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tv   The Big Picture With Thom Hartmann  RT  October 2, 2013 7:00pm-8:01pm EDT

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loading video for your media projects a free media dog our teeth on time. suspect. they would like to do it. did you know the price is the only industry specifically mention in the constitution. that's because a free and open press is critical to our democracy recall versus. the you know i'm sorry and on this show reveal the picture of what's actually going on you go beyond identifying a problem you trust rational debate and real discussion critical issues facing america among them are you ready to join the movement and walk of the big city. so i'm tom hartman in washington d.c. and here's what's coming up tonight on the big picture so far president obama has
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chosen to take a reasonable approach to dealing with republicans in the government shutdown that they've unleashed on our nation is that the right approach or should he give up play nice and start showing americans just how devastating the republican shutdown really is also speaker john boehner is refusing to bring a clean continuing resolution to the floor even though many in his party would vote for so what's behind his refusal is your friend of being booted out of congress by the tea party crazy. watch that and more in tonight's lone liberal rebel. and later in the show i'll speak with congressman alan grayson to get his reaction to the government shutdown the republican grandstanding and the latest news coming out of capitol hill. you need to know this over the drudge report headlines include things like nine out of ten i.r.s. workers. home but over one million still on the job on fox news yesterday said this
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isn't a shutdown it's a slowdown the president in a government shutdown has a lot of discretion over what continues running and what doesn't just imagine for a minute that we had a republican president and democrats a shutdown ago. what would the republican president. i think you'd see a clue to that in a ronald reagan responded to the professional air traffic controllers organization patco the air traffic controllers union. how he responded they're going on strike in the first months of his presidency although reagan had promised them during the campaign in exchange for their support for his election and they did support it publicly for reelection they helped him get reelected he promised them that he would support them in their strike. when they did strike. all bets were off immediately fired them all he sent them home that's it no more pad no more jobs period you're toast. president obama's been entirely too reasonable in the
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republican shutdown the government has they didn't get their way on obamacare when they said that they were going to hold their breath till their faces turned blue because they were not happy about a lot that was passed three years ago and they shut down the government the president should have said fine the t.s.a. is being sent home you know what people are going to fly or those who are already pre-approved through the t.s.a. preprogram otherwise are going to do like the koch brothers do on your own private jet where the president should have said the postal delivery at least in the district of the republicans has come to an end actually the postal service to self funding. but come up with something cause some pain i know ronald reagan would have done that john mccain would have done that john boehner would have done that especially he got a free drink it's amazing to me how democrats are reasonable on these things the reason of course is that democrats actually believe that the government that george washington had three horses shot out from under him to create is something of value . democrats believe in this america that so many of our citizens of fought died to
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preserve over the years democrats believe in america on the other hand the republicans dismiss america and the reagan government isn't this the solution your problems the cause of your problems they believe in billionaires instead free markets transnational corporations an oligarchy where corporations are persons and billionaires have unlimited free speech to buy any politician they want but it democrats face the same challenge the native americans face when first confronted with european europeans if you fight then you become like them you lose their own value your own values on the other hand if you don't fight them on their terms you risk being wiped out and then there's the third option which the surviving native americans followed which is don't fight them and avoid them or just kind of go along with whatever they demand of you and all but when you end up boxed away in a reservation living in total poverty which is sort of what the president's doing right now there's a certain nobility to president obama's position that frankly i would rather have seen him kick the republicans ass let's rumble.
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are you ready to rumble joining me for tonight's lone liberal rumble chris allman conservative commentator and activist out of bitly director of online media william j. mccarthy and associates chris adam good to have you both been going to be here so you heard my rant is the president being too reasonable and how would a republican president have responded i think ronald reagan once said in your face congress well it's interesting the people that obama's trying to hurt the veterans who know him and i wasn't trying to hurt anybody yet so this is john boehner you said yourself that he got to choose what was close to us always helping us so he actually had people go out and a wrecked the barricades around the national a lawless around the world war two memorial to keep the greatest generation on or fly. it's from being able to visit a god as the moral was closed you know thank god but you can't close something
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that's open twenty four seven that anyone can go to there and if there is if there is no security there they close them that's always been the kids when they come if you've got a dash monument like. you saw the you know the lincoln memorial where that woman threw the paper out and i mean you've got police are used in there since the shot that he has been there to make sure that nobody removes the barricades that they are active to keep the greatest generation out because he wanted to make a point they shut off the panda cam which is funded by an evil corporation ford motor corporation a privately funded but obama had it i am shut down absolutely totally with you this is a just that john boehner would do this the american pay oh you hair john boehner shutdown the awards or memorial how dare john boehner cut off money you got children right now who are being fed through tubes and the pleading for their tubes i had a nurse call my office called my radio show today and she said this is being paid
