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tv   Headline News  RT  September 15, 2013 2:00am-2:30am EDT

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why you should care about. is why you should watch only. the latest news and the week's top stories here on r.t. russia manages to avert a u.s. attack on syria as most going to washington shake hands on a deal for damascus to give up its chemical weapons. and while the west continues to blame the syrian regime for atrocities against civilians we talk to those recruited by al qaida to find what they call a holy war. also two years brave akes shocked the world with a horrific massacre in norway the end immigration party that he was a member of is poised to take power as part of a right wing coalition we look at the decline of multiculturalism across you write .
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your life with us here on r.g.p. with me to say for this week's the weekly and today's top stories. the syrian government has been given a one week to fully reveal its chemical weapons capability which must be completely destroyed by the middle of next year as under ground breaking a deal reached by russia and the united states now under the six point drove map syria's entire chemical arsenal must be quickly put under international control after the stockpiles are revealed the decor commissioning process will begin the syrian government is obliged to provide a full access to all of its chemical sites so they can be securely destroyed compliance will be ensured by chapter seven of the un charter which threatens the use of force and the deal has persuaded washington to call of its strikes on syria at least for the time being and it's a no it has more. signed sealed and if delivered it could see syria hand
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over its chemical weapons stockpiles russia and the u.s. agreed on a six point plan after a week of talks i think the main factor is the willingness of russia to take responsibility and russia taking the lead russia making some proposal this is really changing the whole figure of the whole three young army of the of the situation the plan is seen as a last diplomatic push to prevent a military intervention into syria there can be no games no room for avoidance or anything less than full compliance by the regime in the event of noncompliance we have committed to impose measures under chapter seven within the u.n. security council all sides including rebel groups will be responsible for the safety
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of international inspectors and will have to provide free access to the sites well of course this does not mean every time a violation is reported actions will be taken with a massively who first have to verify in such reports because there are a lot of fabrications along these surrounding this issue and we have to be very careful most of russia is still wary of u.s. threats of course but more than welcome you turn in for rhetoric from the white house obama seemed more in their brand tack at all beyond words and he was forced to back off on a policy that very a week ago he was committed to launch a bombing campaign and i think the russian leadership and the american people have boxed to many but some experts aren't convinced that this step by the ousted regime with u.s. and russian support will be enough he also has some american commentators pointed out leaves the way open to do to a sad what the americans did to the. of gadhafi after all agreed to give up his
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chemical weapons his various of the conventional weapons and then a few years later he was attacked and the rebels immediate rejection of these latest diplomatic efforts makes it clear their pursuit for foreign intervention is not over damascus now has until next weekend to provide the un with a complete list of its stockpiles if i also continues to cooperate will it be enough to push for peace without the cooperation of the rebels and their supporters and he's now i r t moscow. they internationalists is poor to deal on syria does not bind the hands of the rebels who will continue to fight against a regime that's according to the free syrian army political coordinator earlier told my colleague buildout that they against any is with us side who has agreed to comply with the chemical disarmament plan actually we think that bashar lesson here understands only one logic that the force they don't understand anything about
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chemical all the other stuff it's about but never misses a major symbolic gesture isn't it by the assad regime to say yes we agree with this initiative proposed by the russians now and would that not then pave the way to a more diplomatic proma see a more talks with the f.s.a. engage in dialogue the regime has by the regime is lying about that you just want to buy time we don't trust but we don't always like to on. all the time for us we will not go in. if we will sold our people have blood for sure we want a solution to support solution in syria we are not fighting just for a fight we are not fighting because we love to hold guns and shooting at us we need a solution in syria but the solution is start with bashar assad to step away and he lives this people to the syrian people to live peacefully and to build their democracy and to build their own country. meanwhile religious extremism is becoming
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an increasingly prominent factor in the civil war with international reznor reason militants flooding the country convinced they carrying out the will of god artist maria financial spoke to one of these men i know this may look like an ordinary farewell amongst friends but the man in the lawn is lucky coat is a suicide bomber leaving on his final journey. this is his last conversation with us elder brother in a car that is supposed to take him to the rules of the central prison in aleppo syria and then explode sending him to paradise according to his beliefs these clips were found on a letter top taken from a wanted man seen in the food age who is now in a syrian prison he calls himself round and says he came to syria from a former soviet republic to fight. a group called approached me a year ago and convinced me that muslims in syria are being oppressed and killed
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and that i should go and take up arms against assad for world jihad and help establish a caliphate that will extend worldwide to europe america and everywhere his necke to into syria last january through turkey in istanbul two men who said they were from al qaeda met him and accompanied him to syria where he joined a large woman brigade run by an egyptian jihad is my job was mainly to prepare bombs for cars the rim any people all from different countries our teachers showed us how to make bombs which ingredients to use and how exactly to cook it. one of his recent assignments was analytical prison bowman last may the man you saw in the family well he did was driving the car the russian prepared russian brought his entire family to syria including his five year old son on this video that minute and shows his boy how to make a bomb they say are you terry father dies the song should continue the jihad i
