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as for life. if you could have been a magic it could happen to addie. i . think. everybody. did you know the price is the only industry specifically mention in the constitution. that's because a free and open press is critical to our democracy shrek. will. never go on i'm sorry and on this show we reveal the picture of what's actually going on and we go beyond identifying a problem. rational debate and real discussion critical issues facing america among them are you ready to join the movement and welcome the big. m to our been in washington d.c. and here's what's coming up tonight on the big picture international back in
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january of two thousand and nine republican lawmakers and strategists got together and planned to sabotage the obama presidency at every possible chance using taliban like tactics that why senator ted cruz is standing up in the senate at this very moment acting like a suicide bomber to his own party while doing everything in ghana to fund obamacare also california has passed a new law that lets teenagers wipe their digital footprint from the internet by deleting all of their own seabury posts tweets and comments should all americans have the right to delete any information they put on the world wide web that and more and it's big picture politics camp. you need to know this the republican party has become the party of suicide bombers back on the night of january twentieth two thousand and nine the first the day that
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president obama was first inaugurated fourteen republicans got together in a private room at the caucus room restaurant here in washington d.c. and hatched a plan to sabotage. the obama presidency at every opportunity no matter how much damage it would do to the american people on the guest list for the four hour invitation only meeting were republican congressman eric cantor paul ryan kevin mccarthy pete sessions jeb hensarling pete hoekstra and dan lungren republican senators jon kyl now heritage foundation president and then senator jim de mint tom coburn john ensign and bob corker were also in tents that meeting was also attended by republican propaganda group frank luntz and by former speaker of the house and current c.n.n. pardon that newt gingrich who told us about that meeting on this program during the dinner the republican conspirators vowed to bring congress to a standstill regardless of how bad the congressional inaction would hurt the already hurting american economy and people in essence they pledged to each other
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to obstruct filibuster and block any legislation that might improve the economy and make president obama look good congressman pete sessions told the national journal in march of two thousand and nine that the republican sabotage plan hatched at the caucus room restaurant would borrow up age from the tactics of taliban terrorists he said that taliban insurgency we understand perhaps a little bit more now because of the taliban insurgency is the way they went about systematically understanding how to disrupt and change a person's entire processes and these taliban it's an example is interesting it's an example of how you go about to change a person from their messaging to their operations to their front line message and we need to understand that insurgency may be required when dealing with the democrats on the other side texas republican went on to say that if the democrats do not give us those options are opportunities then we will become insurgency i think insurgency is a mindset and an attitude. fast forward to the debate in washington today over the
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debt ceiling and looming government shutdown well there's no chance that the democrats will agree to defund obamacare senator ted cruz is still leading the taliban style suicide bomber charge to shut down the government over obamacare isn't defunded chris this plan is so crazy that even the editorial page of the wall street journal which typically leans crazy itself compared his efforts to a charge into the fix bayonets that of course is exactly the sort of thing the taliban would do or is this plan to shut down the government is just the latest version of the taliban insurgency plan that pete sessions and his fellow fellow republican activists hatched back on january twentieth two thousand and nine at the caucus room restaurant as the chattanooga times free press brilliantly depicts senator cruz and his fellow republicans who are willing to shut down. the government and cause unthinkable harm to the american people are really just to watch as suicide bombers will go down shouting iran doc.