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for by wic and they're shutting down what you know what i would hear john boehner out or she's a real republican out of this is this is outrageous i'll tell you what's outrageous what's outrageous is john boehner had a bill to fund the national parks clean totally clean and he's not going to go through his own house. speaker and then i think we can get a tragedy own house of representatives he could have brought here you know i raise or had nothing to do lady had let me get out of his own house facts you just want to spew your rant but i'll tell you what you know this is money you know who want to show their ass through the haze sir represented that they did it in a procedural they had over two hundred eighty a.v.o.'s because he chose the democrats wouldn't let him bring it under normal procedures they blocked it and chose tom it up under explain this to me he could have played a reporter for under normal procedure you know it's not just bleeding heart explain this to me. john boehner and the house a bill to fund and i know what harry reid said no when dana bash asked harry reid
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why the senate would not consider the bill to fund and i ate and these poor children with cancer you know what he said quote why would we want to do that i have eleven hundred people at nellis air force base that are sitting home they have a few problems of their own he's got to think so hair out children is what you're suggesting you're saying the republicans have taken eight hundred thousand federal workers hostage they've knocked thousand yes when you shut down the government eight hundred thousand people they always shut down and then you have a you know. congress has to pay you to vote all of you know nothing there's been no presidential your brain is and there's no money ran out there you're going to have killed every area three hundred killed every single funding bill or said no no no no you know i read senate democrat we haven't done any resolution back to the house of representatives it was sent back to the house of representatives it's sitting on john boehner desk and he could bring it to the floor and it would pass there are republicans who would vote for it haven't you
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been listening to peter king let's this is all about let me get it poor i am here i don't know what i'm going to get you guys are showing me exactly what's wrong with this town the big the back and forth the screaming everyone's ignoring exactly what's happened in the last week republicans have sent numerous bills of compromise six different ways to sunday none of these hold on hold on things we're all hostage taking this this hostage taking stuff has got to stop if we're going to go when gabby giffords gets shot because of the outrageous rhetoric that was swirling around at the time and then we're going to turn around so now that it's shown right or if you're just took eight has it on our face don't and then he says you know i will i will release the hostages associated with a world war two memorial i'll release this hostages associated with the age if you're dealing with a hostage taking situation a hostage that's not the way you do it this is a hostage taking is not what terri would like you. representatives by their people doing what the people sent them there to do which is to stop spending money we
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don't have you know what the emperor had you know i was on one hundred thousand federal employees not if you know i don't do you don't want to i don't how comments are trying to make and cars are going to be no offer he has made when obama said that this is how it's supposed to be you don't know that as we have two houses of congress that are supposed to go back and forth but obama said i'm not negotiating quantity of this year was when the senate passed a budget for a full year senate of the house and nineteen times harry reid has sent letters to john boehner saying would you please at least appoint members to a conference committee so that the budget that you guys passed last year earlier in the year in january and the budget that we passed in march we can reconcile this thing and have a budget for the nation and what has john boehner said to every one of those one thousand requests since march twenty third to have a budget for the whole year he has said no which i would not even everyone said to a committee the conference committee that was set up earlier this week that was set up eleven minutes before the government goes out of business because it will do so on this thing on this is like ok we got it we've got the hostages for. that day
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that harry reid come into that meeting and said let's talk let's get this back and have a meeting let's get these eighteen year old out of the meeting but john boehner who is going to get any meeting on tuesday the one who came to the meeting on tuesday no one. that was the debate was a stunt it was on the stand was the meeting you can have a meeting if you're if there's nobody meeting with you because harry reid said no harry reid has he has a choice twenty hours to walk or let's have a conference committee and suddenly john boehner says ok we'll give it to you in this one little two hour window just before the or actually it was thirty minutes from absolutely absurd to absolute certainty here and go that they did not have twelve hours to show up at a meeting when they work about two hundred feet apart from your question but i want to here's the question. why john and first of all let's let's stipulate this is a fact ok and if you don't we can go on to the next question so ok there is a clean continuing resolution. that would continue to fund the government that the senate passed and sent to the house it would continue funding the government at
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current levels and keep the sequester in place these are the numbers that the house of representatives asked for these are the numbers that john boehner asked for we're in agreement on that right and it's sitting in the house and john boehner has not brought it to the floor. and harry reid's are a little bit different than what was a or don't know because it moves me some following runs out nov fifteenth i know that's not this it's ok well it's going to do is a little short is it not it does and then the ones you know but but that was not the same well it is the time period maybe a little different but it's basically keep the government open so the question is why won't john boehner allow the house to vote on the only two answers i can come up with either a he's afraid of being primaried in his own district or b. he's afraid he's going to lose a speakership i don't think it has anything to do with the good of the country is there any other answer why won't he allow the vote you've got seventeen republicans who are on the record right now saying that vote for which means it'll pass. you know i don't understand why the harry reid has yet to take up one of these measures so this isn't. a clean vote happen almost where there's
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a lot of dancing and more assurance along the rubble of. the the police it's a. very hard to take a. life that you have had sex with that right there.
