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tv   Headline News  RT  October 5, 2013 12:00am-12:30am EDT

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damage limitation u.s. web giants pushed for greater transparency amid grim forecasts for american based tech firms after the national security agency spy scandal. the decision on america's multi-trillion dollar debt ceiling raises fears for the world economy while the government cuts back on space missions to save itself from default. switzerland set to vote on giving away cash after devoted citizens sign a petition against pay inequality. this
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starting coming to you live from moscow with me marina joshie welcome to the program now leading u.s. tech companies are seeking to undo the damage from the n.s.a. scandal that revealed their part in government spy programs the internet giants are asking the federal court to let them reveal details about the agency's data requests a move that's been slammed by the justice department artie's lucic often of looks at what could have prompted this fight for transparency. in the wake of the u.s. national security agency scandal much of the tech industry has gone critical of government snooping some companies named as partners in the n.s.a.'s prism program including google and facebook even sued the u.s. in order to set the record straight they're hoping to fight the perception that the n.s.a. has direct access to their servers but transparency might come with financial incentives the snowden leaks prompted dire warnings from internet giants predicting that
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american businesses would lose tens of billions of dollars in revenue abroad as scared users turn to local alternatives one industry nonprofit survey found that ten percent of two hundred seven officials at not american companies cancelled contracts in the wake of the leaks fifty six percent of non-u.s. respondents said they were hesitant to work with u.s. based cloud computing farms some researchers even predicted the cloud computing industry as a whole could lose up to one hundred billion dollars by twenty sixteen but so far none of that has panned out in fact some of the internet giants who helped the n.s.a. gather data on people overseas say privately they felt little if any impact on their business and when it comes to internet empires some of those very same firms dominate the internet traffic across the globe. google and facebook rule most of the world that's according to a new survey from oxford university as this map shows the only major countries not under their sway are china and russia also kazakhstan korea and japan here local
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providers have managed to maintain their domination of the market and there's a number of theories as to why one is that cloud customers have few good alternatives american firms have most of the market and switching costs money another reason is that tech buying companies elsewhere believe their own governments have scanning procedures that are every bit as invasive as the american programs and so despite the spying revelations it seems to be business as usual for the tech giants who worked with the n.s.a. reporting from moscow i'm lucy catherine of r.t. and the email service used by n.s.a. whistleblower edward snowden was shut down by its owner after he repeatedly defied f.b.i. requests for in corruption case details recently revealed by a us court case suggest investigators were apparently trying to track snowden's communications the founder of la a bit later leveson told r.t. why he chose to close the service rather than cooperate with authorities. i took the stance that i did not try and protect
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a single person but because i was concerned about the invasion and the sacrificing of everyone's privacy rights that was accessing my system i know they threatened me on more than one occasion with jail i think the only reason they didn't do it is because if they had the service would have eventually shut down on its own with nobody to maintain it and the only reason they didn't arrest me after the shutdown was because of the the media the public but it's pretty scary to to think about what lengths they're willing to go to conduct these investigations and you know effectively what's going on is just completely undermining what little trust there was in commercial technology products here in the u.s. google yahoo facebook they've been fighting requests via the pfizer court they've been fighting requests like the ones that i received. the fact is they've been
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losing now political deadlock in the u.s. over raising the country's debt ceiling shows no signs of easing it had a decision deadline in less than a fortnight according to the international monetary fund chief the crisis is now threatening the global economy while the u.s. treasury department agrees with that dire forecast impossible to fold could drag america into a recession worse than the one in two thousand and eight but some of the organizations considered to be non-essential for government operations are already feeling the pinch george abbey who used to oversee the international space station for nasa told us there will be long lasting aftershocks. there are missions that are coming up in say four or five or six months fairly critical motions or missions that robotic flights that are going to the planets they have launch windows that have to be maintained and if the workers are furloughed that work and being done and so there is going to be an effect down the line and i was the director of the