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it's time for tonight's big picture politics panel joining me are matt purple assistant managing editor with the american spectator carl fresh democratic strategist and partner with both sides strategies and he knew some member of the national advisory council the project twenty and life leadership that work thank you all for joining us tonight and let's get started you heard my rant ted cruz suicide bomber what do you think and i think pete sessions is a big mouth and he probably said that that's a very unfortunate metaphor but you know you're calling them the taliban the taliban at least had some element of organization about them i mean they were you know a competent group in certain ways there is no we're going to zation with the republicans on this ted cruz does not look right now like he's going to get anywhere with this he doesn't have the sixty votes in the senate the house is essentially sent in this bill more to shut him up than to actually get it passed and actually defund
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obamacare you know this isn't really being taken and seriously by anybody outside of ted cruz and outside of you know senator mike lee and a couple others and i can only say i agree with what you're saying i agree large group but you know what it is it's the wet fever dream of the republican base and i would liken this maybe more to operation canadian bacon than i would want anything i mean it's just an example of a politician up there doing things to enrich themselves politically they were going to look at it they support this like crazy i mean you've basically got the republican base walking around with its trapper keeper over its collective lap they love this and make no mistake he wouldn't be doing this right now if it was going to help him in iowa and new hampshire there are some republicans in washington who realize that this is not going to help them long term but if they think this is the only thing they're doing that won't help them long term they'd. to have a wake up call. for turtle mcconnell. struck
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a shivan ted cruz today i mean before cruz even got up and started speaking he publicly said that he had a deal with harry reid to bring this bill to the floor which means that he's signed on to strip the obamacare part out of it i don't know if they're going to strip out the jeff merkley is asking them to strip out republicans also slipped into it the montana protection act and merkel is trying to get that out i don't know what's going to happen with that but you know is your party or is the republican party just it is a just a couple of suicide bombers or is it like the whole thing going on it's a couple of. lists lists we you know we get into the partisanship in the politics of this but there's still policy here that needs to be talked about this law that we now know usa today also ran an article about obamacare talked about half half million children possibly could be could lose health insurance how this you know there's a there's a glitch as the article called it that is going to cause so many people to be pushed on pushed out of subsidies so there are some problems this isn't yet let's
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fix them but is it is it not true the hear read is not allowing. to be put on obamacare as we speak he's just he's he's intractable so this is not an obamacare bill i mean they had to be almost two years ago it's not yeah but it's still nice to be amended we know we know about all the so so so in the past it would have to come out of the house when i was republicans are not going to do anything like what reid is saying that any of them is a deal way on this and you need to update your talking points my friend your talking points that you're spewing right now are let's fix it and move forward that's the talking points of the republican party from three years ago they no longer want to fix it they just want to gut it and get rid of it because that's the only thing that will fix. that i don't think it is policy not part not politics a list talk about the policy wall and let's also live in the real world there are fixes that i don't know what to make out of the cold. if you're rainbow but it was this is not the way that things have my boy so let's go back to the real world here in the real world is if you go up to public opinion we've been told over and over
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again people were going to fall in love with this law once they started getting the goodies from it when stuff started going out give it a little bit so they're not going to while going to remain is still dead set against this publicly only what you call the most motive for a public most of the public doesn't know who it is not some how in any way really it's only a rational you know what i want why don't republicans encourage it to go into place so that it can corral and obama can have eggs and make them suicide bombers which is what you were just accusing them of the neocon monologue to do i would hope your daughter wasn't going to do you are you really so cynical that you think republicans want to take down the country that they really want to you know what in peace a terrible solution is if it's do this that's how it evolves survey should yes well how do you know what they're doing look at what they did was a stimulus they want to get rid of it and i'm going to say right now it's ok to take the legislative up or take the legislative process out of this right now they are courage in people not to sign up they are trying to sabotage so that it doesn't work that's precisely what covers talking about what you were did not because there
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are these about local problems down the road and i agree to the last word on this and i want to move on to other things so that so back to what we were talking about before how to fix the bill we know that there are errors in the bill it is good policy maybe not good politics but it's good policy so it is important this is a republican reza lation resolution if this is the only way that republicans have to at least bring to bring this to the american public and have a discussion about this has dispersed about this albeit i don't think they have had and i should like to discuss a topic shut down the government to do it but at the same time we clearly need to have a referendum on this deal by the way one more quick point there is another republican plan out there the republican study committee released recently a congressman you know everybody gets to have a health reasons and there are some decent idea i suppose knowledge here and there i mean is there is a republican idea out there you know there's republican plans there are alternatives it's not a suicide mission as it's being are it's you know or words sold there on your own. republican former secretary of labor robert reich has released a new documentary called inequality for all and which he explains how taxing the
