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tv   Venture Capital  RT  September 29, 2013 4:29pm-4:46pm EDT

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understanding he says. what's wrong with this there's nothing wrong with a salute it's just a way of saying hello i did myself it's a greeting that still terrifies this greek resident he believes that golden dawn was to blame for his recent assault but he also points to another factor behind the growing divisions and the violence. i didn't used to be afraid but agrees has changed everyone is suffering financially and some are looking to blame others immigrants an easy target despite the public shows of anger against it golden dawn is greece's third largest party and at least until now its fastest growing political force it gained ground against a backdrop of unrest linked to the economic crisis and a country burdened by debt soaring unemployment and deep cuts to social spending. it's the little bit of a make it's when your life changes totally like ours has in the past few years and when you lose your job and can't provide for your family you grab whatever helping
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hand you can get and golden dawn has helped as we'll fight to the end. spiros a shop owner who's had to shut down one of his stores because of the recession blames the influx of immigrants for straining scarce resources and he says golden dawn keeps order in his neighborhood when the government fails. we don't want to use violence but when golden dawn kicks out immigrants who are squatting illegally or can go in and forces peace and order of course we'll support them as a government does nothing. the financial crisis has done more than simply cripple greece's economy it's changing society too when asked to describe how local say that the writing is on the wall in this neighborhood it literally is in the red it says out what foreigners signed golden dawn in the black out of the markets logo it's evidence of a growing ideological divide and with the greek economy still in trouble that divide is unlikely to heal anytime soon lucy caffein of r t things about the
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alexander casimir sees a specialist in greek politics he says reining in gold there won't be easy given its extensive connections and resources it is clear that there are ties between golden dawn and certain parts of the greek state operators and these have been going on for decades they did not just take place recently it is clear for example that golden dawn have had close ties with the greek police there have been arrests of two prominent policeman so far but also members of golden dawn in the greek security services greek. security service official who was in charge all were monitoring the movements of the party turned out to be in fact cause i'm of an m.p. of the party and most probably an informant of the party inside the greek intelligence so far. not banning golden dawn because they want to avoid
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a situation whereby the movement of the organization rather goes on the ground and becomes a more frightening force in greek politics at the same time however they're arresting its members and they're going for something like a de facto ban without a proper legal bat. thanks to this morning i'll be back with more news about fifty minutes time between now and then let's get the latest from the business world venture capital zone here with katie. recently the ministry of internal affairs of russia declared that they're going to drastically increase operations in and around the moscow subway system with a major emphasis on illegal immigration there's an odd paradox when people talk about dealing with illegal immigration in terms of what the police should do people want the police to deal with it but any means of trying to actually do anything are generally taboo any form of asking people to see ideas viewed as an invasion of
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privacy or racial profiling well i don't know how exactly anyone can prove they are or aren't a citizen without id and if you're looking for people who are forward and thus different then how can you go about looking for illegals without looking for people who are different profiling if you were looking for a criminal of slavic origin in uganda when the police be wrong to stop me due to standing out from the crowd i don't think so that's not racial profiling it is just common sense obviously it is best to fight the causes of illegal immigration rather than asking for id in moscow subways but they have to do something so i guess id checks are here to stay but there's a big difference between looking at someone's passport and doing stop and frisk or involuntary blood and urine tests that is when immigration control goes over the line but that's just my opinion.
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and later we are indeed. that's it for it happens every day but this is particularly special and that's because everyone is gearing up for the winter olympics that will happen in just a hundred and thirty days time from now and today actually we have a list in athens it will make its way to russia for the longest of the late in history make you see just by. it's been a complete transformation of the sort she asked since the elim pace was and now sits behind me on the ride we've got the stadiums themselves and really the construct of this is going it is incredible eighty five percent of the region has we totally revamped or built from scratch i'm talking roads route ways tunnels gas pipelines if you name it and luckily for russia there's an abundance of russian billionaires that are willing to foot the bill and although we get to witness any loses in the games themselves i think prosser pretty much definitely gets the prize
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for expenditure having already splashed out fifty billion dollars over the fifty billion dollars and that's around about four times over budget so how does manage to blow the budget is such a spectacular fashion that one example is the cost of the risky job that what from thirty seven million it to over two hundred fifty million dollars actually resulted in the man getting the psyche got pushed over the mountain as a result of that one and it's not just such a though it's been a complete budget a bailout there's been plenty of other examples as well that most notably the suez canal that was twenty times over budget was followed by the sydney opera house as well and i went down to see if i could track down some of these are such investors to see if they found getting some money back. you know right here we would be on the card in secret just behind me but the fact is they told
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nobody they're going to be here and i don't want that any time soon as they do with investing in tucson chief i wonder why i'm going to set up camp here and i'm going to wait for them and see if they ever will appear now i did manage to track down one of the big money spent his hair it's all of the past his company basically they've built all sorts of things including the olympic village. so look at an airport built by them as well as a marine it is a pretty much haul for the complex gang on hand i managed to catch up with the deputy general i dread to all of the company and us to all i going to be able to make any money on these investment i came doing right now but i enjoy ellison from basic element out we're going to be talking just now about your project here we know we've got the olympic village that we're now working through i've been working on the airport refurbishing it as well as the marina to a total cost of one point four billion dollars i believe are you going to get your
