remember. when i was stuck here in this corner and we're now trying to get out of here because this was. well no no no no. so. this has been anything there aren't back then they go there are ok clear a lot. more
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focus also during the blitz did you hear them whizzing by full of. now say that we've reached ok fair. enough i mean you're behind this you and your children this is here now may get you to the press how do you make. sure you get paid. and we leave while governmental forces continue their frenzy form on the levee which despite the claims remains under siege. from syria. we're heading into a break now but we'll be back with more news in just a moment for you including an interview with kevin mitnick the world's most wanted packets from the nine hundred ninety s. he tells us why all of the anyone is safe. and.
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also how a city in russia's far east is working around the clock in a race against advancing floodwaters and the concerns that failure could mean those stories and all this after the break. will be the. science technology innovation all the moves developments from around russia we've got the future covered. this immediately so we leave that maybe . privacy push and security. policy there's a little bit shoes that no one is asking with to get that you deserve answers from it's all on politics only on our t.v. .
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news today violence is once again flared up. and these are the images the world has been seeing from the streets of canada. giant corporations are old today. and he continues here on r.t. yahoo c.e.o. says internet companies are being put under serious pressure by the u.s. government not to talk about what information intelligence agencies are requesting she said even talking about the prism spying program could see her face charges of treason. as the details. well yahoo and facebook are among the big data companies that have faced mounting criticism for violating users' privacy by
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complying with the n.s.a. surveillance program but according to yahoo c.e.o. marissa mayer her hands were tied and rejecting government requests would have amounted to treason mr mayor made her comments at a san francisco tech crunch press conference where she and facebook c.e.o. mark zuckerberg were told the audience that they were obliged to comply with washington's spy programs this mayor told those in the crowd that it makes more sense for big tech companies such as yahoo to work within the system and fighting the n.s.a. through lawsuits have so far proved unsuccessful she also said that she's only allowed to disclose a limited amount of data because releasing classified information surrounding n.s.a. programs is punishable with jail mr zuckerberg went on to say that the obama administration has done a bad job at balancing national security and citizens privacy rights the facebook
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c.e.o. said that the white house's initial reaction to the n.s.a. spying revelations have worked against the interests of u.s. tech firms that are operating abroad now this is the first time we've heard from the heads of such a big corporation speaking publicly about the n.s.a. scandal while acknowledging that the spy agency requests use user data and those requests can't be rejected in the meantime it seems that every week the public is receiving new details about how pervasive the n.s.a.'s toxic tactics have been and how much authority this agency actually wields in all of this is an indication of the n.s.a.'s power and that power actually recently came to light this week when a cute computer science professor at john hopkins university a prominent university in the united states was out. forced to deal take down one of his blog posts on the university's site after he posted an article about
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america's spy program now the post was written by cryptography professor matthew green it was highly critical of the n.s.a. specifically how why he says the reckless reckless behavior of the agency and attacking online security astonished him now green said the acting dean of the engineering school of the university told him that he doesn't take down his post his critical posts on the n.s.a. he would need a lawyer and this of course left us professor fearing for his academic freedom. i wrote a post about these new revelations that came out last week about the n.s.a. breaking encryption breaking. that's my research area so one of the things i do is i write a blog that's focused a technical people but also good journalists and people who aren't you know cryptographers themselves so i tried to take a pass at this story and explain what it meant that the n.s.a. was breaking this technology and that led to the blog goes which a lot of people read somebody somewhere made
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a decision that there might be classified material on this blog the instinct was to shut the blog down rather than to sort of investigate that i think that was a mistake i don't think i'll ever know exactly where that came from and i hope it never happens again. now according to some reports the n.s.a. and the department of defense has strong connections to part of the job john hopkins university not what led to this pressure to be put on the professor but after it became public according to recent reports the university has backed off and now has allowed this professor to publish whatever material he wants to. your ongoing leaks from n.s.a. whistleblower edward snowden cause more anger every time they emerge people across the world are being shown just how much their private lives and private data are being monitored by intelligence services well earlier auntie's you do ship of out of and discuss this issue with kevin mitnick and he's one of the world's most renowned computer hackers. according to at snowden's revelations e-mails phone
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calls messages a role being tracked so how can the government god i think have access to everything at least in the united states and probably britain great britain and now it's there's been some revelations that they've been pretty resourceful at breaking crypto so now i think they have access to a ton of stuff scott mcnealy said i think about fifteen years ago you have no privacy get over it and talk about edward snowden is he a traitor or hero from your point i think is a whistleblower you know i don't look at him as a true i'm actually glad that he revealed what the national security agency was doing at least against americans by violating our constitutional rights to privacy but i do think you know i have some mixed feelings that he did cross the line when he revealed n.s.a. operations that we have against other countries because as we all know all countries spy on each other where state law is a question is hash tag ask made to make the most popular one is how can citizens
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protect that data and communications while still using popular corporate software the first thing i would recommend to the average person on the street is use whenever you're out in the public or using public wi-fi is use a v.p.n. service because what that immediately does is it creates it takes your data and it kind of puts it in the encrypted envelope so people can really intercept and spy on that could a boycott of time to train like i pod and phones like the risin i'm good go sending . to and i say. no no i mean this is like the form of hacktivism were you you have you know a group of individuals whether it's like lulz or anonymous and they break into stuff and they try to get the media to cover the message they want to send but at the end of the day it really doesn't change behavior of a government agency or a company basically they go out and try to prosecute the guys to regret of being at . i regret any problems i caused companies or consumers you know like i caused
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damages because i hacked into their systems and they had to go in and figure out you know what did he do and they had to rebuild their systems so i would consider myself as a what i call a pain in the ass hacker right now the guy that was out i was never the type of guy who would try to wipe data outdoor or try to profit it was more about the intellectual challenge and the adventure and the curiosity but to having you on the death row earlier. one of the give you my business card and what's really cool about my business card. just has my name and address although yeah that's not interesting the interesting part is here this is actually a tool set right so this isn't a lockpick set so if you lock yourself out of your house you lock yourself out of your office just think of kevin mitnick can open the door for you so here you go left and i thank you so much kevin you're welcome it is great to have you on the show thank you thank you for that thank you for having me come. well you can find out what kevin mitnick thinks of the latest i phone and whether it's ok to bank
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online in the full interview on you tube channel and you can go to our web site for more stories including where there's smoke there's a new. white seen in pictures of a north korean nuclear site taken from space apparently suggest the reactor is being relaunched find out why the region and the world are so uneasy about that. also on the web site of the moment the mystery of a sub glacial lake scientists discover new life forms in antarctica dating back around one hundred thousand years. or more on that. right to see. her straight. and i think that your. orders. can still.
