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tv   Headline News  RT  September 30, 2013 1:00am-1:30am EDT

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the israeli prime minister to prove to the u.s. and the u.n. the change of tone is nothing but a smokescreen most recent signals of a thought relations with the west fail to see with netanyahu combative stance. or a tightens its grip on africa is the most militants carry out a mass murder of students in nigeria just a week after a separate group conducted a deadly attack on a shopping mall right in the kenyan capital. and all three of. the votes in sunday's general election grabbing support for right wing political groups across europe.
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a very good morning to you on this monday it's a live from moscow with me rove welcome to the week's opening program the israeli prime minister is on a mission to thwart iran's recent efforts to unfreeze its relations with the west of benjamin netanyahu claims to run sweet talk is just a trick to try and buy the country's nuclear program more time and he's vowing to prove it to the white house and the u.n. general assembly. middle east correspondent paula now looking at what to expect from the israeli leaders counter offensive. the israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu is in the united states where he will be meeting with the american president barack obama and also addressing the united nations general assembly the focus of that address and his meetings will be on iran and here the israeli prime minister's message is quite simple don't trust the rain ians netanyahu has ordered
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his government members not to give comments regarding the recent phone call between the radian and american presidents in fact he's ordered them not to talk at all regarding the whole issue of iran and this is presumably to avoid any kind of embarrassment while natanya who is in the united states and also for israel to seemingly present a united front prior to leaving israel for new york netanyahu said that he was going to use this opportunity at the united nations to show the truth about to rant particularly now while all these plays and trees are being said last week when the iranian president rouhani addressed the u.n. security council netanyahu criticized that addressed severely saying that was full of hypocrisy and cynicism at the time he ordered the israeli delegation to boycott the station and warned the international community not to be fooled by signs of so-called moderation by the way in government we will not be fooled by half
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measures that merely provide a smokescreen for your rants continual pursuit of nuclear weapons. and the world should not be fooled either. understand davey israeli internal security vision bit announced that it had wasted a belgian citizen with a rainy an r region for allegedly spying against israel now the incident happened already three weeks ago but the information has only now been released while netanyahu is in the united states and of course questions are being asked about its timing many are suggesting that it is to store up ammunition for netanyahu his position that a position that he's going to be putting across in the united states it also comes at a time when the first time in decades we see a warming in the relationship between the united states and iran now rouhani in his address last week also called for a nuclear free middle east it's highly unlikely that the israelis will ever agree to this israel has never admitted having nuclear weapons but at the same time it
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has never denied that it does policy on our team tel aviv. and in the meantime a notable israeli journalist over gideon levy told us here at r.t. that it will not be an easy task when it on yahoo to persuade the u.s. leader that iran cannot be trusted in any situation. practically they get these already a long time ago because president obama and prime ministers. see hardly eye to eye in none of the main topics a good part is theme in question be they run in question in ateneo size is anything which is less than bomb being iran is not the right solution he would come up with a lot of intelligence material trying to prove that there is no change on the ground in iran he would try to spoil the party as you say but in any case i think that we have no two in here diplomacy a chance and give me
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a chance no doubt the reason basic fundamental change in iran and israel can only benefit out of feet. we can step back in time on our website r t v dot com to see how a year ago netanyahu drew the wrath of iran with explosive addressed to the un general assembly. in the meantime here on r t dozens of students have been shot dead by islamist militants in nigeria who stormed a dormitory early on sunday morning and just started killing people the government are believed to be from the terrorist second boko haram recently stepped up its attacks on civilians and this latest incident showing the scale of terror engulfing africa coming shortly after the deadly shopping mall attack in kenya johnson the founder of the viewpoint africa website explained why the continent has become a hub for terrorist cells. all these groups are all joined together but
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i'll shut bob in somalia or the wider m.l.a. in in mali or if the were across west africa these jihadist cells are all only blueprints on the organization of the west has already declared terrorism leads to islam is in islam is in leads to fundamentalism and ultimately muslims when you're dealing with an ideology when you're dealing with a mindset and in the case all these groups they believe they can do no wrong because they think they believe they're getting their blueprint from god so it's not extent it becomes very difficult to dislodge them over time i think it's of desperation acts by the militants and they've been attacked severely by the nigerian government for several months and i think they've been dented in terms of their own all around operations and this is just an extension of his group to make sure it's already propagated in the past before that it was a syrian state swat shari'a law and this line is anything that's worse than that
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and it does believe that some institutions including education institutions are its targets because it's deemed to be watched and the groups attacks on educational institutions are embedded in its name itself a book of it can be translated as western education is a sin it is the islamists a third attack on a school in nigeria's northeastern state in four months among other common targets for. christian communities and of course the churches. now according bahrain has sentenced fifty muslims to up to fifteen years in prison for organizing an opposition group it was one of the key backers of the nationwide program for movement that authorities claim it's been involved in terrorism here at r.t. we talk to dr j. for from the bahrain of rehab an anti violence organization she herself spent two months in prison and she believes the trial is
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a well used tactic of the government. actually it's a quite old propaganda and the whole process all through the demonization of the pro-democracy corners and to pro-democracy groups is a quite an old fashioned thing that the death or if is the bahamian authorities may be using it for a while and it's not working anymore i mean at this moment they failed absolutely failed to provide any evidence is that these groups are involved in any to terror attacks or an eater's. of its take movements two years ago exactly at the same date same judge he a convicted doctor has almost fifty doctors for sentencing up to fifteen years it's the same thing to be think are coming up after the break or not sorry a perilous state of the portuguese economy is actually bringing people together i will hold on the small cold forming in rural areas people growing their own food
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and living off the land. plus one having a car becomes more of a pain been a pleasure to look at how british people are choosing to move about and daily life in the rest of the world's top headlines for this hour after the break.