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johnson space center and we were flying the space shuttle and of course flying missions to mirror to that time so we had to maintain a schedule so i managed to keep the work orders. working and we kept the work going on in the johnson space center and the kennedy space center in florida and we didn't really have an impact but this time with about ninety seven percent of the workforce at the johnson space center laid off there will be an impact down the line. our image it let me take us economic life style which led to the global crisis five years ago could be harmful for other countries later the sour mix kaiser and state herbert show where the copycat moves good leader. of course only in the u.k. would they come up with an idea of backing their wealth of creating wealth through property so this is the first head by max and it's turned crown estate into sovereign wealth fund labor m.p.'s to urge basically this is a great idea because other countries like norway famously have
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a sovereign wealth fund from know that north sea oil china has trillions of dollars in reserves made up of a chilling us dollars and then more chileans of other currencies britain however they sold sixty percent of the gold under gordon brown they have no sovereign wealth fund and they've got an economy that's overly reliant on fraud and really hypothecation so yes i say to the queen elizabeth respectfully return all that unused collateral into something that can help the nation think of it as being on the vanguard in this global financial war and when it's not sexy don't you want to be a war queen you can be like there's a financial war going we're going to put up the palaces collateral defy the financial war you know it's exciting get on t.v. make a few speeches you could make a movie about you you'd be the spade miss and some of these previous monarchs that made movies about that are now canonized in hollywood you too could be famous in hollywood too yes. so what's the
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one could start paying its citizens and unconditional minimum allowance of almost three thousand dollars per month the move to provide a financial safety net to crisis hit households will be decided by a national referendum after gaining the support of over one hundred thousand people all over has the details. cash by the truckload the proposed basic income initiative arrived with a splash and the promise of two thousand euro a month for every swiss citizen intended to let them live without basic financial worries imagine you're being born and society tells you while calm you will be cared for and asks you what you want to do with your life what you're calling imagine imagine that that feeling that's a whole different atmosphere parliament were presented with a petition signed by over one hundred twenty thousand people proposing the idea of
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paying everyone if they work or not so switzerland is set for a referendum. there needs to be. it could be one of the landmark historical moments like the abolition of slavery or the civil rights movement of course those who don't want it will find excuses but those who do want it will find solutions. campaign is announce their intention to spread the wealth with a glitzy stunt four hundred thousand swiss francs about three hundred fifty thousand euro worth of gold coins deposited on the square in front of parliament this initiative hopes to do is to in switzerland huge mountains of gold into the base for all its citizens when you look at the globe say ok we want to do a pilot project what do you do you pick a small country ok the contrary which is i'm embarrassed about all the independence you know we're not part of the you but here for this project it could be could be
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an advantage apart from being independent of brussels supporters a sighting another major reason for this idea to be successful here. if there's anywhere that can find its way through and break no we have to ball rolling stone to a yes or no where. it will then be up to lawmakers to determine exactly where the money will come from unless those financing issues are worked through and with the prospect of tax rises it may prove difficult to convince enough swiss that the idea of money for nothing is a good one the older generation they lived their whole lives in and out of the system so it's it's hard for them to actually realize what this means and they have fear of course their pensions and everything and they don't instantly get that it's actually everything placements in order system the concept behind the initiative is that the current system of work and pay is outdated for a progressive nation like switzerland but with the question of would swiss people
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want to work if cash is just thrown at them it could turn out to be a gamble too far for voters peter all of a. switzerland. and coming up after the break the killing of an armed woman by security forces in washington raises questions over police tactics. really on a week to week basis unfortunately in the united states where we're hearing stories of police shooting unarmed people who they perceive as a threat. just ahead we've got analysis of this tragic story plus. our correspondent travels to the arctic oil platform where a greenpeace activist tried to stage a protest last month stay with our team together crews perspective of what happened .
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some mathematicians at the swiss federal institute of technology have given us a very precise answer they did a study of who owns and controls the companies on the capital markets forty three
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thousand companies and they found out that there's a secret super entity they call it that owns sixty percent of the earnings every year and forty percent of the assets they did this by putting the same people on the boards of these companies so they have ten times the economic power that they're entitled to and they thought no one would catch them at it this is a huge conglomerate that has been rigging the light. price is it's been rigging all of the commodities prices it's been trading in the securities markets with insider information it has got to be stopped it also bought up all the media and has been lying to people deliberately. welcome back here with r.t.
