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tv   Venture Capital  RT  September 15, 2013 12:29pm-12:46pm EDT

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do you think it was handled appropriately it should talk about governments but the government didn't actually bailouts lehman's did lehman marked a very very interesting and beneficial moment in so far as it was a lot to fester on the vine that was the wall moment the governments were successfully the tragedy was the domino effect started to take place governments panic very quickly how much money are we talking about then because it is quite mind boggling really how much money these governments have put into the banks how much are we talking and will they realistically ever get it back is that just not going to happen i think it's impossible to put a sum on the whole amount of money but what we're talking about is molten pools of the g.d.p. of a major european nation has alternately gone into the world banking system if not more before we start looking at this from a money quirk of quantitative easing the governments of the world have spent hundreds and hundreds of trillions of dollars bailing out of decay and became
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a mode of system called banking when the solutions to the future of finance is peer to peer it's alternative currency it's like bitcoin and it's not actually going to be a banking system as we hard before two thousand and eight and big that lead to some to our next story here on venture capital city thank you very much indeed patrick young from t.v. advises always a pleasure you're welcome now a consequence of the financial crisis is the growing popularity of cyber current says basically the big question because they're free from central bank manipulation and government control and now become an a.t.m. czar to be instilled in cities around canada that's vegas based rover cohen is the company behind the scenes this move is being seen as a huge step to taking a virtual currency to mainstream status and breaking some of the misconceptions or even suspicions that surround the alternative clients it's help me. understand how
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the machines actually what i'm now joined by the c.e.o. of very very kind now jordan kelly so today he spends may just in simple tabs how do they what. you know the unfortunate thing about that corner now is the problem that customers face to acquire it's what we've spent the last year trying to solve and we believe we've solved it very well is by giving people the ability to instantaneously acquire but point through purchase with cash and simultaneously they can sell bitcoin for cash as well as i understand it you have to over eighty have a bit coin account and then you go into misdemeanors or not i would try to really simplify this right from the buying side of things you can go up to the machine without having a wallet and it will generate a wallet for you on the fly or if you already have a wallet it's a simple it's scamming your mobile phone to send a big coin that you purchased to your secure personal wallet from the sell side you
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actually do have to own bitcoin in order so bitcoin obviously so was the feet of bitcoin in your in your had that how do you if this is. big going to be in ten years are we going to be going to machines getting out that cleans going shopping how's it going to walk. that's a great question and you know from where we look at where we look at that market where we look at we look at what we can do to truly impact and benefit the country the world for that matter and we chuckle a few simple problems the first is to make the acquisition and storage of bitcoin super easy and then the second is to make spending but coin easier than spending money where i see it i see so much value in but just because it is a truly decentralized no money truly decentralized programmable money that you know is authority agnostic and effectively it's the people's currency so you can't get
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behind that so. now scientists some corporate news them get stuck in and talk about the relationship between russia and cyprus always been a close bond so much so that the bank of cyprus is getting a most make a vote six russians were elected to the sixteen member of the board of directors. abu dhabi is planning to invest five billion dollars in russian destructive projects over the next seven years the move comes three months after another abu dhabi funds move adult have pledged to invest one billion dollars in the country alongside russia's direct investment fund. and u.s. stock exchange the dow jones is having a reshuffle alcoa bank of america and hewlett packard to be removed from the down arm replaced by goldman sachs these out and nike the decision is based on struggling stock prices and the desire to diversify the mix of companies
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represented alright let's now take aim with mr thomas all in-house investor and see what you've been up to this week i was away last week in some pieces but i'm back now i want to know what you've been out well first of all when you left the weather got really cold and rainy you came back and it has been. but warmer so thanks for coming to moscow for us china is increasing its crude output which negatively affects oil here in russia or at least that's what i would say however china is increasing their overall production which means it's good for the stock market so oil probably going to remain volatile for a while but i'm going to stay in and just kind of ride this one out because sometimes you've got to gamble right i'm thinking i'm going to go for rough spots which is russia's agriculture company they're up one percent it's not a lot but i'm thinking looking ahead everybody needs to eat right oh yeah right and in fact it's looking at me i love to since i love to eat i love food i can do my own part in raising the stakes well you said it and i'm going to join as well
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because i like to eat indeed perfect. this week engine lovers get out for the frank. car companies data out to win the race for the most impressive concept car and that was the reynolds offering a vehicle with a map of paris roof with disco style interior as well citron the sea cactus with minimal modernization and air pump tunnels designed to protect from common scuffs and bashes that basically wipes away from the first hit wills and shiny bonnets the issue of ongoing stored in demand was far less glamorous savage job cuts whole to shed and increase manufacturing costs have plagued the car market the six years now i will be able to see how the european market has. been affected i mean you can see just hey you've got it absolutely plummeting right there from two thousand and ten
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to twenty thirteen s last inhofe the car sales now europe for the full year as well as expected to be below last year as well so that trend will continue the rocky road so to speak as a result russia has come off has now overtaken germany as the biggest come market in europe you can see it's a bigger car than this one that demonstrates twenty six thousand cars now i spoke to the c.e.o. of sichuan at the frankfurt motor show earlier in the week to ask about the road ahead. we're still forecasting a european markets which will be down for their all year this year by about minus five persons having said that i believe that's we've probably hit at the bottom. we can see the green shoots. recovery in progress at least for us russia is one of our priorities of development as you said a it's the largest markets in europe and into
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the in europe the market has been extremely difficult since the beginning of the year extremely competitive as you know and rather in the recession situation especially in the segments where we are all which is the medium car calls having said that the most recent we had in russia which is the college rickles c four. he's doing very well and we believe that it gives us an opportunity of growth at least in terms of market share that fateful today's venture capital all the same place same time. can tell you that.