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don't know what allah prepared for me but we have to finish what we started we spoke to russian at the air force intelligence jail next to a military airport in damascus in the cells. to meet all. the prisoners here are mainly charged with by the terrorists spying this newly built unit can accommodate up to two hundred people and already it's almost full. in the jails backyard an officer tells us not to get too close as the prisoners could be dangerous there are people here from syria yemen iraq jordan egypt and palestine but many came from europe as well. algerian with a french passport ammar has spent most of his life in france where he married a french woman and leave a normal life that changed after he was recruited by an islamic group with the kind of ties calling into hard in syria. i volunteered i went to turkey in
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a refugee camp there i met a salafi group and i trained with them for about two and a half months and then we illegally crossed the border into syria. says as a selfie a fundamental muslim he had to get involved. with so much sunni syrian brothers suffering here i saw an al-jazeera al-arabiya and other channels the kids are also suffering i took up arms and i was ready to use them but when i came here i didn't see the enemy. in a separate building they show west weapons including handmade bombs and green aides seized from militants these are the instruments of global jihad that chose syria as a battlefield to bring foreign fighters and violence this prison may be full but beyond the walls really men with many causes remain free to continue their fight. damascus syria. and maria's been seeing the brutality of the war at firsthand
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in syria the ancient christian century of modern nuno which was liberated from jihad its forces earlier this week she is producing real time reports on the situation there on her twitter feed and out the latest by following her online. shifted to the right for no way the conservatives along with their right wing allies are swept to power in this week's general election i'll sing the labor party they income in coalition includes the anti immigrant progress party which amass a murder and rigor bravery it was one of its members of the vote of leader and now sahlberg are set to take the helm of our prime minister has called the victory historic and as a new think often of experience the rise of the right is being echoed across europe . two years ago norway suffered the worst massacre since world war two
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a brutal assault unleashed against a summer camp for young people claiming seventy seven lives the perpetrator was extreme rightist anders breivik who claimed to have political motivation for his atrocities at his trial he said he wanted to punish the ruling labor party for its liberal immigration policies and to start a so-called conservative revolution he was a member of the progress party in his youth before he lost faith in it and in democracy and adopted the radical and muslim views that underpinned his act of terror the anti immigration progress party saw supported crumble in the aftermath of the attack but as norwegians headed to the polls monday for the first parliamentary election since the tragedy the tables appear to have turned and the progress party is poised to enter government for the first time the party has since softened its radical image and tried to distance itself from braving its campaigned for tougher immigration and asylum policies and wants to reduce the number of
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immigrants from outside the e.u. in the face of economic uncertainty and voters in some european countries have rallied behind a far right nationalist ideas a few of the parties that have emerged have grown more popular others much less so or not at all well since the financial crisis several e.u. countries including major european economies have seen a substantial rise of populist radical right electoral support let's take a closer look now in one of the biggest economies france after years of electoral decline marine le pen led the country's national front to its best ever results in the election of two thousand and twelve now some have claimed that zena phobia is still one of the country's party's trademarks although she has tried to soften the party's image since the more radical program of the one nine hundred ninety s. well belong to austria the freedom party of austria has focused on anti immigration anti islam and euro skeptic issues there's even called for a withdrawal from the euro zone. and we've gone to the true finns in finland they
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may share populist rhetoric with other nordic parties its supporters to are opposed to the e.u. and to globe globalism now the party leader hundreds sieved the highest number of personal votes for any candidate in the party has one thousand percent of the seats in parliament well the movement for a better hungry entered parliament for the first time three years ago now the group describes itself as a radically patriotic christian party but it's described in a local pressed as neo fascist and in the far right national alliance brings together a coalition of conservatives ethno nationalists and economic liberals with fourteen seats in the legislature it's the country's fourth largest political party now at the same time some of the countries which do have notable far right parties there is a fairly even split between those that have seen an increase in support and those which haven't and as you can see right here support for right wing movements has gone down now in some ways the growth of right wing parties has been cyclical in europe
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some tend to gain power during economic downturns and fade journ periods of growth but with economic stagnation continuing on the continent it remains to be seen what will happen to these political groups who seek. moscow. coming up a bit later in the program a tradeoff between privacy and a success a british university in start monitoring this students private data with the aim of improving academics results get the full story in a couple of minutes on r.t. . and a french politicians go what it takes to persuade consumers just a loyal to domestic product we all know whether the price considerations are stronger than patriotism right after the break. we're all told i'm a language of what i will only react to situations i have read the reports for. the pollution and no i will leave them to the state department to comment on your part
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of the month to save lives or carry a car is on the job is no god there. are no more weasel words. when you have a direct question be prepared for a change when you should be ready for a. printout of speech and down to freedom to. dramas the truth be ignored. stories others who refuse to notice. the faces change the world. to picture of today's. from around the globe.