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rich could help solve our economy president obama made tax reform a goal of both of his administration both of his presidential terms but it has taken a backseat to things like syria immigration reform health care and guns right now washington is having a debate over how to best deal with the nation's debt problem should we just roll back the reagan tax cuts i mean the time of greatest prosperity in the united states was from the from the mid thirty's as the great depression was ending until the mid eighty's when we had a top tax rate up to three million dollars basically without huge taxes and after that it was ninety one percent up until l.b.j. and it was seventy four percent until reagan why don't we were all back the reagan tax cuts and i don't i don't get that. the world has changed i mean you know half the world was blocked off to have best been or to capital for americans back in the fifty's and sixty's because that are incurred in the rest of the world with steel somehow you know on the margins that we're going to tax so if you think about it
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from a standpoint of ok you have the capital gains tax rate which is the which is tax and investment gains. tax that rich people pay which is a maximum twenty percent or at the same time if you raise it in chase away the rich people dollars which ronald reagan strongly suggested he raise the capital gains tax to be identical to the of the ordinary income tax rate on both the twenty eight percent saying bus driver should not pay less should not pay more in taxes than millionaires but in saying that it was crazy all the rich people left the united states right now i just don't what all that what is happening what has happened since the what do we see we've seen a constant flow of dollars that a dad people are putting in the swiss bank accounts we see people dodging taxes because that's what happens when you what happens when you get our taxes know best what happens when you try to talk about raising taxes that's a let me tell you that we have just let me there's already just a little bit there because we needed the whole ninety one percent. tax rate thing the top tax rate that's nonsense that was the top tax rate at that time but nobody actually paid that amount and they were much many more you know sort of offshore
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shelters where you could hide your stuff exemptions were encouraged you're saying we did more for jackie chan and he campaigned in one hundred sixty i.e. nosing in the senate on there is x. ray and then general had a day or so and very few people take the titles are lowered the tariff people say the top pay the top the car america the far more ag working we're going to have to do it again at thirteen and finish this conversation just about more of tonight's big picture politics panel after the break.
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i would rather as questions to people than positions of power instead of speaking on their behalf and that's why you can find my show larry king now right here on our t.v. question or. good free. free. free. free. free. free. for your media.
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welcome back to the big picture politics panel joining me tonight that purple coral fresh and healing let's get back to it in an interview with minnesota public radio republican congressman john kline said republicans should refuse to raise the debt ceiling a lot of the president agrees to dump a few million people off medicare seniors' mindset i think the real answer to that well it is to get some agreement from senate democrats and more specifically the white house that you've got to do something about entitlements he went on specifically to talk about raising the retirement age for medicare from sixty five to sixty so is this really the answer to all of our problems of course today to millions of people on medicare say it's certainly the answer to the republican problems you know when a party looks insensitive to women and independents and drives them away in flocks and is looking at the prospect of not being elected anytime soon to the white house what they really need to do is pull such bold propose such bold visionary policies
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as kicking people off of medicare and making it harder and longer until you can qualify for medicare that is going to lead to successes in the future for them in the last presidential election they were running ads against president obama saying that his obamacare proposals would somehow harm people on medicare i mean that you could argue it wasn't true but but i mean republicans have said you know those democrats want to take your medicare is this really bad politics i think it's bad it's always bad politics to touch medicare insults. here it is just it's just bad politics but it might be good policy so you know we think about the fact that i would only seem to we've only seen two increases in the age for religious belief or so security medicare and the problem that we have is people living longer we know that for fact and people are able to work longer so they you know we're healthy i don't want a seventy year old work and plus it's here it is and they are just study looked at
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you know back in that you know back in the nineteenth century people want to they were seventy they were able bodied to work at the average working retirement age was seventy so if you look at it from that standpoint people are able to work more and we are they know that these trusts are going to go in the radar already in the red in the cost taxpayers. money if if we were to reduce the social security retirement age and reduce the medicare age to sixty actually fifty five we did the math on this i wrote a chapter of my book the american dream on this we took about a fifty five about half of the people in that cohort would probably retire that would tighten up the labor market to the point where unemployment would go down so much that wages would start going up so much that the additional revenue tax revenue would more than pay for i mean other countries have tried this in two worked well it's a nice vision i mean there's a lot of if then isn't there i'm not entirely sure. whether or not that we're going with the if there's no there's this would only say five point seven billion this