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fans of the shocked your football club and code of conduct kazakhstan believe that a certain special rich will help them achieve victory against the world famous scottish team celtic this ritual was sacrificing a sheep at the stadium as someone who lived in kazakhstan for two years i know there's a real meat eating culture with deeply rooted traditions in livestock racing so this news is unusual but maybe a start completely bizarre for the culture of course defenders of animal rights who don't seem to realise that the sheep would be turned into people of the next few days anyways. demanded that you a full officials punish the shock to a club for the actions of individual fans this is the same logic as if someone wearing a sexy tim kirby t. shirt went around robbing liquor stores i am not responsible for the actions of people like this program and it's not like i'd ever advocate robbing liquor stores and i doubt the shocked your management secretly arranged for fans to slaughter the sheep at the stadium when the slaughter of animals is acceptable to you or not well that's one thing but we don't need to regulate the morality of individuals in other
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countries via soccer especially if that regulation means punishing the football clubs who aren't responsible for the actions of individuals but that's just my opinion. speak your language as anybody will inevitably and. will use programs and documentaries and spanish what matters to you. use a little tonnage of angola's stories. spanish to find out more visit eye eye to
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. hello again you're watching a weekly hey a not a now edward snowden has been put forward as a nominee for the prestigious sakit all for human rights prize by european law make is the recipient of the award is to be decided in a tell you it whistle blow was nominated by a group of european parliament members who say he risked his freedom to protect the rights of others paul murphy in our east m.e.p. from machree believes snowden's chances of getting a prize is slim but it's not all about winning. this nomination doesn't call unfortunately from the leadership of the european union no i think would certainly prefer to avoid the embarrassment of him winning the prize but it comes from the left in the european union which has consistently supported edward snowden he
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deserves to win the prize because he's a hero and he's a hero for putting his freedom on the line and it's still on the line in reality i think he's only likely to win and i think the greens are the green group inside the parliament also supports edward snowden and but i fear that certainly the big groups will not wants the so-called embarrassment of choosing edward snowden because of the impact that that would have on relations with the us the reason you know a very practical reason that we're proposing to him is to try to pressure on countries to granting permanent asylum we don't think he should be on our own without a visa is a visa for the goats of asylum for a year now but after that he has. no definite future so it's designed to add pressure on to embarrass the u.s. the french government is called on consumers to be more patriotic by buying from
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domestic producers but what's intended is a lifeline for french industries is proving to be an unwelcome burden on people's wallets pesters syria looks into the initiative. when france's industry minister struck a pose looking as french as one can be consumer affairs minister been one more thought it was a joke this is a real food of on new moon to be. i don't believe it in fact a multiverse message was serious choose french politics over foreign made ones to help more the country manage keep jobs and appeal to french patriotism in the face of a thirteen year high unemployment rate with the number of jobless hitting three million for the first time a move that comes as france talks about reforms to restore global competitiveness a critical priority says the international monetary fund a recent study suggests that if consumers were to buy only french made goods they
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would have to spend between one hundred three hundred euros more each month an amount that would squeeze an already weakened purchasing power because of all the publicity the french are even more aware now are made in france products versus those coming from the outside but most of the time the difference could really be seen in the prices of the goods now this one for example is peaches from spain it costs a fortnight of five per kilo rather this one which is clearly marked made in france cost six ninety five per kilo that's a two year old difference so the question here is how well it will decide d.s.l. to the french. definitely no i won't spend three hundred years extra you have to find this manifests. yes if i have the money certainly. just you know the community there's no i think globalization allows us to find cheaper goods you know it's when you look at the product you know or some of those
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short or whatever you go that bottle of been dug into in france but part of it of been done as well in fact french political parties have been accused of hypocrisy as a local newspaper's investigation last year showed election campaign materials have been made in china bangladesh morocco you name it. here for example this little case is made in china so i'm not afraid buying sings in china that's the part the point is we have. no hope in france at all isn't d.c.m. is a brand that takes pride in having its manufacturing base in france its director says the study more is an important point that paying more to support their own industries creates local jobs and is far less of an economic burden than the cost of three point two million unemployed big amount of those ducks are of course to pay. for social care we have in france and
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a big moment of the social care and employment so we'd move we would be much more healthier in france and with lower deficits public deficit if everyone was to have. a job the world trade organization has criticized this campaign as patriotic protectionism as france's economic y. was getting trickier to manage politicians seem to be grasping at straws the government's new call to arms may look good on paper but his critics point out it could end up an economic fall power. does or sylvia r.t. paris. a quick look now at some other needs me around the world a massive rescue operation is in full swing across the u.s. state of colorado where deadly floods have already killed six people and left hundreds unaccounted for thousands have been forced to evacuate.


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