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thanks for staying with us here on our team the french government has called on consumers to be more patriotic by buying from domestic produces but what's intended as a lifeline for french industries is proving to be an unwelcome burden on people's wallets as us all year looks into the initiative when france's industry minister i'm i'm wanted was struck a pose looking as french as one could be consumer affairs minister but one more thought it was a joke this is a real photo of our new moon to be. i don't believe it was only. in fact what it was message was serious choose french politics over foreign made ones to help more the country where they keep jobs and appeal to french patriotism in the face of a thirteen year high unemployment rate with the number of job was hitting three million for the first time
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a move that comes as france talks about reforms to restore global competitiveness a critical priority says the international monetary fund. a recent study suggests that if consumers were to buy only french made goods they would have to spend between one hundred three hundred euros more each month and amount that would squeeze an already weakened purchasing power because of all the publicity the french are even more aware now are made in france products versus those coming from the outside but most of the time the difference could really be seen in the prices of the goods for example is peaches from spain it costs for ninety five per kilo rather this one which is clearly marked made in france cost six and ninety five per kilo that's a two year old difference so the question here is how well it will decide do you sell to the french. differently no i won't spend three hundred extra you have to find this money first. says yes if i have the money certainly.
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knowledge is just simply the victim or did you just know i think globalization allows us to find cheaper goods for you must know it when you look at the product you know or some of those short or whatever you go that bottle has been dug into in france but part of the been done as well in fact a french political parties have been accused of hypocrisy as a local newspaper's investigation last year she lection campaign materials have been made in china vigeland morocco you name it. here for example this little case is made in china so i'm not afraid buying sings in china that's the point the point is we have. no hope in france at all isn't d.c.m. is a brand that takes pride in having its manufacturing base in france its director says the study more is an important point that paying more to support their own
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industries creates local jobs and is far less of an economic burden than the cost of three point two million unemployed bigger more. works of course to. the social care we have in france and the bigger more jobs a social worker is employment so we really be much more healthier in france and with lower deficits. if everyone was to have. a job the world trade organization has criticized this campaign as patriotic protectionism as france's economic why was getting treated to vanish politicians seem to be grasping at straws the government's new call to arms may look good on paper but as critics point out it could end up an economic fall power. juster sylvia r.t. paris. head to archie dot com for more on the stories we're covering also while you
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have the we report on how tens of thousands of web users are trying to force a florida high school named after the for is a grander wizard of the ku klux klan to get rid of its controversial new. class panic at the loop where the home of the want to lease it could be moving ninety percent of its exit it's just safety over fears that a once in a century disaster could hit paris. edward snowden has been put forward as a nominee for the prestigious a car although human rights prize by european law makers the recipients of the award is to be decided in october there was a billows nominated by a group of european parliament members who say he risked his freedom to protect the rights of others paul murphy an irish i mean from that group believes snowden chances of getting the prize are slim but it's not all about winning. well this nomination doesn't call unfortunately from the leadership of the european union who
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are think would certainly prefer to avoid the embarrassment of him winning the prize but it comes from the left in the european union which has consistently supported edward snowden he deserves to win the prize because he's a hero and he's a hero for putting his freedom on the line and still on the line in reality i think he's only likely to win and i think the greens are the green group inside the parliament also supports edward snowden and what i fear that certainly the big groups will not wants the so-called embarrassment of choosing edward snowden because of the impact that that would have in relations with the us the reason you know a very practical reason that we're proposing to him is to try to pressure on countries to grant him permanent asylum we don't think he should be on our own without a visa is a visa for the goats of them for a year now but after that he has. no definite future so it's designed to add
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pressure on to embarrass the u.s. . several british academic institutions have come under fire for spying on the students of private data the monitoring which has been now widely branded as a wife violation was designed to improve education standards smith has the story. minority report it's the one where tom cruise has the car in the future and uses paths in the day to stop crimes before they happen while the fictional feature is now universities are our allies in the electronic trail of students how often they use the library what books they guess out even where they park their cars to create a picture of them and how they learn and they use the data in different ways the different you need the marketing courses but also to predict which students are likely to fail or dropouts and here's where it fits into nineteen eighty-four territory in the dystopian novel any negative thoughts is thought crime every party