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the book. talking about the same story doesn't make it news no softball interviews no puff pieces some tough questions. and. i would rather ask questions to people in positions of power instead of speaking on their behalf and that's why you can find my show larry king now right here on r.g.p. question lol. well
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the fact is that as long liberal rebel joining me chris solomon and adam bitly let's get back to it what's the best way to destroy a bollock your best way to destroy obamacare is not to defund it it's to it's to affect a lot of it well it may well be is to cause a lot of young people not to join it because then you go then the insurance companies go into what's called a death spiral where you know they got older and sicker people and not younger healthy people in the koch brothers trying to make this happen they're going to get this campus tour all over the country or you seen the ads of the you know doctor uncle sam with the speculum and the twelve and. and so. it seems to me like this is almost that i think that what we're seeing played out in a small way with obamacare is a much larger argument that i'd like to discuss with you guys and that is. that
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if you have government programs that actually work if social security people generally believe that so security works medicare works medicaid works obamacare works if people actually felt like their government was a good thing and it worked they would vote for politicians typically democratic but used to be republicans this is how eisenhower governed they would vote for politicians who wanted to make government work and those politicians would do things like regulating the oil industry and regulating the banking industry and what we're seeing in if you pull back the curtain the tea party it's almost exclusively oil industry billionaires and banking industry billionaires who are throwing the funds into things like americans for prosperity one. these folks don't want people to elect politicians who believe in government they want people to like politicians who are going to get government out of the way who are going to deregulate particularly oil and banking because they'll both be massively more profitable when you've got banks that are good last year we had ten banks who made
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over two billion dollars a year one year two billion dollars that never would've happened even under ronald reagan and it just so it seems to me like what we're seeing is this this good government bad government thing being played out we're all being played by these billionaires and in my op you know as i go on to plan and so you know or something yeah i think i'm starting to worry a lot about you tom because this is really you know i mean i want to follow well i'll tell you the best way to get rid of obamacare if the republicans and conservatives were smart and that is they would simply let it go into effect because as we've seen from the rollout it they've had three years to educate people about it to get these web sites and navigators up and running and they haven't been able to see what market is why you a liar and so they're given willing to shut down the government over this when they should just let it go into effect obama has it all rice face right exactly why so
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why are there. republicans trying to stop it but you know i don't know i think to you is a strategy i think there because they're getting so much blowback from people who are getting notices from their employer that their rates are going out there are no it is very massive amounts that are their premiums are going out and name fire going to do both are going up watch the news tom read the washington post every day there's another company that's moving people to part time that's cutting people as it's a good thing well if you know if the companies are going to that about what is happy to get out off that they're putting their congressmen and saying do something about it you don't people are there you go off company paid health insurance it means that they no longer have to be stuck in a dead end job if they've got health insurance that's independent their company they can go out become entrepreneurs they can start their own business they can move to a better job and they have to really be doing it because it is not cheaper it is
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more expensive in fact if you go and try to sign up in california they'll tell you that this is no guarantee that you are going to get health care you get insurance but because of the lack of doctors and because of the prices that there's no guarantee you just go ahead and why don't why don't republicans work to create a health care system works for everybody you have forty two million unemployed people means that it's got thirty to forty thousand people who die every year because they don't have insurance wouldn't die if they did the survival rate the five year survival rate for somebody who is diagnosed with cancer is seventy percent lower for somebody who does not have health insurance. why don't republicans propose something that actually republicans did i mean obamacare was proposed by the heritage foundation and put in place and lately they've been offering up various various bills and passing them that go nowhere in savings accounts ok well let's look at this two ways first off i don't think that the current strategy of that you just suggested which was let it be implemented it will then fail and then that's how we get rid of it i think that's absolutely correct i
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think it will fail. i mean i think what will end up happening is they'll come back down to the table and make fixes that push this close to a single payer system. i don't which is why i think tom would like this to fail anyways because it gets probably closer to all of you but your ideal i think what's going to happen i mean built into obamacare is this twenty sixteen thing that nobody's talking about except in the state of vermont which is on in two thousand and sixteen any state can bail out of obamacare entirely yes if they have a program that guarantees insurance to more than ninety five percent of all their citizens from aa has passed the law for single payer health insurance it's been signed by peter shumlin they're putting together the program right now they're put into place so that on january first twenty sixteen everybody in vermont automatically has free health insurance they don't pay anything it comes out of the state taxes it's a tax state income tax is going to go up slightly states property taxes are going to go up slightly and maybe sales tax i don't know but you know everybody's going to pay for it everybody is going to happen period end of discussion i think that's
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a great idea but i want to sketch one did in the fifty's i tell you i think i thought great idea reason that is actually the way it's supposed to work yet where you have massachusetts doing romney care for mot doing this now if everybody in vermont loves it wonderful but let's let's see what happens with us you have a problem that is why do you have a public radio system where you have to create a system so your only option really is to go do it for a month did or else stay with us would be a but each state should be able to do what they ask what is going to keep what they've got they say no interest in going to single payer exactly what i'm saying is that they they have to provide some level of a program you couldn't just go inside you know we're going to put we deregulate working everybody right well that isn't and hopefully that will push prices down all of this health care anyways so that you're not dependent on a job we pay more than twice as much for health care in the united states than any other country in the world it's just it's crazy that you know it is crazy and all the government regulations keep pushing this price up but i see no real art of government regulation in america for everybody not this is the problem that we're