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be in the. emergency crews have been joined by volunteers in russia's far east to reinforce a major dam protecting people from the rising waters of the moon over the three thousand have been evacuated to safety in a region which has been struggling with devastating floods for over a month now. reports. the threat of these levees failing occurred overnight and that is when locals and a military reinforcements rushed to the area to ensure these levees do not break if that were to occur the stranded communities would be submerged in water and now these people have endured nearly two months of intensive flooding every time the situation appears to be under control it worsens in many cases setting new records nearly one hundred thousand people have been affected by the floods there this
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summer now the officials are trying to strengthen the dam around the clock it's just an intensive situation out there because not only are the people's houses in the way but this is a very agricultural community their livelihoods have been very badly affected by this in many cases a livestock wiped out and even their food supplies wiped out so these people are again dealing with a very difficult situation for reinforcements are there and they are monitoring those levees around the clock. time for a look at some world news in the philippines muslim rebels seeking to establish an independent islamic state in the south of the country and attack the town of limit time at least two residents were wounded and five people are now missing comes during a four day siege in the city. where militants have taken over one hundred people hostage conflicting reports say over a dozen rebels as well as two soldiers have been killed in shooting that. unrest
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continues in turkey where police clashed with protesters over the death of a young student at a demonstration at the weekend resorted to to gas to try to disperse crowds in istanbul and the capital ankara the third night of violent confrontation started off to a funeral was held for the twenty two year old man who died in disputed circumstances . and to mexico no no wild update thousands of teachers have taken to the streets after the president signed into law a controversial new education reforms at rallies turn violent off the demonstrators tried to breach the police cordons new door will soon be foreign how are you teaching stuff taken away from the main teachers union and border and government control. so that brings up to date for the moment i'll be back with a news team with more for you in just over half an hour from now in the meantime. discuss whether the dollar is america's blessing. that's coming your way to the break.
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david silver of president of american atheists initially had his request for a custom license plate with the word atheist on it rejected atheist written with a one as the i was deemed to be just too offensive after some pressure the new jersey motor vehicles commission caved and allowed the plate this is only logical be. because a properly spelled atheist point had already been in use i look at this two ways one if you're going to give people the freedom of choice of expression then some people are going to express themselves in an offensive way so if you're terrified of offending people then why not just give everyone a random plate with a random number and no one will be offended at all or two if you really believe in freedom of speech and expression all that then allow drivers to pick whatever they want and be responsible for themselves if someone throws
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a brick through their car window for having an ultra offensive license plate and if you want to express yourself or express something really offensive on your car then you better be prepared for some blowback or at least a few people spitting on your windshield but the show just my opinion. max keiser this is the kind of the report we started our journey down on wall street but that's not really the heart of darkness in this financial armageddon this apocalypse it's actually in midtown manhattan which you see in me so we've
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come up river looking for colonel kurtz who we will attempt to exterminate with extreme prejudice stacey on to tell us more max i assume that you mean colonel kurtz is jamie diamond who works at j.p. morgan he's the c.e.o. of j.p. morgan which you might see behind the chrysler building right there on the horizon j.p. morgan is full of that i understand you're going to go scouting them later you're going to go deep into the heart of darkness but the question is this is america's currents not really a question but a statement that headline is from zero heads and they look at the participation rate happening around the western world but in particular america where people are no longer voting people aren't showing up to vote so in twenty twelve for example the presidential elections less than fifty percent of the people eligible to vote voted so they show a chart it's called the bull market an app with a. change in voting rate since one nine hundred eighty sources o.e.c.d.
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and korea has the worst since this decline of about thirty three percent since one thousand nine hundred and the u.s. is next to a drop of nearly thirty percent in voter participation so there are hedges out skating is this because of the department of justice nobody's being you know we always get larry summers we always get robert rubin i was his hey rick rubin actually. def jam records l.l. cool j. now well look you know made the voters you don't need the population you don't need people working you don't need their tax receipts because the top five thousand princes of america have access to jamie diamond colonel diamonds sounds in a free money along with the federal reserve bank they just print more quantitative easing. those in these princelings in america therefore like saudi arabia which has a similar situation they have a fountain of oil they don't need the people save abject poverty and some five thousand princes in america similarly they've got their aristocracy that has been created now with the federal reserve's quantitative easing and they just print money as they need it it boosts our asset prices.


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