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one particular plan of raising the retirement age and you don't throw eleven billion dollars on running out of the state so this alone certainly is not going to solve all our problems it's also going to i believe force the american public to pay more individuals to pay more money if you just look at a diet to the notion that the notion that medicare is not having problems the notion that it's not in trouble is simply not true the actuary came out came out they said by two thousand and twenty four of the program is going to be bankrupt the medicare part a trust fund was going to run out and you have a seven hundred thousand hold on if you take out the accounting that obamacare imposes. but it's you know spending cuts and tax increases when you take all that out strip it out it's going to go bankrupt in two thousand and sixteen yeah i know it's a lot closer don't know why it is that we have heard that message over and what we are for your medicare running again but would get it running again if the economy picked up and more money started going to the system and the economy would take it out of unemployment went down which would happen that is lower than he said eligibility well i mean you know we're all fighting hard on this will you be giving people more benefits not less in social security medicare and we should finally be
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making the wealthy pay into social security at the same rate that their income that people of modest and medium you know why didn't the bill gates pays like one one thousandth of his percent of his income into medicare and i pay you know four percent or five percent or whatever it is that all three darwinism and yeah yeah absolutely ok any a middle class the unions a new senator from the new study from the american progress action fund found that the middle class brings home more money and states that have higher rates of union membership than in those who are fewer workers are organized by comparing the share of total income they want to the middle sixty percent of the population in each state to the level of union membership in each state. the state of the lowest rates of union membership returned below average shares of income to the middle class residents so why you know if if we can demonstrate clearly union membership increases wages strengthens the middle class it's a good thing for america it's even a good thing for rich people because there's more consumers for the products that
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they're making i wouldn't i wouldn't have grown up in a middle class family had it not been for organized labor my father or my father was a share for thirty five years and prior to his deputy sheriffs becoming organized and becoming a union they weren't paid a wage that could afford to have a family and pay a mortgage and have a car a car payment or let alone send their kids to college. the siblings my three sisters and i we all turned out pretty good because of labor union and what we've seen over the last thirty years is slowly. first it was go after the public opinion around labor and then it was slowly roll back the protections that labor has brought us the whole issue that we're dealing with now health care and all these other things that are being debated if you went back you know fifty sixty years. the public mindset around these are things that workers should get because they're working it's part of the agreement the social contract the debate that we're having right now it would seem crazy matt in one thousand fifty six when white as an hour
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was running for reelection. i challenge you to go read to his read the republican party platform of the us and howard they said the only accomplishments of days of our include we have added three million people to the social security rolls we've we've increased union membership by five million people we've you know they just go through all these we've added social protections we just created the the worker safety board or whatever the of the first federal cabinet level worker safety thing . they were bragging republicans were bragging about these things barry goldwater like these things what has happened to the republican party why is it that the republican party now has become the party of billionaires you know the wal-mart folks people say well if they if they paid the same as costco prices would go up no the five people who own most of the stock of wal-mart instead of being in aggregate the richest person in the world might be the second richest person in the world will you ask me what the difference was and let's go back to i think another historical figure before eisenhower and that was f.d.r. who said that we ought not to have public sector employee unions and that's the
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difference is that the unionization now is mostly concentrated in the public sector i think something like seven percent of private businesses are unionized whereas i don't i think it's forty something percent of the public sector is so that's really where the money is going on top of the union i'm not saying that he was eisenhower is not always right i think we can you know we can both agree on at all why is the republican party opposed to working people why are they always going in the direction because in because you're talking about the state to to a right to work. for less state and what you see is that wages go down for the middle class they do go down for the middle class is absolutely true i'm certain the city is a republican is also true that the two states that are creating the bulk of the jobs in america right now in north dakota and texas above and beyond in terms of g.d.p. growth pardon me they turn it into a crap jobs they are both right to work states and they are the states with very rightly when i just had an oil boom that's that's got a lesson in there was anybody's for all of it certainly and you're in texas you're right they're creating jobs but as karl pointed out they're the worst jobs in the
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actually slid off texas is creating more but seven dollars twenty five cents an hour jobs that is the other state that is a serious magic of the greater economy we're now doing on a regular only creating part two i want to get to and it's not just love to see a lot of love see this map trance polls over employment rates and also over fiscal health of these states as met so smartly pointed out the growth in union membership we're seeing is really in the public sector not the proper sectors of what you're actually on is growth over the record would not say thank you the rate of increase if you will the most you can rate i mean even a regular lost six hundred thousand more workers in the later years if we had not paid out of that if we had not lost the number of government workers that we've lost over the last six years if it maintain the same rate of growth that it did during the bush years our unemployment rate would be in the neighborhood of five percent right now arms of percentage of workers that are unionized that's where you see you're seeing in the. right temple and so while the argument that the public