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going to see with obamacare failing which is the. too many people are going to purchase it too many young people if they're caught guys are successful in their camp not. this is just simple reason they are people are not naturally going to just go out and purchase something. to do it. to have your healthier options you know health insurance well i want to help ensure i am who i am civilized these things i'm so but i have a friend who's who is in her early twenty's who does not and she has her own little business and she doesn't have house so she gets hit by a car you are going to pay for her now is that fair she said i said to her well you know now that this is into effect you're going to have to buy it or you'll be faced with a fine ninety five dollars and she said well health care is going to cost me a lot more than ninety five dollars i said well yeah this year it will but when the fines go off and she get out of our car it's going to cause you and me a lot more will back to your point tom so you have a question with doing every month is putting some of her hard earned money away in her own fun to pay for her health care that she needed right now or she'll have
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four hundred thousand dollars waiting to pay the hospital. or she has cancer half a million is the average what i'm saying is young people are going to make the economic decision a ninety five dollars fine or paying you know five six ten thousand dollars they're not going to do it has nothing to do with the koch brothers you're right has to do with pure economic well it does have something to do because they're funding this generation opportunity nationwide campaign to convince young people not to sign up but you're right now we're going to make their own they're not they're merely telling people what the facts are and you know what you claim they fund the tea party but i've been the tea party rallies and you know i didn't go because the koch brothers did anything to get me to go i went because i believed in freedom and america and that's why people are going it has nothing there you know i think that you're right for our people i think a lot of people jumped into the tea party in the early days because they were sick and tired of the banks toure's and these giant ripoff and it fueled the thing but you know now you two party you hold
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a rally and five people show up and you know i may be the case but the baxter. i've been backing president obama and i think i don't want and horrified by the whole thing i mean it's a pox on all around us and we're going to bankruptcy three term republican congressman john fleming all the banks you know you see today that lloyd blankfein head of goldman sachs came out and said. we'd better not approach the debt ceiling don't even get clear about the debt ceiling the the difference the default yeah that's it that's yeah he said don't even go near that thing he said i you know it's never happened in the history of america and i don't want to be alive when it happens i don't want to be part of the generation that sees this happen meanwhile on the other side of that exact same issue three term republican congressman john fleming of louisiana told the new york times that we shouldn't trust economists on the debt ceiling saying that economists what have they been doing they make all sorts of predictions let me went on to say that many times there was so i don't think we should run our government based on economists predictions i mean the fact
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is though that it's not just economists were saying i mean it's governments all over the world when a government defaults it's. what was a cyprus they defaulted on their debt and their and their bonds one of like twelve points or something like that i mean it's had a caller to the show to my radio show today who works in a money mortgage money market fund you know anybody who has a four zero one k. typically has their money invested in one of these brokerage houses these are not banks this is not f.d.i.c ensure these are all money market funds and more money market funds are based on treasuries and treasuries if the price of treasuries goes up and really starts to spike it will break all these money market funds people will be wiped out do we really want to do this now of course not and that was you know then why do you have republicans like that on even saying there you have to quote one guy i mean and that that does not become tyrants not holding the debt ceiling using that is for another oh you know what let's talk about the number of times that people have negotiated over the debt ceiling you know you get eight zero
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eight times and fifty years. yes a few times but this is the one time when we're not going to do it right you know what the debt ceiling was originally put in place back in one thousand. nine hundred thirteen whatever it was it was put into place so that the treasury could have more flexibility in borrowing money to fund world war one because it was like we've never had a war before we don't know what is going to cause so congress just so you can go ahead and borrow up to this seems reasonable i mean from one thousand nine hundred thirteen or one thousand or whenever it was put into place until one until nine hundred fifty nine it was always used to make it easier for government to borrow and then in fifty nine the republicans got the idea of flipping it upside down and using it is you know well no that's because we are not in the situation we are in now where we're constantly bumping up against it because we're just borrowing borrowing borrowing borrowing look we have a serious problem whether you're a conservative or a liberal we have a problem actually have it the national deficit has been cut in half in the last year the deficit and the debt are two completely different i know that includes all
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of it already all add up and then tell the trillion dollars of our debt or is it we're not read about hitting the debt ceiling and it has nothing to do with do you think we still spend more money than we have and that is a probably agree we need to roll back the reagan tax cuts. let's go back to not prosperity and balanced budgets of the fifty's sixty's seventy's and eighty's let's go back to that prosperity and those balanced budgets that we had we've had a lot of great list and i think the world missing here is that you keep going back to or we're going to hit this point what's going to happen nor the economists what not but i think what we're missing no is you just pointed out we just keep borrowing and we get up to this point and then a year and says i don't i sex it's a hold on in the year from now we just. don't want to increase it again we have to get these spending habits under control now so we're not constantly having this brain sort of shimmy debate oh my every year ok you're out of my league chris allman thank you for being with us thank you leave you with the final word coming
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up after the break i'll talk with florida congressman allen grade. about his plan to end the republican shutdown of the government and bring sanity back to capitol hill. i know c.n.n. the premise n.b.c. and fox news have taken some not slightly but the fact is i admire their commitment to cover all sides of the story just in case one of them happens to be accurate. that was funny but it's close and for the country i think. it's because when full attention and the mainstream media works side by side with you actually on here. at our teen years we have a different price. because the news of the world just is not this funny i'm not laughing dammit i'm not i. if.