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no questions are being raised over the actions of police officers who fatally shot an unarmed woman miriam carey was killed in front of her one year old child after she tried to ram her car through barricades at the white house it's still unknown what led to her actions details now from sex. we're learning more about the suspect who led police on a high speed chase through washington d.c. her name is miriam carey thirty four years old from connecticut reportedly suffering from mental illnesses including postpartum depression she was recently laid off from her job as a dental hygienist she tried to gain access to a secure area near the white house here in washington d.c. just really a block away from the studio here she was confronted by police she did a three point turn striking a police officer and sped off to the u.s. capitol where she was again confronted by police shots rang out she alluded police again where she drove another few blocks near senate office buildings the car was then crashed and police opened fire killing her only then realized killing her in
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front of her one year old child it's worth noting she was completely unarmed the only shots fired during this entire incident were from the police and some people are saying this could have been a misunderstanding if you know this area around d.c. there's constantly drills going on there security checkpoints going on. you know it's hard to drive around and figure out if someone made a wrong turn and were confronted by police someone who might have a history of mental illness could get confused and drive off it's tragic that it would end in someone's death will be investigations into this i mean we're talking about the two most secure locations probably in the plain of the u.s. capitol the white house which might be why police were quick to jump to lethal force but a lot of people be saying you know why he why didn't police try and shoot out the tires when they had the vehicle cornered why wasn't another police car brought in to further box in the suspect's vehicle and one of the suspects car was immobilised the third time why was she just shot dead and really on
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a week to week basis unfortunately in the united states where we're hearing stories of police shooting unarmed people who they perceive as a threat and weren't so this is just another tragic instance of that unfortunately here in the nation's capitol. well you can see how mary and harry was chased by the police through central washington by taking a look at this map while the pursuit started near the white house and with a driver moving away from the police down the street towards the u.s. capitol at all and about three kilometers away from the white house when miriam was shot dead run back or director of the answer coalition against war and racism says there was no reason for the police to act the way they did there's five or six police officers just inches away from her head with guns drawn and that's when she starts to flee she runs from them she's running away and they start opening fire and they keep shooting and finally when she's when her car is immobilized she's
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riddled with bullets why the police now terry gainer who is the sergeant of arms of the u.s. senate formally the chief of capitol police he said there was no possibility at all that she could have gotten access to the capitol grounds because there are so many barricades so if a car is disabled and the police chief or the sergeant at arms says there's no possible way for her car to pose a danger to congress why then did they open fire i mean it's because they shoot first ask questions later the police in washington and around the country have a license to kill they know there's never a prosecution and as we saw in congress the congress members just cheered they cheered over this slaughter and it really was the slaughter of an unarmed black woman in front of her baby having margin is looking at the capitol hill car chase incident as well and you can catch breaking the set later today here in r.t. but here's a preview. well america was rocked by the news of the maybe yard shooting and this latest incident but you think people would even know these events didn't occur on
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federal property consider the number of shootings that happened right here in d.c. over the last couple months mere blocks away from the capitol shootings that don't even get a peep from the corporate news in fact in the five days leading up to the navy yard massacre there were ten separate shootings across the district like these two that occurred in northwest d.c. leaving one dead and two injured on september twelfth or about this drive by it happened just three days after that in southeast d.c. resulting in two victims going to the hospital robs most disturbingly is this drive by shooting that happened just a few months ago not too far from where i live and which a gunman sprayed bullets on innocent pedestrians but of course you don't hear about any of these incidents outside of local news maybe it's because these people to get shot next to a national monument. in
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a recent speech barack obama expressed his belief in america's exceptional role in world affairs something that gives it the right to get involved in conflicts around the globe by in an exclusive interview with r.t.f. with the worst presidents as obama's rhetoric resembles that of the nazi leadership during the second world war. you know i still think president obama is a good and smart man but on his speeches remind you of the speeches the nazis made in the run up and during the second world war they considered themselves the selected supreme race such speeches and ideas posed an extreme threat. only ecuador that has been left unimpressed by obama's exceptionalism rather and his claims were met with bubble dermont all across the globe george galloway british m.p. for the respect party believes such ideas won't bode well for the united states. it was just rhetoric it wouldn't matter so much if it was just vainglory but it's put into practice by the international law lesson us of the united states of america
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which draws on the side of exceptionalism and when president putin challenged in his us telling us newspaper interview or statement the americans were greatly offended and yet a moment's contemplation would tell them that no one in the world will exit any one country can out again to itself the right internationally to break any law invade any country occupy any change any regime on its own personal whim. the possession of a large stockpile of thousands of nuclear weapons are not the same thing not synonymous in any way in any case the united states is not the only superpower in the world russia is a superpower china is a superpower or other countries will soon be superpowers and they cannot get to themselves the model right to police and adjudicate the world either and i
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don't believe the others will want to. and now quick look at some other stories from around the world starting with case where at least four people have been killed during violent clashes between police and protesters over the killing of a muslim cleric in basra officers resorted to tear gas to break up the rally after riot or set fire to a church the cleric allegedly had ties to the somali based and move. that carried out a deadly attack on a nigerian shopping mall in september killing dozens. two moroccan teenagers have been arrested by police for posting a photo of them kissing and facebook triggering a slew of copycats according to association of human rights the couple were arrested on charges of violating public decency they are being held in juvenile detention were sit ins reportedly demand their immediate release officials confirmed the arrest but denied any further comment on the case. and italian
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senate committee has a recommended to expel former prime minister silvio berlusconi from harlem and after his conviction on tax fraud the move is likely to be ratified later this month by the senate where his supporters are in the minority or those counties political future has been under threat since august a court rejected his final appeal and found him guilty of tax fraud over deals his fur media said made to purchase t.v. rights to use. a russian oil platform in the arctic ocean came into the media spotlight last month when greenpeace activists tried to board it in protest over drilling in the region authorities claim the actions posed a threat to their rigs implode or even went to meet the crew. ok so. precious. over there is and.