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sector should be brought down to the lowest common denominator the private sector is the question. why are they going all you the reasons why can't the department of labor day if states are speeding war money programs such as medicaid and taking care of those that are needy and where is the money coming from that's the issue who's talking on behalf of the taxpayer you talk about who's had the talking on behalf of the worker who's talking to be half the taxpayer and going back to the point of id our eyes very think we are told the workers are taxpayers but not ok i mean if you're talking about the billionaire taxpayers are you. the republicans are talking about half of them keeping the top tax rate low but average working people are not paying that much in income taxes it's not and the reason that things have changed is because republicans have become addicted to an array of fanfiction ok all right then just we just have two minutes and fix them and it's the end of this thing and i want to bring this california law on jerry brown governor jerry brown to sign a law that would require web companies there's a lot of in california starting in two thousand and fifteen to remove any on line activity that was put up by a minor and so if you're
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a kid you say stupid things you can get them taken off and i think that's great but why limit it to minors why not say that web companies if you put something on the internet and you don't want it there anymore that you have the right to go to a company and say you know i created that intellectual property that you're making money off of i would like to take it off well i mean was there some issue whether or not we could do that with movies music at some point but you know i think that's probably not a bad idea i think we have to probably have some protections in there for public people this is a great thing for an emerging class of would be politicians if anybody thought that the things that went on with anthony weiner were crazy just wait twenty years until the crop of teenagers that we have today are running for office after being on snap chat for all of high school junior high school these kids are being saved potentially a political you know disaster on their part of the year it's not just that i mean i think the whole idea of intellectual properties and treat and so you think about it
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from state to put this information on the way up it is still property and that's consistent with property rights that we see in other areas such as software development whatever it is so i think that that argument is very compelling and it's consistent so i see no reason why we shouldn't be reviewing these laws you know i think they're separate right except that in the terms of service when you join these groups you give them your rights to it but this would be a way of of you know all contracts exist within the. within the framework of law yeah i think we can all agree on that i think this was a great idea when you put something on facebook you do not automatically assume that you're handing it to mark zuckerberg in an e-mail or you know in a manila envelope you assume that it's really your isn't when you're signing up i mean really digs and we've all you know done stupid things when we're thirteen before i don't think we wanted zooming around there for the rest of our lives and you know i think there's a concern i don't think anybody's going to be able to run for president one day and more years like the californians you know. that only have two standards you know
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anthony weiner becomes the you know oh that's of course i mean i get it it's only the west coast now it's you were what happened with crystal ball the democratic candidate in a virginia we probably shouldn't be in classes about that we probably very strongly disagree on her politics but what we do agree on is that she should have been disqualified because a couple stupid pictures of her at a party got put on the wall of totally and it destroyed apropos carl for ish you know some thank you for being thank you. remember to follow the show and for more information on the stories we cover you can go to tom hartman dot com for speech that organ. also you can watch us on hulu at hulu dot com slash picture and remember democracy but what begins with you.
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well. it's technology innovations all the latest developments from around russia. the future of coverage. i want to. pick up something that is quite simply a mess. the noise was no way over. clearly they were just at the wrong place at the wrong time. and sold to the us and turned over to the us for. the sole that could be buried alive. was saved with great effort. they wanted to turn me into a terrorist so it is they wanted me to admit that i was a member of al qaeda or taliban or that i fought with them. not about time i didn't
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even know what al-qaeda is nevertheless there are people all. brave enough to start a fight. something is going to be done that's going to be done by me and it's been a short amount of time to do it but it's going to impact me i'd be prosecuted but it's going to impact. the wife my daughter. the one time a trapped monarchy. the moment when he popped into the house he looked fine happen now and later he jumped into his car and people who are calling nine one one. see a car going hundred miles an hour needing traffic his car landed in an hour. or rounding to a beautiful life. if you could have been a max it could happen to any.
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it's a classic. over by the if you. did you know the price is the only industry specifically mention in the constitution and. that's because a free and open press is critical to our democracy trick i'll fix. them again i'm sorry and i'm going to show we would feel the picture of what's actually going on we go beyond identifying the problem you're trying to fix rational debate a real discussion critical issues facing him her ready to join the movement then welcome the big three. in tonight's green report global warming is hitting the arctic regions of the northern hemisphere particularly greenland harder than.


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