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you guys stick to the jokes well handled it makes sense. that. i would rather questions to people in positions of power instead of speaking on their behalf and that's why you can find my show larry king now right here on our t.v. question. i
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think. in screw news the republican government shutdown of the federal government is now well into its second day and shows no sign of ending any time soon president obama met with congressional leaders earlier this evening at the white house but no deal was reached meanwhile after their attempt to fun parts of the government with individual spending bills failed last night embarrassingly in the house of representatives republicans tried the same tactic again today all this of course is just meaningless theater has brought president obama's veto anything less than a full continuing resolution to keep the government open through december fifteenth but not everyone in the house is dragging their feet about fulfilling their constitutional obligation to you know actually govern the country i'm joined now
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from capitol hill by alan grayson a congressman for florida's ninth congressional district who act. he cares about governing the country congressman grayson welcome back to the show thank you congressman i want to talk about your new bill but first i just wanted to ask you about something you said last night that republicans are acting like drunken abusive spouses what you mean by that well i've been public reports that some of the publicans have their breath the last few days and they've been voting and. i think that it's appalling to ordinary people to think that anybody is going to be drinking on the job this is our job when we vote we're on the job it's one thing to say that you do on your own time it's quite another thing to say that you do it when you're doing the country's business and you've been entrusted with this starting from seven hundred thousand constituents or more and i think that's unfortunate and i certainly agree let's talk about your new bill the fiscal sanity act of twenty thirteen and explain of course sure it's a two page bill and very simply it funds the government through the end of the
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fiscal year september thirtieth of two thousand and fourteen and pushes off the debt limit debate until the end of next year december of two thousand and fourteen that's a no strings no exploitation no partisan gimmicks no nothing and i think that it's the answer to our prayers one of the more unfortunate things about the current circumstances is that the republicans in the house are proposing a ten week extension of funding for the government and the democrats in the senate are proposing a six week extension so both parties seem to be engaging in a plan to lurch from one crisis to another to another all artificial crises i say let's put that aside and work on education work on housing work on jobs work on the economy work on taxation try to make some progress in the things that we can control so you're saying let's just resolve this for a year get done with it are you the numbers that you're use in the current budget levels which include the sequester yes i think that's the only way to get democrats
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and republicans to an agreement right now i think that if we tried to eliminate the sequester numbers by means of this then the republicans would say that we're trying to. exploited this artificial crisis just as they've tried to exploit it by trying to repeal obamacare and keep fifty million americans from getting health coverage just for the sake of keeping our government and business this is the middle ground this is the way forward and it's just a matter of common sense and we've had many many people part of the public come to our web site the the the web site is basically to show that you're a supporter of this and the lunacy dot com is the name of the website and it's it invites people to show that they want to end the lunacy just as much as i do yeah you call for the greatest websites for these things this is and lunacy dot com check it out. speaker boehner has. as you pointed out i mean it's only for six weeks or thirteen weeks or whatever it is it's only you know for a short period of time but he does have a clean resolution sitting on his desk that the senate has passed and all he has to
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do is put it on the floor my understanding is that seventeen republicans are essentially on the record saying they'll vote for it and the best guess is well over one hundred will vote for it it would pass the house of representatives do you have any guesses or thoughts or insights into why the speaker of the house is refusing to allow you in the house of representatives to vote on a clean continuing resolution. because he thinks he'll lose his job as speaker if he does one of the interesting things about boehner is that he's not really interested in doing anything he's only interested in being something and that something is speaker of the house i think he enjoys being the president in golf and he wants to be able to keep doing that if there is simply one member out of four hundred thirty five even though he was a republican he wouldn't have those poor kids anymore he has a gorgeous office facing the washington monument he doesn't want to lose it and so what he's doing is something he's never done before act in a fundamentally irresponsible way nine times in the past since he's become speaker almost three years ago he's brought up bills just like the senate bill and allowed
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them to pass with both democratic and republican support this is something new and something dramatic and something that is. an enormous detriment to the well being of this country this is the first time that he has basically shirked his responsibility as speaker in order to keep the perks of the job and refused to let a majority of the house of representatives work its will on such a simple thing as keeping the government open and the minute we have left republicans would say that he is if he does that he's violating the hastert rule that you know you only bring things to the floor for a vote the majority of republicans are in favor of. your thoughts on that the what that means the hastert rule is that one hundred seventeen republicans can hold three hundred twenty million americans hostage and try to extract whatever political concessions they want in this case what they're trying to do is give us this choice you can either destroy the government and see it shut down or you can