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money back and of course we will you know we've been doing it here's the for for a long time you know we've been involved in different infrastructure projects and this one is very special you know and of course it's very special because it has this olympic angle and the projects who are doing which is airports olympic village and the marina you know they're not just commercial projects per se they also have this social and olympic angle it's kind of a p.p.p. type projects you know the public private partnership thing where the government is helping us a lot with different structure you know for example in the seaports you know we have invested over six billion rubles which is roughly two hundred million dollars into the project however the government also have been have invested almost squired some of the same amount of money in order to build the infrastructure support for that and if they return doesn't count argument's sake do you think there's going to
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be some punishment that he's going to beat. you know i don't think it's another blaming game you know we're we're not looking for anyone to blame if we turn doesn't come the government wants to see that investors do complete the obligation and you see here you know you know the olympic village you know this nice building is already standing ready to you know except a few of the first guests for the olympic games to port is there. so i think when the government says the investors have completed the obligations they will be very willing to you know make a step forward from beer start and support some subsidies so special programs or support sold it to investors get their money back ok guys we're now insufficient territory we're going to go and see the elliptic village see where the world famous actually is going to be saying gold medalists like you same bolt for a period privileged people that's going to take out first of all this is going to
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be a bedroom for a nice indeed nice double predicate a gold do a spread there right will soon hit ok kids' bedrooms sorry nice indeed nice toys and cuddly isn't bowls and all sorts as well as that we have gone and all face admin you've got to be doing it on the right who are just at c.v. as well check out the lounge and see what's really happening there in the social rooms are going to be relaxing we're going to be times where we go through a huge so you for right k.l. we've got a plasma television we've got candles as well look at this we've got some some nice wine don't mind if i ask help myself just here so as i say this is where the athletes will be say basketball over murray people like myself my accommodation when i was out the fall ball was desperate to stand out. now for those of you who don't have a gold medalist a budget and you can come hits this one job you can pick up a couple of wine for just forty rubles which is about thirty cents on this one
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special box and well fourteen rubles that's not going to frank your right balance is. this winds going to build off a bit of an appetite so let's get ourselves so maybe it's ok go for specific one hundred fifty variables so that's around five dollars average you say a bit mate lovely. so we're now in a taxi it's around about a ten minute journey says find out how much that's going to say it's still cost. around dollars for a taxi ride around ten minutes time. this is my room it's an average a three star and that's going to set you back around one hundred twenty u.s. dollars that price will double come february during the guys that you can see is quite basic but she fried k.z. and i said i spoke to the head of the radisson blu hotels he's also in charge of the ins as well my sister was going to happen to sort she would all the athletes go home will the city become a blessing to resist and i should all be in
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a way. we have all the infrastructure in. you to modern in many ways and from fabulous venue where growth. in exeter can be you know. now how do you sell that. and that's where you need. to think. this cannot be done by the individual. because they are competing against throughout the nation have to be sold through a convention and we were on the boat when it comes to say visas and take. those to getting people to come to sochi because you know. for example moscow is sort. which is now more expensive ofen going to paris or london. the other thing is of course visa but that is more forty because the potential for
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foreign tourism is that too. big off the road. but sochi remains to be domestic destination and what kind of person is going to come to so she isn't going to be saving to call fans. and. you know do russian middle class is becoming very very low on her own dramatically over the last ten years. so to have four. hundred. forty million nation. when you when you count household some sixty percent are considered to be in the middle. class the meaning medium. income to the family of some twenty or over twenty thousand dollars. so the market is. and. it has already the brat
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at a distance. doesn't need to worry about money is so so because he's got ten thousand u.s. dollars to let's check in at the headquarters of all skin see what he's been up to show you in positive territory. well before we get in to the portfolio at all i have to say that you're not allowed to leave moscow any more when you were to st petersburg it became cold rainy and gross here now you've gone to sochi in the weather is probably wonderful there but here it's too cold but let's get to the portfolio this is what you really want to know about last week we talked about the photo wars and euro kelly and i have fallen victim to the said the protest was in fact i got involved because it was rallying it showed some promise it looked like it was on an upswing with a lot. movement happening here china even getting involved but now i touched it and that seems to be the touch of death it went down one percent so this week not doing
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very well down overall one hundred twenty three dollars for the week the entire budget basically or my entire portfolio is down from nine thousand three hundred forty dollars of the original ten thousand i need to do something to make this happen now you're and you're talking about the olympics i'm inspired to think about sochi is that you know the weather's great it's a good location what about investing in tourism unfortunately i can't do that can i i'm going to look into companies that are like possibly helping out the sochi venture in this case i haven't gotten involved in the financials yet so i'm going all in this week we're moving in despair about because they've invested billions in the infrastructure in sochi so i kind of feel like i'll be doing my part in helping the olympics in the movement there and trying to make a little bit money back because look down i need to get above that ten thousand because otherwise what else we could all right so if you keep saving up and you have moolah enough money to cover here. do it because south sea mesa so when it
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comes to the sochi olympics yes there's been out abundance of activity fail is most notably it has to be things made it greases to that i cannot make a challenge for the house because some successes as well as have staked out but also one of the sort it's too early to say west is going to fit into all of this but for now you don't want i'm off to go and see if i can seek out some more about . they would argue that somewhere itself to approach towards the taliban if you want to win this political solution must create the conditions for sure.


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