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many others really said to. prevail as long there was preparing to become russia's first offshore oil rig in the arctic other nations won't catch up until at least two thousand and twenty very early warning the rigs captain was informed that the arctic sunrise vessel was just a few kilometers away and that its behavior was out of ordinary. the worldwide automatic identification system also known as they can track almost any sheep within a twenty mile zone and know their unique identification and position course and speed if it wants to be seen for them balloon drifted on the books witness on the road the boat was identified as the arctic sunrise but then it disappeared from our radars which could only mean they switched off their systems it constantly changed
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course and speed was approaching and then moving away from the rig again at one point they breached the three mass safety zone around the rig for ten to twenty minutes before. the captain told us he tried to contact a suspicious vessel sent a message warning not to approach the read any closer it was met with silence the rules captain twenty five years at the helm was not aware of the crew's intentions but you could imagine the war as he had experience with dealing with greenpeace activists before. last august when pieces arctic sunrise brought a dozen environmental activists to the platform for a protest over the dangers drilling could pose to the environment they use drug. to reach the righ and eventually managed to get on it and spend about ten hours there the head of greenpeace russia used the success to accuse the rig's management of been unable to provide security which could have disastrous consequences if it had
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been a terror attack the official claimed a year on the pressure group tried to repeat the stunt for the captain it was like deja vu he saw first two and then three boats approaching the rig bridge in its safety zone protected by international maritime law he should act. for reaction from the rigs crew as well as border forces patrolling strategic waters was well coordinated and quick this time what happened next the world learned from various videos later pasted on the web. we knew it was greenpeace vessel but as to who was on board and what their aims were we had no idea there could have been anyone there especially when we saw them launching speedboats look they used these ropes to try to get on board and two of them succeeded we continue talking to them in english they didn't the baby there was a woman and
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a man and this is when border forces had to intervene. for. williams of article forty four and they posed a minor threat until the attempted to board the platform and that we have to prevent by all possible means because they could damage equipment and sabotage our work this rig is a place of extreme danger. the rigs crew says it learned lessons from last year and jokingly thanked the activists for helping them improve their ability to protect their righ but for the activists themselves thirty people from nineteen countries including russia this is no joke they're all now charged with piracy if convicted they could face up to fifteen years in jail it's off to the law now to decide rich nationality from the charas sea in russia's north. now while activists face the consequences of storming the russian oil rig across the atlantic environmentalists have revealed some startling statistics. and their group says
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fracking for shale gas in the u.s. has created billions of liters of toxic waste water last year alone we've got the details online plus. assonance is about to hand over the olympic torch for its journey to moscow we'll report on that later today and you can always log on to our website to find out exactly where connick symbol is. and coming up as promised max geyser and stacy herbert look at the worldwide consequences of u.s. economic mistakes.
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right see. first street view and i think you're. on our reporters put. an instrument. to be in the. soldiers you're in the military no more to. or. never been so. every day. obviously. you think it's going to be easy.
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but everyone's. i don't know if i'm going to make it to the end. so i'm just going to the left i don't know what to do. with the kaiser report imax kaiser financial holocaust financial terror financial apartheid yes all the cost and terror and apartheid of the lions and tigers and bears of our day but dorothy you can rise up just click your heels and storm the palaces with a collateralized debt obligation of your own.


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