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leave fifty million people without health coverage here in the united states and invite them to get sick and die that's not a choice we should ever have to make yeah it's seems baffled the other thing is baffling to me is why the republicans would make their their their final battle you know the line that they're drawing in the sand be we don't want people to have health insurance in the twenty seconds or so we have left your thoughts on that it's despicable it's a very well said congressman alan grayson thank you very much for being with us or thank you to. in the best of the rest of the news actor author and professional wrestler and former governor of minnesota jesse ventura has released a new book titled they killed our president sixty three reasons to believe there was a conspiracy to assassinate j.f.k. and it made her a reopens the investigation into one of the most controversial events in american
7:37 pm
history it says a nation of president john f. kennedy they killed our president not only discusses the most famous theories behind the j.f.k. assassination but also brings a newly discovered information to light joining me now from our new york studio to talk more about they killed our president the j.f.k. assassination is former minnesota governor jesse ventura jesse welcome back to the program thanks tom always great to be on with you it's always great to see you first of all before we get to the j a fake stuff if you don't mind you're on a stoop political observer and former politician what do you think about what's going on in d.c. right now with this whole government shutdown well first of all let me say i'm not a politician i'm a statesman because i don't make it my career i serve them go back to the private sector the statesman not a politician what do i think about it i think it's despicable and i think that they should suspend our taxes for the entire time of the government shutdown because why should we be paying taxes if the government's not operating correctly we should get a reduction in our taxes because of this but i'm not going to hold my breath to see
7:38 pm
if that happens good point ok so two to j.f.k. i understand that you actually tried to reenact the the magic wall shot that that oh you know we we did that tom on my television show and we recreated everything identical except i wasn't even shooting at a moving target it's physically impossible and not only could i not do it and i'm an expert marksman but if you read the book you'll. find out that a gentleman named carlos hathcock who is the legendary greatest sniper in u.s. history he's the chief instructor at the quantico marine sniper school they attempted the identical thing and he attempted ten times and could not duplicate the shots they've attributed dogs wald and let me add when you go into the military they give you batteries of testing because they want to channel you where they can best use your abilities well i was not sent to old three hundred infantry he was sent to be a radar technician clearly he could not shoot he never carried
7:39 pm
a rifle the entire time he was in the marine corps and they want us to believe that this guy could shoot better than the top marine corps sniper in history i'm not buying into tom when he was the president of the j.f.k. library when he was still alive dave powers who was in the car behind jack when he was shot along with kenny and. i interviewed him and he told me that he saw with his own eyes the muzzle flash from right ahead of them from the what is referred to as the grassy knoll and see all of the hill a set i saw the muzzle flash i heard the shot and then i heard the shot from behind me and he said kenny pushed me over to the floor and said you know we're we're driving into a crossfire and. i asked him you know why fighting television commission he said i tried to every time i did the gerry ford interrupted me you're running into these same kinds of stories oh absolutely the books filled with i opened up with what we
7:40 pm
call the the. cats and bird memo this was from them acting attorney general nicholas katzenbach monday morning he sends a memo to lyndon johnson explaining may have to convince the public walt acted alone that there's nobody else out there running free that he worked with and maybe he would have been convey. had there been a trial and another thing that we bring out that people don't know jack ruby at least harvey oswald knew each other well ruby knew i. was a kid doesn't that change the whole thing knowing that the killer of oz wald knew him and sort of carlos marcelo it's absolutely they absolutely it gets it gets rather rather convoluted what. what what happened who did it well jack kennedy made so many enemies it's hard to say
7:41 pm
who actually did it what i'd like to answer with i know who didn't do it lee harvey oswald i know that and i'm convinced of that that he did not do it now who did it well kennedy made many enemies both of the joint chiefs of staff in the pentagon he wouldn't invade cuba he was going to pull out of vietnam there would have been no vietnam war and these people wanted to go to war so they were going to he alienated the oil industry because he was going to take away the oil depletion fitting that they used for cover to make their millions or not pay taxes that depletion allowance he was going to eliminate that so we have big oil was mad at him he was the first president that started the civil rights movement so people in the south were angry with him jack kennedy had a lot of enemies and he had he was losers in office and in his first year in office he prosecuted the mob over seven hundred times and all of america oh yeah i got it never been more than a dozen or two absolutely bobbie was odd war against the mob be deported marcelo
7:42 pm
and send him to guatemala or whatever they actually kidnapped him and threw him out of the country so there were plenty of scenarios with a lot of people that hated our president and obviously they decided to what happened and what people need to come to grips with was a coup d'etat happened that day a change of the government and it was not done at the ballot box it was done with a bullet and that's. such a tragedy such a tragedy for america jesse ventura important book thank you for being with us and thanks for writing us tom frank you because. she won't let me on fox news won't let me on a mainstream media won't let me on i appreciate it that you have the courage to do it oh i'm pleased and honored to do it yes it's oh you're always you always have an open door here thanks so much for being thank you pretty she did have a great day. coming up there is a monster terrorizing washington and in tonight's daily take i'll tell you what we need to do to stop.