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the first so. wealthy british. find out what's really happening to the global economy. financial headlines to. react to situations i have read the reports. for. the state department to comment on your point. it's.
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no more work. question be prepared for a change when you punch be ready for a. pretty speech and down to to freedom. pleasure to have you with us here on our t.v. today i'm.
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live from moscow it's all it's who thanks for joining us today voters have rejected austerity and local elections in portugal handing defeat to the parties of the coalition government deep spending cuts of proven immensely unpopular in the country which is likely to see a third consecutive year of recession and hit by tax hikes and job cuts people are finding unexpected ways to survive the economic storm. alan taiji a sparse beautiful part of portugal and one of the country's poorest regions the
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rural communities here are used to people moving out economic flights having been a reality here for many generations but since the crisis hit villages like hamill rayas have seen people needing in here a small communes formed that. anna and her two children have been here for a year because story is one that will be familiar with many families not just in portugal but all across europe i lost my job and. the money that. it's not enough to pay my bills unable to pay the mortgage on her house and sought help from a charity called gaia they put her in touch with this small commune he found her free accommodation in return for working on the house. turning the table trying another way around seven families are part of this group and all
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members of the commune chip in. and brick by brick and her family of building a new life here we're told the community here is based on a mix of free enterprise solar darity communal sharing and co-operative trade of a move from the city to here a couple of years ago or. so we are still trying to find our place here we have well we have this little jobs of course it's very. it's not something to have a strong link to a source of income you are like. throwing you trying to. get by going your own fit in living off the land might seem but that's the thing about this situation is that many of the people who have come here like canada
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ordinary people who feted the extraordinary difficulties the euro quite is the presented them with so alternative ways of getting by and much like the euro crisis itself but showing signs of slow recovery the big question is is this sustainable it's clear this is no easy existence money's tight and children have to travel thirty kilometers each day to get to school the nearest hospital one hundred kilometers away remote regions like this have been hard hit by cuts to public services. like this. surviving not leaving yet and when i ask if she misses her old life and her job as a lighting technician in the theater yes because when i have the opportunity to make something near to my. area of work.
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i feel that i can do it. good well and i feel really thankful. to tricky for me. that this thing. works like this that the people who. don't have the opportunity to do the things that they must their life more. serve r.t. put trickles allen taiji region. he's coming here live from moscow as europe is witnessing a surge in support for far right parties a right wing populists of just swept to power in norway greece's golden dawn is now the country's third largest political group and in austria the right wing freedom party has scooped up almost a quarter of the vote in sunday's general election and now joining us live from vienna more details on this story here morning to you peter so many already calling
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this a huge success for the right wing in austria. well what we've seen is that the freedom party of pick took quite a few more points than they had in the last election they campaigned this time on a not just an immigration policy but also on a. policy on a very much a euro skeptic campaign and that seen them draw in the voters from by the by the stock fall not just those though also the euro skeptic parties will be in the in the parliament here in austria what we saw from from the freedom party is them them change their time a little bit and not go as heavy on the sea immigration as they had done previously they ran on a campaign slogan of love your neighbor it's a catholic country here in austria something it's day it's the people's hearts what was the underlying message that we were hearing from political scientists is that was pretty much love your neighbor as long as there austria in the party house come
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in for criticism in the past have been xenophobia their leader at the moment though says that that's in the past and what they're looking for now is to give austrians a better austria really he says that they wanting to to take power back to the government here and away from brussels and also get the country to start looking after its own as opposed to paying money out to cash strapped countries in the eurozone of course austria is one of the four countries that essentially underpin. the bailouts in the eurozone it's one of the most successful economies in the eurozone and they campaigned basically on a platform saying that money should stay in austria and look after austrian people instead of going to countries like greece and other one the other eurozone nations that are suffering at the moment are pretty when it comes to the general election in austria with the right wing freedom party scooping up almost a quarter of the vote when it comes to right wingers and those are very much
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opposed to immigration certain anti immigration laws it's not a trend confined to just one country is it. well it's not and it's quite interesting in the way that it's changed previously the working classes of europe props would have voted towards the left what we're seeing right now though is that the right wing parties and in some cases the very far right wing parties are offering people on lower incomes exactly what they will what they want they're offering them lower taxes they're offering to to provide more services that offering to. to bring back power away from from brussels and this is something that we're seeing not only here in austria but we've seen in norway where the government there came to power on well very strong immigration policy saying that they would put limits on immigration there in sweden week earlier this year we saw riots in the be reachin of stockholm not seen a rise in. support for right wing governments in that country also denmark where