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member has the telly screen in his or her home which the thought police use to watch them and record anything that resembles an unorthodox opinion or in the struggle now look for a university in the midlands says it's considering doing something frighteningly similar monitoring students' private emails to negative comments on their university experience to see if they're at risk of quitting. students at the london school of economics are not keen on the idea. that it would be an infringement of my integrity it sounds a bit the cia now i think people are the things that went on i think people are much more kind of them. could be more vile ages i don't think it's right it's a kill that you can say sure you wouldn't do it in denmark where i come from i think people would like that i would mam my emails to that money. i mean the private emails to should have exclusive right to embassy case again private
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universities do have a good track record for keeping dates of private but the worry here is that there's so much data and of course how it could be used ultimately the information could be used to allocate resources for example if it identifies the type of person most likely to fail universities could stop recruiting those people altogether or not waste money on trying to retain them as students start returning for a new academic year they'd better beware big brother is watching them now more closely than ever. merrill election in the russian capital sergei sabean an has been sworn in for his second term and a grand ceremony on moscow's a bloc my hero but the opposition candidate alexina ali has filed a lawsuit demanding a rerun of all the came in second to securing almost a third of the vote. there were multiple violations stream the ballot allegations that have been rejected by the central election committee on monday thousands
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attended in mass rally in central moscow in support of the opposition front. now to some mob today the main news from around the world in northern iraq. war maher has. killed at least thirty six people and left dozens more wounded in a check apparently targeting about ethnic minority this follows a string of deadly shootings and bombings across the country iraq is currently enduring its bloody is period in years with more than four thousand deaths since april. now floodwaters across the u.s. state of colorado have left five people dead and hundreds missing thousands of residents have been safely evacuated the state suffering its worst flooding in decades with heart of the entire annual average rainfall in the past week alone
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more flash floods are expected in the coming days. with the week ending in an apparent diplomatic breakthrough on syria. a real results takes a closer look in a wealth of comics. fans of the shocked your football club and kind of gonda kazakhstan believe that a certain special rich will help them achieve victory against the world famous scottish team celtic this ritual was sacrificing his sheep at the stadium as someone who lived in kazakhstan for two years i know there's a real meat eating country with deeply rooted traditions in livestock racing so this news is unusual but maybe it's not completely bizarre for the culture of course defenders of animal rights who don't seem to realize that the sheep would be
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turned into people of the next few days anyways demanded that you a full officials punish the shock to a club for the actions of individual fans this is the same logic as if someone wearing a sexy tim kirby t. shirt went around robbing liquor stores i am not responsible for the actions of people like this program and it's not like i'd ever advocate robbing liquor stores and i doubt the shocked your management secretly arranged for fans to slaughter the sheep at the stadium where the slaughter of animals is acceptable to you or not well that's one thing but we don't need to regulate the morality of individuals in other countries via soccer especially if that regulation means punishing the football clubs who are responsible for the actions of individuals but that's just my opinion.
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come on and welcome to worlds apart from just been through an extraordinary be. russian and american diplomacy that started with the threat of war and ended with a major diplomatic breakthrough and while it is yet to produce any meaningful results in suppling the conflict in syria has clearly demonstrated how differently both russians and americans view this war but can they find a mutual interest in putin and i'm too well to discuss that i'm now joined by one of the most venerated american diplomats who served as an umbrella there to both the united nations and russia thomas pickering ambassador pickering it's a great honor to have you on the show thank you now i don't know if you would agree with me but i think this year's russian clash over syria comes down not only to a difference of opinions or a difference of agendas but to significant expand a difference of diplomatic styles and the perception here in moscow is that. the
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united states sees russia as uncooperative simply because russia wouldn't submit to the ten american position but diplomacy or negotiations and as i'm sure you would know. is not about take it or leave it it's about give and take so my question to you is rather american diplomacy at this point of time is killed a quick and open to a dialogue a dialogue when it will treat russia any other country as equal i think oxana i would say in principle style plays a role but not the predominant role the predominant role is played by the positions of governments taken in their capitals often in response to domestic policy imperatives as well as foreign policy interests and to some extent helps to determine the differences in their approach i think what is quite fascinating is the degree to which.


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