7:43 pm
dramas that's trying to be ignored. stories others through a few posts to notice. the faces change the world writes now. to picture posts days. from around the globe. drop to the. i. think i suspect. over the if you. did you know
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the price is the only industry specifically mention in the constitution and. that's because a free and open press is critical to our democracy albus. in fact the single biggest threat facing our nation today is the corporate takeover of our government and across several we've been hijacked lying handful of transnational corporations that will profit by destroying what our founding fathers once told us my job market and on this show we reveal the big picture of what's actually going on in the world we go beyond identifying the problem to try and rational debate in a real discussion critical issues facing america if i ever feel ready to join the movement then walk a little bit there. looking
7:45 pm
pretty dumb think in the you know the law you will find it here if you're looking for relevant stories unique perspective from top my skin's dark. anyone else want to tell me about the last time you took wall street bank to trial you know i just want to note on this there are district attorneys and u.s. attorneys who are out there every day squeezing ordinary citizens on sometimes very thin grounds and taking them to trial in order to make an example as they put it i'm really concerned that too big to fail has become too big for trial that just seems wrong to you. if. you new york's top prosecutor is listening to the wise words of senator elizabeth warren and is holding the big banks accountable that
7:46 pm
state's attorney general eric schneiderman is about to file a lawsuit against wells fargo bank corniche not open because largest home lender violated the terms of the multibillion dollar foreclosure fraud settlement that they had signed just last year the new york attorney general identified two hundred ten separate violations and sent letters to wells fargo and bank of america warning them to comply with the two thousand and twelve. bank of america apparently instituted a series of additional protections for homeowners that turned general schneiderman's request wells fargo baulked at the accusations in a letter to the a.g. wells fargo said that they disagree with allegations and have voluntarily improve their process currently that did not satisfy very general sherman who said that his office still continues to get complaints about wells fargo and mortgage services and that he is moving forward with. the last mortgage settlement itself was the
7:47 pm
so-called punishment for the banks who cheated hundreds of thousands present millions of americans out of their homes thankfully attorney general eric schneiderman is making sure they comply with the terms of that agreement. crazy alert the beast of bangkok residents of thailand's largest city and capital got quite a surprise last month they came upon a large python hanging out in the street a large snake was acting strangely writhing around with a whole gin and stomach after a minute or so of wriggling the snake stop to begin to let something loose from its mouth and that's something as you can see in the video the fully grown dog as a dog figure into his minutes for the canine snack in the end result as you can see was quite slimy for his snake experts familiar with. the python behavior the bank
7:48 pm
of bees most likely threw up the dog because it was so big that it prevented the python from moving properly you know they say you just can't keep a good dog down. it's the good the bad in a very very extreme bristly arguably the good governor jerry brown the democratic governor of california has just signed into law a bill that will make the golden state safe for activists of all stripes assembly bill three fifty one called the california liberty preservation act but supporters says that it is the policy of the government of california to refuse help to any attempt by the federal government to indefinitely detain somebody anybody in california under the. twelve national defense authorization act in v.a.
7:49 pm
california now joins alaska and virginia as states that have passed the anti n.d.a. legislation good work governor moonbeam for sticking up for our most basic constitutional liberties the bad rick joyner the christian t.v. host is really really upset about president obama ease so upset he's asking god to bring a glorious miller military coup does save the republic seriously take a look at this clip from the money broadcast of the show on morning certainty. that's why i appeal to the lord don't let us be totally destroyed please raise up those who will save us the system is so broken so undermined right now the whole system. i believe our only hope is a military takeover. of course because military takeovers of always works so well to protect democracies. i think rejoinder might want to take a closer look at what's going on in egypt. and the very very ugly fox so-called
7:50 pm
news parties favorite news network has some interesting ideas about the ongoing government shutdown almost every headline on tuesday use the word slim down to refer to the closing of the federal government you know because shutting off funds for the women infants and children some church and services is all part of the hip new diet fad sweeping the nation in all seriousness though fox use of slim down to talk about the first government shutdown almost twenty years is just more evidence that work is less interested in providing actual news and more interested in providing cover for the republican hustlers who just shut down our government and that is very very. to paraphrase margaret. satcher there is no such thing as the tea party there's
7:51 pm
only a collection of individual billionaires back after the great crash in two thousand and nine in two thousand and ten during the debate about obamacare and during the midterm elections that brought all these republicans into power in the house americans first caught a glimpse of something like frankenstein's monster that monster has now taken over the halls of congress and shut down the government that george washington had three horses shot out from under him trying to create that monster of course is the tea party at the time many in the establishment media treated the tea party like what its proponents of the right wing echo chamber said it was a genuinely grassroots movement you know like that one back in seventeen seventy that seventy seventy three actually kicked off the full scale rebellion that created our country they pointed to the big crowds outside the capitol building on the mall in washington d.c. and said see people are president obama's policies now they're taking to the streets. with fox so-called news pump and i approach the party propaganda other
7:52 pm