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the they have the right wing party they're the they're the the danish people's party of the third party. we're seeing this all across the board in europe even some of those political groups that have been dismissed as being well we've heard of the loony left in the past but the this is the really far right people like money on le pen in france and the french national front they're making a lot of noise and they getting more and more they're being heard more and more by people all across the continent so this isn't something that's just been limited here to austria where the freedom party has become the well they've cemented their role and made huge gains as the third party here it's something we're seeing all across the board in your mind arty's could write about life in vienna thank you. well let's get some of the global news for you in brief here on the program with the world update now if you will be. taking to the streets in the capital in
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a mass government rally protesters demanding the scrapping of the country's terrorist law and the release of political prisoners demonstrators claim the legislation is being misused for cracking down on opposition activists and journalists but officials say the protestors are simply trying to glorify convicted terrorists. and thousands in pakistan of gathered for a funeral service for the dozens killed in a devastating blast in the city of peshawar the mourners were joined by the relatives of one family who lost sixteen members in the attack they died when a car bomb went off near a police station in a market area destroying nearby shops and buildings it's been only a week now since suicide bombers killed eight people outside a christian church at the same city. have a look at this dramatic footage here this is coming to you from london showing people from a tourist boat ultimately trying not to jump into the thames though they do so
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after the vessel called fire twenty eight passengers all of them and the two crew members had to be rescued by passing ships at this point nobody was seriously injured one mother and her child were taken to hospital due to suspected smoke inhalation still that we don't know what caused the fire. however i website dot com right now in the path of the olympic flame that says thousands make their way by plane and even slate bring the torch to sort of dot com right now we've got the footage from the lighting ceremony and a map of the actual whereabouts of the iconic symbol of the games. also while you're there online find out about the newest unit in the british army that stuff to buy the i t. is designed to defend the country from the threat of cyber warfare and all that and more right now.
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thank you for joining us here on out the cause of becoming increasingly a luxury for europeans growing petrol prices along with a general recession are forcing more and more to say farewell to their four wheeled friends but with public transport being rather expensive and typically overcrowded people are choosing pedal power to get around town lower smith said. to some it's a trend to others it's a hope and to many more it's just a way of getting around with public transport at breaking point roads clogged and
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finances tight london's commuters are increasingly ditching food wheels for to the fighting system millionaire you know just all the cars on the road. and huge doesn't guarantee that i'm always there on time. just outside of work since i paid so it's yes it was easy for you in chocolate doesn't even own a car and he's found a way of capitalizing on london his passion for cycling he's open to cuff a way you can have your bike repair it while you eat it's talking has just gone nuts over the last roll over the last ten years. and yeah we've heard from if it's in from us we get older we get larger crowds we get people who saw cool just because i commute might be to get people a right to get also and it's not just the u.k. that's getting on its bike in recession hit spain bikes and now out selling cars
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for the first time joining fellow pigs countries portugal and greece where hard up europeans are buying almost twice as many bikes as cause it's a similar picture in at least twenty countries all over the continent in the u.k. the trends one of the most pronounced in two thousand and eleven people bought nearly one point three million more new bikes the new cars it's a drive the government actively supports creating these cycling super highways and on some of london's busiest roads and even offering a forty five percent tax rate i'm buying a new bike. london's mayor has also appointed a dedicated cycling commissioner andrew gilligan has a budget of nearly a billion pounds save the ten years and sees a correlation between recession and writing we've seen a big rise in cycling since the size of the recession. to be fair though it started before that but it's one of the it's one of many factors that's definitely
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preparing supper which is that we have a massive increase in number of people cycling by almost travelled on the main roads doubled in london as a whole since two thousand and two and a quarter of the traffic in central london in the morning rush hour is now bogs we just have to cater for the number of people to the millions all over europe struggling to come by rising fuel prices and increasingly pricey and over crowded public transport the pedal power nor its many parties. and i will be back with the entire news team in around thirty five minutes time for the meantime though coming up our special report life copyright next.
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recently the ministry of internal affairs of russia declared that they're going to drastically increase operations in and around the moscow subway system with a major emphasis on illegal immigration there is an odd paradox when people talk about dealing with illegal immigration in terms of what the police should do people want the police to deal with it but any means of trying to actually do anything or generally taboo any form of asking people to see ideas viewed as an invasion of privacy or racial profiling well i don't know how exactly anyone can prove they are or aren't a citizen without id. and if you're looking for people who are forward and thus different then how can you go about looking for illegals without looking for people who are different profiling if they were looking for a criminal of slavic origin in uganda when the police be wrong to stop me due to standing out from the crowd i don't think so that's not racial profiling it is just common sense obviously it is best to fight the causes of illegal immigration rather
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than asking for id in moscow subways but they have to do something so i guess id checks are here to stay but there's a big difference between looking at someone's passport and doing stop and frisk or involuntary blood and urine tests that is what immigration control goes over the line but that's just my opinion.
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my thanks thanks thanks thanks thanks thanks i don't thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thanks thanks thanks thanks thousand four hundred forty three thanksgivukkah .


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