news outlets either to cow or to busy laughing to look closely at who is really behind it it seemed for a while least that the tea party was indeed a grassroots popular uprising. and there was a piece to that by the way because there were a lot of people who were really upset about the banks toure's they were seeing their homes being nuked they were seeing their mortgages going down in flames they were being ripped off and they knew something was wrong so the tea party came along hey it's a protest movement it is the smoke cleared it became clear that the tea party was far from a democratic grassroots movement and even far from trigger reflecting traditional american values in fact it was the very opposite of grassroots and the opposite of small d democratic it was the creation of a of a small handful of cranky mostly banks and oil industry billionaires intent on destroying our government preventing americans from getting access to health care
7:53 pm
and sabotaging any attempt to regulate wall street or the oil industry so the small handful or oil and wall street groups behind the tea party groups like freedom works americans for prosperity they were front organizations for the billionaire oil tycoons and the banks toure's who had wrecked the economy. and if you need any more proof of whose interest the tea party actually represents consider this american for purpose for prosperity and freedom works actually began as part of a group called citizens for a sound economy which was created back in one thousand nine hundred forty defend the interests of big tobacco companies they even started something that they called a tea party in the one nine hundred eighty s. so the smokers could have their own tea party smoker rights group didn't go anywhere but they kind of held onto it and near it is not. the billionaires behind the groups back then and now we're trying to see democracy trying to hijack. and
7:54 pm
they're rich and powerful enough to be able to essentially buy their own politicians and dupe a few thousand americans into showing up for a protest these people are really upset i mean thirty two years a reaganomics has ripped the guts out of the american middle class and people are upset so hey you throw a protest movement people will show up in print. tea parties astroturf roads should have been obvious to anyone paying attention to their rallies though i mean back in two thousand and nine for example americans for prosperity the pet project of the oil rich koch brothers actually bust tea party activists around the country to protest president obama's proposed health care law. you know back in the day maggie thatcher the conservative prime minister of the united kingdom from seventy nine to one thousand nine hundred she wants to echo and rand. that quote there is no such
7:55 pm
thing as society there is only a collection of individuals and quite a similar thing could be said about the tea party there is no such thing as the tea party only a collection of individual billionaires and their front groups and in january of two thousand and ten by right wing supreme court justices handed that collection of individual billionaires giant gift where the decision in the citizens united case that decision said that you know free speech protected on the first amendment that's also money. and it's stripped the government of many of its powers to research to restrict corporate and electioneering. the supreme court of the us gave the billionaires behind the tea party the power to hire their own politicians to buy politicians and those politicians are now wreaking havoc in congress they say they're fighting for liberty but they're really working in the interests of the corporate billionaire class. and that's why the number of actual tea party
7:56 pm
activists has collapsed from back in the heady protest days of two thousand and ten now at the cokes their allies can buy their own lawmakers they don't need any more of those spunky activists stressed and tried corner at sort of you know people to show up and harass liberal politicians like they did back in two thousand and two thousand and ten they can now count on people like ted sessions and pete. pete sessions and ted cruz to do their bidding on capitol hill both of these guys receive the oughts of campaign donations from groups like the club for growth and koch industries and right now these bought and paid for politicians are toeing we shouldn't call it the tea party we should call the billionaire party the toeing the billionaire parties line right to a t. they've shut down the government in what seems to be an attempt to sabotage obamacare and prevent the media from informing americans about how to use its insurance exchanges make no mistake about it this has always been the end goal of the tea party monster it wants to destroy government's ability to protect middle class working people who want to pad the wallets of its billionaire sponsors and it
7:57 pm
wants to a race the legacy of the new deal but thankfully just like you know with vampires you know garlic takes them down the tea party has an antidote. and that antidote. is rolling back the supreme court's citizens united doctrine that corporations are people and money is speech if we want to take back our hijacked democracy from the billionaires and their lackeys in congress and when you take away their life blood which is the uncontrolled flow of corporate money into our elections maybe then we can have a democracy that the real tea party you know that one has to go start up the world's biggest corporation back in seventy and seventy three that they would be proud. and that's the way it is tonight wednesday over second twenty thirty two days that the government shutdown and don't forget democracy begins when you get out there get back to your.
7:58 pm
i would rather as questions to people in positions of power instead of speaking on their behalf and that's why you can find my show larry king now right here on our
7:59 pm
t.v. question for. is the united states an exceptional country the indispensable nation proponents of this idea claim the us is a force for good in the world and has the right even an obligation to act unilaterally when necessary critics charge american exceptionalism is dangerous to the us and the world as well as a cover for global domination and empire. is easy. to. see.
8:00 pm
coming up all into our t.v.'s sorry we are close signs are still up we're now on the second day of the federal government shutdown the latest from capitol hill as the shutdown debate drags on and with the government shutdown comes concerns but the bigger fight maybe over the debt ceiling so who does the white house turn to for advice about j.p. morgan chase c.e.o. jamie dimon wall street with all its reckless behavior should be advising the white house and the top leaders of the u.s. intelligence agencies are back in the hot seat on capitol hill senator saw more information about n.s.a. surveillance and ways to limit its expansion more on today's hearing later in the show.


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